Why Obama Is Responsible for the Mideast Powder Keg

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The long term result could be a move into the Sinai by the Egyptian forces, providing weapons and ammunition to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  Mahmoud Abbas will form a unity government with Hamas to attack Israel.  Israel will be forced to move into Palestinian-controlled areas and clean out terrorist havens, and the world will condemn them for it.  Many Jews will die – but, as we’ve learned, Jewish blood is cheap for those who live comfortably in Europe.

And, apparently, also for President Obama, who has allowed every anti-Israel, anti-American group in the Middle East to consolidate control of government.  For all of his flaws – and there were many – President Mubarak of Egypt did not allow his military to threaten Israel.  Within the first few months of his departure, however, the Egyptian population has attacked the Israeli embassy and torn down its walls.  The military has begun funneling weapons to the Palestinians.  In Libya, the Obama strategy has allowed a Muslim Brotherhood-led opposition to come close to power.  In Iran, it has allowed the mullahs to crush all legitimate opposition.

The Palestinians believe that they have an ally in President Obama, and they mean to exploit it while he is still in office.  They may delay the vote for a few months if Obama gives them some goodies in return.  But in essence, they know they had best act now.  They realize what has now become obvious: if President Obama had been president in 1948, he would have voted against the establishment of the State of Israel.  To him, Israel is a historic mistake, and were he not bound by electoral politics and an adversarial Congress, he would undoubtedly do more to aid its enemies.

How will all of this end?  The same way it always does.  Time is the friend of the Arab states, and the enemy of Israel.  However the resolution to be introduced at the UN turns out, Iran grows every day closer to a nuclear weapon, which will have only one target.  Each day, the Israeli population dwindles and the Arab population grows in relative terms.  Without the backing of the United States, Israel will not be able to survive future wars.  It will be tough enough to survive the war of words about to begin in New York.


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  • Muhammed El-Mourabit

    Obama started out with his infamous apology tour. He probably meant well, but it was hirrible judgement. In arab culture might is right. It has been this way for many centuries, at least back to Muhammed. In their eyes, you are either strong or weak. If you show strength they will be at your feet. If you show weakness, they will try to dominate you.

    Obama has in their eyes shown weakness, so attacks against American and Israeli interests should not come as a surprise.

    Practically everything Obama has done has harmed America and served its enemies.

    • turkp

      moshe izzy, do you care to explain what american interests are attacked by whom?

  • agrsg

    And then Obama will declare war on Israel, and then Obama will resurrect Hitler and Stalin, and then Obama will exterminate all the Jews, and the Obama will turn everyone in the world into homosexuals, and then Obama will kill God, and then Obama…

    • Danny

      Ah yes, the FPM mantra. Let us all chant in 4-part harmony.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside


  • Anamah

    Incredible picture in the WH!!! Watching this, you can understand why the first phone call Obama made from the White House to another country was to Mahmud Abbas the president of the Palestinian National Authority .The President of the United Sates and the creator of Fatah a terrorist force; in soul and spirit talking to the eyes connecting with his devoted confessional puppy, stroking their hands, the prodigal son seems so excited to meet its commitment… Despicable very difficult to digest… here is the president of the United States of America… What a shameful fraud is in the making!!!

  • ِA.R Momen

    The concept of terrorism which the Zionist could use since the 1970s ,means any attack against Israel ,any rejection for it’s policies ,or it is the warfare equivalent of “antisemitism”.Let’s study the following incidents , and you will judge _If you aren’t a zealous Zionist yet – Who are the terrorists:-

    • Bombs in cafés: first used by Zionists in Palestine on 17 March 1937 in Jaffa (they were grenades)

    • Bombs on buses: first used by Zionists in Palestine on 20 August- 26 September 1937

    • Drive-by shootings with automatic weapons: IZL and LHI in 1937-38 and 1947-48 (Morris, Righteous Victims, p681.)

    • Bombs in market places: first used by Zionists on 6 July 1938 in Haifa. (delayed-action, electrically detonated)

    • Bombing of a passenger ship: first used by the Zionists in Haifa on 25 November 1940, killing over 200 of their own fellows.

