Weapons of Mob Destruction

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They can also overwhelm businesses. Countless flash mob robberies have taken place across the nation. The National Retail Federation notes that 10 percent of 106 companies it surveyed reported being targeted. “Retailers are raising red flags about criminal flash mobs, which are wreaking havoc on their business, causing concerns about the safety of their customers and employees, and directly impacting their bottom line,” they reported.

Are there effective counter-measures? The Cleveland City Council attempted to pass a bill making it illegal to organize a flash mob using social media. It was shot down by a mayoral veto when the ACLU contended it was unconstitutional. LAPD Capt. Jon Peters says police have no choice but to monitor social networking sites for signs of trouble. Deputy Mayor Gillison said Philadelphia police are reaching out to, and in some cases, “friending” community youths in an effort to monitor web traffic capable of generating flash mobs. Retailers have been advised to monitor social media as well, and report any criminal organizing to the police.

What drives the mobs? Two girls in the South London town of Croydon boasted that they were showing the “police” and the “rich people” that “we can do what we want.” Jonathan Taplin, director of the innovation lab at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication, echoed the class struggle theme. “You are essentially having a world where you have 25 million people who are underemployed and 2 percent of the population doing better than they ever have,” he said. “Why wouldn’t that lead to some sort of social unrest? Why wouldn’t people use the latest technologies to effect that?”

Clay Yeager, former director of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in Pennsylvania, theorizes a decline in funds for violence prevention programs is behind the rioting. Temple University psychologist Frank Farley contends flash mobs are motivated by “thrill seeking, rule breaking and simply the fun of an unpredictable large group social experience. The danger lies in that very unpredictability, when large numbers of people congregate with no clear agenda, and bad behavior or extreme behavior is initiated by some, and ’social facilitation’ and ‘emotional contagion’ might help spread the bad behavior in threatening or criminal directions.”

Perhaps just as important is the destruction of the nuclear family. Fully 40 percent of all American children are now born out of wedlock, a figure which rises to approximately 70 percent among black Americans. In the UK, out-of-wedlock births now account for nearly 50% of all births, on track to becoming the majority of births (and in some areas, 75% by 2014). (Mark Duggan himself was the father of four children, one stillborn, with his long-time girlfriend, according to The Guardian.) The societal wreckage this produces has been well-documented and will not be reiterated here, save for the fact that a wholesale breakdown in morality, like the technology that facilitates it, enables greater criminal activity.

The widespread criminal activity in Britain is being excused by some left-wing British politicians. Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, blames “austerity” for the widespread violence. Lee Jasper, former adviser to Ken Livingstone when he was Mayor of London, calls such austerity “economic violence,” adding that “economic stagnation and cuts being imposed by the Tory government inevitably create social division.” The overwhelming irony of such statements is the fact that the fiscally unsustainable nature of the welfare state championed by these men and others is exactly what engendered the austerity necessary to prevent the complete collapse of it.

But there is a bigger consequence that arises from the expectations for, and the inevitable failure of, welfare-statism. Whether they realize it or not, many Americans, as well as their British counterparts, are undermining the social integrity of their own societies. Little incentive remains for providing for oneself — or for that matter, one’s offspring — when the grotesqueness of the “social safety net” renders this virtue irrelevant. When society has removed all negative consequences to poor life choices, which keep people and their progeny nestled in the underclass (child abandonment, disdain for eduction, glorification of thug culture, etc.), it effectively rewards them. It is thus absurd to expect these behavioral trends to disappear rather than the reverse.

The situation is all the more exacerbated by a culture that shields the very segments of society that perpetuate these trends from any scrutiny and responsibility — primarily due to cowardice over racial matters. Hence the sweeping media silence on the disturbing trend of minority-perpetrated mob violence, evident in most of the reportage on these incidents. Here again, on even this most rudimentary level, negative consequences for self-destructive behavior are lifted. We cannot even identify the source of such criminality, nor demand change on the part of the offenders.

That inner-city American blacks have been subjected to these forces may explain why most of the flash mob violence has been perpetrated by them. But as England currently demonstrates, the original reason for the riots in Tottenham have morphed from a possible racial incident into one in which showing the larger society “we can do what we want” has become the ultimate rationale. If race was the match that lit the London conflagration, the culture of bitter class resentment and entitlement to unearned wealth, part and parcel of the socialist state, was the gasoline.

It is a rationale ignited by the cradle-to-grave expectations perpetrated by the welfare state. One that ignites anger, resentment and rioting when those expectations are threatened with extinction.

