A Jew Thanks Glenn Beck

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More impressive than his speech to Knesset is the fact that Beck does tell the truth to the American people about the Israel situation.  Too many on the conservative side of the aisle – Israel supporters! – will not label the conflict in pure moral terms.  They grant legitimacy to President Obama’s attempts to leverage Israel into concessions, or to the mad musings of Thomas Friedman, who believes that a few bucks can buy off Palestinian radicals.  They pretend that if the conditions are made just right, then peace will be achieved.

Beck, on the other hand, sees the conflict as it is, in its stark contrast between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.  And he stands with the forces of light in that battle.  “Where you go, I will go,” he told Knesset, quoting the Book of Ruth.  “Where you lodge, I will lodge.  Your people are my people.  Your God is my God, and where you die I shall die.”

Israel has never had friends like Glenn Beck before the religious conservative movement in America.  Jews are afraid to embrace Beck because he is so overtly religious, so utterly unafraid of mentioning God in public or with regard to Israel.  That that is why Jews should embrace him.  The Judeo-Christian notion of God is the unifying factor between America and Israel.

Beck sees the war, even though many Jews do not.  Some Jews are too cosmopolitan for Beck – Jon Stewart, for example, doesn’t bear any great love for Israel, since that would presumably be “ethnocentric” and unprogressive.  Some Jews are too parochial, like Eshman, thinking that Beck represents an old-school religion that will result in pogroms, or at the least, closed country clubs.

Those Jews are dead wrong.  Beck is an ally, and a very real one.  He represents millions of Americans who ally with Israel and the Jews.  Jewish Americans ought to roll out the welcome mat to Beck.  He’s certainly rolled out the red carpet for Israel.


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  • Laura

    Thank you Mr. Shapiro. I too believe this is a battle between God and Evil. Heaven help us, Jew and Christian alike. It's time to awaken the sleeping giant known as the USA and stand together for each other in God's name.

    • muchiboy

      " I too believe this is a battle between God and Evil."
      Perhaps.There are many battles to be fought here on Earth.Poverty,environmental degradation,sickness,war,etc.To even blame the Jewish/Palestinian conflict on the evils of Islam alone while neglecting the very real and important role played by (the evils of) Zionism and Israeli intransigence is both foolish and fool hardy.Like it or not,we are not dealing with a Nazi-like phenomenon here.The Palestinians have their story,just as the Jews have theirs.Both are worthwhile listening to.

      " Heaven help us, Jew and Christian alike."
      I would suggest: " Heaven help us,Jew,Christian and Muslim alike."

      " It's time to awaken the sleeping giant known as the USA and stand together for each other in God's name."
      We must be very careful in waking any sleeping giant.America,while clearly on the side of good and God,is capable of massive and overwhelming power and response.The stronger the capabilities and response,the need for a wiser analysis and leadership,not to mention a moral high ground.muchiboy

    • whitneymuse

      Me, too.
      Beck was just too silly for me to be a fan; and perhaps Fox thought so too.
      I just hope Beck doesn't resort to fake tears and crying next time.

  • yossibarnegev

    Thanks Ben for stating the obvious – that most of our Jewish people are afraid Glenn Beck when in reality we need a lot more like him!

  • Morgan

    Glenn Beck is a friend of Israel. He is a friend of the Jewish people. And anyone who argues otherwise is either lying or ignorant.

    Try telling that, sadly, to the Jewish Internet Defense Force. They're convinced Beck is actually a Jew-hater.

    • al Kidya

      That is precisely one of the reasons I left, as a member of the JIDF.
      They are very anti-Christian. I had online arguments, many times, with some of their JIDF members. They simply do not trust Glenn, or Christians, period, and most think there is some sort of Christian subversive conspiracy going on.

    • rahamim

      i dont watch Jewish Internet Defense Force anymore they are stupid left,
      glen beck is real friend of israel ,cant understand the jews from america,
      I m from france and we the jews from europe need more glen beck ,
      thank you

    • ajnn

      it is one of the advantages of the PLO that they accept any and all support while the foolish jews look for only the 'pure'.

      silly. Beck is a decent man and has earned the support and affirmation of any and all supporters of Israel.

    • UCSPanther

      I was saddened when I saw that. They did some pretty good work naming all the known antisemites infesting youtube and other social networking sites, which angered those freaks because it eliminated for them the illusion that they could hide online.

