The Lady Gaga Administration

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On Sunday, President Obama, demonstrating once again his populist bona fides, held a fundraiser near San Francisco for his Hollywood friends.  The price of admission: $38,500 per plate.  (Couldn’t these folks have donated that money to pay down the debt in order to ensure that they turn over their “fair share?”  Never mind.)

In attendance was one Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga.  And as usual, it wasn’t enough for the queen of bizarroworld to show up – she had to steal the show.  Before the event, Lady Gaga reportedly met privately with President Obama to discuss the issue of bullying of gays.  Then, during the Q&A portion of the dinner, she stood up and read a fan letter from a gay 14-year-old, Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide, reportedly after being teased about his sexuality.  She called on President Obama to make bullying illegal.  “I am meeting with our President,” Gaga said on Twitter before the event.  “I will not stop fighting. This must end.  Our generation has the power to end it.  Trend it #MakeALawForJamey.”

Before his suicide, Rodemeyer made a heartbreaking video that you can view here.  In it, he talks about how he thought he might bisexual in December of last year; he was sent hate from people who told him he would go to hell.  He says things were getting better – when he came out as bisexual, he says, he got lots of support from his friends and family.  He says he looks up to Lady Gaga, that she told him he was “born this way.”  He attended Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” and felt liberated.  Just four months later, he was dead by his own hand.

Bullying is a terrible practice.  There is no question about it.  There is also no question that Rodemeyer suffered from some sort of depression.  His parents made the right moves – they had him seeing a social worker and a therapist, apparently.  Sometimes that isn’t enough.  There are two great tragedies to Rodemeyer’s story, then: the horrific bullying, and the fact that its victim was mentally troubled.

Beyond the tragedy of Rodemeyer’s death, there are at least two specific problems with Lady Gaga’s call to presidential action.  First, bullying affects a huge percentage of the population.  Very few people have never been bullied at school.  It usually has nothing to do with sexuality.  Chubby kids get bullied.  Short kids get bullied.  Religious kids get bullied.  Atheist kids get bullied.  Singling out bullying of gays as somehow more noteworthy politicizes the issue.

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  • Steve

    There is no greater symbol for Modern Liberalism as a mental disorder than Lady Gaga.

    • smarter then you are

      Try spell checking before you comment. Your views might be taken more seriously if you did… Though from the looks of it, maybe not…

    • Questions

      Lady Gaga's got great clothes and lots of money. If that's liberalism, then maybe it's not so deranged after all.

  • taxpayer

    I wonder what Lady Gaga's thoughts are on economic policy or the threat from Iran and EMP's?
    Or if she even has a thought on these concepts.
    She is the poster child for "dumb blond" jokes.

    • Smarter then you are

      Yes the poster child for dumb blond jokes, because you you become the biggest entertainment act in the entire world when you are a dumb blonde. Give her some credit, all she is trying to do is make the world a better place. Why should it make her an idiot if her aims are slightly more extreme then most peoples. You don't get change without radicals. We would still believe the world was flat if it wasn't for radicals who pushed the boundaries of accepted social norms. If you are going to insult her then you are no better then the bullies who pushed this poor boy to suicide. Also if you had the slightest notion to do some of your own research you might find that Lady Gaga has some very strong, and intelligent views on the problems of the middle east. On that note the easiest way to solve it would be for America to simply leave them alone, it has been proven on dozens of occasions that Iran poses no threat to America. You pose yourselves enough a threat as it is. Have you seen what you've done to your own economy?

      • BIG IRISH

        Oh wow….Lady Gagas views on the middle east!!!..Man I cant wait to hear them…sound the alarm – drop everything you are doing and lets hear her views!!!!….screw you and the freak you admire – shes a loser…like you.

      • pagegl

        "Why should it make her an idiot if her aims are slightly more extreme then most peoples." I don't know, why do you apparently feel that way about folks on the right?

        Also, after chastizing someone to use a spell checker I would have thought you would do so and also, maybe, a grammar checker.

        Then there is the Iran issue. Lately, info has been found that suggests Iran may have had some involvement in 9/11; still think it poses no threat to the USA?

      • wsk

        SHe's a lightweight entertainment poplet! Who gives a fudge about her vapid little opinions.

