Matt Damon: Erudite, Brilliant, Thick

Noted thinker Michael Moore told the world who would be his ideal president last week.  It isn’t Barack Obama.  It isn’t even the exhumed body of Chairman Mao.  It’s the puppet star of Team America: World Police, Matt Damon.  “I think that [Matt Damon] has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said here, and if you want to win, the Republicans have certainly shown the way – that when you run someone who is popular, you win,” Moore cogently explained. “Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win.  And I guess I only throw his name out there because I’d like us to start thinking that way.”

What prompted this bizarre outburst from Moore?  Damon’s comments in Boston about the evil rich.  “The wealthy are paying less than they paid at any time else, certainly in my lifetime, and probably in the last century,” Damon told a reporter.  “I don’t know what we were paying in the roaring ‘20s; it’s criminal that so little is asked of people who are getting so much.  I don’t mind paying more.”  This, of course, doesn’t stop Damon from gambling away his cash in illegal back-room poker games.  If he wants to redistribute wealth, he should start at home.

But let’s take Moore at his word and apprise the estimable Damon as a candidate.  After all, he’s been holding himself up that way for years.

First off, his background.  Like President Obama, he spent his youth surrounded by radicals, chief among them anti-American historian Howard Zinn. In fact, Damon was so in love with Zinn’s work that he read the audio version of Zinn’s leftist A People’s History of the United States and cited it in his idiotic Good Will Hunting – truly one of the most insulting films of all time.  Damon later graduated from Zinn to Zinn’s master, Noam Chomsky, apologist for Pol Pot and for Holocaust deniers, whom his character quotes at length in Hunting.

But all that would come later.  First, he attended Harvard University, where he dropped out after three years.  We’d obviously want to see his grades, since he’s made such a major point out of the intelligence of other figures, including the dastardly Palin.

Then he moved out to Los Angeles to pursue writing and acting.  He struggled for a few years, then broke out with Hunting, which was replete with his leftist calling cards – the kind of stuff typically designed to elicit oohs and aahs from the Tinseltown crowd, who think that Chomsky and Zinn are men of unparalleled genius.

Now, let’s analyze Damon’s positions.  The wealthy-beyond-all-measure, he explained in December 2006  to a tingly-legged Chris Matthews, “I don’t think that it’s fair … that it seems like we have a fighting class in our country that’s comprised of people who have to go either for financial reasons … if you’re gonna send people to war, then that needs to be shared by everybody.”  This is an old leftist trope designed to make our military into victims and hamstring our hawkish foreign policy by demanding a draft that will in turn produce draft riots.  In point of fact, as of 2009, 85 percent of the military had at least a high school diploma.  Poor economic times do not raise military recruitment, and middle-class people are actually statistically over-represented in Army recruitment.

Damon also believes that teachers shouldn’t be gauged by student performance.  “The idea that we’re testing kids and we’re tying teachers’ salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order,” he said.  “We’re training them, not teaching them.”

What the hell does this even mean?  Should we decide teacher pay by counting kumbaya circles?  Or by student feelings?

Damon didn’t stop there.  “You think job insecurity makes people work hard?” he asked.  “That’s like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when she has tenure.” Bingo!

“A teacher wants to teach,” Damon continued.  “Why else would you take a s—- salary and really long hours unless you really loved to do it?”

Well, perhaps for the money.  Or the outsized benefits.  Or the fact that you don’t work four months out of the year.  Or that you can’t ever be fired.  Or because people like Damon think that teachers are underpaid despite all of that.

So, Matt Damon for President?  He’d certainly be great on image – watch him in the fantastic The Adjustment Bureau and you can spot that in an instant.  But otherwise, forget about it.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Mr. Damon needs a reality check. Playing Jason Bourne in the "Bourne" trilogy does not make him a master of assasination anymore than playing Will in "Good Will Hunting" makes him either a genius, or a master of American history.

