Mall Mayhem and Race Reality

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One could make a far more persuasive argument that exactly the opposite is true, that massive amounts of government spending from the Great Society onward have led to a level of dependency that has all but destroyed black American communities. Communities where the out-of-wedlock birthrate has reached a staggering 72 percent. In fact someone did:

From the wild Irish slums of the 19th-century Eastern seaboard, to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: a community that allows large numbers of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future–that community asks for and gets chaos. Crime, violence, unrest, disorder…are not only to be expected, they are very near to inevitable. And they are richly deserved.

That was written by liberal Daniel Patrick Moynihan — in 1966. He was both excoriated and accused of racism for pointing out that the changes made by the Johnson administration in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program–heretofore reserved as a means of funding once-married women who had lost the primary male supporter of the family, to one where any household with no male family head present would receive federal funds–was a recipe for disaster. Right-wing columnist Ann Coulter was also lambasted for pointing out that “a 1990 study by the left-wing Progressive Policy Institute showed that, after controlling for single motherhood, the difference in black and white crime disappeared.” Someone else also made the connection between single motherhood and a “dearth of opportunities” as well, noting that “[C]hildren living with single mothers are five times more likely to be poor than children in two-parent households.”

That last quote was from The Audacity of Hope, written by President Barack Obama.

So why does the American left continue to promote big-government policies antithetical to the nation’s well-being in general, and black American communities in particular? Despite all protestations to the contrary, the left requires a certain level of social pathology, which in turn leads to government dependency, as a means of maintaining power. Thus, the same President Obama is willing to completely mischaracterize any attempt by conservatives to wean people off government programs as a “brand of ‘you’re on your own’ economics,” even as he claims a “rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government…has never worked.”

Perhaps, given his dismal track record regarding the economy, it becomes necessary for the president to try and convince Americans that the essence of our national character for more than two centuries never existed. It is precisely that kind of denial of reality that will undoubtedly engender reflexive charges of racism directed at this column for pointing out that which is factual, while reporting the facts remains off-limits for a mainstream media. A mainstream media whose own videos of the various incidents reveal those facts.

Pretending that the nihilistic impulses of a substantial portion of black American youth don’t exist serves no one, save an American left willing to ignore that nihilism for its own nefarious ends. For the left, criticizing black American youth for their thuggish behavior must be measured against the necessity of maintaining the unquestioning allegiance of black Americans–and their votes.

It is an allegiance that will be maintained in the 2012 election campaign by branding any criticism of the current president, much like the criticism directed at black youth here, as racist, even as this president and his party themselves continue to promote the division of Americans by race and class.

Perhaps promoting such divisiveness is politically expedient. But there is nothing remotely uplifting about an ideology that does so–and then turns around and brands anyone a bigot for noticing the ongoing destruction of the black family, with all of its attendant pathologies, that ideology gave birth to. Progressive ideologues and their media enablers continue to suppress the manifestations of those attendant pathologies, hoping that people won’t notice. But they do notice. Moreover, the calculated silence, rather than assuaging racial divisions, exacerbates them.

Americans cannot move beyond racial division by collectively walking on eggshells. Those who would resort to mayhem in order to purchase a pair of sneakers, or bash someone’s head in for nothing more than a thrill, do not merit anonymity of any kind. It was Martin Luther King who hoped that someday, all Americans would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Those who wish, along with their enablers, to hide behind the color of their skin in order to avoid being judged by the content of their character do the great Dr. King a grave disservice.

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  • myohmy

    Just wait until "knockout King" meets the enlightened 2nd. amendment citizen who is ready to defend himself/herself and turns a few knockout kings into knockout corpses.

    • Don Kosloff

      Then the enlightened Second Amendment citizen will be persecuted as a murderer and destroyed.

      • Crossbow87

        Well, beyond the 2nd Amendment are the CCW laws. Having taken the class and having carried my weapon on many different occasions, I don't think you're making a legal argument here. With our law, and for my own legal protection, my judgement has to be that my safety or life, or those of my family, are threatened. With an eye toward knowing I have to answer for the use of my weapon, I'm confident that if I draw it, circumstances have dictated so. If black kids from Flint want to play this "game' while I'm in a mall…well, there will probably be many folks there with weapons to quell any riot that might want to take place.

      • intrcptr2

        Recall also the two men who responded most aggresively when Congresswoman Giffords was shot; her own unarmed security and a CCW civilian, who was moments from killing the perp.

