Media, Obama MIA on Racial Mob Mayhem

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It is no secret that a substantial portion of the public no longer trusts the mainstream media. And while there are innumerable issues which could be used to illustrate why, one issue in particular stands out. Over the past several months, America has been subjected to a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored. Several areas around the country have been subjected to flash mob mayhem. Flash mobs whose racial composition is overwhelmingly black, even as that racial composition has been determinedly ignored by the mainstream media.

How determined? Consider the story of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was stopped from entering his house by white Police Sgt. James Crowley, after Crowley had received a call to investigate a burglary at Gates’ house. Gates became verbally abusive and Crowley arrested him for disorderly conduct. President Obama accused the Cambridge police of “acting stupidly.” From that point on, according to several mainstream media sources, the story, along with the ensuing “beer summit,” became “a national uproar over race,” “an eye-opening dialogue on race,” “a glass of racial politics, with an aftertaste of class warfare,” and, according to The New York Times, an issue which generated “10 days of near nonstop news coverage of a case that prompted a thousand news stories about race…”

Contrast that reality with the mainstream media’s determination to avoid race in their coverage of flash mob violence. Chicago Tribune editor Gerould W. Kern notes that his paper does not mention race “unless it is a fact that is central to telling the story.” New York Times’ public editor, Arthur Brisbane, says his paper “has had clear policies warning reporters and editors to be careful about using ethnic, racial and religious labels,” adding that the paper’s stylebook uses the word “pertinent” as the determining factor. Using “common descriptors,” he opines, is “playing with fire.” The LA Times contends that while racial information “was once routinely included in news stories about crimes…newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects’ or victims’ race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.”

On the other hand, many media outlets have no problem condemning those who point out race as a relevant factor. The Drudge Report has received copious amounts of criticism for linking stories together about black flash mobs. The website Gawker accused the news aggregator of launching a “Black Teen Crime News Service,” further noting that Drudge is “usually more elegant in his efforts to stoke white rage.” Salon columnist Alex Pareene contends “this world of race riots and constant violent attacks on innocent Caucasians exists only in the imaginations of Matt Drudge and the paranoid suburban and exurban white people he wants to keep terrified.” The Village Voice maintains that “rightbloggers” have “taken to telling readers that crime in America is actually spinning out of control–and it’s all the fault of black people.”

Perhaps such a “kill the messenger strategy” might be successful were it not for a couple of inconvenient truths. First, if black flash mobs are nothing more than anecdotal incidents collected together to stoke white fear, one might be inclined to think that such incidents are relatively few and far between. One would be wrong. Here is a partial video compilation of black teens engaging in unlawful behavior, many of them captured, not by people with an “agenda,” but by store and street security cameras. One can only wonder at what point the ongoing stream of “anecdotes” constitutes something larger than suburban and urban “white paranoia” in the minds of progressive racial apologists.

Second, how do the apologists explain Philadelphia Mayor Micheal Nutter telling black teen flash mobs in that city “you have damaged your own race,” even as he exhorted them to “take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer, pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt”? How do they explain J. Whyatt Mondesire, the head of Philadelphia’s NAACP chapter, contending that “these are majority African-American youths and they need to be called on it”?

Both men are black Americans. Are they paranoiacs “stoking white rage” as well?

Nor is the media alone in their attempt to turn a blind eye to the racial element involved in several of these incidents. Police departments are equally reluctant to pursue anything related to hate crime charges in connection with some of these assaults. In Wisconsin, where more than 100 black youths went on a rampage during the state fair, police initially issued a statement saying that “none of these incidents possessed elements that would compel the pursuance of a ‘hate crime’ prosecution,” despite several eyewitness accounts to the contrary. They were forced to reconsider when one of the teens arrested admitted focusing on white people, because they were “easy targets.” As of now, it remains the only flash mob incident where hate crimes charges are being sought.

Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross explains the difficulty in pursuing such charges. “You can’t just simply look at the race of the offender and the race of the victim and say it’s ethnic intimidation,” he noted. “It may be, but we’re not sure. Does it give us pause? Yes it does.” He went further. “If we don’t know and can’t prove it, we can’t charge it,” he said. “We’re in the business of what we can prove, not what we think,” he added.

