Left Shows True Colors in Strauss-Kahn Case

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The arrest of International Montetary Fund (IMF) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual assault in New York City has thrown French presidential politics into disarray. Prior to his alleged sodomy of a 32-year-old chambermaid at Manhattan’s Sofitel Hotel, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who recently announced his resignation from the IMF, was leading in the polls to replace incumbent French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Most affected by the scandal is France’s Socialist Party, which must now find another candidate to replace its disgraced standard-bearer. In the meantime, leftists defending one of their own have been shameless, mixing equal parts of attacking the alleged victim with an odious denial of Strauss-Kahn’s long track record of “seduction.”

The onslaught has been relentless. French newspaper Le Monde and the French version of Slate Magazine have printed the woman’s name, with Le Monde adding information about the size of her breasts and the shape of her behind. A photo of the alleged victim has been revealed on Twitter, and a Facebook profile of her was linked to blogs and other social media sites before it was deleted. Bernard Henri-Lévy, who once called it “shameful to throw a 76-year-old man into prison for unlawful sex committed 32 years ago,” in reference to sexual predator Roman Polanski, is using one of the left’s favorite expressions when it comes to defending Strauss-Kahn. Henri-Lévy contends that Strauss-Kahn, more familiarly known as DSK, is a victim of sexual “McCarthyists” and “nothing in the world can justify a man being thus thrown to the dogs” which one would assume is a reference to the American justice system.

Leftist politicians were quick to follow suit. Socialist Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Gilles Savary, while admitting that “[E]veryone knows it’s true to say that Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a hedonist,” declared that the real problem is American culture “where everything is shaped by unforgiving Protestantism[.]”  Socialist Party Member of Parliament (MP) Jean-Marie Le Guen contended, “[W]hat they are asking us to believe…it’s just hallucinations. I’m a doctor and I know this can happen,” adding that pictures of DSK in handcuffs are “hyper violent.” Socialist politician and Strauss-Kahn loyalist Manuel Valls described the handcuffing as “an unbearable cruelty…Political life in France, will now be remembered as being before and after this moment.”

Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) leader Jean-Francois Cope was worried about France’s international image. “Just think of this photograph being shown over and over again all over the world,” he lamented. “In the space of 15 days the new idol of the French left has exploded,” he added. Christian Boutin, leader of France’s Christian Democratic Party believes Strauss-Kahn “must have been trapped,” an idea shared by Paris regional councilor Michelle Sabban who is convinced the alleged assault “is an international conspiracy,” adding that “[E]veryone knows that his weakness is seduction, women. That’s how they got him.”

Ms. Sabban is certainly correct about Strauss-Kahn’s “weakness.” His nickname is the “Great Seducer” which suggests that charm, rather than force, is how he gets his way with women. That may have been true with respect to a 2008 affair with married IMF subordinate Piroska Nagy, which Strauss-Kahn characterized as “an error of judgment.” But Nagy herself described the encounter as one in which she was “pressured” to have sex, characterizing DSK as “a man with a problem that may make him ill-equipped to lead an institution where women work under his command.”

Yet another story paints a far darker picture. In 2002, journalist Tristane Banon tried to interview Strauss-Kahn, but was allegedly sexually assaulted in the process. “He wanted to grab my hand while answering my questions, and then my arm. We ended up fighting, since I said clearly, ‘No, no.’ We fought on the floor, I kicked him, he undid my bra, he tried to remove my jeans,” she said.

Why didn’t she file charges? Her own mother, Anne Mansouret, a Socialist Party member, dissuaded her. She justified that decision, telling reporters she believed Strauss-Kahn’s behavior was “out of character,” a move she now regrets. “Today I am sorry to have discouraged my daughter from complaining. I bear a heavy responsibility,” she said. Incredibly, during the same interview, Mansouret still tried to make excuses for her daughter’s tormentor, calling Strauss-Kahn “an otherwise warm, sympathetic and extremely talented man.” Regardless of her mother’s misguided sentiments, Ms. Banon intends to pursue a legal claim against DSK.

