Five Myths About Rick Perry

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Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is now the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.  Many people are aware of his focus on the Tenth Amendment, his state’s tremendous record of job creation (40% of all jobs created since the beginning of the recession have been in Texas), and his formidable campaigning abilities.  But as with all other Republican candidates, there are rumors swirling about his positions and history that are worth examining.  Let’s take them, point by point.

Myth #1: Perry is the return of Bush and therefore unelectable.

Unlike Sarah Palin, Perry is literally undefeated.  He has never lost an election – that’s ten straight contested elections.  In 2008, Perry ripped President Bush’s high-spending approach to governance.  In revenge, the entire Bush political team – Bush 41, James Baker, Karl Rove, Karen Hughes — mobilized against him in 2010, backing squishy Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in the gubernatorial race.  Hutchison started up with a 25 point lead, thanks to that support. By the end of the primaries, Hutchison was down 22 points.  That’s a 47 point swing, folks.  Perry is able to gain wide and deep support.  He’s not Bush – Karl Rove is already attacking him.  And he knows how to punch his opponents in the mouth, as Mitt Romney is already learning.

Myth #2: Perry is soft on social issues.

This is perhaps the most bizarre assertion by some of Perry’s opponents.  They accuse him of vacillating on gay marriage, and point to his support for mandatory HPV vaccinations as evidence that he’s soft on premarital sex.  Both of these points are wrong.  Perry is staunchly anti-gay marriage.  He is also staunch Tenth Amendment, which means that he believes that states should have the right to pick their poison (an eminently correct Constitutional position).  Thus, “If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas.” He does support a federal marriage amendment. As far as the HPV vaccination, Perry has made clear he went about it the wrong way – he did sign an executive order allowing folks to opt out, but says he shouldn’t have mandated anything in the first place.  His support for the measure was driven, he says with credibility, by his hatred for cancer, of which several of his family members have died.

Myth #3: Perry is a religious fanatic.

Based on his speech at “The Response” earlier this month, some are attempting to paint Perry as a religious kook, a weirdo who thinks he takes his orders from on high.  Perry is no such thing.  He supported a very secular Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 election cycle.  He has heavy support from the religious Jewish community.  His federalism conflicts with many of the stances of the more far-right religious communities.  Perry’s religiosity should be an asset rather than a detriment in this campaign.

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  • Stephan Pickering

    Shalom & Boker tov…Ben Shapiro is a posturing, being fargoyisht. He should be ashamed. Mr Perry, a 'born again' pentecostal charismatic 4th reich acolyte, who can barely read or write (and rarely thinks critically), poses a clear-and-present danger to the civil liberties and lives of Jews everywhere. An historical synopsis: 'Yeshua ben-Miriam' was a fabrication of a revelatory Graeco-Roman death cult, and crucifictionists did not then, nor now, have any covenant with G-d. What they created was a warrant for genocide, and the smoke of Auschwitz hangs over their empty tomb. For 2000 years, we have seen crusades, people/book burning, slavery, ghettoization, all leading to the gates of Auschwitz. An historical reality: I ignore Mr Perry's idolatrous blasphemies against Spirit (they do not affect my relationships with Spirit), but I cannot ignore the 1933-1945 exterminationist mind-set he insists on embracing. Mr Perry wants to finish the 1933-1945 'final solution'. As a Jew, I am his 'Jewish problem', because, as a Torah Jew, I know his warped lies of a 'Jesus' (how could we Jews murder a god man who never existed?) are what drives his protonazi mind into a frenzy. For him to speak of 'faith' was said by his Germanazi mentor. We are, indeed, seeing a repeat of the willing executioners…this time, using technology, antisemitism, and the 'media' to propogate a recapitulation. America is in profound peril. One has to listen (as Mr Shapiro does not, perhaps cannot) to the murderous rage toward Jews articulated by those 'tea party' sycophants surrounding him. Mr Shapiro's whining apologetics (does he think Mr Perry is the Messiah/Mashiach?) would never be heard from a genuine Jewish 4th estate defender of liberty, namely, I.F. Stone.
    STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

    • Chris

      I'm sorry but could you just please stop?

      This election is about the United States future president, not who's the best supporter of jews.
      Perry is pro-Israel and got a freekin award for it, be happy.

      If you're not; why not move to Israel? It should be jew-friendly enough for you.

      • nina

        I totally agree with you, to a point. The why don't you move to Israel doesn't sound so good. If he is an American citizen, though a little nutty, has the right to his views withouth sending him away. To me, he seems incoherent. Or perhaps he belongs to the anti Israeli set called Neturei Karta.

        • Flipside

          Those guys are great!

    • myomy

      Fortunately for the world most Jews are not insane and ignorant like you are. Perry isn't perfect by a long shot but of the candidates available to us he's way better than the rest of the Republicans running and light years better than any Demoncrat, especially Obama.

      • Andrea B

        Ron Paul is actually the best man for the job.

        • myomy

          you're entitled to your opinion, however you're wrong. I used to be a Ron Paul supporter but I can't support him after hearing him say if he were president he wouldn't mind whether Iran gets nukes or not. His position is we should ignore that and pretend it doesn't matter. That's just insane and irresponsible. I suppose if you had a neighbor that had sworn to kill you and your entire family you'd just shrug your shoulders and say "sure, let him get all the weapons he needs, why worry?" Is that what you'd say? To allow lunatics like Ahmedinejad to get nukes is to violate his oath of office. You don't respond to a nuke attack after your dead, you deal with it before you're dead. Got it?

    • Adheeb

      You think Mr. Perry 'rarely thinks critically' but you do? Wow!

    • 58TROJAN

      Just a comment on the overworked "crusade" accusation of Christians. Why is it that no one ever points out that centuries before the first "Christian Crusade" the Arab Islamists were crusading in Europe?!?

      • nina

        True. But for the Jews, it's neither here nor there.

      • Rather Dan

        Correct. The Crusades were a war of self-defense for the survival of Western Civilization. About a dozen countries that were once totally Christian are now totally Muslim. Its Muslim Imperialism. Thank God for the Crusades or we’d all be lifting our bums 5 times a day already. Maybe we need another one.

    • Zinnia2

      nazis were the national socialist german workers party – right wingers have NOTHING to do with socialism – no matter how hard you liberals try to make nazism a right-wing conservative religious concept, you are totally off the mark, it just doesn't fly…

      • trickyblain

        Sure it does. Glorification of the past. Ardent nationalism. Anti-Communist. Militaristic. And — most telling — stratification of culture into a distinct hierarchy based on wealth, influence and race. These are all components of Nazism and are all historical right-wing traits.

        The word "socialism" was left over — from a time before Hitler had the Socialists and Communists killed or imprisoned (see: Long Knives, Night of). The focus of Hitler's regime was more on the "National" part.

        • Flipside

          Shhhh. This ain’t like dusting crops, boy.

      • Jeff Scism

        The Nazis were a political UNION. Socialism always brings out the "workers" as being somehow superior to just 'people' The distinction is that 'workers' contribute to Society, and those who are not kicking in, are leeches. Nazi-ism and Social Fascism eliminates those it deems to be 'worthless', The aged. the disabled. the ill. It is the only way a system like socialism can be sustaining, by ONLY having the productive in the system. Socialism has much to hate about it. Socialism is designed to invade and take over key parts of Society, and then rules by micro regulation. It seeks to control every detail. It also fosters an elite class that dictates to all others. It ALWAYS has classes of people to persecute and eradicate for the "good" of society. Most Socialist States refine down to a particular RACE as being the superior condition, and target all others. Socialism is GODLESS, it hates the concept of God, and by extension all religious faith, although it will often use FAITH organizations to achieve its goals. The Goal is always justifying any action taken to get to it, including mass murder.

        • svrgnnation

          Nice post, Jeff!

    • alan g

      Stephen, you are meshuga.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Do I take it that you don't support Gov. Perry?

    • Lady_Dr

      Your leftest credentials are blurring your vision. And you need to read the Constitution. If you were not so obsessed with the idea that Christianity in America is the same as Christianity in say, Poland, you might understand that Perry is not a threat to you as a Jew. But Obama is a threat.

      Mr. Shapiro has written an excellent article but because you still have your head in the sand (or maybe you believe that the DNC has all the political answers) it doesn't register with you.

      Get off the plantation! The same DNC plantation the blacks have been on for the last several decades.

    • L Russell

      Sir, you forgot to do your home work, all this silly ranting coming out of your mouth
      is so untrue. These Jesus loving freaks, you are referring to as Tea Party, are the
      very ones standing beside Isreal at this uncertain time in history. We are a group
      of people, mostly old gray haired seniors, that love our country and Isreal, pray for
      her peace and continued good health. You do not see us fighting, beating down
      doors, rioting, lutting are being destructive.
      God Bless America
      God Bless Isreal

      • Jeff Scism

        Exactly the point I was going to chime in on. I am a Tea Party activist, and I see 90% of those I correspond with who support Israel. I understand that being Pro-israel and Pro-Jewish is unPC lately, but I LIKE being UnPC, Political Correctness is the road to Fascism And Fascism is definitely NOT pro-Jewish. Israel is once again in peril from surrounding Islamic forces. I STAND with Israel. And I stand and will fight if needed to keep a Constitutional USA. I am an Oathkeeper.

