The Left’s Deranged Hatred of Allen West

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In an email sent to his constituents, West, reflecting on these last three attacks, speculated on why “the media simply dismissed the incidents.” “One might wonder–is it open season on a principled black conservative?” he wrote.

It may very well be. But not just for the principles West espouses, but the way he espouses them. On his website, candidate West maintained a blog spanning from Sept. 9, 2009 to Nov. 16, 2010 in which he outlined both his own positions, and pointed criticisms of progressive ideology. His style of writing was extremely forthright, both in defending his conservative principles, and taking on the progressive worldview, as well as its adherents, in no uncertain terms. In one of his final entries, “The Politics of Character Assassination,” West not only took on the media and the DNC, but establishment Republicans to whom he posed a question regarding their preference for RINOs who could win over Tea Party candidates who might not: “is it more important to win with no principles than to stand for something? That is the question the Republican party had soon answer unless they seek to steal defeat from the jaws of victory,” he blogged.

His straightforward style of speaking is equally forthright. Numerous videos available on the internet attest to this reality, such as this one on the topic of illegal immigration and his disdain for amnesty, this one regarding his contempt for government dependency and an unabashed belief in American exceptionalism, and this brilliant exposition of Islamic jihadism in a speech for the Freedom Defense Initiative.

This last topic put Mr. West on the the Council of America Islamic Relations‘ (CAIR) radar. The organization, designated as a co-conspirator during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial in which four defendants were convicted of aiding terrorist organizations, sent Executive Director Nezar Hamze to one of West’s townhall meetings in Pompano Beach, FL on Feb 21, 2011. Holding a Koran in his hand, Mr. Hamze asked where the book gives orders to its followers “to carry out attacks against Americans and innocent people.” West pointed out that the Koran was written long before America existed, but that it does tell its followers to kill infidels. West then chronicled a list of historical acts of aggression by Muslims, including the Fort Hood massacre and 9/11. He finished up the heated exchange with this: “I went to Muslim countries to defend the freedom of Muslim people. Don’t come up here and try to criticize me. Put the microphone down and go home.”

Sadly, the onslaught against West shows no sign of letting up. On Wednesday night, I attended Allen West’s town hall meeting in Boca Raton. Much like the meeting on Tuesday, Mr. West had to endure several leftists attempting to shout him down during his speech, and the Q&A which followed it.  Much like Tuesday night, Mr. West kept his cool and security escorted the unruly people out of the auditorium. No one was arrested, and to the best of my observation, the disrupters did not appear to be officially organized. However, the arrested Nicole Sandler and her cohorts seem to have something of a personal obsession with West. Sandler tweeted Wednesday that her boyfriend was going to attend the Boca Raton town hall and that she hoped she didn’t have to “bail him out jail (sic)” (h/t NBC Miami).

West’s no-nonsense approach to politics has galvanized many conservatives who would like to see him as part of the Republican ticket in 2012. If he were at the top of the ticket he would undoubtedly give Democrats fits, because he would devastate one of their primary motifs for the upcoming election, best expressed by PBS host Tavis Smiley on Wednesday. Smiley predicted the 2012 presidential campaign would be “the ugliest, the nastiest, the most divisive, and the most racist in the history of this Republic.” On Wednesday I spoke with West’s Communications Director Angela Sachitano, and asked about the possibility of West running for higher office. “Right now he’s focused on running for re-election in his district,” she told me. But she also left the open the possibility that things might change.

With his star rising, West is right to keep his options open. Tellingly, one of the candidates currently polling high on the Republican side of the ledger is Donald Trump. Why? A straightforward, take-no-prisoners approach to national politics. Allen West is just as straightforward, but he has at least three things going for him that Trump does not: a command of the facts, a genuine commitment to conservative principles, and a down-to-earth style which connects with a large cross-section of voters.

But the road ahead will be difficult, if West does indeed have higher political aspirations. In his last election, West faced a strategy of character assassination by his opponent. Unfortunately, as he becomes more ascendant, he will only face more ruthless attacks by the leftist stewards of race politics — those who demand conformity, and have little tolerance for rouge minorities who are unafraid to promote principled individualism in lieu of the culture of dependency.

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  • cgerber

    Mr. West don't ever surrender to the CLLPTs. They are sick individuals and time will show that you are an Honorable man.

    • David

      What Col. West is black???? All I see is a man of integrity and honor…..scares the hell out of left wing nuts……you GO Col. West… we need you!!!!

  • Lady_dr

    GO WEST – I've been a big fan for months and would like to see him in the White House. A few weeks ago it suddenly hit me "Allen West is black!" Never occurred to me before – so I am one of many who believe he can garner the black vote. And if there is anything our fellow citizens, both black and white, need is a real man to lead them – not this metrosexual man-child who now lives like a king and tries to make us his subjects. SUBJECT? – I'm a proud American and I say we need to stand up to tyranny and to fight enemies foreign and domestic. __

    • Armando

      Don't bet on Mr. West getting the majority black vote. The blacks have been so brainwashed by the pseudo-liberals over the many years they will probably continue to vote Democratic en masse to their own detriment, just as the leftist Jewish vote has been doing, causing untold harm to the only democratic country in the Middle East, Israel.

