Barack Obama’s Arrogant Marxist Rhetoric

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So far, the analysis of President Obama’s deficit speech has focused largely on its vagaries, obfuscations, and outright lies.  Charles Krauthammer rightly blasted Obama’s speech as “shallow … hyper-partisan … intellectually dishonest.”  He cited Obama’s “numbers suspended in mid-air with nothing under them with all kinds of goals and guidelines and triggers that mean nothing.”  Krauthammer wasn’t alone – many commentators ranging from David Limbaugh to Larry Kudlow have targeted Obama’s woefully un-mathematical statistics, his fiscal magical thinking, and his utter inability to move to the center with regard to deficit reduction.

But the true heart of Obama’s speech wasn’t the faulty budgetary analysis or the demagoguery of attacking Paul Ryan personally.  It was Obama’s soaring rhetoric.

Obama is an odd politician.  Most politicians see the cloudy phraseology of their speeches as mere throwaway stuff, cotton candy for the simple-minded.  Obama sees such gibberish as the soul of his agenda.  If we want to examine where Obama truly stands, we must delve into his soaring rhetoric.

And the soaring rhetoric is unvaryingly drawn directly from Saul Alinsky.

As Andrew Breitbart makes clear in his fantastic new book, Righteous Indignation, the father of the contemporary  left is Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky was an intensely clever fellow with no compunction about exploiting popular sentiment to achieve his ends.  One of his favorite methodologies was to use America’s founders to back his own Marxism.  As Breitbart writes, “Alinsky’s clever merging of fake founding philosophy with his own Marxism led him to internal contradictions that would have sunk a lesser ego.  While championing ‘freedom,’ for example – he hated the idea of individual freedom the Founders loved – he [pushed for] ‘communal freedom,’ which is to say tyranny led by the government.”

Obama was raised in the Alinsky tradition, and he speaks with Alinsky’s forked tongue.  Thus, for example, Obama opened his speech by stating that Americans have historically “put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America’s wealth and prosperity … we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy skepticism of too much government.”

So far, so good.  But Obama continues: “But there has always been another thread running throughout our history – a belief that we are all connected; and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation.”  This is un-American, and it is a lie.  American unity doesn’t occur in opposition to free markets, but in defense of them.

This is typical Alinsky.  By purposefully confusing principled individualism with principled communitarianism, suggesting that Americans are characterized by both, Obama begins the slow march to fascism.  In this section of his speech, Obama essentially turned Americans into corporatists – free marketeers ready, willing, and able to turn over that free market to a well-organized state.

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  • char

    he's like an evil genius – or maybe an idiot savant – all contradiction and manipulation – and he came along during the perfect storm – he is a contradiction because his genius is bereft of the simpliest logic or common sense, and he is seriously lower class despite the pretense that he is an "intellectual" – the best description i have heard of him is that he is cuckoo for cocoa puffs – there are some certified nutcases in charge of this country and this world, determined to destroy civilization to make it "better" – better for the cockroaches that inherit the earth i guess – G-d help us, we elected this smiling, lying monster

    • Beat Eczema

      I think Obama has tried his best to correct the current situation in US. I feel that we should give him a chance.

      • chets1girl

        You, sir or madam, are part of the problem. You are one of the sheep who elected this America-hating Muslim to our top office. Shame on you!

      • kasandra

        Didn't the American people give him a chance? And didn't he use that chance to spend us into oblivion, lower our standard of living, starve us into energy shortage, divide us as we haven't been divided since the civil war, punish our historic allies and reward our historic friends, get us into a ridiculous war in Libya, etc.? When would you say he's had his chance? Enough!

      • astra

        No to giving him a chance. He already has ruined that.
        Yes to beating eczema. I controlled my eczema and still do by not giving the duplicitous liars I encounter in my life a chance. I am doing 100% better.
        It was real, real bad a decade ago. Seriously.

        • socal


    • chets1girl

      correction….I did NOT elect this monster because I did my homework before he was elected. My words of warning fell on deaf hears, however, and the idiots around me elected him.