It gets worse. El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, is reporting that Strauss-Kahn allegedly assaulted a maid in that country as well, basing the story on a book, “D.S.K.: The Secrets of a Presidential Contender,” written by a former collaborator of Strauss-Kahn’s who used the pseudonym “Cassandre.” The book also alleges he sexually assaulted another 14 women as well. The Daily Mail is reporting that Strauss-Kahn “also allegedly had relationships with several high profile French literary figures, including playwright Yasmina Reza..and Spanish writer Carmen Llera.” French Socialist politician Auriele Filippetti claims Strauss-Kahn “groped her” in 2008.

How has DSK managed to keep his reputation under the radar? Libération journalist Jean Quatremer addresses the issue, noting that “having written about [DSK’s reputation with women] in July 2007… I incurred the wrath of some of my colleagues and part of the political class.” In fact, Mr. Quatremer’s blog was immediately and heavily criticized by the French press for “crossing a yellow line.” IFOP pollster Jerome Fourquet noted that France “is not in an Anglo-Saxon country, and stories of cheating and affairs or adultery make us smile,” before qualifying that statement by saying, “a rape attempt — this is different.” And when alleged sexual victim Tristane Banon appeared on a French TV show in 2007 to talk about her 2002 ordeal, every reference to Strauss-Kahn’s name was bleeped out.

Prospect Magazine columnist Tim King explains the genesis of the French media’s “remarkable solidarity with a man who has been accused of attempted rape,” which has resulted in 57 per cent of French voters believing that Strauss-Kahn was the victim of a setup.  “France, as is widely known, is run by a small elite, educated in two or at most three very small, misnamed grandes écoles, taught by the same teachers and, in their pursuit of high marks, regurgitating the same ideas to please the same examiners,” he writes. “They graduate into France’s top jobs: administration, politics and the media. They remain close to each other. Some marry others from the same school. In later life, if they continue to please their examiners, they become senior politicians, top journalists, media editors.”

DSK was no exception. Despite leading in the polls, he had never formally declared his intention to run for president. But even prior to this latest episode, his poll numbers had been declining. Not because of his alleged reputation as the “Great Seducer,” but because his lavish lifestyle, reportedly underwritten by wife Anne Sinclair, a TV celebrity in her own right and an heiress as well, had alienated a large segment of the public.

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  • Kristina

    The common thread that ties progressives and Marxists together throughout the world is that it is never the perpetrator's fault…. blame the victim instead.

  • zadocpaet

    Don't you think this is what happens when the whole French society looks the other way on this kind of stuff? More victims are coming forward now, and had they done so before, the IMF wouldn't be in trouble, and this guy would either have been ousted or in jail years ago.

    Poll: Is Dominique Strauss-Kahn a.k.a. DSK guilty? http://www.wepolls.com/r/446301

    • clearview

      I think it is a set-up…clearly he has been doing this for a while and have been untouchable in France becuase of the culture and his power. Somone set a abit and he bit it off real big…Prosecuting Dominic in NY whether he wins or lose raises doubt by other world leaders who could influence a decision regaring his election to government. Domonic aint stupid..he knows who is behind this and how this game is played as he may have helped to plan something similar on his adversaries…that said he knows what it takes to fight/derail this train which is why he gave up his position at the IMF…he knows he has to call in some favours to find out who is behind this and rally support from those who he has obviously pissed off/wronged who is clearly out to see him burn at the steak…My concern is…Dominic is a creep, but win or lose he may still get elected in France as the rest of the goons there dont see this as a big deal. Also…where is the maid? witness protection I guess!

  • zed

    It has been going on for so long. Yet women wouldn't dare lodging a complain because the French "justice" system is so adverse to the lower class. The guy is powerful.
    So, so far, he has been unscathed.
    But no more. Thanks to our American friends.
    So bless you guys!
    Signed: French citizen who loves America!

    PS: For humor, guys, catch a maid game: http://www.maidcatcher.com/ .
    Have fun!

  • Koppers

    Surely Strauss-Kahn is innocent until proven guilty.