      But now, they have gone insane with paranoia about Christianity being after them.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Morgan, I happen to love David Appletree from the JIDF, but, sadly you are right about this.
      Beck made a couple of comments out of sheer naivete and ignorance, and the JIDF thinks Beck is a Jew hater.

      I had to leave, as well, because of their new found Christian hatred as well. I cannot tolerate that either.

      In life, if it were not for American Christians, we would not be a people.

      • nina

        I don't think these Jews hate Christians. They just don't trust them. And knowing Jewish history could you blame them? But now the Jews and the Christians have more in common than not. Glen Beck is a decent person, and should be accepted as such. And he should be proud that the left foams at the mouth when talking about him. That means that they are scared of him.

        • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

          Nina, sorry, they do not like Christians.
          Yes, I KNOW history, but, Christians are just not like that now, and history does not *always* repeat itself.

          I like Beck, he made 2 little comments that the ADL took out of context because Media Matters told them it was SO BAD… And then these left wing Jews went balistic.
          The JIDF has many Christian supporters, but they are leaving him now.

      • Morgan

        I agree, Mad Jewess, Appletree and the JIDF have done and continue to do good work, but he is unfortunately looking for anti-Semites where there are none.

        My own split with the the group occurred over claims Pat Condell was an anti-Semite thanks to a video he posted. I saw the video, and found his comments to be idiotic, but not even close to being remotely bigoted against Israel or the Jews.

        • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

          Why would we 'want' to LOOK for anti-semites?
          They are all over–too busy fighting them to accuse Beck of something he is NOT.

          The ADL and the "Jews for Justice" in USA should apologize to Beck.
          He is totally pro-Israel and pro-Jewish people and Mormons dont seek to indoctrinate. Which I have an issue with. Not because I am a "Jew", because I also am Christian (My dad) but because people should be able to make their OWN decisions with G-d and not have it forced all over them.

          HOWEVER, I, personally, dont have a problem with missionary types anyway, I can always see they are usually full of love.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Thank you Mr. Shapiro. "This IS a battle between Good and Evil". We must thank God for such a great fighter for Good like Glenn Back.

    Observe the miserable state of justice prevailing in the so called "world community", the one world crowd, and in every last secular "progressive". In their perverse "sense of justice" Israel is a mistake standing on the way of their "progress".

    The only source and justification for existence of Israel is in the commandments of God. This is indeed what motivates Mr. Glenn Beck and all consistent Christians and Jews to stand with Israel.

    And vice versa: It is disregard of God and the ungodly leftism which motivates Israel's haters: particularly ugly in individuals like Foxman/Soros bearing traces of Jewish origin. They are a curse of our people…

    • Choi

      It's LONG PAST the time for Foxman to "retire".
      This "Professional"JOO REFUSES to FACE TODAY'S REALITY and is ONLY CONCERNED with performing the "tricks" his LEFTY DONORS want him to.

      • FrankS


    • nina

      This is utterly ridiculous. You may think so and it's your right. But it is ridiculous to say that the only justification for the existance of Israel is the Bible. The Jews, like any other people have a right to their own country by dint of history and their hard work when nobody believed that anything could grow in this parched, neglected piece of land.

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        "It is ridiculous to say that the only justification for the existence of Israel is the Bible"

        I admit that I put it not quite accurate: the Bible is the only remaining justification because no other is acknowledged in the case of Israel.

        Yes, in theory there are a few other justifications also. After all, Zionism is the most justified case of a national liberation movement for which the lefts seemingly stand for – see item 2 in

        yet not in the case of Israel!

        Your statement as though

        "The Jews, like any other people have a right to their own country"

        is just a wishful thinking which does not reflect the reality. Nobody really acknowledges as though any people have such right even for the so called "members of the club" – never mind Jews and Israel – a pariah in the perverse world perception.

        The Jews MORE than any other people deserve their own country, however the secular "progressive" humanity somehow fails to come to this conclusion.

  • Speaking from the heart

    Here’s another Jew thanking Glenn Beck.
    You are my hero. I sincerely thank you.
    My father always told me that it is good Christians that will help Israel and save the world from evil. That you all. God bless.

    • ajnn

      good posting.

