Barack Hearts Hamas

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There’s no other way to see it: Barack Obama has embraced Muslim terrorists while setting the stage for a second Holocaust.  This prescription for disaster was embedded deeply in this sentence of his recent speech: “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”

The pre-1967 borders Obama mentioned would cut Israel to nine miles wide.  Such borders would require a re-division of Jerusalem, Israel’s religious and historic capital predating Islamic claims by 2000 years – and there would be no access to holy sites for non-Muslims.  Such borders would force Israel to cede the Golan Heights – the regional high ground — back to Syria, a military catastrophe.  And look at a map: a “contiguous” Palestinian state from the West Bank to Gaza means a non-contiguous Israel, an Israel cut off from itself.

We can no longer maintain the pretense that Obama makes such statements out of ignorance or stupidity.  He is an intelligent and knowledgeable man.  He has crafted a new American foreign policy based on sheer surrender to the enemies of freedom.  Hamas, a State Department terrorist group, formed a unity government with the Palestinian Authority just weeks ago, demonstrating once and for all that the Palestinian population embraces murder and terrorism as a means to destroy Israel – and Obama’s solution is to hand that unity terrorist government approximately 40 percent of the land-mass of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli war is not a border dispute.  It is a religious war, in which one religion, Judaism, wishes to be left alone and in peace, and the other, Islam, wishes to throw Jews into the sea.  Israel has well over a million Arab citizens with more rights than Arabs enjoy in any Arab country, while the Hamas/Palestinian Authority-controlled territory is Judenrein.  And Obama just sided with Islam.

This has ramifications for America, not just for Israel.  Israel is in essence a stalking horse for the West; Muslims train the bulk of their fire on it, leaving the West for the most part unscathed.  With the death of Israel – a death Obama’s speech suggests that he is willing to countenance – the U.S., Great Satan, will once again become target number one.  From Charlemagne forward, the West has faced constant assault from Muslims; with or without Israel, that will continue. But emboldened by the murder of a nascent Judaic state, our enemies will see light at the end of their dark tunnel.

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  • g_jochnowitz

    Hamas is not interested in a Palestinian state and never has been. Hamas already rules a Palestinian mini-state–a fact it is utterly unaware of. When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, it was ready to set a precedent, if things worked out, and then withdraw from much of the West Bank. Hamas made sure that would not happen.
    Hamas is totally selfless. It wants to do what it thinks is "virtuous" and destroy Israel. Hamas doesn't care about the future of the Palestinian people. Virtue has priority over practical needs such as independence.
    The world loves Hamas for its selflessness.

    • scum

      Sure, bro, whatever you say…

      • MixMChess

        Have you read the Hamas charter? Did you skip over the part where it calls for the destruction of Israel and worldwide Jewry?



    • marat 1

      I refuse to defile my Charmin. Yet I salute you. Its not religion…its Fascism.

    • WATTpuppy


  • LindaRivera

    In siding with Muslim terrorist Hamas (and PLO/Fatah) Obama and his administration, make the world a SAFER place for terrorists. And a much more dangerous place for Israel and the world's non-Muslims.

    America and our allies have good reason to fear this government. Our allies, including Israel, are wickedy betrayed. Our enemies are helped.

  • marat 1

    Will someone please impeach Obama for Treason already? Given the way in which he has been at war with Americans from the start, I am amazed the man is still walking around conning Americans.

  • Mustaffa Moohammed

    Hey, elections have consequences. He said what he would do before being elected. We knew his friends were communists. We knew he was born and raised muslim by an anti-American mother without his polygamous father.

  • joan

    To the 78% Jews who voted for Obama, you got what you voted for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just remember all our sons and daughter who have died fighting to perserve America.

    • Guest


      what your statement insinuate is that it is the jews's fault for american dying while fighting for this country.

      While I did not vote for Obama, because I could tell who he was just from who he associated with, I do want to tell you this!

      Jews believe in "Tikon Olam" which means doing good and making the world better.

      They have fallen for the demagoguery of this president and we all, especially jews in Israel, will pay heavily for it!

      But as a group, do not do what has been done for thousand of years.

      Do not blame the jews for this man getting to the white house.

  • Jim Darlington

    Barack Insane Ubama tipped his hand, and openly incited and encouraged the Arab Jew-haters in their newest attacks on Israel.

    Everyone knew it was within the question of the Jew Problem that Ubama's true colors showed most clearly. There that his frothing ideologies most plainly obscured any hint of reason. There that his pretense to giving a flip about the appropriate comportment of a Head of State grew thinnest. And there, instead, where there most readily appeared the Arrogant Punk, that we've all come to know and loathe, so fondly.

    A story in Rueters generously constates, "The idea of the '67 borders had always been assumed to be the starting point of negotiations, but this is the first time a US President has named it openly as our Policy." A lie from the pit of Hell Mr Faceless Rueter. Assumed by whom, may we ask?

    Mr Netanyahu begs to differ it seems. As every life loving Israeli begs to differ. And as every honest American supporter of Israel's right to exist also differs.

  • Jim Darlington

    It was for Bibi's benefit that this madness was rushed into the Public Square, as an evident pre-emption to Netanyahu's planned speech before our Congress. All the posturing, as if to pretend that this administration were actually in alignment with historical elements of support for our ally, did nothing to hide the most unsurprising shock of all.

    Not two full days after the Facebook Intifada lead to simultaneous mob attacks on three of Israel's borders (precisely like the one that our gang of leftists helped engineer in Egypt, to take down Israel's one begrudging friend in the region), at a time when Israel is confronted with a series of events on the international stage that most plainly threaten her existence, when Islamists are on the march across the Middle East, while Ubama stands at their side hoisting the false flag of a rising "Democratic Movement", just now, this Punk searches out the perfect moment to offer up Israel on a platter to the frenzied hordes of Death Worshippers that he desperately hopes might come to adore him.

  • Guest

    The two state solution has been a lie that has ben perpetuated by the Arabs states after they failed to destroy Israel through wars.

    It started after the 1967 six days war, where they lost the west bank, Jerusalem, the Gloan Highs and Sinai desert.

    The Jewish state, that was offered to the jews by the British, who rolled the area under the British Mandate, was from the Jordan river to the sea, and that is after they created Jordan.

    Just like they did with India when they created Pakistan the same year 1948.

    There is no such a thing of occupied territories of a country that never existed.

    From the river to the sea Israel will stay forever free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anamah

    He can not change… He has has been taught from the crib, resentment and how to play to become politically powerful. It doesn't matter the cost. A new version of Machiavello… teaching to the world how to organize as Alinsky ruled…

  • Anamah

    Furious Arabs are unable to make an State. They need something more that hate and venom, they should be at least resembling to belong the humane specie. We honor and admire Israel. and we stand with all Israelis.