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Two days ago, Matt Drudge linked to a new book by Jerome Corsi, unflinchingly titled Where’s the Birth Certificate? The book immediately leapt to number one on Amazon.com, where it has remained ever since.  The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people.  How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace?  How could they wonder about his origins?  Are they all simply racist?

The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American?  The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions.  He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative.  He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

When America elects a president like this, many Americans begin wondering how it happened.  There are always two answers to such difficult questions: the first is optimistically externally-oriented, while the second is realistically reflexive.  It is far easier to believe that the problem of un-Americanism lies outside our borders, that within we are unified.  Hence the oddly persistent belief that politics stops at the water’s edge, that our politicians unify around foreign policy.  But that belief has been obsolete since the 1960s; hence the persistent outrage when certain politicians (see Pelosi, Nancy) travel abroad and then criticize their fellow American officeholders (see Bush, George W.).  We like to think that if we hang together, we will not hang separately.

Thus the stubborn belief that President Obama is born outside the United States.  If he was, the unspoken logic goes, we can understand where he picked up his un-American philosophy.  He is not one of us – he is rather a member of the same global community that despises America and tolerates Islamism, that slams American consumerism and praises Chinese communism, that rips evangelical Christianity while ignoring Muslim-imposed clitorectomy.  We need not worry about our domestic institutions, goes the line of thought – instead, we must focus on protecting ourselves from foreign infiltration.

More realistically, however, President Obama is the culmination of a century of foreign infiltration already in place.  The turning of America’s institutions of higher education took place decades ago; it is too little too late to focus on such infiltration now.  Beginning in the early 20th century, America’s colleges and universities were infiltrated by German thought, then thought to be the most sophisticated in the world.  That school of thought, a merger of Hegelian utopianism and Marxist classism, quickly infected America’s halls of power.  Theodore Roosevelt, always trendy, bought into the new “progressivism” with alacrity, jettisoning the Constitution and capitalism in the process.  Bringing this perverse ideology to American shores, Teddy announced, “We of to-day who stand for the Progressive movement here in the United States are not wedded to any particular kind of machinery, save solely as means to the end desired.”  This was the philosophy of incipient dictatorship.  It was brought to its near-term apex under a college professor, Woodrow Wilson, who thought that the Constitution itself needed to be stripped away.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    This article of Ben Shapiro exemplifies a strange mixture of a valid in-depth analysis and ignorance. Yes, it is very true that "Obama/Soetoro is the culmination of a century of foreign infiltration already in place": the Frankfurt School, Marcuse and similar. And a culmination of a much longer suicidal trend of the rich and powerful of the West:  

    Yet Mr. Shapiro begins with the following:

    "Americans desperately seek an answer to a question why Obama/Soetoro is so un-American" coming to a conclusion as thought it is so "because he was born outside the United States".

    This statement puts the reality on its head and makes idiots of American people.


    • David

      The only early pictures you see of the Great Imposter are ones taken in Indonesian where he grew up and wanted to be Prime Minister of that Muslim country. Obama preached about the importance of transparency and instead of being transparent and just producing his birth certificate to show how stupid Trump andn all birthers are, he insteads spends millions not to produce it. WHY,WHY, WHY? We have the King of Frauds and a Liar in Chief as President, Where are the oath takers who took an oath to defend the constituion against all enemies both foreign and domestic?

    • FunnyMan


    • Steve LeMaster

      That's because you are taking the question out of context. Instead of cherry picking the sentence, why don't read it in its entirety?

    • Steve LeMaster

      Mr Gofen

      Here is the paragraph in its entirety. I suggest you re-read it and revisit your absurd post.

      The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American? The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions. He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative. He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        Here are two distinct issues:

        (a) Obama/Soetoro's status is illegitimate: definitely not Natural Born Citizen, not proven US citizen;

        (b) Obama/Soetoro actions are un-American.

        1) Mr. Shapiro well in-depth covered (b), yet completely ignored (a).

        2) Mr. Shapiro presented the things as though only (b) concerns Americans forcing them to look into the "foreign" roots of the impostor, which is not true.

        Americans do nor want to be fooled! And Americans do want to uphold the Constitution, while the power brokers are shredding it.

        • JacksonPearson

          Until proven other wise, push Barack H. Obama's birth certificate aside for now.

          The main issue of facts before us are Article I, and Article II to the U.S. Constitution, and the known citizenships of Barack H. Obama's II parents, as being American and Kenyan.

          * The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

          * The Framers of the Constitution didn't make a mistake when they spelled out "Citizen" in Article I for the legislative branch. Nor did they error by spelling out "Natural Born Citizen" in Article II for the presidency.

          * Where did the Framers obtain the terms "Citizen" and "Natural Born Citizen" from: Vittales "Laws of Nations," Book 1, Chapter 19, Section 212.

          * Laws of Nations spells out that both parents must be the same "Citizens" of a country to be able to a produce a "Natural Born Citizen."

          * Barack's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was a U.S. Citizen.

          * Barack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan Citizen, or British subject, meaning, the combination of a U.S. Citizen and Kenyan Citizen or dual citizenship did NOT Constitutionally qualify Barack Jr. to be eligible for the U.S, presidency.

          * In a nutshell, because the distinct difference between "Citizen" vs. "Natural Born Citizen" clearly doesn't matter where on mother earth Barack H. Obama II was born. Constitutionally, he doesn't pass muster as a U.S. "Natural Born Citizen." At the present, he's usurping the position, and he knows it!

          • Ken

            You have it right JP, only idiots that don'nt know history would disagree with you

          • JacksonPearson

            Thanks…. :o)

          • BaRockBottom

            Happy Easter to you, JP.

          • JacksonPearson

            Well thank you, and same to you. :o)

          • Hillbilly Heroine

            Thanks, it's been a pleasure watching you work.

        • abccink

          Exactly! The whole time I was reading the article, I was shaking my head no and thinking "No, that's not it at all"! I question where Obama was born and raised BECAUSE he refuses to put the questions to rest. If the answer is so simple, he would bring out the bc, pictures of his youth and educational records. Until then, I continue to wonder who and where he was in the 70's and 80's. I think he dislikes a lot of things about America, but that is not why I question his heritage.

        • 2maxpower

          yes that is very correct. the peer pressure to back off the natural borne issue is incomprehensible to me. yet everyone is afraid to touch it. the fact that Trump is getting so much traction shows the elites are way out of touch with the american people.

          it is a simple and easily challenged issue and they all of them are afraid to say it.

    • Eric

      The idiocy of the American people was in electing a guy with NO executive experience (in either business, gov't, or the military), and who had such an obscure backgrount that went virtually unchecked throughout the campaign.

    • NotDeadYet

      You're not just an idiot, you're a long-winded idiot.

      • Cary

        "Long winded" is what liberals call people who make actual arguments. (Liberals never actually refute or counter-argue, they only throw out ad-hominems.)