  • Stan

    The older I grow, the more clear it becomes that we are in the midst of a struggle between good and evil. Sadly many Jews have chosen the side of evil but fortunately there are many righteous Gentiles like Glenn Beck who have chosen the side of good. The good Jews and Gentiles will always be friends because they share common values. Together, they will prevail against the forces of evil.

  • Star Thrower

    Right on, Ben.

    Glenn is the ONLY mainstream voice on either side of the aisle that has the guts to speak the unvarnished truth, and do so without apology. This is not just about Israel and Jews, it's about the future of liberty in the world, and Beck understands this better than any other mainstream personality.

    Go Glenn, and thanks Ben.

    • ajnn

      go glenn; YES.

    • Linda

      Couldn't agree more. thank You.

    • jackie

      Another loud Christian voice standing up for Israel is Florida congressman Allen West. A soldier with more courage and conviction than 90% of Washington DC.

  • Angel

    Thank you! God bless you and all who stand on the right side of reason, the right side of good, and are willing to stand against evil. I, for one, will put my words into action and defend Israel not because they are Jews. But because they are people the world is trying to denied their right to exists. All this for a few barrels of oil. The currency changes but not the deed. I am not a Jew, but when the day come I will not denied thee. Is this to dramatic? Well the take this instead:

    We are all in this together or we will certainly hang together. Don't think it can happen? Remember Weimar, remember this:

    "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

  • TK Heekin

    Semper Fi !

  • Frank Ernest

    Reread comment by Stan. I'll go with that.

    Genesis 12:1-3, John 4:22, Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9. (One should read verses previous to establish proper context.)

    Could Jesus have been more clear and specific?

    • mrbean

      All nonsense to frighten old women and children.

  • http://home.comcast.net/~enjolras/site/?/home/ Underzog

    I hear Ben Shapiro has a talkshow of his own, but I can never find it. Also, since he is a virtuoso violinist, why doesn't he put some of his musical playing on youtube or popmodal; etc.?

    If Ben needs an accompianist, he can contact me.

  • Janet

    I am not Jewish but I am very worried and curious as to why so many American Jews cannot see what is happening to Israel under this administration. One would have to be a blind mute not to recognize the bias that presently exists in the White House. So, please, if any Jewish person reads this and can explain the reason why Jon Stewart and conrads would ridicule Glenn Beck et al, let me know if there's any way to convince them of our sincerity.
    Much depends upon it I fear.

    • yrd4soundingoff

      Janet read this article by Evan Sayet at Frontpagemag.com "Why Jews support the Democrat party". It is a hilarious, yet sobering explanation why so many prominent Jews hate Israel, hate the U.S. and hate fellow Jews. I really like the explanation of the "Plopping Jew." It should give you some clarity on this very confusing issue. I also could not understand why so many prominent Jews could just stand by and watch an entire country be annilated before the world's eyes and actually cheer for it.

    • Bert

      For many years the American Jewish leadership has neglected to properly educate their own children. The one exception is the small orthodox Jewish community. Lack of education has led to drift and to assimilation. After so many years we now have a split in the Jewish community. Religious Jews retain their heritage and have conservative values. Assimilated Jews have been influenced by leftist ideology because they lacked a strong moral and religious anchor to resist. Today the term "Jew" refers only to biological ancestry and not necessarily to what the person knows or believes. We need some terminology to distinguish between the two.

    • Choi

      Jon Stewert is a NAUSEATING LIMOSINE LEFTY who ACKNOWLEDGES JEW-HATRED by using the name STEWERT rather than LEIBOWITZ ,yet thinks it's "cool" to do what he does for $$$$$$$.

  • http://home.comcast.net/~enjolras/site/?/home/ Underzog

    Incidentally, while Glen Beck (thank G-d for him) gives Soros a pass in his Nazi collaborationist days, I do not. George Soros could have stayed home instead of helping his phony godfather consficate the property of his fellow co religionists dead in the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

    Knowing that my co religionists were being murdered en mass while I was with a man who was looting their effects would not be "the happiest days of my life" — unlike George Soros.

  • Daren

    John 8: 32 – " And you shall know the truth, and the truith shall make you free ". Moral clarity reveals the underlying reason for this world's hatred of the Israel and the Jewish People. it is the hatred of YAHWEH the God of the Jew and the Christian !!! As children of the true God , we must stand together united and speak loudly the TRUTH !!! The battle of GOOD (GOD) vs evil(devil) – YAHWEH vs satan(allah-al-llahi) I commend you Mr. Beck. Stand tall and speak the TRUTH you're not alone. We stand with you!