        The "children" who "play" Knockout King (Sounds just like a video game, no), are spineless cowards, once they even see a gat, they will scatter like bunnies.

      • johnnywoods

        Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

      • tagalog

        Yes, people must try to remember that a majority of our society is in favor of some form of gun control, that at least half of all our people know only what TV and the movies tell them about guns, and that that's the population from which the juries that try the shooter will be chosen. Everything turns on the facts, and the shooter better be able to show that he tried to do something other than just blow the knockout kings away.

    • guest

      Yea, we know. Nothing gives a conservative a hard on more than fantasizing about shooting black kids. Try and keep it in your pants, internet tough guy.

      • elihew

        Gee, a POS liberal…

      • rich b

        I believe the erection is due to the fact that said Conservative is able to defend himself as a man (or woman) which is, to a progressive, something incomprehensible.

        Try and keep it in your panties internet progressive guy.

  • DMW

    Tick Tick Tick. A Clockwork Black.? And do we see the same kind of landscape depicted in the 1970s Kubrick film set in futuristic urban Britain? Aloof parents. The 'dole'. 'Ultra-Violence' as entertainment. Retreat back to the high tech 'Kid Cave' and musical indulgence. Attacks on the defenseless elderly and homeless. And, finally, the teen age thugs becoming members of the police.

  • StephenD

    Wait! Didn't Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, et al have something to say about all this? For the past 50+ years they've grown rich while selling themselves as the representatives of these blighted communities. In each and every one of these communities the elected and appointed officials are those from the community, sanctioned by the likes of Jackson and his leftist ilk and to what good end? If anything, these areas are worse off than before they got "help" from these charlatans. How long can they continue to say the people are kept down by the "Rich White Man?" A rich white man hasn't had anything to do with them for the past 50 years! Now let’s look closer and see who is REALLY to blame.

    • Don Kosloff

      In a way they spoke volumes about it with their crusade againt "black on black" crime, which essentially also implied that "black on white" crime was not a problem. Back in the early sixties, when I was in high school, I was interested in the problem of murder and the relationship of the crime to "gun control". As I looked into the statistics, I was shocked to see that the death rate for blacks due to homicide was about 8 times as high as for whites. That disparity was due to the fact that the homicide rate for black perpetrators was about 8 times as high as the rate for white perpetrators. I had never seen that reality mentioned in newspapers or magazines. Nothing has changed since then.

      • intrcptr2

        That far back? That is troubling.

        And people wonder about white flight and "racist" police policies.

  • Guest

    Here is part of the problem even this author fails to address due to fear. "youths"

    They are blacks many legal age to vote. This author and his description shows the power of our liberal society to instill fear of using accurately descriptive language. I have noticed this more and more in our society. In England it is so bad that they will no longer allow comments on most of their leading news websites.

    Unfortunately, the whites are surrendering their culture because they are afraid to be called racist. The media in this country sees a whites as inherently racist and says to them they must repent and come forward for their absolution via forfeiture of their property and right to self defense.

  • Guest

    Stopping the big government support programs will not lessen the problems. It may even cause massive riots as seen this past year in Georgia and Texas when limited numbers of vouchers were being handed out. That is a so-called conservative talking point. The real problem is that there are fundamental differences that only nature can overcome. Counter's research was from limited sources that slant the data for there outcome. History does not point out a highly successful black society. Sad, and I wish that were incorrect.

    • jmz

      good…let their be riots. its time to hit the nail on the head and address the problem. ebven in that means another civil war. im not saying it like "yipeee" but a simple fact. we cannot keep paying people not to rob and murder us. it never has worked and does more to encourage it than not. peace with enemies is a failure. tolerance is suicide. its time to put on our big boy pant and for Americans to say enough. the govt encourages the thugs. the constitution and BOR and declaration should encourage us. I dont care who it is. but if people want to play 'thug' then they get the thug ending. time to arm ourselves and end it. if you see this game being played. arm yourself and fight them. kill if you have to. the only way to stop an attack is to win or loose

  • jacob

    I fully agree with whoever posts as MYOHMY…

    One of these days, such reaction is bound to happen and then what ??
    Is whoever refuses to be the object of the punching by defending himself and
    sending to hell some if not all of his attackers be sentenced to death or life in
    prison by the lousy justice system we have been suffering for years, which
    cares more for the perpetrator than for the victim ????

    • intrcptr2

      2 words;

      Bernie Goetz

  • mrbean

    Here is why Blacks behave the way they do.