    • Bombing of hotels: first used by Zionists on 22 July 1946 in Jerusalem (Menachem Begin went on to become prime minister of Israel).

    • Suitcase bombing: first used by Zionists on 1 October 1946 against British embassy in Rome.

    • Mining of ambulances: first used by Zionists on 31 October 1946 in Petah Tikvah

    • Car-bomb: first used by Zionists against the British near Jaffa on 5 December 1946.

    • Letter bombs: first used by Zionists in June 1947 against members of the British government, 20 of them.

    • Parcel bomb: first used by Zionists against the British in London on 3 September 1947.

    • Reprisal murder of hostages: first used by Zionists against the British in Netanya area on 29 July 1947.

    • Truck-bombs: first used by Zionists on January 1948 in the centre of Jaffa, killing 26.

    • Aircraft hijacking: world-first by Israeli jets December 1954 on a Syrian civilian airliner (random seizure of hostages to recover five spies) – 14 years before any Palestinian hijacking.

    The only form of violent terrorism not introduced into Palestine by the Zionists was suicide bombing, a tactic used almost entirely by people fighting occupation of their “homeland” – think 1000s of Japanese in 1945, 100s of Tamils and 38 Lebanese in the 1980s – most of the latter being motivated by socialism/communism, not Islam – see http://amconmag.com/article/2005/jul/18/00017.
    • Biological warfare – pathogens used by Zionists in 1948, prior to the seizure of Acre, putting typhus into the water supply.

    • Chemical warfare – nerve gas very likely used by Zionists in February/March 2001 in at least eight attacks in Khan Younis and Gharbi refugee camps (Gaza) and the town of Al-Bireh (West Bank).

    • Nuclear threats – made by Zionists e.g. 2003: “We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen, before Israel goes under.” – Remarks of Martin Van Creveld, a professor of military history at Israel’s Hebrew University, 1 February 2003.

    And, if you think only Muslims need worry, then see http://www.masada2000.org/sharepain.html – “Israel has nuclear weapons and MUST use them and all those arming the Arabs must share the pain!” Comes with cute music.

    To these we could add “sofa slaughter” with armed drones. The Israelis use this armchair technique extensively in Gaza, unleashing death and destruction on civilians by remote control at no personal risk to themselves. There are interesting variations too. For example, during the 40-day siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002 the Israeli occupation force set up cranes on which were mounted robotic machine guns under video control. According to eye-witnesses, eight defenders, including the bell-ringer, were murdered, some by armchair button-pushers and some by regular snipers.

    • trickyblain

      I'd be interested to see an intellegent reply to this post (not just a bunch of "thumbs downs" – so lame).

      But, in terms of suicide bombings, were those 19 highjackers defending the homeland? And why were they allegedly shouting "Allu Akbar"?

      • Rev. Roy Trepanier

        There is no "intelligent reply" to blatant lies, inuendo and mis-information, all unverifiable. The last statement, regarding Israel's "Sampson Option" is the ONLY truth in his whole diatribe, and it is merely a description of how far the Israeli's are prepared to go to defend themselves from annihilation.
        Against this, you have Islam's 1,500 year record of mayhem, massacre, murder & mutiliation that is historically proveable by any 6 year old. Oh, and don't forget who wraps their children in C4 and sends them out to blow themsleves and the hated Zionists to smithereens !!
        Also, do not omit the million odd Arabs who live in Israel with every privelege that Israeli's have (and don't want to be "Palestinian). !!!
        Rev. Roy…<><

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        It will be easy, of course to say any cited source is a cabal of Islamic radicals, but all this bus bombing stuff is from the Irgun's "End of Restraint" period: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irgun#End_of_restrai

    • Don L.