  • davarino

    Ya next we are going to get advice from Peewee Herman, or Big Bird. Thanks Lady Gaga, like your music but why dont you let the adults do the real work in Washington.

  • Coachwkr

    "Smarter than you" is obviously a homo who is smitten with this Gaga creature, a common malady among the homo left. Her entire career thus far is simply a sequel to Madonna– call it Madonna Pt. 2. Saw it the first time. Yawn.

  • Flipside

    I don’t see it as a liberal or conservative issue. It is not liberal to be gay and conservative to be straight. It’s also inaccurate to use the words liberal or conservative to subvert the Constitution by lobbying and bribery. Neocons should know that.

    • pagegl

      As opposed to the leftists who just choose to ignore the Constitution.

      • Flipside

        I agree.

  • Ryan

    I think she is a brilliant role model for supporting younger children. I ompletley disagree with page two though… If it was a complete stranger telling obama about bullying he wouldnt listen… We need more people like Gaga to get involved with these sort of issues. People to look up to.. She is definatley a person people should look up to an respect.

    • Ryan

      I love how people have rated me down…. I would like to see them attually make an appointment with obama, then attually get him to do something… URM i am quite sure you will flop..

      • intrcptr2

        Ryan, the negative votes are because of the reasons WHY Obama deigns to see her on policy issues, of any magnitude. It has nothing to do with what she knows or thinks about them and everything to do with the fact that she has millions of fans who quite literally worship her.
        It is a cynical and transpartent ploy on Obama's part to curry favor with that demographic of voters who adore her music and tend to find common cause with ehr politics and morals.

        I am sorry, but the one and only thing to respect is that she is arguing against bullying. Although since I see no one arguing FOR bullying, perhaps that is faint praise for her "better world".

    • wsk

      I look at her with utter disdain and disgust.

    • guest

      Lady gaga is wonderful she helped the boy bury his sickness and helped send him to he'll.

  • StephenD

    Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add "within the law," because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. . – Thomas Jefferson
    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty. – Thomas Jefferson
    Unless someone violates the equal rights of others there should be no law to suppress his liberties. Seems to me the Lady wants the calm life under a despot rather than the rough seas of a free society.

  • jacob

    I'm totally against bullying anywhere and specially in school and believe bullies in school
    should be sternly warned and summarily expelled if reinciding, as it will be a healthy deterrent for any copy cats…
    Of course, the bleeding hearts will say they are children who should be head shrink brainwashed into behaving correctly and given another chance and so on and so forth
    and perhaps they are right but to me, this evil should be outlawed, unless we want more of the same in order to help with the overpopulation problem of the USA….

    • intrcptr2

      One of the greatest protections of bullying is provided by the zero tolerance policies enforced by schools themselves.
      In the effort to shield the teachers and adminstrators from legal action, ALL fighting must be summarily dealt with; fault and instigation are largely irrelevant. The wimp is thus disincentivized from hitting the bully back; they both get suspended, even when everyone in the school knows what is going on.

    • guest

      Bullying is part of life what the he'll are we raising now? Oh yeah, Girly men.

  • Spider

    I propose a special Hollywood and Celebrity tax since these people always push for Socialist / Com-munist policies forced on the rest of us. Begin a tax of 99 % on all proceeds from movies and records – confiscate their mansions and turn them into apartments for the unemployed – then confiscate their bank accounts to pay down the debt. Then make them all wear the same blue smocks and work in a ball bering factory just like their heroes in any Com-munist country would do. Now that would be social justice would it not ?

    • trickyblain

      Yes, Stalin, Mao and Pot were well-known for their anti-bullying policies.

    • Sue

      I vote for you as the next POTUS. You use reason, intellect, and justification in your thought processing. I like the way you think.
      Wake up AMERICA!

      • Questions

        I hope you are being tongue in cheek.

  • MKS

    Homosexuals, obese people, alcoholics, drug users, and other frequently oppressed individuals are people, and should be respected by others and protected by law.

    Homosexuality, obesity, alcoholism and drug abuse are damaging lifestyles, and it should be legal to say so.

    • trickyblain

      It is legal. Just like it's legal to say that organized religion is another type of addiction that helps weak-minded folks deal with questions they will never understand.