  • Ken Pugh

    I'll vote for him it doesn't matter what he is running for. no more RINO's!

  • Kim B

    Lady_dr You are so right-on! West is a real man. Notice how composed he was while Niclole Sandler was ranting like a Tasmanian Devil on crack? "I will not be intimidated by you!"

    • scareface squirrel

      When you have been under fire in combat, being attacked by a left wing loon is pretty mild stuff. He’s a real man she's a looser…

  • art

    If only our dictator would learn some personal values from this man our country would be better off……

  • crackerjack

    West's problem is that he's clone. Obama is the real thing.

    • Phyllis

      You r kidding aren't you? Nobama doesn't know how to run anything, except how to create a vacation and play golf, to Lead is something he has no conception of….He sure doesn't do what the People want, now does he?? How you like those gas prices and the food prices?? Nobama could have done something and he didn't!

      • Jim_C

        "He could have done something." Such as? Come on, Phyllis–you've got the answer, right?

        • pagegl

          He most certainly did something. He's driven this country to the brink of bankruptcy.

        • MxQuist

          to Jim C Part One:
          Hmmm, well, where to start.
          He might have NOT given back the bust of Churchill to the Queen, an insult to her, her country, and US, as it was a token of appreciation to the USA and the OFFICE of the President, not to him–and he could have NOT given the Queen of England the self-serving Ego-self-satifying recordings of his own speeches. Oh, and a collection of DVDs from the White House gift shop that were incompatable with British DVD players.
          He could have acted more effectively when the deep water oil rig blew, not simply ignoring it, but waving off every offer to help contain it and clean it up until it became the catastrophy it ultimately became. His "rightious indignation" was mind numbing and pretentious. His inability to lead and his attempt to delect blame and pointedly accuse were embarrrassing to sober thinking Americans.
          cont in Part Two

          • MxQuist

            To Jim C Part Two
            His "Moretorium" for off-shore drilling, as a response, was, perhaps, one of the most chilling exposures of this person's ideological persuasions that was ever revealed to the public. Not only did this abort numerous American jobs, the platforms moved to friendlier waters, and later, himself went to South America, with a 2 Billions Dollar check in hand with a promise to be their first, and best customer. WHAT?
            And then there is ObamaCare. OMG, I am not going to go there . WHAT a boondoggle, and the early next-to-last nails on the bright American's future coffin.
            There is not ONE thing that this man has done that has not diminished America. And yet, while telling US to help "bare the burden" and "accept responsability" for OUR actions, he is on an ever running global tourist vacation, and having news conferences for Basketball (oh for GOD's SAKE), denouncing America's status in the world to our most confirmed enemies, while pulling support and denouncing allegience to our most historically alligned allies.
            cont in Part Three

          • MxQuist

            to Jim C Part Three
            What could he have done? Well, just about the opposite of what he has been doing. Open the fields that could give America its own oil. Stop trying to crush big business. And quit telling US that we are petty self-servers who need to adjust the way WE think about our country. And take a GOOD look in the mirror, so that he might see the REAL reason that the USA is sliding down a slippery slope that HE is doing his very best to grease.

      • wsk

        To quote Barry,” I prefer to lead from the rear”. What an inspiration!.

    • popseal

      Obama, the Soros sock puppet, has proven himeslf to the a souless opportunist.

    • CombatVet

      An amoeba is also the real thing and probably more qualified to run our country than the sock puppet in chief. The problem with you is that you have the mental capacity of a worm and I don’t mean to insult worms. Now crawl back in you hole, we’ll let you know when we’re coming for you!

    • G. Joan Baretincic

      Get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is not good enough to shine Allen West's shoes.

    • Marveck

      OK, so West may be a clone, but not a "clown" as B.O.. (Use Lifebouy)

    • Phil F

      Obama is a fraud & has damaged America greatly. Obama can't even satisfy his radical left wing supporters yet he is destroying America daily.

    • MxQuist

      "…candy coated popcorn, penuts and a PRIZE, that's what you get (empty calories and a worthless token) from CackerJack!"

    • moberndorf

      You are living proof that there's no cure for stoopid, or you are proof that aliens from other galaxies exist.

    • dusterdog

      Yes he is the real thing crackerjack.Its called a raceist dumbass.