  • mrbean

    Department of Justice (Before the racist Eric Holder) stats indicate blacks commit on average, 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, with almost 96% involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 white people were killed in inter-racial murders.

  • Mike

    I have an idea. Why don't we all get our concealed weapons license. That way, when knockout king comes around we can play our own game called Killzone King. That ought to fix this little problem we're having.

    • jmz

      good idea but i have a better one. forget the CCL and just carry. cities and politicians are working their butts of to stop law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves. CCL do no good if you cant get one and police and commiticians make it near impossible for good people to get them. they have to because they need the chaos to maintain control. therefore, carry, dont ask just do it.

  • BS77

    Our culture is going to the dogs….people are afraid to defend themselves…..the liberal courts will not permit self defense. Our national standards for behavior, dress, work ethics, educational excellence, skilled craftsmanship have declined into the garbage pit. People graduate from high school as illiterate idiots and wonder why they cannot succeed. Only the rare few individuals have the will power and intelligence to accomplish great things.

  • mrbean

    Yassah, dis beez dah time fuh dah ridacule, cause Ah beezz cool with mah basesahball hats on sidesways and mah two sizes tahh big boosta- trousahs down below mah butty cheeks. (smack lips rapidly mettt-mett-mettt), Ah cake wawks really cool, with mah boom box on mah showldah playin' dah rap songs bout hoes and killin dah pooolice, Yassah, smack lips rapidly mettt-mett-mettt),

    • Ghostwriter

      Has anyone told you that that's vile? Please step into the 21st Century please. You're doing nobody a favor,least of all,you by doing your disgusting stereotypical nonsense.

      • guest

        Don't waste your breath, that's Horowitz going incognito, letting his id speak since he can't reveal his true feelings publicly. It's one thing to draw support from white supremacists (see the majority of comments on this story), but it's another to embrace them.

        • Ghostwriter

          Unfortunately guest,you're just as bad as mrbean. David Horowitz is Jewish and if I remember correctly,white supremacists hate Jews as well as blacks. Both of you,knock it off!!!!

          • guest

            There is a subset of white supremacists that hate jews, generally neo-nazis, but there are also factions that do not, and there are in fact jewish white supremacists. White supremacy simply mean the belief that humans are divided into distinct races and that people of the white race are genetically/culturally superior to other races. There is nothing in this that by definition excludes jews. The vast majority are clearly not white supremacists, esp. given how they have been persecuted in Europe over the centuries as an inferior race. But individual jews can be and are white supremacists and Horowitz is a classic example. The label fits anyone who implicitly or explicitly holds this ideology. Because white supremacy in its explicit form is un-PC, it has to be expressed more "subtly", as in a piece on this site a few days ago about how western culture is better than all others. That is classic stealth white supremacy of the kind Horowitz and his kind promote. It's just as evil as the neo-nazi variety and has caused countless more deaths, primarily through the project of colonialism (10 million in the Congo alone under Leopold, look it up.).

      • mrbean

        Ah beez edjumacated cause Ah bin tah collage, yassah, Ah to aftricon studies about how Yacub made all dem blue eyed devals 6 tousand year ago. Ah knows cause dah referend Farrakinn dun tolt meh. Yassah (smack lips rapidly mettt-mett-mettt), Ah cake wawks really cool, with mah boom box on mah showldah playin' dah rap songs

        • Ghostwriter

          I wish you would stop doing that,mrbean. You make yourself look like a total idiot.

  • mrbean

    All the leading large Black Churches have a "non-negotiable commitment to Africa rather than to the United States. Here is Africa as it really is:

    • elihew

      It's mainly because the history of what is rightly called "The Dark Continent" is the worship of idols. they've been given over to the evil they commit…

  • mrbean

    Read : which is "A Brief for Whitey" by Patrick J. Buchanan

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

  • UCSPanther

    Those rioters, flash mobs and "knockout thugs" do nothing but bring shame to their race by behaving in their uncivilized manner.

    Bill Cosby was right in his criticism of modern black culture.

    • BS77

      Yes, I remember how Bill Cosby was criticized for daring to promote tough love discipline, order and educational standards… challenge minority youths to learn skills, to read better and speak English properly. Bill Cosby was right on target…but the PC liberals want to maintain the same degrading lack of standards, shrugging indifference to poor behavior and truancy…..blaming everything on "racism" or whatever suits them. Thanks to Bill Cosby for making a stand.

