Russia’s Art of Resentment

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They’re then shipped off to Afghanistan.  We don’t hear why they’re there – the only justification is by the troops, who tell their commanding officers that they’re there to serve the people of Afghanistan (presumably by setting as many mines as humanly possible).  Eventually, the movie culminates in a brutal battle between the mujahideen and the company.  Everyone in the company is killed but the poorest fellow (naturally).  The film ends with him decrying the lack of help from the Soviet government, complaining over the fall of one of the most evil regimes in human history:

“We were leaving Afghanistan.  We … 9th company … won our war.  Back then we still didn’t know everything.  We didn’t know that two years later, the country in whose name we fought, would vanish, and that wearing the medals of that extinct state would go out of fashion …. We didn’t know that Snow White, along with her mother and many other Russian families, would remain in the abandoned military town on the Afghan border and disappear.  And that our new lives would be random and cruel.  Some would rise up.  Others sank to the bottom.  We didn’t know it back then.  We didn’t even know that in the frenzy of retreat of the huge army, they simply forgot about us on those faraway heights.  We were leaving Afghanistan, 9th Company … we won.”

The idea here is clear: communism prevented people from rising and falling.  It wasn’t random and cruel.  If left to their own devices, the communists would have been victorious.  If not for Gorbachev, who is pilloried throughout the film by implication.

This is Putin’s Russia.  It is well worth noting that Putin’s Russia is not ashamed of Afghanistan.  They’re not ashamed of their communist past.  They’re proud of all of it.  And if they can rekindle it, they will.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    I would be the last person suspected in a sympathy to Russia, which is an unfortunate product of a 70 years long "unnatural selection", wars, degeneration, brutal dictatorship, and poverty. It was that bloody "selection" which had distilled a pure concentrated misery of the human condition there. They had never known anything better than their "glorious past".

    Yet I have more reasons to disgust the West and America, who contracted the same Marxist/progressive infection WILLINGLY. Here the misery of the human condition has surfaced up and took over freely, without any brutal "distillation process". "Freely" it took longer: about 100 years. Yet the totality of the liberast infection is just the same, while the sickness is even uglier: Sovetskies at least promoted the family values and prosecuted open perverts.

    Today we have a low life crowd attacking the rich, and the rich speaking the talking points of the Soviet ideologues. And every stinking school or university down to the Ivy League speaking the talking points of the Soviet ideologues. And every stinking TV channel or news paper. And the government is speaking the talking points of the Soviet ideologues. Actually worse.

    Soviet ideologues just talked on behalf of the low life, yet the American government talks the points and actually SUBSIDIZES the low life: domestic and foreign, legal and illegal! Its fervor is so grotesque, that it subsidizes the low life actually not having money and ruining the entire financial system. All that culminated with de facto nullification of the Constitution, total corruption of the three branches of government, de facto merged parties, and the 2008 coup enthroning the impostor and fraud Obama/Soetoro, while everybody stay in denial.

    And you say Russia…

    • Stan Lee

      Alexander Gofen:
      Living in a large eastern USA city, with about 90,000 Russian-speaking people, I have some Russian-speaking friends and acquaintances. They express the least surprise at what's happening in our American society. They know by experience what it was like to live under the Soviet system. I suppose there are still relatives there in what was the Soviet Union.
      Only last night, having tea with a friend, when I mentioned this Wall St. business, my friend scoffed at it and said "They are playing at Communism, they wouldn't have lasted a week in the Soviet Union." Of course, and you emphasized the fact, the Soviet system did not subsidize drone-type people. Unfortunately, here the drones receive support from government.

    • Alexander Gofen

      To clarify more on Stan Lee's comment, under Soviets there was no market system – thus no way even to determine the price of labor, the income, and the tax rates. (Officially the citizens paid something like 14% tax of what was set as the salary). Vaguely we can assume that the totalitarian state collected everything above the very minimum of the officially set level of survival as the huge revenue .

      All that huge money where utilized exclusively for the military (cosmic) development and for export of the communism into the world. It was out of the question that a non-working able bodied citizen could ever get even 1 ruble of "help". In fact, it was a felony to not work for an able bodied citizen!

      The Soviet government was mean – but not stupid! They spent their revenues (as explained above) for promoting the government ambitions – rather than to care about the so called downtrodden low life!

  • mrbean

    Russia’s dictator-for-life Vladimir Putin is every bit as sinister and evil as Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Mao Tse-tung. He is a ruthless killer—of his own people and others, and of the human spirit. Recently, he warned against despotism and chaos in Russia[, which is equivalent to Hitler warning against the death camps, or Stalin and Mao warning against the ravages of communism. Putin is the face of America’s enemies today, personified, as well as the enemy of free peoples everywhere. He is responsible for the dismantling of Russia’s incipient democracy. Despots like him are destroyed ultimately. However, in the interim, the death and destruction they bring about are savage, barbaric and tragic. Like a Mob boss, Putin is apt to die a cruel and horrible death, mirroring the cruelty that he and his ex-KGB lackeys have brought to so many in Russia and soon will bring many more elsewhere

  • Fred Dawes

    We will see mass killing in the coming third world war, we will all be dead and nothing will mean nothing both the US AND The Russia people will be killed and the chinese people will be killed and all of European and its people and the jews and the Muslims and the little japs will see mass death this is not a political thing its a death thing and yes ALL PEOPLE WANT MASS MURDER OF Each others ideals and kids and old and young its the way people have been and it means blood pain and evil and hell yes Putin is just like hitler or stalin and if he could he would murder your 5 year old son in the name of Love of country the last century killed 80 million humans good ones and evil ones this coming mass killing will kill 5 billion.

  • Tom

    One thing I'm always amazed at is that Google will give equal space to RT news as American news for many world issues. Of course that's been happening with Al Jezeera for a few years. The term "globalization" to most people means the global source of physical products. But I see that term now starting to represent a source of knowledge about world events. Carry that effect even further, and we see that immigration into Western societies is undermining education by simply deleting parts of history and force-feeding others. What's worse, I got this story from RT!

  • Larry

    Stop conceding the linguistic and philosophical ground by calling radical leftards liberals when they are not.

    They are the most illiberal specimens out there, who want to control everything that you do, say, think, and feel.

    The Tea Party movement is a genuinely liberal movement, the leftards aren't, but until they are challenged on their abrogation of the term they will continue to get away with their posturing and lying.

  • flyingtiger

    After seeing what has happened when the US entered Afganistan, I am beginning to think that we were wrong opposing the the Soviet invasion. They would be still tied down in Afganistan, they would be killing people that hate the Americans while taking heavy losses. Bin Laden would have been too busy running…er…fighting the Soviets to plan 9/11.
    Damn you Charlie Wilson and others for doing this.

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope someone doesn't decide to bring "9th Company" to America. I don't think I want to see that. Nor I doubt any of the Afghans or Russians who live here.

    • theirishdragon

      Actually, it already has. I've seen it.

  • UCSPanther

    Vladimir Putin is as cunning-and trustworthy as a snake…