Hollywood: The Democrats’ Secret Weapon

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Network television’s new offerings this year offer more evidence to the effect that Hollywood is the PR machine for the Democratic left.  No matter that our leftist president is wildly unpopular; never mind that Americans are resonating to Constitutional messages as they haven’t for over a century.  In Hollywood, it is always a day of liberal hope and change.

Take, for example, Whitney (NBC).  Comedy Central quasi-star Whitney Cummings finally has her own show.  What’s wrong with Cummings?  Aside from the fact that she once said that Quentin Tarantino had “produced more retarded things than Sarah Palin’s vagina,” Cummings’ new show has her playing a woman who lives with her boyfriend in traditional Hollywood non-marital bliss.  “Getting married would pop the balloon,” says the showrunner, Betsy Thomas.  “This relationship is a modern relationship … it’s balanced … that’s the relationship that reflects the way we live our lives.”  This is merely the next step in the Friends-Modern Family trail that leads away from traditional family and toward “alternative arrangements.”  Just what the doctor ordered when so many children are born into broken homes.

Then there’s the continued propaganda machine that is Glee (FOX).  This year, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is running for Congress as a covert Tea Party candidate.  Meanwhile, the saintly Kurt, the gay character who provides the Lady Gaga-esque moral compass for the show, is running for class president, aided by the bisexual cheerleader Britney.

Even shows that should be safe for the family aren’t.  Dancing with the Stars (ABC) has already featured a he/she in Chaz/Chastity Bono, shown Carlton Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) bashing the Tea Party (he takes off a gorilla mask and then announces, “It still smells like a Tea Party”), and featured Nancy Grace’s nipple.

You can’t escape the propaganda even in escapist shows – on Terra Nova (FOX), President Obama’s face appears on a $1,000 bill of the future, although to be fair, the future is terrible, which is why everyone wants to go back to the time of the dinosaurs.

None of this is to say that these shows are awful in quality (though some of them are).  It’s just to point out that Hollywood is happy to act as a tool for leftist thought, even if it loses ratings.  Glee’s opener was down over 30% from last year’s premiere.  The most controversial new show, The Playboy Club (NBC), based on Hugh Hefner’s beloved all-American establishment, was dead on arrival – its second episode earned a pathetic 1.3/3 rating, which pencils out to less than 4 million viewers.  Dancing with the Stars had bad premiere numbers, and then dropped in week two.  But television’s honchos don’t seem to get the point.

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  • Ron

    Sorry again. Here is a link that works: <The Film Finders – The Path to 9/11 DVD – Harvey Keitel ( 9 – 11 )>

  • Ron

    Oops. For some reason, the web link is not connecting. Just Google
    " The Film Finders – The Path to 9/11 DVD – Harvey Keitel ( 9 – 11 ) " (without the quotation marks) and you'll find it. (No joke.)

  • UCSPanther

    Hollywood is long known for being disconnected from reality and morally decrepit. Gone are the days of stars like Charleton Heston…

    • fisherKing

      Criminal Minds is pretty good.

      • Ralph

        Criminal Minds is yet more leftist propaganda. I recently tuned in for a show and it was about a psychopath Catholic priest killing people during exorcisms. One of the show's regulars is a lapsed Catholic who had to leave the Church because they were so heartless about her teen abortion. This she exposed in a tearful monologue complete with sympathetic music. When the team went to interview supposedly 'normal' Catholics to try and trap the priest they were shown as unthinking zealots. Only the ones who 'saw the light', so to speak, and left the Church were portrayed as rational and moral. A complete inversion of reality.

        All these shows are the same, from Law & Order on down. The same message: whites bad, black good; immigrants humble and hardworking; white males the authors of all the crimes; homosexuals as the moral center of the shows they appear in, and on and on and on. Even the supposedly bad-ass Sons of Anarchy had the hero bike gang take on a white supremacy group and making peace with the rival hispanic gang. You think that happens in real life? In fact, some of these shows are so ridiculous that it may be having the opposite affect on the viewers. This is only right, as they should first be made objects of ridicule and then ignored. Let the moguls sink all their money into losers.

    • Questions

      Bunk. Anyone can cherry-pick a tiny handful of movies and TV shows and use their existence to "prove" anything they want about the whole industry. If Hollywood really were disconnected from reality, every major studio would have been shuttered decades ago.

    • Fray222

      Hollywood is a money making industry, they play to their audience. If Hollywood has become morally bankrupt, then that is because that's what it's audience demands. If you want to bash Hollywood go ahead, but don't go pretending that the state of Hollywood doesn't reflect on our nation as a whole.

  • Ron

    [Moderator: I had a hard time finding the correct web link. Go ahead and delete my previous posts. Thank you.]

    “The Path to 9/11” is available on DVD. This is the unedited version as seen on BBC TV. It is is not pirated, and the picture and sound are broadcast quality (I’ve seen it).

