Behead the Rich – But Not Me

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The Promethean rebels of Occupy Wall Street – who somehow think that pooping on police cars is truly “sticking it to the man” – are now marching on the individual homes of the super-wealthy.  They’ve finally realized that sitting outside buildings on Wall Street is a worthless tactic, so they’re going uptown: to sit at the homes of JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, David Koch (Koch Industries), John Paulson (Paulson & Co.), Howard Milstein (New York Private Bank & Trust), and Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.).  Why exactly aren’t they sitting outside the house of President Obama, who backstops all the malfeasance on Wall Street with our taxpayer dollars?  The answer’s simple: they’re socialists, silly, and they know an ally when they see one.

Watching losers complain about rich people is amusing enough.  But adding to the spectacle are members of the entertainment industry, who are mobilizing behind the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  It started with Roseanne Barr, who suggested that anyone with a net worth of more than $100 million who insisted on keeping his or her wealth should be beheaded.  One wonders what she would say to Marcy Carsey, creator of Roseanne, who is worth approximately $600 million.  And why exactly did Roseanne set the bar at $100 million?  Maybe because it allows her—net worth reportedly approximately $80 million – to be grandmothered in?

Then there’s Kanye West, who showed up at Occupy Wall Street to tell Taylor Swift that Beyonce should be there – oh, sorry, wrong protest.  He showed up to demonstrate support for the protesters who have been turning the place into a toxic waste site with their occupation.   At the protest, he wore his patented large gold chains.  He was all sympathy, but wasn’t going to give anyone the $355 Givenchy shirt off his back.

They’re not the only rich entertainers backing the OWS movement.  The Writers Guild of America – the average working member earns about $200,000 per year – is now standing with the protesters.  Christopher Keyser, president of the WGA, issued this asinine statement: “The economic statistics don’t lie. The rich are getting much, much richer in America. At the same time, the middle class, which was once the vibrant economic backbone of this country, is disappearing, and our poor and our unemployed are in free fall.  The corporations and the people who gambled with our future, who made a killing on that bet and then got bailed out by us, are back with robust profits and unconscionable salaries. No one has paid a price for that but the American worker. And neither political party seems to have the guts or the independence to hold anyone accountable or to demand meaningful safeguards to protect us from all of this happening again…. The rallies happening on Wall Street and around the country are shining a much-needed spotlight on the harm being caused to America’s working men and women by a system run amok. People from all walks of life are rising up and demanding accountability and change.”

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  • C"H"Martel

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  • tanstaafl

    Hollywood can afford its socialism.

    • guest

      Remember that hollywood and it's ilk have been educated in the public schools a s well. Class Warfare is a predominate tool used by the left. The truly stupid are unaware that when the lower classes look upward all they see are rapacious barons of privlege oblivious to justice. When the upper classes look downward they see rapacious malcontents eger to overthrow the proper social hiearchy. Then of course there is the middle who are capable of both depending upon which way they are looking. There should be now mistake understanding why the left encourges self distruction, don't be a victim of casual thinking.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Don't forget about Mayor Bloomberg's home!

    • matchingset

      Are you kidding? Bloomberg welcomed them to terrorize the neighborhood and deficate at their discretion. Condoms anyone?

  • sedoanman

    "…it suggests that wealth is a matter of skill rather than luck and does not require government intervention; and second, it suggests that the private sector rather than government creates jobs."

    Third, it suggests that economic activity is not a zero sum game.

    "Don’t look for the OWS folks to hustle Kanye and Roseanne to the guillotine anytime soon."

    How about Oprah Winfrey, net worth $2.7 billion?

    • matchingset

      No, they are depending on the wealthy to provide their tents and food for the winter.

  • pagegl

    I'll give credence to the thoughts and opinions of folks like Kanye and Roseanne and Michael Moore when they start putting their wallets where their mouths are. The protesters have to be dumber than a box of rocks to accept support from those who are very wealthy and won't share it.

  • Asher

    So now we have the guillotine mentality of anyone who has been successful or prosperous on their own merits.

  • reasonableview

    Excellent article! There is a kernel of truth in the Occupy movement that deserves more attention and less obfuscation from defecation: cronyism. Compare Wall St to Sand Hill Road and you'll see what I mean:

  • greatj

    The Wall street and all the other so/called protests are the beginning of the Obama and the Democratic parties propaganda campaign for the November 2012 election. Why have we not heard one word of protest about Obama? M.S.N.B.C.the Obama and the Democratic parties propaganda attack network is pushing this every day and this means this protest is an attack on the Republicans and Conservatives

  • Questions

    Kanye West, like many other black hip-hop recording artists, are getting rich all the while saying how our country is "racist." Much of the blame can be laid at the doorstep of all the stupid airhead white chicks who buy their records and then drag white guys to the nightclubs. Why can't more white Americans make garage rockers like the Hives, the Vines, the Greenhornes and the Contours richer instead? Is there no justice in the world?

