Dark Forebodings of the Arab Spring

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For a free night at the local Hilton, an exclusive interview, and a chilled bottle of wine, the New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman will come to your country and portray you as a beacon of reason or freedom in a dark world.  He’s done this for Saudi Arabia, for China, for Iran.  Now he’s doing it for the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring, says Friedman, “leaves me with a smile on my face and a pit in my stomach.”  The smile comes from “witnessing a whole swath of humanity losing its fear and regaining its dignity.”  The pit comes from “a rising worry that the Arab Spring may have been both inevitable and too late.”  Friedman believes that the Arab Spring is a flourishing of freedom throughout the Middle East, an “existential” awakening.  How does he know that?  Because one of his Libyan friends told him so: “A Libyan friend remarked to me the other day that he was watching Arab satellite TV out of Benghazi, Libya, and a sign held aloft at one demonstration caught his eye. It said in Arabic: ‘Ana Rajul’ — which translates to ‘I am a man.’ If there is one sign that sums up the whole Arab uprising, it’s that one.”

Well, no.  If there’s one sign that sums up the entire Arab uprising, it’s this one: a picture of Mubarak with a Jewish star across his forehead.  This is an anti-tyrant movement, yes – it’s driven by anger over poor living standards and lack of economic opportunity.  But it’s much more than that – it’s a pan-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian movement based on a Nasser-esque Pan-Arabism.

Friedman misses the point of the “I am a man” sign.  Being a man in the Muslim world is not about acting as a free agent.  It is about taking your place amongst your fathers in the pantheon of Islamism.  When you become a man in Islam, certain obligations fall upon you: the obligation of circumcision, the obligation to pray five times a day, the obligation to undergo ritual washing.  When you become a man in Islamism, certain attendant obligations fall upon you as well: you must hate Israel with all your heart and all your soul; you must despise Christians; you must believe that America is responsible for the world’s ills.  The same protesters who claim they are men rape Lara Logan while shouting “Jew, Jew!”  They burn down Coptic Christian churches in Cairo.  They embrace the Muslim Brotherhood.

Republicans and Democrats both buy into the starry-eyed Woodrow Wilson philosophy that all human beings yearn to be free in the Western, liberal fashion.  George W. Bush stated in his second inaugural address, “Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul.”  Barack Obama has said much the same thing.

There is no doubt that every human being wants to be free.  But free to do what?  Western freedom is based on the notion of individualism – the idea that we should each make our own choices.  But Islamic freedom denounces such freedom as impure and problematic.  Essentially, Islam contends that submission to Islam is the source of freedom – freedom from the un-Islamic parts of human nature.

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  • stormy

    I'm waiting to see how bho spins this one.Will anyone in the lame stream media tell the truth?Sheeple,wake up!

  • patenglish1

    Democracy will not be the prevalent philosophy in any Islamic country. Islam and Democracy are 180 degrees apart. First the Muslims must become secular before they can even taste democracy.

  • tanstaafl

    You make an excellent point. Western democracy did not spring up over night. Yet the backers of the "Arab spring" seem to think that a culture mired in repression will suddenly wake up one morning and desire freedom. It ain't gonna happen as long as Mohammed, a tyrant, is held up as Islam's "perfect" man.

  • Gunslinger

    Close but he misses the point. Most humans do not want to be free. Real freedom is scary to those who have not been exposed their whole life. Even most Americans follow the beaten path in most things. Understanding, let alone accepting and experiencing true freedom is beyond most people. It takes a level of self awareness and self actualization that simply does not and can not exist in Islamic cultures.

  • Fred Dawes

    We who can see knew this was a joke about the Arab/muslin/islam spring is only about killing jews.
    This is a fight for life take the power from all government and nuke the pigs if you don't you are just dead people walking.

  • scum

    And you still want Israel to build 1550 settlements on occupied land?

    • MixMChess

      What? In the W. Bank more new Palestinian settlements have been built than Israeli settlements, 260 vs. 144.

    • SpiritOf1683

      I don't want them to build 1,550 settlements on Paleonazi land. I want them to build at least 155,000 settlements and send the Paleonazis back to Jordan, Syria, Egypt etc where they belong, eh scumbag.

  • kblink45

    The left's war on Israel is first and foremost a war on belief. Bereft of reason, inebriated by a false hope of an artificial peace, the left will be complicit in the reduction of Israel, as a symbol of transcendent faith, to rubble.

  • http://kcwyyh.blogspot.com/ kcwyyh

    Obama and Arab Spring: Destined to Fail? http://kcwyyh.blogspot.com/2011/05/will-obama-be-

  • CJ Law

    Imagine thousands of rockets raining down every day on San Diego from the hills of Tijuana Mexico. How long would we (USA) allow an attack to go on without a huge military action? Would we listen to the EU when they called for us to stop and return so called stolen land back to Mexico. Would we even care if some head of state or the UN demanded a roll back of the border to pre- treaty lines cutting Calif., Ariz., and Texas in half? Sixty odd years ago we saved the western world from darkness with our blood and guts. And now this grateful group along with help from our own wish to crush freedom and let insanity reign, so very sad and disgusting.

  • SpiritOf1683

    Those Jewish-invented vaccines were clearly wasted on you, weren't they, scumbag?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Arab Spring, no I think not, just Spring break for Islamist bloodletting,__it is bad guy against bad guy, we have to deal with the outcome. It will__at least lower the number of villians. The downside for Israel comes__with the formation of a united Islamist front which is intent of destroying__all Jews, Christians and in short all non Muslims. Dark storm brewing.__William

  • Amused

    "arab Spring " ….another useless euphemism . All that is going on , is simply what already has been going on . The differernce NOW , is that instead of "pretend " , arabs and muslims are doing it in the open . Saudi Arabia has been donating hundreds of millions , for years , to pakistani wahabi schooling , Pakistan supports the taliban ,as well as several other terrorist groups , Iran and Syria's proxy Hezbollah has been allowed to resupply and entrench themselves strategically on Lebanons southern border , tunneling arms into Gaza via Egyptian soil has been going on long before Mubaraks exit from office , with "token raids " by the Egyptian Army . The dictators presently getting ousted , have played this duplicitous game .So what is this "arab spring " ? Its arabs being themselves .

  • http://momsforamerica.com Theresa Fleming

    One thing about Barack Hussein Obama is, love him or hate him, he's a very, very smart politician, and a dangerous one. If "We The American People" realize that in many cases our leaders in Washington are helping the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda come to power and form a Caliphate, a Caliphate which will call for Death to American and Death to Israel, than why would we believe that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't know it?

    The war we fight in Libya violates the War Powers Act. Every day that our soliders are forced to fight illegally puts them at even more risk. Both from the dangers they face in Libya and the heartbreak they will know when they come home and realize that our government has used them to help our enemy.

    Those who serve in our armed forces are the most courageous and selfless people in our nation. They go willingly to lay down their lives for us, and to keep our children safe. They deserve to have a government that values them as much as we the American people do.

    We can only hope and pray that in 2012, they get one.