Beck Bids Adieu

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Yesterday was Glenn Beck’s last day on Fox. In his run there, which began in 2008 after Fox hired him away from rival network CNN, Mr. Beck was a lighting rod for relentless progressive vitriol. Perhaps only George W. Bush and Sarah Palin have been subjected to more criticism than the controversial TV and radio host. Yet despite the controversy, Beck leaves behind a solid legacy in two arenas: his attention to the far-left’s alliance with Islamic radicalism, and his exposure of the breathtaking degree of leftist radicalism that permeates the Democratic Party.

Beck has done yeoman’s work with regard to exposing radical Islam, as demonstrated by a a six-part series of videos (available herehereherehere, here and here). In fact, Beck’s ongoing exposés of that radicalism remain unmatched by most in the mainstream media. Yet when Beck offered his rationale connecting Muslim radicals with the “hard-core socialist Left,” he was not only taken on by the Left, but conservatives as well. For instance, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol accused Beck of “hysteria,” and National Review’s Rich Lowry called it a “well-deserved shot.”

The leftist/Islamist alliance is in fact quite ubiquitous and there are many disturbing examples of it that Beck took care to document. The radical leftist group Code Pink, which has forged ties with Hamas, did indeed spend time in early 2011 agitating in Cairo and at the Egyptian Rafah crossing, a border which many Egyptians believe Mubarak closed because he was a pawn of the Israelis. It was Code Pink founder Jodie Evans, along with leftist Weather Underground terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, who helped organize last year’s Free Gaza Movement which launched the “peace” flotilla attempting to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. This year’s 11-ship flotilla, with the same objective, includes a boat named the “Audacity of Hope” and carries American leftists, including author Alice Walker, who this week called Israel and America “terrorist states” (as the Iranians do). Beck also created a video montage of leftist organizations mingled with Islamic radicals, all promoting the same anti-Semitic message. Ironically, that video begins with Chris Matthews mocking Beck for making the connection.

Yesterday, on the same day Beck’s Fox career was coming to an end, he may have received one of the more satisfying vindications of his assertions: Commentary Magazine reported that the Obama administration is reversing a five-year ban on contact with the Muslim Brotherhood. That would be the same Muslim Brotherhood which spawned Hamas, whose charter is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and calls for the extermination of Jews. “We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt, that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to non-violence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps Beck is equally vindicated by another revelation which occurred recently. Left-wing Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), despite assertions that his statements had been “mischaracterized” by the Syrian media, was caught praising President Bashar Assad as a man “thinking about the different ways that would be the best way to address the needs of the people…And frankly, that’s a positive development.” How has Assad been addressing the needs of his people? By gunning them down in the streets for daring to stand against his thug regime. Over 1,400 men, women and children have been murdered so far.

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  • jake adams


  • just me

    Glenn Beck is my hero. I'm really going to miss his show. he always seemed to tell it as I saw it.

    • Jameela

      We are ALL Arabs, Except the Jews

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      Allah reveals in the following Verse of the Qur’an the entire earth’s population are descendants of Adam, with the exception of the Jews, as they are the Children of Iblis aka Israel.

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      Messenger of Allah
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      18 April 2011

      • Schmohammad

        You are very lame. You must belong to the religion of IsLame

      • coyote3

        I actually thought you were kind of funny, considering there is no such thing as a "white race", (dirty or otherwise).

      • paul

        What BS!

      • jasonz

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        Messenger of Allah
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    • Amused

      It went right over their heads !!! lolololololol……

    • informer

      Glenn moves to Texas….Glenn Beck to move to Texas; rents $20,000-a-month house | Best Places To Live In NY – New York Dail
      The TV host and commentator recently sold his New Canaan, Conn., mansion, and the listing agent, Lynne Leonard, confirmed he was headed to Texas.

  • Nahanter

    Thanks for trailblazing our path, Glenn. By the way, keep your set and props for The Smithsonion. See you at GBTV.
    -a believer in Nahant

    • StephenD

      I too will miss him.
      -a believer (formerly) from Revere

  • Estrella Phillips

    I was born in the Philippines but now a US citizen. I learned the US history through the teaching of Glenn Beck. Thank you Prof. Beck

    • Tina

      Estrella, Glenn Beck is a joke in this country and most of what he "teaches" is inaccurate. I am so sorry that you were misled.

