Obama’s Uninspiring Pivot

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President Obama made his highly-anticipated pivot to job creation last night. The “American Jobs Act” is the name of the plan, and the one recurring theme the president repeated over and over again is that “[Congress] should pass it right away.” The president’s tone was forceful, and much like the promise he made in the midst of the debt ceiling battle, he promised to take his case directly to the people. Yet if this speech was intended to be a transcendent effort aimed at galvanizing a nation, it didn’t work.

“Tonight we meet at an urgent time for our country,” Mr. Obama began. “We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that has made things worse.” From the president who claimed to have created or saved four million jobs, and whose administration has been touting an economic recovery for the better part of two years, this was a rather startling, if realistic, admission.

Yet in a roundabout way, he once again shifted blame away from himself and his administration, noting that Americans who “grew up with faith in an America where hard work and responsibility paid off…for decades now…have watched that compact erode. They have seen the deck too often stacked against them.” And once again, he asked whether or not “we can stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy; whether we can restore some of the fairness and security that has defined this nation since our beginning.”

Some of the details of the the American Jobs Act released to the press include increasing and extending a payroll tax cut for workers from 4.2 percent to 3.1 percent, costing $175 billion. The president also promised business owners a 50 percent cut in payroll taxes “if they hire new workers or raise workers’ wages.” The latter of these two ideas is new. The former is an extension of something Congress has already done.

The president  then retreated to familiar ground. Noting that we have “badly decaying roads and bridges,” “highways are clogged with traffic” and that our “skies are the most congested in the world,” Mr. Obama proposed more spending on infrastructure, including “at least 35,000 schools.” Paying for these improvements will be done by setting up “an independent fund to attract private dollars and issue loans based on two criteria: how badly a construction project is needed and how much good it would do for the economy.” Price tag? $25 billion.

This proposal is remarkably similar to the 2009 stimulus package which also targeted “shovel-ready jobs.” One is left to imagine why this time around such an idea would be more successful. Adding to the familiar, the president also proposed $35 billion in spending to prevent the layoffs of more than 280,000 teachers, and the hiring of additional ones. If that gives one a sense of deja vu, it’s because the president asked for $50 billion to avert such layoffs in June of 2010.

The president also issued up a contradiction. While offering businesses a “$4,000 tax credit if they hire anyone who has spent more than six months looking for a job,” the plan “also extends unemployment insurance for another year.” This would allow Americans to collect federal unemployment benefits for as long as three years. A number of studies show that workers who collect benefits for longer periods of time stay unemployed longer. Thus, incentivizing businesses, as opposed to workers themselves, is not likely to be effective. Yet the president insisted that “Democrats and Republicans in this Chamber have supported unemployment insurance plenty of times in the past. At this time of prolonged hardship, you should pass it again–right away.”

Mr. Obama then moved on to explain how he would pay for the bill, noting that the same Congress which cut government spending by $1 trillion in July, and must come up with an additional $1.5 trillion by Christmas, should “increase that amount so that it covers the full cost of the American Jobs Act.” Again, it remains up to Americans to remember two things: one, this president wanted a “clean” debt ceiling bill with no spending cuts at all, and, two, that the so-called spending “cuts” are nothing more than a reduction in projected increases in federal spending. Mr. Obama then promised to release a plan to “stabilize” long-term debt on Monday.

Not reduce the debt. Stabilize it.

After that, another old theme with a different twist was re-visited. After acknowledging that an aging population and rising health-care costs make Medicare and Medicaid unsustainable in their present form, which he knows concerns his party, he noted that Republicans don’t want to raise taxes “on those who are most fortunate and can best afford it.” Ironically, he then proposed tax reform “where everyone gets a fair shake, and everybody pays their fair share.” That may come as a surprise to the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income taxes at all. He then proposed either-or choices between “tax loopholes for oil companies,” or “money to give small business owners a tax credit,” “tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires,” or “put(ting) teachers back to work,” even as he contended, “This isn’t political grandstanding. This isn’t class warfare.”

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Obama knows he owns the economy now, blaming Bush no longer washes. His new strategy for deflection is clear :Propose new spending schemes (couched in non-partisan rhetoric)…watch Republicans stop them in Congress…and then blame Republicans for the economy.

    Republicans can't be seen emphasizing debt reduction over job creation. We must clearly enunciating a policy of linkage; fiscal responsibility that will pair down the debt (or at least arrest its exponential increase), along with tax and regulatory reform that will fuel economic expansion and job creation. The two are absolutely complimentary.

