Berkeley Bake Sale Reveals the Fraud of Affirmative Action

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What did remain in the bill after the final amendment in May, however, is even more revealing. Despite the fact that the ethnic and gender quotas are ostensibly voluntary, the legislation requires the trustees of the California State University and requests the Regents of the University of California, and the California State University, to give written reports “to the Legislature and the Governor by November 1, 2012, on the implementation of the bill.” In addition, the bill would “require these reports to include information relative to the number of students admitted, disaggregated by race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, geographic origin, and household income, and compared to the prior 2 years of admissions” (italics mine).

In other words, even if certain colleges decline to use such factors in the admissions process, they still have to produce reports measuring the increased level of diversity — or lack thereof — on their campuses, over a three year span. Such pressure to conform is about as subtle as a jackhammer.

Yet the most inconvenient reality of all is the fact that SB 185 seeks to overturn Proposition 209, aka the California Civil Rights Initiative. That legislation, passed in 1996 with a 54.5 percent majority vote, amended the California State constitution as follows: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” It was blocked almost immediately by Chief U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson, who, in a burst of Orwellian logic, contended that the elimination of preferences for minorities and women would cause “an immediate possibility of irreparable harm” if those preferences were eliminated. Fortunately, Prop 209 was upheld by the California State Supreme Court in 2000.

Yet Democrats are once again attempting to undo the will of the people, because it clashes with their progressive sensibilities.

And Berkeley Campus Republicans, using in-your-face satire, are more than happy to point it out. “Gov. Jerry Brown has SB 185 on his desk which would authorize California public universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin in the admissions process. The Berkeley College Republicans firmly believe measuring any admit’s merit based on race is intrinsically racist. Our bake sale will be at the same time and location of a phone bank which will be making calls to urge Gov. Brown to sign the bill. The purpose of the event is to offer another view to this policy of considering race in university admissions,” they wrote in their second Facebook posting.

Lewis said having the sale at the same time as the phone bank activity was done in part because the ASUC makes it seem like students at Berkeley “have one voice,” and that the BCR is “a bunch of white kids,” even though it is “an extremely diverse group whose board of directors–which made the decision to hold the bake sale–consists of members of all racial backgrounds.”

Thus, Tuesday promises to be an eventful day at a campus renowned for its far leftist orthodoxy. And despite all the efforts of some Berkeley students, and too many California state Democrats, to pretend that a merit-based society and racial/gender bean-counting can somehow co-exist, a simple bake sale reveals the bankruptcy of such ideology.

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  • Pathena

    SB185 not only violates the California constitution, it violates the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution which requires equal treatment under the law.

  • jacob

    Who was it who said that if anything bizarre will ever happen anywhere in the world
    in general and the USA in particular, it will happen in CALIFORNIA….

    There are cities where the city fathers prohibit Bible study in private homes, bans
    Jewish ritual circumcision but promotes homosexuality studies in schools and
    now this Representative wants preferences for certain etnias
    I will appreciate somebody correcting me bu I remember reading somewhere
    long ago that Affrmative Action guidelines dictated that African-American aspirant student grades for universities were automatically raised 20% to help them enter
    said institutions…
    I this is true, then said State representative proposal is fair….
    RIGHT ???
    Ater all, what's OK for the goose ahouldn't be good for the gender ??????
    OR NOT ???

    • Kal

      It's like this, "If you tip the world on it's side, everything loose will fall straight down to Los Angeles." (or California)

  • Cuban Refugee

    As a school of higher indoctrination Berkeley is a microcosm of liberalism run amok. Just as the U.S. is being destroyed from within, the once-golden state of California is rotting at the core, and soon may sink into the Pacific — not from the effects of a major earthquake, but from the weight of its own detritus.

  • sedoanman

    Can a state legislature pass a law that is contrary to the state's constitution? One would think not, but one would apparently be wrong.

    • kathy

      It certainly seems that a federal legislature can pass laws against it's own constitution, i.e. Obamacare (and I'm sure there are plenty of others), so why not.

      • mlcblog

        only a massive groundswell can override this lawlessness on the part of our so-called govt representatives….

    • Spider

      No it will be challenged and defeated.

  • Spider

    Obama is the culmination of everything wrong with affirmative action policies. All of the rrecords ( for the most transparent administration in history) are sealed for a reason. Because they will show Obama is our very first affirmative action president – completely unqualified for the job he now holds – President of the United States. Nothing about this fool was properly vetted – he was given a free pass just because of his race. Now look at the result. Our counrty has gone from a poor economy to utter chaos and potential financial collapse – and his media (useful idiots) do everything in their power to hide both our economic demise and their complicity in getting this charlatan elected.