    • marat1

      Personally, ever since the first time I heard him speak, I called him "The Cardboard Candidate." Opaque and Unknowable, by design. There is a term in psychology for those who can sway the masses through rhetoric, emotional manipulation. It is known as "elevation." Check it out. But to their credit, NEVER in the history of America have so many millions of voters who donated their money and time to this charlatan so quickly developed buyer's remorse and kicked themselves for being swindled. They really shouldn't be beating themselves up though. Obama swindled the very people who he used to wear the crown. His mistake, as one political writer stated, was to believe in his own mythology. I cannot imagine how America will survive should he ever wind up remaining in the White House. Frankly, I am in many ways surprised he is still alive given the intense emotions surrounding his bizarre decisions, almost all of which ran counter to the will of the majority of the American public. This dude is as far away from being a Jeffersonian as you can get.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Mr Barack Hussein Obama, I say it again,is better known as Mr no brains.
    If he delivers his public speaches he uses an studied pose'moving his
    head from left to right and his chin held up skywards,as if saying; I know
    what is best for my people,and if you don'nt listen! I will get nasty.
    If you look at the images of the former dictator from Italy,during the war,
    you will see a lot of similaritys. He is absolutely not the right president
    in the hectic times whom are sure to come ones the muslim brotherhood
    has taken over most of the midle Eastern countrys, then we are in for some
    stormy years and a second Ronald Reagan is eligible.

    • Macdaddy31

      It is not just that he is not the right president in these hectic times (or any time), but if the right (no pun intended) guy was in there, given the flux in the world right now, maybe some change for the good and towards stability could have occurred (e.g. support of the green movement in Iran). But I suspect that at least some of the flux in the world is occurring because Obama is President. Some have surmised that this is the right time to gain an advantage (e.g. the Palestianians vis a vis Israel, the Russians vis a vis NATO and the U.S.).

    • June

      You are so right. I thought I was the only one to notice the resemblance with the lifted chin of Benito Mussolini and Barack Obama. Guess you're as old as I am!

      • ze-ev ben jehudah

        Yes,going for 76,but feel 60.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    When one stops to think for a moment, one realizes a horrible truth. Even a joke like Donald Trump would be an improvement.

    • marat1

      Well said. Or, as the Eastern European saying so right goes: "Even a Change for the Worse is Better." Perhaps the most depressing and infuriating thing about him was his outright lie to Americans, posing as The Great Uniter. Again and again and again, he pulled the race card and has personally created one of the most divided public that I can ever remember. And all the while, strengthening America's enemies and hiding it by throwing an occasional bone here and there for cover.

  • guest

    "By purposefully confusing principled individualism with principled communitarianism, suggesting that Americans are characterized by both, Obama begins the slow march to fascism."

    haha, hilarious. You people are bat sh*t crazy.

    • plebis

      would that be anything like controllIng consumption by limiting supplies with onerous regulations?
      your god may be teleprompter boy, but most can see the emperor has no clothes.

    • coyote3

      Let's put it this way. I don't know if that boy is a communist or not. I really don't care. I do know that his speech and most everything he does has been, and is, "constitutionally incorrect". That is becoming a bigger and bigger issue every day.

      • Dennis X

        Your racist comment exposes your true nature when you refere to the President as a boy. Please run sara, newt, your mama whomever= four more years baby!!!!

  • 2maxpower

    excellent essay …a nice way of saying obama is a lying scumbag marxist.

    if people with a voice don't start saying it it will never get the audience it needs. Trump is proof that the public wants the truth.

  • Cuban Refugee

    We reap what we sow, and our country now is suffering through the bitter fruits of the corrupt journalists who propelled this slime-ball community organizer into power. Anyone who had wanted to do their research on this narcissistic Trojan horse could plainly have seen the background that was not scrubbed from the web: the shady associations, the Marxist past, the sympathies to Muslims, the vindictive nature which is evident in his speeches, and the lack of credentials for the highest office in our nation. What is left for us to do now that Obama has defecated on the Constitution he so despises? How about if we disinfect our laws, and procure the articles of impeachment before the complete destruction of our republic takes place?