    Business expansion will not only produce jobs, it will fill government coffers with new tax revenue….something the Prez just doesn't get as he engages in his shameful class warfare. And raising tax revenue will lower deficits, easing inflationary and interest-rate pressures, and strengthening our entire economy.

    You DON'T generate economic growth by spending money, the way the Dems want…(Japan's failure to do so in the 90s is the abject lesson for all to see). You generate growth by lowering taxes and removing market uncertainty caused by excessive regulation.

    Republicans have to stand firm on spending, all the while linking jobs to regulatory and tax reform. This is key.

    Meanwhile, to hear this President have the gall to denounce government tax breaks for individual companies made me want to lose my dinner. Jeffry Immelt was in the audience folks…probably chuckling, secure in the knowledge that GE paid no taxes last year as a reward for his support for Obama in 2008.

    • Chezwick_mac

      One more thing…tort reform is essential to making America competitive again. Lo and behold, one of the largest contributors to the Democratic Party is the 'Trial Lawyers of America'….which explains the Dems stubborn resistance to tort reform. Why aren't Republicans calling attention to this symbiotic and – for America – destructive relationship?

    • Jim_C

      When the very wealthy are practically begging the president to raise their taxes (not just Warren Buffett) I just don't see the class warfare aspect. The income gap is nothing to sneeze at, and as hollow as you think Obama's solutions ring, you guys had your tax cuts and deregulation. Jobs did not magically appear, and our economy tanked.

      As far as regulation reform, what do you have in mind?

      Personally, I wish the prez had spent all that stimulus–and more, oh yes, MORE–on buying goods and services from the private sector, specifically from companies that would have to meet demand by hiring American citizens. I think that "goosing" could have been the jumpstart, provided more revenue and a climate safe for investing.

      • Chezwick_mac

        The "class warfare" aspect is the claim that the rich don't pay their fair share in taxes. It's nonsense. And Obama's plan impacts not just the "very wealthy", but anyone making over $250,000 a year. That includes thousands of small business owners who -unlike warren Buffet – are NOT eager to see their taxes raised. These are the job creators in America…and Obama is interested not in facilitating their well-being, but in siphoning off ever more of their hard earned income.

        JIM: "…you guys had your tax cuts and deregulation. Jobs did not magically appear, and our economy tanked."

        RESPONSE: On the contrary, the Bush tax cuts DID create 5 solid years of impressive economic expansion and millions of new jobs. The economy finally tanking had to do with a confluence of factors, including the dramatic rise in oil prices…and the housing bubble, brought about by RELAXED lending standards mandated by the CRA.

        If you look at it rationally, the recession was a corrective mechanism, the market's natural reaction to artificial dislocation (in this case, the housing bubble). This is the remarkable nature of the market economy, a paradigm of cyclical expansion and contraction, much like the laws of nature. It prevents dislocations from spinning out of control and threatening the integrity of the entire system.

        As for regulatory reform, I have in mind 1) tort reform that will dramatically drive down the cost of doing business and make American goods more competitive; 2) abandoning Obamacare, which is a regulatory nightmare for business; 3) unleashing America's ability to produce energy here at home, which means lightening environmental restrictions…which Obama partially did recently by abandoning plans to close down older coal-fired power plants (he new the prospect of rolling blackouts was political suicide)..

        Finally, as for the government rescuing the economy by "buying more goods and services from the private sector",….it makes no economic sense at all. It is – like most liberal "solutions" – an artificial quick fix that does nothing structural except exacerbate our debt.

        Can't you see the absurdity of taxing companies and then using the proceeds to buy their goods? The logical thing is for government to get out of the way, lower its tax and regulatory footprint, and allow businesses and individuals to buy and sell to EACH OTHER, an activity that will help fill the treasury instead of emptying it.

        • Wesley69

          Good post!!!!

        • Jim_C

          That was a good post. Chez is an intelligent conservative with good things to say.

          • Jim_C

            That said, the income gap is real. It is a real problem. It is a time bomb of instability. While this economy has hurt most of us, these guys have done very well. There has been systematic wealth redistribution–from the very wealthy to the very wealthy. It has been sucked upwards.

      • pagegl

        Buffett and Gates and Soros and all the other billionaires and millionaires can give the government any amount of their fortune over and above what taxes they owe every year. If they truly want to be taxed more why the hell don't they just give what they consider excess money to the federal treasury? I bet the super rich could give half of their riches to the government and not feel any reduction in the luxury of their lives. Given that most of Buffett's income is from capital gains, increasing income tax won't have much effect on his bottom line. Same with Soros. And interestingly, both those guys restructured their businesses to reduce their taxes. If they really wanted to pay more why would they do that?

