The Left’s Special Hatred of Herman Cain

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From what we know so far, Cain’s description of Bialek as a “troubled woman” is putting it politely. If it were a left-wing politician in the crosshairs, when it is the accusers who are actually on trial, Politico would probably have run 90 stories on her chronic failure at life management and record of desperate living standards. Despite claiming she isn’t in it for the money, a friend described her as “a complete gold digger. It’s all about the money.” She has also declared bankruptcy twice, lost several court judgments for large debts, hasn’t held a job for two years and lives with her fiance–who said he only learned of the allegations as recently as last Friday. Furthermore, a witness who saw her encounter with Cain last month at a Tea Party event claims Bialek and Cain “hugged like old friends.” Not exactly as tantalizing to the media as the number of anonymous sources Politico has talked to, which talk show hosts endlessly repeat.

Just as curious and unsavory is the involvement of Gloria Allred in this case. She is a staunch Democratic supporter, having donated more than $10,000 to Democratic candidates and party committees, according to Federal Election Commission records dating back to 1998. Her role in the controversy is somewhat unclear — If Bialek’s claim that she has no intention of filing either criminal or civil litigation is true, why does she need a lawyer? How exactly did they become involved together? The answer to those questions might be far more enlightening than anything revealed by either woman so far.

One of the original anonymous women cited in the Politico stories stepped forward on Tuesday. Yet much like Bialek, 24 hours after Karen Kraushaar went public, she appeared less credible as well. The Associated Press revealed that Ms. Kraushaar, who settled her complaint against Cain with the NRA, filed another complaint three years later, when she was working as a spokesperson for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. She demanded to be allowed to work at home after a car accident, and accused a manager of circulating a “sexually charged email.” Other initial demands, filed by the same lawyer she used against Cain, included thousands of dollars in payments, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident, a promotion, and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. “The concern was that there may have been discrimination on the job and that I was being treated unfairly,” Kraushaar contended. Ironically, considering the details the media expect Cain to remember about 14-year-old charges, Kraushaar, claimed she didn’t remember any of the details of her second complaint. Perhaps the memories of some complaints are more vivid than others.

America is witnessing the grim determination of a movement that cannot countenance the idea that a black American could possibly embrace conservative values. Such an embrace is a mortal threat to a political party that must continually convince black America that any ideology that steers individuals away from lives of government dependency and low expectations is something to fear. Like Clarence Thomas before him, Mr. Cain has been charged with the one type of allegation that the Left couldn’t have cared less about when Bill Clinton was under the microscope.

The effort to smear both Cain and the Republican party continued on NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday. In response to a question from Ann Curry, who contended that Republicans want Cain to “go away” because he’s “continuing to suck the air out of the narrative the Republican party really wants to tell,” David Gregory, host NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said there is no “Grand Wizard in the party right now who can really force the issue.” Someone might want to remind Gregory that the most recent member of the KKK to inhabit the federal government was the late Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. Later in the day Gregory tweeted an apology saying he didn’t mean to “make the connection at all.” Sure he didn’t. Perhaps the best statement to sum up the ongoing progressive attempts to take down yet another black conservative was made by one of their own.

To paraphrase Bill Maher, “leftists aren’t racist–right.”

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  • alphakilosingh

    Why worry about what the Left thinks? Cain should draw heart from Left's reactions. Usually when one doesn't know what is right, all he has to do is to float the idea in the open, and wait for the Left's reaction. If the left opposes the idea, it has got to be right.
    Since the Left hates Cain the most, he has got to be the best man for USA.

    • Beth

      "Since the Left hates Cain the most, he has got to be the best man for USA"


    • Asher

      Herman Cain made people sit up and take notice with his straightforwardness, strong will to succeed on his own, and Business and CEO experience…This man is highly educated, and skilled and puts people like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and Barack Obama to shame. Yes, The Left fears this black man because he can really affect the Democratic Black Base.

  • PatriotX

    Somtimes you can get a pretty good idea of a man’s character by, not just his freinds he has, but by the enemies his enemies also.

    Let’s take a close look at whose making these allegations so far….hmmmmm…..nuff said.

