Obama Hinges Re-election on Class Warfare

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McConnnell was also referencing other parts of the plan that include “nearly $580 billion in cuts and reforms to mandatory programs.” Yet 90 percent of those cuts will come from “reducing overpayments in the system,” according to a senior administration official. That is yet another euphemism. It means service providers, as in doctors and hospitals, will bear the overwhelming brunt of the cuts, while service recipients remain relatively unscathed. If one is looking for phantom savings, as McConnell refers to them, it should be noted that Congress has refused to pass scheduled physician payment cuts for Medicare and Medicaid services since 2002. There is absolutely no reason to believe they would do so now.

As for the “$1 trillion in savings over the next 10 years from our drawdowns in Afghanistan and Iraq,” one hopes such a reduction is possible. Yet it seems that counting such savings as automatic, even as “Arab Spring” leaves events the Middle East largely in flux, is somewhat optimistic. Unless some basic understanding of war has been abandoned, “events on the ground” still ultimately determine how big a spending reduction can actually be. In fairness, Republicans have also counted such savings during debt negotiations with the president.

The last large number, the $430 billion in savings realized by less borrowing and smaller annual budget shortfalls, is another calculation based largely on optimism. Interest rates for borrowing are near historic lows. And interest rates are driven by our continued ability to sell public debt, much of which remains attractive only because Europe, enmeshed in an existential debt crisis of its own, looks worse by comparison.

Far more important than the individual details of the plan however, is the likelihood of its passage. While some individual items may garner bipartisan support, such as broad-based goals to lower tax rates by enacting tax code reform, the passage of this plan in its entirety is not going to happen. Democrats remain ideologically committed to keeping entitlements largely intact, while Republicans remain convinced that tax hikes, as opposed to tax reform, will kill job creation.

Yet it is not just Republicans who have opposed tax hikes. Back in 2010, 139 House Democrats joined 138 House Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts, while 112 Democrats and 36 Republicans voted against them. The Senate vote was 81-19 in favor of keeping the cuts. Both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats. Several prominent Democrats were quoted in the months leading up to that vote, with most of them noting that tax increases in the midst of a bad economy would severely hinder a recovery. One of those Democrats was the president himself.

So what’s changed? Next to nothing with respect to an economic recovery. On the other hand, a special election for disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner’s seat was won handily by Bob Turner. He’s the first Republican to represent New York’s 9th Congressional district district since 1923, despite Democrats’ 3-1 edge in registered voters. The president’s job approval rating has hit an all-time low among liberals, down from a stratospheric 92 percent in May of 2010 to just 68 percent currently. Those same liberals are now vowing to mount a primary challenge to the president. And the administration is embroiled in two potentially significant scandals with respect to Mexican gunrunning (Fast and Furious) and a bankrupt solar company which burned through a half billion dollars in taxpayer money (Solyndra).

All of the above makes it exceedingly possible that Democrats running for office in 2012 will think twice before offering their unconditional support to the president.

Moreover, it is the 12-member “Super Committee” tasked with finding $1.5 trillion in savings that will be the ultimate arbiter regarding any combination of spending cuts and tax increases, whether that achievement is accomplished via bipartisan negotiation or automatic triggers. In the unlikely event the committee reaches an agreement, there is virtually no chance the president would veto it, despite his pledge to do so absent tax hikes. The whole point of the president’s latest proposals is to portray himself as a man standing against congressional Republicans in particular, but also against a “do-nothing” Congress in general if it becomes necessary. If the Super Committee reaches an agreement, a presidential veto would completely undermine that strategy.

As for the president’s “fierce urgency of now,” it was Democratic Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) who injected a dose of reality into that characterization. In an exchange with Candy Crowley on CNN’s “State of the Union,” he admitted that the earliest the Democratically-controlled Senate would take up the president’s proposals was early October. How that delay accrues to charges of Republican “obstructionism” is anyone’s guess.

Yet how another re-hash of economic proposals based on class warfare, which are nothing more than Keynesian economics with a populist twist, are going to revive the economy — when they have already failed before — remains an even bigger question.