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  • tarleton

    As a British citizen who has lived many years in the US it's very sobering to come back to my homeland and see the radical changes that have taken place over the last 25 years , and how liberalism , the welfare state and death of religion has effected post modern Britain….Americans should take a long hard look at the UK and welcome to Obamaland, as it's an ironic ''back to the future'' of Stanley Kubrick's futuristic masterpeace of the CLOCKWORK ORANGE …an increasingly lawless , nihilistic world of drunkeness , debauchery , fatherless children and moronic celebrity worshiping TV culture ….a kinda high tech ignorance of mobile phones , toxic TV and internet , without the fear of God or the law

    • Yephora

      Spot on.

      • Terry

        As a fellow Brit thirty years in the US, I agree completely with tarleton.

    • dphillips

      Very well said!

    • carol

      Also British citizen long time in US breaks my heart.I hope people are awake in both countries.I remember Enoch Powell should have listened to him.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Excellent analysis. If race is a factor in these crimes – and it obviously is, it's because of the entitlement culture and social engineering (particularly, empowerment through victimization) that have so effectively destroyed such concepts as personal responsibility and the work ethic among inner-city racial minorities in America and the West at large.

    For you bona-fide white supremacists out there, it has nothing whatsoever to do with genetic proclivity.

    • Yephora

      "it has nothing whatsoever to do with genetic proclivity."

      Right. It's all just coincidence.
      Remember your nice white neighborhood and how the no-genetic-proclivity crowd moving in enhanced it even further? One example? Anywhere in the USA? Ever?

      Let's stop kidding ourselves.

    • mrbean

      African blacks failed to invent THE WHEEL during their thousands of years of evolution. When White explorers first visited them during the 19th century, they found blacks still living in the STONE AGE in grass and mud huts and throwing wooden spears. They had fire but NO WHEELS! The black brain has failed to evolve on its own. Their problem solving skills are below average, therefore they turn to weapons (guns, knives) to take things or to fraud to steal from people. They are unable to create or invent useful things, as evidenced by their failure to invent the wheel. They are not much more than savage animals that destroy everything they touch. Some of us have heard all the Black excuses all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago since the Great Society.

      • Chezwick_mac

        I remember when I was a young man thirty some years ago…talking with an unabashed racist just like yourself. He made many of the same arguments you are making now. For my response, I took two public personalities at that time to make my case. I compared a white man, Billy Carter, President Carter's brother, who was the personification of the ignorant, southern red-neck…with a black man, Tanzania's President Julius Nyerere, who – though a philosophical socialist – was a brilliant and articulate thinker.

        If intelligence is racially based, then by logical extension, EVERY white man (excepting those with brain damage or genetic abnormalities) would be more intelligent than ANY black man. Yet, the contrast between Billy Carter's intelligence (or lack of) and Julius Nyerere's couldn't be more stark. And this was just a singular example…of course there are thousands if not millions of others.

        I've known several very intelligent African-Americans in the course of my life. I'm sure many FPM readers feel the same. The premise that intelligence is based on race is not only offensive, it is clearly ignorant. You and Yephora are vile racists…and give conservatives a bad name.

        • Yephora

          Nothing in my post was racist. You hurl the "R" word around like a liberal.

          So you don't believe genetic proclivity has anything to do with anything? Consider:

          "The three-tenths of 1 percent of the world population that is Jewish has contributed some 25 percent of notable human intellectual accomplishment in the modern period."

          "Of the 660 Nobel prizes from 1901-1990, 160 have been won by Jews. Jews have won more Nobel prizes than any other ethnicity. They have won 40 times more than should be expected of them based upon population statistics."

          "Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews."

          "According to a study performed by Cambridge University called, "From Chance to Choice: Genetic and Justice," Ashkenazi Jews have a median IQ of 117.

          "That’s 10 points higher than the “accepted” IQ of their biggest competition, Northeast Asia, and 20% higher than the global average."

          "the math and language scores are astonishing."

          "…according to USA Today, “Ashkenazi Jews comprise 2.2% of the USA population, but they represent 30% of faculty at elite colleges, 21% of Ivy League students, 25% of the Turing Award winners, 23% of the wealthiest Americans, and 38% of the Oscar-winning film directors.”

          "According to the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, “Since 1950, 29% of the Oslo awards have gone to Ashkenazim, even though they represent only 0.25% of humanity. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is 117 times greater than their population."

          – Various sources http://lagriffedulion.f2s.com/dialogue.htm http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/jewish-vs-ihttp://judaism.wikia.com/wiki/Jewish_Nobel_Prize_http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4098351

          Now I'll turn your silly R-word tactic against you with an equally absurd ad hominem: If you still think there is nothing to genetic proclivity YOU are an anti-semite.

          • Chezwick_mac

            YEPHORA: "So you don't believe genetic proclivity has anything to do with anything?"

            I never wrote that. My assertion was that genetic proclivity had nothing to do with these riots.