      • intrcptr2

        Funny, and here I had always pegged you for an atheist.

        • trickyblain

          But I'm not an atheist.

          • Western Canadian

            Perhaps not. Weak minded……

          • trickyblain

            Perhaps not, indeed.

            Do your ellipses mean some form of continuation, or insult? If so, elaborate.

    • Ryan

      Urm we are not attually on about Just Homosexuals, obese people, alcoholics, drug users. This is on about bullying….

    • Sue

      Well said.

  • maturin20

    Celebrity envy is not pretty.

  • EyeDuhHoeAn

    She needs to quit bullying people by saying that bullying must stop.

    • Questions

      That's kind of like accusing someone of "raping people" by complaining about rape. Your comment invites the eternal "huh?"

      If Lady Gaga can use her high profile as a pop singer to raise awareness about a very real social problem, then good for her. Those who hate her, deep down, envy her. Tough for them. She's not going away.

      • intrcptr2

        Are you indeed this daft, sir?

        I am going ot go out on a limb here and suggest you stop envying us Christians and just up and convert, we do print easy to read Bibles now, you know…

        • Questions

          I'm not envying anyone. Can you read text? I made a simple point: Complaining about a practice is not the same thing as engaging in it.

          • intrcptr2

            Of course not, that's why my pet monkeys managed to randomly type out both this response and my previous one…

            Although I think the lad doth protest too much. Your slip is showing, by the way.

            Your point makes no sense for two reasons;
            the comment was a bit of cynical irony; badgering a person for not agreeing, is, at least these days, pretty much the same as bullying them;
            and, rape (Not "rape, rape") has no connection, linguistic, legal, moral, or conceptual, to telling people not to do something. If you would prefer to try to construct a better analogy, knock yourself out; I shan't be waiting.

            If my wild guess about your metaphysics is off the mark, please, forgive me brother.

  • Piera Prister

    I'm not a fun of Mr Barack.Obama, actually Idon'l love him, he is my enemy since he started attending that church in Chicago listening for twenty years to that damned racist and aniSemitic pastor Mr.Jeremiah Wright who dared offend either Jews and Italians as well. And Americans too, indeed. He despised Italians saying that they have a garlic shaped nose, despite Dante's nose, and all those Renaissance painted beauties, in Titian's portraiture for example. I hate him and he should apologize! But I'm glad that now we are a bit more a democratic society since we are not discriminating people with regard to their sexual preferences. Be our troops be heroes, no matter what their sexuality is. Our Constitution respects individual freedom and is based on the concept of responsability. Now I feel a bit alleviated since "don't ask don't tell" no longer applies. Should we thank Lady Gaga I don't like as singer, or President Obama I dont like as president, either? Why not, this is a great day for our democracy!

  • alexander

    FuBAR Ack's actions are beyond loathsome…..God help us!

  • Piera Prister

    I apologize for my spelling errors. No excuse.
    I was focusing on content rather than on form.I was saying that I'm not a fan of Mr.Obama…and that our Costitution has based on…
    I would add that the behavior of bullying is really deplorable at school and civic education should be part of school curriculum.
    I just love your article Mr.Shapiro, thank you!

  • mrbean

    With homosexuals now able to serve openly in the military, the gay rights movement’s next battleground is to persuade the Obama administration to end the armed forces’ ban on “transgenders,” a group that includes transsexuals and cross-dressers. “Our position is that the military should re-examine the policy, the medical regulations, so as to allow open service for transgender people,” said Vincent Paolo Villano, spokesman for the 6,000-member Center for Transgender Equality. Ahhhh…. girly mans amd manly girls, and now even the she-males.

  • Rifleman

    It sounds to me like Jamey Rodemeyer was teased and made fun of, not bullied. Even if he was, it’s nothing to make into a federal case. Kids, myself included, have been surviving it for thousands of years, without committing suicide or killing anyone

    • intrcptr2

      I think your comment highlights exceedingly well Mr Shapiro's point concerning the shift to "thought crimes".
      Teasing is speech, and therefore (Philosophically speaking), protected. Bullying was once, I agree, more physical in nature. The framework has shifted, in a negative direction.