    • samsgran1948

      It's such a shame Mike Royko died a long time ago. Royko would have strangled this poseur and parvenu's political ambitions in the cradle.

      • flyingtiger

        Wrong. Royko would be kissing BHO's ass. Look at the way Royko was fawning over Richard Michael Daley. Royko was as socialist as BHO.

  • Jim_C

    Seriously–don't you guys think it is at least ironic that most "progressive" websites think Obama is a corporate shill, constantly caving to Republicans, afraid to rock the boat? Yet here's this site, calling him a "Marxist" "monster!"

    Can people really be that allergic to reality?

    • coyote3

      Like I said, I don't know about Marxist, but he is "constitutionally incorrect". That is enough for me, and many, many, many others.

  • MBA NJ

    Our country is loaded with freedoms and somehow in that freedom they have embraced the freedom to not think about consequences. If you were to hire a bad driver who only revels in the sound of crashing metal, why would a car owner be surprised to find his car converted to a crumpled mess that he entrusted to that bad driver. I still feel that Pelosi and her cronies that subverted the US Constitution should be brought up on charges most severe as they contributed to the overthrow of our country by virtue of putting this imposter in charge of our country as he ruins us. Why is the FBI so quiet on this issue of treason?

    • Jim_C

      "Why is the FBI so quiet?" Must be a conspiracy…or else you're just another nutcase.

      What charges should be brought? Be specific.

      • MBA NJ

        There was a clear alteration to the official validation of Obama's credentials to serve. They had the original form that had been used for years that was black and white with no cute alteration of language, but the Democrats altered the language as a subterfuge about his being a citizen. THIS WAS THE FORM that was used by the Democratic Party to present his credentials to the Convention. So, it is the same as falsifying any official application for any government service and there are proscribed penalties for lying on forms….in NYS 10,000 fine and some jail time, for example on insurance forms, etc. The FBI should recognize that this is a Federal crime as they were tampering, pure and simple, with the electoral process MORE SO than a wimpy contribution error–they literally defied the will of the people and the Constitution. SO, the direct answer is lying on an application for a Federal job.

  • tanstaafl

    The President is Ellsworth Touhy, come to life.

    • temarch

      One small voice! LOL!

  • Green Joke

    So many facts detailing the egregious, conspicuous adherence to Saul Alinksy and the Muslim creed (read Barry's own book written by Ayers, Michelle's free use of Alinksy quotes, and the book Islamic AntiChrist by Joel Richardson – last chapter – a dialogue with a Muslim Imam) that it is hard to imagine folks like Jim_C questioning our ability to discern reality! Barry has purposefully obfuscated his past (at great personal expense) mislead us with direct lies (that he has been repeatedly caught making – and OK'd by Islamic doctrine), and employed without Congressional approval, highly suspect and questionable people to implement a plan that is obviously designed to destroy our economy and society. A narcissistic, pathological liar bent on a Marxist/Islamic alliance to fundamentally change America. That is reality.

    • Jim_C

      I love how Obama is both ruthlessly diabolical and cluelessly incompetent–whatever fits today's Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      When a conservative tells me he wants lower taxes and less spending, I just say "So what else is new?" That's what conservatives advocate. But when democrats want to raise taxes or move us to a health care system like the rest of the industrialized world has, why are they suddenly diabolical Marxist masterminds?

      Y'all act like you've never seen a democrat before.

      As for Obama's "lies" about his past, prove it or shut up. It got old three years ago; you'd think some investigator, some lawyer, someone with two brain cells to rub together would have found something. But the TRUTH is that fools would rather stick with innuendo and guesswork. And I encourage you to keep at it.

      • ted

        Obama lies. Not just about his past. About everything he says was important.

        • Jim_C

          Such as?

