What Will Libya Look Like?

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Reportage surrounding Libya suggests that everything will be sweetness and light once sadistic madman Col. Muammar Qaddafi is ousted permanently.  “Who, today, does not thrill to the spectacle of freedom in Tripoli?” asks Fouad Ajami in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.  “A brave people, civilians in the main, exiles who returned to their devastated country, students with no military skills – all headed to the front in their pickup trucks to reclaim their homeland from a tyrant who had turned it into a laboratory for his mix of megalomania and derangement.  These are the people who have made this rebellion.”

Really?  Is that who they are?  Ajami himself seems to doubt it.  “There is no way that a blanket assertion can be made that this massive Libyan upheaval is free of Islamists,” he admits.  His only evidence to the contrary is “the more compelling evidence of the rebellion itself – its composition, the earnestness of the professionals and civil libertarians active in it, their promise that the terrible autocrat will not be replaced by a zealous, unforgiving theocracy.”

Sparse evidence indeed, and a promise unlikely to be kept, particularly when the first purported draft constitution for the reconstituted Libya centers around the primacy of Islamic law.  The document has all of the flowery buzzwords the foreign press loves to focus upon: “justice, equality … progress and prosperity.”  But the first General Provision of the draft constitution reads, “Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah).”  Article 8 of the draft Constitution is purely socialist in nature: “The State shall further guarantee the fair distribution of national wealth among citizens, and among the different cities and districts thereof.”  Article 10 guarantees the “right of asylum” – a right that has been used by Libya in the past to protect murderers like the Lockerbie bomber.

Forgive me if I do not “thrill” to the spectacle of such “freedom.”

We were supposed to thrill to the spectacle of Egyptian freedom, too.  Instead, Egypt has been largely in thrall to the Muslim Brotherhood since the ousting of Hosni Mubarak, and is now involved in border skirmishes with Israel.  Egyptians in Cairo have scaled the Israeli embassy and ripped down the Israeli flag.  One Egyptian presidential candidate sent a “salute of pride” to the “public hero who burned the Zionist flag that spoiled the Egyptian air for 30 years.”  Egypt has since been funneling weapons and supplies into the Gaza Strip.  Is this the freedom we were supposed to cheer?

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  • dr.music

    Anyone who thinks that any muslim country is ever ever ever going to be a democracy is a complete fool. I repeat…. Anyone who thinks that any muslim country is ever ever ever going to be a democracy is a complete fool. Let me explain… you see…by wanting democracy a muslim is rejecting Shariya law…which is prescribed by allah the whoever…and rejecting Shariya law is blasphemy. Got it people? so for blasphemy any muslim can extinguish anyone including a muslim….. surprise surprise ….. so to stay alive a muslim has to wallow in islam even if she or he hates it… just to stay alive … proper slavery and a classic case of Stockholm syndrome on a massive mega scale with absolutely no escape. So read the first line again….



      • BIG IRISH


  • Pope Gregory VII

    Correct! islam means submission, NOT freedom and democracy.

    Everything else than islam is forbidden at the penalty of death, thats why the muslim world has grown poor, violent and ignorant while the West painfully made progress over the last 1000 years.

    If you have high hopes for "islamic-democracy" and "moderate muslims" you the kick in face reality is going to give you.

    • Pope Gregory VII

      You deserve the kick in the face reality is going to give you.

      Is what I intended to write. ;-)

  • ronin

    Why is it we do not learn from our mistakes!!! I came to this conclusion that we have a bunch of incompetent people in our government or they orchestrate these Islamic revolutions for other motives rather than democracy. Islam at its root is anti democratic. We saw it in Iran after 1979 REVOUTION which I might add, was engineered in good old USA. We can not appease radical Muslims, because they interpret that as a weakness, and eventually they will own you, your family, and your country, but the monkeys running this country knew all that all along.

  • waterwillows

    Libya will look like any other muslim country…..a blight on the earth.

    Some folks just can't seem to resist the temptation of dancing around with the curse from the Throne. That is until the chickens come home to roost and the curse has inched its way into affecting them and theirs. It is then, that they wish they had not been an enabler.

  • tanstaafl

    "Democracy – Go to hell" a sign held by a Muslim demonstrator in the West.