    Google "The Film Finders – The Path to 9/11 DVD – Harvey Keitel ( 9 – 11 )" (without the quotation marks), and you'll find the website.

    • intrcptr2

      Ron, everything on that site SCREAMS pirated.
      If it were the offically released BBC version it would not play on US DVD players.

      Thanks for the find, but for now, I'll pass.
      The point is ultimately that ABC refuses to sell it here in the US, depsite grabbing 25 million viewers first time out. That stinks. "The Day After" is available, but this isn't??

      • Ron

        I hope it's not pirated. I bought a copy, and it plays fine (here in the U.S.).

  • maturin20

    If Hollywood made more right-leaning shows, wouldn't that be bad for the Right? Even more people would be sitting at home watching TV instead of taking some interest in res publica.

  • waterwillows

    I believe the saying goes….you give them just enough rope to hang themselves. They are so very far out of tune and step with middle America, that is now the end result of their insanity.

    As a young person, many years ago I was given an interesting lesson. I got to choose all that would please me. Who and what would be in Hollywood awards and favor. Everything I thought and requested was made so. At first, flushed with pleasure, I then came to know and understand that who gets what in Hollywood is not of their making at all. It is all their delusion, upon delusion.
    They should think very carefully about the choices they make. As they say in LA "no one, knows anything, about anything". But some do know.

  • BS77

    Most TV and movies are garbage…and a huge waste of time. Get the kids out of the TV couch potato mode…and out playing baseball, basketball or on their bikes…..Remember in Annie Hall, when Woody Allen was completely discouraged by watching TV executives making "laugh tracks" for some crummy tv show…just to encourage the audiences at home to laugh?

  • BLJ

    Now you know why I still watch shows like "The Andy Griffith Show" and "The Rifleman".
    The crap that is on TV these days is just making the people who watch more stupid and out of touch.

    • Questions

      Andy Griffith. Great. How about watching some movies made by Little Opie/Ron Hoard instead. They're some of the best-crafted big audience films around. (e.g., "Apollo 13," "A Beautiful Mind," "Cinderella Man," "The Missing," "Parenthood").

      • BLJ

        I will leave that up to you. I will stay with Ron Howard when he was just a kid and not a liberal moron like you.

        • Chiggles

          What was wrong with Apollo 13?

          • PatriotX

            Better yet, what was wrong with Andy Griffith? Why is it that people nowadays have such hostility towards, holsom, American Christian values?

  • Martel64

    Hollywood / Show Business's Leftist dominance,in TV,movies,music,etc, – 40+ years and showing no signs of ending.

  • http://www.myspace.com/7558749 Michael Ejercito

    Hollywood would be honester if it was SOLELY driven by the almighty buck.

    • waterwillows

      Perhaps it takes the almighty buck for them to promote the junk they do?

  • tagalog

    The thing I find most amusing about lefties is how they proclaim their political leanings exist because of their love for their fellow man, then they act in their business lives like the rapacious sharks they claim American businessmen are, and, on top of that, they see nothing whatever contradictory about that. Hollywood is particularly extravagantly overt in that regard.

  • mrbean

    Hollywood loves to promote feminist social engineering in movies like "GI Jane" – where the Navy Seals told them they wanted no part of it. And the feminists are trying to convince us that any woman can perform any combat task that a man can. Of course the only way this can happen is to dumb down all the various traditional military requirements – particularly the physical – to allow women to be seen as equally capable. But once a nation turns its military into nothing more than a hothouse of political correctness and gender-bending social transformation, then that nation is doomed. Let the Hollywood and the rest of the radical social activists attack other institutions, but leave the military alone. National defence is far too important to allow it to become another playground for the radicals to remake in their own image.

  • Maxie

    ". . . leave the military alone. National defence is far too important to allow it to become another playground for the radicals to remake in their own image. "

    Too late mrbean. The military has been PC'd big time. It has been re-structured as a Nation Building enterprise where the operational credo is "don't hurt anyone or break anything". The objective is to "win hearts and minds" not to defeat an enemy which is no longer seen as such. Our devastating air superiority has been taken off the table. Instead, ground troops are used as social workers sent into bad neighborhoods under rules of engagement which are near-suicidal. We are needlessly losing our greatest, mostly conservative young men (about 6800 to date) under this leftist-inspired travesty. We are ten years and counting into a "war" which could have been decisively over in about a month. THEN the nation building could be undertaken with the full cooperation of the defeated.

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    But have you noticed the market is now "overseas." Each day that passes, the economics say that playing to American sensibilities is less and less important, and playing to foreign market sensibilities, more and more.

    I'm not sure it would matter if the entire country turned it off and had done at this point, at least with respect to movies. Didn't we recently have to put up with the mighty North Korean military occupying the United States in lieu of hurting sales in China?

