When You Go Conservative Black, You Better Watch Your Back

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With the mainstream media giddily reporting on an alleged affair involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, how long can it be before they break the news that their 2004 vice presidential candidate conceived a “love child” with his mistress, Rielle Hunter?

The left is trying to destroy Cain with a miasma of hazy accusations leveled by three troubled women. Considered individually, the accusations are utterly unbelievable. They are even less credible taken together. This is how liberals destroy a man, out of nothing.

After the first round of baseless accusations against Cain, an endless stream of pundits rolled out the cliche — as if it were the height of originality — “This isn’t he said-she said; it’s he-said, she-said, she-said, she-said, she–said.”

Au contraire: We had two “shes” and only one “said.”

Remember? Only two women were willing to give their names. And as soon as they did, we discovered that they were highly suspicious accusers with nothing more than their personal honor to support the allegations. Only one of the two would even say what Cain allegedly did.

The first one was Sharon Bialek, who claimed that Cain grabbed her crotch in a car.

Then we found out Bialek was in constant financial trouble, had been involved in a paternity lawsuit, was known as a “gold digger,” had a string of debts and had twice filed for personal bankruptcy. Also, she admitted she knew Obama’s dirty tricks specialist, David Axelrod, from living in the same building with him.

Her personal history is relevant because she produced no evidence. We had to take her word. (Which was not helped by seeing her standing with Gloria Allred.)

The second one, Karen Kraushaar, made unspecified allegations of a “hostile environment” when she was working for Cain, but refuses to say what those allegations were. This despite the fact that the National Restaurant Association waived her confidentiality agreement, thus allowing her to go public.

That’s one “she,” but no “said.”

Cain said he had once told Kraushaar she was as tall as his wife — which would be one of the more worthy sexual harassment claims settled by an American company in recent years.

Why won’t she say? We’re not talking about rape. Kraushaar can’t say, “I don’t want to relive being told I was the same height as his wife!” With all the nonsense that passes for a “hostile environment,” either Kraushaar tells us what Cain allegedly did, or her blind accusation is worth less than nothing.

As if that weren’t enough, then it turned out that Kraushaar had also filed a complaint at her next job just three years later, charging that a manager had circulated a sexually explicit joke email comparing computers to men and women. She demanded a raise and the right to work at home.

Maybe Kraushaar is the most unlucky woman in the world. But the simpler explanation is that she is not a credible witness on the workplace atmosphere.

And now we have Ginger White stepping forward to claim that she had a 13-year affair with Cain. Cain admits he was friends with White, but he categorically, adamantly denies having an affair with her.

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  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's book DEMONIC……get an education. Her research staff and presentation of facts are first rate. The leftist media has tried to attack Ann Coulter, but they cannot dispute the obvious truths about the difference between the American Revolution and the anarchistic and barbaric French Revolution…the difference between the Founding Fathers and unruly mobs.

    • Asher

      Yes, Highly recommend Demonic for people who don't understand who we are really dealing with on the Left.

  • NotaBene

    Seems to me like Cain's the one doing most of the heavy lifting here.

  • tagalog

    Among many of the people I talk to about politics, the fact that a settlement was paid is a meaningful sign, despite the possibility that the settlement had nothing to do with guilt or innocence of the underlying claim.

    People are also beginning to say where there's smoke there must be fire, because with all these claims surely there's one or more that has some substance.

    The fact that these women share certain character flaws is a two-edged sword; while the shared qualities indicates people who are willing to tell lies, it can also indicate a set of people with weaknesses that Herman Cain may have exploited.

    And then there's the possibility that the claims are true.

    With all that working against him, Candidate Cain is a cooked goose. It's revealing of the sexist and racist aspects of the left and the Democrat Party in particular, but it's also the current reality. That's why Cain should quit; they're not going to stop picking him apart, and for an honorable man that must be intolerable. Get out and keep your dignity. The Presidency isn''t worth it, and neither is the republic as far as I'm concerned.

    • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

      So what if Cain is actually being "Palin-ated"? When do we say enough is enough? Are we just letting the left destroy good conservative candidates? It worked with Palin…I sure hate to see it work again. I thought Herman Cain was a pretty good candidate and I would have looked forward to him debating the president on the economy (and of course they being of the same race would have been interesting too, seeing as how the left loves to scream "racism" all the time if you touch the prez's policies). Of course, I suspect the left is just teaching a black man what happens when he thinks for himself and "leaves the plantation", to coin someone's phrase. I just hope the black community is paying attention, because I think Barack Obama and the democrat party were very much threatened by Herman's popularity in the race. Gee, what if some other African Americans decided to think for themselves and vote for Herman Cain?
      And then there's the whole study of how Barack Obama has run campaigns in the past. He tends not to actually run against anyone…he just knocks them out of the race ahead of time by dirty tactics such as getting sealed records unsealed to use against his opponents. It certainly gives one pause…

      • Questions

        Palin made more enemies in Alaska than she ever could have in the Lower 48. The "Left" didn't destroy Palin. She destroyed herself with a personality so shallow, wrathful and bullying that nobody could take her any longer. Good riddance.

        • Western Canadian

          Only in your ignorant and hate filled fantasy world.

    • scum

      It has nothing to do with the Left. Cain's cooking his own goose, bro.

    • traeh

      I don't know about these accusations. I was sort of shocked to read this piece by Coulter, as it certainly makes the accusers look like BS.

      But even if the accusations are all BS, my problem with Cain was simply that he was too uninformed about too many things.

      I wish we had Ryan, or one of the other top conservatives who are staying out of the race, but we have to make do with what we've got. It's either Gingrich or Romney now. I think Romney has a much better chance of being elected than does Gingrich. Romney was supported by Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh against John McCain last time around. And Romney hasn't gotten any less conservative since then. He's become more conservative. Gingrich veers too close to a freak show with his intellectual imagination (reminds me a bit of Gore in that respect), and in a charisma battle with the young, tall, slender, beloved Obama, the short, pudgy, middle-aged, and often hated Gingrich is a long shot. Romney has a better chance on the charisma front, and is not so full of wacky ideas but is very articulate and might just cream Obama in debate. Gingrich might win on points in a debate with Obama, but at the same time arouse dislike and contempt from large parts of the American public, who might also be concerned that Gingrich is more imaginative than pragmatic. Gingrich is the colorful horse that can dance. Romney is the race horse who can get across the finish line.

      Besides, for months polls have been showing that Romney is the only candidate who sometimes beats Obama. By contrast Gingrich, head to head with Obama, has for months been coming out like 6% or more behind. Check out the polls section at realclearpolitics.com. Right now the average of half a dozen national polls shows Obama beating Romney by less than a point. But Obama beats Gingrich by over 6 points.

  • BLJ

    And yet the media gave Obama a free pass in 2008 and is still doing so today. As far as blacks deserting Obama in 2012. Forget it. They are brainswashed and beyond help.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Why is no one mentioning the "timing" of these accusations !! Surely, that these "ladies" would come out of the woodwork just as his run is beginning to climb is suspect in the least and and damaging to the accusers, (or should be).
    That said, (and I believe Mr. Cain to be an honorable Christian), why is he not suing their "a.. off" and forcing them to prove their allegations ? A court case should keep the issue public until he is proven innocent…these "floosies" don't have a legal leg to stand on !!
    At the least, every Christian American (and other naions) should be in much prayer for Mr. Cain and all the Republican candidates.

    Rev. Roy…..<><

    • trickyblain

      Some of the allegations were made years ago,,,,not new.

    • Amused

      Rev.Roy …you forget the biblical admonition…lol…."your sins will fin d you out " ….if Cain never grabaasssed there would be no allegations . And yes , any woman fooling with a married man is of flawed character , you know ….just like the women who fooled with Clinton . Shoe is on the other foot now , eh Rev.Roy ? I'm surprised [ NOT ] that a reverand would be so openly hypocritical .

  • BS77

    Surely these women MUST be getting paid for doing this kind of "work". I wonder if it is possible to follow some kind of money trail.