  • HankS_FtLauderdale

    Many liberals are comparing the town hall disruptions yesterday as legitimate discourse similar to the discourse two years ago by conservatives. This couldn't be further from the truth. First, the conservative reaction to the power grab by Obama was a true grass root uprising that was not pre-planned and circulated through Facebook and Twitter. With the left, follow the tweets and you find core agitators and party officials. Further, think about how many tea party protesters were led away in handcuffs? ZERO. I listened to former Air America host Nicole Sheldon yesterday evening continue to shout and disrupt until she was physically removed from the venue and arrested. There's a large difference between spontaneous reaction and carefully orchestrated malfeasance.

    Congressman Allen West had the foresight to not allow political operatives to sabotage his town hall meeting. Over 300 questions were written by attendees and independent reviewers selected the actual questions to be asked. None were screened, and Congressional staff will be asked to follow-up with people who didn't have their questioned answered.

    Political operatives from the left failed in their mission. Pastor Bob Cay opened the town hall meeting with the following quote: "politicians worry about the next election, statesmen worry about the next generation". Congressman Allen West is a statesman and a true American patriot. Go West!

    • Mark Anderson

      None were screened, what does that mean? Independent reviewers, sure, sure. Why didn't the congressman do it this way when only conservatives were asking questions? Gosh the Koch brothers, funding buses for the tea party to go to events, that is grass roots? Mr. HankS, you only see what you want to see. Now the congressman is only answering questions that are screened, so much for Democracy.

  • Cuban Refugee

    The intelligence, experience, sense of humor, service to his country, and — yes — skin color of Allen West were to the rabid radicals at West's townhall what daylight, a crucifx and holy water would be to a vampire about to bite the hate-filled leftists' filthy necks.

  • Layne

    Look, if the actions described here are deranged then so are the actions of the Tea Party movement. It comes from an intense, passionate feeling that we are headed in the wrong direction, along with a strong motivation to do something to prevent or fix it.

    A big difference is one movement is based on misinformation, decades of manufacturing consent, and in many cases, religious beliefs at the core. The other movement is based on historical facts, critical thinking and analysis, and reason.

    But make no mistake — there is nothing "deranged" about either movement, and it's a shame we must continue to paint the "other side" as our enemy. I think a lot of us either forget or fail to realize that we are not each others' enemies.

    How can we get beyond this misunderstanding of intentions? I'm a democratic socialist and I can assure you I love my country very much and certainly have no desire or intent to destroy it–quite the opposite, actually. I think conservatives feel the same way. We just have very different ideas of what paths are best.

    All that said, as one of Allen West's constituents, I am extremely embarrassed and can assure everyone that he'll be a one-term congressman.

    • Tony

      Layne, can you give us one single example of "deranged" behavior by Tea Party activists? I can give you hundreds of examples from leftists. Try taking a gander at what happened out in Madison, Wisconsin. But I think all of us here would be interested to know if you can provide one example.

      • Tom Anderson

        Thanks Layne for stepping right up and proving yourself to be the typical leftist talking point BS artist. Of COURSE the Tea Party Activists are misinformed. Oh, and those pesky religious beliefs we all have!

        You don't want to consider the "other side" as enemies, while on the other side of your mouth you brand us all as uninformed. You cite generalization after generalization, then you cry about the finger pointing. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

        Hey Layne, here's from one "uniformed" Tea Partier right to you. I'll debate you anytime, anywhere, any subject. You pick the forum. I host Tea Parties in Southern California. I'll set up a fair debate should you be in town. We'll see how your socialist ideas stack up against reasonable conservative ideas. And I am a man too, so if you show me up, well, another score for the feminists as well. (No mind that our local group is about 70% women, but forget that.)

        Knowing you are a typical leftist coward, I know my offer won't likely even be responded to. Until then, don't cry about finger pointing and making enemies when the one pointing the finger is you.

      • Sovereign Soul

        Along that same line of thinking … Layne, could you please list the actions of the imposter, aka Obama, that you think are a credit to the Nation and have proven his allegiance to our beloved USA? In other words: What has aka Obma done that YOU are proud of as an improvement to the economic and social conditions of ALL Americans — not just ACORN and the SEIU?

    • Ron

      I doubt you are right but whatever. Just what is it this man has done to outrage you people on the left? Was it his military service? Because he is black? I give up!

    • Guest

      What historical fact is the progressive movement based on? The fact that socialism has failed evywhere it was tried? The fact that only the free market in a free society has proven to be a viable arrangment?
      The fact that it is theft to take from the ones who produce and give to the ones who don't?
      The fact that government should do only what the Constitution authorizes it to do, and no social ingineering?
      Please enlighten us all. If those are the facs you are referring to, then yes, progresives are very much mistaken, and the tea party people very much in the right.
      Thanks you for helping clear matters for all of us.

  • Layne

    I just have to point out how incorrect this statement is:

    "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) took time to criticize West as well, making the bizarre accusation that he…thinks it’s OK to objectify and denigrate women[.]” She extrapolated this from the fact that West writes a column for a biker magazine which has some less-than-enlightened views regarding women. Thus, West is guilty by association."