    I recall Sally Field testifying before Congress about the problems of farm people (it seems she played a farm gal in a movie, once). Should we make her Secretary of Agriculture?

  • CO Defender

    Another insult from the socialeftitsts in the US to our intelligence. We elected the American Idol candidate and look at what he's done…if this guy was likeable, that would be a different story, but Matt Damon is one of the "Holier than thou" that the left worships and polishes to the uninformed…"he's famous and wealthy, so he has to be smart"…typical of the shallowness that has become politics…where are the real thinkers? Where are the Thomas Sowells, Jack Kemps (RIP) of our generation? They are ignored, or worse, left along the wayside…

  • Josie De Luca

    Good Will Hunting is a fantastic movie. Matt and Robin Williams in the same movie …brilliant!

  • Anon

    Noam Chomsky is a holocaust denier? Lol epic fail magazine

    • ipa

      Agreed… a very odd assertion. uh…i mean lie. Perhaps this shapiro nobody just…mis-spoke?

    • sononthe_beach

      Article reads "… apologist for holocaust deniers …." Can't read and comprehend? See me for a free week at my conservative bootcamp where we routinely dismantle years of liberal brain-washing. When completed, your fetid illogic will lie in a rotting heap.

      • johnnywoods

        Or maybe getting mugged in Central Park would straighten him out.

  • Travis

    Chomsky has for decades defended holocaust deniers such as Robert Faurission. He had also denied the existence of the Khmer Rouge death camps in the late 70's. He is an intellectual totalitarian who specializes in falsifying history and in helping others do so as well.

    • DaveC

      lol…now that IS funny. A complete load of bullocks!

      I think you're jealous of chomsky. He's smart. you're dumb. And your bitterness comes from not being able to do anything to change that. My suggestion is to get over it. Besides envy is a sin.

      • Ghostwriter

        The problem,DaveC is that Travis is right and you're wrong. I once read something by a Cambodian refugee castigating Chomsky for his sympathy for the Khmer Rouge. Chomsky even said that what the refugees were saying were fairy tales. Unfortunately for him,the truth came out about what happened in Cambodia and he was discredited for years. Maybe you should read that note by that Cambodian refugee,DaveC. You might learn something.

  • Flipside

    Ten bucks says that if Matt Damon runs for President, Ben Shapiro will swallow all of this BS and ask to be his speechwriter.

    • grizzlyabrams


    • kafir4life

      Ben will swallow more than the BS if Matt runs for president.

      • DavidH

        what more will he swallow? come on…spit it out!

  • sononthe_beach

    I enjoyed Damon's Jason Bourne movies, but he is a politics and history dilettante whose naivete on those subject areas is exposed every time he opens his mouth.

  • Ken

    I love how sociopaths, I mean leftists, think they are the only ones who can judge who is an intellectual and who isn't. It's the leftist and progressive dogma in our schools that is turnign our kids into useful tools for their purposes.

    • Matt

      You are seriously deluded, re-evaluate everything you deem to be true.

      • Ken

        How about you keep your advice to yourself. I don't remember asking for it.

  • marco

    First off, his background.  Like President Obama, he spent his youth surrounded by radicals, chief among them anti-American historian Howard Zinn​. In fact, Damon was so in love with Zinn’s work that he read the audio version of Zinn’s leftist A People’s History of the United States and cited it in his idiotic Good Will Hunting – truly one of the most insulting films of all time


    Where to start ..on how stupid this paragrpah is. It';s amazing that a website even exists that is willing to publish this sort of infantile stupidity.

    so Matt is a bad guy and a downright villain because he read a book about the history of the united states in audio format.. LOL!!

    Matt starred in the fantastically, intelligent, and moving and thought provoking movie Good Will hunting. What has shapiro ever accomplished in his pathetic little paranoid life? Zero… unless you count as an accomplishment writing stupid, no brained articles, for a racist website as an accomplishment. As someone pointed out earlier…envy is a sin. Go to confession shapiro. No need it.