    • alan


  • aspacia

    Just a thought. Sarcozy is ruthless. The girl is a Muslim immigrant. The rapacious DMS is Jewish.

    This could be a set-up.

  • stephen stout-kerr

    As an English barrister who has defended a major rapist among other famous cases I do not question the arrest and trial of an accused where there are probable grounds for doing so. However, I am absolutely appalled by Front Page joinig the lynch mob of prejuding a case before it has gone to th jury. Whatever happened tohe much vaunted claim by Americans of the Presumption Of Innocence? Or is it only now a legal fiction in the States. How can anyone get an unprejudiced jury after all this onslaught of adverse publicity? It makes any trial a mockery and a foregone conclusion of guilt. I am ashamed of you. In Britain we have a Sub Judice Law which prohibits comments in the press BEFORE a trial adn prevents Trial by the Media. Thank heavens!

    • Kristina

      Dear Mr. Stout-Kerr, the presumption of innocence is the cornerstone of the American jurisprudence system, really! We also have another freedom that enters into this discussion… that of free speech which we exercise on this site. This presumption and our freedom to discuss various matters both exist. Do you propose we suppress our free speech on any matter that might appear before the court???

      England now has a law that makes it illegal to criticize Islam. Mr. Geert Wilders has been banned from your country for doing just that. It would have been interesting if that level of what is now considered "political correctness" for Islam might have done if it were in place when Nazi Germany was pockmarking your countryside with V-2 rockets.

      A trial by jury does not always find the truth in a case. Most outcomes are decided by the evidence presented and often becomes a contest between two parties to determine which has the better lawyer.

      Please step down from your high horse and feel free to discuss this issue with us instead of attempting to criticize the discussion. Your input is welcomed.

      • sodizzy

        Hear! hear!

        Thank you, Kristina.

      • SAM000

        Just like a sharp CUTTER;
        Thank you MADAME

    • nina

      Mr. Stout Kerr, I thank you for reminding the American public of what used to be a reputable judicial system. I was also appalled to read in the papers as if there already was a trial and he was found guilty. There is no presumption of innocence in all these yellow rags. And I was also wondering that if the grand jury decides that a trial is necessary, how they will find unbiased jurors. The American public has earned your contempt, and I appreciate the fact that there is a law which prohibits such goings on in England, notwitstanding my contempt for their craven pandering to all manner of extremists.

  • tanstaafl

    I just had a sudden flashback to the Clinton administration.

    I'm not comparing President Hot Pants to Pepe le Pew, but it is interesting how the left starts to "blame the victim" when even it pleases.

    • astra

      Clinton was scummy and lecherous but at least with Monica it was consensual.

      • 2maxpower

        with Monica ..but not with others. clinton's chief of staff said his primary function was to make sure NO WOMAN was alone with Bill Clinton.

    • scum

      I thought you were having a flashback to the Republinator in California. Guess not….

  • Ted Peters

    A hedonist! The French make this almost sound like a religious denomination. Of course, they also consider the Marquis de Sade to have been a profound philosopher.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    I am not at all a socialist but this story until proven otherwise ,looks like a set up to me .
    DSK is a women chaser ,98% of men in France are like him. They are not rapist. It is a big difference It takes two to tango. Romancing a woman whoever she is , a maid , a co worker , a friend is part of the french culture and women are very well aware of the tecbnique , It is up to them to stop the bla bla ….

    • Kristina

      I am pleased to know 98 percent of French men are normal women chasers and not rapists.

      Are the remaining two percent rapists or hairdressers?

      • Rosine Ghawji

        fifty fifty lol

  • rosine ghawji

    DSK is 62 years old ….. for him to get out of the bathroom naked , jump on the maid rape he drag her again in the bathroom….. and finally let her go … he must be superman or from another planet
    She left the room . For every one who knows the tight security in NY hotels , it is not a secret that it takes only a few seconds to answer a help… au secours call. DSK had time to dress , to leave . to go to the airport….
    The maid alleged that she thought that the room was empty….. ok… when she sees the guy naked coming out of the bathroom , she should have left the room in a hurry.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    DSK has a lot of enemies and a lot of jealousy around him . A few weeks ago, he was shown on facebook and in the medias coming out of a Porshe.. and criticized very badly. You cannot be a socialist and drive a Porshe. Well it happens that the man is super rich .. So what//

    Is he going to be treated fairly in NY . ? that is the one million dollars question WHoever has experienced the American justice system knows that money is the key…. One thing is for sure ,,,,, the five American lawyers on the case are going to make sure that they get the biggest part of the pie…..