  • http://www.eyeonzion.com Yocheved

    You all will enjoy seeing Glenn's event on the Mount of Olives the evening after his Knesset speech. Here it is on video. http://youtu.be/Zybwa6CHYXI

    • michiganruth

      thank you soooo much for sharing that! I loved the story the Israeli told about praying in East Jerusalem. very moving.

      • berniemel

        me too! It's important for us to pass these things around so people can see what's really going on.

  • Neils60

    Terrific article by Mr. Shapiro in summation of Glenn Beck. However, the article doesn't go far enough in its praise. After having DVR'd most of his former program on the FNC and listening to most of his daily radio shows, he's a man who's most prominent in expressing his concern for the health and welfare of all Americans, and America's loyal allies. One can only hope that his new cable service, Glenn Beck TV GBTV) takes off like gangbusters.

    • michiganruth

      it makes me crazy when my liberal friends tell me Beck is a "hater." he is so not a hater. as you say, he is motivated by concern and compassion. but they don't want to believe that. and of course no way would they consider actually WATCHING/LISTENING to him.

      very frustrating.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    This Gentile Infidel stands with Israel.
    This Gentile Infidel stands with Beck.
    Courage and commitment are qualities
    to be admired not slandered!

    • Doc

      count me in also

  • alan

    I too am with Beck, Being a Jew for Jesus, The Christian is the only Jews best friend, why are so many blind??

    • Leah

      I, too, am with Beck, being a Jew for Judaism.. Glenn Beck is a national treasure, an exquisite, God-inspired human being.

  • muchiboy

    "He recognizes that Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is not a conflict over land.."

    A truly asinine statement,clearly demonstrating the low level of understanding and ethical sense that this author and perhaps her subject shows towards the Palestinian Nakba and the Arab/Israeli conflict generally.Should be on the Front Page of a popular pulp Magazine that populates the magazine rack at the local supermarket.Garbage in,garbage out.muchiboy

    • Choi

      "her subject"? Ben is a MALE you dolt.
      If you believe that Israel's RE-BIRTH is a "Nakba",than the ONLY thing to say to you is EEEET SHYTTT! & PHOUK U!

    • ajnn

      muchiboy's many past postings reveal him as a racist jew-hater.

      1. "this author and perhaps her subject shows"; grammatical error

      2. the claim that the conflict is over land and not a thousand year old religious war; factual error.

      • muchiboy

        "1. "this author and perhaps her subject shows"; grammatical error "

        What can I say?He writes like a girl.

        "2. the claim that the conflict is over land and not a thousand year old religious war; factual error."

        My supposed "factual error" is in fact your intellectual and ethical error.It is more sinister,telling and unforgivable to make such intellectual/ethical errors then any grammatical or factual error,ajnn.It really is a sign of a deeper,more motivated,purposeful agenda.muchiboy

    • Supreme_Galooty

      It is obvious to anyone galloping by that Musselmen are dawgmen and unworthy of any sort of courtesy or kindness.

    • Terry

      HE is completely correct. If the racist arab, islamic and leftist war against the Jews were able to be fixed by land, it would have been solved decades back. It isn't about land. It isn't about an illegitimate extra arab state for an illegitimate common and garden arab people with no historical ties to any land in Israel, in Judea, in Samaria, or even in Gaza.

      It's about age old Jew hate. That's where it starts and that's where it finishes. And that's why no amount of land will solve the problem. The arab/islamic/leftist 'solution' to the problem is that all of israel becomes palestine and that will more easily accommodate the second final solution to Jew hate.

      I have ceased to care. Let Israel do what Israel has to do to deal with this racist rabble and to hell with their bloody rights. Their right is to behave or leave.

  • Dan Michniewicz

    "Fogel family butchered in its sleep by Palestinian terrorists earlier this year"

    I'm not too up on this story, but the last I heard they weren't sure who killed that family.

    • Choi

      Hey Rip Van Winkle,

    • ajnn

      yes, they are sure. they captured some members of the palestinan arab lynch-mob.

    • Rational

      who did YOU think they were????????
      Other JEWS!!!!! are you out of your mind?

