Dems Fret Over Being Seen as Anti-Israel

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So, what do you do if you’re head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and a Democrat president “suggests” Israel should retreat to its pre-1967 borders, which the prime minster of Israel considers “indefensible?” If you’re Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you demand Jewish Republicans “pledge to refrain” from making an issue of it during the 2012 election campaign.

Ms. Wasserman-Schultz pulled this little stunt during a meeting last week of representative delegates from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The purpose of the meeting was ostensibly to shore up bipartisan support for Israel from American Jewish organizations. Yet Wasserman-Schultz decided to turn it into a “partisan bickering match” which, according to RJC executive director Matt Brooks, made Netanyahu uncomfortable enough to ask, “Do you guys want me to leave the room and give you guys some privacy?” “[The NJDC] decided to hijack these meeting in order to, in front of the prime minister, put a gag order in effect to prevent us from speaking out on Israel,” Brooks says.

The RJC was having none of it, as this letter to Wasserman-Schultz reveals.

One certainly can’t blame Wasserman-Schultz for trying. 78 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama in the 2008 election, and the last thing this president needs going into next year’s campaign is Jewish-Americans having second thoughts about their votes — and perhaps more importantly, their substantial campaign contributions to the Democrat party. And if the black American community is any indication, Democrats have been enormously successful shutting down debate to the point where blacks themselves have effectively eliminated any free and open exchange of ideas within their own community. This now self-perpetuating totalitarianism is so prevalent, that prominent black conservatives, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, have been routinely ostracized.

No doubt Wasserman-Schultz, who regularly demonizes the Republican party in general, would like to see the same thing happen within the Jewish community. To a large extent, it already has, if nearly eight-in-ten Jews could vote for a man who sat in the church of rabid anti-Semite Rev. Jeremiah Wright for twenty years, and who maintained a friendship with terrorist Bill Ayers, an integral player in the Free Gaza Movement involved with both the flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza last year and the second one upcoming in June.

Yet one suspects this year is different, and Wasserman-Schultz knows it. Already some Democrats have expressed reservations about Obama’s “vision” regarding Israel’s borders, including see-no-evil stalwarts such as former NYC Mayor Ed Koch and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Koch claimed he wouldn’t vote for Obama unless his stance changes, and Reid told a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that “no one should set premature parameters about borders, about building, or about anything else.”

Perhaps Debbie should consider shutting up some of her own before taking on Republicans.

Jews who actually care about Israel — as opposed to those who pay it lip service — have every right to be concerned with an American president whose “allegiance” to Israel is a cruel joke. This past weekend, Egypt officially opened its Rafah border crossing with Gaza. Democrats would like Jewish-Americans to ignore the fact that this development is one of the first tangible outcomes of the Obama administration’s decision to abandon Hosni Mubarak and, by extension, Israel’s treaty with Egypt. Perhaps abandoning Mubarak was unavoidable, but what “pressure” has the president since put on Egypt to maintain the treaty? He forgave a billion dollars worth of loans to Egypt — and wants to give them an additional billion dollars in aid.

Strings attached? None.

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  • mike

    i'm a NJ dem and i'm going to vote republican. The remark by obama (israeli borders back to 67) convinced me to change party affiliation.

    • Riz

      If that alone is enough to convince you to change parties, then why don't you leave this country and move to Israel because your loyalty isn't here

      • jaythehistorian

        Why don't you leave the country , you Jew hating fool? There are many countries where antisemitism is considered acceptable.

      • Green Joke

        A typical Left response. Vapid – empty suit – like Obama

      • voted against carter

        If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

        Just like his ARAB buddies do.

        They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

        Barry just said so in his speech.

        What part of that do you NOT understand.

        Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

        Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

        You are a USEFUL idiots to them.

        WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again

      • RobHoey

        that alone isn't about taxing gasoline, it's about a humanity issue, which for many, is seen as something important enough to take a 'one issue' stance. you question a person's loyalty because you disagree, or use ad hominem attacks because you've got nothing of substance to say. I suspect this post of mine will be treated likewise.