          • Cuban Refugee

            Jim_C: Why don't you stop playing possum, and do your own research instead of being an instigator and agitator — exactly like the rabble rouser you are defending with his shady union and "Rules for Radicals" history.

          • Jim_C

            "Research?" You mean read nutjob blogs? Or is there an actual. legitimate source out there?

            But then why provide rational proof when the scandalous speculation already agrees with your emotional bias?

      • coyote3

        Not necessarily, but why does that bother you, makes me think something is there. I don't do anything but laugh when the left calls me names. As far as I am concerned, it doesn't have to be Marxist to be unconstitutional, and illegal as hell.

        • Jim_C

          Yes, well you seem at least remotely sane, unlike many of the folks here. As for "illegal," how about someone arrest the guy! Does no one know any prosecutors? Does no one know any investigators? Does no one know anyone in law enforcement, at all?

          Or is it that the prosecutors/investigators/law enforcement think this "illegality" is actually half-baked and not worth prosecuting? Seriously–lots of charges aired; no follow through.

      • Ed Cline

        There are FAR more relevant facts pertaining to Obama's pathological lies than you, Jim_C, can ever make excuses for. Indeed…I defy you to name one single TRUTH Obama has ever told anywhere. He is a marxist/muslim sympathizer, at the very least. But, more probably a traitor performing seditious acts. A trial and public execution would be appropriate in many nations for his ruinous activities..

        • Jim_C

          He began pulling troops out of Iraq; he got farther with health care than any president; he extended veteran's benefits; he helped American automakers get back on the road to success; he's put teeth back into enforcement agencies; all of which he said he'd do. There's more you could look up, but you won't.

          You guys are such little babies with your talk of "sedition and treason." Boo hoo! Prove it, prosecute it, or shut your dumb traps.

          • Stephen_Brady

            We could start with his little war in Libya, in which he takes military action without Congressional authorization, in response to a "UN" R2P resolution.

            He should be impeached, but I will be much happier to see the American people reject him, his party, and his Marxism, next year …

  • Rickystl

    It's all about wealth redistribution. It always comes down to that. Another 20th Century Communist/Socialist goes to the dustbin of history. Making promises about the Government giving people things they can't provide for themselves. And they have always been lies. The timeless flaw of all collectivist theory: Governments cannot deliver benefits to the people that the people cannot deliver to themselves.

  • Buffalo71

    I like how we spend SS and Medicare taxes on studies of Chinese prostitution. Since SS & medicare taxes are commingled with all other revenue I feel that’s a true statement. Then when we can’t pay the SS and Medicare bills we need to raise corporate and income taxes? Otherwise we’re starving Grandma? What idiocy!!!!!! Our Founding Fathers in no way ever would allow taxing citizens for Chinese prostitution studies – nor would the citizens have put up with it. Stop the non-constitutionally allowed spending!

  • Jim_C

    So how to explain the Left's disappointment with his policies?

    I know who Obama is, and have no problem with any of that stuff you mentioned. I really need to look into his grandparents.

    • kasandra

      Just to get you started, Obama's paternal grandfather was a Mau-Mau in Kenya, his father – an "African Socialist" – wrote a piece advocating up to 100% taxation (you know, his father as in "Dreams from My Father,"), his maternal grandfather and grandmother attended a church commonly known as "The Little Red Church" in Mercer Island, WA, before moving the family to Hawaii and, in Hawaii, his maternal grandfather fixed Little Barry up with Franklin Marshall Davis, a card carrying member of the Communist Party USA, to be his mentor. There's a start for you. All of this was well-known prior to the 2008 election but went virtually unreported. Also, Obama bragged in the first of his autobiographies that, in college, he gravitated to Marxist profs and third world radical students. And look at his associates once out of college. So there's plenty of information out there – just not in our "news" media.

      • BlueCollarBibleBelt

        so…. his policies are still pretty much that of a moderate Democrat, you're logic is that because he is related to, knew and studied with marxists, he is therefore a marxist?

