Moment of Truth for Leftists

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The first answer, my leftist comrade, is that you’re simply an idiot. Don’t be insulted, my friend, you’re not “just an idiot.” You are an idiot of the type Lenin referred to as “useful idiot.” What does that mean? You’re simply being exploited.

You are being exploited by global Islam in a bid to eliminate a democratic state. After all, you would not be able to survive even five minutes in the alternative they prepare for you. If you want, you can look into the state of freedom of expression, prosecution of Christians, stoning of women and hanging of homosexuals in the Muslim world.

You likely believe that you are legitimately criticizing the State of Israel. Yet here you’re lying to yourself a little. There is no state like Israel, surrounded by an ocean of billions of people calling for its extermination. Its neighbors, who realized they cannot defeat it on the battlefield, are simply exploiting you: They fire rockets at our kindergartens from the safety behind your back – yes, you, the one calling for boycotts and screaming “apartheid.”


The second and less flattering possibility is that you’re not a “useful idiot,” but rather, a mere anti-Semite. Is there another way for you to explain your obsession with Israel? Do you show the same determined disapproval towards China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela or North Korea?

The campaign against the Jewish state is disproportional in a way that cannot be explained away. I too admit that the Jews are an especially annoying people. Yet we do not tend to explode on buses as a form of revenge; not even in Germany. At most we’ll argue with you until you die of boredom.

Perhaps you believe that you’d be able to clear you conscience of the persecution of Jews and the Holocaust if only you prove that we’re worse than you. Perhaps the fact that the annoying Jews, according to the Bible at least, introduced to the world the morality which Islam and Christianity are premised on drives you nuts. Maybe you are interested in highlighting our injustices because someone branded us as the “Chosen People.”

One way or another, I have no intention to again march into the gas chambers because of a 3,000-year-old story. By the way, guess what the next target for extermination is? You really don’t know? Go ahead and look in the mirror. In Brussels, Paris, London and Malmo you shall soon be an extinct species fighting for its survival under Islamic laws. And while you’re at it at the mirror, look at yourself and say the following:

“Now, after I read this, I am no longer a useful idiot. Rather, I am an anti-Semite who is assisting the murder of Jews, in practice.” Does it seem exaggerated to you? Maybe so. But in the bottom line, as far as the outcome is concerned, this is precisely what you’re doing.

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  • Mike

    Like this is something new? It's been happening for Decades! For the Life of me I do Not understand why Jews support, identify with the Demented Left??

    • QSuzy

      Speaking for my Jewish self, I have voted for those on the left and the right. I'm not comfortable with the right because they love war and killing 'others' in foreign countries, including born and unborn children, when that war is NOT based upon self-defense. I'm not comfortable with the left because of their anti-Semitism. Their hatred for Israel, Zionism and the Jewish State is undistinguishable from their Jew-hatred. Therefore, I remain in the middle like thousands and thousands of other American Jews.

      • welldoneson

        "the right loves war".
        pretty much says it all – about you, that is, not the right.
        remain in the middle as long as you remain uninformed.
        too bad.

        • QSuzy

          Oh, I'm very well informed. What happened to those "mushroom clouds looming over our country, the WMD, the Hussein links to al-qaeda?" How long will you choose to remain ignorant? That is the question.

          • welldoneson

            For one thing, not only have both bio and chem weapons been found,
            but we have shipped hundreds of tons of yellowcake out of Iraq.
            You know, the stuff the Plame "investigation" "proved" weren't there?
            Anyone who thinks there was no al queda presence in Iraq when
            they had agents throughout the world is just playing dumb.
            as for "mushroom clouds over our country", that, like "unfettered
            capitalism", was never said by anyone on the right and only appears
            when one of you lefty sheeple are trying to baffle your fellow ignoramouses
            with bull hockey. You're too eage to be duped by blame-America-first
            liars. Go buy a clue, sport. The hard left are increasingly divorced
            from reality as they embrace hard-core Marxism AND Islamism.
            Good luck with that, bozos…

          • QSuzy

            You are more ignorant that I first thought. Bush warned us about the mushroom clouds……look at his speeches before Apr, '03. Rice, Cheney and Powell said the same thing. There were no known al qaeda when we invaded but they're there now in abundance. Bush said the yellow cake was coming from Africa, Niger to be exact. Not Iraq.

            But then again, according to all your false facts, perhaps we really didn't invade Iraq. You are just plain ignorant.