      You can quote all these lies you want it but doesn't make it true! All these talking points are from Islamic sources and are twist lies! The Muslims are the first ones that used mob violence and massacres (Hebron 1929). By the way, all violence against Jews were based on lies to rouse up the local Arabs! The Hebron massacre was due to 2 rumors, one that some Jews killed an Arab and the other was that the Jews were going to destroy the Dome of the Rock! Nothing has ever changed with you people–remember Jenin or the fabricated killing of Muhammad Al-Dura? I can refute every single one of your so-called facts but then you would just turn around and call me a liar!

  • Chezwick_mac

    Surreal…how this notion of Israel's return to the '67 borders has become the panacea for all the ills of the region. Have we forgotten that from 1948 to '67, the Arab side never relented in its war on Israel…and that Syrian artillery regularly rained shells down upon the farmers of Galilee…and that commandos regularly raided Israel from Gaza and Jordan in suicide missions, killing innocents no less enthusiastically than the Palestinian "Shaheeds" of today.

    An Israeli return to the '67 borders doesn't for a minute mean peace, except in the minds of gullible Westerners and Israelis. What it means for Arabs (and cognitive Israelis) is the compromise of Israel's strategic depth.

    • Jim_C

      Yes, I see it as more a rhetorical point than any sort of practical one. I "get" why it is insisted upon but it troubles me that Israel must compromise its security in order to gain the "moral" upper hand.

      • Chezwick_mac

        Jim, The only thing I would amend is the wording of your final phrase….

        "…it troubles me that Israel must compromise its security in order to avoid the status of moral pariah."

  • oldtimer

    I don't remember seeing a picture like that when Netenyahu was here.

    • Jim_C

      If it had been Ehud Barak or Shimon Peres, you would have. But Netanyahu and Obama had roles to play for their constituencies.

  • StephenD

    Just watch the flow of money pick up; From us to the "Palestinians." That's what this is about. They already know the US will veto any move toward Statehood. This is merely a Mob like SHAKEDOWN.
    I'm convinced that if the money stopped and was hinged upon concrete conditions like Text book rewrite, Charter rewrite, recognition of Israel and it's right to exist, etc. THEN you'd see actual attempts for peace. As it is, it is in their best interest to stay in flux. The rest of the world plays the fool and pours good money after bad.

  • RCB

    Personally, I believe that time is on Israel's side. The country grows stronger–economically, socally, politically–whlie most of the Muslim world is degrading to the point where places like Egypt cannot provide the basic caloric needs of its people. In short, Israel is evolving while the the Arabs are devolving.

    • Jim_C

      Hear, hear. Israel may not be "secure," but it is a veritable rock of stability and economic growth.

    • Guest

      Don't quite agree. The arabs haven't evolved enough to be able to devolve!!

  • aspacia

    U.S. aid to Israel is mostly military and approximately 3% of the Israeli GNP. IMHO, Israel can and will purchase armaments from another land and will survive.

    Shapiro, I do believe you are off on this forecast.


    Obama has offered a hand to Iran. What Obama got back was laughter, derision, and the undaunted intention of Iran to have nuclear power. How much oil do we depend on these sanctimonious psychopaths for? How much of the worlds trade travels through their regions? How much are we going to have to pay in our own ransom before there is another knife at our global throat?

    My suggestion is to stand strong and respond to a bloody nose with a bloody nose and breaking of the knee.

  • PatriotX

    Libya and Egypt. We didn’t actively support the uprising in Egypt we just gently insisted that Mumbarak step down. The questions: Who were funding these protests and demonstrations? Who were funding the rebels in Libya?, were never answered. All you heard were denials of their affiliation with Al Qa’ida or other Islamic extremist groups but you never got a straight answer to “Alright, you don’t have ties to any, so where did you get the funding, weapons and who coordinated it? What are the intentions of the rebels in Libya once they’re in power? Questions that begs for an answer. Still, silence or people talk around it. Already in Egypt the emergence of the same Shariah bs is on the rise and tourism profits because of it are on the downslope. The threats towards women because of what they wear, the prohibition of other religions, the intimidation…etc. A doctor who immigrated to Egypt from Iran was quoted, “This is the very same thing that happened in Iran and the reason why I left…this is very sad.” In Libya, the rebels, “the good guys” have already started to show us their true colors, when they told us in more or less words, “kiss off”, when we requested them to hand over a known terrorist responsible for the death of some U.S. citizens.