      • mrbean

        Name an inaccuracy. Las t time I checked, everything he predicted came true.

      • Stephen_Brady

        You are obviously a product of America's public school system. I am so sorry that you were misled …

  • Ray

    Glen Beck can take his circus sideshow act on the road somewhere else! Take Palin with him too! Sick man comes from a sick family!

    • Mike

      Ray your an idiot!Your obviously one of those sheeple on the left.The best thing you can do along with those on the left that hate America so much is commit suicide

      • Carmen

        Never let yourself fall to the level of the enemy in your approach. You're better
        than this. Ray is misguided and needs to do the homework. Sinking to his
        level makes you no better!

    • palidin 911

      Admit it Ray. He brought some things that were hidden to light. He shined the light of truth on people like you Ray. That's the real reason you hate beck.

    • jasonz

      funny ray how all the haters of glenn never can proove he is wrong. all they say is the usual ad hominem attacks. Im not even saying Glenn is perfect or always correct. Im saying all the lil GB haters are 1 trick ponies. you dont like what he says and thats it…its not wrong or incorrect, you just do not like it. oh and 1 more thing. That 'circus act' as you call it got far more ratings than mattherws or msled or commie news network ever did….hmmmm boy for a circus act who lies all the time he sure does do a good job of making your kids look like buttheads dont he now?

    • Terry

      There are NONE SO BLIND as those WHO DO NOT WISH TO SEE!

  • Yossi Bar-Negev

    Arnold – Thanks for an insightful and well-documented article. Glenn Beck has made his mark on the people of America and will continue to do so in his new venture. We are looking forward to seeing him here in Israel for his Restoring Courage Rally.

    • Jameela

      Christians are Devil-Worshipping, Cannibalized Vampires

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      • martel

        Jameela (schlemeela), you really should ask the warden to increase your Thorazine.

      • coyote3

        Damn it, Jameela, just when I thought you might be of some use, as my houseboy, you come up needing medication. Sorry, deal's off, Obamacare has increased health care costs so much that I can't afford you.

  • mlcblog

    I love that I personally have been able to witness this GREAT revolution. First, I saw Matt Drudge, then I now learn that Breitbart was sort of an understudy to Drudge, then I started watching the B Cast and saw Scott Baker and Liz bring this new form to life. We have new news media now, and it's really, really exciting.

    Scott and Liz pioneered the live web news show as The B Cast under the auspices of Breitbart TV. Awesome. This is where Glenn is going. Live on to the web, into your homes and neighborhoods, as he said. The idea has made room for itself. Exciting.

    I love that Breitbart predicts that within 5 years the old news media will be just that — old.

    Among the fun was that Mr. Horowitz was and is regularly interviewed on current shows, so to me the revolution back to the greatness of America is underway.

    I am not buying that we have to die out because we are about 200 years old. The Romans did not know the Lord the way we do. America was established to show the light of freedom to a lost world, and that is why we will prevail, provided we work and fight for it.

    Please, people, don't give up. We have just begun to fight.

    • dan


  • geez

    Keep shining the light on those progressive cockroaches Mr. Beck. God Bless You.

    • Jameela

      Americans are the Slaves of the Jews

      Jew’s live the American Reality, while their Christian slaves live the American Dream; the definition of dream is: a state of abstraction and trance. Over 300 million Americans aspire and desire to live in a state of abstraction and trance. The American Dream is home ownership and how is paying your greedy Jew masters $200,000.00 in interest on a $150,000.00 home a dream? It is not, it is: an event that is extremely distressing, which is the definition of Nightmare. The American State of Abstraction & Trance aka Dream is the mechanism that facilitated the Jew’s enslavement of Americans; as usury is a Jew-invented and Jew-owned evil.

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      • Amused

        Go back to the cesspool you slithered out of . Bin Laden deserved burial with a pig carcas. I love that line about the Q'uran ….lol….even you know it's bad , so blame that on the jews too . You're a pathetic joke .

      • coyote3

        Can't speak for Sanchez, or Thomas, but McKinney lost an election, "because" she couldn't get enough people to vote for her, tee hee.

  • Amused

    Adios Beck , go get a room with Alex Jones and live happily ever after . p.s.-do you think Jones has room for your chalk board ?