        • Andrea B

          Thank you! I'm also a Tea Party Patriot, and I support Israel!

    • JohnLamoreaux

      Perry's a Methodist but also Charismatic? You got evidence? Or you just lying through your hate-stained teeth? Or perhaps you've confused 'charismatic' as a denomination in the Lord's church with 'charismatic' as a style of public speaking.

      Let's say Perry's a Pentecostal. That's a faith he would share with 1/5 of Americans. You believe each and every one of them Americans is too damn stupid to have a say in his and her own governance? It's in their own interest to leave such important matters to their betters? You'd take away their right to vote if you could — for their own good?

      Tell you what, Mr Pickering, come on down to Texas and tell us more. I'd better warn you, we don't like bigots — so we're likely gonna feel the need to learn you a few things about the exquisitely painful truths of democracy.

      For the rest, best speak to your doc. It's looking like he needs to up your lithium.

    • Sepp

      You Jews crucified the messiah — Jesus Christ. You say he did not exist, yet in your Talmud you state that he is in hell boiling in fiery excrement. He DID exist, you DID crucify him, and you WON'T be saved until you except him as your savior.

      • elihew

        Hey brother, you might want to consider taking the hard edges off your gospel presentation. I'm a Messianic Jew, and I truly believe that you will reach a few more by 'speaking the Truth in love' (Eph. 4.15.).

        • nina

          Yes. But there is no such thing as a messianic Jew. Once you believe in Jesus as the Messiah, you are no longer a Jew.

          • Flipside

            That is historically incorrect. Even the Jewish Encyclopedia has a big long list of the Jewish pseudo-messiahs, including the con men Reubeni and Molcho.

          • elihew

            And just how do you figure that Nina? Maybe you should read the entire Word of God before you open your mouth to criticize what you are ignorant of. Check out Romans 2.28-29.

        • grewl

          Oh so you agree with the Sepps 'facts' you just dont like the way they were presented. l'm okay with Jews but l know some of them spit on Christians in the street in lsrael. So yes some of the Jews are a little weird. Possibly the Jewish religion is weird, or maybe just some Jews are weird. Either way Jesus leads us to believe He knew what was in store for him – and he didnt run away and make himself unavailable. So obviously Him getting crucified by some Jews was all a part of some plan – presumably Gods plan. Where that leaves us now l have no idea, still the Jews are kind of weird.

        • patrick

          Amen brother. Reason instead of sharp words wins hearts.

      • curmudgeon

        there is equal historical evidence that abraham, jesus, and the easter bunny actually existed………..none. however, there is abundant evidence that mohammed existed, and he was one evil crazy piece of work. he got his gods right, though. allah takes care of his worshipers. provides them with a religion that approves of every sin that a very great sinner, mohammed, could commit, provides muslims with a steady string of victories over hapless infidels, resulting in an ever increasing portion of the world being ruled by islam, along with the wealth, power, slaves, large harems filled with the wives and daughters of defeated infidels, and certain knowledge that their god is greater, because their god helps them murder infidels. the christian and jewish god, meanwhile, holds his worshipers in contempt, and sits on his arrogant lazy a s s and watches the worshipers of allah murder the worshipers of the judeochristian god. which god is greater? i believe that issue has been settled many times over. their god is greater.

        • Sepp

          What's you evidence, dumb-ass? And please give a reliable source.

        • Aholli5

          Curr – you might try reading some history that's not inside your head sometime.

      • Walt

        Sepp, Sepp, Sepp – are you completely devoid of historical knowledge and common sense?

        The Jewish people DID NOT crucify Jesus Christ – the Romans did!

        It is pretty shameful when your bias and racism leads you to such stupid statements.

        • svrgnnation

          Walt, it was the Jews that brought Jesus before the Sanhedrin and, later, the Romans. They were the accusers. And It was the Jews that yelled "crucify him." But I hold no malice toward the Jews. Many of our own (Christians) yell "crucify him" each and every day in the way they live their lives and treat others. Every time we sin, he dies again; he is beaten again. Without the death of Christ, we would not have direct access to God. The Jews were simply used by God as a part of his plan. As the bible clearly states, we must forgive others as Christ forgave us.

    • elihew

      Stephan Pickering;
      Kinda bitter are we?! You sir, are full of $hit when it comes to Rick Perry; and I am a Messianic Jew.

      • Rather Dan

        I believe in Messianic Jews and I love them as brothers in Christ. So there.

        • elihew

          Thank you Rather Dan…

    • Avigayil

      What are you ranting about? Why are you bringing bringing Nazis into this. I am an Orthodox Jew from Texas and I can tell you that it's true that Orthodox Jews by and large do support Perry and are overwhelmingly conservative. Religious Jews and Christians have many shared values. That's not surprising since Christianity developed as an offshoot of Judaism. One of the things that stands out about Judaism is that we do not feel that everyone has to be Jewish in order to be pleasing to G-d. Why are you insulting a non-Jew who appears to be a good, moral person? Almost all authorities on Jewish Law agree that while Christianity is forbidden for a Jew, it is a step up for non-Jews because it is much better than paganism. Not all Christians are Crusaders. As a matter of fact a good Christian would not indiscriminately kill Jews as they did. The Nazis were anti-Christian. One of the things that they had against the Jews was the fact that Jewish moral teachings filtered down into Christianity. The Tea Party is overwhelmingly pro Israel. Look at the facts and do not Judge all Christians based upon what people who were not truly following their religion did in the past.

    • kiefko

      Dear Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham / Stephan Pickering

      Because, as you wrote and are a Torah Jew who (thinks) knows his, this Christian's fancy belief, warped lies of a 'Jesus' (how could we Jews murder a god man who never existed?), I dare to challange you by saying that I, as irreligious Jew who actually read ALL the SCRIPTS far more often over and over again, must admit that your "Jesus…(whom not Jews but Romans murdered) never existed, is absolutely worng and incorrect.
      The PROOF that a JEW JESUS existed, is the undeniable fact, as I myself know and can all about this most spectacular history acts.
      YES, Christians easy jerks to deal with, as their belief just theological fantasies full of lies Christian Church fabricated soon after a Prince and Star Bar Kohba (130-135 CE) was defeated by the Romans… A JEW JESUS, as a fact, did live and died, but the truth about isn't the way Christianity try to explain and have live off in 1900 years. Yes, a JEW JESUS LIVED. But a true history about him is still the greatest mystery, still unexplained! This was just to your awareness…

    • BS61

      The Tea Party is NOT Ron Paul!

    • Art Telles


      You said,
      >> An historical synopsis:
      "'Yeshua ben-Miriam' was a fabrication of a revelatory Graeco-Roman death cult, and crucifictionists did not then, nor now, have any covenant with G-d.

      "What they created was a warrant for genocide, and the smoke of Auschwitz hangs over their empty tomb."

      The readers' practical inference is that you are saying that the Torah observant Jew who resurredted from a 1st century "empty tomb" is somehow implicated in Auschwitz.

      That does not make sense.

      I stand with Israel
      I propose the LIGHT of the name of the God of Moses whose name is Yahowah (YHWH) – Yahowah u Akbar (and Yahowsha ben Yahowah) vs. the DARKNESS of the name of Allah and Allah u Akbar

    • mlcblog

      so now you are calling God "Spirit" and making things/people (Perry) match up with YOUR views??

    • Steve Bee

      It's interesting that you go on and on about your view of the problem, and in America you have the right to do that, but not "one word" about your solution. Surely you can't be for the narcissistic Marxist Obama!

    • Sarah

      You sir, are a mudslinger…the fact that you would besmurch Tea Partyers as murderous ragers against Jews, is rediculous. What part of balancing a budget is Jew-hating? Your probelm isn't with Perry or tea party activist. You obviously have a problem with the Yeshua!

    • JR Greene

      I suppose you supported Obama? He really does hate Jews. However having been a Jesus loving Christian for more than 40 years now, I have never met a Christian that did not love the Jewish people and Israel. Jesus and the 11 were all Jews. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • Dennis Wayne

      The explanation of myth #5 is reason enough for me not to vote for him.I don'e see anyone that I could support 100% from either party.They all seem to have at least one big question mark?

    • Six Bits

      Hog wash!

    • Aholli5

      If you have any consistency, you must be worked up that every President in the history of the United States has pledged allegiance to your "fabrication of a revelatory Graeco-Roman death cult," INCLUDING Barrak Hussein Obama! So why would you care one whit whether Perry or Obama takes the oath of office in January 2013?

    • Mike

      You, sir, and those who spew forth the rhetoric that you have just voiced, are in my opinion responsible for the misunderstanding and anger that have plagued the Jewish people for hundreds of years. I know many Jewish people and have a deep respect for their beliefs and culture. Sadly, they are the ones who have to pay for the anger that you harbor within yourself and are so willing to share with the listening public.
      If you would spend as much time trying to live among your peers with a sense of sharing, honor, and love, perhaps the idiocy of the anti-Zionist movement would begin to dissipate. I am not Jewish but am a religious man. I read the scriptures regularly. As such, I do believe in my heart that the Jewish people are the chosen people and that they will overcome the world to inherit the blessings and promises of our God. However, without a desire to love our fellow man as our first priority, that time may evade us for some time to come. I hope that someday you will find the peace and tranquility that has most certainly not been part of your angered existence.