  • Questions

    The prospect of extinction at the hands of black brutes, if nothing else, ought to mobilize whites into taking self-defense training in all phases — physical, psychological and logistical. And to my fellow conservatives who stupidly insist that blacks are "victims" of white liberals, I respond this way: They are victimizers of all whites. To the black, a white conservative as much as a white liberal is a target.

    Civilized persons recognize the "knockout game" as a crime. But most black youths see it as, well…a game. What fun! It's time to get tough with these Afro-sociopaths while we're still the majority. If we tarry, decades from now we face extermination.

    • guest

      the biggest physical threat to white people is other white people. White men in particular, Check the stats knucklehead. You guys beat your kids, beat your women, beat each other. If you're looking for someone to shoot, may as well just turn to the person closest to you.

  • Ghostwriter

    Questions,you're just as bad as mrbean. Are you both members of the KKK? Most black people are probably horrified at stuff like this. People like you aren't helping matters any. You're not doing anyone any good by attacking all black people for the actions of a few rotten apples. Unless you stop with the neo-Nazi and Klan propaganda,things won't get better and they won't with people like you stirring up racial hatred.

    • Don Kosloff

      Why do you believe that facts are racist?

    • mrbean

      Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, with almost 96% involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 white people were killed in inter-racial murders. That is the real racism by the chimpouts.

  • chuckwagoncharlie

    Members of the Black community are just as terrified over the problem as anyone else. Somewhere there is a Black man who will have enough of the crap and stop the mess community by community. While travelling through Alabama I listened to a Black DJ discussing the problems their community was facing and one of the participants placed the blame on the break up of the traditional Black family and the lack of community involvement in solving their problems. I have confidence Blacks can and will stop it.

    • Ralph

      So where are they? Hanging out with the so-called moderate muslim? One post up there said it right, that they only care about 'black-on-black' but otherwise whitey's got it coming. Look at the gang rape of the 11yr-old in Cleveland. TX. The whole damned black 'community' came out to defend the animals. The media was even in on it, somehow suggesting she wanted it (NY Times). In the article it says that the video of an attack was posted on YouTube and got 250,000 views in two days. Just a few rotten apples, while the rest of the black community wring their hands? No.

      Bottom line is that there is a mountain of statistical and anecdotal evidence showing that the black community likes these attacks on white people, the talented tenth notwithstanding. This is a race war, abetted by the left.

      By the way, anybody know what Hispanics are up to these days? Just a few rotten apples, no doubt.

  • Nakba1948

    Unbelievable. So you're not only Zionazi Islamophobes, but racists to boot? Why am I not surprised the the two go hand-in-hand…

    • UCSPanther

      Let's see you say that when you get yourself beaten bloody by a pack of "knockout kings".

    • mrbean

      Yassah, ifun dah bruthas graps you for the dah "knockout honkay" an' busts youse whitey head in. Yassah, den weez seez how liberal youse still beez! Yassah (smack lips rapidly mettt-mett-mettt).

  • radicalconservative

    Arab Moslems make slaves out of African blacks to this very day. American Pakistani Moslems are the most racist people i’ve ever met.

  • Marti

    We have in this country some great blacks!!!
    But thanks to our racist Resident in Chief, the element of evil both black and white have been given the thumbs up to destroy and create chaos.
    He has released the forces of evil to intimidate and bring our nation to it's knees.
    This is black liberation movement from the get go.

  • Diane R

    Unfortunately, these entitlement programs have afforded black youths the time and ability to hang out and play these violent games. I see large groups of young black men hanging out and doing nothing at the mall in my community in downtown Stamford. They hang out all day and do absolutely nothing. They should be either working or in school. If they were, there would be no time to commit crimes and prey on others who do live productive lives. Our government enables them to be unproductive.

    • mrbean

      It is even worse. John Conyers: U.S. Owes Slavery Reparations. The left-wing Democrat who will become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee if his party wins back Congress in November wants to hold full-blown congressional hearings on whether the government should pay black Americans reparations for slavery. John Conyers cause célèbre is reparations from whitey as he puts it, which he's been advocating since 1989, when he first introduced legislation to establish what he calls "The Commission to Study Reparations Proposals for African American Act" (H.R. 40).

  • Ghostwriter

    Not every black person does those things! I'm glad there are some SANE people on this site and not people who secretly watch old episodes of "Amos n' Andy" in their basement like mrbean. To those who peddle these stereotypes of blacks,you should be ashamed of yourselves. You only exacerbate racial tensions,not help them.

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