The Stupid Jews Trick

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The old saw says that Jews earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans.  And that when voting liberal, they look for an ethnically familiar face to make them feel comfortable.

That’s why Hillary pretended to have Jewish roots when she was running for Senate from New York (in reality, the only Jew she knew in childhood was the second husband of her non-Jewish maternal grandmother).  That’s why John Kerry harped on the fact that his daddy was Jewish (although his family had converted to Roman Catholicism two generations before).

And that’s why every Democrat administration goes out of its way to show that it is chock full of liberal Jews.  Rahm Emanuel’s presence in the White House was somehow supposed to compensate for the fact that the Obama Administration is rabidly anti-Israel (despite the protestations of Obama shill Jeffrey Goldberg).  Madeleine Albright’s anti-Israel bias was supposed to be alleviated by her Jewish ancestry, although she didn’t give a damn about Judaism.

The active anti-Jewishness from the majority of American Jews allows President Obama to staff up with Jews who betray Jewishness at every turn.  First there was Emanuel, who spent his time threatening groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), telling them that if they didn’t push Israel to make concessions, Obama would let Iran go nuclear.

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  • Flipside

    Listen to you, little man, threatening the President with dire consequences.

    • guest

      This site is probably the only place in the world where an insignificant troll like you is listened to (the more accurate word is 'mocked') You only wish you could have the mind and importance of Ben Shapiro – one of many prominant and brilliant Jews you envy.

      • Flipside

        But it’s one of the many places where a Jew can be an antisemite.

    • Steeloak

      Listen to you, a virus, calling an elephant small.

      • Flipside

        An elephant is small to a virus.

        • נגד ממזרים

          אתה חזיר בן זונה

          • Flipside

            Pigs are smart animals.

          • castalia

            A perusal of activity here shows you spend most of your time online. A little pimply-faced boy like yourself, typing from your mother's basement, without the benefit of a wife or any other vestige of a normal life – yeah, your opinions really matter to anyone in the universe. Go back to butt-scratching.

  • ASG

    I disagree. Judaism is not a nationality or ethnic backround as many people seem to think. The overwhelming Jewish population is Conservative, but the fake jews, the ones that at very most show up to the Synagogue during the high holidays and then you don't see them for a year, or those who are Bar/Bat Mitzvahed and then never seen again, those are not Jews, but they may be Liberals. Rahm Emmanuel is a traitor to his people. To think a Jew who was actually born in the holly land worked for the biggest enemy of his people since Adolf Hitler.

  • Jacobse

    Secular Jews, like secular Christians, are prone to Messianic ideologies like Marxism, especially the "soft Marxism" of Progressive ideology. Podhoretz was right but the criticism applies to all in the West who have forsaken faith for politics, or more accurately, failed to see the religious ground of culture because of a reflexive disdain for religion.

    • jacob

      But what these so called "JEWS" tend to sweep under the rug, is that from time
      to time, there shows up a HITLER who throws into concentration camps or
      executes outright, even those who had a Jewish ancestor 10 generations ago

      • ASG

        Even Hitler spared some that professed loyalty to him, just ask George Soros. And with the current crop of fake Jews that vote Progressive, they won't even hesitate.

        • johnnywoods

          George Soros?Shwartz passed himself off as a gentile as his father hated Jews. He fit in with Nazis well because he was one.

    • tarleton

      I agree that the human mind is hardwired to believe in a ''god''….the great totalitarian movements of the 20th C are but the religious impulse shoehorned into secular form

      as eric hoffer would say ''beware the true believer in religious OR secular form''

      ''god wills it , allah ackbar or marx predicted it

  • Raymond in DC

    "most American Jews have actively sought to distance themselves from their religion, but simultaneously cling to their Jewishness as a badge of minority status. This means they’re proud Jewish anti-Jews."

    While there are certainly some who are (as Alvin Rosenfeld described them) "proud to be ashamed to be Jews", that doesn't apply to most American Jews. They simply don't take their "Jewishness" seriously, either as religion or as peoplehood.

    There is however a class I've referred to as "As-a-Jews". For them, being Jews is irrelevant except to the extent it can be used to make "kosher" their hostile views toward Israel or the Jewish community. You know the type. Their words usually begin, "As a Jew, I don't find what Israel is doing morally acceptable etc.". Sometimes they'll throw in "I'm the child of Holocaust survivors", as if that automatically grants them moral authority.

    Those in positions of authority aren't averse to putting these "As-a-Jews" to work. Why else would they task (Jewish) Ambassador to Belgium Guttman with blaming Israeli actions for Muslim anti-Semitism?

    • ASG


      Good one! LOL!

  • jacob

    These liberal; Jews are those responsible of the NYT survival, of HILLARY's
    senate seat, replacing a man she didn;t deserve to tie his shoelaces and why not,
    their help into electing OBAMA…

    And to think that a somehow recent poll stated that 60% of them will still vote for
    his reelection, is either the epitome of masochism or stupidity, such as the recent
    $10.000 a seat-dinner on his honor and why not, the abject brownnosing of ROSEN
    just because, with "friends" like OBAMA and his minions, who needs enemies ???

  • Jacobse

    What you mean to say is that it is against their self-interest, which it is. But you are missing the main point: secular Jews, like secular Christians, will always gravitate toward Messianic ideologies when their religious sensibility wanes. It can't be any other way. It's the historical trajectory of a fading Christendom.

    Trajectories are not absolute of course and things can change, but they will only change when the religious ground of culture is rediscovered. It the trajectories continue in their present path, all Jews will be persecuted, believing Christians will be persecuted, and secular Christians will most likely acquiesce to Muslim domination because they lack the grounding for resistance.