    France is not concerned by its reputation.. It is already a done deal. The whole world knows that French men are lovers and love to romance..and the American men are all for the dollar and lowsy lovers..

    • ajnn

      "French men are lovers and love to romance..and the American men are …lowsy lovers"

      Hmmmmmmmmmmm, are these conclusions based on significanr personal experience ?

      1. Why am I surprised at how the Left smears the victim when one of their own is accused and insists examination of the victim is immoral when the accused is not one of their own

      2. the American criminal justice system is the most fair to the accused of any in the history of the world. The French with its 'instant trials' for which the defense has no time to prepare and lack of 'procedural due process' (use of tainted evidence) is a disgrace compared to what is found in the United States.

      • sodizzy

        French men are dogs, American men at least have some ideals….but then I am just generalizing for effect.

        They so want to romanticize this lecherous and unrestrained satyric behavior.

      • Rosine Ghawji

        If my thoughts about french and american men are based only on what is said in both countries , my notes on the American justice system is based on personal experience. The family court system at least where I am living is as corrupt as it can be. Women and children are abused by high powered predatory lawyers and corrupt judges You wonder if you are in America or in the Middle East and everything has to stay secret……. by law… What I saw here , would have never happened in a french court where lawyers are nothing but lawyers dont own the bench and jugdes have to go through a specia l school in order to get on the bench. French make a big difference in the sitting justice and the standing justice.

        • SAM000

          Our problem with justice in France is that the politics try always to interfere and undermine the Juridic System.

          Sometime, we prefer your Justice, because the politics and the GOVERNMENT can not influence it for the GRAND AFFAIRS.
          But, as you said, here in FRANCE the JUDGES are Graduated from the very restrict ECOLE Supérieur de Magistrature (BORDEAUX).

          I think that in USA you should have Special institutions to form the JUDGES.

          But, The French reaction to the history of DSK is not due to the Left or Right, this is FRENCH culture, SEX and politics is the very normal TRAIN DE VIE in France.

          To give you an example: there was a big struggle between Sarko and Chirac, the major reason was that Sarko had taken Chirac's gorgeous Secretary of Elysée, and Chirac was with his Secretary.
          and every body at UMP knew it.

          • Jeff

            “But, as you said, here in FRANCE the JUDGES are Graduated from the very restrict ECOLE Supérieur de Magistrature (BORDEAUX).
            I think that in USA you should have Special institutions to form the JUDGES.”

            If that’s true about all the judges in France graduating from the same college, that scares the crap out of me. That’s one group of people–those who run ECOLE Supérieur de Magistrature (BORDEAUX)–who wield way too much influence over French juris prudence.

            I’ve got enough of a problem with so many U.S. federal politicians and judges coming from a couple of schools (i.e. Harvard & Yale).

    • wowserbarker

      YOU speak so much BULLSHEZE!

  • bob maram

    Although i do not believe i could ever vote for a socialist, and do not have high regard for the French, especially due to their convenient moral amnesia regarding their Vichy and Dreyfuss past. I think that Dominic Strauss Kahn has been been treated shabbily by the NYPD and the American Press. He has neither been indicted by a grand Jury nor has he been convicted by a jury of hs peers. Yellow journalism while certainly practised by the extreme left in France and elsewhere does not have a monopoly on uncivil discourse.The extreme right has its own uncivil agenda too. StrausKahn could have been placed under house arrest with a monitoring device and a bodyguard, to prevent any attempted escape. The possible future president of a soveriegn nation and the leader of the IMF need not have been paraded around like a montser waiting for the hangman's noose. . Bob maram

    • Kristina

      His arrest for what is considered a serious offense dictates he be treated the same as someone with far less stature… in this country or the world. Your post suggests that he should be treated differently. There are too many instances of preferential treatment and political favors taking place in the US as this is written. You'd like to start down this slippery slope that would treat the accused differently based upon class in society. This country was founded so that a "faux royalty" with privilege for some would not exist.