    I believe Wasserman-Schultz may have extrapolated that "bizarre accusation" from the following remarks made by Rep. West to a group of women recently:

    "We need you to come in and lock shields, and strengthen up the men who are going to fight for you. To let these other women know on the other side—these Planned Parenthood women, the Code Pink women, and all of these women that have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness—to let them know what we are not going to have our men become subservient. That’s what we need you to do. Because if you don’t, then the debt will continue to grow."

    As a woman, I must say I do feel rather denigrated by the bizarre accusation that our nation's debt is somehow related to women like me "neutering American men" and trying to "have our men become subservient."

    So, as you can see, Rep. West does hold some rather extreme views when it comes to women and our roles in society, and therefore Rep. Wasserman-Schultz's comments were not all that bizarre, after all.

    • MBA NJ

      As an hombre I agree with your assessment… No one is perfect, and frankly before this posting I had not ever heard of him. Bravo to you for pointing out the truth.

    • MBA NJ

      I posted this reply before but it did not get swallowed apparently.

      I am a male and I agree with your assessment. He is not perfect, and no one is. But this is rather important.

    • taid

      well, if you are a liberal woman, you are responsible for and culpable for spending us into oblivion. Own it.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      What you have just opined is a classical case of completely missing the point.

      "So, as you can see, …." No. Actually YOU do not. Wasserman-Schultz is completely bizarre and would be in the running for the top ten stupidest people in Congress. I think she might slip in there between Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Whatever. The field has opened up a bit since Joseph Robinette Biden took his peculiar brand of inanity to a higher level.

    • Tom Anderson

      You honestly believe that feminists don't marginalize men? With the "a man is not needed in a family", "there is no job a man can do that a woman can't do better", and "you don't need marriage to a man to be happy", the very feminist talking points we have heard for the past 40 years—and you have an issue with someone pointing that out? Planned Parenthood management and customers ARE primarily women. Code Pink IS all women. Feminists DO seek a reduction of power of males. Guys HAVE become wimpier!

      And you come forward with the audacity to label anyone who has the guts to actually say what everyone is thinking as "extreme". "Extreme" would be saying women are inferior. "Extreme" would be saying women should not have the same rights as men. Those are extreme statements.

      Maybe you should get out more, and listen to what women like Maureen Doud, Katie Couric and a few well known actresses think about men. You know, influential people.

      You might start here.

    • Dennis X

      Actually west is supported and he has accepted the support of the outlaws 1%ers, who are openly racist , anti-jewist and to whom women are property. Talk about guilt by association.

      • Frost

        And Obama is supported by the Black Panthers (kill cracker babies), Planned Parenthood (kill unborn babies), Reverend Wright (America is racist and United States of KKKA) and Bill Ayers (Blow up NYC police).

        Yes, let's start with guilt by association.

    • Dave

      Extreme in your opinion! The women on the left are always on some campaign to stop this or stop that because they disagree with whatever it is. Col. West has a right to his opinion as do you, what about Obama, he holds some extreme views as well but where are you on that? As far as Wasserman/Schultz, what do you say, she is always caught with her foot in her mouth or not having a clue about whatever she speaks on, like Healtcare for instance, she had no answers and had a deer in the headlight look on her face.

    • michiganruth

      as a woman myself, I'm embarrassed that YOU'RE trying to speak for women with your comment. if you don't think that the American male has become p*ssified over the last 30 years, you just haven't been paying attention.

      Allen West scares the heck out of liberals because he's a black conservative. if he runs, you can't play the race card. and when you can't play the race card, you don't have anything left to play. so you demonize him, call him extreme, try to make him out to be something he's not. isn't going to work.

      • Jim_C

        You can talk about him how liberals are "scared" of him all you want.

        If he even makes it to the starting blocks before getting drummed back into obscurity, it'll be a miracle. And it will be conservatives what done it, not liberals. Mark my words. You guys are blind to the requirements of your own party.

    • cuda65

      If you will note, Layne, he is talking about the women on the "other side" – Planned Parenthood & Code Pink. The women on the other side who have been neutering American men. That is absolutely true. Are you on the other side? Then you are
      part of that group. If you are on West's side, then he is not talking to you, obviously. If you INSIST on being victimized, then there's nothing that can be said to you.

      Women (as a group) are in charge of more and more in our society, and, more often than men, allow their decision to be driven emotion rather than reason. Can anyone honestly doubt that? A result we are in a terrible national mess indeed. See Tom Anderson elsewhere in this thread for good detail on this.

    • Jack Reacher

      You feel denigrated over that? How about you were compared to that screech machine Washerwoman Schultzy? Now that is being denigrated! Give it a rest Layne, like all liberals you have an empty slate from which to work with.