        If you believe that the poster to whom you're responding is "an idiot," why not counter his arguments with your own? Instead of resorting to 8-year-old-appropriate name-calling?

        Do I believe that Obama is legally entitled to hold the Presidency? No, but not for the reasons that so many others focus on. Nevertheless, I know that a (small) majority of voters chose him… because to do otherwise was to open yourself up to being called "racist." Yes, oppose a man who happens to be black (or rather, partially black… not even "half" black) for any reason whatsoever and you're a racist.

        Seems to me that this very argument is, itself, quite racist. I oppose Obama, and oppose him strongly, because of the "content of his character," not because of the "color of his skin."

        The ongoing refusal to be transparent about his past is troubling, at best. Suppose, for example, that he really was born in Hawaii, that he really did somehow get a Connecticut Social Security Number (despite never living in CT), never did gain citizenship of another nation, or so forth. That he really did attend the college he's supposed to have attended. And so forth.

        Why not just be open about it? Why not go to Hawaii and get a physical copy of his long-form birth certificate? I mean, EVERY OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, much less every other elected President, has done that, and you or I can view each and every one of those… they're part of the public record, and available to anyone through a FOIA request.

        Why has he failed to do this? There are literally only four options:

        1) He doesn't have one, because he wasn't actually born where he claims he was.

        2) He doesn't have one, but has no idea why not, and hasn't been able to put his hands on it himself.

        3) He knows where it is, could release it at any time, but chooses not to in order to stir up his opposition.

        4) He thinks he's more important than those who are asking, is more important than the law of the land, more important than the Constitution, more important than all of us. And as a result, he feels no need to answer any questions. Sort of like you'd expect from a King… but not from a President of the United States.

        Can you think of ANY other reason? Please, if you can, add them to the conversation, and we'll discuss them.

        Because, any of those four should be enough to worry ANYONE. Not just those on the right. Those on the left should be equally disturbed by the clear evidence of either fraud, incompetence, malice, or entitlement (or some combination of the above).

        Can you honesty give ANY other explanation for his ongoing refusal to fulfill this most basic, and most SIMPLE, requirement?

        For me, I'm more curious about his time at college, where not a single one of his supposed classmates can remember having met the man. And where his transcripts and papers and so forth are all being kept "locked up."

        This as done only one time before in modern American history… and this was with Hillary Clinton (who was not elected at the time, though she held a position of some authority within her husband's White House). She, as a non-elected, non-appointed official could keep her records closed… until she decided to run for the Senate, when these had to be released… and we finally saw her "Ode to Saul Alinsky" thesis.

        What is Obama hiding about his college… and why do none of his alleged classmates remember him?

        • Teddy Ruled

          His birth certificate shows him as CAUCASIAN

        • rick

          Watch out Cary, Deadfromtheneckup might start shooting spit-balls at ya!

        • Truthteller

          Funny you should claim that liberals only throw out ad hominem arguments. Funny because D. Horowitz has made his living using them. . . . . . .

        • dbkaczor

          i for one am sick of hearing debates where there is always someone who says "forget about the birth certificate, its not whats important right now". THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN MAKING SURE ANY POTUS IS ELIGIBLE TO BE SUCH. THE SECURITY OF OUR COUNTRY DEPENDS ON IT!!

        • DickVanDyke

          Um…he did release it, it appears you are not looking very hard or perhaps just in wrong places? http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_t

    • http://www.UncommonSenseNow.com Tom Ballantyne

      No, we're not "desperately seeking" answers. It is obvious to any honest observer that people who seek to hide their past do so for one simple reason: they do, in fact, have something to hide. This is beyond dispute, and all of the branding-the-rational-as-lunatics in the world will not dissuade us from demanding that everyone meet the requirements of the law – even the royal family. Those of us still in possession of the capacity for rational thought must be open and clear about our position on this important issue. It's called the Rule of Law, and of all people our "leader" must submit to it!

    • Napaj

      This is a stupid article. German-American comprise the largest 'white' ethnic group claimed in the United States. Germans are capitalist as well, and given their current robust economic performance, more so than neoconservative Americans — who confuse English free-trade babble as 'American.'

      In reality America always was a multi-ethnic state with a dominant white culture. This is America, not England. We entered both world wars to defend empires that represented everything that is the antithesis of American values.

      We supported the French, British, and other colonialists. The writer is confusing late 19th Century and early to mid 20th Century American Anglophilia for 'American capitalist values.' In reality, the fact we still speak the language of a tiny region on a tiny island that still likes to think of itself as 'separate' from Europe is beyond laughable.

    • http://www.bigdavesplace.com Dahnoo

      Right on – the American people are idiots – what's your point?

    • Wyn

      How long are we going to keep wringing our hands, wailing that our country is being destroyed? I have my own ideas but I would like to see evidence that others are thinking of solutions to stop the rot, and change our elected representatives' behavior. Right now, they seem to think that representation stops at the Beltway. They seem to burrow into the Washington DC culture and ignore those who elected them. That has got to change. My idea? States should pay them a per diem. Serving in Congress should not be a full career.

      • Mike

        Wyn, you are absolutely correct, and I think you've posted the one comment I can completely agree with. That Obama is a problem is no question; the question now is how to proceed and what ACTION is to be taken to fix the problem, not how many rallies we should attend or how much more hand-wringing (as you put it) is to be done.

        You hit the nail on the head as far as D.C. culture, and it is the very reason that the framers of the Constitution set out to create a limited federal government. That idea has been completely ignored, hence the mess we find ourselves in. Once power is obtained however, it is rarely conceded voluntarily. That's the real pickle: How do the states get their sovereignity back without destroying the entire structure?

        For myself, I have serious doubts that the federal government can be fixed. It is too entrenched, too institutionalized and too insulated, and there are too many people dependent on its largesse.

        Our discussions need to turn on the problem of returning to a Constitutional government, or removing states from association with a government that cannot be remedied. Talk of this kind makes you a "domestic terrorist", but that's what most of the framers of the Constitution were considered as, so it's not bad company to be in.

        I'm looking for a leader willing to take this task on. I'm certainly not that kind of material, but there has to be someone out there willing to really buck the system.

    • JSR

      I don't think Obama is "un-American" because he was born outside the US – although I do question his eligibility to be President of the US…based on requirements of the Constitution as well as his past involvements and associations. His past formed his political thinking and is taking our country down a road to socialism and a global economy. We are losing American's identity….and for this I feel Obama is "un-American"

    • Gary

      Sadly, 50% of the American people ARE idiots; they voted for Obama without the slightest idea what his Change was, how he could say he was a Christian and yet believe in many ways to Heaven (true Christians know there is only ONE way to heaven) Totally inexperienced and NOT a leader. These are the kinds of people we laugh at on jay Leno's "JayWalking" because of their stupidity. It is sad times in America indeed.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Indeed, in the US – especially in schools and universities – here are plenty of "progressives" i.e. neo-Bolsheviks, who are 100% un-American, yet born here as American citizens: moreover as – the Natural Born citizens. Each of them could be elected in place of Obama/Soetoro: yet unlike him to be perfectly legitimate!