      The American press cannot be controlled (yet) but our laws and procedures should apply to all equally. Too many have died to ensure that this continues.

      • Rosine Ghawji

        unfortunately your laws and procedures are not applied to all equally…. I did not say DSK should not have been arrested if there is a complaint against him.and his position should not allow him to a special treatment… IF CONVICTED . I just have my doubts about the word RAPE in this case

    • coyote3

      Maybe the NYPD treats everyone shabbily. This is the U.S. not France. We don't pretend to be "sophisticated".

      • nina

        Too bad. It wouldn't hurt us to be a little polite. And in this case a man has been exposed to such indignity without anyone knowing whether there is any truth in the woman's accusations. What do we know about her? But for our brainwashed public it is enough that she is a maid, and he is a rich and powerful man. From what I've read in many papers, all the comments accept her story. Why? Because according to what they have been taught by our schools and television, the working person is aleays truthful and honest, while the rich are arrogant and perfidious louts. The time to talk about a case is after the verdict.

        • coyote3

          I am retired law enforcement, and I can attest that working people, and the poor, have no monopoly on virtue. That said, my point was that law enforcement in the U.S. is not paid to be "polite". They are not even paid to "help". They take an oath, and the language of that oath, basically, proscribes their duties.

  • http://mypage.direct.ca/l/lbouchar/ SeaMystic

    Interesting to see the Elitism, of the French Left.
    What happened with the REVOLUTION of EGALITE, FRATERNITY et LIBERTY???
    Out manouvered by a bunch of Crotch Cannibals,. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

    May Armageddon visit them.


  • JFS

    Socialist, elitist, and Jewish……At least he'll get a jury of his peers in NYC.

    • ajnn

      lets not emphasize the 'jewish'. abuse of women is something quite foreign to jewish culture. as a jew, this man is an aberration.

      • JFS

        My comment is meant in the most clinical terms, given what is being written in Le Monde and its associated blogs about the American system and DSK being “setup.”  FWIW, my mother's maiden name was Esther Frank and my comment directed at denoting this particular defendant could not possibly find a greater proportion of his peers (socialist, elitist, and lastly, Jewish) anywhere else on the planet….Certainly NOT in anti-Semitic France.

  • Jim

    Maybe the socialists ascribe to the "Divine Right of Kings" who had the right to drop off at any village and have a go at the fair maidens there. The liberals could call it the "Divine Right of Socialists".

    With their sympathy for the" religion of the dark ages" we might conjecture that the left is it's self a throw back to the dark ages.

    This head of the IMF with it's "screw the poor" way of doing business might be an other symptom of their regressive mentality.of those who sympathize with him.

    We also have other symptoms of the lefts longing to return to the dark ages with their attempts to prohibit free speech at the cloisters called universities.

  • bob maram

    as for the past behavior of dominic strauss kahn the man has never been convicted of a crime as has roman polanski yes, there have been moral sins and indiscretions but is for another judge at another placeand at a later time to determine. i am reminded of chekov"" great story, ""lady with the white dog"" where the hero or rather the anti hero believes(as i also do) that many if not most men leadtwo lives(chekov is not referring to behavior that is legally felonious) and that their secret lives are precious and must be protected against a world hungry for scandal, ridicule and vengeance. bob maram

    • Yetwave

      As a human, this man is an aberration. Neither his political inclinations nor his religion have any bearing on his repetitive behavior as a 'womanizer'. To glorify his insatiable sexual proclivities as excusable becasue it is somehow representative of French men is to make them all sound like towel snapping high school jocks who regale one another with tales of sexual conquest.