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  • jaythehistorian

    Notice how blacks who always like to portray themselves as physically superior to whites (which is not supported by any objective evidence) only attack whites when they greatly outnumber them or they attack a totally unaware white with the blacks' martial art; the sucker punch. Blacks starting with Obama are as racist as any group in the world besides being cowards. In the army, they almost always had jobs that kept them out of harm's way.

    • truth

      Those jobs that kept blacks out of harm's way were given to them by white people who had oppressed them for years and were afraid of the black man turning their arms on them.

      In the Civil war and the World war, whites only handed guns to blacks to participate in warfare after they got their asses whopped.

      If blacks were racist, they would have a history of enslaving people, lynching them with no cause, colonizing /stealing their land and installing laws like Jim Crow. White people can put a global check to each of the crimes I have mentioned.

      • Michael

        Not this white person! I've never sold another human like the tribal chiefs, I've never hung anybody, never owned anybody, and haven't stolen anything. I can't speak for the people who were alive 150 years ago about what was in their minds, but I know mine. As long as you continue to blame whitey for the problems in the Black community you will never see improvement. Look in the mirror, or the news paper and gather the facts and statistics about black on black crime, black on all others crime. They don't lie. You're raising a generation of thugs who at some point will turn on society (just like the flashmobs) and will claim it's just them running with the wrong crowd. Personal responsibility for your actions…not whinning about whitey will set you free…

        • truth

          I never blamed whitey for anything, I'm white. I'm only responding to the person's comment that all blacks are racists and cowards. He just profiled a whole race. So i could only respond in the language he understands. I was born and live in a country stolen from natives and built on the free labor of blacks for hundreds of years. To sit here and call another group racist while not considering the terror, injustice and murder that my race has inflicted in the world and continues to do so is insane,

      • alexander

        yes, blacks were SELLING blacks!!! Do not discuss themes you know nothing about! And you are not white, which makes you a liar.

        • truth

          I'm white. Blacks sold blacks, this is true. But someone created the demand, my ancestors.

      • tagalog

        Black Muslims made, and continue to make, an industry out of capturing and enslaving both black Africans and white women, and have done so for centuries.

        For every slave ship that threw its slave cargo overboard, in chains, to drown in the sea, there are twenty African villages in which every man, woman, and child who could not stand the journey to the slave markets was slaughtered and the village burned to the ground.

        • Jim_C

          I know you're not a racist and a pretty bright poster–be very careful throwing your lot in with actual racists like jay, above–the type of person who, when our history of slavery and oppression is mentioned, bring up "blacks selling blacks into slavery." The latter is simply not our problem. But our history of slavery, Jim Crow, etc. obviously continues to have repercussions and there's no sense minimizing it or deflecting.

          Conservatives have excellent arguments for the culture of dependence that's been created. Stick with those.

        • truth

          How did Muslims get into this? We're talking about how one white man out of ignorance chose to profile a whole race because of actions of a few and i did the same to prove a point.

          • tagalog

            You can say THAT again!

          • Martel64

            Muslims / Islam ,STARTED all the interracial enslavement of Black Africans, starting in the 600s, at least 800 years before Whitey ever laid one finger on the "precious" heads of Blacks. And their ransacking ,raping, murdering,and yes,enslaving,were FAR WORSE, than Whitey ever did, and FAR LONGER.

            During the 2 centuries of trade and enslavement of Blacks in North America( 1600s-1865 ), and to Brazil, Blacks continued to be enslaved in Africa. And since 1865, have continued to.

            That's a grand total of 1400 YEARS. And the Last time I looked, 1400 years is much,MUCH longer than 400, Leftist pretzel logic / excuses / anti-Capitalist screeds / PHONY sympathy to Blacks / Afrophalocentric,Muslim and other Leftist "math", to the contrary.

            And, since most people have forgotten,and still in the dark about it:
            during those 800 years, Islam – without provocation – attacked and enslaved innocent WHITE Europeans, in Spain and into southern France, dragging about a million White slaves to North African Muslim lands. After Charles Martel helped start lead the charge to finally kick them out of France, and Spain by the late 1400s, Muslims then spent the next 300+ years attacking and ransacking White European coastal villages, from at least Italy, all the way up to Iceland, taking at least hundreds of thousands more White slaves to Muslim lands.