    • Dennis X

      Please tell me when was that affirmative action election? Or for that matter when is the affirmative action bar exam or medical board exams?

  • tagalog

    If only there were a California lawmaker with enough guts to sponsor Bill #187 or whatever, giving preferential treatment to white males of European extraction and Asians, in order to reveal the delusional aspects of Liberalism.

    • mlcblog

      What the hell! we pass laws. They ignore them. We need new judges and lawmakers and executives!!!!!

  • Brujo Blanco

    Affirmative action is discrimination. Some might say that it is a means of providing opportunity to minorities and righting past wrongs. In practice it in fact results in whites being denied rights and opportunity because of their skin color.

    • garretso

      Yes. It treats people as members of groups and not individuals.

  • Geoff1138

    What if I show up with an eagle feather shoved up my ass with a tampon necklace? Would I get my cookies for free?

    • Will

      I think in Berkeley it's more likely that you'd get a lot of dates.

      • mlcblog

        You get dates, koolaid of any kind you like to share with your friends, and lots of govt grants and help to see how to access them.

    • 2maxpower

      probably get you a doctorate or you will be nominated for the Presidency of the Harvard Law Review. ..unless they consider it having been done before in which case they may kick you out for plagiarism.

  • fiddler

    The very notion that somehow government can by the stroke of a pen undo all the ills of past sins is absurd. Somehow, "children" can't play nice so their "parent" has to come in and create some kind of "fair" environment where you get special points because you are disadvantaged. The very idea of this forever brands this person as "disadvantaged" forever stigmatizes that person and falls short of creating that sense of equality. It is part of the unintended consequences of liberalism. Give it 25 years, 50 years or more, nothing will change because people are cast according to their skin color. But hey, Liberals are very creative and rich; they will invent some OTHER "fairness" measure to somehow assuage their guilty conscience.

  • xlent

    You broke me up Will…. Bezerkly is the extant "Theater Of The Absurd"

  • Doggwood

    One technical quibble: If I recall the numbers from the debate a few years back, the biggest losers of the racial preference systems were not the Caucasians but the ethnic Asians. There were just too many Asians, and the quotas reduced their numbers and replaced them with Blacks and Latinos. If I've got that right, then the bake sale ought to charge a premium for Asians rather than giving them a discount.

    For anyone that finds this bake sale offensive…well, it's certainly reasonable to complain about offensive things that go down in our public institutions. But the last generation has been an endless litany of institutional offenses against Main Street America, and we've been told to open our wallets and shut our mouths. If the Left suddenly finds something offensive…well, welcome to the club.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Asians are no longer a "protected" minority. Their success has precluded a continuation of that status.

      Like Orwell wrote: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  • mlcblog

    This is fascinating to me, especially since someone close to me has just shared with me some of the content of the diversity training classes she mandatorily attended. It seems that victimhood is indeed weighted, some being more valuable than others. She told me whites get 0, Asians more, sex and gender issues were worth points, and Latin and Black get the most points.

    This is really happening. I am not making this up, nor imagining or hallucinating. It is a fact. Right now. Here. Today this gibberish is being taught to adults with a straight face by govt decree.

  • mlcblog

    Years ago, I went to work for the VA hospital system. When we applied back then, early 1970's, extra points were being assigned to scores as people vied to qualify for jobs. Vets got points, blacks, too. I was outraged. Vet, yes! they earned it by offering their lives to defend us. But as for everybody else, let them study and work like me, or even better than me!! Come on. This is not what our freedom is all about, as so eloquently lined out in this talk by Bill Whittle.

  • Doggwood

    Affirmative action started with Blacks. The historical injustice that pushed Blacks to the bottom of the pile is obvious enough. We can argue whether pushing a modern innocent White down to make room for a Black, in order to make up for the evil done by some other historical White, is reasonable policy. But, agree or disagree, at least we can understand the argument, and we can't entirely dismiss it: That the nation is institutionally attempting to set right a historical institutional wrong.

    Somewhere along the line, making up for the evil of slavery morphed into the quest for "diversity". In making this transition, our institutional discrimination abandoned its moral foundation. Why do we give points to whatever fill-in-the-blank class is "underrepresented"? This is discrimination, pure and simple. In a sane society, such notions would have been immediately struck down. 14th Amendment; equal protection under the law, that sort of basic thing. But no, modern racism considers itself enlightened. And enlightenment, it would seem, trumps the law, the Constitution.