    • informer

      Glenn Beck to move to Texas; rents $20,000-a-month house | Best Places To Live In NY – New York Dail
      The TV host and commentator recently sold his New Canaan, Conn., mansion, and the listing agent, Lynne Leonard, confirmed he was headed to Texas.

      • coyote3

        Sir, please, it is the Republic of Tejas.

  • Amused

    …and Alex , make sure you're stocked up with tissues ….Beck cries alot .

    • mloraine

      your ignorance is showing….!!

      • Amused

        only to be outshined by yours

  • GKC

    Oh,. and make sure you have the last word in the thread

    • Amused

      Thats because what I say usually shuts mouths up .

      • GKC

        See below for the effectiveness thereof.

        BTW, is your other handle at Wonkette Tanzbodenkoenig?

        • Amused

          What I see below AND above except for just two exceptions , is how many really dumb people grovel to the rodeo clown called Beck . But trust me , I know you are a minority , becuase there are much more intelligent people in the general population who know Beck for what he is – a complete jack-ass, as are his "fans " .

          • coyote3

            Beck is "entertainment", with an element of truth in it, as is usually the case. Never was a big fan. He is okay, but a little to liberal for me.

  • kblink45

    The real reason Beck left was that he refused to tone down his religiosity. He said numerous times that his ratings took a hit every time he waxed pious, but he refused to change. One has to admire Beck's integrity, even while regretting the loss of his voice on the Fox platform.

  • Steve Chavez

    "Their own words." That is the reason they hate him. HE EXPOSED THEM using their own words. COCKROACHES hate the light of day! That is the best offense! How can they deny their own words? They try by saying "he took it out of context."

    Beck is the only show I've seen who had Sam Webb, the head of the Communist Party USA whose group spawns thousands for front groups who then breed thousands more! They are the real enemy of the United States and Beck didn't give them a pass!

    The CPUSA, THROUGH DECADES OF INDOCTRINATION, infiltration, and recruitment at our universities, BREED Code Pink, Media Matters, American Progress, and ultimately George Soros! If you want to get to the root of all these groups, you must study the role of the CPUSA! Many Democrats would never attend any Republican event but they would be given the Red Carpet at a CPUSA event where they are guest speakers including at their National Conventions. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is an admitted "Socialist" is a frequent guest of Sam Webb at many events. Maxine Waters, and the Out of Iraq Caucus, meet with CPUSA peace front groups!


    • dan

      Not missed by me. Time to go to the GBTV site and subscribe!

    • Jameela

      The Lost Tribes of Satan aka Israel

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      • coyote3

        Are you one of those guys who stands on corners and "preaches", or tries to direct traffic, after he consumes a quart or two of whiskey? The "Lost Tribes of Wombat", anyone?

      • coyote3

        Didn't I arrest you before I retired? I believe I did, you were the borrachon raving, waving his arms and blocking traffic on Freedom Bridge. It sure sounds like that guy.

  • Kathy

    MILLIONS!!! of Americans will miss this courageous man!! God Bless you Glenn. YOU ARE LOVED and RESPECTED!! I'm 68 and have been familiar with much of the info you brought forth. But new generations of Americans must be awakened to the reality of eminent danger to our way of life here in the US. With Billionaire George Soros leading the pac to confiscate our rights!! PLEASE KEEP UP YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK. Much love Kathy G.

  • Wesley69

    When history looks back at this critical time in US history, when subversive elements had taken over the government and were trying to destroy the country from within, Beck will be looked upon as a courageous freedom fighter who exposed and lead the charge where WE THE PEOPLE recaptured the government, not only restoring faith at home, but in the world.

    He will also be remembered as a fierce friend of Israel in its most dire time of need and rally its friends to its support.

    The best honor I can give to this man is a selection from the LORD OF THE RINGS THE TWO TOWERS

    Sam" It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something."

    Frodo: "What are we holding onto, Sam?"

    Sam: "That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it's worth fighting for."

    Best wishes for the future, Mr. Beck.

    • Carmen


  • Ed Tazelaar

    Goodbye and Goodluck Glenn. Your courages program will be missed greatly. As I understand it, the reason you are shutting down is because you lost most of your commercial sponsers because of your controversial issues. That tells me the American businesses can't stand the truth and won't support a great American. God help this Country and shame on those who stabbed you in the back.