      • svrgnnation

        Mike, very eloquent. Kudos!

    • onelordwon

      Obviously you are entitled to your opinion and you like myself still have a right to free speech. However Mr. Pickering, you are terribly confused, and appear to be a lying, bigoted moron, who absolutely should get your facts straight before you show your ignorance to the public at large.
      I am a TEA PARTIER and proud of it. I believe one hundred percent in supporting Israel and making our government stop throwing her under the Muslim bus.
      I am also a Christian, from which JESUS CHRIST Saved me and He will one day redeem the Jews as His Chosen people, even though they don't recognize the ONE who died for them and left His throne in heaven to face the horror He did to show the Jews exactly How Much He Loved them, you and me.
      As an American Citizen, a Tea Party Affiliate and as a Born Again Christian, I totally support Israel and her RIGHT to protect herself, to force Palestinians out of Israel and to remain a Sovereign State and Country.
      I am absolutely Anti Muslim and am so because every where they go they destroy cultures and the people of those cultures. They are likened to cockroaches as they destroy everything and you may not even know there's a problem until there are millions of them infesting your life. They are worshiping a false god, are haters of anyone who does not believe their way.
      However, God/Christ is revealing Himself to them and many are turning from their false religion and are becoming born again as well. I pray there is a Holy Spirit awakening for them and you since we are all sinners and need to be saved.

    • Sam Houston

      Do you really think that obama likes Jews more than Rick Perry. Why would he when he is a muslim and a mullato muslim at that. Good luck on your lack of rational thinking.
      You sound like you are postering more than Shapiro.

    • svrgnnation

      Christians are just about your ONLY friends on the planet, fool. Everyone else wants to eradicate the Jews. But we stand hand in hand with the nation of Israel. You don't know what the heck you're talking about. All I hear is vile hatred and lies. What "murderous rage" has EVER been espoused by Tea Party members? I've never heard ANY anti-Israel speech from the Tea Party. You're mentally unstable, my friend. But God be with you as you spite those who stand behind you.

    • jap

      Ooohhh, man, what hate you spew. Whether you agree with Perry or Shapiro, your attitude toward those who are Jesus' believers are just as bad as islam who believes they are the only religion. As for info, the Jewish "leaders" DID, by persuading the Roman govt, crucify Jesus. They too had so much hate because Jesus claimed to be from God. Actually Jesus, who is God's son, did not have to die if he did not want to. He GAVE his life so you and I would not spend eternity in HELL.

    • gail c

      It seems that Mr. Pickering is using a lot of big words and elitist attitude to siimply attack another man's convictions and/or opinions without anything substantive to back up whatever it is he's trying to say. I found this posting to be so deep in the ranting relm that I finally gave up trying to decifer what his point is and this is precisely why the view of the left is not mainstream… few can figure out the substance behind the blabber. And this is not an attack on Pickering, I am just observing what looks to me as a lot of anger about something he can't even explain.

    • A.F. Hatch

      Good grief, please, for your own sake, seek help.

    • Bill D


      You are a genius!!! PLEASE post this everywhere.. LOL!!!

    • Jenn Wilson

      You sound a little paranoid. Bible-believing Christians do not blame the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And there are no better friends of Israel than authentic Christians. So stop your ad-hominem attacks on Christians in general, and on Perry in particular.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Robert Spencer would disagree with Shapiro's exoneration of Perry on #4. The Ismailis may be comparatively moderate, but they have never repudiated Sharia or the example of Muhammad.Robert Spencer would disagree with Shapiro's exoneration of Perry on #4. The Ismailis may be comparatively moderate, but they have never repudiated Sharia or the example of Muhammad…both of which are the source of so much that is wrong with Islam.

    I'd vote for Perry over Obama in a heart-beat, but his close association with the Ismailis continues to be troubling. Spencer is the resident expert. I'd give him the last word.

    • sharpsrifle

      Mac, Perry is also politically and apparently personally close to Grover Norquist. We both know of Norquist's Palestinian and jihadi connections. It was Norquist who got G. W. Bush to spread that "Religion of Peace" BS, and Perry goes along with it.

      As long as Perry has ties to muslimes, I want NOTHING to do with him. He'd keep us on the track to dhimmitude just as badly as Hussein is doing.

      • WildJew

        It could be worse. At least people know Hussein was born a Muslim, whose sympathies are with the ummah. Upwards of 90% of Israelis believe this president is on the side of the Muslims and the 'Palestinian' Muslims. What we do not need is another "Israel's best friend ever" who is actually on the side of Islam. From a purely self-interested standpoint, we cannot afford another four years of this nightmare.

      • retire05

        So appearing on the same venue with Norquist makes Perry "close" to him? Does that mean when you attend a school board meeting with radical Democrats that you are "close" to them?

    • Glen

      I would have to agree with this post. I think there is too much evidence that Perry has connections with Muslims and even so-called moderate Muslims are a problem.

      I am voting for Bachmann

  • Alexander Gofen

    What is outrageous in Shapiro's article is a silent presumption as though America has no choice but to deal times and again with the same rotten deck of nomenclatura (Perry and others), whose "trademark features" inevitably include several counts of treason. We must just "compromise" and accept the least treasonous apparatchik.

    Damn NO!!! If nothing else, #5 alone disqualifies him. A refusal to uphold the Constitution and to deport the illegals is a treason – even if they think we got used to it.

    #4 disqualifies him too. We need no games with islam, nor is it our business to support its reformers. We need NO kind of islam in America, period.

    That is not to mention that neither of the rotten deck is willing to raise the issue about the felon and impostor-in-chief in the White House.

    "Anybody is good if he/she beats Obama" in the election is a defeatist goal. Obama must be arrested, period. If he is just not reelected, he and his handlers have won, and America lost.

    • Donner

      Perhaps you can grace us with your expertise in federal law that allows states to deport illegals? Oh, that’s right, the federal government claims it has sole authority over illegals and only ICE is allowed to deport illegals.

      And let’s just start another Red Scare. Only this time, we had do it to Muslims. All of them. The hell with the Constitution. And next, we can go after ALL Hispanics since more Americans are murdered every year by those illegals the feds won’t deport than all the Americans murdered on 9-11.

      And then we can pray that as you grow older, you will develope some rational thinking skills.

    • Angel

      Lets just do what the Nazis did and make all Hispanics where a star on their chest. Makes it easier for racist people like you. You should actually think about where your family originated and think of going back home to your real home country ( Hint it's not the USA). If you don't realize that Mexico is the only country the USA doesn't really help. But encourages companies to close up here and open over there. That way they can pay slave wages and still have us good old Americans pay top dollar for bigger profits. Also as far as Texas booming with jobs because of oil companies. C'mon they are the reason we are in a recession! Everything cost more because they want to profit out the ass every three months. If people pay less on gas, oil companies still make profits (not as much but still be billions) other companies wont use the excuse that fuel is so high (very good reason)and prices will come down, companies will have more money to hire people, and people will start spending again buying homes,cars, hell even food to feed their families. But hey don't get me wrong its my opinion and I have the right to express it just like you!

      • Bill D

        Thanks Angel, you are a good American.

    • Bill D

      Mr. Goofen,

      With all due respect (to which you show none to non-Christians) you need to go back to the new Testament, and read the red lettering. Your Jesus values need a SEVERE tune up. If anyone needs to be arrested it would be Dick Cheney. Too bad he would have to go to Europe for that to happen.

  • Fred Dawes

    Perry is obama ask why? jsut look at his deal making with Global tax boys look at his work with Al Gore and perry was a long time Dem for years, but if it was obama or Perry vote for perry.

    • Steve Bee

      And I would add, if the vote was between a potted plant and Obama, vote for the potted plant!

  • Amused

    What is outrageous is Shapiro's apparent ignorance regarding THE RELIGIOUS FANATIC -Perry / if past actions are any indicator , either Shapiro's just being a shill again or Shapiro is being purposely deceptive .for the sake of "political -partisan ideology " . Forget about Perry's latest "Tent Meeting " , whih Pery claims was " a-political ". All the evidence of Perry's fanaticism has been on display long before that . Anyone who gives credence to anyone who claims G_D told him what to do politically , is IGNORANT ,STUPID , or BOTH . Shapiro , a "journalist " you're NOT . A political shill with a pen , you ARE . His actions and appointments in the Texas educational system are BLATANT Constitutional violations . No he's not for muslims but embraces them for the sake and appearance of tolerance thereby shoving his christian fundamentalist Dominionism down the throats , of fellow Texans and the Texas School Board .

    • Jim_C

      Hey Amused…let Perry do his thing, let Bachmann do her thing, give the Republican base some red meat to chew on before they sober up; sit back, and enjoy the show!