      • intrcptr2

        Nice try, Skippy; you need to go find some good books on the Civil War.

        And sadly, Africans DO have that same history as Europeans. The bulk of slaves brought west were sold to the white man by the black man. Roots was a good book, not so good history.
        You might also want to look at modern Africa. The violence in Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, etc has nothing to do with white racism.

        • Dennis X

          it has every thing to do with the white man, who historically pitted groups/ tribes againts each other. Created false differrences between them for their own benifit. you people are truly the devil.

          • Sheila

            So, who pitted Indian tribes against one another? You realize, of course, that many Indians enslaved other Indians.

            Why did the Egyptians enslave the Jews? Why did some Asians enslave other Asians?

            Your ignorance of history is as great as your racism. Everything is the fault of white people? Bah! Read a book.

          • Dennis X

            its true I hate you, but check history, example ,what the dutch did to the hooties and tooties. There are no differences at all , only fictious names applied to separate the two. In america it was done to serparate dark skin Blacks from lite skin , male from female etc. its all contained in the " Willy Lynch Letter" . I know u can't read a book, try this letter.

          • Ghostwriter

            Blechh!! You must belong to the Nation of Islam,which is as bigoted as the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis ever were.

          • Dennis X

            not the real religious type, when you learn to read , read the afore mentioned letter , then when you post a comment you won't appear to to be a total fool, again. Regarding the Nation, every action as a re-action.

          • Sheila

            Tell you what: when you learn to construct a sentence that is able to be read, I might do as you suggest.

            U is not a word.
            Afore mentioned is one word, aforementioned.
            The first word of each sentence should be capitalized.

            And you try to tell others they can't read? Your stupidity and ignorance are laughable, fool.

          • intrcptr2

            Yeah, Dennis, Sheila is right; your miseducation is showing.

            Newton's 3rd Law, "Every action HAS a reaction (Again,one word)".

            As for your "letter", you really ought to go do some Googling some time;

            And yes, I read it myself. Unfortunately for you, I can find the anachronisms in it; in particular, an Englishman in 1712 would not have been able to teach Belgians, Dutch, or Portugese anything about how to control their slaves in Africa or Brazil, BEFORE any English got there.

          • intrcptr2

            Just to save the trouble of finding the whole thing;

          • Dennis X

            Excuse me the letter was directed to american and english slave onwers by an englishman , so your saying they counld not have commmunicated with each other when they all spoke english. The reaction of the Nation to white racism is to fight hate with hate. Unlike sheila at least you attempt to read.

          • intrcptr2

            Dude, stop embarrassing yourself; The Hutus and the Tutsis were colonized by the British, not the Dutch. And they were already at each others' throats long before ANY Europeans showed up, because they themselves "created" differences between each other.

            Perhaps you can explain why it was that white men ended slavery, if the whole purpose was to divide and conquer?

          • Dennis X

            dude, actually they were colonized by or at least under belgian rule. However, the tribal difference did not exits prior to european colonists who wanted to conduct censuses. Tutsi was defined as anyone with more than ten cows and a long nose. My point was these were artificially created differences.

      • ebonystone

        "If blacks were racist, they would have a history of enslaving people, lynching them with no cause, colonizing /stealing their land and installing laws like Jim Crow. White people can put a global check to each of the crimes I have mentioned. "

        Well blacks in Africa do have such a history: they were enslaving other blacks and selling them to all comers — Arabs, Europeans, and other blacks — from ancient times until the present.
        As for lynching them, well there's Idi Amin, "Emperor" Bokassa, the Ibo genocide, the repeated Hutu-Tutsi slaughters, the gernocide in the Sudan, and assorted massacres in Somalia, the Congo, and elsewhere.
        Jim Crow laws? For a good part of its history since independence virtually every black African country has been ruled by a dominant tribe that monopolizes government jobs and privileges. As one pundit pointed out, during the days of South African apartheid, the only difference between S. A. and the other African countries was that its ruling tribe was white.

    • alexander

      yes, they have different fibers/muscles:

  • Danny

    "Here is a partial video compilation of black teens engaging in unlawful behavior, many of them captured, not by people with an “agenda,” but by store and street security cameras."