        I went to an all boys Catholic School and I am no longer a Catholic, I hung out around a few very conservative priests, yet I am neither a priest nor a social conservative. A lot of my friends and classmater where from all kinds of political backgrouns, if they were my friends, am I guilty of being exactly like them just for knowing them?

        I'm sorry but the "guilty by association" argument in this case is ridiculous. Obama is a boring centrist democrat with no guts, if he's a Marxist because of who he hung out with in College, then according to your logic John McCain is a holocaust-denying racist fanatic.

  • MKS

    Suppose you have a terribly unbalanced football game at half-time, because the referee is crooked, biased, and neglects the official rule book. Something must be done.

    The Leftist Solution: Give the current ref additional power, in which he can redistribute the points prior to the end of the game, since he has promised to give the currently losing team at least 30 points (that they did not score) before the whistle blows.

    The Conservative Solution: Get another referee – one who sticks to the official rule book.

    I hope we all can deduce which solution will lead to apathy, and which one will lead to excellence.


      was the old ref GW Bush, and the 30 points are the tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%??? and the other team is the huge part of the population in near poverty? the new ref is obama and he wants to end the trillions in tax cuts for the rich and give tax cuts to the poor and your beloved republican party will ot have it? is that what your saying? i cant tell?

      • GKC

        That's right. Ignore reality and trot out the "fat cats."

  • http://FinalRacKoonsAgainBlog.blogtownhall Glenn Koons

    The socialist lie is getting support each day by the MSM as we all know. It brainwashes the public unless the conservmedia and the Pubs and their supporters speak and write out. Facts must be presented to counter the emotive Obama lies and his Dem minions in Congress and and and the varied state legislatures. They lie too as in Ca. with Guv. Moonbeam again. Cut spending and taxes is needed and not to be compromised as some Pubs wussily say they will do. Keep the fire on the Pubs to not fear this Quisling and keep cutting both taxes and spending. We need jobs now plus a free enterprise energy system and policy right now.

  • Jim_C

    Is that somehow different from when conservatives claim Boehner "sold out," or that George W. Bush "wasn't conservative enough?"

    It's called POLITICS. People seem to have less and less notion of how it all works every day.

    kasandra, the best quote I ever heard on Obama: "The Left and Right both thought he was going to be Hugo Chavez: both were disappointed he just turned out to be Barack Obama."

  • Steve Chavez

    Below from Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper by William Stewart in today's paper. All comments standing up to this thug are being deleted! (

    "It says something about American political life — or the media, for that matter — when the likes of Donald Trump can get so much attention for his dabbling in national politics. David Brooks, the conservative New York Times columnist, described Trump last week as "a cheap thrill" for the base of the Republican Party. These are the people who do not simply dislike President Barack Obama — they loathe him. They search for the wildest stories to discredit the man who won the 2008 election. Let us be clear, in the final analysis, these people do not hate Obama for political reasons. They hate him because he is an African American. In other words, they are racist. Their views are both shameful and ugly.

    Yet it is to these people that Donald Trump tips his hat, hoping to win their support for his possible presidential run. This is why Trump has bought into the "birther movement," comprised of those who believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that Obama was actually born in Kenya, and thus constitutionally is ineligible to be president, even if his mother was a native-born American. The claim is absolute nonsense and constitutionally of doubtful legal merit. Most Republicans agree the birther argument has little standing, but they do so in the faintest of voices for fear of offending their own right wing. Trump also has moved to the right from his previously moderate positions on abortion and gay rights. It is all posture, but it, too, is both shameful and ugly. The man is a charlatan.

    William M. Stewart, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer and Time magazine correspondent, lives in Santa Fe. His weekly column appears in The New Mexican on Mondays.

