Doubling Down on Marxism

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On Thursday night, President Obama led off his speech by explaining that while reporters were asking, “What will this speech mean for the President?” he was only concerned about the “millions of Americans who are watching right now,” who “don’t care about politics.” But Obama has spent nearly three years crippling businesses, attempting to raise taxes, spending copious sums of cash we do not have, and ripping the health care industry from the private sector.  All of that was done in pursuit of Obama’s re-election efforts.

Obama insisted that he had to “restore some of the fairness and security that has defined this nation since our beginning.”  What sort of fairness?  Government redistributionism certainly has not historically defined America; neither did an enormous social safety net.  Perhaps Obama simply mixed up George Washington with Otto von Bismarck.  Easy mistake.

What was Obama’s actual proposal?  He called it the American Jobs Act, which apparently means that America has not recovered or reinvested, as per the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  What kind of jobs will this new act create?  “More jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans, and more jobs for the long-term unemployed.”  If Obama’s plan works, he explained, it “will put people to work right now fixing roofs and windows; installing science labs and high-speed internet in classrooms all across this country. It will rehabilitate homes and businesses in communities hit hardest by foreclosures. It will jumpstart thousands of transportation projects across the country.” These, of course, are not the jobs we need – construction workers working on roads will not do much for the economy, teachers are already paid too much due to union contracts, and the long-term unemployed are generally unemployed because they do not have the skill sets necessary to get a productive job.

But all of this should sound familiar: back in 2009, Obama urged passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in order to “engage contractors across the nation to create jobs rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, and schools … build 21st century classrooms, labs, and libraries.”  It’s now two years later, and he’s calling for the same thing.

How?  Obama promises a “tax break for companies who hire new workers” and to “cut payroll taxes in half.”  At the same time, he wants to raise taxes on “the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations.”  This is deeply problematic and contradictory – you cannot offer to give people a tax break to hire folks, then promise to take the profits they will receive from the additional income from the hires.  The fact is that if businesses did not have incentive to hire until now, it’s because they have no market – creating more employees to produce more products nobody needs is not the solution.  And, of course, Obama has tried this all before, only bigger – he promised under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to “provide direct tax relief to 95 percent of American workers.”

Obama urged that Congress “pass this jobs bill” repeatedly and annoyingly, especially since has provided nothing whatsoever for Congress to pass.  Even more annoyingly, he lied about the choices Americans face.  He explained, “Should we keep tax loopholes for oil companies? Or should we use that money to give small business owners a tax credit when they hire new workers? Because we can’t afford to do both.”  Actually, we can afford to do both.  We just have to cut somewhere else.  Cutting the tax loopholes would supposedly add $30 billion in revenues (leaving aside the lowered profits as a result of higher taxes); Obama’s last proposed budget was $3.7 trillion.  In other words, Obama is saying that that $30 billion is the crucial $30 billion, not the other 99.2 percent of federal spending.

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  • Fred Dawes

    Obama is evil he is our enemy. Just wait until 2012 you will see the real anti American come out with his real Army of the third world and it will be a fight for freedom or the slaughter and butchery of a nation.

  • crackerjack

    This " ……..cut taxes and regulations…." mantra is nonsense. If it was the ultimate remedy to all economic woes, every nation would adopt it and live in prosperity.

    The US has cut taxes and regulations to an extent that national infrastructure, education and services lay in ruins while the deregulated finance industry embezzles the nations wealth.

    Obama's plan is sensible. Putting people back to work to modernise the nations infrastructure is an investment in the future and a payback. A dollar in the hand of a construction worker or teacher goes into the national economy. A dollar in the hand of Goldmann-Sachs goes to the international finance casion and ends up on the Caymen Islands.

    And by the way…….Marxism is a historic science, Socialism is an economic system. Easy mistake.