    The video Ahlert refers to was compiled by a racist and anti-Semite, the latter of which Ahlert apparently ignores for convenience, who calls herself the "Teutonic Warrior Chick'.. See This is all one needs to know to understand where Ahlert is coming from.

    • Cuban Refugee

      Pictures do not lie — no matter who gathered them. What? Did the Teutonic Warrior Chick make whites put on black face to rob defenseless store owners?

      • Dennis X

        thats what Rodeny King thought.

    • intrcptr2

      She isn't even the one who posted the videos (NOT a "compilation" in the strict sense) on YouTube; check it, she simply gathered them into one place.
      True, she may have that agenda. What of the mobs caught on surveilance video?

    • reason1984

      Was the video doctored? Does the camera have a political agenda? "Ignorance is Strength." Greetings from your brothers at the Ministry of Truth. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes…

  • StephenD

    All I know is you can count on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with Jeremiah White and Louis Farrakhan thrown in for good measure, to be there to "HELP" their own. LOL Well, at least you know you can count on them to be there…if they can turn it into a money making operation. In all of the "blighted" communities the representation has been chosen by those that live there, supported by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, and to what good end?

  • StephenD

    In over 40 years, these communities have gotten worse, not better. These "figure heads" have gotten a hell of a lot richer! From Police Chiefs and Mayors to City Councilors and School Superintendents; from Teachers and Pastors to State Reps., appointments to Fire Fighters and Police and yet and still the problems persist. The root cause is a sad fact; the break up of the family unit. Bring Dad back into the picture. Insist on his taking responsibility for his own. THEN you'll see life improve. You need assistance? Name the Father! Dad, you can father a child? Now you MUST support it. Insist upon individual responsibility. There are real simple solutions or at least steps in the right direction without making rich the stuffed shirts that insist it's the fault of "the rich white man."

    • Jim_C

      I don't think anyone but the ignorant blame the "rich white man" anymore. And I'm for forced sterilization, myself (yeah I know it'll never happen). So how do you heal the breakdown of the family unit? What do you do for these people in the meantime? The people you scorn–the teachers, the pastors, the social workers, etc….they're the only ones in there trying to make a difference.

      • StephenD

        What did I just post? Make the women that require assistance name the fathers. Make the fathers take responsibility at least monetarily. Begin a campaign where it becomes socially unacceptable to be an absentee Dad. In the mean time, as you say (and again, read what I said, I haven't scorned anyone but the stuffed shirts), maintaining the status quo DOES NOT WORK so it must be abandoned. Teach folks to be self sufficient from the beginning of their schooling. In this way, when it becomes necessary, they can do for themselves and not continue the cycle of relying on the Government for life. One last point, Listen closely, I promise you’ll hear blame fo the “Rich white man.” May I point out the entire country’s budget problem is because of “The corporate jet owners and Millionaires and Billionaires not paying their fair share ….” Sound familiar? I don’t think he is talking about some guy in the hood that doesn’t support his own kids do you?

        • Jim_C

          Well–as an aside: that corporate jet stuff…I don't think much of people who resent rich people for being rich. We should all want to be well-off.

          But I don't think it's a matter of blaming the private jet set…just that is the most obvious sector upon which to raise taxes. While everyone else's incomes went down or stagnated, a certain small sector of people actually got exponentially wealthier. That is a fact–mind you–devoid of blame. Many people from this group agree: they don't need more tax cuts or coddling. They should be asked to go back to tax rates of the 90s.

      • intrcptr2

        I must strongly disagree there Jim.

        I'm working on an M. Ed in Multicultural Education right now. The study of "urban education" is decidely NOT an exercise in improving inner city schools. It is rather, for my sake, a neo-Marxist effort to create the very racial and class divides that these mobs highlight and exploit.…

        I apologize for the monsterous link, but she is the author of a few texts I've had to read. Her words illumine quite a bit of all this for me. It is neither pretty nor liberating.

        • Toa

          Thanks for that link- just more good evidence that these flash-mobs are the desired outcome; part of "social justice", Obama/Holder style.