    • marat1

      This author is absolutely bizarre. Millions of WHITE middle and even upper class Americans donated huge amounts of money and their precious time, believing in this savior. This alone negates his ridiculous claim that this is a matter of racism. Utter trash. In fact, I hated Obama from the start because I thought he was manipulative and a totally unknowable quantity who was too dangerous to allow in the driver's seat of this nation. I wrote on MANY forums that one of my fears was that he would set back the capacity of a TRULY qualified black person to enter high public office for years to come. In point of fact, Democratic Party Black candidates had some of the most miserable numbers in the November elections in the history of the nation. The REAL racism comes from Obama toward others. His knee jerk unconscionable comments after Henry Louis Gates, the black Harvard historian was arrested in Cambridge is only one example. He had the nerve to denigrate the Law Enforcement department of Massachusetts without ANY evidence whatsoever that any such thing had occurred. No matter…he did the same thing but in trying to whip up Hispanic sentiments when he droned on and threatened Arizona with a law suit when their Immigration Bill was passed. Again and again, Obama is at literal WAR with the American public. At this rate, Mexico will be getting a lot of American immigrants if he gets voted in yet again by twice-Swindled Americans.

      • Steve Chavez

        This is part of my SFNM comments that have been deleted twice along with other posters too. So far, this man's article has gone unchallenged by real debate on this "race" issue.

        I wrote: "And what exactly is BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY??? BARACK OBAMA sat in the pews of a REAL RACIST who blamed Whites in every sermon and OPRAH was a member of that RACIST church too so it's no wonder she was Obama's Number One fan!!!

        Did Donald Trump "racists," or millions of Americans, LIKE ME, who "hate" Obama because he is African American go to KKK meetings? If they did, then you, Mr. Stewart, can claim that but you can't so you are the RACIST since you have a hatred towards Whites AND HISPANICS, ASIANS, AND AFRICANS!!!

        I DO HATE OBAMA because of the research I have done on HIS POLITICAL IDEOLOGY! Let's start with an article he wrote for the Columbia Sundial college newspaper that you can google under "Obama Sundial 1983" which is about COMMUNIST PARTY USA (CPUSA) AND SOVIET KGB front-groups. In the 80's, the CPUSA, the KGB, and the Cuban DGI were taking over Central America beginning with Nicaragua, then aiding the COMMUNIST REBELS in El Salvador and Guatemala, and "Planting the Seeds" in Mexico which later bred the Chiapan Zapatistas! Obama himself said that he "sought out Marxist professors" and according to this article he wrote, he also SURROUNDED HIMSELF WITH MARXISTS WHO HATED AMERICA and loved the Soviet Union more than their own country!! LIBERATION THEOLOGY, which equated Marx with Jesus, was being used in Central America as a FUND RAISING tool in America's churches by groups OBAMA wrote about including CISPES!!!

    • Fred Kafer

      Why is it that if there is disagreement with with a minority it's automatically racism?
      Fact is, minorities are the racists! It's amazing Chavez, how you have set yourself as
      G-d and declared without a doubt that you know the motivations behind those who disagree with the Socialist Obama(Barry Sotero). I seem never to hear of the Asian population in the USA screaming racism constantly as do the Mexicans and Blacks.

      And as far as where Barry Sotero(Obama) was born, There is no evidence that he WAS born in this country. A certificate of birth is not a birth certificate. No physician signature or anything. Explain why he has spent right a 1 million dollars in attorney's fees to keep documents from public view. Why not produce a REAL birth certificate ?
      Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud and unfortunately there are plenty of gullible, ignorant, unbelievably biased dunces around to support him. Trump has more American Red Blooded patriotism running through his fingernails that Obama has in his entire body. Obama is no American patriot and friend of the the US constitution.

  • Rifleman

    Hussein is standing there saying America wasn't great until we had social security, medicare, medicaid, and unemployment insurance.   That’s not much better than his wife never being proud of her country in her adult life, until her husband was nominated to run for President.   The campaign adds write themselves.

  • Rifleman

    Don't you mean moderate socialism? Capitalism is economic freedom.

  • mattogilvie55

    And I thought Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton hated America.