      • Amused

        LOL…you got that right Jim, it seems these guys never learn .Meanwhile Perry's opening his yap agin with the bit on "man-made laws ". Where in the hell is Alfred E.Newman when you need him ? These frothing at the mouth Repo-Cons are so immersed in thyeir Obama Hate Syndrome , they'll literally put anyone up to run against him ….and LOSE . Oh they'll sober up allright …the day after the elkection , with the same old hangover .They talk about the "Constitution " and then approve someone who pisses all over it .Go figure .

        • curmudgeon

          amused? possibly. amusing? no.

    • svrgnnation

      Me thinks Stephan Pickering changed his name to "Amused." It's the same hateful rhetoric. Either it's the same person or they're sharing a brain.

  • Flipside

    Americans are seeing this election being rigged. The fix is in. We saw all the major news networks form a hard line with one another and declare “there is a new top tier.” Guess what. We don’t want your new top tier. Keep pushing these fake candidates, though. The fire is going to be bright.

    • Jim_C

      Not sure what you mean?

      Any time someone people already know (dude's been governor of Texas for 10 years) enters a national election, the news cycle is going to reflect that. And any political analyst worth their salt knows that a Perry candidacy means trouble for the Bachmann candidacy because of the overlap in their base support. That's juicy stuff; they're not supposed to mention that?

      • Flipside

        What I mean is that they are deliberately cutting out Ron Paul and trying to cram Bachmann in at all costs. I am not speaking to Paul’s agenda like he’s a golden god, but he’s no Kucinich. The press is trying to ignore the 500 pound gorilla in the room that is Fed reform. He has a lot of votes and isn’t trailing by much at all. The press is doing cartel politics and also force-fitting the candidates who paid to be on the news.

        • elihew

          Ron Paul needs to be 'cut out' if not for any other reason than his inane (better yet, insane) foreigh policy! He's a nut job. Iran with nukes?! Right! What could possibly go wrong with that?

          • Flipside

            Talk to Russia about it. Putin is the one giving them nukes.

          • Steve

            Just exactly have we done to keep Iran from having nukes? Sanctions? Give us all a break. We could take out all of Iran's infrastructure in 5 minutes.

      • Reason_For_Life

        Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico for eight years with a spectacular record of cutting taxes and vetoing bad bills. The press still doesn't know that he's running.

        • Jim_C

          That's Gary Johnson's "fault," by which I mean to say he probably doesn't have the coffers of his opponents, nor do I remember his book tour like I remember Perry's recent one.

          One way or the other, ya gotta make them notice you. God knows, simply being a good candidate isn't enough.

    • Fred Dawes

      THE FIX HAS BEEN IN FOR OVER 240 YEARS Just look at the 1960 NETWORK And the movie about JFK, we have always had fixed candidates and the vote has always been rigged it is normal, but if the deal is good go for it.

      • Bill D


        I find it extremely hard to believe that the Corporations had the fix in for Obama. Please explain.

  • penny

    What is wrong with some folks? Nothing would be worst for America than Obama and the Socialists returning for four more years! There is and will be no perfect candidate. Let us have a robust primary and see who comes out ahead. However, if we start picking candidates off and bashing the folks who could possible beat Obama then we are doomed.

    So far, out of the field of candidates I do like what I have researched myself about Perry. Thank you for the informative and unbiased article.

    • JohnLamoreaux

      I was beginning to feel lonely. Thanks, Penny.

      • Amused

        If either of you knew what you were talking about , and did just a little bit of earnest research on Perry , you'd know he doesn't stand a chance . And if you think he put his foot in his mouth already ….lol…just wait and let this fundamentalist /dominionist /fanatic keep on talking , or better yet , wait till his skeletons start arriving from the closet .

        • JohnLamoreaux

          This you know because you're a party boss? a reader of minds? an angel of the Lord Almighty?

          How? Do tell?

          Judging from your spelling, I'd guess you don't actually have a job, much less one with responsibilities beyond making sure the ditch is deep.

          You can also stow your anti-Christian bigotry. If you're afraid of a United Methodist, you really shouldn't be going out of doors, as folks will think that you and yours are some sort of fanatics.

          If Perry's got skeletons, you might think they would've been found by now —
          what with thirty years of Texas politics behind him, and Rove and the whole Bush team out to get him.

          If you know better, do tell.

          If you know nothing, shut your supercilious hole.

          Das ist klar?

          • Deb in Texas

            Perry does have connections to Agenda 21 but if he's our choice then so be it. We can not afford another 4 years of BO! To vote a third party WILL guarantee it whether Libertarians want to except that or not. Perry does know how to run a state and keep it in the top states to live in. If Perry can turn the country around, abolish these unconstitutional executive orders and get rid of Obamacare* then we will be more powerful to fight the not so pleasant side of his agenda. People looking for entitlement become wards of the state and we will lose them as fighters.

            *Perry made life easier in Texas for doctors giving us a swarm of new docs and some of the best healthcare in the country.

            Ron Paul can't recognize our enemy so we're doomed there…

    • mlcblog

      Where there are believing Christians, people are elevated and women are elevated. This is history.

    • AnybodyButChicgoDems

      RIGHT ON Penny, I can't figure out what is wrong with them either. It's unbelievable, especially among the Paulies that would either vote 3rd Party or stay home if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomiantion. It's not that they don't know 4 more years of Obama and we may not have a country left. Many do not seem to care!!!! I will support any of the candidates (even Ron Paul) who gets the Republican nomination…if for no other reason than to replace the present occupant of the White House.

    • Bill D


      Go back to school, and learn grammar!

  • Stella

    I always ask the question: "Can one be a good Muslim AND a good American? The Koran COMMANDS Muslims to seek out the infildels (that is you and I my friend) and slay us. If Muslims to not seek out the infidels to slay us, then they are good American. Obviously they cannot be both."

    First it was Chris Christie and now Perry. Do they not understand that shari'ah law supersedes our Constitution and the laws of our land?

    See: "Muslim Picked for NJ Bench," (AP) (Chris Christie)

    And: New Jersey Governor Christie's dirty ties to Hamas-linked Islamic supremacists.
    Jihad Watch

    Hopefully, the links will open for you.

    • WildJew

      I heard Dick Morris (who I generally admire) yesterday on the Sean Hannity radio program. Morris did a video properly attacking former Governor Tim Pawlenty for signing on to a shariah-compliant program in Minnesota.

      Fine. Yesterday Morris was promoting Governor Christie (on Hannity's program) as our best hope for U.S. president.

  • StephenD

    Soft on immigration…ILLEGAL immigration. Soft on Islam. And lest anyone forget…supported AL GORE. How any clear thinking person could ever have supported Gore is beyond me. Since this isn't about any other candidate but is about Perry I'll refrain from opining about the balance of the "field of dreamers." All I know is it is getting more and more difficult to avoid getting caught up in thinking "Conspiracy Theory" scenarios. Either Obama's puppet masters (were they the same ones that ran Bush?) are really that powerful or it is a coincidence that the front runners seem to be more of the same in different suits.

    • Jim_C

      "How any clear thinking person could ever have supported Gore is beyond me."

      Really? after what 8 years of Bush did to this country?

    • retire05

      Ummmm, Perry supported Gore in 1988. You know, back when Gore was considered a "conservative" Democrat? But then, Reagan was a Democrat longer than Perry was. So let's all bash President Reagan, right?

      • Winghunter

        Gore was already INFAMOUS in '88 as a bald-faced liar, a self-declared traitor and a pot smoking punk.

        Your definition of a Conservative Dim must be an inch to the right of Karl Marx, Useful Idiot.

    • For My Liberty

      They were……and they are called Elitists…all at their yearly Bilderberg meetings. What people do not realize, is that we are ONLY given the choice of choosing the President from the Group that THEY have OK'ed. All these people are for a New World Order which is in DIRECT contrast what what our Constitution states. We need to get OUT of the U.N and get the U.N OUT of America!!

      • Congo Joe

        Whats the matter administrator of the socialist party, can't handle the truth?

    • svrgnnation

      Dick Morris worked for Clinton. But I agree with him now. Sometimes people are involved in campaigns they don't necessarily but into.

  • WildJew

    About the same time former President Bush said Islam means peace post 9/11 Rick Perry wrote the following troubling analysis of Islam in an editorial:

    "I ask that all Texans be mindful that the attacks on New York City and Washington are not the work of the Islamic faithful, but the work of terrorists – of fanatics – who have hijacked the name of religion for their campaign of hatred…..Like most of the world’s major religions, the Islamic faith preaches peace, love and tolerance. Indeed, terrorism is the antithesis of the basic tenet to which the one billion Islamic followers all over the world adhere."

    Frontpagemag – though it does much good – was one of G. W. Bush's biggest cheerleaders throughout his two terms of office; notwithstanding Bush's troubling statements and policy with respect to Islam, Israel, the Saudis, etc.

    • 58TROJAN

      I don't know what Koran you have been reading!!

      • WildJew

        I've got three good translations / commentary, including Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthall, etc. What Qur'an have you been reading?

      • StephenD

        58Trojan, Look close. Wild is quoting Perry NOT what he thinks is in the Qur'an.

    • Questions

      Gov. Perry's statement that radical Muslims (are there any other kind?) "hijacked" a great religion mirrors that of President George W. Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. These words alone ought to disqualify him from the presidency. Islam from the start has been an act of war against all non-Muslims; it has never been about "peace, love and tolerance," despite a few strategic facades to the contrary.