    • ebonystone

      I really hadn't thought much of Cain; his record as the head of a pizza chain didn't seem to me to be what was needed in a President.
      But with all the left's vicious, and so far unsubstantiated, attacks on him, I've come to the conclusion that there must be a lot more to him than I'd realized. If his candidacy scares the Dems and the left so much, he's probably just the man the country needs.

  • harvey5050

    Hereman Cain is a good man.Its plain by the effort the left is going to to force him out so Obama wont have to face an honest Black Man.This President is scared to death of Herman Cain,simply because he knows he can never face the truth .

    • Dennis X

      Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please run pee wee herman cain, we beg you!!!! A negro who went happly to the back of the bus. Didn't want to cause any trouble/, thats why your blacks are better than our Blacks.

      • donnafrflorida

        I have repeatedly said Herman Cain will rip off the masks of the racist sexist liberals once and for all.

        They can’t help themselves. They are truly are confused as to why conservatives are supporting him. WE will vote on the content of character. While the left votes are based on color, sexual preference, or gender

        In Nov 2012 when we elect Mr. Cain I will scream from my rooftop FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST.

        • Herman Caintonette

          Cui bono? The only people who want Cain out of the way are Mitt, Rick, and the Newt. Everybody does oppo research, just for a time like this.

          • Steeloak

            Nah, this hit job has Democrat fingerprints all over it. Obama wants to face Romney, not Cain.

  • Spinoneone

    The Cain campaign organization hasn't handled this very well. However, Cain should forge ahead. He has everything to gain and nothing to loose by making these clowns come forward and show just how insignificant this crap really is. As he said last week, there really is a target on his back and Soros, the Tides Foundation, and the rest will throw every possible accusation at Cain over the next 12 months.

  • cedarhill

    Anne Coulter, again, has collected all the dots. Go read about Axlerod and the Chi-coms (Chicago variety) at:

    The Left wants Romney — really, really, really bad.

    • davarino

      Ya and Perry, but he fixed that, heheh.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The Left wants Romney — really, really, really bad.

      Actually, that is absurd. After the 2008 elections, former presidential candidate and Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean publicly admitted that Romney was the potential candidate the Democrats Party feared the most.

      • Rifleman

        And you believe him, lol? The dp said they feared McCain the most last time, we saw how that worked out.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          And you believe him, lol? The dp said they feared McCain the most last time, we saw how that worked out.

          "Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Thursday he feared his party's nominee facing Mitt Romney in the general election more than any other candidate."

          “Frankly, Mitt Romney was the candidate I feared the most in the general because he’s got plenty of money, he’s wealthy,” Dean told reporters at a committee briefing. “He’s very articulate and he willing to say practically anything, and Republican voters want discipline.”

          When asked if he'd fear a McCain-Romney ticket, Dean said the former Massachussetts governor was the best candidate the Republicans were probably “ever going to get.” (CNN)

          Yes, as a matter of fact, I watched the interview and then read about it also the next day. Howard Dean said in no uncertain terms that the Democrat Party had feared the potential candidacy of Mitt Romney more than anyone else. Of course, they kept that secret and to themselves until after the 2008 elections and after Obama had already won.

          Not to mention that anyone with half a brain could see that the media engineered McCain's victory, as his campaign was totally broke going into the primaries and McCain was by far the most liberal candidate out of the bunch. As a matter of fact, McCain had made a career stabbing the conservatives in the back always at the most inopportune times. In fact, McCain was so liberal that I held my nose and didn't even vote in protest. Indeed, there was no way I was going to help the Left to continue hijacking the Republican Party.

          Indeed, the only ones claiming today that Romney is a flip flopper are liberals, because fortunately Romney flipped flopped from liberal positions to conservative positions. Not to mention also that that charge will not gain momentum except with people who already dislike Romney, as most conservatives are flip floppers too, as most conservatives today were initially liberals until they grew up and subsequently morphed into conservatives. Hence, that charge rings very hollow.

          As a matter of fact, Romney is just as conservative or more conservative in some instances than any of the other current candidates in the race today, and out of his two biggest rivals which at the moment are Cain and Gingrich, he is the only one that isn't tainted, as Cain now has a cloud looming over him and Gingrich's many skeletons in the closet will immediately be unleashed to the light of day should he happen to win the Republican Party nomination.