    American people are not stupid, and they do understand that.

    Americans are desperate for totally different reason: they do not want to be fooled! Unlike Mr. Shapiro, they do realize that a nation is not worth its existence if the most conspicuous constitutional requirement is violated straight into everybody's face.

    Mr. Shapiro seems to be incapable to see the violations more obvious than uncertain birth place of the impostor, or he deliberately equates natural born and common citizenship. Again: Obama's foreign father alone disqualifies him. Obama's Indonesian citizenship alone abrogates whichever citizenship he had at birth. And on the top of it there are plain felonies on him like fraudulent SSN, fraudulent studentship in Columbia, and others.

    • HostileLogic

      "American people are not stupid…"

      53% of American voters pulled the lever for Obama. This completely destroys your argument that Shapiro is somehow ignorant. It is you who fails to act with clarity of intellect.

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president".
      ~ Prager Zeitung, Czech Newspaper, 28 April 2010

    • http://SeaFoodForTheBrain.com TLT

      Well said, Alex Golden. U da scholar. I preciate U. Thomson~FreeTradeMyth,com

    • DrBobNM


      how can you get -24 rating on pt 1 of this post and +46 on the 2nd part? Very odd indeed.

      thoughtful comments, regardless of how one thinks about them.

      • Cary

        It's not hard to understand. There are "liberal mailing lists" out there… driven by people from Media Matters, the Huffington Post, and so forth… and they get their little "chain call alerts" to individual postings. They don't bother to READ comments, for the most part, only to respond as their Masters have told them to do "in order to be part of the kewl kids crowd."

        So, there have been hundreds of punky, illiterate brats (living well off of someone else's money, not producing anything of value themselfs, naturally) who have come here and done as they were commanded by the "Forces of Soros." But since they didn't bother to read… only to "rate as ordered, Mr Soros SIR!" they missed the second part entirely.

        It's sad, really…

    • Vince Y.

      If what you say is true, how about you and others of like mind finally moving to have legal action taken against him leading to impeachment if not charges of a more serious nature?

      • Zigfried

        If proceedings are commenced to remove Mr. Obama from the office he currently holds, then perhaps he will finally produce and actual certified birth certificate. Perhaps. If not, then the impeachement proceedings are the right moves.

    • john

      When a society gets this divided a civil war is not far off. The left is dreaming of a coming collapse so anarchy will prevail and Arlinskys vision of a remake of America will finally happen. One small problem: The average person is not as stupid as the 'academy' thinks we are and if they succeed in creating a depression in the next few years it will be a blood bath. The left has not remade the military yet and it is still overwhelmingly conservative. The average judeo/christian, homophopic, righwing, bigot has been preparing too. We have guns and lots of them. Once the ball drops the dreams of a new government will be a night mare for those who brought it down.

      • aslater

        AMEN BRO…..

      • LOUIS

        His main purpose by his everyday actions is to divide. It's right out of Saul Alinski.

        The "THEY" can rebuidt society as they with. The Press is absent from this debate.

        • Cary

          No, most of the press has chosen a side… and most have chosen the "change" side.

          "Change" is neither good nor bad, of course. Change is only a process. The thing that matters is what you're changing FROM, and what you're changing TO.

          There are three perspectives towards "change."

          There is "conservatism" which means to want to keep things mostly as they are. In the case of the United States, the more proper term would be "Constitutional Conservative" as one who wants to keep the original meaning and intent of the Founders, as documented in the Constitution of the United States.

          There are then two different "pro-Change" methodologies.

          There is "progressivism" which means that you move from point A to point B slowly, through a gradual series of steps, rather than all at once, in a (figuratively or literally) violent fashion.

          Then there is "revolutionism" which is about making the change suddenly, destroying and rebuilding rather than transforming.

          At the time of the American Revolution, those who were "conservative" were those who wanted to stay part of the British Empire. The founders were "progressives" who wanted to gradually move away from British rule, but to do so through transformation, not through revolution.

          It wasn't until King George responded to the pressures of the "progressives" in the colonies by moving troops into Massachusetts that some of these became "revolutionaries."

          Our founders wanted a change. And they got it. It was violent, revolutionary… but they would have been happier had it been "progressive" movement instead.

          See, here's what comes next, though. These same people became "conservatives" once the new system was in place. They wanted to keep, and protect, the new system they'd created.

          See? They were, in sequence, "Progressives," then "Revolutionaries," and then "Conservatives." But they never once changed what their goals were. They never stopped opposing tyranny, never once stopped seeking to cease to be under the rule of King George.

          And they never once wavered from the intent to become a free, independent nation operating as a Constitutional Republic. This was the intention before the revolution, and remained the case after the revolution.

          Today, "Conservatives" are those who want to maintain us as a Constitutional Republic. And "Progressives" and "Revolutionaries" are those who want to turn us into something else.

          If they win… they'll become the "Conservatives" as they try to retain the new system (whatever that is). And we, who want to live under a Constitutional Republic, will become either "Progressives" or "Revolutionaries."

          What matters isn't the attitude towards CHANGE… what matters is the attitude towards what you'd be changing from, and towards what you'd be changing to.

          • We Won

            We won the 2008 election. You lost the 2008 election. If you're so great, don't worry, you'll win the next election and drag America down as fast as possible–destroy the individual, empower the wealthy, start wars, bread and circuses, and try to enslave us all to your brand of "religion." It is you that should be feared, not Progressives.

          • America Lost

            <"drag America down as fast as possible (blow the federal deficit to hell and refuse to stop enslaving our children)–destroy the individual (collectivism), empower the wealthy (Soros and Petrobras / GE), start wars (Libya), bread and circuses (Welfare), and try to enslave us all to your brand of "religion (Islam / sharia law).">

            Thanks for the insight, I couldn't have described the lawless regime any better myself. BTW, "governing" by executive order / regulation = DICTATOR

          • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

            Did u win 2010? Now be honest, if you didn't win 2010 then Don't worry, perhaps you'll win the next election ( under Marshal Law).

          • BaRockBottom

            What has Obama fixed? Take your time, I'm sure you'll need it.

          • Gardentool#5

            You do the Founders a grave disservice calling them Progressives. You logic doesn't pan out as they went to great lengths to remain with crown.

            Progressives believe in setting a goal and whatever it takes to meet that goal is progress. All actions taken are in themselves progress no matter the actions. War is progress as it will further the agenda and is in keeping with the stated goal. War puts people to work, it is the classic, "broken window fallacy"

            There is nobody more regressive than a Progressive.