          • welldoneson

            You're a freakin' tulip, sport, British Intel said Iraq bought yellowcake from Niger and had been looking to buy more, the yellowcake we shipped out of Iraq is proof of that. You're so confused about that that the rest of your assertions are a waste of time!

          • QSuzy

            You are proof that the right loves war, whether it's self-defense or not. Who cares how many of our soldiers come home in caskets or disabled forever? Foreign intel said Iraq had yellow cake, nukes, WMD and all the rest. Stupids like you will believe ANYTHING.

          • welldoneson

            suzy, you're proof that the typical leftist is a stonewalling imbecile. I'm a "stupid", am I? How old are you – 9?
            By now I thought there was nobody stupid enough to continue to believe Iraq didn't have WMD, since we've found every type of them there. You ass-monkeys seem to want to wait until war is brought to our shores… but then you would still bitch, probably blaming us or some such idiocy…

      • Anaroha

        QSuzy, please next time vote for the right, for Conservatives. I can tell you: it is not true that the right like war and killing others, look at the humanity history. Socialist regimes killed more people than Nazis. Even in peace time. Please you need to learn world history.

  • socal

    Please don't lump Christs teaching with that of mohammad! The Bible states that Jesus was God in the flesh, who came down to this fallen world to rescue mankind from the sin we have all comitted against a Holy God! The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The heinous acts Islamists are willing to commit in the name of their god allah shows a rather perverse since of morality leading to suffering and Death. The very thing the God of the bible ,if we would heed his word is keep us from!

    • Channah

      Your New Testament Bible is a made up story of the man Jesus—–pushed forward mostly by a man named Paul who found a limelight and gloried in it with this made up story.

      My G-d would never come to earth in human form–he is far too great for that.

      • ziontruth

        I was under the impression it was a Jewish trait to know to be smart as well as right.

      • guest

        Didn't G-d come to earth to talk to Moses on the mountain how about Abraham, who wrestled with Jacob? What about the visitors to Lot before the destruction of Sodom?

        • guest

          G-d walked in the garden with Adam & Eve Channah. Didn't he have Moses and 70 elders on Sinai and they ate at G-d's table. Have you read Isaiah 53 in the Tanakh?

        • nina

          God didn't come to earth for Moses. Moses only heard his voice. When did Abrahasm wrestle with Jacob? Jacob wrestled with an angel. The visitors were not God. They may have been angels. Nowhere in Jewish scripture does it say that God came to earth. Gos doesn't have a shape, he is amorphous.

  • Leo

    Calling the left useful idiots is a cap-out, The left always has been anti-Semite, to expect
    anything else is unrealistic. . The left is anti-Semite because The Jews has the
    tenacity and unbroken determination to survive against all odds which the left

    • Channah

      All of my friends are leaning very much to the left in our politics———-no one is anti-Semitic. In fact. 1/2 of us are Jewish. We just do not subscribe to the warmongering of the rightwingers.

      • Chaim

        The warmongering is from you and your "leaning very much to the left" idiots and anti-Semitic friends who all secretly exult and rejoice in these killings.

    • truthin

      Sure, Leo, that's why historically so many leftists were Jewish, and why so many leftists opposed the anti-semitism of the KKK. Read history, or your doomed to deny it…

  • theleastthreat

    The term useful idiot implies someone is clueless and merely falls into a postion. With the ranting I've heard and the comments from former President Carter, I believe they have propelled themselves into madness. And their ability to rationalize is legendary.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    I've never agreed with the argument of those who claim the "Palestinians" don't exist as a people. It reminds me a bit of Islamo-Leftist attempts to de-legitimize the existence of Israel.

    I understand the historical context of the argument, that the land was Turkish for 400 years, that the inhabitants are Arab, and that the idea of "Palestine" is a recent, tactical invention to accentuate the victimization card. All this is true, but the arguments are academic. The fact is, whatever you want to call the 2 million stateless inhabitants of the West Bank, THEY EXIST. If they want to call themselves "Palestinians", so be it.

    The reason they don't deserve their own country is NOT because they're not "a people", it is because AS a people, they have embraced and institutionalized a pathological culture of hatred and death that clearly disqualifies them from being a functional partner in peace.