          Hence, considering the fact that a reelection of Obama for four more years would probably result in the USA morphing into Greece on a much larger scale, is it really worth the risk of supporting candidates that could possibly implode by the time the November 2012 elections come around? I don't know, but there is a lot at stake riding on this election and God forbid Obama winning a second four year term.

          • Rifleman

            To me, he's tainted by romneycare and gun control. I have my problems and reservations with all of them, but I won't be sitting at home pouting no matter who wins the nomination.

            It's easy to tell who the left really fears, because that's who they attack the most. They didn't attack 'maverick moderate' McCain much until he won the primaries, and then suddenly he became another "right wing extremist."

          • ObamaYoMoma

            To me, he's tainted by romneycare and gun control. I have my problems and reservations with all of them, but I won't be sitting at home pouting no matter who wins the nomination.

            With respect to Romneycare, a term coined by liberals to attempt to make him unattractive to conservatives, that solution was specific to Massachusetts only, a state with a legislature that is in excess of 85 percent Dhimmicrats. In any event, Romney has stated repeatedly that he doesn't believe in a one size fits all solution and that healthcare solutions should be left up to the individual states. Indeed, he has said repeatedly that what is suitable in Massachusetts, may not be suitable for other states, and although there have been a lot of criticism of Massachusetts' healthcare plan, the fact of the matter is support for the plan in Massachusetts is 3 to 1 in favor.

            Regarding Obamacare, Romney's solution is no different from any other current candidate as they all said they would try to repeal it as soon as possible.

            On gun control:

            "Let me speak very directly and candidly about where I stand. I support the Second Amendment as one of the most basic and fundamental rights of every American. It's essential to our functioning as a free society, as are all the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights…"

            Sep 21, 2007, in a taped message to the NRA's Celebration of American Values

            After throwing his support behind several gun control laws at the early stage of his political career, most notably, the Brady Act, Romney has reevaluated his position and is now opposed to any further gun control legislations

            "I believe we need to focus on enforcing our current laws rather than creating new laws that burden lawful gun owners. I believe in safe and responsible gun ownership and that anyone who exercises the right to keep and bear arms must do so lawfully and properly. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all federal approach to gun ownership because people keep and use firearms for different reasons. Law-abiding citizens have a right to protect their homes and their families and as President, I will vigorously defend that right."

            January 7, 2008, The Washington Post

            Hmm…like most conservatives, when younger Romney was more liberal. Then as he grew older, he became more conservative. As a matter of fact, that is the same exact path that most conservatives have taken as well. Indeed, it's called live and learn,

            It's easy to tell who the left really fears, because that's who they attack the most. They didn't attack 'maverick moderate' McCain much until he won the primaries, and then suddenly he became another "right wing extremist."

            Actually, you are correct because it was clear sailing for McCain until after he won the nomination, then after he won the nomination the Left unloaded on him, just as they would have done with respect to any other candidate.

            In any event, the Obama reelection campaign has been releasing campaign ads for months primarily targeting and attacking Romney, thus obviously they fear a Romney nomination more than anyone else, and I don't blame them as he is very smooth and articulate and would literally destroy Obama in the debates. Not to mention that the polls also indicate that if the election were held today that Romney is in a virtual dead heat with Obama already.

    • Beth

      "The Left wants Romney — really, really, really bad" (Yes, they do. Wake up Romney supporters)

      In Ann's article:

      "Herman Cain has spent his life living and working all over the country – Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, D.C. – but never in Chicago"

      (reality call – for the accusers)

  • kafir4life

    You don't have to look much farther than the racist Harry Reid who claims that Cain is "too dark skinned", and "speaks with a Negro dialect all the time". I'm paraphrasing of course, but the meaning is 100% identical to his actual words. Liberals believe that Blacks whose DNA has been tempered with White DNA, and cerntainly no descendents from slaves are the only ones diluted enough to be considered worthy of liberal adulation. The thought that the descendent of slaves can be president makes people like harry reid and that butt-ugly c-list comedian shudder.
    Liberals ARE racist……straight up.

  • kafir4life

    Something that the libs are becoming concerned about. It turns out that an ancestor of President Hussein assisted Herman Cain and Michelle's (my belle) family secure passage to and employment in the New World, proving a connection to Obama being pro-immigration and pro-jobs for generations.

