Mitt Makes It Official

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Mitt Romney, as expected, announced his intention to run for the White House in 2012. Introduced by his wife Anne to a crowd of supporters in Stratham, NH, the former governor of Massachusetts delivered the opening salvo of his campaign. “Barack Obama has failed America,” he said. Romney joins a crowded field of contenders, including former Utah Governor John Huntsman, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) who, along with possible candidate Sarah Palin, are blitzing the Granite State. Other potential candidates include former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza chain Herman Cain, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

As of now, Romney is the leader of the pack, due in large part to his previous candidacy in 2008, and his name recognition. Yet he is emblematic of a Republican field in which each candidate has something to offer, but each carries around some sort of perceived baggage that may prove ultimately detrimental, as Americans begin to pay closer attention.

Romney’s baggage, as least as far as the conservative wing of the Republican party is concerned, might be better described as a steamer trunk: the Massachusetts healthcare reform bill he signed into law in 2006. Now known derisively as RomneyCare, the law contains the same mandate forcing individuals to buy health insurance as ObamaCare does, a reality which drives conservatives crazy. Adding to Romney’s woes is the fact that Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod recently noted that RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare.

Yet rather than distance himself from the plan, Romney has gone on the offensive, contending it was “a state solution to a state problem, and [president Obama’s] plan is a power grab by the federal government to put a one-size-fits-all plan across the nation,” as he told a group of doctors and other supporters at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor in May. He reiterated the “state solution to a state problem” motif in his speech yesterday, even as he admitted the program was “not perfect.”

Whether his efforts to defuse his biggest liability plays with Tea Party conservatives remains to be seen, but during his speech he offered much that is attractive to that part of the Republican base. “Turning around a crisis takes bold action…I will cap federal spending at 20 percent or less of the economy, and finally, finally balance the budget…My generation will pass the torch to the next generation, not a bill…and that will begin with a complete repeal of ObamaCare,” said Romney to a crowd of cheering supporters.

Noting that he intends to make America “number one in job creation,” Mr. Romney took another obvious swipe at the president. “You know, if you want to create jobs, it helps to have actually had a job. I had one,” he cracked. He then directed his fire at one of the Mr. Obama’s core constituencies. “It’s time for a president who cares more about America’s workers than about America’s union bosses,” he added.

Romney spoke about his father “who never graduated college” yet went on to be the owner of a car company and “end[ed] up governor in the state where he sold aluminum paint,” because America “was the land of opportunity.” Mr. Romney then took on the president yet again, this time for Mr. Obama’s take on American exceptionalism. “I refuse to believe America is just another place on the map with a flag. We stand for freedom and opportunity and hope,” he said, adding that while “we may have lost a couple of years, we have not lost our way.” He ended his speech with the announcement of his candidacy.

Can Romney capture the nomination? He certainly says many of the right things in terms of economics. Perhaps just as importantly, in a time where the Obama administration has shown a grim determination to undermine states’ rights, best exemplified by the immigration lawsuit against Arizona, the NLRB’s lawsuit against Boeing, and yesterday’s White House rejection of an Indiana law cutting off abortion funding for Planned Parenthood, Romney’s determination to “return the responsibility and authority to the states for dozens of programs,” is sure to resonate. So are his economic credentials this time around, as opposed to the 2008, where prior to the financial crisis which occurred after McCain was nominated, national security issues were far more important.

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  • Reason_For_Life

    "He certainly says many of the right things in terms of economics."

    Only if you're a Keynesian. Romney is the absolute worst possible candidate, the only man in America that could actually make Barack Obama look good by comparison.

    In Iowa he's already supported ethanol subsidies. In West Virginia he'll favor more coal and in New York he'll favor a carbon tax. In Michigan he'll favor subsidizing research into electric cars. In California he'll favor subsidizing high speed rail. In Texas he'll talk about the rights of gun owners, in Massachusetts he'll talk about "reasonable" gun control. In Florida he'll talk about tax cuts, in New Jersey he'll talk about closing tax loopholes.

    I fervently hope that Romney is the nominee because when he loses two to one to Obama in the smallest turnout in 50 years it will destroy the Republican party . After the Republican Party passes into history we will have the opportunity to start all over with a new party, just like the Republicans did a century and a half ago.

    Go Romney go! The country needs you to make a new party possible.