      Perhaps Perry can take a few pointers from Robert Spencer. Either that, or stay home in Austin.

      • JohnLamoreaux

        Would you have preferred we execute them? Or were you one of the liberals suggesting concentration camps?

        • winoceros

          Who…the Muslims who flew the planes into the buildings? They're already dead.

          Questions refers to Islam, not Muslims. What are you talking about?

          • JohnLamoreaux

            Perry said: not all Muslims are killers
            wildjew said: that's wrong
            questions adds: weren't no hijacking of islam, this is islam
            I asked 'questions': What then does you propose the U.S. do with the followers of Islam in the US?
            He'd surely not want them to wander the streets, if they're at war with us.
            That all. Not trying to be funny. I'd really like to know his view.

            Personally, I doubt this is how most religions work. There's no such thing as the one true Judaism or Christianity, just different kinds of Jews and Christians. Works the same with Islam.

            Even in the case of American Muslims. 50% of them are Shiite, and they've hardly been inclined to blow us up domestically. 50% are Sunni, and that's a different matter. Though even the Sunnis can't be taken as a single thing. Naqshabandis were driven out of mosque leadership in the 1990s, for trying to convince the FBI to start helping root out militants.

          • curmudgeon

            i cant tell you wild's opinion, but i can tell you the truth. if a non-islamic nation has even one muslim, it has a muslim problem. islam is like cancer–there is no acceptable number of cancer cells, and there is no acceptable number of muslims. what do we do with cancer cells, if we can? we kill them. if we cant kill them, we try to keep them from reproducing. what all nations that have not been totally conquered by islam should do is round up all muslim males and sequester them in a huge secure compound, and keep them there until they have killed each other. the women—they arent a threat. separated from the men, they will be infidels in a few years. islam has nothing for women. its a religion designed to opress women, and separated from the evil men, muslim women would soon be liberated.

  • wingwiper

    > Can Rick Perry defeat Obama in debates? Will he have sufficient command of the facts and the courage to immediately come back hard against Obama's smart aleck campaign insults? Can he trump the "race card" that will be played every day for the next 18 months? And/or can he also help elect enough Senators to create a veto-proof majority in Congress? That alone is all that matters. But, the first deadline for getting on a State ballot is not until this November… a long way to go.

    • Steve Bee

      Good comments and good conclusion, it has just started and we do have a long way to go. If the final ballot says Potted Plant v. Obama, my vote goes to "Potted Plant"!

  • Cuban Refugee

    Anyone who is willing to do the research this time around, instead of getting swallowed up in the propaganda and meaningless slogans of the last presidential election, will find that, on many levels, Perry is a dangerous man. Yes, during the current national nightmare, it is tempting to call the Texas cowboy to charge to the rescue of our republic on his galloping stallion just like in the movies; however, the posse with which he has traveled for many years, and his duplicitous actions on the ranch follow him like the smell of horse manure on a hot day.

    • retire05

      Was it your intention to give us your imitation of Louis Lamour?

      • winoceros

        It's L'Amour, and yawn.

        • Amused

          Bravo !!! Cuban Refugee !!!! By George ,THERE IS SOMEONE OIN THIS BLOG THAT'S GOT A FUNCTIONING BRAIN ! …..but Shhhhhhh….the rest of his MORON approvers just may see the light in time .

    • Sarah

      if no one else rises to the top, then he's a zillion times better than bho!

    • Jeff Scism

      Yes he is. all men can be dangerous when placed in the position of President. POWER is corruptible. Obama embraced that corruption as a tool to get to socialism in short order, he is so far unopposed. He gets what he wants by hook or by crook. Congress is an inconvenience, so appoint Czars and apply Socialism by Regulation and Presidential Order. A Weak UNORGANIZED Republican party is paradise for Democrat Progressives. They use COMPROMISE and "reason" to take all the marbles. If they paint the Republicans as uncompromising and unreasonable, then the swing vote is theirs. Thaey are moving on this already. The republicans when they do draw a line in the sand, do it weakly and MUCH TOO LATE to be a realistic impediment.

  • MBA NJ

    Anyone who supports the enemies of our American core values should be identified as such. If the game is to have the most votes, then when America changes to mostly America-haters, then the transformation will be complete. "We are the enemy" from Pogo comic strip sadly foretold this possible outcome. Why can't we get a solid healthy veteran who focuses on American values and not areas of conflict and greed??? Please don't label me a dreamer, but a planner here.

    • Jeff Scism

      "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

  • waterwillows

    It makes no sense and has no logic to say; oh, he only supports the good part of evil?

    One must know one from the other. Nor is there any point in giving or allowing any part of evil a foothold. Especially in our schools. Deception and dellusion are very sneaky and once the error is allowed, it just keeps getting worse.

  • BLJ

    Perry can beat Obama and the Dems and there allies in the MSM know it. They are hoping the Repubs nominate someone who won't have the guts to stand up to the Chosen One.

    • Amused

      HAhahahaha , you keep on believing that BLJ , lol… oh my , some of you folk are just STUPIFYING to listen to.

      • BS61

        Must be an Alex Jones fan.

  • Jim_C

    Please let this yokel run!

  • Moshe Bernstein

    First off, I am an Orthodox Jew, a Michelle Bachmann supporter, and have no issue at all with Perry's Christianity as a Presidential candidate, like some people. I find that part reassuring. But aside from his illegal immigration issue, here's the problem:

    That article by David Stein (… ) fails to answer 2 fundamental questions. (1) Why, exactly, was a course specifically on Islam needed in public schools at all? Is there a course on Christianity, on Judaism, on Buddhism, on Hinduism, on Sikhism, on atheism? Or on the American Constitution? Stein seems to be extremely naive. Of course Muslims are happy to accept the course as it is – right now. It introduces a place for a course on Islam into public schools, and it gets students thinking about Islam. But don’t think that in a few years Islamist organizations like CAIR won’t be saying the course is derogatory towards Muslims and Islamophobic and needs to be re-written by a Muslim from a less Western-biased point of view. And don’t think they won’t use this as a starting point to get pro-Islamic curricula in the schools of other states as well. You can count on it. They will. They have long term strategies. They’re not easily fooled like the writer is. They know what they are doing. (2) Why, if this is so wonderful for the West, and so bad for Islamist goals, do CAIR – which has been clearly established to be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas – LOVE Rick Perry? Because he is helping them. He may not see long term; but don’t worry, they do.

    Also, David Stein makes a big deal about the accusation coming from Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), in her article, quoting Salon, and not from an expert like Robert Spencer. But it was posted by Robert Spencer on his own site, They work together.

    Moreover, there is one recognized Islamic/ Sharia Court in the USA. Whose state is it in? Rick Perry's.

    • retire05

      Are there religious history courses taught in Texas that deal with other religions? Yes. And these courses affect 15,000 students in ten districts. How does that work out when Texas has a Muslim population of 600,000? And do you even know where those courses are to be taught? Nope. Is it possible that it could be on the university level? Oh, that's right, you never bothered to find out. You just jumped to the conclusion that ALL Texas students are going to be indoctrinated by being taught about Islam.

      Are you equally outraged that people do not want Creative Design taught in schools but kids are forced to learn about Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which is, after all, just a theory?

      Did you even read Stein's report? If you had, you would know that he QUOTED Robert Spencer. And it doesn't jive with what you are saying.

    • retire05

      I notice that you never bothered to mention the same thing was installed, before Texas, in Minnesota and New Jersey.

    • Lorne

      Of all the posts, I like yours the best. Why is there a class in school dedicated to islam when Christianity and other religions are forbid? It should not be allowed in the school system at all unless it is open to all.

  • T McGaffey

    After reading about and learning a few "facts" about Rick Perry & Texas…and then reading Ben Shapiro's "myths" about same, I can come to only one conclusion…Mr. Shapiro's initials are apropos to his rhetoric.

    • davidhorowitz

      You're so right, and so funny!

      • Amused

        Bravo again ! Man twice in one day I have found evidence of intelligence on this blog , surprisingly from Cuban Refugee , and from Mr.T McGaffey whom I'm not too familiar with any of his prvious posts , but you got Shapiro PEGGED man ! I dont care about your political affiliation , but it is a PLUS to your fellows, that you can actually think for yourself .[ unlike roughly 85 % oif the denizons posting here .]

  • alexander

    i wish i was wrong but….wasn't he involved with Algor and the lie about global warming????

    • scum

      Which lie about Global Warming? Exxon's?? LOL

    • JohnLamoreaux

      He supported Gore's run for president in 1988.
      He was a Democrat himself at the time.
      He's since repented of his sins.
      He joined the GOP in 1989.
      I've only ever heard him make fun of global warming.
      But who knows … youthful indiscretions and all that.

    • winoceros

      He was Gore's campaign manager, I thought.

    • Chris

      He sure was.