    • Loupdegarre

      You mean one of the Big BO's ancestors was a slaver? Ouch! Wonder how Jesse and Al will handle that? Is there a link to that story?

      • kafir4life

        The level of the charges outweigh the validity or even the very existance of any evidence. But yes……It's very very possible that since Baracks family shares no common history with the majority of African-Americans in this country, that they were possibly on the other side of the equation.

    • Kepha

      Oooooh, what a dig! I like it! Being descended from East African Muslims, the O probably does have some slave hunter in his family tree.

  • PatriotX

    Somtimes you can get a pretty good idea of a man’s character by, not just his freinds he has, but by the enemies his enemies also.

    Let’s take a close look at whose making these allegations so far….hmmmmm…..nuff said.

    Cain is to this liberal-progressives and the whole 40 year lying propaganda about republicans, as what holy water is to a vampire. He’s the big wooden stake straight through the heart of this socialist leaning excuse for an administration.

  • StephenD

    IT is all to side track us from the issues. Can you imagine the American public at large being aware, I mean really aware of what this Administration has done…to our Grandchildren? Before a child is born today they are in debt equal to approximately $35,000 and rising.
    I know I'd much rather have you focus on someone else’s allegations of sleaze or a calamity overseas; anything than have you look close at my failures.

    • Kurt

      StephenD – The correct debt amount is almost, but not quite $50,000 per person

  • "gunner"

    from the depths of the democrat planning commitee shop come voices whispering, "that cain boy is getting uppity, time to take him down", "how are we going to do it?" "the usual, just accuse him of sexual misbehavior, that's always worked before."

  • AJ Weberman

    Herman Cain is a traitor to the blacks who wants to impose a 10% VAT on every quart of milk they buy for their children. Now that the media, Hollywood and the liberal Jews have made racism unacceptable, a crypto-racism has replaced it. The conservatives know he will be harder on his own people than any white and it will be more difficult to call him a racist simply because he is black. And where is his wife in all this? Remember there are black racist Lewis Farrakhan being a prime example.

    • Rifleman

      Race treason is only possible for racists, so I guess racism is still acceptable. It has to be, otherwise why would Black folks be considered inferior and in need of lower standards than everyone else? It's ironic that hussein has hit Black folks harder economically than anybody since carter. But hey, don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.

    • aspacia

      The blacks who wants to impose a 10% VAT–

      Another example of the U.S. k-12 education system who supports Obama, and was passed through the system.

    • Asher

      As you can see by the fundraising for Herman Cain, lies about candidates will not be upheld…This is going to be a debate on Knowledge, policies, abilities, and effectiveness in Government….The Present Occupier has failed miserably on all fronts, and cannot stand on his Abysmal Failures, thats why the left has to go on the Attack to discredit anyone with solutions, and a normal brain that has Ideas to make things better.

  • BS77

    He's been Palinized.

    • trickyblain

      They turned him into an idiot?

      • Herman Caintonette

        Both Cain and Miss I-'Da-'Ho got there on their own, thank you very much.

        If we had a parliamentary system, we wouldn't be electing idiots to office.

      • Steeloak

        It's a new term, hasn't made it into the dictionary yet, but for now, look up "Borked" and "High Tech Lynching"

    • BS77

      He is being treated by the lib tard media as was Sarah Palin….relentless attacks and ridicule.

  • mrbean

    Let's talk about Barack Obama and his WELL DOCUMENTED homosexual acts with at least three people. Ken Penn is one and Obama and Axelrod were sued by a male prostitute over the drug use as well as what? a “blow job” in the back of a limo outing. Obama met Larry Sinclair in 1999 from Nov 3 to Nov 8 in Chicago, illinois in the back of a limo he smoked CRACK and had a oral sex affair with Larry Sinclair! The mom of Donald Young is speaking up in Chicago, illinois! Donald Young was another GAY lover of Obama who was conveniently murdered just before Obama was elected! Hey maybe someone should ask Janeane Garafalo if it is really Obama who is the real TEABAGGER!

    • Ghostwriter

      Ummm,do you have proof for your accusations or are you just writing this simply because you can?