    • Wayne

      I have seen it now. A certifiable fool trying to deliver a comprehensible message, that is about the equal of a cow trying to inseminate another cow, it just can't be done. Whew! I love how these fools show their colors. Layne, I love you because you are the truth shown to light of what a SSB (Stupid Socialist Bilch is all about.

  • Steve Chavez

    Let's just end the debate and call all those against West "racists!" Hey, that's what the Left does when anyone dares question Obama on anything! "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

    Seriously, West is a man of honor, integrity, extremely bright, patriotic, and moral conviction, all of which really bothers the Left no matter of race!

    • Eve

      Yes, Rep West scares the holy hell out of obama and co horts……hmm he writes for an outlaw biker mag……how does that in anyway compare, to training and funding acorn, siding with illegals, funding and bowing down before the Unites States of America’s enemies, turning to the UN to make decisions for our country, to name just a few things this traitor in the white house has done…Get a grip, people!!!!!! Oh not to mention obama’s in bed with amoung others, the president of mexico. For those of you who can’t think……this is a metephor.

      Get a grip, before it’s too late……’s 11:45 HIGN NOON is close

  • Ken

    If this had been an actual town hall meeting instead of a lecture and seminar with pre-screened questions, nobody would have been called a heckler. As for West being a “real man,” a real man would have stood up for someone exercising their 1st amendment rights instead of letting them be shipped off to jail. Soooo manly. It’s pure cowardice to silence any dissent or opposition.

    That’s why I don’t expect this message to pass moderation.

    This just goes to show that the “Tea Party” is all talk about the constitution. You just want to be lead without questioning the people you follow. The truth is YOU HATE the 1st Amendment and you prove it time and time again.

    You won’t see arrests or ejections en masse like this from politicians on the Left. You won’t see “conservative” comments and messages scrubbed from Left wing websites. It’s truly sad that none of you have a clue about what the problem is here.

  • Jim_C

    What? Allen West is black? Wow! Congratulations conservatives! Now you have five black men on your side! That proves you can't be racist!

    • Chezwick_mac

      I used to respect you as a rare, sensible liberal, not prone to the demagoguery that plagues so many of those of your political persuasion. I guess I was being naive.

      • Jim_C

        Just to be sure, Chezwick, I want to see West's birth certificate–the LONG form.

    • 11bravo

      and how many black MEN do you have on your side that are not either dependent upon the government for their subsistence, politicians, race hucksters and their organization members, prison inmates (see gov dep above), or any one following said hucksters and poltiticians; wow!! your numbers just went way down man.
      West is who he is, and everyone see's it. Smearing him is like smearing Palin; what has he done to deserve to be SMEARED? Most people are puzzled to see that.

      • Jim_C

        How did I smear West?

      • Jim_C

        Way to stereotype black people, by the way. gee, wonder why there's only five of them in the GOP?

    • nightspore

      You should really try to make your knee-jerk reactions less obviously knee-jerk.

    • Chuckkel

      Actually 10 blacks ran as Republicans and only two got elected so I guess the democrats were the racists since they did not vote for them.

    • Phil f

      5 or 500 or 5000 black conservatives, at least some in the black community have wised up and realized that democrats & liberalism oppresses and keeps black Americans dependent upon them so they can control them.

  • Jim_C

    "Thus, West is guilty by association."

    Please, someone sane, here, PLEASE tell me you see the gobsmacking irony of a FPM writer calling out the fallacy of "guilt by association." Please. Anyone? Anyone?

  • Jim_C

    "Allen West represents most African-Americans." LOL! Do African-Americans know this, yet?

    Nice try.

  • kafir4life

    The problem the left has with West is that he is Black, and they are racist (straight up). He doesn't look like anybody on the currency, and his Blackness scares them. They honestly believe that a full blooded Black man, one who is descended from slaves isn't capable of being president. They think that the Black DNA needs to be tempered by a White parent, as in the case of Mr. Obama. And best that they don't have the Democrat endorsed "slave history" that they think is prevelant among real Black people. Even Harry Reid, the leader of the Demonicrat Senate indicated that Obama was "just Black enough" for his party of racists.

  • Steeloak

    The left only attacks that which they fear. If they speak in soft tones using conciliatory words, or offer up praise for the positions of a Republican it just means that he or she is not considered a serious threat to the left. In other words – a RINO. Names like McCain, Graham, Jeffords, Snowe, Collins, etc. leap to mind.
    If, on the other hand they use the most vile language & hate filled rhetoric they possess, if they seem unhinged in their behaviour, if they obsess & scheme destruction of that person, then they see him or her as a true threat to their power. Names like Reagan, Palin, Bachmann, & West come to mind.
    If West can survive the certain character assination to come, he will be president if he chooses to run. His worst enemies, however, will be the RINOs in his own party leadership.