    Everyone was cheering during the Arab Spring however my first thoughts were what was going to replace these “Evil Tyrants” once they were removed…hmmmmm…..as usual something far worse. Nature hates vacums and when you remove something the first thing you have to think about is what’s going to replace it and all too often, in this region of the world, something way worse always does. Now, no doubt, the men and women that fell to these uprisings were not exactly model citizens but I assure you, those that are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qa’ida…etc aren’t by a long shot. Change in it’s self is okay, just be careful of what you change into.

  • Fred Dawes

    Obama plan it that way!

  • turkp

    bibi din't do it obama did

  • DanKelso

    The problem with Obama is he's dreaming that their could be an agreement.
    The PA will only accept another Jew free Arab state, millions of Arabs flooded to Israel and to take control of Jerusalem including making the Wailing wall an Arab housing unit.
    Its all there in the Abbas state controlled PA hate media which Palmediawatch has documented. http://www.palwatch.org

  • clewgyber

    Ben Shapiro assumes that Iran's upcoming nuclear weapon "will have only one target". This may be a faulty assumption. Given that a) Israel is the "little satan", and b) the US is the "big satan", and c) Muslim fanatics have a penchant for drama, it is quite conceivable that Iran's first nuke would be used on the USA. Say, New York City, for example; that's always a popular target. Maybe the Statue of Liberty?
    This is why even people who don't give a fig about Israel, OR the Middle East, OR Islam, should be worried about Iran's nuclear ambitions. Yes, it would only take one nuke to destroy Israel. It would also take only one nuke to destroy New York. In some ways, NY is a much easier target. Much worse security, less unified population, easier to sneak stuff into, big PR, very dramatic footage…….

  • logdon

    Not forgetting Abbas's promise of a judenrein Samaria and Judea?

    That, alone speaks volumes. This isn't about land it is yet one more manifestation of the existential hatred Muslims brood upon against Jews.

    We're on the cusp of major war which will spread not only in the ME but in the form of rioting and mass violence wherever Muslims have settled.

    That includes a dhimmi Europe, Australia and not forgetting the Great Satan itself.

    Locals fed up to the teeth with this islamic invasion will retaliate, then what?

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      I have been to countries that didn’t have a lot of Jews. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • http://SenatorMark4.org SenatorMark4

    Gee, Ben, I think you're at least as much responsible for all this as Obama. Obama's only been visible for a few years. It is rare that I see a writer say "Return to our Principles!" as a way to restore our strength in negotiations with foreign entities. If we ONLY demanded alligiance to the First Amendment before offering U.S. tax dollars, in any form, we'd draw the line between evil and free pretty darn quick. At that point, Obama's handshake seen here would be him apologizing, once again, but this time it would be to say that they were no longer going to be raining hell on Israelis with missiles funded by U.S. aid. Demand this kind of attention to our founding documents before spending tax dollars is something you could do daily. Nope. Not likely. Freedom is negotiable for every partisan in the press.

  • Ben

    The "Arab spring" was the disappointment of anti-Israel`s propagandists who blamed her for all M E troubles. The Palestinian UN demarche is the same attempt to place the problem in the center of M E " spring". Both springs are the Obama`s voluntarily or involuntary creatures.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Ben Shapiro is the equivalent of a little black boy who was given a basketball filled with steroid milk as an infant, told it was his mother, only allowed to play if it was playing basketball, every time he learned enough of a basic skull was promptly promoted through basketball camp, lavishly praised every time he dribbled, with or without a ball. He was nominated to the junior NBA at age 16 given his endorsements bribes and stipends at age 17, drafted at age 18, won his first game before stepping on a court, received all his commercial endorsements at age 19 and allegedly a veteran player at 20 without actually scoring a point yet. Now, at age 27, is he a Whiz Kid, or a kid still whizzing himself in a sea of undeserved adulation? The article above may as well be plagiarized. It is empty, factless, puffed argument of no substance, quickly syndicated because it is in line with a well funded political group. It is expensive garbage.