        • You are the 's

          You are all about dividing, spreading fear, hate, disinformation and lies. Republicans are pure evil and they're hypocrites, too. What happened to another one of your K Street folks–Republican, John Ensign? You are hypocrites and practice anything but family values.

          • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

            Your forgot racist. Guess if you cannot speak in a civil tone fall back to name calling. Is that all you go0t? LOL.

      • The Truth

        As part of the left, we believe it is you, the Right Wing Tea Party folks, that want to destroy the middle class, give more tax breaks to billionaires, and enslave us to huge, faceless corporations and extreme religious/political sects hell bent on eliminating an elected president. You had your chance with Bush, and I'm sure you elect Trump, Palin, Angle or some other great example of intelligence and competence. I got news for you, too, junior, I am also a gun owner. I differ with many of my fellow progressives in that respect. I think that folks like you are a great reason to be armed. You don't care about laws or the will of the people, you're just another ignorant, hateful mob…we've seen your type many times in history–including Hitler's Germany, which you resemble the most of any dictatorship. We are the folks that are for working class people; you are for the rich and powerful.

        • Rob

          Right-wing & Tea Party are two different things. The Tea Party essentially wants government to have less control of our lives & with good reason wants to pay less in taxes & have less waste & fraud in Washington. Probably the biggest misconception about the whole Tea Party & Right leaning people want to give tax breaks to the rich. The question is, "What is rich?" For small business which accounts for more than 70% of US employment & a LARGE % of taxes paid, $250,000 is not necessarily "rich". The fact is that these small business owners take an awful lot of risk & should be rewarded & not penalized for being successful & employing people. For a lot of these businesses, they file individual returns & not corporate. Would you consider most businesses that make $250,000 & have to pay payroll, expenses & invest back into the business as rich?

          • spewking

            Rob, if a person is taking home $250 k per year from their "small business" (this is after payroll and business expenses) then I would say that they're rich and can afford to pay an extra 4% (or about $10k) on their taxes and still live pretty good lives. This is what is being proposed.

        • Westin

          You may represent roughly 25% of the progressives with your gun ownership–and when you say gun, you mean "gun. However, when we – conservatives- say gun, we mean "GUNS". I am not in the tea party, just a simple conservative. I shoot every week, I have legal assault rifles (plural), I have at least 1,000 rounds for each caliber I own. I am not the exception. I am not rich, nor am I powerful, I am not ignorant, nor am I hateful. What I am, is prepared. There are a lot of us who are just plain, conservative folks, and we keep in touch across states, and we don't like what's happening. And we are prepared.

          • spewking

            Westin, why not spend your time on preparing the GOP to win in 2012 instead of worrying about guns and ammo? Seems like a more productive way to spend your time.

        • Will

          If we who find good in the goals of the tea party and conservatism "don't care about laws or the will of the people", as you say, then why are we trying to preserve the principle law of this country, the constitution by forming a consensus of those people with the same goals? The will of the people has been shown by countless polls to be opposed to the left wing ideology, but the administration has ignored the people's will entirely. Don't keep blindly following the left's playbook or you will live to regret it.

        • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

          Don't throw bush into the conservative movement, he is clearly a big government progressive. Didn't bush praise obama and claim he would have supported him during the 2008 election? Yes. Isn't obama continuing most of bush's policies? Yes. As for the rich paying their fair share let obama start with GE, one of his biggest campaign contributors and lets not forget BP. "The truth " is the rich will always have a means to sway lawmakers to "give" them the loopholes they need to not pay taxes. Didn't obama get out of paying his required 35% level? Yes sir, he paid only 27% instead. So your complaing about what again?

      • bubba b

        Amen as well

    • Turks

      Blah, Blah Blah. Just show the damned piece of paper and he will shut EVERYONE up! YES, it's that easy.

    • john

      wow, you are an annoying one, aren't you? Which DNC branch are you employed by?

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        I will repeat the truth after every attempt of others to obfuscate it (even if it is annoying).

        No, I hate Dems and have never been amongst them. I had left Repubs years ago because they betray America and me, and because demoGOPs are the two wings of de facto one Soros party. In fact GOPs cooperated with Dems in planting the impostor.

      • docneaves

        Why would you say he's from some branch of the Dems? Because you're trying to be cute and imply that he's helping Obama? What a lame argument. You DO sound like what YOU accused him of, being a plant, except on the Republican side. Plant or useful idiot, either one.

    • Controse

      Why is no one in Congress calling for impeachment? It is an open and shut case. Is the republic already lost? My god how bright does the sun have to be to see the light?

      • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

        The sun has set and there is great darkness that no man can work. What is working are not men, but beast pursuing purely evil intent.

    • Dr. Charles delaine

      American people aren't stupid, just brainwashed, like Obama——toast to America"s end; without the Divine Providence that led the Founding and flourishing of America that has been so specifically "ripped" from History by Progressives–the demise is very soon. The American suicide, so to speak. Irreversible—probably—-Lies are powerful for the short-term. Truth—well, hope you find it.

      • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

        Don't think of it as suicide, for surely many of us have taught our children well and they will continue no matter what. Think of it as a new beginning as the chaft is swept into the fire.

    • Bill Boswell

      Thank you, Mr. Gofen! Your explanation, not Shapiro's, of why we're concerned fits me to a tee! You've got it. He's wrong.

    • Proud Prog

      Send you're little precious kids to a Glenn Beck's university or perhaps some bible college. If you guys really support the "free" market, quit sending your spoiled children to Ivy League universities.

      • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

        You got that right I have never met so many ignorant people then those from the big schools living off daddy's name and money. Pride comes before a fall, lol you been warned, hahahga.

    • Napaj

      Obama's really not that 'progressive.'

      Hannity and others have drastically overblown his success rate. In reality liberals are furious beyond belief with his constant compromising and weak political gamemanship.

      He failed to close Gitmo, He failed to reverse all the Bush civil rights violations. He failed to stop the Bush-Cheney police state from expanding. He failed to direct us toward a more Reaganesque foreign policy.

      With the intervention in Libya…he looks more like a neocon than a Jimmy Carter. Even Reagan and Bush Sr. have far more isolationist 'liberal' foreign policies. The dirty truth is that the GOP hasn't become more right-wing, it's just become neoconservative. From Nixon all the way to the late Clinton years it was de facto Republican GOP policy to oppose Clintonesque nation building schemes.

      It was Bush and his 'fetish' for illegal immigrants and for corporations' using illegal labor and also his 'thing' for free trade that mark him as distinctly more liberal than his father, the Gingrich-Lott-Dole congressional Republicans, or Reagan.

      Bush Jr. lacked his father's isolationist but internationalist advisers, and lacked his father's common sense and experience. And that's why his presidency was such a miserable failure. Just look @ the job creation numbers…the first decade since the 1930s where 20+ million jobs were not created. In fact we had a net loss of jobs. And you can't blame it on the Democrats either. The GOP had control of the White House from 01 thru 09 and had control of congress for most of those years and even during those years the Democrats damn near rubber stamped everything he wanted, including the surge in Iraq….