      • mrbean

        This is documented in affidavits by the accusers Ken Penn, Larry SInclair, and Donald Young's mother. Hell, if they had a HD video with sound Obamma A$$ kissers like you would deny it.

      • kafir4life

        I heard it all too. It's definately true. Obama should address it. I remember he admitted during the campaign that he did drugs including cocaine. That would make sense then that he'd have a homosexual relationship, then forget about it in his drug induced haze. And that thing is POTUS?????

      • alexander
      • alexander
  • mrbean

    By the way Bill Clinton is a felony rapist. It has been thoroughly documented about his lip biting assault and rape of Juanita Broaderick. The man is a pig. Imagine the President of The United States masterbating in the Oval Office in front of a young troubled woman he was over twice as old as. Dirty old man Bill Clinton.

    • kafir4life

      And the current guy is gay.

  • tanstaafl

    Every summer, the Television networks re-broadcast episodes that they have already run.

    Why do I think that "The Herman Cain Show" is a rerun of "The Clarence Thomas Show"?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I hate to say it, but for all intents and purposes Cain's candidacy is all but doomed as there is too much riding at stake in this upcoming election to risk it all on a tainted candidate like Cain, as if Obama wins another 4 year term this country will cease to be the same country and will become the next Greece on a much larger scale. It's not that I believe that Cain is guilty, it's just that I can't see voters risking it all on a candidate with clouds perpetually looming over him, since there is just too much at stake and it would be too big of a risk.

  • 11bravo

    If Cain wins Obama will have to run on his record.
    If Mitt or Newt win Obama will run on theirs.

  • Beth

    Here is precisely why the 'left' hates Herman Cain:

    Herman Cain refuses to appoint a Muslim in his administration

    Herman Cain on Sharia & Islam creeping into American government

    Protect America's future: Vote Cain in 2012

  • Hank Rearden

    Cain is an part of the African American community who has stayed outside the Welfare Plantation, which requires the patronage of white Democrats. Success in the private sector makes you independent of government handouts, and government handouts are the way the Dems stay in power. The Democrat party has a deplorable record on race, being first the party slavery, then the party of Jim Crow, the party of the KKK, the party that blocked anti-lynching legislation, the party that kept blacks out of the trades unions in the 1930's, and the party that blocked civil rights until voting patterns forced them to appear to change sides. But what happened after the 1960's? The Dems injected welfare culture into black communities and destroyed the black family there, something that 250 years of slavery and 100 years of segregation had not done.

    Hermain Cain stands as the repudiation of all that. If the black community sees private enterprise as the way to get ahead, the Dems are finished…forever. So they get Hollywood to lie about their past and their objectives. Herman Cain is the living refutation of those lies. Therefore he must be destroyed. Why are all these women from Chicago, Obama's home base? What is the significance that one of them lives in David Axelrod's building?

  • Jim_C

    As a liberal, let me say this:

    Cain is a charismatic guy, and I get a kick out of listening to him. I think his 9/9/9 thing is a bit goofy, but I admire him for putting it out there.

    I don't think he's ready to be president YET, and I think he's running a lousy campaign, even if he's picking up the sympathy donations right now. Because of this, I WISH he were Obama's opponent, just as I would love to have Palin or Bachmann as an opponent. I just think he'd be easy to pick apart. I think Romney and Gingrich on the other hand, would be formidable opponents.

    Sex scandal: We don't know what is true or not, other than the payouts, which may indeed have been cutting losses. But I defy you to say you wouldn't be using it to political advantage if he were your primary opponent, or if he were a democrat.

  • alexander

    all those accusers have something to do with FuBAR Ack O. or are within his circle of influence….Why does Cain answer? He should tell reporters: "go and finish your job on reporting about Clinton and Edwards, THEN I will talk to you" – and case closed.

  • Sallie G. Schaffer

    I am a conservative Republican and I do not want H. Cain for president. He is not qualified any which way. Not at all. Go away Herman.

    • "gunner"

      and obama was/is "qualified" i've seen no evidence of his "qualifications" so far.

      • Herman Caintonette

        Remember bin Laden? Al-Awlaki? Libya? As a CEO, he's run right over the Cain Train.