    • Jim_C

      There is a possibility that the jobs outlook is so bleak by Nov 2012 that whichever Reasonable Daddy the GOP selects has a chance–but only if they can pin joblessness on Obama and not self-destruct by that time.

      I don't think so, because conservatives don't want Reasonable Daddy Appointed by Establishment, and independents won't go for TEA Party-ka-razy. There won't be a new party; but I think you're right that the GOP will undergo a huge, conservative makeover if they lose, and it is entirely possible that this blood infusion will have fresh-sounding ideas in 2016.

  • davarino

    Romney makes me yawn. He is like Parry, he just turned "conservative" the other day. Its like what Reason_For_Life said, he is wishy washy, kinda like McCain.

    Excuse me, I have to go back to bed.

  • Steve Chavez

    The LEFT tactic in this election is to use the misery of Americans for their benefit and they will not propose any meaningful ideas or legislation and let the Republicans try to save America with their proposals.

    Republican Health-care ideas are attacked as letting Grandma and Grandpa die!

    Republican economic ideas are attacked as keeping the rich rich and the middle class, which is conveniently most Americans, driven into the poor class!

    Republican energy ideas are attacked as giving tax breaks to the big bad oil companies as the gas prices are hovering around $4!

    Republicans don't care about homeowners who are being foreclosed on or underwater while at the same time, Obama has commercials with $8000 tax credits, refinancing, and ordering banks to help!

    Republicans want to reform food stamps of which 1 in 7 Americans are on. Those on them won't vote for a Republican who will take them away.

    Republicans want to cap unemployment checks and those on them will not vote for Republicans.

    THEREFORE, the Democrats are addicting us to themselves like a heroin dealer is addicting his buyers! You have to vote for Democrats in order to continue to get your fix!

    So now on their side due to misinformation, and with the help of the Media, are the elderly, the unemployed, the food stampers, and anyone who drives a car! But these brainwashed Americans don't realize that it is Democrat policies that got them where they are but they don't care because they want to stay home and watch Maury, Jerry, and Oprah re-runs!

  • Steve Chavez

    "Obama 'created' 45,000 jobs last month and 'saved' 96 milliion jobs! He is the best! He's sssoooo cool!"

    The Obama media machine will be hard to beat! For example, in a Santa Fe New Mexican article from two days ago, it was reported that Republican Governor Susana Martinez stopped a food stamp program for 7000 elderly and handicap. "She signed into law." But in the Albuquerque Journal, the full story said that the Democrat-controlled legislature didn't give the $600,000 that Martinez proposed and requested for the program! SOVIET PROPAGANDA?

    The recent onslaught of articles and editorials in the, have been grossly slanted towards the Democrats and their goal is to get their readers in Northern New Mexico, which is always Blue, to stay Blue by giving them incomplete and blatantly false and one-sided reporting! There are some posting comments giving the full story but its online comments section is a core group and most readers don't even read the comments and if they do, they are too pendejo/dumb to post their own!

    • umustbkidding

      I understand your frustration. However, I do honestly believe that Americans are waking up. I do honestly believe that Americans are listening to what the main stream media, including Fox News, are reporting and are starting to stack real life against what these morons are reporting.

  • BS77

    If Romney chooses Michelle Bachmann as his VP, he will garner many votes. He must define himself to the voters. Romney is a good man, and sincere…..His detractors are mostly libs who cannot stand any Republican candidates…Palin, Bachmann, Romney…you name them. The Libtard media has relentlessly attacked S. Palin in a display of bias I have never seen before. Perhaps a Palin-Bachmann ticket would be great. Give women a chance to run this country….

    • Questions

      Neither Palin nor Bachmann have the grasp of issues, or the personality, to be effective presidents. My inclination after repeatedly hearing these shrill ideologues is to say: "Never send in a woman to do a man's job."

      I guess I"m an old-fashioned conservative.

      • umustbkidding

        Your view has nothing to do with conservatism, it has to do with being uneducated.

    • Eliz

      Romney, as a Mormon, is NOT mainstream! His running will ensure that Obama get another 4 years!!! Also, he may even be worse, since he paints himself as Conservative but isn't!!! Let Palin-Bachmann have a shot and you'll see how quickly we get rid of all Rinos and turn this country around!!!

      • Reason_For_Life

        That's why he'll choose Rick Santorum to be his running mate.