    • Chris Nichols

      Then why don't they? All of these European nations have been using their model, and they are all broke. Don't give me this de-regulated business either, more regulations get added to the books every year. Industries like oil and natural gas cannot drill or mine without permission from the government and they are taxed at every point of production. That money you pay in the gas tax is supposed to be used for roads and highways. The federal government makes 2 to 3 times more money on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do and they are broke? Don't forget what you have to pay for license and registration fees, which go up every year. The main reason for the economic collapse was banks being forced to lend money to people who couldn't pay it back. Tell me genius, That dollar in the hand of the construction worker or teacher, where does it come from under your plan? It comes from someone else, being redistributed by the government, which means no new wealth is created. And since they took it out of the construction workers back pocket to give it back to him, his net worth has increased by zero. That dollar in the had of Goldmann-Sachs goes into an investment portfolio and is invested in new businesses which create jobs and wealth. If it goes outside of the U.S., it's because nobody wants to invest in what is becoming another socialist cesspool, like Greece.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      "Obama's plan is sensible." Heh, heh. You're a funny guy, sailor. "Putting people back to work to modernize the nations infrastructure is an investment…" To which nations do you refer?

      A dollar in the hand of a school teacher goes into the Black Hole of Calcutta. Teachers have been spending the last several decades degrading the entire concept of education at the same time that they have NOT been taking proper care of their schools, thus artificially creating the need for new infrastructure.

      What this country REALLY needs is higher taxes on Cracker Jacks.

  • Amused

    I'll wait and see dawes if your paranoid delusion comes to pass . Lets make a wager – if the "gubmint " dont start slaughtering people here in the US , then you promise to go and seek professional help ……and take the person who gave you the thumbs up with you .

  • old white guy

    the intelligence of the average voter seems to be at the very bottom of any scale i can think of. people will always vote to try and take something that someone else has because someone has said it is fair. when critical analysis skills are absent then the socialists win. america cannot educate the mass of voters quick enough to turn this ongoing disaster around.

  • StephenD

    Fred, Amused, no need to wait. The facts speak for themselves. The mantra of "Its Bushes Fault" just doesn't cut it. What is just as laughable is his call of "the time for games is over" as if Congress, for his entire time in office, refused to cooperate with his ideas. He had exclusive rights to govern before 2010 with a Democratically controlled House and Senate. Why now the call for the games to end? Where was his effective leadership then? I'd remind everyone that there is still no budget.
    No, I don't see him abandoning his agenda for us. He appears to be on a mission to reduce America to the status of a European Union country…with just as much clout in the world. Having us as weak or as strong only as Turkey or Italy would suit him fine.

    • Dennis X

      The bush tax cuts have been in effect for over 6 years, where are the jobs!!

  • wingwiper

    I've not been one as quick to declare the onset of armed insurrection nor the police state, but trends are alarming, I must say. In 2007-08 when it became clearer who would be our next President, there was a noticeable and still verifiable dramatic increase in cyber traffic from the American Right having to do with arming up, putting in the survival supplies, bracing ourselves for destruction of the Republic, and more. Many were, and presumably are now more so, very serious about that. In fact, I could in ten minutes from now lay my cursor on an intense online flurry of posts detailing a sudden and gigantic surge in firearms and ammunition sales of the day.
    What has happened since then has not made things any calmer, politically. Leftist rudeness in Wisconsin begat some more coming from the lips of individual elected representatives, with "Health Care Reform" pretty much picking the scab daily from its beginning. Now going on 2 full years we have seen Labor Union violence on the rise, in a manner it chooses to use every few decades when the other side seems on the verge of returning the nation to common sense. The President's current effort to arouse a youthful student body again (that other mandatory element needed for pushing a Republic to the brink) has evidently not been greeted with the same enthusiasm his political party counts upon from iconoclastic narcissists; thus far.
    Though the POTUS is in high campaign mode already, in all things and ways and times, he is in a lot worse condition even with his own entitlement constituency than any of us realize. My estimate is that his partisans and he will run out of gas far sooner than their money does, no matter how much they accrue.
    I'm 65 years of age, and never in this lifetime have I seen so many conservatives as urgently motivated as in these unusual times. Ever vigilant, we vote when the hour arrives.