    • Mark

      You're right, Dan: you're absolutely NOT "too up" on this story. If you were, you wouldn't have just embarassed yourself in front of the whole world. Well — at least you're honest about ONE thing (your own ignorance) — thank you for that!

  • http://mattsky.com Matt

    With all the economic toils we're wrapped up in, do we really need a holy war right now?

    • Choi


    • ajnn

      no, we don't. but we cannot declare 'peace' when the other guy [muslim] keeps on attackingh.

    • UCSPanther

      The Islamic radicals have already declared holy war on us, so we are in one whether we like it or not.

  • Buz

    Jon Stewart makes his comments on THE COMEDY CHANNEL where they most obviously belong. His likes and dislikes together wih his philosphy are equivalent to those of any comedian, the name that he runs to whenever he's caught off base with his stupid irrelevant opinions. Imagine,long ago, if Abbot and costello or The Ritz Brothers or Laurel and Hardy made political comments. Who the hell would ever have listened to them and what the hell is wrong with the morons who give the slightest damn about what Stewart believes or says.

    • Mark

      Amen!! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks, Buz!

  • http://karmafishies.blogspot.com Karmafish

    Yet another Jew here to thank Mr. Beck.

    We need to know who are friends are and who they are not.

    Whatever else Beck may be, he is certainly a good friend to the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

  • jmahley

    George Soros in his own words , admits at the age of 14, helped confiscate property from jews http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2364731/posts.

    • UCSPanther

      Soros is a traitor, both to his own people and to western civilization.

    • Doc

      thanks, I had been looking for that!

      United we stand…. Divided we fall.. into the pits of Socialism.

  • ajnn

    Yet another Jew here proud to thank Mr. Beck.

  • T. Reb

    I too embrace Glenn Beck & greatly admire him. I only wish that I too had the forbearance, strength, & integrity that he has. We now live in a dangerous world with sick-dangerous people. I do believe in the same God that Moses (a Jew) introduced to us through the 10 commandments. I also believe that this same God will one day deliver me a gentile, and the Jews, a Savior, which will one day save all that believe in the One & Only true God of this universe from the evils of this world. I Do LOVE the Jewish people for giving us this true God over 5000 years ago.

  • mrbean

    You all can cling to your religion, I'll stick with my guns.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      I will stick with my guns and G-d.

  • morris orszewchofski

    Bless Glenn Beck! Bless all Believing Christians.

    If we depend on liberal, leftist, progressive Jews — alas, the majority in America — we can start digging our own graves.

  • UCSPanther

    I don't like Beck's theatrics, but he can deliver the message very effectively.

    As for his religion, he is LDS aka Mormon, and they consider themselves allies to the Jews and Israel.

  • Attila the hun

    As a proud Jew I rather have Beck as a friend than Accidental Jew by birth Thomas Friedman or Abe Foxman.

    • nina

      You people are doing a great injustice to Mr. Foxman. He is an honest man. A little bit too timid in going after the Muslims, perhaps, but his heart is in the right place.

  • Eraina

    Thanks, Ben for saying what truly needs to be said loud and clear. Glenn Beck is a righteous man and a GREAT friend of the Jewish people. He will be remembered and honored for countless generations to come. Jon Stewart, Rob Eshman, Tony Kushner, Abe Foxman and others like them are shameful examples of spineless cowards who would sell out their people for money and career. Yes, the L.A. Jewish Journal is atrocious!

  • akreynin

    Glenn Beck is a good man. Jon Stewart is a douche bag.

  • NYC Parent

    Hear hear.
    As a conservative Jew, I find that I identify more with sincere, ethical Christians than with most of the largely secular (and morally confused) seculars that make up most of the residents here in NYC.
    One quibble with a subtext, though.
    Too many blame "The Jews" for Obama, citing the high 70s % of Jews who voted D in 2008.
    First, Jews as a group are about 4% of the US electorate.
    And, remember that Obama carried a majority of the overall (ovewhelmingly Gentile) popular vote.
    And so, the amount of "disproportionate" Jewish support of Obama (while certainly regrettable) may have tilted the overall election a couple of percentage points –much less than any 5% shift of Lutherans, or Hispanics, or many other groups.
    So, yes we Jewish conservatives have some house cleaning to do.
    But for the larger audience, don't buy the narrative that "The Jews" gave you Obama.
    There is much misguided thinking to go around, and it just isn't right to make Obama a Jewish problem as such.