    • coyote3

      As we say, there are two kinds of people. Those who have been convicted, and those who haven't been convicted, yet. I was having an off the bench conversation with a judge one time. We were talking law enforcement, and I voiced my concern about shooting and striking an innocent person, either as a result of missing, or the round passing clear through the suspect. He replied, "Inoccent person? Not in Laredo."

  • sodizzy

    Hedonist. Just a hedonist. Same ole, same ole I heard years ago as a leftist. They make it sound kind of cool, all this sexual "adventure," and they cast aspersions on those of us who like things done in a more orderly manner sexually, such as having simple moral boundaries.

  • Yetwave

    ,” an idea shared by Paris regional councilor Michelle Sabban who is convinced the alleged assault “is an international conspiracy,” adding that “[E]veryone knows that his weakness is seduction, women. That’s how they got him.”

    The left play the victim card. The weak DSK was 'got'. All humans have frailties but the challenge of living is to overcome them in order to avoid what consequences they may bear, not to give into them and to then attempt to avoid their attendant consequences.

    The issue at this point is not judging DSK's guilt or inncoence-a US court of law will determine that- but to question the moral compass of a group of people who take umbrage at holding any human being resposible for his or her actions.

  • steven l

    Both sides are shameless, vicious,immoral, hypocrites because as usual and, like in Islam they criticize so easily, the victims are ALWAYS the WOMEN.

  • 2maxpower

    this is a sick pervert and I hope he dies in prison an old man.

    the socialist so worried about one of their own and not a word for the victim.

    that is all I need to know about socialism and france

  • Paul

    The conspiracy theorists are out in force, I see. How ridiculous. All we have here is a man who's finally received his comeuppance. No, Sarkozy didn't manufacture this; DSK did it all by himself. Yahoo has a nice article on the subject:

    And you can laugh over this, from Time's NewsFeed: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/05/17/put-on-your-b

  • Steve

    MEMO to Bill Clinton: Don't go to France any time soon….."I like women" no longer works as an excuse for rape.

  • nina

    You are absolutely right that this could have been a set-up. It is a very suspicious story. Here is a 62 year old man who doesn't seem to be Hulk Hogan, and a 32 year old woman who works at a menial job for which she has to have some physical strength. And he overpowers her forcing her to do cunilingus on him? Really? As long as he doesn't have a weapon, a knife or gun, the man can not force the woman to do any such thing. Also, everybody feels for this poor woman . What about him? He was lied to by our police, he was yanked off a flight for which he had a previous ticket, and ignominiously put in handcuffs for everybody to see, on the say so of a woman. This is a he said, she said case, and who said that what she says is the truth, and what he says is a lie? Sodizzy's contention that she was seduced is laughable. Not because he is not attractive, but because she is a grown woman and not some underage child.

  • nina

    So there is rape. Where? And I was right. Even in this place truth is only truth as long as it fits your ideas. You have all decided that he is guilty without having any evidence except for the word of one woman. So I presume you would trust her with the number of your savings account? Yes? NO? And he, of course is a horrible person. How do you know? Because you've read it in the papers. And, of course, the papers always tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

  • logdon

    The revellation of a so called socialist staying in a $3000 per night suite sets the tone. All goes downhill from there.

    I agree with the innocent until proven guilty but for the NYPD to act as they did must have been supported by some pretty strong evidence.

    Lets hope they got it right.

  • Amused

    Funny , how the "bogey-man left " is brought to the fore , in some sort of imaginary defence o Kahn …When in reality , Kahn is a member of the far right in France, in fact a favorite of :La Penn . Buit I guess FPM has to put their patented " left " spin on everthing evil that happens .
    Gee ! That reminds me of another group of people that kinda blame everything that's wrong in their own lives and the universe , on their preferred target group / btw , the left does the same , but I ain't talking about that particular group .

  • morristhewise

    Bearing false witness is the most evil of crimes, it destroys innocence. Jews have lost millions of their people because of lies; the Diallo video tapes make it obvious that she is one of those liars. Diallo was motivated by hatred and the fact that DSK has the appearance of a stereotypical Jew. Diallo must be punished for bearing false witness and not rewarded with riches.