            I would certainly concede that genetic proclivity has much to do with intelligence…but intelligence is not a question of race. Furthermore, the preponderance of Jews in the arts, sciences and in finance has been significantly influenced by cultural, historical and ethical factors that you apparently don't take into account, the most telling of which is the traditional Jewish emphasis on learning and education.

          • trickyblain

            So what happened to you?

          • muchiboy

            Jews have many reasons to be proud in their accomplishments.Indeed,our world would be very different and inferior without their gifts.The same might be said for the Arabs,Indians,Romans,Greeks and the English.The Scots in their turn have certainly made a difference.So what?
            I will not argue the national IQ of any race or ethnic people.Others have and we know the results.Suffice it to say that Jews have made the most of their God given talents,but despite their abilities and accomplishments they have lately demonstrated a flaw in their ethical character (seemingly) at odds with their history in their inhumane and unconscionable treatment of the Palestinian people.Likely this is a flaw in humanity itself,as we have seen the most civilized and brilliant of nations and peoples behave similarly.I am of course referring to Germany and their inhumane and unconscionable treatment of the Jewish people.muchiboy

      • tarleton

        This is the problem for us fair minded , decent conservatives ,that we have to make common cause with rednecks , neo nazi racists and other such creeps

        People like this will not be happy until they re-introduce slavery …these type of creeps are the kiss of death for us conservatives …..GOOD GRIEF !!!

        • Chezwick_mac

          Agreed. I replied to the nonsense of the other two posters, but for some reason, it said the site administrators had to clear my post.

        • mrbean

          Fair minded decent conservatives? Ohhh… you mean the RINOs – who is for reintroducing slavery? It is not the tea party or conservatives that want to confiscate the money of those who earn their living at 50% making those slaves 50% of their time or to make all health care providers slaves of the government single provider health care plan. Like I said, some of us have heard all the Black excuses and victinology lies all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago ever since the Great Society

          • Questions

            I can think of no economic nor any other justification for the presence of blacks here. Their ancestors were brought to America during the Colonial and early Republic eras to do jobs that lazy Southern plantation owners won't do (or at least pay for in a free labor market). It remains the worst mistake in our nation's history.

            Nothing in this world is quite so expensive as cheap labor — something we've been finding out lately with Mexicans. Impose tough immigration restriction now!

          • trickyblain

            The justification is, of course, that they have been here one hell of a lot longer than your grimy, vodka swilling Eastern Eurotrash ancestors. Right?

          • Ghostwriter

            And I'm getting a little tired of your nonsense,mrbean. Not every black person is a layabout. Would you please stop going to KKK and neo-Nazi websites? You'll feel better.

        • GKC

          People like this will not be happy until they re-introduce slavery …these type of creeps are the kiss of death for us conservatives …..GOOD GRIEF !!!

          Indeed. They make great sound bytes for the lunatic Left.

      • svendarbuckle

        What have you invented? I haven't invented anything, nor will I. I'm following along with 99% of the "white" population. On the backs of those that have invented things.

        I think that the inventions have more to do with how we progressed socially than brain issues. There are plenty of blacks that have come here and have thrived in our society.

        There are plenty of whites here (living in social conditions very similar to the blacks that are causing all of the troubles) that are criminals and low lifes as well.

        Just my two cents.

        • effemall

          Your two cents are worth a lot more than you know. Try two million. A percentage of blacks in America have made great strides since the second emancipation and have contributed importantly. Granted they represent a minority. Much of the present problem with large percentages of blacks can be blamed on super liberalism, the likes of the ACLU and self appointed black leaders who are racist opportunists who need to be eliminated.

      • trickyblain

        Lots of Asians were living throught the South Pacific and the Americas without wheels untlil Europeans came. Yes, Asians. They came from Asia. Vist any top-tier university today and what do you see a lot of? Asians. Science and math professions? Asians.

        Why did tribespeople not invent the wheel? They didn't need it.

      • ebonystone

        I'm not sure whether they had the wheel or not, but most black African societies were NOT in the Stone Age, but in the Iron Age when the Western European explorers first had contact with them, which was in the 15th c, not the 19th.
        A more serious example of backwardness was the absence of writing from almost the entirety of black Africa. Only Christian Abyssinia was truly literate, with a record of literacy dating back to very ancient times. Their example was not followed by any of their neighbors. Apart from them, the only societies with even a nodding acquaintance with literacy were the slave-trading kingdoms of West Africa, where the slave traders had introduced Islam and Arabic to the ruling classes. But there writing remained only in Arabic, used only for devotional and liturgical purposes, and its script was never adapted for use by native languages.
        Without writing there could be no record-keeping, no accurate transmission of ideas, observations, or opinions from earlier generations to later ones, no scholarship, no literature, etc.

        • Supreme_Galooty

          "Nowadays, we notice that there is very little danger of being eaten by lions. Nevertheless, the destiny that waits in the long grass for the silly boob who can't get his language straight is not a good one, although, of course, it does last longer than the business of being eaten by a lion." – Richard Mitchell, Less Than Words Can Say.