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  • Jim

    Yet the aggregate results of the top six pollsters show that Obama would beat both Romney and Perry.

    As bad as Obama is no one has forgotten the Republican and their results.

  • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    Actually, it's the mathematics of class warfare by the clueless, losing, can't-pick-winners, crony corrupt (anti-free market) capitalist.

    Click my name ApolloSpeaks to read my widely linked Townhall piece, Barack Obama, The Buffet Rule And Tax Hike Heaven.. It's like nothing you have read on the subject.

    • JoC

      What made me cringe was FIRST he said it's all about math, not about class warfare but he couldn't hold it in… he closed out the speech by saying "It's not about numbers on a spreadsheet it's about what's right"!!!

      To him, what's right is spreading the wealth!!!

      He needs to go!!!

  • oldtimer

    What I want to know is this. He created lots of exemptions in his health care law for his friends, so how many of his friends (including himself) will be granted exemptions and not be held to this new law(if passsed)?

  • StephenD

    Smoke and Mirrors. As he proclaims the fight to be between the "Haves" and "Have Nots" and gets us either feeling guilty or defensive or he justifies our indignation, he wonders off with his elite international friends (GE, Buffett, SEIU, et al).
    I don't believe it is ignorance but rather a calculated attempt to complete the usurpation of America and to cause us to be no more "Exceptional" than a European Union Nation-State. He has done what Khrushchev threatened to do, "We will destroy you from within." He has proven himself to be the perfect soldier for Marxists. Even if you are convinced he is not a Marxist himself, everything he has done is exactly what a Marxist would have done as well. America is well served to be done with him in 2012.

  • http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com/ msmii

    USFWS Impedes America Economy While Supporting OPEC
    On December 6, 2010 Obama nominated Daniel M. Ashe to head and direct the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). What is the USFWS and who is Ashe? I feel that both questions are fairly simple to answer.
    The USFWS has impeded job growth, slowed the economy, restricted freedoms, restricted access to American lands by American people, is being used as a proxy arm of the government to black mail and beat into submission organizations like Gibson that are not supporters of the regime, and is being used, in a manner of speaking, to promote American reliance on a terrorist supporter for oil.

  • http://www.theconservativeteen.com/toc Susan Rawlings

    Class warfare is the perfect way for the President to stand back and let others do battle over his proposals. Our nation needs real change. Conservatives who are frustrated with the current state of affairs and want a better life for their children do have options. There are publications and information out there that will help us all share our perspective and values with our kids. The Conservative Teen is a new magazine designed just for this purpose. It's loaded with information your kids need to read.

  • mrbean

    Warren Buffet and George Soros do not build anything, produce anything, or provide any service, they just hire people to move paper around and they are using their money to promote the socialists agenda.

  • howdeydoodey

    Why do you people call it "class warfare" when its about making rich people pay their fair share of taxes but not when politicians call for cutting salaries and benefits for teachers, public service workers, and the unemployed?

    • Timmay

      For starters: you refer to them as "rich people," not as doctors, electricians, or pet store owners. But that's why you do it, isn't it? It's a lot easier to make a group into villains than individuals. That's why you list the others (teachers, etc.) individually. That's the class warfare right there. Classic Saul Alinsky strategy.

      • howdeydoodey

        Yeah right… We all know that most doctors, electricians and/or small pet store owners (unless you're referring to the Petco corporation) are not within the salary range that would see their taxes increased. And I'm sorry… but if some Plastic Surgeon who lives in Malibu can't afford to pay a little more taxes, while the rest of us are expected to "tighten our belts" and pay more taxes just because we make less $, that's CLASS WARFARE.

        The people that would be obliged to pay their fair share are:
        Investment fund managers, Individuals making $200,000 or more per year (or $250,000 for couples), Corporate-jet owners, Energy companies.

        I don't see what's "class warfare" about that, but I do think it's class warfare when Republicans want to end/cut unemployment benefits, cut medicare, cut social security, defund our libraries, public schools, public works, because most of us who use those services are well below the $200,000 annual salary as are most Americas.