    • trickyblain

      Tax cuts would indeed spur job creation. In India, China, Taiwan. In the 80's and early/mid 90s it was cost prohibitive to send high-level jobs (i.e., programming, engineering) offshore. No more. It's now a global economy.

      If you want jobs in the US, you have to reduce incentive to send them elsewhere. Provide tax cuts for those who hire inside the US and jack the rates through the roof for those who hire offshore.

  • GypsyTyger

    "Some of you have decided that those differences are so great that we can only resolve them at the ballot box." Only? The President of the United States referring to the ballot box as some kind of drastic last resort?! This is the same guy who promised to post every new piece of legislation online for 5 days so we could read it and comment on it to our elected legislators.This country is based on the ballot box. Every legislator who he wants to use to ram this down our throats owes their job to the ballot box.He owes his job to the ballot box.Isn't it funny how the more pressure he gets under the more his Marxism shows?

  • Independent

    GypsyTyger, by ballot box he meant some people think the only solution is to elect somebody else and start from scratch but as long as the Democrats and the Republicans don't cooperate, nothing will get done no matter who gets elected. He has 14 more months in the office and all the Republicans did was block his efforts. I watched the GOP debate and none of them could come up with a solid plan on how to solve the unemployment problem. None of them even mentioned manufacturing and offshoring issues.

    • Rifleman

      The GOP was shut out until this year, and the only limiting factor to the damage the dp did to the economy was that the dp couldn't even cooperate with themselves. The GOP was sent there by their constituents after the '10 shellacking to block the dp insanity.

      Turning the economy around is simple, the dp is just ideologically incapable, because it requires they spend less, tax less, regulate less, and stay out of the way of the wealth and job creators.

      • Jim_C

        I really need to know what was in the way of the job creators before the "dp" took the reins? They had their deregulation and tax cuts. Executives did exceedingly well. Now they're recording some nice profits. Do you think they maybe just forget to put "jobs" on their agenda?

        • Rifleman

          I did well before the dp took over, and I'm just a salaried stupidvisor. So did our hourly workers (who get here after I do and are home long before I leave). Like the rest, the owners of my company add jobs when they need the help, and cut them when they don't have anything for workers to do. My manufacturing niche requires specialized training so we don't let trained workers go unless we have to, as we did last week. Unless they're part of a racket, nice profits aren't just recorded, they're earned.Having to hire people to keep up with orders is always a good thing.

      • trickyblain

        Howdy RM! The wealth and job creators are sending our jobs to countries where they can pay a fraction of the wages. Then they don't pay US taxes for those employees, and instead pay taxes to India or China. You could give them all the tax cuts they desire, and it's just more money that a) won't go towards bringing down the unemployment rate and b) doesn't come back in the form of employer, employee payroll and income tax. Thus contributing to both a higher unemployment rate and less $$$ to put down on our ever-expanding debt. The solution, in part, is to disincent off-shoring though rewards and punitive tax measures.

        • Rifleman

          Hey Tricky. Wages are only part of the equation. The fact that US productivity is dropping is a big clue. I recently got a firsthand education on this from OSHA. The people they sent out had zero machine shop experience, and spent two hours photographing and asking questions about our Bridgeport style knee mills, which have been around for over 80 years. While some of what they demanded was sensible, much of it was absurd.

          Sorry I have to break up this post at this point, for some odd reason I can make long posts from my work pc but not the one from home.

        • Rifleman


          We had to drop the pressure on our airguns from 140psi to 35. Now it takes 4 times as long to blow off parts and they still don't come clean. This because some fool might give themselves an embolism. By that logic we shouldn't be using hand drills because someone might stick one to their head and drill through their silly skulls. They made us replace our PVC air lines that have worked without a problem for 14 years with metal ones. We also had to install a $pecial aluminum dust collection system, though unlike out West where they really are needed, our humidity never drops to within three times low enough to make aluminum dust combustible. The mandated replacement of tiles we strategically removed to cool (by 10 to 20 degrees) the legacy drop ceiling that covers half our shop, when the sides of said drop ceilings are open to the shop anyway, was just cruelly *ssinine.


