The Islamic Republic’s Warning to the West

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Yesterday, dozens of young Iranian men surged past police into the British Embassy complex in Tehran, smashing windows, hurling Molotov cocktails, and tossing documents from windows. The British flag was burned and the Iranian flag was raised in its place. The embassy was also looted and a car was burned outside. The riot occurred two days after the Iranian parliament voted to reduce diplomatic relations with Britain, who supported upgraded sanctions against Iran for its continuing pursuit of nuclear weapons. At a time of incredibly high tensions in the Middle East, the last thing the region needed was a re-enactment of the 1979 US embassy takeover, the emblematic point of breakdown in relations between the fanatical Iranian regime and the West.

The British Foreign Office denounced the melee, noting that Iran has a “clear duty” under international law to protect diplomats and offices. The Obama administration joined Britain as well as other members of the European Union in denouncing the violence. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made the usual toothless condemnations, “in the strongest terms,” of course, and reiterated the British demand that “Iran has a responsibility to protect the diplomatic missions present in its country and the personnel stationed at them.”

The storming of the embassy by regime supporters was a tenacious effort. Police cleared the demonstrators in front of the main embassy, but later clashed with protesters a second time, using tear gas to disperse the mob after protesters once again gained entry to the compound, according to Fars news agency in Iran. Another Iranian news report said six embassy staff members had been held hostage for a short time. British Foreign Secretary William Hague threatened, “Clearly there will be other, further, and serious consequences.”

An Iranian official who declined to be identified told Reuters the government had no role in the uprising. “It was not an organized measure. The establishment had no role in it. It was not planned,” he claimed. The assertion is almost impossible to take seriously. The UK has become a major target of government officials in recent days, with one assembly member publicly saying the country was “worse than the devil” and calling for the ambassador’s expulsion. Only days before the attack, the same politician also exhorted the Iranian people to take action: “The British government should know that if they insist on their evil stances, the Iranian people will punch them in the month, exactly as happened against America’s den of spies.” Al-Jazeera reporter Dorsa Jabbari claimed the police and various ministries had prior knowledge of the protest, organized by the student arm of the Basij armed group, Khomeini’s foot soldiers. “Any such action of this scale can never be independent in the Islamic Republic,” he said. “These gatherings are always approved by higher officials.”

Giving weight to Jabbari’s assessment was the fact that Sardar Mohamad Reza Naghdi, the commander of the Basij, appeared on state television on Sunday night. He claimed his group was “counting the moments” until it could conduct a strike against “Zionist forces.” Sunday was also the day the Iranian parliament voted to expel the British ambassador. A majority of the 179 lawmakers were in favor of reducing relations to the level of “charge d’affaires” within two weeks. They also approved reducing economic relations with Britain “to a minimum” and raised the possibility that other nations would be subjected to the same punishment if they behaved in the same manner. “This bill is only the beginning,” warned lawmaker Ali Larijani, speaking on behalf of the parliament. The bill required the approval of Iran’s Guardians Council before taking effect. They unanimously endorsed it Monday.

Interestingly, the vote represented a rift between some lawmakers and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. While his government remains steadfast in its refusal to halt its nuclear program, Ahmadinejad was hoping to exploit diplomatic channels to mitigate the worst effects of the sanctions. But with the vote, this possibility was lost, a development that comes as no surprise to political analyst Hasan Sedghi. No matter the consequences of further sanctions, “radical hardliners in Iran will use the crisis to unite people and also to blame the crisis for the fading economy,” he said.

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  • Steve

    In America the barbarians are already inside the gates and their is a high probability the Republic will fall.

    • kafir

      I can tell by your poor grammer that you're incorrect. The barbarians haven't yet awakened the sleeping giant. Less than 1/4 of people are members of the murderous gutter cult islam. That's 3-1. Nice odds. Not to mention Israel and God on our side. The moon god pedophile worshippers will fall.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        The barbarians haven't yet awakened the sleeping giant.