        • JoC

          That's not always true…
          I live in NY and I lost my job awhile ago & got divorced but when things were good… lol… we were making close to $200k but that's not considered wealthy by any means here, not for TWO working parents.

          The cost of living by state is different. It costs a fortune to live in NYC.
          Let me put it into perspective for you….
          The Housing Authority here in NY considers poverty, or low-income, where you can apply for assistance, for a family of four $56.3k. Now in Mississippi, it is $38.4k. Very low income, where you would get even MORE is $35.2k vs $24k. I mean if POVERTY if almost $60k in NY, how could $200k be RICH! It can't.

          I know people argue that state & federal taxes are different… blah blah blah but my point is that this is going to hurt alot of people in different ways. When you combine them all up, between fed, state & local taxes, you easily give up at least 45% of your earnings… some people more…It's insane!

          I am sooo sick of this argument.

        • Timmay

          1. You have a disconnect about what different occupations earn.
          2. Those people also worked very hard to earn that money, whether it was studying hard their whole lives in school, putting in the hours during training periods, or working 6-7 days a week in their current job. Frankly, if they are earning $10 million a year they still earned it. It's not anyone else's but theirs.
          3. If you want more money, then take a risk and open a business, do a job no one else wants to, learn or develop a skill that's in demand, and work hard. That is how "the rich" earned their money. It's a free country…go for it. Most Americans earn below 200K because they haven't done the above, and they may never be able to if they don't have the will, work ethic, or talent. But don't begrudge others who do.
          That's class warfare.
          A. Unemployment benefits take away incentive to work. Limit it, and people will find work.
          B. Medicare and SS already have no money. Conservatives are trying to cut it to save it.
          C. Have not seen a bill to defund libraries.
          D. Public school costs have escalated with NO change in educational levels. Perhaps returning to prior spending rates would be the academic thing to do.

          • howdeydoodey


            A lot of people work very hard , in same cases they work 2-3 shifts of crappy part-time jobs and still pay more taxes than those who make more than 200k a year. On the flipside, a lot of people make a crap ton of money playing around with other people's money and not really doing much work nor creating jobs. They spend their time betting on other people's savings, debt, and retirement funds, and still they pay less taxes than the very people whose money they're playing with.

            It's only fair, that everyone pay a fair share.

            "If you want more money, then take a risk and open a business, do a job no one else wants to, learn or develop a skill that's in demand, and work hard. That is how "the rich" earned their money. It's a free country…go for it. Most Americans earn below 200K because they haven't done the above, and they may never be able to if they don't have the will, work ethic, or talent. But don't begrudge others who do. "

            Yeah right, because it's so easy to get a business loan these days. Get your head out of your a**.

          • Timmay

            There are people who work very hard that earn less, but that's because what they do is not very special and not worth much. You certainly feel bad for these people, but such is life. If you think they pay more taxes than those who make more than 200K a year than it's not worth continuing this discussion (although I pretty much figured that out when the name calling started). No one bets other's savings. And I'm sure you're alluding to capital gains taxes being "only" 15%, however that is the second time their money has been taxed, because when they earned the money to invest it was already taxed (Barry and Warren won't tell you this part). But, that person working 2-3 shifts is free to invest and then pay only 15% on the capital gains.
            But most importantly, a business loan "is" difficult to get because your beloved government has put in so many restrictions and requirements that it is extremely difficult to make a successful business in this country. Which is why people like Barry's Jobs Czar (Jeffrey Immelt) is moving massive portions of GE to China.

          • JoC

            Let us not forget the 46% of Americans who pay NO Federal income taxes…
            Low incomes are the cause of up to half. A family of four under $27k can get a standard deduction and then exemptions which reduce their taxable income to zero.
            The rest are tax ememptions that benefit senior citizens and low income working familes with children like the child earned income credit & childcare tax credits. These breaks can help households making up to $100k.

            We need to recognize that tax breaks push many people OFF the income tax rolls before we start pointing fingers and telling people they need to pay the FAIR SHARE of the rest of the country who is not!

          • howdeydoodey

            A family of four that lives on 27 a year obviously cannot afford to pay taxes, people who make 200k CAN afford to pay taxes.