    • tarleton

      The anonymity of the internet brings out all the shameless, quasi fascist creeps who would like to find a final solution to the ''black problem''…..I have a bleak view of human nature so none of this surprises me ….I just feel dirty being on the same side of the political line…. GROAN !
      Furthermore , it's precisely these types who disgust and frighten political centrists into the arms of Liberals ………''no justification for the presence of blacks here '''! ! !

      • Chezwick_mac

        Don't let these racists distract you, friend. They are NOT conservatives, they are something entirely different. Conservatives believe in limited government, personal responsibility and equality of all people before the law.

        These idiots believe in race as the definitive characteristic of man. They reject the profound influence of culture, of values transmitted by family…and most of all, of the capacity of the individual to transcend himself and his circumstance through the force of his will and intellect.

    • tarleton

      And furthermore , its usually ,but not always the poor ignorant whites who are the most rancid haters of blacks because they have a great deal more in common with certain black folks than they'll ever dare to admit

    • tarleton

      I'm very impressed with the role that the US military has taken towards intergration , equal opportunity and fair minded treatment of black citizens ….the ideal place to inform and educate all citizens on the rights , responsibilities and behavior towards citizens of other ethnic backgrounds

    • tarleton

      On a personal level , I think i'd prefer some silly ,idealistic , but well meaning liberal to the malignant race haters that seem to gravitate to the right wing …it's just a pity they couldn't just crawl away and form their own political party …hmmm…I wonder what happened to all those blue collar Dixiecrats /southern Independence party types ? they seem to have disappeared with David Duke , ….but where to?

    • DrBukk

      In this same venue, it was reported that deep inside the Justice Department were statistics saying among strangers raping people, 3,000 per year were black on white. In the same year 10 white men raped black women. This is less than 6% of U.S. population inflicting these felonies, and murder follows the same outrageous ratio. What we have is genocide within our borders which is ignored!

  • Omar

    You can bet that BHO and his toady geitner cannot wait for the riots to happen here. The Army and it's Arkansas "holding" areas, (been there, seen em) are waiting for those that defend themselves. Remember that to BHO it is the white middle classes that are his terrorists, not the murdering muzlims or ex-con black Farrakhan followers.

    • Mr. C.

      What "holding" areas are you talking about? Please provide proof. I'm afraid that your word alone isn't enough.
      (Also, I notice that you have a "muzlim" name yourself.)
      Sorry, but I've heard this so many times before, in so many different ways. Remember the swine flu scare? How come they haven't done it yet already?

  • Waiting..

    Libya -Libyan state-run Al-Jamahiriyah TV showed a programme called "Homeland's Desire". The presenter, Yusuf Shakir, midway into the programme, began to address the British people in English, urging them to "defeat this British regime" which "killed their brothers".
    He said the Libyan people and their leader supported "black power in America and Britain" and always defended blacks who "suffered racial discrimination" in the UK.
    He said blacks and the poor took to the streets in London to demonstrate against the British "fascist" government. He added that Libyans would hold demonstrations holding up pictures of Mark Duggan, the man shot by police in Tottenham. Source: BBC Monitoring –

    ALSO put above, together with this important youtube video, and add it to what is happening in London. To make the UK ungovernable – http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=R3lOI8PCR5U&amp

    • Boer Freedom Fighter

      Add to that what the blacks with the help from these extremists are doing to whites in South Africa, their plans are obvious. They have joined forces with socialists and communists. The Jews supports the Afrikaners of South Africa – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-cbSZf2zbw

      • Ghostwriter

        Ugh!!! What rock did you crawl out from?

  • Fred Dawes

    It will happen here in the FORMER USA This is real immigration and colonization and our ideals of cultural understanding/multiculturalism and all that evil.
    I can't wait until this thing becomes a American thing so i can get some if you know what i mean? I have my old eyes on a 20 year old woman a new laptop a new can a new home and your butt,…only joking!! maybe? STOP PRISON RAPE!! But it is fun to watch and it can get alot better or can it???

    • tarleton

      go home redneck , you never post anything sensible

    • muchiboy

      America and the West generally have benefited from the slave trade,colonialism and selfish, exploitative foreign policies.How can you object to reaping what you sow?muchiboy

      • Ghostwriter

        Thanks for the ignorant statement,muchiboy!