    • kbfore

      You are correct: His father disqualifies him. This is what should be discussed, not where he was born.

      • Paul Freedman

        Incorrect. His mother was an American. Besides the Certificate of Live Birth, Hawaii maintains a vital statistics folder of its citizens publicly accessible with the contemporaneous statistics of his Hawaiian birth. He was an American citizen born in America. The obsession with disbelieving Hawaii's repeatedly confirmed records of his American birth is nuts. Having an Indonesian or Kenyan or Martian father doesn't mean anything. btw all the crap about the Frankfurt school is itself reductionist semi-literate drivel.

    • TruthJustIs

      You say Americans do not want to be fooled, and yet, in the cases of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and in the many cases of uber-liberal legislators like Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Ellison, that is exactly what has occurred. And the primary enablers to fooling the American people…… the mainstream media. Much more dangerous than the inflitration of American Education has been the total decomposition of the American Media. I am simply flabbergasted as this "perfect storm" of destruction of that fabric of America originally intended by the Founders. I am absolutely certain that if any American were asked, simply and for honorable purposes, "May I see your birth certificate?", that they would gladly and proudly produce the legal document. This farce we call our President is the "perfect storm" of everything that has gone wrong with this country since the early moments of the 1960s. And let's not kid ourselves… he is not the first-born of that process, because that honor belongs to Bill Clinton (Carter is a bastard child). Oh, yes, and, by the way, Hillary lurks in the shadows, quietly and definitively planning her own "coup".

    • Mike

      Wow. This guy Alexander drinks the Obama Kool-aid by the bucket, doesn't he?

    • justin

      Alex, put down the pipe! Obama's father citizenship doesn't disqualify Obama. It's only Obama's citizenship and place of birth that disqualifies him. Stop making a fictional reality dude!

      • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

        You have obvious never studied the Law of citizenship in which case you are ignorant, or your trying to ignore the law in which case your deceitful, which is it?

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        It cannot be true just because you said so (not referring to any sources). The sources are briefed here:

        It is the media which deliberately keeps confusing "ordinary citizenship" vs. the "Natural Born citizenship" – a much stronger requirement, intended to exclude dual loyalty of the contenders.

        If you speak about ORDINARY citizenship, a person may happen to have dual or multiple citizenship (within the law). As to the NATURAL BORN citizenship, it is an oxymoron! If a person had ever acquired any other citizenship, it nullifies his Natural Born citizenship. If a person's father was a foreigner, the person is not Natural Born no matter what.

        • 2maxpower

          obviously you see what the truth is up against. I agree with you that if this goes unpunished America is probably dead.

    • FBM

      What are you talking about? What does his father's citizenship have to do with anything? He was born in the USA and has been a US citizen his whole life. The only way to no longer be a citizen is to renounce your citizenship, for which there is a very specific process (which Obama clearly has not done). Citizenship cannot be stripped by a court. Nor does having a foreign citizenship "abrogate" your US citizenship (and this is extremely well established).

      While there are certain actions that can be cause for revocation of citizenship, according to the state department, these can only be grounds for revocation if the action is "performed voluntarily and with the intention of renouncing citizenship."

      the following circumstances can cause loss of US citizenship, even if not undertaken with the intent of renouncing citizenship:
      1. formally renounces U.S. citizenship before a consular officer;
      2. serves in the armed forces of a foreign state engaged in hostilities with the United States;
      3. takes a policy level position in a foreign state;
      4. is convicted of treason; or
      5. performs an act made potentially expatriating by statute accompanied by conduct which is so inconsistent with retention of U.S. citizenship that it compels a conclusion that the individual intended to relinquish U.S. citizenship. (Such cases are very rare.)

      its amazing how much time people spend worrying about this without bothering to find out the basic facts.

      • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

        "What are you talking about? What does his father's citizenship have to do with anything? He was born in the USA and has been a US citizen his whole life."

        If what you say is true then obama entered Pakistan criminally when it was unlawful for Americans to go there. Are you saying obama is a criminal?

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        It is not true what you said (not referring to any sources). The sources are briefed here:

        It is the media which deliberately keeps confusing "ordinary citizenship" vs. the "Natural Born citizenship" – a much stronger requirement, intended to exclude dual loyalty of the contenders.

        If you speak about ORDINARY citizenship, a person may happen to have dual or multiple citizenship (within the law). As to the NATURAL BORN citizenship, it is an oxymoron! If a person had ever acquired any other citizenship, it nullifies his Natural Born citizenship. If a person's father was a foreigner, the person is not Natural Born no matter what.

  • DukeLacrosse20

    Obama is a symptom of cultural and societal rot brought about by out of control immigration (legal and illegal) and the rise of the race pimps of the left. Unless half the population goes back home, we're going to be dealing with these problems the rest of our lives. We're going to need an all out civil war or a total collapse of the economy to get a fresh start again because we have an aggressive cancer growing across the entire country.

    • tanstaafl

      if obama salaama planned to destroy western civilization and make himself the twelfth imam, WHAT WOULD HE HAVE DONE DIFFERNTLY????

    • beedogs

      What's your "solution", then, Duke? Does it involve kicking out everyone who isn't white?

      • MAKE MY DAY

        No….It involves throwing everybody out who is here ILLEGALLY!!! Don't try to make this a "race" issue!!! Keep the "Race" card out of this discussion!!

        • JohnK144

          "Keep the "Race" card out of this discussion!!"

          That's the only card the leftists have to play.

          • Corporal Payne

            But it's so easy to play the race card…I mean, who here actually likes "The Blacks" anyway?

        • Richard

          Way to go!

    • paysonbcsense

      Dead on. The only reason we haven't addressed the illegal immigration predictament is for political gain and corporate profit. Not a great basis for decaying a culture and ruining a society.

      Everyone pleads for common sense answers, but power and money breed arrogant greed and ultimately stupidity.

    • CCW1911

      I totally agree. "We have an aggressive cancer growing across the entire country".

    • DD3
    • AmericanConservative

      You say "We're going to need an all out civil war or a total collapse of the economy" Well my friend, you are just as bad as the left. I am not against them because of their labels, I am against them because they only fight for some supposed future, and do not care if everyone in the present suffers. They, like you, have the arrogance of believing that they have all the answers,.

      People are not Cancer. That is the whole problem with radicals, which you are. They start with stripping human dignity. What the nation needs, what the world needs, is true conservatives who believes in the value of human life and individual liberity. Who work within the framework of our Constituion, and influence people on the battle field of ideas. People, who cannot accept the world as it exists, not as they wish, are the problem. People who are willing to overturn everything.

      • Johnny Flame

        I overturn trashcans all the time ('cause it's so easy).

    • Endyr

      G-d help us, but I think you as well as Jefferson, were right on this topic.