    • stern

      gee Flipside, thank you for the incredible demonstration of "ad hominen argument". Next time somebody asks what it means, we can use this little rant of yours as the perfect example.

      I also especially admire the way you snuck in that little bit about the "Israel lobby" at the end. You haven't missed a trick, have you?

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Of course not. If Horowitz is going to aggregate an army of Justin Bieber lawyers, how am I going to miss a trick?

    • Don L.

      The only expense garbage is the taxpayer funding your public education! If your thoughts of hatred are so transparent here than employers will never hire you! In this economy you're either a team player and work well with others or society drops you like a bad habit and you become a frustrated loner who screams conspiracy theories on the rooftops! It's too bad that with all the people in the world with shrinking brains due to diseases; you're brain cells might be intact but your way of thinking makes you damaged goods! Unfortunately, your life pattern is set–you're going to be one of those losers that society casts aside!!!!

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Don’t worry. All those taxpayers who funded my public education are now having me pay their Social Security with self-employment dollars. I love your 1980’s philosophy of business culture though.maybe you’ll be able to remember it as you struggle with Alzheimer’s.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,others would say the same thing about your anti-semitic diatribes eh,Flipside?

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      I beg to differ. I think my antisemitic diatribes are well crafted and factual.

      • UCSPanther

        Your diatribes make as much sense as a mentally unstable homeless man's ramblings…

        • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

          Don’t let me fault your choice of friends. Wool blankets are very comfortable.

  • angel

    To Israel,

    Screw the world and hold on to the territory! A territory that has cost so much blood. The murdering SOBs just want to tighten the grip. So give up nothing because compromise with these criminals is a path to certain genocide.

    To Obama,

    You sir should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this situation to get out of hand.

    I feel like this is the 1930's all over again, only now we have nukes. Has the world gone crazy!

  • trickyblain

    Gee, I never realized Obama had so much power over the entire world! Can he influence the orbit of the sun and make it rain, too?

    He's bad for "letting" Islamic elements take over despots in Egypt and Libya. He's also bad for not "letting" Islamic elements take over despots in Iran. Got it.

    • Anamah

      Sadly, America had voted the wrong person for the Presidency. Fatal error to her exceptional Constitutional Republic he is willing to destroy and for the rest of the world in needs of a strong moral, free society and healthy spirit to inspire and promote goodness in the international conscience. We are loosing our Westerns virtues for good…

  • Larry

    The obamessiah's entire view on the ME was formed by one person, his good friend and offical spokesterrorist Rashid al Khalidi, whom the empty suit met during their moscow on the hudson days.

    The community organizer in chief has come straight out and admitted that his ME policies are those of his tea towel wearing buddy.

  • Fred

    What do you expect from this Jew hating Muslim Freak?

    Remember the misguided liberal Jews who voted for him. He did attend a Jew and white hating "church" for over 20 years. We told you so and tried to warn you.

  • Linda Rivera

    The question is, who do Arab Muslims hate the most? Blacks or Jews? Or do they equally hate Blacks and Jews? Considering the cruel atrocities, kidnappings and genocide of Black innocents in Libya by the U.S. backed Libya rebels, Muslims must NEVER be given one inch of Jewish land.


    The Obama-supported rebels left in charge are now conducting a “large
    scale cleaning in the areas under their control with the extermination
    of all blacks in the capital”, according to The Independent.

    Ruthless genocide of blacks in Libya by US/France/NATO backed Al-Qaeda linked rebels has been going on for months. US/NATO who waged war for months for the Al-Qaeda linked rebels-who murder our troops in Iraq-are RESPONSIBLE for stopping the genocide.

    US/NATO are also responsible for
    rescuing the many terrified blacks kidnapped by the rebels, including the
    kidnapped black children who have been horrendously abused by the
    black-hater Muslim rebels.

    Blacks must have human rights!