        • Jim_C

          I don't know that it's a deliberate plot. More like a misguided attempt to address 1000 societal problems in 6 hours of class time while also trying to squeeze in math and reading. Much like our military overseas, schools are asked to solve problems they are not built or even purposed for. And when there's no support at home…what do we think these schools can do?

          I am for all sorts of radical changes to our educational system–if we had the guts to change them.

  • AJ Weberman

    Obama is to America as Dinkins was to New York City. and NYC will never elect another Black Mayor again, I assure you. When the Dinkins was Mayor the gangbangers almost took over the city. 70% of blacks grow up in one parent homes so they are looking for a father figure. Instead they found a brother. Things aren't as clear cut to me as they once were when I was in the Civil Rights Movement. It was Hitler that brought me into Civil Rights as I saw the results of racism but now I believe Hitler was not a racist – he just hated Jews. Shockley was a racist.

  • tagalog

    The Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner says, ”You can’t just simply look at the race of the offender and the race of the victim and say it’s ethnic intimidation.”

    Yes, that's true; you also look at the size of the crowd and correlate its racial makeup to the racial makeup of the store personnel. Then if they say something racially-tinged to one of the store personnel, that should go into the mix. Then you consider if the action in issue is part of what appears to be some sort of trend, and what racial group engages in it.

    A last question you might ask, under the particular circumstances of the incidents that are being discussed here, is what black spokesmen would say if large numbers of white young people entered black stores and helped themselves to the store's stocks as the black kids in the videos linked to the story do. Although to be fair, there DOES seem to be the occasional very rare white person involved too in some of these incidents.

    • tagalog

      Or, you could just ignore the racial aspect of what's in question, and just prosecute the thieves for theft, criminal mischief, trespassing, assault, and vandalism.

  • Raymond in DC

    Such reticence and political correctness would strike a familiar chord in Europe. In France, rampaging gangs of young Muslims are euphemistically characterized in the media as "youths". In England they'd be tagged as "Asians" – as if we were talking abut Vietnamese, Chinese or Indian Hindus. In Norway the epidemic of rapes by Arab and Muslim immigrants are ascribed to "people of non-Norwegian background".

    A psychology professor long ago suggested a tendency to give a name (a "Syndrome") to something one couldn't really understand or contend with using the maxim "If you can't tame it, name it". But the reverse seems more apt here. "If you won't name it, you'll never tame it."

  • BLJ

    What do you expect from a race who has been raised on expecting the government to take care them? The lack of a real father figure in many of these cases justs throws fuel on the fire. Oh, and the race baiting of people like Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Waters etc doesn't help.

    All of this still does not excuse the animal behavior. These degenerates are breaking the law and should be punished. My guess is the MSM will only start reporting on this when a victim pulls out a gun and blows one of these punks away.

    Personally I would love to have one of these scumbags take a swing at me. It would sure feel good to hit one of them upside the head with a Louisville Slugger.

  • jack

    The incredibly hypocrisy of the New York Times is evident when they give FRONT PAGE BILLING to a white thug—who should be locked away for life by the way—and use the word "white" ten times in this one article. The FBI is on the case it's now a capital murder charge and they're calling it a hatecrime. Meanwhile, white people all over the country are recovering from vicious beatings administered by racist black packs of teens. They're recovering from injuries, or permenantly disabled, and some are dead, in a rash of horrifically violent racist attacks by these packs of black thugs.

    Where is the FBI and the NYT on these incidents? Where is the hatecrime label at the New York Times? Where are the candlelight vigils? Where are the speeches by "White Leaders" decrying black racism and demanding justice?

  • MRobs

    The only way this country is going to survive the next decade is to throw Obumble out of the White House. This maniac has created this class warfare, of course he will have nothing to say about it – he wants this.

  • Omar X

    Obama is probably thinking very hard to fix this. Madonna, Lady Ga Ga, Cher, Mat Damon, Pelosi, Reid and even that horrible Barney Frank say it is OK to pray to Obama. If you can pray to him he can surely fix these overblown troubles. You white people just get too damned sensitive when blacks want to have some fun. Soon when the muslim president gets his way we will run everything so get ready to move out of your nice houses.
    Trust in Obama to fix this when the time is right.

  • tanstaafl

    "Top down, bottom up." – darn, I'm sounding like Glenn Beck!