  • Yossi Bar Negev

    If there is anyone who has the fortitude, conviction and courage to stand up to the Demonic, ooops, Democratic goons, Allen West is the MAN! I have the utmost respect for him. I especially appreciate his strong support for Israel. Personally, I would love to see an Allen West / Michelle Bachmann ticket. Would drive the left crazy!

    • Dispozovdaburka

      You are right.
      Allen West is a fine statesman and a very honorable man.
      We will need a strong person with a strong military background in
      Obama got rid of the threat of Petraeus running for President.
      Why not Romney or Bloomberg and West?

  • LibertyDwells

    I love how the leftist smear tactics show up even here…and how transparent and weak they are no matter where they are screamed by the dwindling number of hate-filled, racist Democrat extremists. You people are an embarrassment to this nation, and the only "one termer" of note will be Obama.

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    Th., 04/28/11 common era

    It looks to me that Representative West's skin is darker than El Presidente's. Whereas Our Beloved Chairman Husein is only half Black, Representative West appears to be all Black.
    That fact alone should motivate liberals to vote for him– but of course, they won't.

    West is a courageous and patrotic American. More power to him and to his followers.

  • Barbara

    I have heard Allen West speak at three events in FL. He is smart, courageous and determined to work for his constituents in preserving the freedoms and prosperity of America.

    He is teaching us what it looks like to stand on princioples rather than cower before political correctness.

    He is doing much good and we should follow his example of asserting our constitution instead of dropping back to a defensive stance at every criticism from the socialist progressives and MSM.

  • Constitution First

    In increasingly parallel attitude to Radical Islam, The Progressive Left goes into psychotic rage when an assumed party captive goes off the reservation. The irony is women and minorities are the most poorly treated by their own. Ask Feraldo or Clinton or any women who dare vary from party dogma. Liberalism is a disease, how else can you explain women and minorities relinquishing their identities and having ideology dictated to them? For it is way too uniform not to be so.

  • "gunner"

    col. west, sir, lock and load, stand and fire!

  • bearone7777

    Lt. Col West first off thanks so much for your service, and your SACRIFICE for America, and your family's also. Now for all the reasons that people have already listed, but for the BIGGEST, LARGEST REASON THE LEFT DOES NOT LIKE-[HATE]-LT. COL. WEST "HE IS A BLACK MAN THAT IS A REPUBLICAN". AND TO THEM THAT IS A NO, NO.

  • Hank Rearden

    I love it that the Dems released West's tax lien. How, exactly, did they get that? And his SocSec number? Really, really nice guys.
    If West had a tax lien, I say, welcome to the real world!! Maybe he should have become a community organizer. That seems to pay really well, although I am not sure who signs the checks.
    West has the Left really worried. Why? Because he is a conservative WHO CAN MAKE THE CASE. He is a great and well-educated speaker. He knows why he thinks what he thinks. When I see his YouTube's I find myself standing up and cheering!!
    I hope he can move to the front of the pack fast enough to be the Republican nominee for 2012.
    I don't think anybody is going to pay attention to sludge that the Left digs up. It would be a privilege to lick envelopes in his campaign. This is a guy who, when he was a commanding officer in a combat zone, took off his body armor and gave it to one of his soldiers.

  • Ekofo

    Being an African from Congo, going through wars and miseries but finally, got the chance to live in Canada, from the bottom of my heart I can tell without shame that among black people of integrity there are none like Doctor King and Allen West…

  • Rob B. from MI

    Why would you make such a sweeping statement on such a succinct topic and feel that adding any facts or reasons -or even opinions! – was unnecessary?

    • Jim_C

      Well, run him, and you'll see.

      Aside from his political views, I have no problem with him. But understanding politics, I know he'll never make it out of your own caucus intact.

  • Armando

    Mr. West, Thank you so much for having put your life on the line in the service of your country and for me personally. I beg you, please run for the White House and let's get rid of all those so-called Republican insipid candidates that are lining up for the primaries. It would be a calamity for the Unites States, and the world, if we have another four years of that nincompoop, who cannot distinguish his rectal orifice from a whole in the ground.

  • kelly

    Congressman Allen West , PLEASE run for president in 2012!!!!!!

  • ordman

    Rich, White, and liberal I guess that their just a bunch racist. Why doesn’t BOCA RATON love your B L A C K Congressman as much as your B l a c k President? Palm Beach County you went 61.5% for Obama in ’08. Looks like it might be about politics instead of race when you disagree with someone what to ya thing? The next time you call someone who believes that President Obama is wrong or they don’t like his position on some policy a racist remember how you treated Rep. West.

  • cgent47

    The right and 90% of independents know what the lying trash on the left is all about now.
    All liberals can do is lie and play the race card. Never any facts. Never any truth. Just lies and race baiting. The reason they are always calling FOX NEWS liars is because they cannot stand the truth. Liberals are so used to the lying left they think its the truth.