        • Rifleman

          Then there's the MSDS sheets we have to keep on things as benign as Elmer's glue, the required classes on ridiculous things like how to don work gloves, ear plugs, and safety glasses, and the reams of documentation and paperwork we now have to keep up with and keep on file (which is odd for people who claim to love trees and hate wasting paper).

          It's no wonder our biggest order this year was for a factory an American manufacturer was building in Honduras. Punitive tax measures will just put manufacturers like them out of business. The government isn't rewarding companies for manufacturing here, they're punishing us.

        • Rifleman

          BTW, I refrain from giving you thumbs down when I disagree with you because you have sensible arguments.

    • pagegl

      I wonder if Obama is going to talk to Jeff Immelt, chairman of Obama's economic advisory panel, about keeping jobs (and technology) here. Immelt and GE moving jobs and technology to China. Further, GE paid no income tax on billions in profit last year. One of the loop holes they used was not having to pay tax on foreign profit, which might explain why they want to move jobs offshore…

      I guess reducing federal spending, repealing Obamacare, lowering corporate taxes, and other ideas from the Republicans just don't count as any type of solid plan.

    • Spike

      The Democrats controlled the Senate, House and White House for 2 full years and could do whatever they wanted and the Republicans were powerless to stop them. Why didn't they focus on jobs then? They used that time to pass obamacare. So this nonsense doesn't wash with me. The Democrats could have done anything they wanted. Think about that. And think about what they did. They seem relieved that the Republicans regained control of the house. It's like they don't really have a plan, all they really know how to do is fight with Republicans and that's what they seem to prefer to do.

    • Joseph

      That's not true, your a liar. Mitt Romney talked about that.

  • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    Major flooding in the Northeast. A massive power outage in the Southwest. Fires raging across Texas, and a cracked Washington Monument. And Obama delivers a passionate speech where he doubles down on stupid- focusing his energies on the bad idea that GOVERNMENT CAN DIRECT RESOURCES BETTER THAN THE PRIVATE SECTOR FOR FIXING THE ECONOMY. An idea that failed for Hoover. An idea that failed for FDR. An idea that failed for Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, and Japan for 22 years. Obama's running on empty around in circles like a mad dog chasing its tail, hoplessly hoping it will lead to success. What a sorry mess. Like I said last night before the speech: "it was the last hurrah for big government liberalism" as Obama rides into the sunset.

    Click my name to read the rest of this widely linked piece

  • Cuban Refugee

    How does this guy keep a straight face when he lies? All those years of community organizing and Alinsky-inspired tactics are useful when addressing the nation. "Say one thing and do another," Alinsky would have advised our president, and — like a good disciple — he followed to the letter. In 2009, he conceded in an interview that any economist would tell you that "you do not raise taxes in a recession." Our big toe is already dipping in the ocean of depression, and the Marxist is urging us to leave our fear at the water's edge and swim toward the horizon. Last night, while watching this exercise in campaigning for a second presidential term, I saw a mischievous little boy who intentionally broke his mother's priceless vase in a thousand pieces, and is hurriedly attempting to glue it together before she gets home.

    • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks

      The only thing straight about Obama is the straight face he keeps when he lies.

  • voted against carter

    This is nothing more than a lame reworking of the plan Harry Truman Used in 1948.

    Label the GOP as Obstructionist to barry's 'SAVE (sarc.) THE DAY" policies.

    LAME barry. Can't wait till 2012 to vote this FOOL out of office.

  • davarino

    The Emperor has no clothes, and we are supposed to cheer him on. Your wrong mr. president, we do have 14 more months because you dummies keep uping the unemployment give away, so just you hold tight.

    Thats right, Im going to fight like hell to protect those collective bargaining rights, right there along with exposure to mercury and hidden credit card fees………hehehehhehe now thats funny stuff right there, I dont care who you are.

  • RussellB

    IMO the of a depression is no longer the major problem; the real risk, which this job creation plan escalates, is hyperinflation. "Stabalizing the economy" rather that cut back of expenditures refers to controled inflation. But the very ability to print money means that an overshoot of the amount of dollars in circulation in inevitable.

    What really bothered me in watching BHO speach was the "civilized" reaction on the floor. Republicans should have hung their heads in shame–now that would have been a message!