    • Johnny Reb

      Totally Agree !!

    • hardrain77

      He's a product of corporate globalism. The belief that all the world needs to be consolidated and run by the wealthiest 1% in Wall street and the Pentagon. Every president since probably Roosevelt has been made to believe that what we need is the one world order. These are the times we live in.

    • Corporal Payne

      Hopefully it's the dark half…hunh? hunh? Wouldn't that be great?

    • paralegalnm

      Actually, Obama's British nationality at birth is per se, not prima facie. The Certification of Live Birth as proof of U.S. birth is 'prima facie.'

      Otherwise, you are correct. Obama is a citizen at birth by statute, the mother's U.S. citizenship having legal jurisdiction due to her U.S. citizenship, residency, and a bigamist Kenyan father who abandoned the family and lost legal parentage. See 8 USC 1101, 8 USC 1409, 8 USC 1401.

      Mr. Shapiro is an intellect of some proportion, but he needs to consider this issue more carefully and broadly. Wong Kim Ark misinterpreted the 14th Amendment, and now we suffer form a 'collective dissonance' which is destroying our sovereignty.

    • Fred Dawes

      You are so right about obama think you, but its not only obama its the butt's who run this country and the RATS We never see.

    • http://www.photonsoflight.com photonsoflight

      Conditions cannot continue as they are much longer. Sometimes a fire clears away much underbrush and makes a forest more healthy.

    • Rino

      Ain't it the truth brother….. We are so screwed…..

  • Robert Laity

    Natural-Born Citizen-"One born IN a country of parents who are citizens".

    While Obama BC is important it is prima facie that Obama,Sr. was a British Subject at thye time of Obama's birth. That made Jr. also a BRIT at birth. http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/08/17/there-is-n

    • SueK

      Exactly, Robert; thank you!

      Ineligible because his father was a Kenyan citizen and never an American citizen.

      Game's over, Obama; do not stop, do not collect $200, go directly to jail (which is where you belong).

    • Markangelo

      In Amerika one is ones own man;
      U are not determined or judged by UR father's past !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Know UR freedom; there are no landed gentry here.

      • TxVet

        The U.S. Constitution over-rules your comment.

    • aflemin3

      If memory serves, according to state department citizenship rules in force around the time Barack was born, there were two methods that a child could acquire citizenship in the U.S.: be born in a state/territory/protectorate under the sovereign control of the U.S., or be born to at least one parent who had been a citizen for more than five years and was older than 19.

      Thus, for example, I read an internal memo for the McCain campaign which concluded that McCain was "natural born" even though he was born in the canal zone, because he was born within territory subject to U.S. sovereignty and because his parents were capable of passing their citizenship by blood; it seemed to sit on a solid constitutional footing.

      My understanding was that Barack's mother could not give him citizenship by blood because she would have been only 18 at the time he was born. Thus, for him to be a citizen he would have to have been born in the U.S.

      But, you seem to be saying that "Natural Born Citizen" requires both, not either or? I am not especially well studied on the issue and would appreciate some guidance about how the Constitution distinguishes between "natural born" citizens and regular ones?

      • aslater

        According to the 14th Amendment and the Supreme Court rulings before and after it the citizenship of the parents are not an issue…..it's the "location" of the birth that determines citizenship.

        • aflemin3

          Could you cite the rulings?

          I found the memo I was talking about. It seems to directly challenge the premise that citizenship is a function of geography alone. By the way, I'm not vouching for the site itself; the memo is just hard to find online. Just skip the guy's article and read the entire memo which is linked at the bottom of the page.


          Just as a general matter, I find it hard to believe that the founders would have envisioned a system in which its citizens' children born abroad would be ineligible. John Quincy Adams was a foreign diplomat for most of his life before becoming President–why should his children be ineligible for the Presidency for his competence in the service of his country, i.e. because they were conceived and born during his lengthy tenure abroad? That would not seem to make sense to me.

          Here's a really detailed explanation of this issues I just looked up. It, too, seems to reject the notion that only juis soli can provide a sound basis for naturalization by birth.

        • John Creasy

          This isn't even an issue with eligiblity. The term "NBC" has always meant a child born of 2 American citizens, until this century apparently. The founders knew exactly what it meant, that 's why they had this as a special qualifier for the office. You are dead wrong.

      • p3orion

        Actually, the relevant law in place at the time said that at least one parent had to have been a US citizen, who had resided in the US for five years after having reached the age of fourteen. (The rules are different today for the mother, but that law is still in effect for fathers to pass their citizenship onto the child.) Since she was only 18, she couldn't meet that standard, and his father was not a US citizen, so the only thing left to give him US citizenship is where he was born.

        Therefore it becomes a matter of whether he was born in Hawaii as he states (although he has varied as to whether it was at Queens Hospital or Kapiolani Medical Center) or in Kenya as his paternal grandfather and aunt have stated.

    • Lori

      Exactly right, why is that not an issue?

    • JackHammer

      Extending your logic — he is not British either as his mother was not Birtish. IAW Title 8 USC 1401 Section 301 (1952) there are eight conditions under which a person is born with U.S. citizenship. Only condition (c) requires that both parents be U.S. citizens. If Obama was born outside the US, then Section (g) applies. If that is the case, then Obama is not a natural born US Citizen since his mother was not old enough to confer citizenship.
      This is the 1986 version. Section g was changed. In 1961 the requirement was 5 years. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/8/1401.html

      • TxVet

        Yes, but you had to be an Indonesian citizen to go to school there in the 1960's. He went to school there, his step father was Indonesian and his mother stayed there after he was sent to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. When you put all the known or conjectured facts together (i.e.Connecticut SSN, foreign aid while a student in the U.S., his Indonesian step dad adopted him and last, anyone can get a copy of the birth cetificate he showed). it seems like an unbiased press would have looked into this before the election. Oops! My bad! We don't have an unbiased press!

    • trickyblain

      "One born IN a country of parents who are citizens".

      Why do you have quotes around something that is totally untrue?

      Otherwise Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Chester Arthur, Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover would never held office.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Yes. And it also makes him a Muslim by Shariah Law. He is STILL a Muslim unless he can produce some document stating that he has recanted the Muslim faith. Sitting in "the oh so reverand" Jeremiah Wright's "church" for twenty years changes nothing. In point of fact, I consider that pretty damning evidence in its own right.

      • gifron

        We do not recognize Shariah law.

        • Looking4Sanity

          Yeah. We kinda do. I'm pretty sure it's covered under that pesky 1st Amendment clause…Freedom of Religion. It's also recognized by every Muslim on the planet. So…if Barry Sotero is indeed a Muslim, HE recognizes it just fine.

          You need to wise up. THe fact that his head is still attached to his neck is a pretty good indication that he's never recanted Islam.

          • BaRockBottom

            Happy Easter to you, L4S.