  • Sallieschaffer

    GOD Bless Glen Beck. May he live healthy to 120 years. I think he is the best and the greatest.

  • Michael Devolin

    Now you need to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. How could you have missed PM Harper’s defense of Israel over the past ten years? He’s the head of a sovereign Western nation going it alone (without the support of President Obama and his administration) against the world in his support of Israel, and you guys have simply missed it all. Would the reason be because Stephen Harper is Canadian and not American? I really do think so. Such a parochial mentality! Podhoretz wrote a book about the fight against Islamofacism and never once is Canada mentioned, even though Canadian soldiers have been fighting and dying in Afghanistan since that war started, even though so many American aircraft were welcomed into Canadian airspace on 9/11 for a safe place to land as they were denied entry that day into American airspace. What kind of good deeds does it take for you people to notice such a good neighbor, even when their prime minister is supporting the Jewish people and the State of Israel?

    Someone above mentioned the “world community” in derogative terms, terms that would necessarily include Canada. Does anyone in the USA ever read about news outside of its borders? Do you consider Canada one of those evil nations plotting against Israel? Glenn Beck is a good man, no doubt, but he’s not the only “mainstream personality” out there. Try opening a few curtains once in a while, FPM! There’s a big world out there and you’ve failed to notice.

  • nina

    Please, don't be so hot under the collar. This was an article specifically about Glen Beck, so the comments are about him. Also, the left is denigrating him, so his friends answered. But I think that most Americans appreciate Canada and are happy to have her as a neighbor. We have so much in common. Perhaps we are taking one antother for granted like most families. As for Prime Minister Harper, words can not describe our appreciation for his stand for Israel. It takes a great man to stand alone and proclime the truth. It is even more difficult for a man of his standing. So long life to him and kudos!

  • salli

    Were you ever an antisemite, and if you were, what turned you around, Glenn?

    • Michael Devolin

      In my experience, I have never seen an antisemite repudiate his anti-Jewish hatred. As for Glenn Beck, I have never heard that he was ever an antisemite.

  • TeeJay

    I am gratified to see the high level of support for this article and for Glenn, especially from Jewish readers. I am also Jewish, and strongly support Glenn Beck. I am deeply ashamed of the fact that so many Jews choose to be willfully blind at a time when Israel is in great peril, and the hatred towards Israel and towards Jews (especially in Europe) so rampant. Thank God for the support coming from righteous Christians. There are signs that Jewish support for Obama is fading, but not fast enough. We Jews have an obligation to wake up our communities, before it is too late!

  • http://www.thejidf.org JIDF

    The people who claim they were “members” of the JIDF were not ever members. As we do not have “official membership.” But if we had any official “membership” it would probably involve people paying dues. Thus, the people on this thread were not any sort of paying members of our organizations. Wanted to clarify that. And it’s a shame this piece generalizes Jews, as not just Jews on the left have a problem with Glenn Beck, but many of us Jews on the right have a problem with him as well. You can read the truth about him in our piece called, “GLENN BECK HATES JEWS!” A simple Google search will get you there. Of course, David Horowitz and company help promote antisemites and we’ve heard there’s a video out there showing how he’s against Jonathan Pollard. So it makes sense that this is also a site that promotes Glenn Beck, and that draws Glenn Beck’s idiotic fans. We liked some of Ben Shapiro’s videos and shared a couple on Twitter, but we cannot support anyone who support antisemitic frauds that falsely claims that they are pro-Israel. Just b/c an antisemitic clown cries a lot and claims to love Jews and Israel, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Jews should be smarter than this and be able to read between the lines. When a guy blames all Jews for the murder of his savior, constantly trivializes the Holocaust, promotes Nazi sympathizers and Nazi sympathetic material, blames the majority of the world’s problems on Jews, and compares reform Judaism to Islam, it’s telling. Beyond this, he labeled a true supporter of Israel, Geert Wilders, a fascist. The guy is also a mormon that has never spoken out against the disgusting antisemitic Mormon practice of digging up dead Jews and trying to baptize us. Lastly, he has never done anything for Jonathan Pollard, either.