    • Jim_C

      "Romney is a good man, and sincere…..His detractors are mostly libs who cannot stand any Republican candidates." Um, do you read much? Because Romney's biggest detractors–by far–are conservatives both economic and religious. (Sorry–You don't get elected in Massachussetts if liberals can't stand you). If he's selected, he'll probably grab a running mate with some TEA party cred. Which will then lead to a bunch of "Well, I didn't mean to say that, I meant…."

      I do agree: Palin/Bachmann would be a great ticket. I truly hope they run!

      • trickyblain

        " I truly hope they run!"

        Me too! Romney (my distant cousin from my polygamist ancestors) would actually appeal to some rational people.

  • Steve Chavez

    JOHN EDWARDS INDICTED! So we have Edwards, the lying cheat who let his wife melt away and covered the extent of her illness to win the VP!

    Then you had VP pick Joe Lieberman who was kicked out of the Democrat Party and stabbed in the back by his own friends due to his position on the Iraq War which the Democrats have always wanted to be a failure but they "Support the Troops!"

    Then you have AL GORE, who had a mental breakdown after his election defeat to Bush. He disappeared, due to going nuts, or going more nutty, and then reappeared with his psychotic Global Warming fraud and then legitimized by his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which has nothing to do with "Peace." Then Obama's being given the Prize himself for "hope and change" but then he sent more troops to two wars and now aiding in war in Libya! Al Gore grew a beard and then began the shouting speeches!

    Then another VP, Joe "Gaffy Duck" Biden who is a Quack!

    Why don't Democrat Presidents and Vice-Presidents just ride off into the sunset like the Republicans?


    • Eliz

      I love your blogs!!! So true…

    • Jim_C

      How dare those ex-democrats continue to care about issues that affect everyone in the world? Why can't they just golf peacefully?

    • trickyblain


      Just a little composition tip: one word of all caps makes it appear as though you are yelling. Composing an entire sentence in all caps makes it appear as though you are screaming hysterically. Punctuating this sort of sentence with more than one exclamation mark makes it appear as though you are insane.

      So, there's more than a touch of irony that the sentence is talking about somebody else's "psychosis."

  • Calvin was my Pres

    The MA electorate repeatedly chose corrupt, left-extremists such as Kennedy, Markey, Mitchell, Frank, and Tsongas. They elected Romney. 'Nuff said.

  • Calvin was my Pres

    OOPS – Mitchell an ME not a MA robot

  • Jim_C

    I am so enjoying this presidential campaign…. :-)

  • Iron Yank

    While Romney is nothing more than a mushy moderate who sticks his finger in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing, he is easily preferable to the marxist in Chief. While he will not get my vote in the primary if he ends up being the guy for the Repubs voting for him will be a no brainer.

  • BS77

    What makes anyone think Sarah Palin could not be an effective President? Or Michelle Bachman? I say give the women a chance to run this country….they could do great things. I like the idea of a woman President………what a concept!!!

    • umustbkidding

      I would love to see a Palin/Bachman ticket. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are women. I could care less. Right now they are the only ones with b_lls that are in the running. Love Allen West too but he isn't running.

      Yes, I do think Palin is running.

  • Amused

    Romney has already committed suicide by admitting climate change is A ) Real ,and B) manmade / That don't fly with the hate scientists crowd and the Big Buisiness crowd , in addition , he's a Mormon , considered not to be trusted or FIT to be president by the christian right , and finally he instituted " Romney- Care" in his own state of Mass. , a Tea Party death sentence .
    And ironically , so far , Romney's the smartest of the bunch , with the most buisiness experience , and governmental experience .But if the mentality expressed here is any indicator , he's a dead duck , just as sure as either of the two twits Palin or Bachman on any ticket is a loser .

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Romney has already committed suicide by admitting climate change is A ) Real ,and B) manmade

      Has Romney recently changed his position on global warming and cap and trade, because he has always been a strong opponent of global warming and cap and trade? Hence, if he changed his stance on global warming and cap and trade, then it must have happened very recently.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I actually supported Romney the last time around. Out of the three major candidates that actually had a chance to win the nomination in the 2008 campaign, Juan McPain, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney was clearly the most conservative of the three. A lot of people said Mike Huckabee was a conservative, but his record indicated otherwise, as he really is a compassionate conservative like GWB. In any event, when Juan McPain won the nomination, me and a lot of other conservatives refused to vote for him in the general election for President because there was no way I was voting for a liberal who not only supported amnesty, but actually co-authored the bill on amnesty.