    • Annette S

      So you see this, too! NO ONE will say it this way. IF Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly presented it this way, Americans would have gotten it by now and flooded the streets with protests to remove him.
      I have written and emailed each of them, plus my Senators and Rep. and have not received one reply….I will NEVER vote for any of the current Senators or Rep. again.

    • http://tnolpp.ning.com/ batazoid

      But was Obama a British subject after Kenya declared its independence from Britain?
      Answer: If Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims, he would be a native U.S. Citizen, as he, himself, has referred to himself as. He would not be an Art. II natural born citizen.

    • bob

      You, my friend, are right on target.

  • geez

    I thought it was odd that the document they had on CNN from Hawaii listed the child's birth name as Barrack Hussein Obama. I thought his birth name was Barry and he later changed his name to Barrack. Wherever he was born he needs to be impeached just based on his unwillingness to uphold our laws. He's no friend of the United States of America. He's doing everything he can to mold America into his fathers dreams. I say, go mold Kenya into your father's dreams… get the hell out of here. And take Lurch with you!

    • Mark Matis

      Impeachment is done by the House of Representatives. Do you really see Speaker "Weepy" Boehner having the guts to let that happen? Even if he IS impeached, removal would have to be done by the Senate. I would remind you that Harry Reid is Majority Leader there. Not to mention the jackasses-in-elephant-suits such as McCain, Snowe, Graham, Collins, and Murkowski. In your wildest dreams, can you even imagine getting at least 30 votes for removal there?

      The stench is overwhelming.

      • aflemin3

        I think if the book has some damning evidence in it, sitting Democrat senators might abandon him. Then again, it might get another conservative tsunami elected to congress. Some 27 Democrat seats are up for re-election this term, and some 10 Republican seats. Taking them all would easily give us the tools to convict in the Senate if impeached in the House.

        For my part, I think painting the D party has having co-conspired in the most massive election fraud in U.S. history would probably shake things up considerably. Senators seeking elected office as Democrats could easily be forced (by their opponents) to say whether they would vote to convict if elected. You could make a campaign issue out of it.

        Assuming that such a tactic worked, I think there any number of serious Constitutional issues that the aftermath would raise: what happens to all legislation signed by the impostor? what about the executive orders? If he is impeached for fraud, is that treason? Should it be punished capitally? Should the President pardon him? What if his fraud is discovered while he is still in office–arguably the 25th does not apply in that situation–so who is president if he gets removed?

        This could be a landmark moment in U.S. history.

        • Big_Bear

          A conservative tsunami would also sweep Obama from office. What the book could do, if there were some damning evidence of his Constitutional ineligibility, would be inspiring a challenger for the Democratic nomination. He might not even be on the ballot in 2012.

          • aflemin3

            It's certainly possible–although with his approval numbers in the toilet, I'm not sure I mind him being the DNC's candidate. However, I kind of think that republicans would be able to "waive the bloody shirt," as it were, for quite a few election cycles.

        • ablubud

          The two biggest American election frauds were the W Bush APPOINTMENTS of 2000 and 2004.

    • aew

      Show O-BOMB-A official document of Name Change!

    • margaret gee

      i sure do agree with you!He is a shame and disgrace to our great country.And I don't think he even won the election.

    • icetrout

      That pack of nasty obama-dykes is a very good reason to impeached his commie-ass.

    • 1Ladyliberty

      I used to say impeach Obama but now I want him tried for treason….

      • Dennis X

        Four more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • timebomb

          go to hell.

      • deedee4him

        The TRUTH will all come into the LIGHT in time….hopefully before the 2012 elections because if Barry/Barak Soetoro/Obama is re-elected I will have to move from my homeland the USA. Where to go?

    • Jeff

      The bottom line is the BC is a fake. Where is the certificate he had to produce to get his passport?

      • Farbar

        A most excellent point. He had to get a passport long before he became President and a birth certificate or adequate document is required (I had to come up with mine). Of course, it's possible he's had a passport ever since he was a kid when the rules were a bit more lax and he was traveling overseas at those young ages. All he or his mother had to do over the years was keep renewing the passport and you don't need the BC when you do that.

    • deedee4him

      Why is EVERYTHING so secretive with Barack/Barry Obama/Soetoro….did he apply for a Foreign student loan while in college? Is there something on his Illinois Bar application? All records (everything) was sealed by executive order 5 minutes after President Obama was sworn in….and our President has spent US$2M to keep it all from being exposed????

      • DEE DEE DUMB

        He DeeDee4him, you seem to have a lot of great theories. Why don't you quit your job, if you have one, and write a bestseller and make millions? Oh, I know, you'd have to leave your mom's basement, get a job, and obtain your GED.

        • Farbar

          deedee4him has a good point. Obama's records are off limits from his Harvard days to his medical records. Same with Clinton, Gore, and Kerry. W's records were out there for the world to see as were H.W.'s and Reagan's.

    • JackHammer

      Initially his name was Barack Husein Obama. He was adopted by his step-father and moved to Indonesia. Indonesian elementary school records list him as Barry Hussein Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. There is no record of Obama acquiring US permanent residency by the age 23, to become a Naturalized US citizen. Nor is there a record of him changing his name again. Therefore Barry Hussein Soetero is still a Muslim apostate, Indonesian, illegal alien, who, according to his wife, was born to a single, young girl.

      • tina

        He was never legally adopted by his Step father.
        Moving to a foreign country at the age of 6 his parent could put anything on his school registration, what would he have to do with it?

        • TINA NUTS

          You guys are truly idiots. I wish you would spend as much time on doing something productive, as you do on formulating yet another stupid conspiracy theory.

        • canusee

          The divorce papers for his mother and Lola Soetoro list Barry as THEIR adult DEPENDENT son. Google it — it is out there.

    • coh


      • DOH, it's COH!

        COH, I agree, impeach that war criminal George W Bush, and his accomplice, the real former president, the mealy mouthed Dick Cheyney.

    • On Man

      I agree with you 110%. He is a disgrace and should be impeached, but he won't because CNN, NBC, and others are all supportive of him and his anti=American agenda. By the way, I am a naturalized US citizen and love this country more than life itself.

      • MAN on MAN

        Turn off FOX NEWS and learn something. I love the US, have fought for the US, and I helped elect President Obama. You only seem to believe in democracy when it's one of your candidates. You are sore losers and giant, whiny babies. Change your diaper!

        • bubba lafayette

          cencorship of the internet,supporting the muslim brotherhood,shoving idiotic healthcare down our throats,provocatively attacking pakistan(a nuclear power)calling Americans slugs,etc,etc-your candidate sucks,asshat

        • Mrs. Alamo

          No honorable U.S. Military man or woman would write what you wrote.
          You may have "fought for the US", but not in OUR military.
          Go away.

    • Joan


      • geez

        You know Joan we can't let this loser take us down the road Europe is desperately trying to get off. If we don't stand, no one stands.