  • Mark Rogers

    From London: on one point Mr Ahlert is only half right, when he refers to the terrorist-mobsters as disdaining education. That is true, but not the whole truth. The national Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, which oversees the education system and it "values" has for many years stated that the primary educational goal is self-esteem (to put it in a nutshell): no failure is allowed, all shall have prizes, in case pupil's self-regard is deformed. So those Croydon girls (if indeed they came from Croydon – the MP for Tottenham is on record as saying most of those arrested didn't come from Tottenham – a point which reinforces the concerns about (anti)social networking), those girls were demonstrating that in at least one respect, what the British state's educational authorities regard as the supreme educational achievement has been a lesson very well learned indeed. And of course all the clap-trap perpetrated in the schools and universities about the evils of our traditions only serves to fuel that self-regard and turn it into mayhem.

    • tarleton

      The future belongs to the young and I shudder to think what this ''Britain;'s got talent '' generation is going to do ….they could very well be the most degenerate in a VERY long time

    • StephenD

      Mark, I think you're on top of this. As St. Paul said to the believers in Rome, an oppressed people to say the least,

      “For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly….”

      You would think that people that are persecuted would have a problem of low self-esteem but instead we see them admonished for too high a self-esteem. The result of “thinking more highly of yourselves than you ought” is you are ripe for the picking of a Tyrant. Bringing Anarchy to a civilized society you become a “Useful Idiot” all because you want to “show the police and the rich people that you can do whatever you want.” Sometimes Humility is a bitter pill to swallow but it is the medicine needed. Actually teaching kids they should think more highly of themselves we bring on our own troubles as evidenced here.

  • muchiboy

    "It is a rationale ignited by the cradle-to-grave expectations perpetrated by the welfare state. One that ignites anger, resentment and rioting when those expectations are threatened with extinction."

    Again,as is typical of FPM and posters,the left and leftist policy is blamed for the recent riots in London,etc.We could compare the riots in the streets of London and the police response to the demonstrations in the streets of Syria and the Syrian Army response,etc.and see the overall benefits and operating values of our way of life,or choose to repeat the experience and conditions of the right,where rioters were not black,but white,and targeted Jews and their property.To FPM and Jewish posters,I say before throwing stones,give a thought to past stone throwers.muchiboy

    • tarleton

      You sound like a typical product of the Leftist , multicultural , feel good education …..you seem to lack any critical thinking skills and seem to reason with emotions …..I rest my case !

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Outside of these reports being sickening, they are predictable in a society that
    imposes no discipline on it's youth and jails parents for traditional spanking of
    and unruly disobedient child. Leftists have introduced all of the mumbo jumbo of
    Dr. Spock and he and others after him have sewn the seeds of cultural destruction.
    The leftist intent was to destroy America, bottom up and top down, we have what
    we allow, no more and no less………………………………….William

    • Questions

      Dr. Spock isn't the villain. I know plenty of "permissive" parents who have raised fine children. Hint: These parent are white. Do you think race might come into this?

      • GKC

        . I know plenty of "permissive" parents ….

        After this the BS really rockets!

  • scum

    No, the so-called 'austerity' measures were always the goal of the Right. As I've said before, if you want the Revolution, expand the extreme austerity measures that will inevitably bring the system down. You won't solve 'the problem' by yelling at people to pull their pants up.

    • winoceros

      I love when people act as if "austerity measures," is a term of positive action rather than a tearing down of outrageously unworkable spending.

      Taking away someone else's unworkable program is not an "austerity measure." That makes it seem as if the equilibrium needle is in the unworkable, debt-increasing, redistributionist, entitlement range of the scale.

      It isn't. I repeat. It isn't. Normal is not spending more than you have. Asking for expenses to be reduced so that a working man's income belongs more to him than his neighbor is normal.

      Calling it austerity measures is an admission of abdication of logic, common sense, and liberty. Too. Damn. Bad.

  • mcrobbins

    It is overspending that will bring the system down. Greece is a good example. Austerity measures were enacted to keep the ship afloat. (And its barely afloat due to the extent of damage.) The Leftist policians think they can get elected by promising the moon, but eventually the state breaks down from fiscal exhaustion. How many European governments are discovering this truth. (And enacting austerity measures.)

    Wasn't Ann Coulter's new book, Demonic, timely?

  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's DEMONIC for insight into the hideous mob mentality….

    • Questions

      Ann Coulter is simply incapable of bringing race into the fray. She can write a whole column about the riots without once using the word "black." On the other hand, she'd blame "liberals" for bad weather and asteroids if she could get way with it. She's simply not an authority on any subject.

  • Parker

    Sorry but this is a reaction to an ongoing recession. Yeah the violent reaction is wrong but the economy has cost many their jobs and there is no way around it. The racial component no doubt has to do with history but blacks have made enormous strides in the US over the last decades. However jobs lost overseas aren't coming back and however you want to spin it, there aren't new ones to replace them. I've spoken to headhunters and even HR people are being laid off. Even nurses are being laid off.

    I'm glad everyone here is doing so well but not everyone is and narrowing the discourse to the point of ignoring basic facts won't help you understand things in context.