  • T McGaffey

    By the way, "Administrator", what's with only a thumbs up "Likes" icon and no thumbs down "dislikes" icon? That's like a card shark who has to "stack the deck" so he can play with the big boys! Well, given the right wing mindset, I guess they do need every under-handed trick in the book to stay in the game. Or should I say…give the "appearance" of staying in the game.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I think that what you're referring to is the Facebook "Like". Facebook doesn't have a "Dislike" button, but users of the program can "Unlike" a post or an article that they previously "liked". It has nothing to do with this website.

    • winoceros

      It's a facebook plugin….a widget. If you don't like this site, and find it to be a small population of fans, don't come here.

      If you'd like to see the site statistics for this or any other site, you can visit

      Oh, and the Huffington Post has the same widget, so don't you look silly.

    • elihew

      Facebook thinks it not politically correct to disapprove of someone; you must UNLIKE them! Sorry POS website!

    • intrcptr2

      Don't look so closely, you may actually be able to see the "other" hand to the right of the "like" button…

      I shouldn't let getting complimented by Amused go to your head, though.

    • Sakeith

      there's a thumbs down, and you've received 4 of them

  • scum

    Well, well, where to begin?? OK, first of all, Perry is not the Republican frontrunner. He'll have some catching up to do to match strides with the (other) idiot Bachmann. Second, Perry's Christian blathering in public will weaken his mainstream appeal. Third, as other's have said on this site (whether right or wrong), ALL MOSLEMS ARE EVIL. Fourth, and most important, Perry is a faux-tea bagger. Shapiro conveniently forgets to mention that Perry lobbied hard for BILLIONS IN STIMULUS MONEY FOR TEXAS AS EARLY AS 2003. He was for the stimulus before he was against it. So why is Shapiro desperately holding to the illusion that Perry is the GOP's 'man?' Simple. The alternative is the more realistic nominee, Michelle Bachmann, who is a fringe lunatic gone mainstream. She's the GOP's worst nightmare, and national Party HQ is trying to figure out some way to derail her train. Maybe Ron Paul will be her VP. More nightmare's for the GOP. It's really fun to watch the idiot parade.

    • retire05

      Does that include in the EVIL group Hershi Ali, Dr. Zudhi Jasser, Wadid Faris, and all other Muslims who speak out against terrorism?

      • winoceros

        It's Ayan Hirsi Ali, and she is an atheist.

        Dr. Zhudi Jasser speaks out against terrorism but can't get any traction with Muslims at all and was ousted from his mosque because they think he's a heretic.

        Walid Faris isn't a Muslim.

        I find none of them evil, and find their dialogues regarding Islam refreshing and intellectually honest.

      • scum

        Don't confuse Arabs with Muslims. But in answer to your question: According to the Spencerian logic at FPM, the answer is a resounding YES. Read all your buddies' posts here.

    • elihew

      You're wrong; you'll see…

      • scum

        I might well be wrong. The GOP will do anything it can to derail the Bachmann idiot train in favor of Perry, who was for the the stimulus before he was against it. Either way, the GOP debates are like watching clowns come out of VW.

    • Goatie

      Dear Scum. You might want to turn around and look in the mirror. Michele Bachmann is the only candidate who has no baggage. She is pure through and through. She loves God, Family, and the Constitution and will make all of those egomaniac men look foolish. God Bless America!

    • onelordwon

      Sadly you are representing your own words of personal verbal attacks that in fact describe you and your views. How sad for you

    • svrgnnation

      At least you got your name (scum) right, bro!

  • rick perry

    After Israel is wiped off the map by Iran, I will rejoice by reciting verses from the Koran and urinating on my local Jewish community center :)

    • retire05

      You are a sick person. The institution you are locked up in should take your computer away.

      • rick perry

        What will I do without my computer?

        Someone has to relay the truth :)

        • elihew

          Take it from a born-again Messianic Jew; you can take your computer and shove it up your A$$ you anti-Semite POS.

          • Amused

            What > the only thing he got wrong was Perry will be reciting Bible Verses .

          • rick poopy

            A Messianic Jew? Go to hell!! Or find Christ :)

          • elihew

            I didn't know He was lost! Ah, ignorance is bliss isn't it poopy?

          • rick poofy

            How could you not know? Your people murdered him :)

    • intrcptr2

      I suppose I should commend you for accepting the truth about Ahmadinejad's plans, but really now, I know you have a much better imagination than this.

      Of course given the Muslims' track record against the IDF, you probably shouldn't count any of your dredels before the menorah is fully lit.

      Oh, and Happy Ramadan.

    • Ron

      In your dreams only! Live with it!

    • Goatie

      May the real God of Heaven have mercy on your soul!

    • tylersnana

      Boy, are you in for a surprise, BOY!

    • Joyce

      Hey Obama, I thought you were on another glitzy vacation, living it up on our dime AGAIN. Don't you have something better to do than pretend to be other people posting on blogs? Go create some jobs, you useless and incompetent moron.

      Well I know you will create ONE job…..the job of President in 2012. We will be hiring someone new. You're FIRED.

  • mrbean

    Now who do you want for President:? Obama the clandestine Muslim Marxist black liberation theology social justice convert who is in there now, or someone pro American with some business sense like Romney or Perry? No woman for President. The women that the GOP seem to have are bright but frivilous and self indulgent.

    • Cartboard

      Sorry but Romney is almost as bad as Obama. Remember RomneyCare? He broke MA because of his policies. We don't need Romney anywhere near the Whitehouse. Go Perry!

      • Jeff Scism

        Time is running out to find a Candidate who can win, and who is acceptable.

        • Joyce

          With a continuously worsening economy, incompetent stewardship of same, and all the foreign policy failures, my pet goldfish can beat the Fruity O. They say Obama's approval rating is down to 39. They must be polling Kenyans. I don't know anyone who approves…including people who voted for the clown.

    • Jim_C

      I want the clandestine Muslim whatever, hands down.

    • scum

      Let's put the GOP in charge in 2012, as the edifice of Global Capital comes crashing down. Rampant deregulation, the 'Bubbles inside of Bubbles' and the Ponzi schemes dreamed up by the Repubs are so over. LOL. Let's bring back Madoff, and Enron too. Ha!!!!!!

    • Joyce

      I see nothing frivolous about the women of the GOP. They have more testicular fortitude than the men….and they are savagely smeared by the press. If you call defending oneself against an onslaught of unfair criticism "self-indulgent", then you need to take your Teddy and go take a nap on election day, Mr. Bean.

      I support Michelle Bachmann (and Sarah if she gets in), more than alot of the men running.

    • Ivoteforlife

      Has anybody considered the other candidates, the ones the media, including Fox, are downplaying, telling us they have no chance. We could be missing our best candidate. I have not made up my mind yet, but I would like to watch and listen to Cain, Gingrich, and Santorum more than we are getting to do right now.

  • Bosch_Fawstin

    Perry could be the next Islamophile in Chief. Not long after 9/11, he wrote: Islam "preaches peace, love and tolerance," and like Bush, he hasn't learned anything since. To be pro-Islam, as he is, is to inevitably be pro-Sharia.

    • scum

      Like I said in my other comments above, according to the Spencerian logic displayed here at FPM, to be a Muslim is to be a terrorist. Bosch_Fawstin's post is case in point. Blanket condemnation strikes deep, and is a boomerang that'll come back and bite you in the backside. Be careful.

      • Bosch_Fawstin

        "scum", when people can't argue against someone's actual position, they shut up or make up.

      • Winghunter

        Don't look now but the boomerang is protruding out of your pants. A Proctologist won't help.

        What Islam Isn't By Dr. Peter Hammond

        “Islamism is not a movement to be engaged, it is an enemy to be defeated.”

        Islam: The Religion of Peace ( And A Whole Bunch of Dead Bodies)

        Former Muslim Speaks Out

        Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination! by Dr. Don Boys

        Islam, peaceful Islam, is about destruction of all Kafir civilization

        Cousin marriages in Muslim hit British health system as doctors fear charges of "racism" in addressing the issue



    • scum

      Hell, why not get a war criminal like Kissinger! He had that good ole American go-gettem attitude we love so much. Bachmann and Paul in '12! It's gonna be hilarious……………

    • JohnLamoreaux

      Maybe Petraeus can put his COIN to use. Why spend it to buy worthless dirt in Afghanistan, when he can use it to put down the fanatics leading the insurrection in the blue state.

      • scum

        The U.S. still has chemical weapons. Perhaps the GOP will use them on the Blues in 2012.

    • elihew

      You mean General 'Betrayus' don't you?

    • ObamaYoMoma


      You mean the same Gen. Petraeus who after almost 10 years still hasn’t figured out how to win the hearts and minds of Muslims? The one who created the insane Rules of Engagement that caused more US troops to be killed in a single year last year than in all the other previous years combined. The same Gen Petraeus who according to the neo-cons, i.e. RINOs, that hijacked the Republican Party and morphed into the second-coming of the Dhimmicrat Party, was responsible for the glorious victory in Iraq, even though Iraq is already in the hands of IRAN!

      Excuse me, but you must be out of your NEO-CON/RINO head. Between the NEO-CON/RINOS and the Dhimmicrat Party, the USA is on the fast track to hell!

  • Reason_For_Life

    "He [Perry] supported a very secular Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 election cycle."

    He supported the even more secular Al Gore in the 1988 election cycle.