        I'm not so sure the sleeping giant can be awakened, as it has been rendered blind, deaf, and dumb by PC multiculturalism that permeates its society. Indeed, I'd prefer not to underestimate my enemies, especially when you consider the fact that the Left is allied and united with those barbarians.

        • ziontruth


          Without the treason of the Marxists, Islamic imperialism would have been dealt forceful blows everywhere, independently, long ago. Marxism is the political AIDS that disables the nation-states' self-defense mechanisms, rendering them wide open to Muslim colonization.

    • Blaze Pascal

      It's not over yet. I'm not quite ready for giving up hope. We all need to look for opportunities to defend the West.

    • ProudInfidel12

      I hit the "thumbs up", not because I like what you said, but because, unfortunately, what you said is true. It is already too late for us. There are simply too many people who don't believe anything like this could "ever happen here", and refuse to realize, that, yes, it can, and will "happen here". It will happen because the left has allowed it, and in some cases, encouraged it. I pray to God, that the majority of this country isn't so concerned about voting just anyone into the WH, based on their skin color, but rather, they base their votes on character and experience. If we don't act as if we care about this country, it will cease to exist, in a very short time.

  • UCSPanther

    Margaret Thatcher knew how to deal with idiocy like this.

    When a "Gaddafi Youth" thug opened fire at the Libyan Embassy in London in the 1980s, wounding several people and killing a police officer, that was the end of diplomatic relations between Libya and Britain for many years…

    • jacob

      With all due respect, seems those who came after she left govmt. didn't have the
      guts she had, proven by the shameless freeing of the LOCKERBIE massacre's author on behalf of an oil deal with GHADAFFI and handing us the b.s it was due
      to "humanitarian"reasons as the bastard was dying of cancer but it so happens seems he might die of anything else but cancer…

      However, the "Man Upstairs" surely works in mysterious ways, as it looks so far,
      BP can kiss that deal goodbye…
      OR NOT ???

    • Blaze Pascal

      There should not have been a British embassy in Iran.

  • ARay

    If the Republic falls, then it can be rebuilt.. Many believe that, in its present state, a twisted, ineffectual, perverted republic stands. Let the barbarians do their worst and the patriots will be up to rebuilding our Constitutional Republic. Keep your powder dry and pray for guidance if that should come.

    • Blaze Pascal

      One thing is on our side: the barbarians cannot create. They can't run an effective society or economy. All they can do is destroy, and eventually they turn on each other. Our best defense is to build the most advanced, free powerful society that we can.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Hmm. Developing the most advanced, free powerful societies for their time didn't stop a multitude of civilizations being swept away by the tidal wave of Jihad between 623 and 1683. Political correctness rules today, and history's main lesson is that the gullible don't survive.

  • Muller

    An attack on an embassy is an attack on the extraterritoriality of that country. Britain should declare this an act of war and go to NATO for support. They should give the Iranian government 48 hours to start repairing the embassy, release the hostages and make restitution. If not NATO should carpetbomb Tehran and Iranian nuclear sites within 48 hours.

  • Juniper

    about time we sent in 22SAS again and storm them!

  • taxpayer

    The once great UK will suck it up just like the once great USA did in 1979. We [the West] are too preoccupied with TV shows and new cars to care about our future. "Only the paranoid survive" – Andy Grove

  • oldtimer

    What does it take for the world to wake up to what Islam is all about.

    • Blaze Pascal

      I don't know. If flying airplanes into the twin towers isn't enough, I don't know.

    • SpiritOf1683

      We were awake for the best part of 1,200 years. We've spent the best part of the last 100 years sleeping, as the Jihad seemed to be defanged back in the 1820s as far as the West was concerned, and concluded that the genie was firmly in the bottle. Now it is out of the bottle and political correctness rules.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The Iranian Hostage Crisis, which began on November 4, 1979 and continued 444 agonizing days, was a huge factor in undoing the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Will Iran play a similar role in defeating Barack Obama who was elected president on November 4, 2008, the 29th anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis?