    • ziontruth

      When you say "a people," with the indefinite article, that means "a nation." The argument that they are not a nation is more accurately that they are not a nation in its own right. Anyone who claims they are a nation in its own right must show what makes them distinct from their brothers in, say, Lebanon; and they must show it using positive traits, otherwise any group of people could declare themselves a nation based upon some trumped-up grievance and demand a state.

      What do they have to show for their distinct nationhood?

      History? No. As you said, they're a recent invention, made out of political expedience. (To turn the reality of the Jewish David and Arab Goliath on its head.)

      Language? No. The continuum of Arabic dialects in Palestine goes on past the border. Arabs in the Negev speak dialects similar to those past the border in Egypt; Arabs in the Galilee speak dialects similar to their Lebanese brothers. The only distinctive feature of their language is loanwords from Hebrew. I think it's clear that doesn't make them a nation.

      Culture? No, they don't have any distinct culture, nor have they begun fashioning any, being so mired in their stew of "resistance" to cook up anything positive. Olive trees aren't unique to Palestine. Arab villager clothing in Palestine is general Levantine. Arab music in Palestine is like Arab music elsewhere, or maybe specifically Levantine, but not particularly Palestinian.

      Religion? No. Most of them are Muslims, some are Christians, none define themselves nationally by their reliigion (contra the ways the Jews do).

      Race? No, the complicated human history of Palestine means you see all the hair colors from coal to blond, all the eye colors from black to blue and all the skin colors from dark brown to pale white. And don't mention the Black Bedouins, descendants of slaves from Zanzibar, persecuted by the lighter-skinned Arabs to this day.

      You may wonder why I'm so adamant about that point. My answer is, because the Phakestinian Narrative is the one instrument on which the delegitimization is centered, and conversely, once it is refuted, it is clear to all how the cause of anti-Zionism is an inherently unjust and unsupportable cause, no matter what they do. My aim is to show the moral bankruptcy of anti-Zionism by definition.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        ZIONTRUTH: "When you say "a people," with the indefinite article, that means "a nation." "

        RESPONSE: Not necessarily. The Kurds could rightfully be described as "a people"…yet, they lack nationhood.

        Your other points could easily apply to any other people in the Middle-East. What distinguishes a Lebanese from the Bekhaa valley from a Syrian?…an Egyptian from western Egypt from a Libyan from eastern Libya? It is GEOGRAPHY…and little more! The Arab residents of the West Bank are distinguished by the geographic entity in which they live. If they've developed a "national consciousness" in which to identify themselves (and apparently they have), far be it for me to assert they "don't exist" as a people.

        I reiterate my contention, it is the culture of death and dysfunction embraced and celebrated by the Palestinians that disqualifies them from the rights of nationhood, not their status (or lack of) as "a people". And for the record, I feel strongly that Israel would be suicidal to withdraw from the West Bank in exchange for "recognition" from the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Muslim world. Recognition can be rescinded on a dime…territory must be re-conquered.

        • ziontruth

          "Your points could apply to any other people in the Middle-East. What distinguishes a Lebanese from a Syrian?"

          Correct! I don't recognize any Lebanese, Syrian or Iraqi nation either. All are inventions borne of anti- and post-colonial expedience. None have any basis in objective reality.

          "It is GEOGRAPHY! The people of the West Bank are distinguished by the geographic entity in which they live."

          Geopolitical circumstances can change. The Jews have stayed a nation despite being scattered across the globe. Geography alone is no sound basis for national identity.

          "If they've developed a 'national consciousness' in which to identify themselves (and apparently they have),…"

          The thing is, they haven't. They can't name any differentiating characteristic of their nationhood except, "We got busted by the Jews in the Nakba." Yeah, and I define myself as "not a zebra."

          But the most galling thing here (not about you, of course) is, I think, not their pretending to nationhood, but their usurpation of a national claim that only the Jewish nation can legitimately make: Being the Palestinian nation. For if they called themselves the Southern Syrian Nation (which, by the way, that's what they originally were until France and Britain split Greater Syria between themselves), it wouldn't be so noxious as calling themselves "Palestinians." The very choice of the name "Palestinian" for themselves is of malicious intent, as it denies the fact that the Jewish nation is one and only nation in the world inherently tied to this land that the Romans got to name Palestine.

          "I reiterate my contention, it is the culture of death and dysfunction embraced and celebrated by the Palestinians that disqualifies them from the rights of nationhood."