    • wsk

      When the number 1 cause if death for a black male aged 18 to 49 is murder, i think that sums up the problem.

  • rbla

    Britons, will you now finally admit that Enoch Powell was right after all?

    • tarleton

      even a broken clock is right twice a day

  • tarleton

    I have a bleak , pessimistic view of human nature, and as such , feel that mankind needs to fear God or fear the law , but in postmodern nannystate Britain there is neither…it's all downhill from here as no other mature democracy has sank so low , from such lofty heights in a mere 50 years …the abolition of Britain ?

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    If we want to be consistent, we should call the English riots “The Crumpet Revolution,” declare the Tottenham rioters the legitimate government of Great Britain, arm them and then claim the property of BP.

    • Questions

      BP? I'll take the BNP. Nick Griffin for PM, mate!

    • tagalog

      I just heard a tape made by one victim of the Tottenham riots. A looter who is helping herself to the property in a house she's just hit with her rioting friends, shouts out that she's "getting my taxes back."

      I wonder how much she has paid in taxes in the past ten years.

      It just highlights how cavalierly we risk attack when we give things away to the have-nots, then reach a point when we just can't afford it any more.

    • ebonystone

      Maybe BHO will authorize airstrikes against the repressive British government unless they step down.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        I support that. They can start with Jack Straw’s house.

  • 13Sisters76

    The left has spent a lot of time and money, especially in the government-controlled schools, to build this "army"- don't expect the LSM to report honestly, any time soon.

  • tagalog

    Occasionally I listen to one talk radio show or another. Now and then they have a black caller or speaker on. When you listen to the words of the black speaker or caller, the United States is still Mississippi in 1963 and all blacks are being set upon by police dogs and doused with fire hoses. Nothing has changed. In fact, if anything, it's worse because the black speaker or caller makes no distinction between the South and the North, a difference that once was palpable. As a result, teachers who band together to cheat on the results of a standardized test or black thugs who riot at a state fair are just acting out in reaction to severe oppression.

    It's a bit odd. Anyone who has lived through the Civil Rights Era could see the vast improvement in white people about race relations, but for some blacks who should know better, it's just Bull Connor, the Pettis (Pettus?) Bridge, and Birmingham Sunday forever.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Al Sharpton vs. Freddie's Fashion Mart. No matter how thin you slice it, bologna is still bologna. Black people have an innate tribal mentality due to thousands of years of tribal existence. Such a thing is not easily repressed, cannot be denied, and must, from time to time, come to the fore. A mere two or three hundred year stint in a non-tribal culture is obviously not adequate to blunt the force of tribalism.

    Add a strong dose of state sponsored family destruction, free cheese, free abortions, and free public ejamakayshun, and you find yourself staring at a Blue Horned Dilemma.

    • tarleton

      The problem is class , underclass , to be exact , NOT RACE ….ever been to a low class white area or urban sink hole ? …they think , talk, dress and act as some black folk do

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Hey! That’s me!

    • Parker

      This message was brought to you by "Friends of STORMFRONT"!

  • Brujo Blanco

    He mob mentality is unforgiving. I have personally witnessed riots. People committing acts of violence on individuals that they did not know. Destroying personal and public property. One thing I noted about mob activity is that Most of the participants were there for the violence, looting, and the party. There was no sense of moral outrage. There are different ways to handle a mob. One is to let their destruction run untilit is out of steam. The problem with this option is that there is no way to predict he resulting death and destruction. The other way is effective crowd control to include mass arrests followed by trials.

  • Fred Dawes

    Its coming here soon, so what can you do to stop the mob buy guns the cops will only run-away.

    • tagalog

      Quite right; it's not the gang bangers who have been buying guns and ammo at such a rate that there are consistent shortages of supply. It's those "rich" honkies with those houses that they'd like to mob up against, raid and burn. The "rich" guys will show the mob-rule crowd what mob rule is really like.

      A whiff of grapeshot? How's about a whiff of the plus-P jacketed hollow point? From the guys who could afford to join the local gun club and practice?

  • effemall

    In the 1960s when protests were a way of life, it all quieted down after a few innocent kids at Kent State got shot by army reserves. The young can't always be expected to reason things out rationally. They have an instinct to copy – monkey see, monkey do. Black and white and all other colors, however, they also have an animal intelligence that keeps them from putting hands in fire or jumping off cliffs and if they know that rioters get shot, they simply won't riot. It's very simple. Those who govern, however, must have a resolve to impose law and order. This is too often lacking.

  • Moshe Pupick

    W., 08/10/11 common era

    The British mass riots show the folly of the U.K.'s very strict "gun control" laws. I read that in the past week, internet sales of American baseball bats has increased by several thousand percent in the U.K. Do you think that Parliament will soon consider "bat control" legislation?