  • Corpswhore

    You people here are such obvious racist masquerading as idiots. How in the
    hell is he Marxist!!! Do you people really convince yourselves of this? Not one
    scumbag on Wall Street has been indicted. He caved in to giving rich people
    an extension on their tax cuts. Oh yeah, that's such a marxist thing to do.

    He tries so hard to be a President to the right wing as well, more than any President in
    modern history. I thank this guy for cleaning up the mess up the reckless capitalists
    who almost train wrecked the planet into economic oblivion. And if people here
    think that this country is so socialist because we have social security, then you
    haven't been to the places where your ancestors hail from. They seem to be doing
    fine as well.

  • Corpswhore

    continued… I was in Canada last year and asked a lady who was a paralegal what __percentage Canadians pay in tax. They pay 7% + 5% = 12% which is currently being combined into a single12% rate. They have universal health care, ooohhhh the communist death panel type of health system that would destroy this country according to you geniuses on here.

    • coyote3

      No you said it boy, it is Canada, not the United States, get over it.

    • edblues

      I can't think of a single reason to respect this marxist moron. And Canada…are you just ignorant? A public school grad?? Has it excaped your attention that the line from Canada to the US for medical attention is getting longer, not shorter? ANd your numbers about Cannda taxes are simply in your mind, Buddy.

  • Corpswhore

    continued…Respect your damn President. He hasn't done anything I would consider even remotely contentious since he's been in office. Unlike dumbo George Bush II, lusty lian Bill Clinton, read my bumbling lips bozo Bush the 1st and the great middle class destroyer himself Ronnie Reagan, the peanut farmer, I'm not a crook. Are you people kidding.

    • coyote3

      No just that everything or almost everything he has done is illegal.

    • Stephen_Brady

      "Respect your damn President."

      No …

    • akbass

      Respect your President? You mean like all those respectful things you're saying about past presidents? What a dillhole.

  • Corpswhore

    continued….The only reason Obama made to office is being the people where pissed and he is half white. Remember that. I know so many people like you people on here who have a mixed raced child somewhere in their families who they love to death, yet they flip and spin their heads around with racist venom with people they don't know. As it goes, to you people "It's a threat or something else". Get over it, he is a real American who loves this country and shares half of his heritage with many of you here. The only reason he doesn't talk about his white side and married a black woman is otherwise you people would be lambasting him for being confused and for "messin' with our white women". Keep attacking mixed race Americans as they grow in size and see what happens. Family is thicker than race and see how the many white families with mixed people in them turn against you mongrels with the flip of a switch.____It's over!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve Chavez

      "I voted against Obama's Black Half and voted for Obama's White Half. "

      I bet when Michelle gets mad at him, she chews out and blames the White side.

      "The white blood made me do it!"

    • edblues

      I didn't realize that you are a graduate of the Obama Moronic school…and a rcidst moron, as well. Alan West and Herman Cain for President and Vice President. But, I'm sure you are to intellectually lacking to know who either of those gentlemen are.

    • Antisocialit

      It is not about his color or his mixed race it is the knowable fact that he is a Marxist hell bent on the destruction of the America that we love. Stop with the shallow worn out racist argument. And you are absolutely right if he is not defeated it is over.

  • coyote3

    You know you can't help being delusional. You can't help being a untermenchen. However, you can help being a functional illiterate.


    They say this is a cultural war, but this is too narrow a description. It is a fight for the very soul of America and it is proceading along all fronts. Americans are being manipulated by interests groups and power elites who are asking the people to give up individual responsibility for their own behavior without telling the public that their individual rights will also be sacrificed. Government has become the Cultural of Corruption. It's Time to Fight back With Every Ounce ofm Strength We can Muster!
    You've Been lied To…Over and Over!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The most surprising thing Obama will do is leave America awash in oil,
    snake oil that is……………………………………………………………………..William

  • celeste

    There is hope. Ron Paul 2012. If you don't love him you don't know him. Do your homework this time !!