    • Kathleen

      your idoltry is blatantly obvious –it has disabled reason of thought..and instigated envy of critical thinking —status quo of the sheep of lights and cameras!!

      • grizzlyabrams

        au contraire… i just know a good movie when i see one. You can't sit and watch ozzie and harriet forever know. Don't you get bored?

        • Tanya

          Who the hell are ozzie and harriet? You see, we right wing intellectuals don't watch the same crap programmes as you. Next you will tell us that Matt, Clooney, Hanks, and all those, oh, so heavyweight actors/intellectuals, could really teach us a thing or two right? Sure, only in your warped mind.

    • tagalog

      Well, I'd call it an intellectual debit to "read" a book through the audio medium, but so be it, eh?

      I wouldn't call Matt Damon a bad guy or a downright villain because he read The People's History of the United States. I'd say he is guilty of poor judgment. But then, maybe he's read other histories that are more authoritative about the United States (Catherine Drinker Bowen, for example, or Allan Nevins); if so it would behoove him, if he's going to enter the political arena, to let us know more about his intellectual foundation. If he got into Harvard, he must be very bright, so telling us about his intellectual underpinnings should be a snap for him, and may even help him feel superior to the rest of us in his choice of reading matter.

      Good Will Hunting gave us a survey of the shallowness of liberal thought in the 90s. Taken all in all, it was a movie about "tough love" as a psychotherapeutic technique. Ho hum.

      But Chomsky on politics and Zinn on American history ARE a bit silly. Now if he read Chomsky on language and Zinn on radicalism (even so, I prefer Foner for the latter)…

      • sharpsrifle

        I attended the University of New Mexico for undergraduate and BYU for graduate school. I wouldn't lower my standards to those of Hahvahd. The fact that obvious drooling, mouth breathing, sheep diddling morons like Matt Damon, John effin' Kerry and Hussein Obozo went there should tell you all you need to know about Hahvahd: It's a diploma mill for SPED dropouts and rejects who couldn't qualify for learning disabled assistance. And since Damon couldn't handle even that overblown community college's standards, that should tell you all you need to know about him.

    • palidin911

      Damon is only and actor, a good one, but still just another actor. He has no other special qualities that make him a "standout" in any other fields, Which become obvious to people when he speaks out on political matters. Any questions put to him which require some verbally fancy foot work, ends with Damon insulting the one who asks because he just can't dance that well. Like almost all liberals, he goes into default mode.

    • AbsolutelyRight

      Hey Marco…Most thinking people see that paragraph as right on..Intellectually, Matt Damon isn't fit to shine Ben Shapiro's shoes. Shapiro entered Harvard at 16, graduated Harvard Law at 22. He's written several books, the most recent a best seller on Hollywood Television bias and leftwing propoganda and, of course is a insighful columinst. Matt Damon is an actor and famous for being famous. Goodwill Hunting is a piece of caca and no one will care about that movie in 15 years.

      Perhaps leftwingers like you think that's important or what they have to say is important, but most of us don't. Howard Zinn and Chomsky are "bad" anti-American guys and lightweight hollywood fools like Damon and Penn defend them, and if they are not "bad guys" themselves they are at least useful idiots.

    • wsk

      How do you read an AUDIO book?

  • grek

    It is the likes of morons like shapiro who soil the reputation of good journalists.

    • DavidH

      you mean bona fide journalists. This shapiro nobody is NOT a journalist.

  • Anton Batey

    WOW! The author is a liar. Chomsky NEVER defended Pol Pot – ever. He used CIA figures to determine the real number of deaths, as opposed to what the media was claiming, and also laid blame on the U.S. for bombing the hell out of Cambodia's agriculture from 1969-75. And he never denied the Holocaust, he defended people right to deny it. Big difference.

    • motherinlawofsam

      Lying is what frontpagerag does best!

      • mrbean

        Grungy Glutton's opinion on any subject is a joke. Hollywood's useful idiots like Matt Damon and Sean Penn are like bricks with arms and legs.