  • Big Ugly

    Mr. West, I called your office when first I heard you speak. I did some research on you and your paradigm. I asked you, then, and I ask you now – please, Sir, make a legitimate run for the Office of President of the United States.

    Further – should ever decide to make the trip to Wyoming on your motorcycle – please do so, we have lots of open road up here. The only problem is ….. everyone knows that we are so "racist" up here in the "High, Wide, and Lonesome" that you probably be delegated to one particular position in the 'ride order'. That being the LEAD bike of course. I, myself, will be riding 'Sweep'. or 'Tail Gunner', or 'Rear Guard', or what ever else you want to call it. Those who understand, will understand – those who do not, never will.
    Wyoming is an Open Carry State – and I do, all day every day – if you don't bring one with you, I'll make sure that one is available. After July 1, of this year, we become "Constitutional Carry" – if you have one, it's up to you how you carry it.

    Stand to Colonel. I, too, took an Oath (1974) and that Oath is as true and valid today as it was then. We have an ENEMY in the White House that MUST be removed – Please, Colonel, Remember YOUR OATH, run for the Office and help remove the Usurper and save our Nation.

  • Klaus

    It does show who the real racists are.

  • Bob

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the new head of the DNC. Wow, the Peter Principle at it's finest. After the 2010 Democratic losses in South Florida, they promote her to a still higher level of incompetence or has she been "put out to pasture" like Howard Dean was? LOL It's amazing that she is the best the DNC could do. That should strike fear into the hearts of every liberal Democrat. She's nothing but a Saturday morning cartoon.

  • david hepburn

    i have see many videos of col west and have seen him stand for integrity and the good that conservative views will do for this for layne and other left wing nut jobs,well theres one in every crowd.meaning many on the side of good for our country and a few who would change our way of life to socialism.we have all seen what socialism is ,its a stain on many of these left wingers would actually move to a comunist country.none i assume ,they just want the comunist country to move to them.the ultimate form of liberal laziness is what they in thier small numbers are showing us.keep up the clear and honest talk mr west and you,ll get the votes needed to prevail and someday lead this great country away from socialism.

  • Marveck

    From what I have seen so far on TV programs and have read in various sources about Congressman West , he ,with a term or two in Congress, could will be a good Republican presidentail candidate by 2016. He could be a PROUD candidate any Race could support for president.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Trump, Bolton, West are my top three for leadership………….any more of
    the same old same old and we can write that on our tombstones……….William

  • Herbert Bowie

    Congressman West ; If you let others bother you ,that makes two people worried so forget them and do as i suggest as i am a ww ll vet. just call them lucky people because they can kiss your ass and you can't. please stay in congress and be with a smart crowd and be a help for a good honest government for America. as for the job of president i would rather see a chimpanzee on that seat. Give it a grape vine, a few bananas and teach it to make an X on documents that only congress approves. sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Joe the Ret Navy guy

    I wish every Congressman (person) and Senator we have in Washington had the patriotic fervor we see in Colonel West. He is a REAL AMERICAN. There are those who let something stupid like skin hue determine their opinions, but Alan West is a man of character who loves our country and supports the U.S. Constitution.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    West faces another problem that is not mentioned in this article and which was one that Senator McCain faced as well. It used to be that people looked up to military men and that bravery in battle and patriotism was seen as a desirable trait. This is not the case anymore among much of the left who instead see anyone with a military background as someone likely to lead the country to war. It has become a liability instead of a badge of honor. Those who vote for handouts are going to also vote against fulfilling any responsibility to put themselves at risk defending America.

  • linda a Fusco

    I have given up on the lefties loonies moon-bats. They have all the free speech to denegrate anyone they disagree with, I am so tires of being called every name in the book (THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW ME) they probably don't want to since I believe in GOD & country.
    Allen West is a man with clear independent thinking oncritical issues concerning our country today, and is strong on military, Allen West is not worried about his next show on Opera or his next social event, or cares what Europe thinks.
    Mr. West has my vote! because any of thoes BUMS we just voted in have failed us already !!

  • Michael N

    Allen West, John Bolton, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachman are all conservatives of integrity. They also ALL speak their minds in a very straightforward, understandable way. They all love America and they are no more radical than our founders were! The left doesn't want to hear reasonable solutions to ANY problems because it exposes them as the liars that they are. They OVER PROMISED some people with money that isn't theirs! God speed Mr Allen West and your fellow conservatives.

  • truth

    No psychoanalysis or conspiracy theories required. In this case, the simplest explanation is the best: Allen West is under attack because he's an idiot.

    • Leon

      Name calling with nothing to back up your words … standard tactic of the simple minded. Hopefully you'll make the world a better place by not breeding.