    Replacing affirmative action with diversity has also trivialized the victims of slavery. If everyone's a victim, then nobody's a victim.

    Our nation has morally descended. It's a sad thing, but there it is. I don't know how to change it, but I can testify to the truth. The fools in high positions can proclaim their toxic nonsense to be morality, but that doesn't make it so. Practicing modern racism in order to fight historical racism is stupid and evil.

    • Timwn

      Good point. I'd also point out that the descendants of slaves aren't necessarily the ones to benefit anyway. A while back my father interviewed several people for a position and found that a white candidate was the best match. The school district ignored his suggestion and hired a lesser qualified Indian (from India) instead as he was dark skinned and theycould score a 'black' diversity point out of him. (This is not intended to disrespect Indians, whom I admire greatly. It's just to make a point). Thus the beneficiary of the affirmative action intended to right the evils of slavery was a recent immigrant who had no history whatsoever of slavery and no connection with the American black community at all- other than, of course, his skin color. Amusing anyway..

    • Will

      The other problem is the celebration of victimhood. If you spend a great deal of effort convincing someone that the deck is stacked against him, you end up with… a person who believes the deck is stacked against him. And while it indeed may be true that the deck is stacked against him, it does him no benefit to believe it. It would be more beneficial for him to lie to himself, overestimating his own opportunities, than to wallow in his perceived victimhood, and simply give up hope.

      Asians and Indians never seemed to embrace the victim culture (despite having been victimized), so what do they do? They pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and outperform us caucasians. It's lucky for these ethnic groups that they never had an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to bring them down.

    • CisscoKidd

      Like I've said a million times before, the racism scam is the biggest scam ever perpetrated in United States history. That's why I call it THE GREAT RACISM SCAM. Plus, you mentioned diversity. Yes, this word is a sugar-coating–a sugar coating for the screwing-over of the white man via Affirmative-Action. The liberals always sugar-coat their evil so the evil sounds all nice and cuddly to the mentally-disordered morons of the world……….that is, your gutless-coward-whities. The gutless-coward-whities will not stand up for their own race for anything.

  • No1CaresThatYourMad

    I think your all undercover or in denial racists and thats why it upsets you….booooo you

    • wsk


  • B. Isaac

    .25 for the Native American…thats another misconception like we get free homes, and cars, and Education. We may be at the bottom or top which ever way you read it, but we don't ask for much, we would rather be left out of your agendas. We usually are, so why put us in this bake sale, exactly how many Native American Indians are in Berkeley? Racist white supremists people just love to be on the new, if its not a pretty boy its a big fat loud mouth!

  • Fred

    And whites pay taxes to support discrimination against them? Affirmative Action should have ended years ago. I worked with a lot of AF people and what a waste they are on the job site.

  • daninkansas

    Shouldn't the Asian students be charged more, not less than everybody else? After all they work, study and save like nobody's business. Then they have the nerve to go out and out earn us! Stop the unfairness!

    • Will

      It's not just unfairness! It's INJUSTICE!! I didn't go to medical school or Julliard, but I have every right to be a doctor or a violin virtuoso!


  • Zam

    As everybody knows, Affirmative-Action is based on racial preference. That is, minorities receive special preferences when it comes to educational opportunities and employment opportunities in the United States. The big-bad-white-man receives no special preferences. Here is the REAL racism. On top of this, we see that Affirmative-Action has become a normal and an accepted element of life in these United States. I don't see how but it has. Consequently, since Affirmative-Action has become a normal and an accepted element of life in the United States, racial preference has become a normal and an accepted element of life in the United States.

  • Zam

    So, as Affirmative-Action and racial preference are the norms for life in these United States, I guess this means they have to be important things. And indeed they are, indeed they are. Well, according to Michigan it is really really really important, that's for sure. In Michigan, two judges overturned the votes of thousands of people whose votes had banned Affirmative-Action in that state. Yes, the votes of a majority of voters had banned Affirmative-Action in Michigan–

    WOW. Affirmative-Action is really really important to the United States if two judges have to overturn the votes of thousands. And that's just one state. Woah!

  • wsk

    I would like a law passed that requires Universities must give American citizens first preference. If after all qualified Americans get their shot, then any remaining spots can be filled by resident (legal)aliens and finally outsiders.

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