    • Kathleen

      I have read Chomksy and other affiliated status quo works…it is not critical thinking.

      • grizzlyabrams

        LOL. why is that? Because he quotes actual sources?

        Can you read?

        • pagegl

          Oftentimes his "actual sources" are his own books and articles.

        • johnnywoods

          Hey grizzly, Can you read?

    • tagalog

      Chomsky defended the claim, made by others, that the forced evacuation of Phnom Penh was a net good thing for the Cambodian people because the deaths that might have occurred from an outbreak of diseases such as typhus in a crowded city were avoided. Of course, they were avoided in favor of mass murder, but that seems to have been a side issue. Technically, Chomsky was defending what others said, and not specifically about Pol Pot but the Khmer Rouge. Of course, that MUST make all the difference, right?

      Chomsky also compared the Khmer Rouge slaughter of more than a million Cambodians to the American-caused deaths in the Vietnam War, and found the Khmer Rouge to be the lesser violator of human rights. I must admit I have a problem with the soundness of that kind of thought. It seems to be a bit front-loaded.

      As pointed out concisely above, neither the article nor any posts commenting on it here accuse Noam Chomsky of being a Holocaust denier.

    • palidin911

      You're another useful idiot.

      "he used CIA figures" In response to what? In defense of whom?
      Or did he broach the subject on his own??? Chomsky knew the implications of his comments and it's fools like you whose Pavlovian response keep him in business.

      Chomsky uses the leftist bestowed mantle of "intellectual" ,for the same reason Stalin called himself the "liberator of Eastern Europe". For control of the weak minded and unintelligent.

    • Ghostwriter

      I once went to Chomsky's website and a little of his books. Amazingly,he was what his critics said of him,a man who hates his own country and vilifies it at every opportunity. And this is a man who's such a great intellectual? I'm sorry but I don't see it.

  • AlgerHiss

    Damon was truly in his element in Team America.

    • motherinlawofsam

      Good Will Hunting. Great cast, great movie.

      My favourite scene is where Ben Affleck gives him a talking to towards the end on the construction site. Brilliant stuff. Of course, the 'it's not your fault' scene is equally great.

  • StephenD

    Seems a lot of folks got the "pinko" panties in a bunch!
    How dare Shapiro talk about their beloved darling Damon?!? I find it amusing that anyone would be concerned what he thinks at all.
    Can you imagine a group of like minded folks running things? Damon w/Baldwin as V.P., Janeane Garofalo as Sec. of State, Chris Mathews as Press Sec., Mike Moore as Treasury Sec., Jane Fonda as Sec. of Defense….Man Oh Man! Talk about a “Made for Television” Movie! The comedy channel would pay dearly I bet!

    • werdy

      So it's your contention that a government should exist to hand out welfare to whiny welfare queen billionaires? And your aim is to erect a tyranny in which you'd serve as spokesperson and perennial bag-licker. Needless to say, I don't find that funny. Believe me when I tell you it's unacceptable. All jokes aside.

      • grizzlyabrams

        LOL. your comprehension of the english language is hilarious.

        • StephenD

          Grizzly, could you explain what werdy is saying to me because, apparently as you imply, my understanding of the language is lacking. Neither one of you make sense to me with your comments.

      • Chris Nichols

        It's not welfare when it's their money to begin with genius.

        • t c

          genius it's not the governments money

    • tagalog

      Wasn't that the preferred cast for The West Wing?

  • Steeloak

    Wow, the Soros Trolls are out in force today. I see a whole bunch of brand new posters spamming their way across FPM this morning. We know the regulars here like Muchiboy, Jim_C, and Amused and find them at least interesting and semi-rational. This new lot are the typical Soros crowd, uninterested in debate, only here to spew their lies & distortions.

  • annie

    The Adjustment Bureau was crappy . It had the same old villains Damon usually enjoys citing for all the world's problems; why am I the only one who saw this??