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Waaaaaaaa! There are gay people in television. Waaaaaaaa!

  • myohmy

    Hollywood is disgusting. I never buy a ticket to a movie because I refuse to put one cent in the pockets of these creeps. Dancing with the Stars was one of the best and cleanest shows on tv but that wasn't acceptable. So now look what they've done. I'll never watch it again.. not this year or ever because they think they can just shove anything down our throats and we're just too stupid to do anything about it. Well, I vote with my feet… I walk out on them and all the other politically correct anti American crap they try to inflict on us…. Teach them a lesson now.

  • Steve Chavez

    I CAN'T wait till Fidel Castro and/or Hugo Chavez dies so we can all the see the tears flowing from Hollywood, OBAMA AND HILLARY, and the American Left who have been brainwashed to believe these dictators are heroes.

  • nancy2014

    I'm downright ashamed of what the writers inject in their scripts.They're the biggest offenders of brainwashing and bullying. I'm thinking that this will eventually backfire. Let's pray that it does. I heard that ratings for Glee are down as much as 30%.

  • devita

    Hollywood is not a real world example of how people should live – that’s why I like watching Internet television – you can avoid the stupidity of the current Hollywood brain dead Obama zombies and still watch the shows that are not trying to indoctrinate you into thinking something is wrong with you when you see two women or two guys kissing (gag . . . gag) and get a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Hollywood wants viewers to think that same sex partners are just a normal part of life, not an abomination, as they truly are!

    Even National Geographic, for G-d’s sake, did a show on animals that had same sex partners – what’s with that stupidity? Trying to convince heterosexuals that we are the anomaly in creation . . . the exception, not the rule . . . cause look, even animals do it and the other animals don’t do anything to them. Yes they do! They shun them and even though they may, build a nest, or den, or whatever, they soon leave it and also soon part ways. Imagine if all animals did this, our planet would soon be devoid of all animals as none of them would reproduce – except maybe roaches, the only other thing that resembles a liberal in today’s world.

    It is so much easier to not have cable or pay into anything the current Hollywood is promoting – even the ever humungous tonnage of Michael Moore spouting off that people should eat less – my response when I heard that was, WTF! Look who’s talking!

  • Choi

    Another fine example of LEFTY Hollywood BRAINWASHING of the American Public is last weeks "The Good Wife" on CBS.
    A Jewish college student is MURDERED by a Muslim with a swastika placed on the victim's forehead..
    The "heroine" of the show defends the Muslim charged after a CAIR-TYPE Wealthy Muslim hires her firm to not only defend him but for a Senior Lefty Jewish Partner to run a PRO-MUSLIM PR Campaign.
    In the end the TWIST is that one of the charged Muslim's Muslim roomates MURDERED the Jewish kid because of a gay relationship gone south and made it appear to be a 'Hate Crime" to cover up the real reason.
    So,what CBS did was set a mind set that Muslim Violence on Jewish students "really" is something else and they actually try to say that Anti-Gay Hatred is THE issue,NOT Muslim HATRED of Jews.
    And of course they show the LEFTY Jewish lawyers as being ONLY interested in money and willing to sell out their own for it,and they GLORIFY that to boot..

  • Ben

    Russian government conduct anti-American interior propaganda controlling all demonstration of films in the country.But the majority of this films are the Holliwood`s third-rate production and they are absolutly anti-American and adopted by FSB.

  • deanbean1

    I just watched "Inside Job" DVD…what a fake movie that was! Portraying Soros as a good guy!

    Why can't we make Hollywood aware that they will no longer get our $ with their left wing agenda? Is there a web site that lists left movies so they can be avoided?

  • NotaBene

    So this is why all right-wing movies (American Carol, Fireproof) are crap?

    The only good conservative movie from the last 30 years was 'Metropolitan'. If people don't like liberal entertainment then they don't have to watch it.

    • tagalog

      You must have missed "A Man For All Seasons."

  • Fred

    I know all about this. This is why we stopped going to movies many years ago. We them pushing the "radical left " agenda all of the time. I used to pick it out as the movie unfolded. Also they always made the white guy the villain, always. Why support the enemy.

    Also they have taken over television. Most of the shows are the same way. We do not watch any of the shows by NBC, CBS and ABC.

    Of course it goes without saying they have the "news" media in their pocket. We never watch any so called "news" shows. The radical left put their people in place for the last 30 years or more.

    One last note on the leftist "stars" in Hollywood. Notice there there are no more attractive "stars" anymore. Why are all of the Hollywood left unattractive or ugly?

  • Fred

    Also the Hollywood "radical left" makes movies that want to change history. I bet they are working on taking the slaves out of Gone With The Wind and offering the PC edited version.

    also notice who are the dumb people in the television commercials? Enough said!

  • Fred

    Go To:

    For her movies reviews. She will tell you which ones to avoid. Why go to movies and be offended.