        Compared to Caribou Barbie and Willard the Job-Eating Rat, even the Shrub looks half-way decent.

        • Steeloak

          He was lucky enough to be Prez, when the military came to him and asked for the go order, that's all. You certainly can't claim he had anything to do with hunting down Osama or Al-Awaki other than allowing the continuation of Bush's policies.
          I do give him credit for being a leftist and not screwing it up, that really took courage for him to do the right thing.

  • bearone7777

    The pieces of human scum on the left as everybody says are going to go after him WHY?? He is a T.E.A.–Party favorite, and they hate the T.E.A.—Party very much. So Herman Cain in there view has got to go. No matter how he has got to be taken down, and re-introduced to the demo-crap party plantation. The lefts hate is not only with Mr. Cain—(MAY GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS HIM)—But any way it is with the very thing that Mr. Cain stands for "FREEDOM", and "LIBERTY" to do what you want to do in this great nation. She does not need to be changed, or manipulated into a box to satisfy a so-called President of the far-left. So go away Barry, and just leave America to the people that really care about her. MAY GOD REALLY BLESS AMERICA AGAIN—NO MATTER WHAT THIS PIECE OF HUMAN SCUM SAYS WE STILL ARE A JUDEAO-CHRISTIAN NATION, AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE.

    • Herman Caintonette

      As near as I can tell, Cain did this to himself. Five women and counting. And besides, there is no one Obama would rather run against. He didn't even know what a defined benefit plan is, and the China/Stan-Stan gaffes show that you don't have to be brilliant to run a company.

      • Steeloak

        So if 5 liars are recruited by a man's enemies, we should believe them over the man who has a long track record of having an upright character, as attested to by many people who know him well and have worked side by side with him for many years?

  • Herman Caintonette

    Beano: "Let's talk about Barack Obama and his WELL DOCUMENTED homosexual acts with at least three people. Ken Penn is one and Obama and Axelrod were sued by a male prostitute over the drug use as well as what? a “blow job” in the back of a limo outing. Obama met Larry Sinclair in 1999 from Nov 3 to Nov 8 in Chicago, illinois in the back of a limo he smoked CRACK and had a oral sex affair with Larry Sinclair!"

    Have you ever gotten a good look at Sinclair? No gay guy (or woman, for that matter) would give him a second thought. Not believable. The charges against Cain are made with people who have nothing to gain at this point.

    • mrbean

      There are signed affidavits Hermaphro Castratenette. The clandestine Muslim Marxist Obama is also a documented a peter puffing bunboy, I suppose in your eyes that Juanita Broaderick lied about the violent rapist Bill Clinton, too.

      Hmmmm… I though these women sued and settled out of court for large sums of money – and in addition signed a non-disclosure agreement? Did you know that if you violate a non disclosure agreement you can be compelled to return the monies?By the way, the ultra feminist hag Gloria Alfred does not get involved unless their are big bucks in it for her. Two of these women have too close a connection to Obama.

      • Jim_C

        "Documented" by dimwits.

  • Wee Willie

    Where are the "hard hitting" journalists? The original Cain accuser used the term "stimulus package." Was "stimulus package" a common term in the roaring late 1990's. I don't think so.

  • 13Sisters76

    There has never been a time, throughout its history, when the democrat party has NOT been racist and elitist. In this age of enhanced ability to educate oneself to the truth, those who continue to adhere to the ideology of the democrat party and the left, place themselves in a position where others MUST question their motives.
    Herman Cain and Sarah Palin are examples of two groups that the left "owns". Any representatives of those groups who wander off the plantation cannot, of course, be lynched, as in the past, but they CAN be subjected to some of the worst, most vile, personal attacks. it doesn't matter that they are lies. It only matters if it is successful. The left has used these tactics for some time now, and they have been so very successful in the past. It is why they have no qualms about using them now.
    Here's the glitch- People have access to information, now, and the means to hear both sides. The days of the left also "owning" the flow of information are over.

  • CAptain n Toenail

    So far the so called law-of-the-land has promoted that you are welcome to lever accusations against anyone, as long as it is sexual discrimination and no retaliation will be accepted. And, the first accusation is usually taken for the truth. You are expected to hold silence and not defend yourself against slander.