  • Matt

    Be Shapiro

    Most of what you say is true. But not about teachers pay. My son just got hired by a school district in los Angeles and is making a whopping $42K. Not much for 10 hr days. Compare that to my daughter who got hired at an entry level job at Mattel 10 months ago for $55K. She works 8 hr days. I’m not sure why writers rag on teachers about their pay, because it is not high, and other sectors in the economy requiring similar skill sets pay substantially more. Cops, firefighters, city engineers, planners, inspectors, public works maintenance workers, city administrators all earn substantially more, are also paid from taxes yet you barely hear a peep that this group of public workers are overpaid. But see the City of Bell as an example. Not just their City Manager but all throughout their pay structure as an example.

    So don’t lose your audience with one bad example.

    I usually love your writing.


    • oldtimer

      That's not bad for a beginning teacher or anyone else. I come from a family of teachers and I don't know one that put in more than 8hr day, and off over 2months for the summer, 2week winter and 2week spring break plus other holidays = 180 day work year. I worked in health care, 24/7, holidays and weekends, 28 days off to start with, and that was to be used for everything, vacation, sick time etc. I don't feel sorrly for the teachers. They went on strike every year for more pay and better benefits, making my taxes go up to pay for them and my benefits went down each year. It's about time that every one pays their dues, we are in this together and benefits are destroying local governments.

    • oldtimer

      Also, forgot to mention that 24/7 was 10 and 12 hr shifts.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Public school teachers are the single most overpaid profession on earth.

      Every other profession has seen dramatic increases in productivity over the last 30 years. Lawyers handle more cases, doctors see more patients, engineers do more designs. Only teachers have fewer students and shorter hours than their predecessors and constantly complain that they want to be even less productive with still fewer students and more teacher's aides.

      The average private school teacher gets paid about 70% of what public school teachers get paid. That's why there are long waiting lists for positions in public schools especially in Los Angeles which has some of the country's worst public schools.

      • Ruthlessma

        Reason…..I agree with your statement. One of the things that rubs my fur the wrong way is watching empty school buses running around the county. The largest portion of our property taxes pays for the schools. Don't forget the money communities spend on firemen. They whine about working 24 hour shifts, which is broken down to 8 hrs of work, 8 hrs of "training" (which can consist of reading a magazine article) and 8 hrs to sleep. When you pass your local fire department, be very quiet….they're napping!

  • flimflamobambam

    Matt…42K for an entry-level, 9-month per annum position (not including generous holiday off-time) is not something to lament. Not sure about your son's particulars, but around here ( suburban Philadelphia) entry-level, inexperienced teachers draw on average $50,000, with fully paid-for health insurance…in fact, we have had districts go on strike because the teachers refused to shoulder the burden of even a $5 or $10 co-pay—when is that last time most of the rest of us have seen anything like that? They also receive 100% reimbursement for continuing education…which of, of course, moves them further up the pay scale. The overall average salary for teachers in this region is around $82,000, not including benefits and opportunities for additional pay for coaching or directing sports, yearbook, student volunteers, choir, etc.

    • Justin

      @flimflamobambam I agree with your point. To put Matt's kids salary on more equal terms: Nine months of his daughter's salary is 55K*3/4=41.25K. Then, if you take into account all of the holiday time his son gets over his daughter, the 10 hour versus 8 hour day roughly evens out.
      Furthermore, I've been in education for the last 6 years and it's not a demanding job.

      • Reason_For_Life

        Teacher's average pay is around $30 per hour. That compares favorably with lawyers and engineers with comparably experience. The big difference is in the fact that lawyers and engineers can get fired and don't have comparable benefits.

  • tanstaafl

    Government can't
    Government won't
    All Barry wants
    Is your money and your vote

    Blind as blind as blind can be
    Messin' around with our economy

    Barry was born to rule the earth
    Even with an irregular birth

    Not natural born, that's a fact
    Runnin' again, for a second act

    What do we do 'bout this Marxist man
    Vote him out, "Yes, we can!"