  • mrbean

    You liberal apologists who post here and your MSM buddies who won't report that it is black "Hating Whitey" racist mobs who are rioting, robbing, and assaulting white people London in London, in Wisconsin in the state fair ast week, in Philly yesterday, in NewYork last night, in DC two weeks ago, in Denver on a Beat Whitey Night, and black flash mobs who are robbing storein in Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Georgetown. And you bleeding heart liberals make all the excuses and spouting the mantras about Black victimomolgy we have geen hearing for, about 40+ years and 40+ trillion tax dollars ago since the liberals' Great Society.

    • muchiboy

      "You liberal apologists"

      Most American Jews,unlike most American Blacks,came of their own free will.When judging contemporary behavior,that alone is a relevant and significant factor in group behavior and values.While Jews have mostly acquitted themselves magnificently,with the exception of Israel,where they have behaved shamefully and unconscionably towards the Palestinian people,Blacks have a less stellar history,except in sports,where it might compare to the intellectual exploits of Jews.
      While conditions for the Blacks have improved ,have they improved enough?There are always underlying reasons for human and inhuman behavior,and we risk further unwelcomed behavior if we are ignorant of such causes.Of course,there is always Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" for those seeking a more sinister rationale.The neighborhood butcher and the policeman on the corner are perhaps the most effective agents of good behavior

  • crackerjack

    More folks are killed in a "peacefull" Chicago weekend than in a "riot" London weekend. The last country pointing fingers concerning civil dissorder is the homocide capital of the developed world, USA.

    • astra

      Yep, Chicago is a good example. It is historically corrupt with progressives and full of welfare suck cock-for-crack mamas and their boyfriend baby-daddy drug dealers shooting it out for territory and status. Did I mention they're ALL black?

      • ebonystone

        Strangely enough, Chicago is a good example. Despite its troubles, it has managed to keep its population loss over the last 50 years to about 1/4. That's a lot better than many other major northern cities. Cleveland has lost 1/2 of its population, and Detroit and St. Louis both more than 1/2.

  • Rick_in_VA

    Blaming it on poverty is a bunch of bull. During the American depression of the 1920-30s there was no wide-spread mob violence. __This comes down to li(e)berals telling women they didn't need a husband. Uncle government would take care of them. Want more money? Have more kids. (Thank you LBJ). __Can we survive? I'm starting to wonder.

    • wsk

      No, they were called wildcat strikes led by John Lewis.

  • myomy

    OK… I TOLD YOU SO. I hate to say it but a few days ago following the 2nd. night of rioting and burning, I told everyone here that these riots are not sponanious but well orchestrated and would follow the same course that the riots in France followed 2 years ago. I TOLD YOU THAT THESE RIOTS HAD ALL THE EARMARKS OF THE "ETHNIC MINORITIES" AKA MUSLIMS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEEDURES…. I warned you that it would spread to many cities… no one expected that. Wasn't it just supposed to be about one thug the cops killed? No, that was just the trigger they used to pretend this was all spontanious. NOPE. If it's just spontaneous why is it following the exact pattern of what happened in France 2 years ago? In France before it was over 12,000 cars had been burned in many cities. Now you brits are dealing with many cities being affected. The one thing you Brits are doing that the France didn't have the balls to do is you are forming vigilante groups to meet the muslims and their liberal friends in the streets and beat them down. BRAVO ON THAT.

    • tarleton

      You sound like another long distance expert who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about ….these people rioting are not muslims , you fool , they are nihilistic youth and associated riff raff ….more often than not , the victims are moslem shopkeepers ……this is the UKs version of the rodney King riots
      But hey , don't let the facts get in the way of your bogus predictions …HA HA !

      • myomy

        if the shoe fits, wear it…….. This pattern of protest,, riot, demandss is being duplicated in many countries now and the common thread is Islam.

        • tarleton

          The victims and shopkeepers are moslems…go back to reading the national enquirer

    • trickyblain

      Wow! Can I have your Autograph, oh Seer of Future Bull Sh!t?

      • myomy

        No, you can't have my autograph, but I'll kindly give you one thing….. an internationally recognized symbol of vulgarity… my most ardent MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE… SO THERE.. TAKE THAT SMARTASS…

  • Ellman

    Are liberal statists really so utterly ignorant of the social effects of their welfare-dependent policies that they can blame the 'austerity' which was necessitated by such policies as the cause of the racially-motivated mob behavior? Why do their bleeding progressive hears always sympathize with the perpetrators, whose ethnic and racial backgrounds are anethema to mention publicly? What about the damage, economic and psychological, inflicted on ordinary residents and businesses who happen to be white? How do you allow neighborhoods to be declared 'Sharia-compliant' and ignore the terror such aggression inflicts on white residents? Statism is a malevolent curse. Along with its allies diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness – all Marxist doctrines – it is destroying the fabric of western society and civilization. Why is the obvious causality so incomprehensible to progressive morons? When will the microscope be pointed in their direction instead on their victims?