    Glenn Beck is an antisemitic fraud who damages the right, and the pro-Israel cause because he is a nutcase. The people who support him are idiots, as we don’t need antisemitic nutcase “friends.”

    • Morgan

      JIDF, because you're spending so much time reading between the lines and taking things out of context, you're seeing anti-Semitism where it doesn't exist (no mention by Beck of Jonathan Pollard is an example). I fear you are beyond help, that you are the nutcase, and it saddens me because of the good work you guys have done.

  • Yosef Dayan

    Because I share most of the concepts expressed by Mr. Shapiro and for that reason I translated into Hebrew GB's incredible show "Defending Israel"

    Part One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx25ZFORaYQ

    Part Two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD_C7XcVa6E

    Part Three http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EDEcU-DbFw

  • mindRider

    I have followed the Glenn Beck show on Fox for about a year and found Glenn to be a remarkable man, not only one of the very few honest persons on the media one daring to speak the truth in clear unveiled words but a true mensch as well not afraid in admitting his past errors and not afraid to show his emotions for the sometimes very emotional subjects he brought, an excellent learner and an excellent teacher. Hopefully his GBTV shall become a succes.

  • usgrant1863

    Perversely, it is the Left which has become the home of antisemitism in America. It is the Right and especially the Religious Right that sees the shared moral foundation between Jews and Christians and between America and Israel. Have Jews suffered in nations of the Christian West historically? Yes. Are Christians the threat to Jews or Israel today? No. The threat to Jews and Israel is from the amoral, irreligious humanists in a strange symbiosis with radical Muslims. Glenn Beck speaks for those that recognize the common ground of Judaism and Christianity.

  • Sue T

    I want to thank Glenn Beck. I am a Jewess who did NOT vote for Barack Oboama. The Jews today seem not to know that the first thing the Nazis did was to remove guns from the people. Guess what?? Obama and his minions are already trying. to do that now and here….. How can they be so deluded???just like the Germans "It can't happen here"… Yes it can, and will if the Jews here don't wake up soon

  • Linda

    I have often wondered why so many jewish people in America turn a blind eye to what is really going on with this Administrations indifference toward Israel, I am not jewish, but I stand with our Ally, and their right to exist. I applaud Glenn Beck with his commitments to stand and support Israel.

  • Josie

    I agree with Glenn for the most part. However, after last week's and this week's speech I wonder why Glenn has not converted. Why stop at declaring that you are aligned with the Jews because you believe in total their right with God and their right to be as is. I am not taking sides and support any that promotes peace and safety and and end to this blood shed and fighting once and for all. As Glenn has suggested over and over – hear but verify for ourselves. Thank you Glenn for taking a stand for the Jewish people. I have close friends that are Jewish and wonder when they will wake up and stop following the imposter in the WH. Perhaps now they will stop the eye rolling when they hear Glenn's name and will look for themselves before it is too late. GOD HELP US ALL.

  • mitchreed1014

    American Jews should be kissing the ground that Glenn Beck walks on, and realize the folly of their ways (in following typically over-the-edge left-leaning devotion to American Liberalism…which would easily allow for the destruction of Israel in total obliviousness, if not downright complacency!)

    As an American-born Jew myself, I find our devotion to these extremist, left-leaning, Pro-Palestinian ideologues out there in the Blogosphere and elsewhere stupefying, I really do.

    Whether we like it or not, it won't be American Liberalism (Jew or Gentile) that is going to save Israel and the threat to her existence currently playing out on the world stage. Rather it will be modern Christianity that has pledged their unwavering support for the Jewish state in record numbers…including the infamous Mr. Beck. Why? Because these folks cherish the sanctity of Israel's right to exist and they are also wise enough to realize which side to be on. End of part One of Three (I hope)

  • mitchreed1014

    And what about Mr. Beck? Clearly while he has a sarcastic flair about him, and may be a gifted entertainer and marketer, he is not a huckster, which he's often taken for sadly. He is passionate, honest, accurate and knowledgeable…and I defy anyone out there…any one, to prove to me that his facts are wrong!

    As a writer myself, I have vetted many of his stories and controversies and have found him painfully dead-on, and that includes his dossier on Mr. Soros’ machinations to bring forward at a minimum, a 'new world order' and open society to this country and the rest of the world. Mr. Soros in his own words, not Beck’s, has clearly demonstrated his belief in overturning the world’s political and social order to bring forth a one-world government based on social justice, i.e. socialism…or what he ‘sugarcoats’ as his ‘open society’.