      • scoop

        Name calling with nothing to back up your words .. That wuld be like West;s E-mail to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

  • BenUSMC

    I’d love to see a televised debate between Colonel Allen West and the so
    called president . I think Col West would rip the Anti-American traitor
    a new @ssh0le. I’d also like to see Michele Bachmann debate the POS.
    She’d rip him another one. Just make sure no teleprompters are allowed.
    And have a moderator who would make sure there is no BS and all
    questions answered fully. Just the straight up truth. No lies. Obama
    would be totally out of his realm and revealed to be the empty suit that
    sits in OUR White House..

  • Bibi

    I am an 80-year-old white woman living in Florida. Every opportunity I have to hear Allen West speak, I tune in. He is the most logical, centered, straight-thinking politician I have heard since Ronald Reagan. I'm sorry I don't live in his district. He says things about our country and it's politics that too many have been afraid to mention for too many years. Consequently, that and the MSM have brought us the problems we are suffering under today from Washington. My only fear is that his voice and the voices of the very few others in his camp will be drowned out by the filthy loud-mouthed leftists and liars who control our country now. Mr. West is a strong man, and I pray that he and others like him will finally prevail in controlling our Congress and, ultimately our nation. Hang tough, Mr. West!

  • Pat

    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

    Alan West is getting ridicule and loud opposition by liberals because he speaks the truth and refuses to back down like the RINOs in Congress who talked the talk until they got elected and then refused to carry through on their promises to cut the spending, shut off the printing press and do a lot of belt-tightening like the rest of Amercia is being forced to do. Go Congressman West and show DC what a true American is like!

  • Linda

    Run West Run!!! WE NEED YOU as POTUSA

  • George

    I reside in Pennsylvania and I'm a registered Democrat and proudly donated to Congress West's campaign. He is true American hero! I became a registered Democrat in 1955 and sadly have to say that the Democrat Party I joined in 1955 left town a long time ago when radical left wing elitist took control of the party.

  • Wesley69

    Colonel Adam West poises a problem the the Liberal establishment.

    Any black person that isn't a NAACP member, that isn't supportative of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, or isn't for more Affirmative Action, or isn't for a redistribution of the wealth, or refuses to blame whites for the continued problems of blacks or is not supportative of Democrats is an Uncle Tom, an Oreo, a Sambo.

    Colonel West is part of the enemy camp because of his Conservative beliefs and affiliation with both the Republican & Tea Parties. Being black and a possible future candidate for higher office, Colonel West, to Liberals, must be painted as a race traitor, a sellout and a token.

  • Roy Hamari

    Yes, Obama has made my life easier. I used to spend hours studying issues to determine what would be best for America. Now, all I have to do is find out his position on an issue and know, without a doubt, that the opposite position is the one best for America’s future. It has yet to fail.

  • webbsight

    Is it due to space that so many talk in generalizations? Can't anyone talk about this stuff in good faith? What is so exceptional about America if "the Left", whoever they are , or conservatives are all idiots. Cynicism is killing us as far as our ability to recognize good intentions or exchange ideas evaluating them with fairness and objectivity. We expect our lawmakers to work it out, but anyone past the age of 10 could read these posts and realize the impenetrable intolerance adults have nowadays. Arguably, our failure to properly deal with race contributes generously to this problem. It's extremely insulting to be a black democrat and have your voice taken away by whites that refuse to consider black people can navigate their political concerns just like anyone else. Also,how could someone honestly refute racist sentiment is in our politics and how many see Obama. I resent the message it sends to black kids that no matter what you do your reception in America will sometimes be dehumanizing, that your motives will be questioned, that there is distrust your merits can't overcome, and that empathy toward you is forbidden because of the discomfort guilt can bring. BTW, The black gentleman who mentioned affirmative action, demonizing it and Obama really needs to pause and reconsider his ranting. These issues are complex and require good faith in solving them. Any other discussion is futile. All whites here that think race is simply a card used for leverage need to really look at counseling if truths aren't applicable if it doesn't parrele to what you need them to be.

  • Bonnie

    Personal attacks are required when there is no logical issues. That is a progressives attitude for sure. Stand firm Lt. Col West sir, we have your back…

    • t-bone

      Well, that explains West's E-mail to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She was very exact about the way his vote would hurt senior citizens. Did West answer arguing against
      her points. No, He went right to the insults with a mad trirade . Enjoy your term Mr. West, it may be the only one you get.

  • Yoganana

    When Allen West is ready to run for higher office, this country will have the ability to elect a person of ethics, courage, piercing intelligence, and a deep and broad educational background. Not only will "the race card" not be played, but the entire deck will be thrown out as he conducts a campaign with integrity and dignity. As you can see from my post, I am a gung ho supporter of Mr. West. We should only be so lucky as to have him as a candidate and President.

  • ed przybylski

    West for prez

  • The Patriot of Ohio

    If the Outlaw motorcycle riders are getting involved in the electoral process its because even they can see what the muslim and his cronies are doing in Washington to destroy our Constitution as well as our nation. And, as least they were born in the U.S.A.!

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