  • StephenD

    I was in a heated debate last night (for as long as it took for the other to start with the insults and veiled threats because their argument had no basis in fact) where it was said “At least he’s better than Bush…he helps the poor and disabled.” I challenged the speaker to prove it. The fact is, ask anyone on Medicaid/Medicare, their costs have actually increased. Because of Obamacare, the pharmaceutical companies have begun to raise their prices. Because of the failing economy, the inflation is insidious and across the board ~ further reducing the fixed income persons buying power. So tell us, how has he helped the poor and disabled?
    Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. STOP IT. It doesn’t work. Close loop holes ~ absolutely! Raise taxes? Not on your life. And if the Repubs are smart they’ll get in front of this thing and propose to close the loop holes first. Take the Dems excuses away before they try to use them.

    • Jim_C

      Heck, I WISH his health care plan had something, anything to do with "so…lism" (I think this word trips the "comment approval").

      There isn't anybody who didn't know health care costs were going to skyrocket in coming years. What we have now is broken. Clinton tried to do something, was ridiculed. Mr. Bush of course did nothing about it. The democrat's plan is not great; I think it takes too great care not to step on insurance company's toes.

      • trickyblain

        Exactly…it's the reverse of socialism. It could be much closer aligned with corperatism — a mandate on individuals to pay for services provided by private industry (insurance companies).

  • LindaRivera


    Is this REALLY our AMERICA??????

    Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 – Key Points http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8

  • LindaRivera

    An inferior health care plan that no one wants and CANNOT afford to pay. The threat to jail and/or fine those who don't purchase the government enforced plan.

    Massive spending as if there is no tomorrow. Fighting wars we have no money for. Massive borrowing. The Massive giving away of Billions of dollars every year to other countries, including the oil-wealthy Middle East, Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Palestinian Authority organization who fill their war chests, build mansions and laugh all the way to the bank with free infidel money. Whilst in America, homeless shelters are filled to capacity; tent cities have sprung up all over the U.S. filled with desperate, jobless, homeless, neglected Americans.

    Massive debt. The massive printing of paper money out of thin air to DELIBERATELY create out-of-control inflation. There is no question that the total DESTRUCTION of America's economy is planned. The results will be horrifying. In the once wealthy and great nation of America, millions of Americans will become destitute, hungry and homeless with no money or resources to help them.

  • LindaRivera

    Organic, non-gmo avocado, fruit and nut trees and berries must be planted in all of our nation’s cities’ and towns’ parks to help the many millions of Americans who will soon be in a desperate struggle to survive.

    Watch it. And weep for our great nation and people:

    FALL Of The Republic – The Presidency Of Barack H Obama – The Full Movie HQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8LPNRI_6T8&fe

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc.org Richard Ahern

    The blame for the economy is President Obams economic plan, which has not worked-Congress must start doing its job for the people not special interests We cannot sustain what we are doing

  • Raymond in DC

    What I saw last evening was political theater, half-truths, deflection, and demagoguery. He said nothing that couldn't have been said in an Oval Office address. But he wanted the "Mr. Speaker" pageantry and the standing ovations because "I'm the President, damn it!" But a baritone delivery shouldn't trump bad policy. And that's all his proposals amount to: bad policy.

    • Jim_C

      So you say that every time any president gives a speech, right?

      Or just for Obama?

      • Maxie

        The Joint Session was uncalled for. All theatre; grandstanding; showmanship by an otherwise empty suit playing politics. Vague rhetoric. No substance. Just setting the stage to eventually blame R's for "obstructing" O's non-solution to job creation. Clever politics; lousy, partisan non-leadership.

  • Jim_C

    As speeches go, it was pretty good. As a practical solution, it's OK. As a political strategy, though, it's pretty darn good. Obama knows he has to put all his eggs in this basket, and he has. He knows the election hinges mainly on jobs coming back. Best case scenario for Republicans: it works, and they share credit.

    • mrbean

      Insanity is by definition trying the same thing over and over that has failed each time, and expecting a different result the next time it is tried. This insane clandestine Muslim Marxist black liberation theology hating whitey racist is an economic idiot and has to go in 2012 along with all of his Marxist czars.

    • pagegl

      I suggest the Republicans approve of most of this idiotic proposal and do so as quuickly as Obama wants. It shouldn't take more than six months to show the same results as the last stimulus bill. No increase in employment, no improvement in the economy, increased federal debt, etc. The election campaigns will be a hoot. It will be wonderful seeing Obama and the Dems trying to lay the blame on the Republicans, who will have to say nothing more than, "Hey, we tried it your way." Next year's election could make 2010's look tame.

    • Asher

      The speech was more lies, where does he get the money to pay for all this, borrow from China, more failed programs and stimulus spending! We are already in debt to China and they own us…. This was a speech that favors the Unions and special interests which represent 7 or 8% of the workforce, he left the rest of the public and businesses out in the cold, or at the Back of the Bus!