      • Jhon

        "then why don't you leave this country and move to Israel because your loyalty isn't here…"
        Since when loyalty to a political party become equals to loyalty to USA? by your definition all pro-Israel Americans should move to Israel right? I do can say to you all pro-Palestine Americans shpuld move to Palestine, does that fair by you?

      • Tim Bus

        Riz = pseudonym of Buraq O'Bumboy

    • former Dem

      Mike, we welcome you…many of us started as Dems, but the party left us.

  • informer

    demo rats do not deserve any loyalty… even from rats

  • informer

    only Republican Party

  • kafir4life

    Anybody see kapo Schumer on MTP yesterday? His office confirmed his allegiance to George Soros, and an aide confirmed that Chuck is very interested in taking the job George had during WWII that made him what he is today….confiscating property from condemned Jews. This will be a much sought after position, and Chuckles has a good chance of being hired.

  • Ole Diver

    The Jewish support of Obama, shows how un important having a high IQ is to the success of the world. Jews are among the smartest of races, but they continue to blindly support a man that wants to destroy them. Like college professors, they have high IQs but do not have commons sense. This week there was a story about a college president that got lost and could hear trucks on a nearby highway. He could not figure how to get to the highway, so he found a clump of ground, sat down and drank his own oiss for several days until someone came and got him.

  • jaythehistorian

    Like adults who suffered severe child abuse, will show symptoms such as severe mistrust of others, many American Jews today have significant mistrust of Christian white Americans, mostly learned from their parents. Before WWII, there was severe antisemitism in the US. For example, Jews who later won Nobel prizes in Medicine , Physics, and Chemistry were refused admittance to many universities. IBM and other large corporations had company policies of not hiring Jews. In the movie "Cinderella Man" a true story about a a boxer named James Braddock who went, in one year from being on welfare ("relief") to Heavyweight champion of the World, he had to beat 4 or 5 very tough opponents, all of whom were Jewish to win the tile. There continues to be significant antisemitism in the US today. However, it is predominantly found in groups closely associated with the DemoRATS such as blacks. The Jews who support Obama either have no interest in Israel, or they have convinced themselves despite massive evidence to the contrary Obama is a "friend " of Israel. The Jewish Republicans should have told Wasserman to go F— herself. She is the same b—h who said the Republicans were carrying out a " War on women" . She is the best proof that the only difference between common street criminals and most successful politicians is street criminals either were not smart enough and/or didn't have the opportunity to attend college especially a top university.

    • Don

      Remember that part of the problem is that, like the fact that most middle-aged people have never personally known any real anti-semitism in the US, anyone under 50 has never known an Israel that actually had to exist within the '67 borders, didn't have any access to the Temple mount, and had to live with Jordanian snipers shooting into neighborhoods in Jerusalem. For them, Israel has always "occupied" the so-called Palestinian territories.

    • nina

      You have put your finger on one of the reasons. As you so rightly pointed out, antisemitism was alive and well in the good USA. Of course, now it's different. It is true that mostly today antisemitism is coming from the left and the muslims. But what should a Jew think when a pillar of conservatism is saying that : the Jews need perfecting? And how exactly will they be perfected…

  • voted against carter

    If you are Jewish,… Obama and the DemocRATS want you DEAD.

    Just like his ARAB buddies do.

    They want you DEAD. The SOONER the BETTER.

    Barry just said so in his speech.

    What part of that do you NOT understand.

    Oh, and FYI,, to all you LEFTY JEWS,.. the KEY part of your name is JEWS.

    Barry and his ARAB buddies WANT YOU DEAD TOO.

    You are a USEFUL idiots to them.

    WAKE UP. Before it IS to LATE. again.

  • patti

    If there is any doubt…. look at what Rahm and company tried to pull off yesterday….

  • Fred

    I keep hearing my fellow Jews who voted for Obama say they have had it and will vote Republican, many for the first time in their lives.

  • ajnn

    "to see the world as it really is"

    Succinct and accurate. well done.

  • Moshe

    We voted 40 years as Democrat, my family of 8 voters all are happy new republicans.
    Dear Jews if you don't see this Democratic Party & Obama anti Israel stance your blind.
    Obama and the Democratic Party is a bad for Israel. And your vote will mean if there will be Israel or not.