      And you are absolutely right, this is not a Federal matter. Do we really want people like Eric Holder deciding which schoolyard incidents count as bullying?

      • wsk

        Under the Holder Doctrine only whites would be punished. Blacks cannot bully whites it's just making up for years of oppression

  • BLJ

    Par for the course. Nothing during these Obama will shock me anymore. Lady Gaga is just a Madonna ripoff anyway.

  • EC Everett

    I find it most odd that in our day and age, when homosexuality has been "mainstreamed" in the media; self-esteem has been the semi-official creed of our public institutions for the past 30 years; multiple states have legalized gay "marriage" and kids are routinely coddled for their diversity and differences, that NOW, this issue of kids committing suicide over taunts and bullying has become a mini-epidemic.

    Could it be that the above mentioned tactics of inculcating self-esteem, tolerance and diversity have done absolutely nothing to help kids with their actual self-esteem, tolerance and diversity?

    In the same way the Left, and the President especially, wring their hands over the divisions in our society, all the while dividing us into voting or constituency groups (rich, poor, Latino, African-Americans, Women, etc.) to demonstrate how diverse and inclusive they are, yet, after employing these tactics for decades, they pretend to wonder why we are so divided?

    Just two of the innumerable ironies that attach themselves to generally liberal or left positions.

  • EC Everett

    As an aside, Lady Gaga is not a very talented performer, nor a particularly bright individual, which is why she insists upon her status as "artist" and requires outrageous imagery to attract attention to her pablum-level melodies and incoherent lyrics. If the talent were obvious and unarguable, then her infantile music could stand or fall on its own without the glitz and garish, postmodernist PC kitsch.

  • jasonz

    hey im sorry the kid killed himself, but libs dont understand that you cannot make everything you do not like 'illegal' you cannot make life safe, you cannot legeslate kindness. if she wants laws governing behavior, then she needs to be prepared to loose a few rights herself and have her behavior curtailed to 'acceptable levels' as well. Libs with the best intentions want to turn the world into some playschool bubblewrapped kumbaya child like session that can never be. Lady gaga isnt bad i actually think she wants to help. but like most libs her only solutions involve more laws, more govt control and more segregation instead of self relience. it never works and causes more harm than good…like the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

  • richard

    i don't believe in 'hate crimes'.

    if you murder someone you should receive appropriate punishment; life in prison.
    i suppose bullying by another name, (harassment), in general should be a crime.
    i was a recipient of bullying, & assorted violence in my childhood, (constantly).
    so were others. but i don't see how uttering a derogatory word should get you 30 more years. i think it's overkill. anti-gay crime, like any other crime should be punished. life, is cheap however in our 'modern' culture.

  • wsk

    What a lovely couple!

  • Wideband

    School is where life’s lessons are learned. When I was in school, learning how to deal with a bully was thought to be part of growing up, and the lessons learned would serve one well when dealing with life’s "bullies" as an adult. The idea of having the government step in to solve an individual's challenges was pretty much unheard of. Now, as in all other area of life, liberals want the government to be the solution, so that people are not responsible for solving their own problems, and facing a difficult situation with only ones own skills and determination is not required. Heck it's not even an option. How ironic then, that the biggest and most malevolent bully out there today IS the government.

  • mrbean

    Take kids that are being bullied down to a dojo and teach them how to build themselves up and learn Brazilian Ju Jitsu and striking. Better than making nice to bullies whose only real cure is a good ass whupping. Like this!

    • R. Woods

      That you tube video is a classic. This is how bullying should be handled. One on one at the grass roots level. The stupidity of liberals is thinking every little problem in life can be solved by government.

  • louis vuitton

    it seem to be bad

  • Guest

    I can't believe I am reading all these disgusting comments about bullying. Get freaking real. Life isn't easy. Quit raising a generation of wussies. Quit raises queers and dykes. When they are sick, get them help.

  • Questions

    I was being tongue in cheek. My larger point, however, is serious. It's a cheap shot to declare someone "deranged" or "mentally ill" on account of their political beliefs. The Soviet Union used to do this as a pretext to ship dissidents off to Siberia. That Leftists in power have engaged in this noxious behavior doesn't mean we have to imitate them. Get behind thee, Michael Savage.