    • Michael

      And sadly, if the white guys don't show up with the white girls, the white girls will just take to a few black guys. Then before you know it, the white girl is stuck with a fatherless, oreo kid. She'll then have a tough road ahead of here because no self respecting white guy would ever want to get involved with a white girl who spreads her legs for black men and who has a bastard child. This is happening more and more and its sad to be quite frank. Rap music, through the marketing tactics of television and radio, are destroying the values, morals, and identity of whites, hispanics, asains, and any other race I have left out. Black culture in America is the destruction of America.

    • wsk

      Because rap music pisses off their parents!

  • Pathena

    The "Occupy Wall Street" folks, with their ACORN, etc. backers, ignore people like Steve Jobs who worked for his money.

  • myohmy

    Everyone here should go rent the movie or read the book "Doctor Zhivago" and compare the Bolshevik revolution to what we are seeing in our streets today. The occupy Wall Street thugs are America's 21st.. century bolsheviks and if we tolerate this seed and allow it to grow we will suffer the same hardships depicted in this story. First they occupy streets, then buildings, then homes. Yes, homeowners who didn't lose their homes to foreclosure will lose them to the bolsheviks once these commies take over. First they come for the rich but that's not enough. Then they come for all property no matter who owns it because all property should really belong to the community, not individuals. Just you wait and see what happens if we allow these jerkoffs to trample on our rights.

  • falco8

    Where will all the war refugees that escaped communism go now?

  • Brujo Blanco

    How long are these jerks going to be allowed to continue their act? If we are not caresul they could become a permanent fixture in our urban areas. They will srop if and when all the free stuff stops.

  • alexander

    Ben & Jerry are giving those imbeciles free ice cream!!!
    Let's hit 'em in the pocket and stop buying it……

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Let them eat cake???………………………………William

  • Dinomite

    you missing the point. this is not about attacking the rich, but attacking the system that enables the wealthy to get away with stripping average americans of the simple safety net that they have to live a normal life. a system that allows our purchased elected officials to work only for big business and corporations. are there going to be people that exploit the protests? yes. are there going to be people that are going to point the finger at the rich? yes. but in general the frustration is about the system that is not working for regular middle class folks in america.

    • 77patriot

      OWS is not made up of "regular middle class folks in America"; They are radical left-wingers with an agenda to destroy this country.
      If you want to attack a "system" of unfairness, the best place to start would be Hollywood, where nepotism is rampant and young people are sexually exploited. It is a system that is very capricious and involves more luck than anything else. And by the way, Hollywood is made up of big corporations and businesses. If the OWS people were intellectually honest, they'd be protesting the very people they idolize.

      • wsk

        …and the morals of rabbits…..

  • WilliamJamesWard

    That the Congress has taken the vast sums of money out of Social Security for
    pet projects and dumped in worthless IOU'S in place of cash tells us that the
    government is the problem when their ponzi schemes are made obvious by
    the circumstances the MSM provide cover or some new story diverts attention.
    What people want are other people they deal with to be honest and above
    board in business and political dealings, they in short want others to trust.
    The conundrum with many of the young protestors is that they have been
    lied to for years in government schools and most are unable to grasp the
    signifigance of their own ignorence. It is the character of our own citizens
    that undermines our efforts at a secure society in conjunction with leftist
    and other elements that are hard at work to make America unliveable for
    Americans………..The solution may be bitter pills for everyone……….William

  • Ozzy

    Ben labels nearly 50% of the American people as losers. This is his idea of a civilization. All the customers, all the families of soldiers, all the auto mechanics and beauticians and check-out clerks, all losers.
    Then Ben thinks that anyone near his income bracket who disagrees with his politics his a hypocrite
    Ben is a well paid professional America knocker.
    But a patriot? No, a patriot of money. .

  • NotaBene

    Durrr, has it ever occurred to you that the OWS are angry about people who they believe actually control large segments of the economy (the government and the finance industry) and not a bunch of actors and musicians who get their money by actually working (instead of shuffling money around until it gets lost)?

  • NotaBene

    P.S. Their complaint isn't against people getting rich. It's against people get rich while destroying the economy for the rest of us.

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