    • patriot077

      His contract was up. I heard Glenn make a few comments as early as a year ago that indicated he planned to do something different. He may have lost some sponsors and viewers, but he gained others.

  • Patti

    Roger Ailes has become the new target. Did you know the Chris Wallace/George Stephanoupouls "Flake" attack on Bachmann was a Family Affair? Yup. They're related by marriage.. .

    • palidin 911

      Wallace was the first to start the attack on Bachmann with the "flake" question. The absurdity of that interview was immediately obvious and, quite surprising coming from someone with Fox.

      I complained forcefully to Fox as did others. I urge you to put pressure on Fox if Wallace ever again tries such a cheap stunt.

      • Renee

        If you have ever seen Michele Bachmann interviewed, you know she has trouble understanding the questions. The ONLY question she have ever truly answered well is the "flake" question. I think it is the first one she has understood. So kudos to Chris Wallace for posing a question this poor woman can decipher.

        • palidin 911

          There are people who dislike, even hate Bachmann for several reasons. They recognize the fact that she is a threat to the Democrat party. why else would liberals go out of their way to play the "dumb card". If she is too dumb to answer a question, why not get out of the way and let her implode, and thereby hurt Republicans.

          Some people view her as another hated neocon Jew. Again, mostly Democrates and Ron Paul supporters.

          And there are some women, Renee, Who resent other women who have had children and are still attractive, like Palin and Bachmann.

          You have your reasons for disliking Backmann, but its not because she has trouble answering questions. I don't think liberals have anything substantive to talk about this election so they play the "dumb card" for the same reason they play the "race card".

          Its misdirection and subterfuge.

  • eye duh hoe an

    FOX made a mistake by letting Beck go. I don't agree with his religious stance, but politically he's right on… and islam is the enemy of the free world. Satan is Allah, pure and simple, plain and clear.

  • Anamah

    Thank you for this excellent article… All of us owe Glenn very much, he showed very clearly how this administration with Soros, are engaged with the world Leftists and Radical Islamist, to destroy Israel, America and freedom. They are building a mega business global corporation with new and convenient regulations to squeeze and own the world. It is incredible people can tolerate the MSM dishonesty.

  • Anamah

    In the future Glenn Beck will be a recognized hero of this destructive, dangerous moment for us and the complete western civilization.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Glen has been honest and truthful and picked on no one without cause, he
    respected the right people and exposed the wrong in people who need to
    be understood and fought. It may prove out that his work lifted the wave of
    public awareness to a point of our overcoming the evil of leftist/Islamist
    destruction, high enough, long enough to protect our American freedom.
    Frontpagemagazine has done well in giving Glen Beck exposure in it's
    fight against all that is trying to destroy our Nation, Glen has my attention.

  • Ghostwriter

    One of Glenn Beck's best shows was his two part series on the Black Founding Fathers of America. One of the Black heroes he missed was a guy by the name of James Forten. He was a free black man who amassed a sizable fortune running a sailmaking business in the late 1700's. He spent much of that fortune fighting slavery. The amazing thing was that he had a number of White employees who worked for him. I suggest you Google this guy. I also suggest that in tribute to Beck's departure from Fox,you also look up "Black Founding Fathers" and watch it. You'll love it as much as I did.

  • Neils60

    As someone who's followed Beck closely for the past 2 1/2 years, in my opinion, he has no peer. And, that's so unfortunate for those who care about the health and welfare of America and Israel. No one that I can think of in broadcast history has put forth such compelling programming on our wonderful country or its closest ally, Israel. Let's all hope and pray that his radio show continues to be immensely popular, and his newest venture GBTV becomes a world-wide hit.

  • Geno

    Glenn Beck will be remembered a a voice in the wilderness when it is all said and done…he tried to educate an apathetic, pathtic, citizenry who have failed to realize the greatness of their nation and their duty to sustain it. These people will be the demise of our republic.

  • palidin 911

    Beck is a one man tidal wave. we need a thousand Glenn Becks. It would cause the leftist hatemongers to implode

    • Boudreaux

      Thanks Beck for sharing your knowledge so clearly, honorably, and courageously. Fox has lost a powerful voice of the people. Your patriotism will be judged favorably as we Americans roll through this storm victoriously. Lincoln once said " We cannot escape History…..We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last, best hope on earth….it is a just way if followed the world will forever applaud and God must forever bless." I've already joined GBTV and can't wait for Sept. 12. Best of luck and God Bles!!!