    As for as Romney being a Mormon goes, I’m not a bigot so it doesn’t bother me. Thus, as long as he is an American that’s fine enough for me. With respect to Romney’s flip-flopping on abortion when he was governor of Taxachussetts; I’m not a Democrat, so I could care less. In fact, I’m actually very glad he flipped flopped. If he really supported abortion, then I wouldn’t support him.

    I also liked Rudy Giuliani, but unfortunately he supported amnesty too. Can’t vote for anyone who supports amnesty. I liked Fred Thompson too, but he got in the race so late he never took off and his campaign died before it ever got going. Indeed, it was a very half-hearted effort. With respect to Ron Paul, what can you say, he is a self-hating anarcho kook who blames 9/11 on our support for Israel and the CIA’s ouster of Mossadegh way back in 1953, and never mind the fact that Mossadegh wasn’t even a Muslim. He also claims ad nauseum that America is an imperialist bully.

    With respect to this election, it’s too early to tell. At this time I’m leaning towards Rick Santorum, as he is a true conservative and a proven fighter on the issues. However, at this time he severely lacks name recognition and needs to garner much more exposure. I like Palin but she supports amnesty, so she is out, however, she’d make a good energy secretary. Pawlenty was out there with the three amigos, Juan McPain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman advocating for intervening in Libya, proving at the same time that not only does he not have a clue about Islam, but that he also is too liberal. He also stupidly supported cap and trade before he didn’t support it. Herman Cain is a good businessman and patriotic American, but he doesn’t have a clue on foreign policy, which he demonstrated via his answer about the right of return on Fox new. I used to like Newt a lot until he morphed into a liberal. Now he is trying to morph back into being a conservative. His comments on Paul Ryan’s budget plan with respect to Medicare were incredibly stupid as well. Michelle Bachman seems to be adequately conservative, but I don’t know her positions on amnesty and a lot of other issues at this point. Anyone who supports amnesty is automatically out as for as I’m concerned. With respect to Romney this time around, it appears that Santorum is a little more conservative and has a little better understanding of foreign policy, but then again he needs to garner much more exposure.

    • umustbkidding

      Mitt is not a conservative. A conservative would have never instituted the health care plan that Massachusett's has. Mitt supports the global warming scam. TOTAL RHINO! NO VOTE FROM ME!

      I'm sick of holding my nose and voting. Let the Dems win. They will go for the kill of this nation to convert it to ???? fascism – whatever. It will start a revolution though. To many Americans are awake at this point for the transfer to be peaceful.

      My children are paying for me just wagging my head for so many years instead of doing something.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Mitt is not a conservative. A conservative would have never instituted the health care plan that Massachusett's has. Mitt supports the global warming scam. TOTAL RHINO! NO VOTE FROM ME!

        Dude…first of all I didn’t vote in the last election because I refused to vote for Juan McPain who was a liberal RINO, as I refuse to vote for RINOs because the Republican Party has become hijacked and co-opted by the Left. If you believe that GWB was a conservative, then I have a bridge I need to sell you.

        Anyway, you said that Romney is a RINO. Okay, relative to what announced and potential candidates is Romney a RINO in comparison with and how. In other words, designate the candidates or potential candidates that are more conservative than Romney at this point. The only one that is more conservative or equally as conservative as Romney is Rick Santorum at this point in time. In addition, when has Romney ever supported global warming, certainly not in the last election? He has always been adamantly against cap and trade and global warming. Are you confusing him with Newt Gingrich?

        Actually the health care program Romney ended up signing when he was governor of Taxachussetts was very different from the one he proposed as the majority Dhimmicrat legislature butchered the program he proposed, as his proposal was much more competition based and far less mandatory than the one he signed. His thoughts were that the problems that would inevitably become evident in the plan he ended up signing could be fixed once those problems became evident.

        Nevertheless, Romney has repeatedly said that upon taking office the first thing he would do is relieve the states from implementing Obama’s healthcare program, and he has also repeatedly said that he is a federalist in that he would return the authority for health care and a lot of other things as well back to the states where they belong. Hence, what is not conservative about that?