          I can't argue with that. Should be added, though, that that disqualifies all Muslims from the right to have a state. Which is right, because we can see how every Muslim-majority state is a base for the worldwide jihad, either potentially or in actuality.

          • Chezwick_Mac

            ZIONTRUTH: "I don't recognize any Lebanese, Syrian or Iraqi nation either. All are inventions borne of anti- and post-colonial expedience. None have any basis in objective reality."

            RESPONSE: Have to disagree. They actually exist as realities on the ground, which is the most "objective" of all reality. On the theoretical level, certainly the map of the Middle-East is an arbitrary, colonial construct…and is infinitely preferable to a united Islamic caliphate.

            ZIONTRUTH: "…that that disqualifies all Muslims from the right to have a state. Which is right, because we can see how every Muslim-majority state is a base for the worldwide jihad, either potentially or in actuality."

            RESPONSE: No argument here. It's going to be a long, tough slog.

          • Plony18

            RESPONSE: Have to disagree. They actually exist as realities on the ground, which is the most "objective" of all reality. On the theoretical level, certainly the map of the Middle-East is an arbitrary, colonial construct…and is infinitely preferable to a united Islamic caliphate.

            Today's reality is tomorrow's irrelevancy. The Third Reich's control of western Europe was a reality in 1940. It means nothing today. The only nation that existed as a reality 3000 years ago and still exists today is the Jewish people. The Talmud states that when Torah descended to Sinai hatred for the Jewish nation accompanied it.

    • truthin

      Wrong Chezwick, you have the chronology backward. The 'pathological culture of hatred and death' was a response to the fact that Israel refused a two-state solution. Let me ask you, will you now go on record and support a two-state solution. And when it comes to the 'victimization' card, no one plays it better than those on your side of the aisle.

      • ziontruth


        Chezwick is on the pro-Israel, anti-Islam side. This is just a methodological debate, so please don't turn it into a hostility.

        • Chezwick_Mac

          Friend, you're missing his point. "Truthin" is a lefty and a supporter of the Pals. He/she feels that if Israel had given the Pals the West Bank and Gaza, no death culture would exist. He/she apparently forgets that after the Rabin/Peres government signed onto Oslo and prepared to give away the disputed territories, this is exactly the time that the Hamas suicide-bombing campaign began in earnest ('95-'96).

          It was only then that the Israeli public rightfully turned against the peace process and elected Netanyahu.

          • ziontruth

            "Friend, you're missing his point. 'Truthin' is a lefty and a supporter of the Pals."

            I realized that in the end. Too late, but I did. That'll teach me to read more carefully.

      • ziontruth


        Looks like I may be the one who's misjudged a commenter here. Going by this:

        "The 'pathological culture of hatred and death' was a response to the fact that Israel refused a two-state solution."

        It's not truthin who's been uncharitable toward Chezwick, but me who've made the mistake of assuming truthin's on Chezwick's and my side. What we have here is a Leftist (or paleocon-Right, they sound pretty much the same nowadays) anti-Israel drop of scum, replete with the justification of Arab imperialist atrocity against the Jews in Palestine.

        The Jews, being the indigenous nation of Palestine, had no obligation to share their land with the Arab nation, already in 1947 a possessor of a huge mass of land on the globe. The two-state solution was attempted in 1947 and rejected by the Arab imperialists, who couldn't tolerate even one tiny Jewish state in their midst. The blame lies entirely, and I do mean entirely, on the Arab/Muslim side.

        • Chezwick_Mac

          Great post. Your final paragraph is dead-on…with appropriate emphasis on the word "entirely".

    • michiganruth

      normally I'd go along with the "let's call them whatever they want to call themselves" concept.

      in this case, tho, it's important. because the fact that they call themselves "Palestinians" legitimizes an illegitimate people. I have actually had people tell me that the "Palestine" talked about in the Bible is where these Palestinians are from, and that's why the land is really theirs!

    • StephenD

      Yes you are right Chez (as usual) but what of Jordan? What of all the other Arab countries that forced these people from their land? Why is it just Israel that is supposed to give up land for these folks? If Jordan alone stepped up there would be more than enough for them to have their own homeland and leave Israel alone. We all know that isn't the real reason for the hostility though. The thought of contributing to the destruction of Israel is paramount to the thought of their own homeland. This is why they reject IN EVERY CASE attempts at a settlement through concessions made solely by Israel.