  • Amused

    Newsflash – rodeo clown moves to 20,000 a month house in Texas . NYC becomes a better place .

    • Vic

      Amused idiot!

    • coyote3

      And the Republic of Tejas always attracts the best, as usual.

  • Tanstaafl

    Gotta to give Beck props for the ACORN scandal and for the discovery that there are more Marxists in the White House than in your average Russian government office.

  • crackerjack

    Beck isn't "…bidding adieu..", Beck is being kicked out by a FOX alarmed at plummeting rates and the retreat of all major sponsers.

    Beck is out of business. Period.

    Now that political USA has placed him and his chalkboard extravaganzas under quarantine, he follows "Joe the Plumber" to Israel in hope of finding new markets for his ranting s and raveings. LOL.

    • GKC

      Now we've got the inside scoop!

  • 13Sisters76

    I remember what a celebration the left had when Rush canceled HIS show- they were ecstatic! How did THAT work out for them?
    It will be the same with Beck, although I will miss his show every day on Fox. I don't believe he is going away- another mistake the left is making.

  • KAT


  • drgmyers

    Beck is only warming up. Predict he will have a growing media empire that will give Murdoc a run for his money. Beck broke the mold. Now he is unconstrained.

  • Amused

    Beck's got plenty of room in his new Texas diggs for Alex Jones AND The Big [pill ] Popper Rush .
    NYC says good riddence . Dont forget to take your chalk board and crocodile tears with you .
    Aint it funny how Fox hires morons , and when Fox gives'em the boot…it's a lefty conspiracy ?

  • Supreme_Galooty

    "If you are going to speak the truth, you'd best have a foot in the stirrup." – Kurdish proverb

    Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck speaks the truth. For his reward he suffers opprobrium at the hands of the morally deficient and the easily fooled.

    • GKC

      Dang. I miss the third person references. They were "amusing."

    • Amused

      I always knew you were a Kurd kabooty . All I can say about your statement "Beck speaks the truth " …..well , like the saying goes ," you can be as stupid as you wanna be ".
      Sorry pal but Beck's a driveling moron . So go knock yourself out junior .

      • Supreme_Galooty

        It is apparent that The Supreme Galooty still causes you a great deal of angst and perturbation and this gladdens his heart immensely. One can only hope that this knowledge adds to your ongoing discomfiture.

  • Amused

    I always knew you were a Kurd kabooty . All I can say about your statement "Beck speaks the truth " …..well , like the saying goes ," you can be as stupid as you wanna be ".
    Sorry pal but Beck's a driveling moron . So go knock yourself out junior .

  • Sam

    Buh bye, Glenn Beck. The ignorant and uneducated will miss you greatly. And…well…so will the rest of us who find your drivel so freakin' hilarious.

    • coyote3

      Still can't refute the basics of what he says.

  • TotallyDomestic

    Joined GBTV & can't wait till Sept. comes and we have him 2 hrs.
    Fox's great loss!

  • Amused

    Fox' "great loss " will become GBTV's great loss .Not to mention what the owners think about their viewer base .Are they dumb enough for Beck ? Do we have enough chalk and blackboards ?

  • Amused

    Oh wait ! Sponsors dont matter , Beck owns the whole shooting match…Beck unleashed . And all his sycophants get to pay for it ! $4.95 for the short version /$ 9.95 for the "deluxe version " , and all can go down the rabbit hole with Glen . Good luck , just dont fall into any mall water fountains while fixed to your i-phones . I suspect this will be a mofre common phenomena after 9/12 .

  • Amused

    Au -contraire kabooty , you are an endless source of amusement , and your support of Beck [or should I say delusion] merely confirms my earlier conclusions…'re a nimrod . Now dont forget to subscribe to GBTV , so yopu can get your "truth " .

  • Asher

    Glenn is not leaving the scene, he will still be broadcasting the truth…Thanks for exposing Soros, the radicals, and the Obama administrations Tyranny!

  • Claire Meadow

    What can we do to get him reinstated? Or at least, let Fox news know of the disappointment of so many viewers?

  • Amused

    You start a petition right now Claire ….then hold your breath waiting . Or just fork out the bucks and pay to see your hero .

  • Stephen_Brady

    Are you talkiing about Beck or Obama?