  • guest

    Why not do away withall our laws on the books and try the ten commandments

    • trickyblain

      You want it to be illegal to make paintings of birds?

  • Wesley69

    This was nothing more than a political speech. Obama doesn't care about this bill passing or in creating new jobs. If he did, this speech would have been given long ago. I was amused by his phrasing. It seemed the he and the teleprompter had been rehearshing together. Let's go to some of the passes.

    Pass this bill because I know better than you. I am the President, the chosen one.
    Pass this bill because I don't want the Constitution standing in the way of what I do. I am
    an Imperial President. I am a member of the elite. You common folk need to eat your peas. I will eat my soufflé.
    Pass this bill as quickly as possibly. Don't read it. After I sign it, you can find out what's in it. It really is Stimulus II, but if it goes through fact, I can slip another thing by Congress, just like I did with ObamaCare.
    Pass this bill because I left it to others to find the money to pay for it. I was so clever doing this because I put the Republicans in a pickle.
    Pass this bill and borrow the money now. If that special committee of Democrats and Republicans can't find the cuts, oh, what the hell. It's the Republican's fault.
    Pass this bill, because if you Republicans don't, I'll say I did my part and the bad job numbers are the fault of the Republicans, and the Republicans don't care about the unemployed, only the rich.
    Pass this bill so that I will get reelected in the fall. Then, I will get the opportunity of giving more speeches, which is what I am best at. It also provides my buddy, the teleprompter with a job.
    Pass this bill even though there is little new in it, but I added the drama of a joint session of Congress as I politically grandstanded. I am the Headmaster-in-Chief. Boy, would I love to give Boehner, Castor and particularly Ryan a whooping.
    Pass this bill so that I have a weapon to beat the Republicans over the head in the election coming up. I can use it to distract attention from all the other failures, I made, during my time in office.
    Pass this bill because if you don't I'll run against Congress, and its popularity is worse than mine. To hell with the Republican nominee.
    Pass this bill so I can continue to spend, spend, spend.
    Pass this bill so I can continue to grow the size of government.
    Pass this bill so I can say that the rich were made to pay their fair share, which I can now transfer to my political buddies like the unions.
    Pass this bill so I can say I'm doing something about keeping jobs in this country even though my job czar, the CEO of GE is sending jobs to China.
    Pass this bill even though I say nothing about creating energy jobs in oil, natural gas, coal. My green job initiative blew in my face, so I will keep quiet about it. But if I really wanted this country to grow, I'd take my boot off the neck of the energy industry. No can do.
    Pass this bill so my popularity that is in the tank right now will enjoy an uptick as people believe I'm doing something other than playiing golf.
    Pass this bill so that my allies in the media can point to my great achievement, if jobs actually result. If they don't, they know the drill.
    Pass this bill for building infrastructure even though my adminstration is against harnessing this country's vast resources due to the environmental lobby. Oil for asphalt??? I ain't going to give the oil companies anything. So this is mere talk, but the common folk don't know it.
    Pass this bill so that once I reelected I can continue my Marxist transformation of the United States, and who knows, maybe I can become President for Life like my buddy, Chavez.

    • Asher

      Obama is sickening, Pass the Bill, Pass the Bill, we are sick of his Jive Talking….We will not hear an epiphany when he speaks!

  • nyc1234

    This, this should be the speech's theme song (or Obama's theme)…

  • Flowerknife_us

    Let me get this straight. We are expected to spend a fortune today so we can spend no money tomorrow.

    Small businesses need people with money to buy their products and services. Obamas plan only takes away that money, re-directing it to their prime political supporters. Union based work forces and the government dependent.No wonder there is a request for unemployment benefits extensions. Obama knows their need will only increase.

  • 13Sisters76

    In the past, leftist presidents- like Clinton- were more interested in their political careers, and so, would back off unpopular ideas for their own sake. THIS group, on the other hand, is determined to shove things we don't want right down our throats. Why? Well, because they are just smarter than the rest of us. We are simply the "masses" and don't matter. What MATTERS is that an entitled elite rules. They are just not going to allow the PEOPLE to govern, not anymore. We aren't good enough, or smart enough, or enough enough. Do we get it now?
    THIS is the reason why they hate the Founders- they were dumb enough to believe that good government came from the bottom, up. Silly twits.

  • Jim
  • Asher

    I would say Obama is running on empty, and his Presidency is on the Rocks, he can't B.S. the public any more.

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