  • Jacobse

    Put another way, Obama's hostility to Israel is grounded in his hostility towards Christianity.

  • joy52

    Lots of cerebral comments. Let 's see where the "ashamed of being Jewish" Jews stand when(and it will) it hits home (and it always does, eventually). Only Soros got away with running from the truth.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    It's NOT anti-semitic for a Jew to criticize other Jews; particularly when the other Jews don't appreciate Israel's significance, or have any inclination to take Jewish history, laws and customs seriously. It is, however, sad and terrible that most Jews who favor big government, government solutions to most problems, are the same people whose attention span towards Israel, and Jewish history. laws and customs, is very short. And its also not very good that no amount of reasoning or logic makes any impression on them.

  • NotaBene

    Of course, 'liberal' and 'leftist' have been code words for 'Jew' on the Right for decades.

  • FrontPagesubscriber

    Unfortunately, there's a good deal of 'two-facedness' when it comes to Jews, generally.
    It seems many are 'sold out' -somewhere … good numbers find it all too easy to run into
    "glad-handers" who are too willing to champion cause(s) they may have. It's like being
    in a 'large comfortable, airy room' -and not knowing "where the exits are". From that pt.
    of view, this is a tough problem (-or IS it??) for which more certain direction is required
    -and sure answers MUST be found.

  • Anamah

    Good article Mr Shapiro, however I believe Jewishness is more than religion. Even secular Jews can find huge proud to be Jewish and deeply in love with Israel. They can miss terrible some traditions and reject all kind of Progressivism, Socialism or Communism and work hard to protect our American freedom, Capitalism, our way of life. Ideals of Liberty as passion for Justice can be found in many who understand history and how much care is needed to keep both alive.

  • RonCarnine

    The Bible makes it very clear that God is not done with the Jewish nation. All through the Bible there are "liberal" or disobedient Jews who arouse God's wrath. Also in the Jewish nation are Jews who stand with God, or are obedient. As a Christian, I am to love the Jewish people and to pray for them. I find the truth that they are still God's people in Romans 9-11 and I find them still God's people in the book of Revelation. I would not want to be a "liberal" or disobedient Jew when they face a holy God. Those who work against the Jew are in reality working against God. Not too smart!

  • Ray Hoffer

    Let's not lose sight of the fact that both Jews and Christians are at war with radical Muslims.
    Let's not lose sight of the fact that the Jewish people are "thinking" people. I for one respect the points of view of both Liberal and Conservative Jews – both sides are important to get accross the message that unlike our enemies, we are capable of free thought and live in a country where we are freely able to express our views and worship freely.
    The Muslim world can not even envision living in such a land and in fact are taught that freedom is reprehensible.
    Let the so-called intellectuals on all sides analize the Jewish people from all points of view but at our core – Jews are "people of the Book" and the book lends itself to different interpretations – it is not an engineering manual.

  • stella

    What an extraordinary pile of words I have mistakenly stumbled upon here.

    God save (help?) America.

    From one very concerned and confused Australian, educated and 'liberal' young jewess.

  • Gross

    Ben Shapiro, when will you be done with the constant lies and bullshit? For a Jew you obviously don’t care about your fellow Jews or G-d command to care for the poor in our nation, and your constant pandering to Catholics and Protestants in an attempt to earn Conservative credibility in our Religious right political climate is embarrassing.

  • jacobse

    No. What I am saying that the resources that need to marshaled against an Islamic threat are fundamentally religious. The religious ground of Western culture needs to be recovered. Remember, secularism is not a coherent system or structure. It is basically the historical memory of a Christian past — a dechristianized Christendom so to speak. Put another way, secularism is just a layover between historical epochs, although this trip may take a century to so to complete.

  • Steeloak

    No, what he is saying is that if you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything.
    Take you for example.

  • Steeloak

    What do you call people who profess a religious identity that they do not believe in?
    Sort of like people who call themselves Christians, who do not believe in Jesus.

  • ASG

    Yup, fake Jews. Being Jewish is more than just something passed on by your parents. It's not just something you do once a year to make your family happy. You're either in or out. I have no problem if you grow up and come to the conclusion that, "this Judiaism thing just ain't for me." That's fine, you're free to do so. Being Jewish is hard, it takes work and courage, it's not for everyone.

  • Steeloak

    If you want to call Black Liberation Theology Christianity. I'm not a Christian, but I know a Marxist Heresy when I see one.

  • ASG

    "Wrong, he's a Christian. "

    Why, because he said so???? Yeah, politicians of all stripes have been known throughout history as nothing but honest.

    See what we mean, you believe in nothing therefore you'll fall for anything.

  • Vermont Yid

    Bullzhit! He's a muslim and a Marxist to boot. Jews who voted for Obama the first time are still stupid enough to vote for him a second time. You can't fix stupid.

  • Steeloak

    How is it anti-semetic to criticise people who pretend to be a faith they are not?
    Are you claiming that the left, and by logical extension the Democratic party, are not anti-Israel? What planet do you live on?
    Israel a police state? By that logic, North Korea is a paradise of freedom and democracy.
    A politicians' personal beliefs are not important? So you would be ok with David Duke being president if you liked his policies?
    Jewishness is a racial characteristic? What, there is a gene for Jewishness?

  • pagegl

    Well, since jewishness is heritable along maternal lines and Kerry's dad was the jew, it kind of appears that Kerry really doesn't have a claim to jewishness.

  • jacobse

    Actually, yes.

    "When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing — they believe in anything" — Chesterton.

    "Without God, everything is permitted" — Dostoevsky.

  • ASG

    " So you would be ok with David Duke being president if you liked his policies? "

    Most likely he would, the one office Duke was actually elected to was as a Democrat. People like him will vote for anyone with a (D).