  • Rifleman

    They're just skinheads of a different color, and like the skinheads, they'll only restrain themselves when they consistently get their rears handed to them.

    • Jim_C

      "Want to start a 'flash rob?' If you like being shot at, this mob's for you!"

  • Dispozadaburka

    I wonder what the outcome is going to be when

    the government runs out of money

    and can't provide the financial support and healthcare that Obama promised

    and continues to promise to all these people on welfare….

  • Ghostwriter

    What is forgotten in this is that there are black-owned businesses that have been attacked by these flash mobs and innocent black teens that want nothing to do with those mobs. How do you think they feel when their parent's business is trashed by those mobs or their jobs were destroyed by those very same people?
    Also,racial tension could be sparked by racist groups like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis in order to get more recruits. The people who do these flash mobs deserve a long stretch in jail where they belong!

    • UCSPanther

      Well said. The worst part of these mob antics is that they will stoke racial tensions and create a powderkeg, possibly paving the way for full blown race riots.

  • JonRGuitar

    We elected a black president… how did you expect the bias to fall anyway? The media and Obama are one and the same; a socialist, anti-American force to recon with.

  • ronwagn

    If Obama was smart he would mount a crusade against this type of thing. That would garner a lot of support. Unfortunately he is a confirmed left wing idealogue.

  • Patrick Martin

    Why would we expect president Obama to comment on Black flash mobs? They are Obama and Obama admin INSPIRED!

    Prime example of my claim, DOJ dropping the case against New Black Panthers over voter intimidation back in Rhode Island. It is Holder's and Obama's responsibility this action sent a signal to all leftist and hate groups voter intimidation based on race was just fine with this White House.

    That same message carried over to scum, racist hate group teens since then.

    We'll need to watch our polling locations ever-closely in 2012. I plan to volunteer to work a local polling station 2012, and will be packing videocam in case anything I need to record.

    The unruly kids are just a warning for Nov 2012. It's already expected there'll be massive attempts st voter fraud: unions (SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW and many more), devout Leftist, Communist, and Socialist groups – They've been Obama inspired with green light, they'll be out in full force!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama & Co. do not want those who commit this kind of outrage prosecuted as they
    are the voters leftists are dependent on and is a visible element of their total moral
    abandon, criminal ignorance and disdain of society no matter what the racial
    makeup. The death rate amongst black youth in gang violence is horrific, Spanish
    gangs are also deplorable. I may be getting old and out of it but the only white
    gangs I know of are biker gangs and no one plays with them. Serious breakdown
    in society is on us and it goes hand in hand with leftist subversion in every aspect
    of our lives, from cradle to the grave they are ruining America, regrettably strong
    measures are in order to regain control………..unfortunately I see collapse as

  • Brujo Blanco

    My father-in-law and his brother were enslaved as young men. Later when this situation was over he dealt with people from the ethnic group that enslaved him. He did not hold a grudge. That was all within his lifetime. We would do well to learn from the past without reliving it. We need to stop trying to get payback from evil committed generations in the past. What is important is today.

  • Nora bee

    When a group of one race gangs up on a victim of another race it is called LYNCHING. You dont' have to hang a victim to be guilty of lynching. All you have to do is cause them physical harm. I'm sure all these big cities have anti lynching laws. Why are';' the enforcing them?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      In the past the law stood for something, now in the day of leftist subversion in
      all forms of media, the law is laughed at or just something on a TV show. The
      left uses it to regulate through government (societal control) which blocks
      normal life. ……………………………………………………………..William

  • Zam

    I have this question: By and large, just how COWARDLY can the black race get? I mean, over and over again, the blacks have shown they only have strength when in numbers and/or when they are shooting people in cold blood from the windows of their cars. And when they are aren't doing any of their patented "drive-by-shootin" and "flash-mobbin", they are doing their patented "rappin" and "crotch-grabbin". Yes, I hear you–I know there are many many times they do all four at once, too–that is, many many times the blacks just hang out and be their "rappin, crotch-grabbin, drive-by-shootin, flash-mobbin" selves. So, what is worse, I wonder–the blacks or the muslims?

  • bearone7777

    Just a quick note about this post. Obama is M.I.A. on everything that matters to this country, and to everything in general.

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