  • 100trillionOnUs

    part 3
    If you watch movies produced by the hollywood brain washing agency they're allways making the federal government out to be so currupt and technologically advanced so as to scare people to not even bad mouth their helpful government. It should be the leaders afraid that if they don't do the right thing they might lose their heads to a big mob. though these leaders are not scared of "we the people", but by how bad things are getting, maybe they should be! though by the way Obama talks to "we the people" he should have been one of the mates on the titanic telling the 3rd class and stearage passengers we have plenty of lifeboats but we have to wait until the right time to float them. I really don't want to bum people out to much, but you all need to wake up and see the truth before we see Obama telling people don't worry be happy as he flys away in his big jet to the underground bunkers. IMPEACH ALL THE BUMS BEFORE THE SHIP SINKS! cause people that waters damn cold and trust me you don't want to be there!

  • 100trillionOnUs

    part 2
    these people never have enough. their greediness is only surpassed by their egotistical longing for power which is allways growing as fast as they can spend, bribe or blackmail. When the people of the world someday unite and realize there has to be sacrifice to maintain freedom and to sacrifice we need to give stuff up. Sometimes those are just things and others times it's our very safety or lives. I fear we have been so protected for so long that many americans have a deep seated fear to risk what they now have. With this fear in place they will end up losing more then one whom has experienced adversity. Some of these people here in the banana republic of this chicken nation are very intimidated by this evergrowing totally out of control steroidal federal government. You really can't blame them for being scared cause every man that has tryed to help "we the people" has either disapered, had an accident or been assassinated by some nut.

  • 100trillionOnUs

    He was elected because people are tired of getting the shaft in foreign policy, greedy big business, corrupt politicians and so much more. But most of what he really promised was hope and change. Though he continued the same policies of previous politicians which to me look as dasterdly as reagan. More and more tax breaks for the rich or ways around them and new ways to screw everyone else. Lets face it the republicans are as bad as the democrats and vice versa. When will people realize these are only pawns
    who work for rich, wealthy and powerful persons. These wealthiest of these individuals seem to make the worst decisions for the rest of us. There is only one reason why they are in politics and that is through GREEDINESS

  • antisocialist59

    Any one stupid enough to believe Barry is anything but a Marxist, communist probably is getting some of that obama money from his stash/plunder.

  • Kirk Hudgins

    Lenin said " The need for useless idiots." In this country they are a dime a dozen, Obama is what Obama is a Communist, socialist, facist, marxist . Remember Capitalism, freedom, supply and demand. All that good stuff worked for over 200 years. 1787-1990. 203 years, Government ran up a three trillion dollar deficit. 21 years later and a 14.5 trillion dollar deficit exist. War, war good or bad right or wrong is big business. Obama, like all politicians lied about everything. He was put into power by the pirates on wallstreet. Wallstreet spent 4 times as much money on Obama, as they did Mccain. He Obama is part of what Eisenhower warned about at His farewell speech " The Military Industrial Complex." It's all about the all mighty dollar.

  •!/kladionica kladionica

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    What i don’t realize is in fact how you’re not really much more well-appreciated than you might be now. You are very intelligent. You already know thus significantly in relation to this topic, made me personally consider it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t involved unless it is one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. At all times take care of it up!

  • Jose Christiano

    Obama IS a Marxist. He sincerely believes that the answer to human GREED is Marxism. That is not the answer to human greed. The answer is available BUT NOBODY IS ASKING THE QUESTION!!! That makes YOU worse that Obama.

    Wake up!!! Get your head out of your behind and go after the REAL TRUTH!!! Again, the answer is available – it begs THE QUESTION!!!

  •!/kladionica sportske

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  • Bebe Beneze

    Sometimes babies like to bite those toys. I wonder, is it really safe to use for them?

  • Jason

    My family is torn over Obama and his politics. I only see his smug arrogance and realize this man if in a dictatorship would be worse than many can imagine. I might be wrong, but will he ever look in the mirror and practice not looking so arrogant. I am sure it could all be media, but it is going to effect the polls.
    I gave up on our government many many years ago, realizing the people best at making moves to help the country are generally not in office.