    In the truest sense of the word, given his stature, influence and audience, Glenn Beck is honestly Israel's greatest friend and spokesperson… we would do well to show him some respect…or at least clone him. End of Part Two of Three (I hope)

  • mitchreed1014

    Part Three of Three:

    One final note: Don't be fooled by this President regarding where he stands on Israel. He has broken his own promises, (many concerning Israel) and told countless lies to satisfy Israel's powerful lobbies, while going so far as to put into writing within his autobiography that: (I'm paraphrasing here)…"Should the political winds change, I will always side with Islam."

    Paraphrased or not, this President will sweep Israel under the bus faster than he did his Grandmother and Rev. Wright…two people he loved a lot supposedly. Do you really think he loves Israel that much?

    Mitch Reed
    O.O.O. Obsessing On Obsession…the documentary.

  • Dorothy Julien

    I too admire Glenn's sincere heartfelt thoughts. However, those in high places in Israel have been told that the Dome of the Rock is not on the former Temple site. THe western wall does not belong to that Temple but it part of a wall of Fort Antonia.
    That's right….using their own documentd, Dr. Ernest Martin revealed this information in a book called, The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot. They don't want to accept that proof. If they did, the whole world would benefit from this one fact!

  • Donald Barnes


  • muchiboy

    "so the logical thing to do is fight against the existence of the one Jewish state in the world"
    The problem is that this one Jewish state in the world was occupied by the Diaspora,displacing Palestinian Arabs.Any progress towards resolution needs acknowledgement of this painful chapter in Palestinian/Israeli history.

    ""Plight makes right"—the bane of today's moral thinking."
    One can argue that the Diaspora in settling Palestine were in just such a plight.Perhaps tens of thousands of Jews were saved from the Death Camps because of their "flight from plight".You pick and choose at your or my or their peril,Ziontruth.But I do see that you qualify truth as "Ziontruth".muchiboy

  • muchiboy

    "What is it about this particular local conflict, of all the local conflicts in the world, that merits such an obsession?"
    Well.I think we are all entitled to something close to the heart,Ziontruth.Now,I have other "causes" that are closer to my heart then Palestine.e.g.senior dog rescue,animal rights.And yes,I do place poverty,planetary degradation,hunger,violence against children and women,human rights,ahead of,if you like,the Israeli/Palestine debate.Still,we should have our fingers in many pies,and it shouldn't be surprising that maybe we are closer then you think on a number of important issues.

    "but on the past and present truth that the Jews are the indigenous Palestinian nation"
    Now that's an obsession,Ziontruth! Really,that's going back a bit longer then I think reasonable.Even the most radical South African or Rhodesian never went back to his "origins of mankind (in Africa) " to justify his right to occupy Africa.The fact that the Diaspora and their descendants have been present in Palestine/Israel for a few generations is sufficient for me in terms of their right to live there forever.The same thinking tells me the Palestinian Arabs should be allowed to return to what was their birth right and homeland sixty years ago.What's good for the Jewish goose should be good for the Palestinian gander.That is hardly an obsession or unreasonable desire.Of course,like many such dilemmas,the devil is in the details.muchiboy

  • Eraina

    You are aptly named!

  • Foolster41

    He didn't get canned. He left on his own choice. Also his ratings were not diving.

  • muchiboy

    "It remains for the Arabs to accept this. So far they haven't, and I have little hope that they ever will."
    Wish I could reassure you,Ziontruth,but of course I can't.I would like to think that most Palestinians would be so magnanimous as to accept the Israelis as fellow Palestinians ,just as I might hope that most Israelis would be so magnanimous as to accept Palestinians as fellow Israelis.My experiences in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe were not reassuring.But our Canadian model is encouraging.I still maintain that most of us,Arab,Jew,Christian,etc.are decent people who with decent leaders can live in tolerance.Certainly the Islamic world is in crisis and may need to be dragged into modernity,kicking and screaming if necessary.I am disappointed in their clergy and elites in not being more vocal and serving as role models as advocates of Human Rights.The Arab Spring is a start and hopefully will not stall.Islam has a long,tortuous road ahead with no guarantee of achieving it's needed integration with modernity.For their sake and ours I pray for success.muchiboy