    So now, let me get this straight, “You can lie about someone if it is the correct kind of lie. You will be then protected by the courts in America and the one accused is not allowed to utter a word in his defense. ” Yep, sounds like fair play to me!

    Oh, by the way….The statute of limitations for such charges has run out. Check your law book again, you who live and die with allegations.

    I would not doubt it if some big players working for the IRS have been very secure to let the tax laws to remain as they are. Do not think only the Democrats are to blame.

    We will see when America goes to the polls next year if they have time to see if they want a president who has no more up his sleeve than encourage ACORN -funded rioters at Wall Street.

  • topeka

    @ObamaYoMoma and anyone reading these posts:

    OYM has posted a number of comments on this thread which should be addressed in a reasoned manner, since they bespeak of thought and some research. However, as most of us are not retired (and never will be) or in the pay of a Left-wing organization, few of us can answer this research.

  • topeka

    Despite what I just wrote, OYM buries a number of inconsistencies and includes of number of implicit slurs which cannot be properly addressed without adequate research.

    Happily, this is not necessary.

    If Mitt Romney is the most conservative candidate in the field, as OYM asserts, this means that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is 1. Anti-Mormon, 2. Ignorant, and 3. Lying to install a more Liberal candidate.

    If No. 1 is true: Conservatives deserve to lose because we are bigots. If 2. is true: I am sorry I'm so stupid, please vote for Obama to take of me. If 3. is true: I am sorry I am so misinformed, please vote for Obama and the Union Machine to build a nice Gulag where I can live in comfort without fear of encountering real life.

    Sorry…. but when a simple thought experiment devastates one's well-reasoned assertions or leads to incredible conclusions, there must be something fundamentally flawed with the argument.

    • topeka

      Romney offers the opportunity for established interests to continue using the government to protect them from their irresponsibility, if not criminal activity, and foist the consequences on the taxpayer. Other than that: Saving a few Republican special interests, Romney is not likely to do anything.

      e.g. Obama's administration is credibly accused of running guns to attack the 2nd amendment, Romney will not run guns. i.e. Romney will not investigate or pursue this crime or fire anyone invovled. Big Deal. Obama's administration is credibly accused of using import policies to attack a Republican donor. Romney will not. i.e. Romney will not credibly attack Democratic donors. Obama's administration is credibly accused of "loaning" money to "green" businesses. Romney will not. i.e. Romney will not credibly do anything to assist actual useful energy businesses, and we will still be arguing about pipelines and importing electricity from Mexico. And taxes, and regulations, and immigration, and so on and on.

      Romney will not … undo the damage done.

  • Armando

    My original choice candidate had been Allen West, but he has yet to throw in his hat. So when I became aware of Herman Cain and after listening to his speech at the Restauration weekend and after all the dirt dished out against him I pray and hope he becomes the Republican's choice for the White house and perhaps convince Allen West to accept the position of Secretary of Defense. What a team that would be!

  • Polly

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  • Highsider

    There is and always has been, a moderate sized undercurrent of integrity and financial responsibility challenged people within our population. The Democratic Party and their captive media have, for the last couple of decades, tapped ever deeper into that questionable resource for darkening/warping/smearing brushes, with which to Photoshop the images of individuals they perceive as serious political threats and who have risen to the top for the moment.

    Thus far they have used only women who were supposedly of legal age at the time of their never proven and always late allegations. However, at the cubic rate of growth of the use of this tactic on the left, we may look for the same shaky stories from the same sex and underage at the time, genres also. Especially so considering the current popularity of (experimental?) combinations of both in the media lately against other than political figures and as we witness the devastatingly lethal effects upon both the target and everyone around them.

    Cont. next post

  • Highsider

    There seems to be no good legal response to the tactic, since once the target is tried and found guilty in the news media, the usual court remedies are no longer viable, seeming only to create more grit for the media mill and in practice, requiring the victim to prove his innocence rather than the accuser to prove any guilt.

    And the really good news for the Democratic operatives? Whatever the final outcome, it will be well after the election in question.

  • AJ Weberman

    well what percent is the 999 tax. When I lived in Israel I paid VA T on almost everything.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    After the economy, the biggest issue America has against the current government is Obamacare. Romney has the weakest position against pres Obama's number two problem so of course the MSM wants Romney.