    Click my name to continue reading article at my top, widely linked Townhall blog

  • Asher

    As Islam's own people realize they have been duped, that there will not be Democracy under the Radicals rule, they will again become disatisfied with the Muslim Brotherhood, and leadership of the other factions, (Hamas and Hezbollah.) They think they win by thuggery and deceit, not honesty and peace. Actually they are not winning at all, for the Judgment day is coming to the wicked. "Psalms 9:17 The Wicked shall be turned into hell, and the nations that forgot God."

    • Blaze Pascal

      The Brotherhood will create an iron dictatorship like the Taliban across the ME. The people will endure a living hell, and the society will descend into a function less pit of misery. As a result, they will not be a credible threat economically or militarily. You heard it here first.

  • tagalog

    The recent Iranian attack on the British Embassy is the most recent expression of the obvious fact that, for at least the past 32 years, the leadership of Iran is overtly defiant of long-established international standards for diplomacy, and lawless.

  • BLJ

    A few well placed bullets would stop crap like this happening real quick. These Islamic thugs do this because they know they can get away with it. They actually respect force but the West is too concerned about political correctness to see it.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The British;Foreign Office​;denounced the melee, noting that Iran has a “clear duty” under international law to protect; diplomats and offices.

    Here's the deal, the Islamic Republic of Iran could give a hoot about international law or any other manmade laws for that matter, as Muslims only adhere to Sharia, which is divine and perfectly just because it emanates directly Allah. While international law and all other laws that emanate from man as opposed to Allah are un-Islamic and therefore blasphemous.

    An Iranian;official; who declined to be identified; told Reuters the government had no role in the uprising. “It was not an organized measure. The establishment had no role in it. It was not planned,” he claimed.

    If there is anyone that believes that garbage, please let me know who you are because I have a bridge to sell you.

    As for; Suleimani, he is a hard-core terrorist, perhaps responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and British troops,;according to American diplomatic cables

    Actually, that is absurd. He is a hard core jihadist, as jihad is holy fighting in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme and unlike terrorism can be both violent and non-violent. While terrorism, on the other hand, which as its name implies is always only violent, is a product of Western civilization only, and can be for any number of political causes. Indeed, terrorism in the Islamic world is considered to be un-Islamic and therefore blasphemous. Moreover, blasphemy, like apostasy, is also a capital offense under Sharia. Hence, I have to rain on the writer's parade, Suleimani is a hardcore jihadist instead.

    It remains to be seen exactly what “serious consequences” Britain intends to carry out. What ever they do, nothing, short of regime change is likely to alter Iran’s inexorable determination to acquire nuclear weapons. Despite all the other upheaval in the world, Iranian intransigence and fanaticism remains a dangerous constant. One that may soon make all those other upheavals look trivial by comparison.

    There is only one way the West must respond. In fact, this is a direct challenge to the dominance of the West in world affairs. Hence, the West must meet the challenge head on or otherwise it will lose its dominant position in world affairs, which will be replaced by the Islamic world's dominance in world affairs.

    Thus, the West must pull out all the stops to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons at all cost, and if that calls for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, then so be it. Otherwise, if Iran's ruling Mullahs are not stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons, then once Iran acquires nuclear weapons it will bully the West into submission. And it's too bad, because it didn't have to come down to this, as the West collectively could have easily stopped the ruling Mullahs of Iran years ago when it was far weaker and before it ever came to this.

    Not only that, but those Saudi funded nuclear weapons already stockpiled in Pakistan, will also soon be proliferated throughout the Sunni Islamic world to counter a Shi'a nuclear armed Iran as well. Hence, the Islamic world with its imperative to make Islam supreme will almost overnight become armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and an Islamic world armed with nuclear weapons will all of a sudden become far more belligerent and aggressive.

    Therefore, Iran's quest for nuclear weapons is a test of wills between the West and the Islamic world and between the forces of freedom and the forces of totalitarianism for the domination of the world, and if the West shrinks from that challenge and acquiesces, it will lose its dominant position in the world to the Islamic world, and the forces of totalitarianism will soon dominate the world, which will inevitably in time reduce the world into a new draconian dark age it may never be able to escape from.