  • Mike from Brooklyn

    Debra Wasserman Schultz you appear not troubled selling out Israel. Anything for Obama. Anything for the Democrat party. Anything for your self aggrandizement and position.

    What kind of a human being are you? You are being used for your Jewishness. Are you blind to that?

    Sell out is the word that comes to mind.


      Mike, you are too nice. Debra is a cucking funt.

    • JEANIE

      I just can not believe the blind loyality diplayed by this IDIOT, DEBBIE

  • jeanie

    can not wait to see her trip up? they always have to back peddle at some point in time.

  • Freedom John

    Let's be fair here. The Jewish community in America, of which is not a large majority here, is not the only ones that got suckered by Obama's oratory. He's manipulately skillful. Many Jews are really interested in helping what they believe to be an unjust social system that they can help in. I can respect that in principal. There were many of my friends in the synagogue that were trying to explain to their brothers that Obama was deceitful, to no avail. It just wasn't Jews and Blacks that voted for him. There were untold numbers of whites, even in the church that had time and time again been told that many of the things Obama stood for that contridicted virtually everything in the Bible and still voted for him.

    The Jews are very important to us on many levels and not just because of Israel. If this man occupying the White House will not stand for Israel, then he has to be replaced, period. I stand with Israel and I stand with America and I'm firmly convinced Obama stands with neither.

  • A.D.

    When it comes to Israel, simply stating the truth is revolutionary. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. American interests first. No "ally" should wield such control over our foreign policy or our "elected" officials.

  • Amused

    My , my what phony hype and spin . Obama proposed the EXACT same thing proposed by Bush .The '67 Borders as a starting point with land swaps . And look what all you haters make out of it . No wonder you guys spawn the likes of Andrew Breitbart , a slanderer-extra-ordinaire . You people are in your own narrow little world , hearing only what you want to hear ,seeing only what you want to see . So obsessed with Obama Hate Syndrome you cant even think straight anymore . Bush as a campaign promise , said he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol …..what happened there ? The SAME starting point had been proposed by Olmert , and previous Israeli leaders , are they trying to destroy Israel ? You people need to stop frothing at the mouth and get real .

  • Amused

    YOU people are the anti-semites , just look at what you're calling jews who dont hate as you do ! Yea they are intelligent , AND CAN READ .They dont need to have someone tell them what is being said nor what it means , especially the skewed views being propounded in ignorance , by many here . Obama specified that NOTHING would be imposed on Israel ,. do you people got sheet in your ears , do you have problems with the English language ? Apparently many Jews do not .

    • Spock

      Obama is an ignorant fool, and so are the people that support him. Here's to artificial intelligence. It has to be an improvement….

      • James

        Yeah liberals will support Obama, and obfuscate what obama says. When he was candidate obama he said that Israel would not return to its 1967 borders, and that Jerusalem would remain the undivided capital of Israel. Well ahem now that he is president he is more the obama that sat in Rev Wright's chruch for 20 years. Apparently all the racism and anti Semitic remarks were heard loud and clear.

  • james

    Obama is running around the world trying to get all the other leaders to agree with his 1967 borders crap for Israel, something Bush did not advocate BTW.

  • Annika

    Wasserman Schultz is the representative for our Florida district (the only blue 'pond' in Florida's sea of red). She is a radical left winger who is known for the "Equal price for haircut law", which mandates that the same fee be charged for men or women's haircuts. Micromanaging every aspect of our lives is what socialists do well.
    She is also known for having said that "Tea Party members are Extremists". Prior to November 2010, she was referred as "Nancy Pelosi's poodle", and we knew she was up to greater radicalism in Washington. Dislodging her from her South Florida district is akin to dislodging Pelosi out of S.Francisco, yet the seas are rising in her disfavor. Although the district is heavily Democrat and composed of older Americans, her opponent (Karen Harrington) received nearly 40% of the votes.
    So keep on babbling Wasserman Schultz, and show them all who you really are.