Turner Takes It

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In a stunning upset, the race for New York’s 9th Congressional District, originally perceived as a slam-dunk for Democratic political machine candidate David Weprin, was won by Republican Bob Turner. Turner, a former TV executive and political novice, is the first Republican to represented the district — in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 3-1 margin — since 1923. And despite attempts by Democratic political operative to put the onus on Weprin for running a bad campaign, much like they did when Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown in Massachusetts, it is far likelier this vote is exactly what it was predicted to be: a referendum on Barack Obama and his dreadful handling of the economy.

The race was necessitated by the resignation of Anthony Weiner, now famous for the “sexting” scandal that drove him from his seat. It was a precipitous fall for the former Congressman, who had relished his role as one of the Democratic Party’s high-profile media warriors and had designs on the mayorship of New York City. Yesterday it was revealed that Mr. Weiner was moving out of the neighborhood that sent him to Congress six times, re-locating to a rental apartment in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The normally loquacious ex-Congressman refused to comment on either the move or his future plans. Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf underscored Weiner’s current reality. “He is gone from the game for the immediate future,” said Sheinfopf. “This move means no local office hopes.”

There are other things that may be gone in the immediate future. The 9th Congressional District itself is in jeopardy due to the reality that New York is losing two seats in the House of Representatives based on sluggish population growth reflected in the 2010 Census. The state’s population growth paled in comparison to other states, such as Texas, Idaho and Utah, where growth approached a robust 20 percent in recent years. The decline marks the seventh census in a row where New York has lost seats. Ironically, much of that loss has been directly attributable to the tax-and-spend policies championed by Democrats, which have saddled New Yorkers with either the first or second highest state-local tax burden in the nation for over three decades.

There is no question such policies, currently exacerbated by the president’s most recent pivot to jobs, was a critical factor in the race. Even though the 9th CD is largely white and middle class, it is likely a substantial number of voters recognized that the state with the 15th highest median household income in the nation, one in which the engine of their economy is Wall Street, would take a disproportional hit from a jobs plan financed primarily by raising taxes on people making $200,000-250,000. In New York City, such an income level is attainable by a policeman married to a teacher, neither of whom is likely to consider themselves “rich.”

This reality was reflected in a Siena College survey of the district released last Friday which revealed that 54 percent of likely voters had an unfavorable view of the president. Even more devastating, nearly three-in-four said the country was headed in the wrong direction. A Democratic poll was equally daunting.  The president’s approval rating is down to 31 percent in a district Obama won by a 55 percent margin in 2008.

Largely as a result of this data, Weprin tried to distance himself from the president. Campaign literature distributed by the State Democratic Committee listed endorsements by several prominent state Democrats, including Gov. Cuomo and Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Conversely, Mr. Obama’s name was nowhere to be found. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who stumped for Weprin last weekend, underscored Democratic concerns. “If you want to send a message to Obama, call the White House,” she said. “If you want a great congressman that will fight for the district, vote for Weprin.”

Yet, as the race turned from a 48-42 Weprin lead to a 50-44 edge for Turner, it was Democrats desperately attempting to send a message to the voters immediately prior to the election. A race in which the candidates had raised a combined total of $654,755 by late August was hit with $500,000 from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for a final advertising campaign, and House Majority PAC, a Democratic super PAC, spent at least $100,000 on an ad hammering Turner for his “Tea Party” ties. Democrats also enlisted party heavyweights Governor Cuomo and former President Bill Clinton to record robocalls for Weprin.

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  • angel

    Obama, being an extreme Marxist ideologue that he is, find himself in a quandary, he has many speeds but no reverse. This is may be his undoing. He has bet heavily on his ideology wining the day and it is becoming obvious the reaction of the public. I talk to many people and the mood is not good out there anything that smacks of socialism or the Left in general. This mostly unremarkable individual lacks the intelligence or political skills of a Bill Clinton. Obama is too rigid a personality to pivot to the center. Any such tactic would be viewed by Obama as a sellout.

    • idffisgisil

      i am a real socialist. obama is not a socialist. please stop calling him that

  • Chezwick_mac

    Sweet music to my ears. Read it and weep, libs! And prepare for much more of the same next November. It looks increasingly like Barry is a one-termer.

  • davarino

    Thank you mr. wiener, and I am sure we will thank mr obama as well, next year……snicker

  • StephenD

    Geshhh, the silence from the left is deafening. Remember when they won the election in upstate NY? Man, you'd thought they just elected an emperor! After all, it was in a traditionally Repub. area. It must be a referendum on the Tea Party!
    Now, with the Tea Party link established in a historically Dem. area and he wins anyway…what do they have to say? I LOVE it! The pendulum has swung so far left it needs to swing equally to the right for a while. I hope there is a clean sweep in 2012 and we take the Senate too.

  • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    Click my name at townhall.com to read the most unusual piece on the blogosphere about Turner's upset victory.

  • alexander

    and BaraHussaOba will do EVERYTHING not have 2012 election ……. because it will be a landslide bigger than Reagan's!!! :):):)

  • mrbean

    Uf Prez Obama dun don'ts gets relected, den dah bruthas and dah sistas gonna riot in dah streets uf awl dah cities jus like Watts cause weez hate whitey, Yassah!

  • Steve Chavez


    YES, DEMOCRATS outnumber Republicans three to one and JEWS are predominantly Democrat BUT THEY SWITCHED because they saw the treatment of ISRAEL AND NETANAYU BY OBAMA and his base like those who aid terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah, and his INACTION IN SYRIA, a proxy of IRAN, while aiding in the Arab Spring that so far has proven to be ANTI-ISRAEL!

    AMERICAN JEWS, whose voice has been taken over by FAKE JEWS and who are the vocal minority, ARE FINALLY SEEING THE TRUTH about this FRAUD PRESIDENT who only supports the Jews, like his FAKE AIPAC speech, only to gain their votes while holding out his hand for donation$!

    "FAKE JEWS" or JINOS, Jews in Name Only? Aren't Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton FAKE REVS or Revs. in Name Only? There are many FAKE JEWS who support groups like CODE PINK AND THE "AUDACITY OF HOPE" Hamas flotilla ship, BDS/ Boycott Divestment Sanctions, and ISM/International Solidarity Movement whose ultimate goal is the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL. All this on top of Bloomberg snubbing any religious reference at Ground Zero but then his support for the Ground Zero Mosque. They remember too that Jews and Israel are a main part of the 9-11 Truthers conspiracy theory that is also a main base of Obama and the Democrats.

    I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY ANY JEW WOULD BE A DEMOCRAT knowing that most Democrats are connected to, supported by, and funded by groups who aid and seek the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL!

  • Brain

    People of upstate new york are simply tired or NYC politics. I think it's time for a 51st state and NYC can take Rockland County, Orange County and Yonkers with it. Stop leeching off of us and stop scaring our businesses away.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Democratic Party will shrink to the amount of leftists infesting it and
    Americans who love America and had been Democrats will resurface in
    some political form that supports America and reviles the leftist/communist
    insurgents that have been ruining the Nation…..Things are changing for
    the better but there is a long way to go………………………………William

  • jacob

    RIGHT ON, GENE …!!!

    Have you heard anythig from Senator BROWN, who replaced KENNEDY in
    Massachussets ???

    Seems after his ride on Air Force One with OBAMA, everything is hunky-dory
    to him, right ??????
    Did he turn him into another RINO ???
    It surely looks like