            Blaming low income families for low revenue because those at the top pay little to no taxes is preposterous.

            Class warfare is making those who are hurting the most during this recession pay for the debt incurred by 2 wars, and irresponsible tax cuts that failed to create jobs during the Bush and Obama years.

        • wsk

          So, you would levy extra tax on certain professions as you see fit. A little dicriminatory, huh? And by the way, and get this through your thick skull, corporations pay taxes! They pass those costs to the consumer, and when the consumer is no longer willing to pay the price then the company goes out of business.
          And I pay for all the things you listed, so your damn right I have a say about it!

          • wsk

            Corporations DON'T pay taxes. My bad>

  • howdeydoodey

    and by the way… "job creators" haven't' been creating jobs since the early days of the Bush administration. So despite over a decade of tax cuts, it's clear to me that they don't care one bit about "creating jobs".

    • wsk

      They're holding on to their liquid assets because they don't know what's coming down the road from the man-child messiah.

  • effemall

    You've got to hand it to the s.o.b. He doesn't give up. Playing a Frank Capra film with the decent folks taken advantage of by the big rich bad guys can win a lot of votes and with the Republicans assured to dig in their heels they'll fall right in to play their parts. I tell you that taqiyya training in Muslim kindergarten sure pays off. If the gay vote represented some big numbers, you'd find him making a speech in drag.

  • Dennis X

    Over six years of the bush tax cuts , where are the jobs that the rich create . american corporations are flush with over 2 trillions dollars in the bank, where are the investiments in the american people? us corporations have had record breaking profits , their tax levels are at a all time low, this is class warfare, please!

    • trickyblain

      "where are the jobs that the rich create . american corporations are flush with over 2 trillions dollars in the bank, where are the investiments in the american people?'

      China, India, etc.

  • BLJ

    The only hope Obama has is if enough people are still stupid enough to vote for him again. I don''t believe there are as many this time. Granted, there will still be quite a few and that is sad.

    The "white guilt" vote that not only got him in the WH, but also past Hillary, is gone. The Community Organizer has to actually run on his pitiful record this time. The Great Oz isn't what they thought he was.

    The fact that Obama is playing the class warfare card (along with the race card) should come as no surprise. He learned at the altar of Alinsky and since he has no real answers for the nations problems this is all he can do. Things will likely get ugly, but him and his commie buddies underestimated the American people.

    Finally anyone who votes for him again in 2012 is a complete idiot no matter what their reason.

  • 080

    To blame the state of the economy on the Republicans seems very difficult to do. Obama has been in the White House for about 3 years. Policies belong to him. The Republicans might come up with: "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?"

    • howdeydoodey

      iI's not very hard… the economy tanked during the last few months of the Bush administration. In case you forgot, or were born only 2 years ago. The Bush administration also racked up the national debt on 2 wars.

      • BLJ

        Yeah and Comrade O said he was going to end both wars. He also said quite a few other things that he has not done. I guess his master George Soros is really calling the shots.

        • howdeydoodey

          more like big business and the military industrial complex are calling the shots, as they have for some time, no matter who is in the White House.

          • wsk


  • Dispozadaburka

    Can't wait for Obama. Soros,Gore,and the Clintons to write the first checks.

    • BLJ

      You forgot good old Warren Buffett

  • nyc1234

    Spot on. I nominate this vid as Obama's reelection campaign song…

  • Fred Dawes

    If obama gets his butt back inside the washington monkey house we need to deal with this the old way, called a rope and a tree and if we can get that nazi Soros and that man pig Gore want what you have and want you living in some third world monkey State. Obama needs this to happen and needs you poor and under the rule of monkey people.

  • John_Kelly

    If Obama is serious about deficit reduction here's a couple of quick suggestions to save one trillion per year.

    a. Cut all U.S. funding to the U.N. which is a slithering snake-pit full of corrupt Dictators and anti American ideology.

    b. Cut all U.S. funding to the Palestinians and other Muslim nations who take our dollars with one hand while stabbing us in the back with the other hand.

    • wsk

      Won't do it. He's a big believer in the one-world order BS

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