    This guy is big government personified, George Bush on steroids. Damn it Shapiro, do your homework.

  • xlent

    What baffels me is anyone who would call ANYTHING about islam peaceful. All we have to do is look across the pond. Britan, Norway, Sweden, et all, is about gone because of islam. No go zones sharia ONLY areas, islam hate spewed out on the streets and in the mocks. How clear does it have to become? When it is to late?

  • mark

    What about Perry's grades at A&M? Is Perry a slightly denser version of Bush? That is the "myth" I care about. Here is another myth. Everyone would love to have W. back in the White House except for MSNBC and the ever present Marxists. Anybody but Perry.

    • Amused

      Atleast Bush knew he was dumb and went to Daddy for help ….who in the hell will Perry go to ?

  • beckncall

    Rick-Wheres the fence? Drug wars on your border, criminals and terrorists as well as drugs coming into this nation via the Rio Grande. My question is why? This is a national security issue, what say you?

  • michaelle50

    Perry isn't all thst great-he supported the Giul..a RINO not a true conservative. And so what if he won more than Palin-its quality not quantity-plus, he is a member of the bildeberger group-oh great.

    No, I don't trust him because he is an establishment clown.

    • grandmother

      absolutely the correct assessment of this buffoon…..thumbs down on this one.

  • beckncall

    I agree he is a rino………. Is there a true conservative out there with the GUTS to stand up for America? HELLO?

  • Sandy

    I live in TX and I thought I would vote for anyone against Obama. I will NOT vote for Rick Perry. I will write in another candidate rather than vote for him. I remember very well when he, with his ties to Merck laboratories, tried to shove the HPV vaccine down the throats of TEXANS. There was a huge outcry from the people. Thats why he backed down. He's full of hot air with his talk about secession and Bernacke being a traitor. There is nothing good behind this. He's not really religiious, just trying to buy the Christian vote. He raised taxes, didn't lower them. He is a former democrat and worked for Al Gore. He said Hillary Care was a good idea. He will say ANYTHING to get elected. And he scuttled a bill that would have passed to get the TSA out of TX airports. Why don't you try just reporting the news (4600 votes for Ron Paul in the Iowa straw poll vs. 700 for Perry) instead of trying to create the news.

  • beckncall

    ABO is my candidate. Anyone but Obama.

    • Ivoteforlife

      I have had that attitude myself. But we need to get organized, study all the candidates, then pick the strongest conservative we can, one who will not back down when criticized by the Marxists, and who will not defend the enemy as McCain did for Obama.

  • Fred Dawes

    Let us all work against Obama if he gets back in he will become President for Life and that is not a joke!

    If this evil comes down on the USA You will see a white free America within 30 years with obama as the black Hitler.

  • Resistanceisfutile

    RE: Immigration (DREAM Act etc) What does Mr. Perry say to all those people on waiting lists to legally immigrate to the U.S.- do their children get DREAM Act benefits? So, by illegally immigrating, illegals take advantage of the most basic Liberal tenet: Forgiveness is easier to get than Permission! Just act illegally and you will be forgiven. To me, if Perry is Bush II on immigration, I will go with Bachmann, or, if it comes to it, Romney even with the Romneycare albatross around his neck.

    • Ivoteforlife

      I agree Resistance, we need to get a tough attitude toward all illegals; they are not immigrants, they are criminals who broke in and entered our country much like a thief breaks in and enters one's home to rob from the homeowner. Do we tell the homeowner to let the thief stay and start supporting him, and to take in his family also to feed, clothe, educate, and give them free medical care? Well, I guess that will be next.

  • surfcitysocal

    The article wants put forth that Perry is not the "return of Bush", but I believe the writer critically underestimates how much of 2008 was a how-much-do-you-hate-Bush/war win for Obama. Bush-hate was key to his win and for the last 2-1/2 years the Obama Administration has not let voters forget that by endlessly reminding us that he "inherited" the economy, the war(s), etc. I believe Perry is a big mistake. As someone I follow on Twitter wisely tweeted, "I can just see [the Obama ads with] Perry's face morphing into Bush's and back…" If Perry is the nominee, I can guarantee the loonies, upon Obama's reelection, gloating once again about another "bit**-slap" at the polls for the GOP. And then we will be sunk. We will be dead as a free nation with Obama at the helm for another 4 years.

    • Amused

      You guys are no better , it was Hate Clinton that got Bush in , even after Clinton left the Office with a surplus .LOL….but Bush the Dumber , took care of that reeeeeal good .

  • Amused

    Aside from HOUSTON , Texas ain't bgot NOTHING to brag about . In fact Mississippi loves Texas …….it get them out of LAST PLACE in just about EVERYTHING .
    LOl…yea yea …lol…rah rah Perry !

    • elihew

      You must be from San Francisco Californicate.

    • StupidDemocrats

      Houston is the sh*thole of Texas.

    • Ivoteforlife

      That is really not true.

  • Amused

    If you Republicans nominate perry , you had better get out of politics and get into nsomething usefull ….like Sh_t-Kicking .

  • Amused

    Perry is allright with muslim school books and the likes , for ONE and only ONE reason . So he can stay under the radar screen and shove his christian fundamentalist B.S. down Texans throats . [And being a Dominionist down everyone elses throats] The muslim thing is just a diversion , and a RISK Perry is willing to take with his own state and his country to achieve his own religious agenda . Talk about " the end justifies the means " , a famous reference around here , used as a hammer on everything and everyone NOT repo-con .Even the poster Cuban Refugee sees this man is dangerous , but stunningly …fools here and elsewhere will suck it up , just to defeat Obama . Who BTW , for whatever you may think of the man has not abridged not one single Constitutional Right , of ANYONE . Wanna BET what Perry would do as POTUS , especially playing his Texas game of installing his fellow religious fanatics .
    p.s. Dont trust ANYONE who says G_D told him to do this or that .


      All you 'RELIGION' haters, together with you ignorant , one- issue EVANGELICALS …YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MUCH OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE /THE 'LEADERSHIP. NEITHER IDEOLOGY NOR 'RELIGIOUS DOGMA HAS ANY PLACE IN A 'FREE SOCIETY. For the love of GOD, it's time we all used what admittedly is most times too little intellect, discernment….quit the ridiculous swooning over BS be it looks, style, misplaced 'loyalties' or the need to 'feel good about ourselves'….As it happens the 'history making', feel good nonsense about voting in 'the first' black ' president' has been a disaster. The "Simple- minded- were snookered plain and simple…and we are ALL paying. The least we can do is TO LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKE!

  • Amused

    If Republicans put up ANYONE with more than half-a-brain , I'll VOTE for him/her .
    But so far I haven't seen anyone who isn't batsh_t crazy . I'll vote for Romney , If Romney makes it past the screwball teabaggers and the christian fundies that is . And most of you naysayers , who use Romney care as an excuse , just keep in mind , A) Nixon thought of it first and B) Republican hadf a recent convention in Hawaii …..which has a pretty good STATE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM , and most of the dumbasses there ,didn't even know that FACT .Schmucks !!

    • Fred Dawes

      Me to but who really knows the nuts that will come down this evil way.

  • Amused

    After that statement Mr.Bean , I realize that your screen name is a descriptor of the circumference of your brain . Dont hurt yourself chump .

  • Gloria Stewart

    While I usually admire Mr. Shapiro, I must disagree with his defense of Governor Perry's relationship with Islam. The Ismaili sect is very much the exception in Islam, so much so as to be insignificant. For brevity let us consider the example he gave of the textbook description of Islam – presumably an Ismaili version. What is the entirety of the essay on Islam in that textbook or others used in Texas public schools? Since it makes Islam appear to be benign, should there not be a disclaimer that this is not the Islam of the vast, vast majority of Muslims?

    Governor Perry's outreach to any Muslim group, however moderate, will open the door to other Muslim groups.

    One does not make a deal with the devil even in the devil's mildest form.

  • bubba

    I hate negroes

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,you're not a swell person yourself,bubba.

      • bubba

        i hate you

  • kiefko

    Well, then it took for Israel just 6 long days. Now, i*m sure, it won't take longer than 6 long hours. The crazy maniacs muslims truly loves their paradise more than live on earth. Help them all, at once, to attend their paradise, to meet their dead muhammad, to brutalize the virgins they truly believe are naked awaiting them there ready for the muslim sex orgy. __Well, then it took for Israel just 6 long days to get rid of enemies. Now, i*m sure, it won't take longer than just 6 long hours.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Up until this time I thought Ben Shapiro was an up and coming young attorney and writer, but now I know that he is an easily duped useful idiot. Oh well, he is now on my ignore list of writers that couldn’t make the cut.

  • Jim



  • Greg

    He suported Giuliani, a globalist, and weak on immigration but he is better than Obama. That is all you can say good about him?

  • Ed H

    I am becoming so UN- Infatuated with these so-called Conservatives!! HOW can anyone be a Conservative, and STILL want to pay for Illegals in the U.S.A.?????? And if anyone tells me, that someone that is involved with ANY muslim, has the best interests of the U.S.A. at heart, then they're either a LIAR, ala b.o., or they REALLY don't have any idea what's going on. I will NEVER, as long as I am breathing, vote for ANYONE, that in any way, believes that muslims have ever had, of ever will have, any Love for the U.S.A.. Except to KILL us, if we don't follow the Sharia version of the koran.