    BS! Romney's position is identical to virtually all the other candidates in the race on Obamacare. Indeed, as he has stated repeatedly over and over again ad nauseum, Romney will repeal and defund Obamacare ASAP, because he believes healthcare should be left up to the individual states, as what may work in Massachusetts may not work for Florida or other states. As each state has its own unique set of circumstances. In other words, he is against one size fits all federal solutions.

    In addition, he also advocates repealing and defunding Obamacare because he says it will devastate the economy. Now, does that sound like a man trying to impose Socialist healthcare on America? I don't believe.

    Not to mention also that Romneycare is a term that was coined by Leftist opponents trying to associate the Massachusetts health care system with Obamacare to deliberately attempt to discourage conservative voters from supporting Romney. However, the truth is there is nothing whatsoever remotely similar between Obamacare and the Massachusetts health care plan that is very deliberately being called Romneycare, and in stark contrast to the propaganda that tries to paint the Massachusetts health care system that is deliberately called Romneycare as an abject failure in an attempt to further taint Romney via misinformation, the truth is the Massachusetts health care plan is supported by the vast overwhelming majority of Massachusetts citizens by a margin of 3 to 1. Thus, not only is the Massachusetts health care system that is deliberately called Romneycare on purpose not remotely similar to Obamacare, it is also not a humongous failure either. Hence, apparently you have been the victim of a very slick misinformation and propaganda campaign intended to vilify and demonize Romney.

    With respect to the so-called MSM wanting Romney, that's absurd to say the least as the so-called MSM derailed his 2008 campaign when it focused all kinds of attention on McCain and Huckabee, whose campaigns were essentially broke. Thus, they have been using the same strategy again in this campaign by focusing all kinds of attention on Cain until the other day when Cain's campaign became tainted by charges of sexual harassment. Thus, since early last week that attention for Cain has been steadily diminishing and in its place, it is now going to Gingrich, which will now boost his support as Cain's support will inevitably falter, as the the so-called MSN is expert at manipulating the public.

    Personally, I like Gingrich very much and believe he would make an excellent president, although he refuses to state his position on amnesty for illegal immigrants. However, Gingrich has too much excess baggage locked away in the closet that will be unleashed against him should he win the nomination. Now, the Left destroyed his political career already once. Thus, they could very well do it a second time leaving the American people holding the bag as Obama wins a devastating second term.

    As a matter of fact, quite frankly since there is so much at stake riding on this upcoming presidential election, I would not touch either Gingrich or Cain with a ten foot pole as if either one of them wins the nomination, their campaigns could very well easily implode long before the November 2012 elections. I mean Gingrich's skeletons in the closet will be used to character assassinate and bash him over and over again by the Obama machine, and Cain's allegations of sexual harassment will also be used to bash him. Plus Cain will also be Palinized, only that Palinization process will be far more vicious and aggressive than it was when Sarah Palin was on the receiving end of it.

    In any event, the Obama campaign fears a Romney nomination so much that they have been running anti-Romney ads nationally against him for months.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Romney's biggest problem is he is a Mormon. However, people can't say they don't like Romney because he is a Mormon since that's bigoted. So instead they say that Romney isn't a conservative, when the reality is Romney is the most conservative candidate in the Republican Party field of candidates. They also like to say that he is a flip flopper, but virtually all conservatives were flip floppers too, as when people are young they naturally were more liberal, but as they go through the school of hard knocks known as life and gain wisdom at the same time in the process, they naturally become more conservative unless they are mentally incompetent. Indeed, there are tons of misinformation floating around out there intentionally misrepresenting Romney's official positions in order to portray him as being a stealth liberal, and the motivation behind it is because people don't like Mormons, but they can't say they don't like Mormons, so they resort to misinformation, half-truths, innuendos, and lies.

  • mrbean

    Ahhh like OJ Simpson really did not commit double homicide. Yassah, weez chimpouts on dah jury sho whitey whas happin. Yassah – (smacking lips rapdidly) matt-matt-matt-matt-matt! Basides, dem he kills beez ehite peoples. Yassah (smacking lips rapdidly) matt-matt-matt-matt-matt!