    • Amused

      yea , that's it B.S.77 ….btw -that B.S. in your tag surely must mean Bull.Sheeet .

    • scum


  • effemall

    I wouldn't have voted for Cain because he's a lightweight but his popularity certainly got the tricksters busy digging up phony witnesses to sully his image any which way. I was waiting for young men to surface with stories of how he pulled their weenies when they were kids. All these surfacing “accusators” didn't just decide on their own to suddenly appear. That's the work of a "community organizer" who needs to be shipped back to Kenya. But the really sad thing is that while any of the Republican hopefuls would be a vast improvement over Obama and his commies, we really have a very poor crop from which to choose.

    • Amused

      oh ,that's the understatement of the year! btw you had a poor crop last election , and yet an even rotten crop that got us into this mess – 8 years of George Bush You would've voted for Cain allright , because if he was of the character to keep it in his pants , the moronic repocon juggernaut would have nominated him , so who are you kidding ?

  • Asher

    You know the more that comes out about these Bimbos, the more you see this is a set up to destroy a Conservative black man's campaign. Some of these women are on welfare, and have been fired from jobs, no wonder they are eager to get paid for their lying testimonies.

  • joy52

    Black democrats were so desperate for a black president, they willingly sacrificed the progress of their own people to close ranks behind Obama. I have been happy for their hard won achievements, however I think the civil rights movement is dead. They have let themselves be used so many times by the Democratic party, they became irrelevant, Sharpton and Jackson are a joke. They let John Lewis be embarassed by Occupy Atlanta. Americans can't afford to pay guilt money anymore. Obama could care less about them. To top it off, CAIR coopted their strategy(not realizing it is not the same thing).

    • scum


  • trickyblain

    The left? All this is, in all likelihood, coming from Cain's primary opponents (see: South Carolina, Karl Rove and John McCain's "illigitimate black baby.")

    If the Obama administration had this information, they would hold onto it until the general campaign and let it fly if Cain started to gain momentum.

    Do love Ann's "evidence" that Axelrod is involved — she lived in the same building as him! lol

  • Dennis X

    I guess your blacks aren't better than our Blacks, blame yourself, bye, bye cornbread!

    • BLJ

      The bigotry of low expectations is the real issue for blacks.

      • mrbean

        What is your comment on this?

        • Dennis X

          Theres no excuse for criminal behavior, but you and your ilk only identify Black People with that criminal element. This is however low level crimes unlike wall street. Still no excuse , but , I dont deal with low lifes like or you. My peers are doctors , lawyers and professionals. My friends are sucessful, educated ( HBCS) and for the most part happy. We owe are homes as well as other properties, we vacation etc. These are the Black People you will never know !

          • BLJ

            I thought those type of blacks were called Uncle Tom's by the rest?

          • trickyblain

            You thought that because you were raised by ignorant inbred hicks.

          • BLJ

            I thought you were the one who married his sister. Or was it your cousin?

  • Mike

    The main stream media hates when a black strays too far off Plantation Democrat. They hunt them down with hound dogs (mainstream media), handcuff them (character asassinate), and escort them back to the hell hole they escaped from.

    • Dennis X

      And you love those negros who willing go to the back of the bus.

      • Mike

        When did I say that? Dennis, I can tell you're a black that hasn't been lucky enough to escape Plantation Democrat. Shed those shackles, buddy. Free yourself and run like hell.

        • Dennis X

          No thanks, first I have pride and self esteem as a man, second I can think for myself. Funny, I've never been on welfare, food stamps etc. so that plantation crap is just that, crap. Fof a Blackman to vote repukeacan is in the words of JC Watts father is like a "chicken voting for Col. Sanders". Four more years!!!

    • Questions

      Why is it that we can't credit blacks with voting Democrats because it is in their interests? Blacks vote Democrats because that is the pro-black/anti-white party — affirmative action, expanding welfarism and ghetto-lottery lawsuits are its stock in trade. Blacks aren't "straying" off the liberal plantation — they OWN the plantation.