    • Josie De Luca

      maybe because the movie was only available on betamax?

      • wsk


    • Questions

      I did see "The Adjustment Bureau," based on a Philip K. Dick short story. I was a superb film. Leftist propaganda? I don't think so. No more than "Blade Runner."

  • ApolloSpeaks


    If Moore had seen the Adjustment Bureau he'd know the Damon (for love) went off plan and blew his destiny for the presidency. Thank God, or is it the CEO?

  • Trinidad Tobego

    You *do* know this canard about Professor Chomsky and Pol Pot has been thoroughly debunked … over and over again … don't you? The only reason it persists is because it's gained wide traction among right-wing bloggers. However, there is zero truth to it, and its repetition calls into question the veracity of any other claim made in this blog. I suppose, however, that in preaching solely to an audience that *wants* to believe it, you are ensuring yourself an audience that will not only not bother, but will actively resist fact-checking your claims.

    • Josie De Luca

      And ain't that the truth!

    • tagalog

      I suppose you're right because Chomsky didn't defend Pol Pot, but the Khmer Rouge as it was led by Pol Pot.

  • Cyborg

    I think all the rebid critics that are the "goose stepping" left, far left, Socialist, Communist, Progressive, Marxist, Democrat, pro Obama, Mao & Stalin supporters, anti-American and others should spend some real time researching their Individual political idols on websites like Discover the Networks and discover the vast amount of greater truth that is the antithesis of what they believe and have been taught. Then spend some real time researching the criticism of their blind hero worship. It's easy to "IGNORANTLY" say it's BS or call someone a liar. There is an almost absolute truth, that those on the right know a lot about the political dynamics and ideology of the left. In contrast those on the left are are mostly uninformed, fundamentally ignorant, automatically reject political Conservatism without any basis or investigation of factual context and choose mostly to parrot and recite mantra's, slogans, quotes and other leftist propaganda convenient to them. They are blind lemming like followers of Socialism and Communism. Note – the millions and millions who died under Hitlers "Socialism" and Stalin and Mao's Communism. Any political system that even resembles those is anti-societal and leads to dictatorships or totalitarianism when it blooms.

  • JonRGuitar

    Let's see, trade an imposter for a pretender… Only Hollywood and its defenders would dream up something so stupid! Most actors (pretenders) are just one step up from a court jester or a trained monkey for that matter. While they pretend and act, they do not have the qualifications (Reagan excepted of course) for high or low office by in large! Damon for president is Moore's continuing attempt to insult the country that he has denigrated and taken advantage of.

  • tagalog

    Well, the picture shows a guy with a great haircut and wearing a nice suit very well. He also has a great smile. I bet he has no problem telling people "nice to see YOU, too."

    So from the perspective of the Democrat Party, he's an extremely qualified candidate.

  • Chris Nichols

    Thoroughly debunked, buh. By who? Sources please.

  • C.J. Law

    We need to boil all this down to simpler terms and not get caught up in what someone said in terms of history, their is no more middle ground the leftist have taken that over. Professor Chomsky and the rest of the leftist wish for and demand the mommy state end of story. Cradle to Grave care with the powers that be setting all personal and business agenda. True freedom is hard work and yes any system can be corrupted so they use mistakes and corruption in the free market to put forth their plans for a Totalitarian Democracy. Hollywood is the PR arm of this agenda, although a few powerful voices are starting to see whats behind all this BS, as in recent convert David Mamet, his new book (The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture) has really pissed off most of his old friends and partners on the left. Its a great read from one very talented playwright and director.

  • tanstaafl

    Wait, Matt Damon is just an actor. Of course, so was Ronald Reagan.

    Damn, conservatives are screwed.

    • Wideband

      Of course Reagan was the president of his union, Governor of California, and actice in his parties years before running for president. Matt Damon is just an actor.

      • tanstaafl

        Name a leftist actor who is not active in politics.