      • Chezwick_Mac


    • Phil

      Well said, Mac. You nailed it!

    • Anaroha

      Palestine has never been a country. Never, in any time of the world history has existed a Kingdom of Palestine or a Republic or anything like that. It was a region of the Ottoman Empire, went to Britain Mandates during the first half of XX. The name began in times of Emperor (I believe ) Adriano, who to punish the Judea people, took the name of their land and changed for the Philistine which by his time were already extinct. The U.N. ordered to divide the " Palestine" region between Jews and Arabs. Jews accepted and created his country, Israel; the Arab part became Jordan and now pretend to have another part again for them.

  • QSuzy

    Dear Assaf Wohl,

    When you 'use' certain styles of writing, such as the greatest "Dear World," by the greatest rabbi, Meir Kahane, please cite this fact.

  • welldoneson

    Download the uninformed pinhead Waters' work free:


  • joel

    Regarding Channah's comment about his God was too great to come down to earth in human form. The Jewish Old Testament(which Christians rightly believe is the Word of God)predicts(the prophetic books)the suffering servant Jesus dying for the sins of the world and rising from the dead the third day. It is not an invention of the apostle Paul and the New Testament.

    • ajnn

      yes / no is not really the point.

      jews and christians believe there are many paths to salvation [respect for other religions].

      islam accepts only islam and all others are less than human.

    • aspacia

      Jews do not believe this to be true because Jesus did not fulfill the prophesy of peace, and there is a problem with his paternal lineage, at least this is my understanding from most of Jewish interpretations of the Torah.

      For example, Christians claim the Ten Commandments state: Thou Shalt not Kill. However, most Jewish interpretations are Thou Shalt not Murder. Remember Moses had Jews stoned to death for working on the Sabbath.

      • nina

        Firstly, there is no Jewish Old Testament. Only the Christians call it such. It is the Hebrew Bible. As for the suffering servant Jesus, it's a matter of belief. Anyone can find whatever he/she wants to find. As for the Ten Commandments, Christians may claim whatever they pplease, but the original in Hebrew says: Do not murder. Of course, most people read the translation, too bad that it was not translated right. What exactly does it have to do with Moses stoning Jews because they worked on the Sabbath, and where did you read it?

        • aspacia

          I did not state Jewish Old Testament; this is a Christian concept. It is the Torah in Judaism. I will have to research chapter and verse regarding the fact that Moses stoned people to death for working on the sabbath and other transgression, however, I am sure this is a fact. I will check, but not today.

  • waterwillows

    He is spot on in telling the lefties that they should be paying a lot more attention to their own survival, instead of being obsessed with Israel.
    I think he is pretty accurate in that observation. Soon and sooner than they think, they will be in the fight for their lives. Muslims have been known to murder entire families for any reason whatsoever. They must pay more attention to their own survival or become extinct. The choice is theirs.

  • voted against carter

    BINGO!!!! SPOT ON.

    • ajnn

      i was less wise than you and regret my foolishness.

      at least i did not support the current president obama. But i was concerned about his DOMESTIC agenda, not foreign affairs.

  • Mike

    Too bad the ones who could benefit from reading this, never will.

  • Amused

    Why the words of a totally inconsequential has been rockstar , are taken as anything but rubbish , truly mystifies me . Cherry-picking quotes of morons , does not a point make .

  • Amused

    Oh , BTW ,- BRAVO Chezwick_Mac , I have rarely heard it so succinctly put . And to Mike ….sadly it will make no difference to the detractors of Israel and/or supporters and apologists for the Palestinians . For their argument or position is not based on any notion of right or wrong , nor is it predicated on TRUTH ,logic, fairness or common sense . It is based in a bias which is devoid of all of the above . For those to read this , it would be tantamount to presenting science to a trufer , regarding 9/11, or to Birther after being presented with a birth certicate , for both , 5 minutes later would continue on with their screeds , as if facts or proofs never existed .

  • USMCSniper

    Can anyone tell me why the Japanese help and assist each other with food and water, don't loot and assault women and children and steal their food and water like those other type of people in Haiti, or in New Orleans after Katrina, or like those type people Watts during the earthquakes in L. A., or like those type people in Oakland during the San Francisco earthquake. None dare say the obvious why…..

  • guest

    Can anyone tell me why Israel was the first to send help and supplies to the stricken in Japan?

  • nina

    It is quite natural. Israel sends help wherever it is needed.