        In addition, the only reason Obama’s campaign manager David Axelrod claims that Romney Care was the model for Obama’s health care program, which is very different from the plan Romney ended up signing, was obviously to vilify Romney. Apparently it is working very well with you.

        Not to mention that in the last election in 2008 out of the top three Republican candidates that had a chance to win the nomination, Romney was definitely the most conservative of the three, as Juan McPain was a liberal and Mike Huckabee was a compassionate conservative, i.e. RINO, and Romney was also one of the few candidates in that election cycle that was adamant against amnesty under any guise and had a plan to seal the borders and force the illegals to return from where they came.

        In this election, other than Santorum, I don’t know of any prospective candidates at this point that are more conservative than Romney. I like Rick Santorum, but he needs to get a lot more exposure. Possibly Michelle Bachman, but I don’t know all of her positions yet, but she does seem very intriguing. Although I like Sarah Palin, she’s out because she supports amnesty. Tim Pawlenty is a replay of Juan McPain, as he isn’t nearly conservative enough and doesn’t have a clue about Islam, and if you want to talk about supporting global warming, Pawlenty used to support cap and trade. Herman Cain is a patriot, but absolutely clueless on foreign affairs. Ron Paul is an unhinged self-hating America and Israel bashing anarcho kook, who also doesn’t have a clue about Islam and claims America is an imperialist bully. I liked Newt Gingrich for years until he morphed into a liberal and now he is trying to morph back into a conservative. I also like Rudy Giuliani, but I cannot support anyone who is pro-amnesty. He is also pretty clueless about Islam. Chris Christie has been a useful idiot apologist for Islam and Muslim Brotherhood front groups for years, thus he’s out. Plus he hasn’t accomplished anything yet.

        In any event, who is more conservative than Romney at this point other than Santorum? Of course, it is still very early yet and I still don’t know who I will support at this point, but I can tell you that in the general election for presidency, I won’t vote for a Republican candidate if that candidate is a RINO because I will not participate in helping the left to continue their domination of the Republican Party. Sure I’m pissed off at Obama and think he is a repeat of Jimmy Carter, but I’m more pissed off that the left has hijacked and co-opted the Republican Party.

      • Jim_C

        "Let the Dems win. They will go for the kill of this nation to convert it to ???? fascism – whatever. It will start a revolution though."

        Revolution, your -ss. Oh, you dingdongs said this the first time around, too. It's always some point in the near future where somehow we'll be converted to fascism if Republicans (the main colluders of the moneyed class, religious dipshts and defense–fascism, anyone? Look it up for once in your life) aren't elected. I thought by this time, according to many, many dimwits on this site, Obama was to have instituted his Obama youth groups to monitor us, shut down elections, and turned us over to Islam. Oh well. Not yet! but hopefully soon, right dingdongs? We can dream, can't we?

  • KingJefferson

    You think he'll break out his fancy magic underwear. Seriously, if Romney is the best the Republicans can muster, America is in big trouble as we're sure to get four more years of Obama and his cohorts. ;~)

  • J. Clare

    Is he a member of the CFR? The New-World-Order Brotherhood? If so, he's no different from B.O., McCain, Clinton, Bush, etc.

  • christ4asia

    Before there was obama care there was romney care. The health care take over in his state of Mass ruined health care in that state "Romney care" is a socialist take over of health care in mass. he is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill Romney is a RINO.

  • Amused

    Wait !!! Quick ! Where 's Alex Jones !!! Man ! you guys are in trouble !

  • Jim_C

    "but thanks to Obama and the Dhimmicrats in Congress, America today is teetering on the edge of financial collapse and at this point there is a 50 – 50 chance that it will fall off the cliff."

    Right, because Republicans were such responsible stewards.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Right, because Republicans were such responsible stewards.

      Excuse me but conservatives didn’t regulate financial institutions to force them to make loans to minorities and eventually to other people that they could never hope to pay back, and then once it became evident that those mortgages weren’t worth the paper they were printed on, to issue new additional regulations that allowed those junk mortgages to be bundled with good mortgages and which inevitably ended up poisoning and destroying our entire financial industry. In fact, conservatives as opposed to Leftists and RINOs that have polluted the Republican Party are anti-government regulation. Again, conservatives are for smaller and lesser government exactly because crap like this is inevitable.

      Don’t lose your day job dude, like a typical inculcated Dhimmicrat you definitely don’t have a clue or any common sense.