  • KathleenP

    The town mayor who was quoted could hardly be expected to make a point of the the fact that all the thugs who attacked Wisconsin fairgoers were black. And it's hardly fair of conservative commentatrs to criticize him for not doing so. Politicians have to "walk on eggshells", not to do so at a time like that would be grossly irresponsible. And anyway, it's not like the color thing wasn't obvious to everyone who was there or who saw footage of the event.

    It's depressing and infuriating how incidents like this bring the white supremicist snakes out from under their slimy rocks. The issue in the U.S. is the half-century of disasterous social engineering, a.k.a. "the welfare state", which has resulted not in equality but in a permanent underclass and generation after generation of virtually fatherless boys. I would be willing to bet money that every one of the young men in that mob was raised in a fatherless home. Colour/race has nothing to do with it.; it's culture. African American culture and family life, fragile to begin with because of slavery, has been further afflicted with self-destructive pathologies that seem all but incurable now.

    • tarleton

      fatherless and holy fatherless

    • KathleenP

      I should add that the so-called race problems in the UK have the same underlying cause. When nothing is expected of young men, this is what you get.

  • Amused

    LET'EM EAT CAKE !!! MWahhaaahaaahaaa!!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Yellow cake well processed and high energy? Your statement was a crackup considering all I have read today, you can be a funny guy/gal at times

  • aspacia

    crackhead does not understand that more people die driving than in a riot too-so do we boycott driving. Your claim is a nonsequitur.

  • Zam

    Multiple Choice Mathematical Quiz

    How many BORN COWARD for excuses of black people are currently out there performing their patented "drive-by shootings" and "flash mobbings"? Everyone should know this answer–

    A: 100,000,000
    B: 500,000,000
    C: 1,000,000,000
    D: 5,000,000,000
    E: 10,000,000,000

  • Donald Hostetler

    I am a white man married to a black women and we constantly see the black man's hate. My life has been threatened so many times I ve lost count. We have never had one problem with a white man. Been shot at, been attacked, harassed, refused service in restaurant etc. Its never a Hispanic man, its never a Asian man, its never a white man attacking us, its always a racist black man.

    Just this week a black off duty cop grabbed his gun and threatened to kill me just because I looked at him.

    Donald Hostetler

    • Questions

      A couple of years ago, there was a movie out called "Lakeview Terrace." Samuel L. Jackson played a black cop living next door in an L.A. suburb to a white man-black woman married couple, and he used every trick in the book to make the couple's life miserable. Go rent it. It will remind you of why blacks are so intolerant. Jackson is just an actor. Most blacks, however, are like this in real life.

      • wsk

        Minorities (by liberal defunition) cannot be racist. You must be rascist to bring it up!

  • LindaRivera

    It would be instructive to know how many Muslims took part in the riots. The riots were extremely violent and vicious. The rioters even threatened to storm the wards of a Childlren's Hospital in Birmingham. Such evil has nothing whatsoever to do with poverty.
    Innocents were attacked. Courageous police, firemen and ambulance personnel were attacked.

    Militant online forums are abuzz with calls to Muslims in Britain to launch Internet campaigns in support of the British rioters and to urge them to topple the government.

    Dozens of contributors on Wednesday suggested Muslims in Britain should flood social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, with slogans and writings inciting the British youth to continue rioting.

    One contributor says the rioters should adopt slogans similar to those used by Arab protesters during the uprisings in the Middle East this year. http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Militants-u

    • tarleton

      Yawn ! …another paranoid religious nutcase …..one flew over the christian nest

  • Nora bee

    The last time the "underclass" was given preferential treatment and elevated to positions of power, and those who had worked and created a good life were relegated to being abused, robbed and victimized, a great leader named Bedford Forest showed the victims how to prevail. This second reconstruction, which has been on going for the past 50 years, has resulted in the creation of an underclass of undereducated, unemployed, unmotivated people who expect their needs and wants to be met by a society which has just about been sucked dry. Increasingly our courts are punishing people who use guns to protect their families and property. It's time to get out the book and study up on Bedford Forest's methods.

    • tarleton

      Go home you redneck creep ….bedford forest and the KKK haha

    • wsk

      Any relation to Sherwood Forest?

  • TheZud

    Some black person is claiming "Scientist have revealed that the white race will all but be eradicated off this planet in a few years." Damn, we are talking extinction here people, extinction! I wonder what scientist figured out this one–

  • Ozzy

    I agree, it is high time we brought back free land for homesteading.
    Then young families could stake out with a wagon and some provisions and make a go of it without state support.
    All so possible ship voyages to new lands where farm could be started and hunting is good.
    All this is perfectly possible and would clear the streets of much of the riff raff.

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