Five Myths About Rick Perry

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Myth #4: Perry is soft on Islam. recently reported that Perry was a “pro-Shariah” candidate, a charge that obviously got heavy traction among conservatives – and with good reason.  It’s a serious charge.  It’s also dramatically false, as columnist David Stein points out.  Perry’s relationship is with a Muslim leader called the Aga Khan, who leads a sect called the Ismailis, which has 15-20 million followers.  Aga Khan has been labeled an infidel by both Sunnis and Shias for his support for Israel.  Perry worked with Aga Khan to implement an educational element in the Texas curriculum about Islam.  Here are some of the elements of that educational program: “Muslims often lack respect for Western traditions and points of view … From its early days, Islam reacted aggressively toward its civilized neighbors the Byzantines and the West …While Westerns studied Islamic culture, Muslims showed almost no interest in Western culture, remaining ignorant of modernity and its impact.”  The program also calls Israel “the historic homeland of Jews” and gives details about how Arab states refused to admit Palestinian refugees after 1948.  There’s a reason Perry has won the Defender of Jerusalem award from the State of Israel, and it’s not just because Texas is Israel’s fourth largest trading partner.

Quasi-Myth #5: Perry is soft on immigration.

This is the only spot on Perry’s record where he will have some explaining to do.  His record on illegal immigration is mixed.  He opposed SB 1070 in Arizona, feeling that it placed enforcement obligations in the hands of states that ought to lie with the federal government; he opposed EVerify, a program designed to punish employers who hire illegals; he signed a Texas DREAM Act which allowed in-state tuition for children of illegals.  On the other hand, he has taken strong action against sanctuary cities; he has executed a Mexican national who raped and murdered an American; he has called for heavy border security, including drones to monitor activity areas.  Unlike the other candidates, he is governor of a border state and routinely works with the Mexican government.  He won 39 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2010.

So, is Perry the right man for the job?  In the days and weeks to come, we will find out much more about him.  There is mudslinging to come, but so far so good.

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  • For My Liberty

    I want to know why you ignored the fact that Perry went to a Bilderberg meeting in 2007?? That alone should be enough to scare half the population. We do NOT need a New World Order–WHICH by the way is exactly why he, Bush, and Obama have not enforced our borders—there is no need to do that if we become an North American Union–Which by the way will make our Constitution WORTHLESS!! GIVE US ANSWERS ON THIS!


    WELL, myth 5 is enough for me to vote against him, taking people's tax money to allow someone illegal to attend college let alone to even stay in the state is still breaking federal & state laws, whats the point of even having any laws if they are not going to be inforced, and last I heard TEXAS still has at least 8 sanctuary cities, so what type of crack down is that, WHY is it that AMERICA is the only country that allows this illegal activity to go on is beyond me, try sneeking into CANADA or MEXICO and see what happens to you, its not very pretty I can tell you that

  • Gary Yagley

    Here is what I read as Shapiro's best case for Perry…. He (Perry) is a Professional Politician who can win any election with his sharp wit and sharp machine (Yes, that's what we need in America, a good politician). He is a former Democrat, now Republican (Next what?) who thinks Al Gore should have been the President. He is Pro-Islam. Believed the government should and can tell parents and children how to run their lives, until that belief went unpopular, then switched to an "OOPS, I goofed. (Can anyway say wishy-washy) And straddles the issues of illegal immigration.

    Don't we already have a Perry in the Oval office?

    "We have met the enemy, and he is US!" As long as we continue to vote for only Republicans or Democrats, we'll always be what we are. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the definition of INSANITY.

  • warren scott

    I'm voting for Governor Perry. He is the best hope we have. After he wins, I hope he appoints Ron Paul Treasury Secretary, Herman Cain Commerce Secretary, John Bolton secretary of State, Newt Gingrich Secretary of Defense


    PLEASE PEOPLE! We MUST use our intellect and NOT emotions!! ALL of the candidates will belong to one 'club' or other. Make no mistake WE do NOT 'choose' candidates OR PRESIDENTS! We are simply MANIPULATED into 'choosing' 'their' man. It has ALWAYS been thus…more so now with the absolute power of the 'Fourth Estate'ie: the established media. From someone who has observed for the better part of a lifetime, there seems to be no hope for a broken, sorely divided, by design, society. We have chosen to dispense with GOD [morality, purpose other than sefish pleasures], and we are paying the ultimate price. Do we REALLY believe a 'change' in party, players, ANYTHING can stop the inevitable? Feminism has taught us that there are no princes…only frogs…it's time we acknowledged the same about the 'RULING CLASS'!

    • Ivoteforlife

      I hope you get this message even though I am about 2 weeks behind the other posters. I, too, am a grandmother and concerned about the future for my descendants when I am gone. Get the video, "Agenda, Grinding America Down." Study it and show it to your children, grandchildren, your community. Then take action in whatever way you find best.