  • Janice Harper

    First point, the only thing that compares Rick Perry to George Bush is that they are both from Texas. On Social issues, the problem with Perry's endorsement of a mandatory Guardasil vaccine for young girls 9 and up!!! is that most girls that age are NOT s— active and the only way to get that form of cancer is through s— activity. It is forcing girls to get a vaccine that is unnecessary and therefore violates parental rights and personal liberty. Now the one thing I LIKE about Perry is his pro-Life voting record and his strength on social issues. I as a conservative am upset not because he is too religious, but rather that he would support a presidential candidate like Giuliani – then when Giuliani dropped out of the race he not only switched his support to McCain, but he was actively involved in trying to get Mike Huckabee to drop out of the race!!! Oh, and Perry was also Al Gore's campaign manager in Texas during his dem years – hardly a conservative maverick! I will stick with Santorum – a REAL Conservative Republican.

  • Jim

    I'm not 100% sold on Perry, but my mind is open. Conservatives sometimes think that if a candidate doesn't pass thier litmus test on each of their issues then he has to be discarded. I vehemently disagree with all the hyperbole that I'm reading in these comments. At the end of the day we need to be uinited against Obama, regardless who wins the nomination.

    Perry's basic philosophy is conservative. He is a proven winner, which is crucial in light of what losing the next election will mean. He is also a long-serving governor of a large and diverse state, meaning that he has executive experience. That means that he has the ability to be a good President as well as a good candidate.

    • pegs

      Hi, if we unite, we need to make certain it's behind the RIGHT PERSON, America united and picked obamination, so uniting is not the key word, RIGHT Candidate is the operative word

  • For My Liberty

    I want to know why you ignored the fact that Perry went to a Bilderberg meeting in 2007?? That alone should be enough to scare half the population. We do NOT need a New World Order–WHICH by the way is exactly why he, Bush, and Obama have not enforced our borders—there is no need to do that if we become an North American Union–Which by the way will make our Constitution WORTHLESS!! GIVE US ANSWERS ON THIS!


    WELL, myth 5 is enough for me to vote against him, taking people's tax money to allow someone illegal to attend college let alone to even stay in the state is still breaking federal & state laws, whats the point of even having any laws if they are not going to be inforced, and last I heard TEXAS still has at least 8 sanctuary cities, so what type of crack down is that, WHY is it that AMERICA is the only country that allows this illegal activity to go on is beyond me, try sneeking into CANADA or MEXICO and see what happens to you, its not very pretty I can tell you that

  • Gary Yagley

    Here is what I read as Shapiro's best case for Perry…. He (Perry) is a Professional Politician who can win any election with his sharp wit and sharp machine (Yes, that's what we need in America, a good politician). He is a former Democrat, now Republican (Next what?) who thinks Al Gore should have been the President. He is Pro-Islam. Believed the government should and can tell parents and children how to run their lives, until that belief went unpopular, then switched to an "OOPS, I goofed. (Can anyway say wishy-washy) And straddles the issues of illegal immigration.

    Don't we already have a Perry in the Oval office?

    "We have met the enemy, and he is US!" As long as we continue to vote for only Republicans or Democrats, we'll always be what we are. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the definition of INSANITY.

  • warren scott

    I'm voting for Governor Perry. He is the best hope we have. After he wins, I hope he appoints Ron Paul Treasury Secretary, Herman Cain Commerce Secretary, John Bolton secretary of State, Newt Gingrich Secretary of Defense


    PLEASE PEOPLE! We MUST use our intellect and NOT emotions!! ALL of the candidates will belong to one 'club' or other. Make no mistake WE do NOT 'choose' candidates OR PRESIDENTS! We are simply MANIPULATED into 'choosing' 'their' man. It has ALWAYS been thus…more so now with the absolute power of the 'Fourth Estate'ie: the established media. From someone who has observed for the better part of a lifetime, there seems to be no hope for a broken, sorely divided, by design, society. We have chosen to dispense with GOD [morality, purpose other than sefish pleasures], and we are paying the ultimate price. Do we REALLY believe a 'change' in party, players, ANYTHING can stop the inevitable? Feminism has taught us that there are no princes…only frogs…it's time we acknowledged the same about the 'RULING CLASS'!

    • Ivoteforlife

      I hope you get this message even though I am about 2 weeks behind the other posters. I, too, am a grandmother and concerned about the future for my descendants when I am gone. Get the video, "Agenda, Grinding America Down." Study it and show it to your children, grandchildren, your community. Then take action in whatever way you find best.

  • readmylips

    The American voter, it would seem, is between a rock and a hard place. However, I'll take almost anyone over the POTUS in the WH at the present time.

  • For My Liberty

    Better do some more work before you start touting that things are "Myths"…


    I would say that he has just a LITTLE more to do with Muslims than friendly terms, First off, Tx is the ONLY state in the USA that allows Sharia in the court. Next, Perry signed TWO contracts that Islam should be "learned about" in school!

    IF you want to look smart, stop looking so DUMB!

  • Matthew Holt

    Perry is "anyone but Obama", but he is 1000 times worse than Bush. Don't be fooled by his campaign propaganda.

  • onelordwon

    I am concerned about Perry. Honestly I am concerned because we already (not me) gave the presidency to a liar and deceiver. I am also concerned because people are vulnerable and looking for a political savior, instead of looking for their Spiritual Savior. That scares me because the world in general is where I never thought I would see in my life time. I was stupid in that I could never imagine a one world government and or a one world religion. BUT: HERE IT IS UPON US. I don't want another Bush, even though I am a Tea Party-Republican. I want a Christian, but I am leery of the timing of Perry's call to Prayer. I am concerned about more illegals, his relationships to Muslims and this article can say anything and it could all be a cover up. YES I am CONCERNED

    • Ivoteforlife

      I agree. Get the video, "Agenda: Grinding America Down." Learn from it and share it with neighbors and friends. Take action.

  • Winghunter

    We fought very hard to stop Bush/McCain/Reid/Pelosi from shoving the Shamnesty bill down our throats so, why on earth would we even think about nominating Perry??

    Rick Perry not a true conservative by Tancredo

    Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

    Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem

    The Phony Right-Wing, Part 5: James Richard ‘Rick’ Perry

    Does GOP want Perrys DREAM act too?

  • RAL

    I'm just posting an article I came across. I'm sure there will be plenty of wrong things printed and right. I'm just after the truth.

  • Janice

    Go take your lithium Stephen, your schizophrenia is showing.

  • George Villalba

    He is a globalist that pushed Guardisil on the young girls in Texas then apologized like it was a little mistake when it cost peoples lives. Who is he to do so? I can only imagine what he will do when the puppet masters that control him tell him to act. He will follow the orders well.
    Ron Paul is the only hope for America

  • Margaret black

    Herman Cain!! He looks better and better! We need
    Someon who isnt indebted to anyone. Someone with new ideas and business sense. Not more of the same ole same ole!

  • svrgnnation

    Marco Rubio for President!!!

    • Ivoteforlife

      Too young, too inexperienced this year. Groom him for the future. Let him serve as a Senator for a while, and let us observe him.

  • Joyce

    I like him fine…except for issue 5 which is a deal-breaker for me. He's going to have to seriously tighten up his loose attitude toward illegal immigration to get my support.

  • amycharron

    I know first hand how evil Governor Perry is. Please youtube my name Amy Charron. My upcoming book will prove much more. ….

  • Vic Bailey

    Perry is a ringer, sent into the ring by the elitist, it also doesn't say that Texas debt per capita is higher than California, we don't need another big spender. Ron Paul OR NOT AT ALL, is the only man with the smarts to bring us through this mess, Rick and Mitt are MORONS. Semper Fi.

    • Ivoteforlife

      Ron Paul doesn't even see a reason for people to have marriage licenses. He lives in a dream world. He will let us keep Obama, to our peril.

  • Ivoteforlife

    Please, Ron Paul will keep Obama in power. Study the candidates some more.

  • Thomas Humphrey

    When Texas was a "blue" state, Perry was a Democrat. He was the head of Al Gore's campaign in Texas. Now that Texas is a "red" state, Perry is a Republican. Personally, I don't want a President who is a weak reed that bends with the wind. And he is a Muslim-hugger. Anyone who says Islam is "peaceful," has never opened the Koran. And you can't trust what Muslims say about the subject because the Koran directs them to lie to infidels when it benefits Islam. Open borders? Of course. Texas has many people of Mexican heritage and Perry certainly is not going to offend them. Come on in! The more the merrier! — In case anyone is interested, my choice is Herman Cain. He is intelligent, knowledgable, and worked his way up the hard way. Plus, he is not a slimy politician.

  • Chris

    It's clear to anyone that watched the YouTube debate that Perry is NOT soft on ILLEGAL immigration (I put emphasis on illegal because it was left out of the article). I heard it from his own mouth that if you do not support government tuition assistant for illegal immigrants, you must be heartless. This is all over the web. If you want a viable candidate, Herman Cain really is the best choice in this election.

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