  • Patriot

    Does anyone really think Nobama isn't a Muslim???? Really???? Are you stupid?

    • tanstaafl

      One thing is certain. Obama, like many of the leftist elite, is a dhimmi.

  • Brujo Blanco

    We have a president that has stated in the past that when it comes down to it he would side with the Muslims. What has me up in arms is that we are paying out money for military operations and will end up being “punked” by whichever side comes out on top. We should not pay to help people that hate our guts.

  • Debanjan Banerjee

    Listen folks here , stop living in dreams that oyu live in a democracy. The bottomline is that rich oil tycoons in the USA and some NATO countries like France thoguht that it is really good to have Libya's oil at a much cheaper rate than Gaddafi was willing to sell. So they decided to create this so-called "Libyan rebels".

    If these business tycoons in the West think it is good for their business prospects to embrace Islam they wil do and at that time it will be you who will become the terrorists.
    This is the only things Muslims need to do in the West and that is to convince the individualist , money and power-hungry Western elite to convert to Islam so that they can progress their business interests without any hindrance.

    In that scenario it will be people like you in this forum who will be called terrorists and hounded out Only one or two CIA Drones can finish the problem of tea parties and American patriots , remember ?

    • tanstaafl

      I'm so sorry, but to really read and understand your comment I had to wear my tinfoil hat.

  • Paul67

    Heh look on the bright side, at least it cost us less in terms of blood and treasure than Iraq and Afghanistan did in order to arrive at yet another Sharia government.

    Which is worse to be stabbed in the back by “Islam is Peace” Bush or punched in the face by closet Muslim Obama?

    Regardless, anymore ‘success’ at promoting ‘democracy’ in the Middle East is just going to produce a reemergence of the Islamic caliphate less than hundred years after the west dismantled it after WW1. Only this time around they will have nuclear weapons and strangle hold on 2/3 of the ‘productive’ worlds energy supply.

    I have to say a big thumbs up to mental midget policy wonks on both sides of this debate.

    Dear fools in DC, the problem with the Middle East is that it’s full of Muslims, quit ignoring that basic fact and deal with it.

  • Fred Dawes

    What will it look like, like a poor doomed country with Al Qaeda/Hezbillad wants it to look like,
    After a time the UN/ USA Will attack it to save the people once more and oil and gold will mean nothing, or will it? But if obama gets 4 more years we may look like a multiculturaliam third world country of total monkey people.

  • PatriotX

    I knew this was a potential nightmare the day we announced that military involvement was an option. We called it a NATO mission but…we know how that works. We also need to be careful how we word things, “spectacle of freedom”? No, what this most likely means is that we will go from one dictatorship to another. It may not happen overnight but usually when you create a vacume like this one worse things replace what you removed. All we may have done is pave the way for another lunatic like Osama Bin Laden. It’s purely a case of darn if you do and darn if you don’t. To prevent someone like Osama from hijacking this we would have to get inovled with Libyan politics and I’m sure that the Muslim Brotherhood would ride it for all it’s worth with the “U.S. getting involved with Muslim politics” bandwagon along with everyother American bashing organization. I just see no good resulting from this but than again I could be wrong. I hope I am.

  • Marty

    Hopefully, libya will not look like anything resembling a unified state. With over a hundred tribes it should be an easy matter to insure that the country dissolves into statelets that are usually at war with one another. Political stability is overrated. Libya will be less of threat to western civilization and democracy if it doesn't exist within its current geography.

    • Jim_C

      "Political stability is overrated."

      Completely disagree. In terms of national interest a stable political body which is friendly gives you access to trade and resources. A stable political body which is an enemy can be made war against with clear and well-defined objectives.

      An unstable political body destabilizes its neighbors, can disrupt trade, and make alliances more difficult.

  • tekow

    right wing extremists are jealous that Obama is accomplishing on a dime what Bush had miserably failed to achieve with trillions.. it proves that Obama is smart and dick bush is idiot

  • 080

    Suppose Ghadafi makes a deal with Al-Qaeda offering to trade radioactive material for shelter for himself and his family. And what else does he have to trade? And when we went to the International Criminal Court we made it impossible for him to leave the country. Besides which it is impossible for me to visualize a "democratic" Libya.