  • patti

    The Institute for Policy Studies — the David Rockefeller-tied Marxist headquarters hosted a Cornel West, Michael Lerner, Dennis Kucinich, Keith Ellison etc conference on ammending the US Constitution….. the Religious Left scores stealth moves while nobody pays attention

  • flyingtiger

    Construction workers contribute to the economy if they are paid well.
    The government paid for the Transcontinental railroad. The railroads were given land on both side of the tracks. Sales freom this free land paid for the railroad and created a hefty profit. Note that this substity cost the taxpayer zero dollars.
    The right construction projects will boost the economy. Rebuilding Miegs field or that wall will help the nation. BHO is just too stupid to understand anything. Then again what do you expect from a White Sox fan?

  • Matt

    Re: Teacher's Pay
    Guys, thanks for the feedback and comments – especially comparing the $55k/full yr to $42K/.75yr. All valid points. However teachers jobs have one facet not related to most other jobs…they need to prepare for "tomorrow". Most jobs you can leave today…and come back tomorrow and then just do the work. Teachers are "on stage" today teaching, and will be back "on stage" tomorrow. So they must prepare for "tomorrows" work today. Teachers can't prepare while teaching nor grading, so must spend their own time in preparation for tomorrows lesson. I know this from being a Boy Scout leader, where I can not just waltz into a meeting with the boys and teach a merit badge without prep. When I do rocketry or rifle/shotgun merit badge workshops, I have to insure that I have everything safe and ready for the kids. Anyone who works with kids knows you have to prepare for every minute of the time with them, or they act up/go bonkers. Teachers are paid for 6hr/day, but that is just teaching time. The other time is prep and grading for tomorrow. Don't believe me? Just volunteer to teach for an hour at your local elementary school. Teach whatever you do professionally, and you'll see. Even "Career Day", where parents come in to speak for 20 minutes to the kids on "their jobs" have to prepare or the kids will zone out. Try it, then see which is more challenging…the desk job, which has paper on it, or the teaching job. Paperwork (in the desk job) doesn't complain, threaten you, go to the bathroom, throw up or have rude parents. You can leave your "paperwork" to get coffee, use the john, or run a quick errand and it won't rebel against you. Try that in a classroom.

    I'm not a teacher. I've just seen what they have to deal with. Oh, btw, paperwork won't sue you. Kids and their parents might.

    Most of your total tax dollars don't go to schools. If you take your income tax (state and fed), soc sec tax, property tax, utility users tax, sales tax, gas tax, etc, you'll see that most does not go to school systems. It goes to prisons, courts, health/welfare, public work, parks, elections, military, and on and on. Focusing on teachers salaries is like looking at a water drip at a faucet when your pool is running and overflowing, you'll save more if you just turn off that big leak.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    – Matt

    • Supreme_Galooty

      The "educational" establishment in America is moribund, corrupt, confused, inept, and obscenely expensive. If you care about your son, you might consider helping him move to the private sector where actual education is encouraged. Anyone working within the current public "educational" system will be overwhelmed by mediocrity, over-run by mindless bureaucrats, swallowed whole by massive ignorance, and spit out by corrupt unions.

    • tagalog

      The need to prepare for teaching a course reasonably well is well-known, and is part of the job of a teacher. It's the primary reason why teaching is a profession and why the job pays what it pays. If it weren't for the professional aspect of teaching, it would be a job that pays considerably lower than it actually does. The time spent preparing lesson plans and grading student work is part of the reason why the typical school day for elementary school and high school runs about six hours a day; the extra couple of hours should be spent doing one's work, not drinking coffee and scrounging for a free danish in the teachers' lounge in one's off hours.

  • xlent

    Our public school system is one of the major contributors to the flagrant socialism besetting our nation. And that is all coming from the teachers colleges playbook.

  • tagalog

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: fool me once, shame on you.

    American Jobs Act: fool me twice, shame on me.

  • voted against carter

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    When the next general election comes, Obama will say that he had this wonderful plan that was rejected by the nasty, vile, downright mean republicans that would have saved the world by election day. The people will probably buy it. It took 70 years for communism to collapse in Russia. The start date in the U.S. (of communism/socialism) was about 50 years ago, so perhaps we are entering the death throughs of collectivism and after about 20 years we may achieve capitalism again.