  • CisscoKidd

    Hollywood is just like Islam–a political movement. No more does Hollwood make legitimate movies these days than Islam makes a legitimate religion these days. Both are dangerous and both deal extensively with violence. Consequently, both would do everybody else a big favor if they all just used their billions and billions of dollars to make rocket ships and fly to the moon. OK, Mars and Saturn would do in a pinch here as well. OK, I admit Jupiter and Pluto and Neptune would be mouth-watering as well–if they both promised to point their rocket ships in their directions. OK, I admit Uranus and Mercury have their very own special qualities about them, too–if only, if only, if only the two promised they would go to those planets.

  • Fergie

    Hey, cheap shot — teachers, such as myself, do teach during the summer! I would go crazy if I didn’t work during the summer – don’t put every teacher into the “once you get tenure, you retire” bag, as I have never gotten tenure because of my right-wing extremists viewpoint – that children should be polite, kind, patriotic, and above all else, learn, not trained like a seal to take a test, but learn all sorts of real-world skills, as I can see that Matt, has no real-world skills, he and Michael, the only FAT guy the Obama’s love, live in the unreal world of Hollywood where real-world skills is “code” for racist.

  • Cyborg

    I saw a couple of Comments where some Liberals said that Reagan was just an actor also.
    1911 – 2004
    Leave it to the left!

    In 1922 Reagan heard the local inn would not allow black people to stay there so Reagan brought them back to his house. His mother invited them to stay the night and have breakfast in the morning.

    Reagan Graduated college majoring in economics & sociology, excelling in politics, sports and theater. He was a radio sports announcer after college. in 1937 he enlisted in the Reserves and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the Officers Reserve Corps. He went on active duty in 1942 and assigned to the First Motion Picture Unit. He was promoted to Captain in 1943 and recommended as a Major. Discharged on Dec 8, 1945. His unit produced about 400 training films for the AAF – Army – Air Force
    Reagan was very nearsighted which kept him out of combat
    In 1940 he testified in Congress against the Communists in Hollywood.
    He was the President of the SAG – Screen Actors Guild 1947 – 1952 and again in 1959.

    He was Governor Californian from 1967 – 1975 – Nine years.
    No Reagan was not just an actor.
    Incidentally this is all from what I think is the "highly Liberal" Wickipedia.

  • Guest

    There are zero organically grown socialist societies. Socialists either seize power, or are elected; a fact that accounts for liberal socialist always congregating at the seat of political power, as they seek to force upon an unwilling populace via governmental fiat that which they would not freely choose. Socialist, after acquiring power, then confiscate/seize the existent assets of society and dissipate them; they – like OBama – are then surprised when individual initiative does rise to the occasion and replace those assets so that they may be seized and stolen again.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 socialism existed only in academia as viable political philosophy. American academics, and their PR branch- Hollywood – and those like Daemon, believe there is a place for socialism in America…perhaps we should ask the East Germans, the Pols, the Hungarians, the Czechs, the Yugoslavs, the Bulgarians, the Rumanians, the Albanians, the Cubans, the Cambodians, each of whom, when given the choice, did not choose socialism…woops did I say given a choice, Cuba has been given no choice, nor has China.

    Mao has a wonderful quote: "socialism is born out of the end of the barrel of a gun." And when those being socialized resist being socialized those holding the gun have to decide whether to pull the trigger…and that my friends is how socialism murdered 100 million people in 72 years of the 20th century alone.

  • Maxie

    Actors are right-brain dominant. They are emotional, feelings-driven and intellectually shallow. They are artistically creative and so make excellent entertainers, musicians, playrights, etc. but should be kept out of politics or other professions where rational thinking is required. Conservatives are left-brain dominant and run on facts and logic to reach reasoned conclusions. If you're a liberal stick to entertaining conservatives – don't argue with them you've lost before you start.

    • tagalog

      Thus, the liberal endorsement of actors as politicos.

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