      • Amused

        Idiot .

  • BLJ

    Says you. Which doesn't say much. Shouldn't you be out cashing your goverment check?

    • trickyblain

      My checks are cashed automatically — there's a new-fangled thing out there called "direct deposit." People who work know about it. Nothing from the gov't, though. Like many residents in blue states, I actually pay the way with taxes for the frothing, unemployed and ignorant red-staters (maybe like you?) who make nothing then whine about raising taxes on the .03%, of which you will never be a sniff away. You're welcome.

      Have a Merry Christmas!

      • Western Canadian

        No, if you live in the red, the blue are carrying you. And are tired of it.

        • Amused

          I think trickyblain's got you pegged just about right BLJ , typical cracker , born into ignorance just like your parents , else you woulda been "grow'd up better " …,the fruit dont fall too far from the tree partner . And you just dont have the brains or the character to break out of it ….tsk ,tsk ,tsk .

  • Amused

    Awww , is that Republican WHINING I hear ??Yes it is …lol….and now they get a taste of their own medicine ,and get to play the race card to boot .What a bunch of unmitigated hypocrites ! Cain get's a D for DUMB . Did he not think his dalliences would not come to light in the arena of American Politics ?
    Well suck it up RepoCons . It is after all a two way street .

    BTW – Mike , you're an ignoramus and another little wind-up parrot .

  • Amused

    Blame it on the media , the left , the Democrats , blah ,blah ,blah.
    No , blame it on Cain thinking with the little head instead of the big one .

  • Fray222

    This whole democrat smear theory isn't believable simply because of the timing.
    Why not wait 3 months to see whether Cain would have been the nominee? That way either Cain loses and it doesn't matter anyway, or even better Cain wins, the whole republican party is screwed and Obama is guaranteed another term. It simply doesn't help the democrats at all to set up Cain at this point in the race.
    Secondly it doesn't help Cain at all that only a couple months ago he was saying that no black person in America is being held back by racism, now that he is shouting racism the moment he gets in a bit of hot water. So Cain is now the only black person in the country suffering from racism. Cain, the one and only target of racism in the whole United States.
    There are seven other half decent candidates in this race at the moment, whatever the truth is Cain isn't a huge loss.

  • Jim

    As for Ginger White what is the anagram of her first name? Is There a contradiction some where in there?

  • Amused

    Yea …IT'S ALL A LEFTIST PLOT !!!! LOLOLOL….no kiddies the plot is Cains little head plotting against Cain's bigger head ……keep on squirming folks , Cains done , now your down to two previously condemned candidates.The Mormon Romney-Care and Newt the philandering pro-amnesty guy ….let the circus begin .

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Wow! You've got some anger assues there, Not Amused. Some spell & grammar check would really help.

      Now shut your critics up again with your distinguished war record and your civilain achievement record.

  • Amused

    Democratic plot ???? lololol….yea !! Cains dork is a democrat …what a bunch of dimbulbs !!

  • alphakilosingh

    Cain has been forced to suspend his campaign.
    He may have been casual and indiscrete in his relationships, but he is one of the very few conservatives left in the world. He has to be admired for his statement: "Attack on Israel shall be treated as an attack on USA".
    There may be others who may have been faithful to their wives, or more likely, more careful in their relationships, but none of them have the courage to make such a bold statement.
    With Cain out of the race, it leaves a clear field for Obama.
    Bad for USA and the rest of the world.

    • Fray222

      Why should an attack on Israel be considered an attack on the U.S? Should we intervene every time a rocket gets fired from Lebanon, or some weapon gets smuggled through Egypt? Do you really want to see American troops in Gaza and Lebanon and Syria? If not then what does that statement mean?
      Israel can handle its own problems, we have enough problems around the world as it is. Leave Israel to do what Israel is going to do, America should stay the hell out it. The president shouldn't even be talking about the middle east, its a bloody waste of time and energy.

      • AL__

        Moron paul drone

  • f d

    Well said, Ann. But are you sure there are ONLY 2 journalists rubbing those sticks together?