  • mrbean

    Put me in charge! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Victory shall bdefined by a scorched earth campaign. As Conan said: "Kill all of your enemies and scatter their bodies before you and hear the lamenting og their women."

    • Blaze Pascal

      Something tells me that Mohammad of Arabia said that.

    • Dennis

      mrbean, it may just come to that – I would like to know that it can be avoided – but if unavoidable, well then:

  • mrbean

    Someone in the Whitehouse needs to tell the clandestine Muslim Marxist Obama it was the the British Embassy not the English Embassy. I heard he sent Churchill's bust back to Britain. Probably replaced it with one of Malxolm X.

  • Steve Chavez

    France just recalls their ambassador.

    Obama's Peace Prize is being dangled in front of him. Why do you think they gave it to him?

    Britain should send all their aircraft carriers to the region.

    The good people of Iran will see that their country is about to be next to be attacked and they might have a replay of the Green Revolution but this time finishing the job! They do not want war but their leaders are drooling for it!

    • dave

      Might have to wait some time for that idea to fly, see;

      • ebonystone

        Don't be so sure. HMS Illustrious is still in service, I believe; and HSM Ark Royal is in mothballs and could be re-commissioned. Also the Brits proved quite ingenious during the Falklands War, using container freighters as temporary carriers for their Harrier jump-jets.

  • speedyjerry

    It's time to put an end to the Obama Regime before it's too late. My Thoughts ~ Until Republicans force the Obama/Soros media to defend him things will only go downhill for everyone including the world.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    In the words of Winston Churchill, "Never, never surrender…never yield to force…we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields, and in the streets; we shall never surrender!" Churchill and the Allies defeated Hitler and Hirohito; but they didn't finish the job. Churchill also described Islam as the "greatest retrograde force in the world," but not many back then could forsee the threat that Islam would one day pose to the West.
    Iran must be stopped; otherwise another world war will soon start.

  • jacob

    Whoever expects Great Britain to do anything about, better looses no sleep waitng
    for news about the issue and with the Muslim population they have in their midst,
    there is no way it will dare antogonizing them….

    I they have defied the authorities with total impunity because of issues totally
    unrelated to essential issues, imagine what would happen if the UK declares a
    "CASUS BELLI" what was done to their Teheran's embassy….

    Therefore, the whole thing will a a storm in a glass of water

  • jacob

    Just for people to judge how low has our country fallen, I justlearned that the
    Muslim mediacl officer who in cold blood killed 13 GI's in Fort Hood in 2009
    and who only now, TWO YEARS LATER is being brought to trial, his lawyers
    are asking the military court judge to recuse himself on the grounds that he
    was in Fort Hood at the time of the murders…..

    How about the paremts killer throwing himself at the mercy of the court because
    he was an orphan ?????
    QUESTION : Does HOLDER or OBAMA have any input there ????

    • BS77

      Your grammar and sentence construction are in need of care.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This will all be blamed on Israel, Britian is not a boiling cauldron of love for
    the Israeli State and comes out of what anti Iranian position to have a cause
    to be in this outward challenge. What do the Brits know that they are not telling,
    this is what I wonder at while seeing this Embassy fiasco as a grand diversion
    but for what. Time for Israel to expect anything………………………William

  • Marty

    It is time to start thinking about regime change in iran. What would be wrong with selective assassination of national leaders who are essentially war criminals despised by their own people and who threaten aggression against any democracy? Is there any further point in trying to engage genocidal sociopaths or apologize to them because they hate us? The iranian leadership does not believe in reciprocity and will not reform just because it is being appeased by cowards who (mis)govern democracies.

  • ebonystone

    It would be nice to see a British (almost said English, I've been listening to Obama too much) mob attack and sack the Iranian embassy in London — all unorganized, and unplanned, and without official sanction, of course — nudge, nudge, wink, wink. The police could make it look good: fire off a few rounds of tear gas, toss a few perps into the paddy wagons, but alas in the end be overpowered by the crowd.

  • ebonystone

    Thank you so much, Jimmy Carter, for making all this possible.