  • readmylips

    The American voter, it would seem, is between a rock and a hard place. However, I'll take almost anyone over the POTUS in the WH at the present time.

  • For My Liberty

    Better do some more work before you start touting that things are "Myths"…


    I would say that he has just a LITTLE more to do with Muslims than friendly terms, First off, Tx is the ONLY state in the USA that allows Sharia in the court. Next, Perry signed TWO contracts that Islam should be "learned about" in school!

    IF you want to look smart, stop looking so DUMB!

  • Matthew Holt

    Perry is "anyone but Obama", but he is 1000 times worse than Bush. Don't be fooled by his campaign propaganda.

  • onelordwon

    I am concerned about Perry. Honestly I am concerned because we already (not me) gave the presidency to a liar and deceiver. I am also concerned because people are vulnerable and looking for a political savior, instead of looking for their Spiritual Savior. That scares me because the world in general is where I never thought I would see in my life time. I was stupid in that I could never imagine a one world government and or a one world religion. BUT: HERE IT IS UPON US. I don't want another Bush, even though I am a Tea Party-Republican. I want a Christian, but I am leery of the timing of Perry's call to Prayer. I am concerned about more illegals, his relationships to Muslims and this article can say anything and it could all be a cover up. YES I am CONCERNED

    • Ivoteforlife

      I agree. Get the video, "Agenda: Grinding America Down." Learn from it and share it with neighbors and friends. Take action.

  • Winghunter

    We fought very hard to stop Bush/McCain/Reid/Pelosi from shoving the Shamnesty bill down our throats so, why on earth would we even think about nominating Perry??

    Rick Perry not a true conservative by Tancredo

    Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

    Rick Perry's Crony Capitalism Problem

    The Phony Right-Wing, Part 5: James Richard ‘Rick’ Perry

    Does GOP want Perrys DREAM act too?

  • RAL

    I'm just posting an article I came across. I'm sure there will be plenty of wrong things printed and right. I'm just after the truth.

  • Janice

    Go take your lithium Stephen, your schizophrenia is showing.

  • George Villalba

    He is a globalist that pushed Guardisil on the young girls in Texas then apologized like it was a little mistake when it cost peoples lives. Who is he to do so? I can only imagine what he will do when the puppet masters that control him tell him to act. He will follow the orders well.
    Ron Paul is the only hope for America

  • Margaret black

    Herman Cain!! He looks better and better! We need
    Someon who isnt indebted to anyone. Someone with new ideas and business sense. Not more of the same ole same ole!

  • svrgnnation

    Marco Rubio for President!!!

    • Ivoteforlife

      Too young, too inexperienced this year. Groom him for the future. Let him serve as a Senator for a while, and let us observe him.

  • Joyce

    I like him fine…except for issue 5 which is a deal-breaker for me. He's going to have to seriously tighten up his loose attitude toward illegal immigration to get my support.

  • amycharron

    I know first hand how evil Governor Perry is. Please youtube my name Amy Charron. My upcoming book will prove much more. ….

  • Vic Bailey

    Perry is a ringer, sent into the ring by the elitist, it also doesn't say that Texas debt per capita is higher than California, we don't need another big spender. Ron Paul OR NOT AT ALL, is the only man with the smarts to bring us through this mess, Rick and Mitt are MORONS. Semper Fi.

    • Ivoteforlife

      Ron Paul doesn't even see a reason for people to have marriage licenses. He lives in a dream world. He will let us keep Obama, to our peril.

  • Ivoteforlife

    Please, Ron Paul will keep Obama in power. Study the candidates some more.

  • Thomas Humphrey

    When Texas was a "blue" state, Perry was a Democrat. He was the head of Al Gore's campaign in Texas. Now that Texas is a "red" state, Perry is a Republican. Personally, I don't want a President who is a weak reed that bends with the wind. And he is a Muslim-hugger. Anyone who says Islam is "peaceful," has never opened the Koran. And you can't trust what Muslims say about the subject because the Koran directs them to lie to infidels when it benefits Islam. Open borders? Of course. Texas has many people of Mexican heritage and Perry certainly is not going to offend them. Come on in! The more the merrier! — In case anyone is interested, my choice is Herman Cain. He is intelligent, knowledgable, and worked his way up the hard way. Plus, he is not a slimy politician.

  • Chris

    It's clear to anyone that watched the YouTube debate that Perry is NOT soft on ILLEGAL immigration (I put emphasis on illegal because it was left out of the article). I heard it from his own mouth that if you do not support government tuition assistant for illegal immigrants, you must be heartless. This is all over the web. If you want a viable candidate, Herman Cain really is the best choice in this election.

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