    • Hate The Tea Party

      Don't want to be an American Idiot. Fellow progressives: Wake up! These people are thugs and no friends of democracy. IF they don't win or get their way, they become violent. Do not try to reason with these Tea Bag folks; they are incapable of anything approaching reason. Arm yourself and be ready for them.

    • Suzie


    • mike


    • misha

      I thought that was brilliant point. I would like to know that, is this state law that every baby is born in Hawaii requires his name to be published in a NEWS PAPER!! I do not think so.

    • Tom

      Couldn't have said it better…….Obama is the insurgent of the American Trojan horse scenario……isn't this abundantly obvious to all? When will one of our members of the House present articles of impeachment? Imagine Bush doing 5% of the nonsense that Obama has done? He would have been gone after his first year.

      ABC, NBC and CBS are shameless….. a propaganda czar is all that is needed…I suppose Sunstein will qualify, huh?

    • John

      I AGREE!! He SWORE to UPHOLD the Laws and defend the CONSTITUTION of the USA against ALL ENEMIES Foreign and domestic, but how does that work when YOU ARE the dOMESTIC ENEMY?? He should IMPEACH /ARREST HIMSELF?? Their are ALOT of others that took the same OATH. WHERE ARE THEY in ALL OF THIS!!??

    • Jonny

      Wow you really are stupid aren't you?

    • Nick

      What is on Barack Obama’s original birth certificate that he has spent millions to keep from being revealed. If he was born in the US Hawaii than what’s the problem. The best answer I’ve herd yet is that maybe Barack Hussein Obama Sr. is not his real father. If that were the case then it means the book he wrote “Dreams from My Father“: A Story of Race and Inheritance, was invented. In other words a fake book based on a fictitious father. It’s a possibility, but if it were true than Jr. absolutely has no credibility and everything about all his other life claims have no weight and probably fraudulent as well. We know that everything about his presidency to date has been a lie so far as policy is concerned, so why not just make it official and chalk it up as the USA’s first Affirmative Action President.. This will quiet all critics in the press and politicians alike, because if they dare say anything it would be considered racist ..unfortunately. Either way BO wins..

  • PhillipGaley

    "The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people."

    Well, "the media" are semi-educated in a narrow, largely abstract area of thought, dependent upon checks—most of them, on rather small checks—to, as is said, keep body and soul together, and being dependent so, they are probably, rather easily persuaded to give up part of their mind—their thinking processes.

    And just one example, after the BP blowout, one report who was supposed as of some familiarity with oil spills and so forth, during a C-SPAN interview, said that, he didn't know what explosives would have to do with the blowout; so, . . .

    Helen what's her name, in cursing Israel, is another; the failure in the media for in-depth reporting concerning the cash-for-clunkers deception would be another; BP spill clean-up(?) is another; Eric Holder, basically, letting the bad guys off the hook would be another; so, . . . yeah, it's sad, . . . what the once great nation is now turning out for reporters and journalists, . . .

    • ConradCA

      It's not a matter of ignorant media. The media wants to change our country to a socialist paradise and they are actively working to support Obama in furtherance of that goal. Remember Journo-list? How the MainStream Media (MSM) used email to coordinate their manipulation of the news to ensure a victory for the progressives? That proves that it is not ignorance but dereliction of their duty to fairly report the news that drives the MSM.

    • Lassiter

      The media does what it is told. Where are the Edward R. Murrows? Where is HONEST, IN DEPTH, RESEARCHED reporting? The evening news (TV) is nothing more than a popularity contest with no content and mostly lies. You actually have to get your own "real" news. Sad, bad and America has no one to blame but themselves. Speak up, Speak out.

    • ablubud

      What DID "explosives" have to do with the BP well pressure containment failure? Enlighten us, oh (un)wise one.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    There is a high wall between Americans, separating those who question Obama's credentials and those who in blind devotion fawn on this possible fraud. Reveal all documents concerning the birth, past, schooling. and travel of Obama and let the truth speak for itself. The wall is beginning to show signs of wear and a crack in it is growing. In time, the media will turn on their king in order to sell their rags – in short they will kick him while he's down!

    • John C.

      "truth" and 0bama should not be used together

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        John, the truth will stand on its own!

    • Agent_of_Chaos

      It's not just his credentials we question, but also his abilities beyond his B.S. and blame deflection.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        His credentials make him a community organizer aka agitator!

    • Gary Hench

      Kicking obama while he's down may be catharcic, but it will have little value, meaning, or worth since, by that time, all the laws in the United States will be lain flat.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        Gary, you mean cathartic, yes, however; I think the USA would adapt quite quickly to readajust and handle contingencies.

    • chbeyer

      What are you smoking or drinking. NO the media will not turn on Obama. They, in general despise conservatives. They will always circle the wagons for the first Black POTUS and fellow traveler who brought us national healthcare.

    • james

      The AP reporter stated the following:
      Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.
      This report explains the context of the oft cited debate, between Obama and Keyes in the following Fall, in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.

  • Gunner57

    Did you notice the pass the neocons are giving to Michelle Bachmann for selling out on the birth certificate issue? And she wants to be president. Just what we need another cowardly Republican ready to sell us out on anything and everything especially if you accuse them of racism.

    • JJV

      LOL, duuuude, Bachmann sold out to no one. What she did is deny lil' Stephie the sound bite he so desperately wanted. Where you deaf to how many times he asked her if it was a dead issue? He wanted soooo badly for her to be able to be seen in a pice of tape as a "crazed birther" as the desperate Left claims anyone must be who wouuld DARE question anything about the messiah you liberals love to kneel and drool before.

    • GSNP

      Yes, Michelle Bachmann is a SELLOUT – can't trust a sellout. She got her NAME out there in questioning "O's" birth – but said nothing of NOT a Natural Born Citizen.
      Any candidate who does NOT want irrefutable proof of Natural Born Citizen does NOT deserve our vote for President – she supports the IMPOSTOR.

    • Anon

      Gunner57, a true example of the" American Idiot" popularized by the eponymous song sung by the band Green Day.

    • myyellowbike

      No, I didn't notice that at all. Bachmann has to be careful of the snakes on the left. Their handiwork is wellknown, they are sexists and whatever other bigotry they are free to use. She was basically dismissive of the issue. We don't need a martyr.

    • FedUpInCA

      She has to let others take on that fight and knows that if she gave the libtards the chance at accusing her of being a "birther", it would go a long way at not only jeopardizing her presidential run, but branding the entire Tea Party as "crazy" since she is seen as one of their leaders.

      It was a neccessary political move, and besides, Trump has done a good job of resurrecting the issue.

    • patches12

      Listen Dude, as much as I agree with your sentiment, THIS IS A LOST CAUSE…



    • craig

      The most common insult coming from a coward, is to call others a coward. There is no bother of supporting the insult with proof of any kind. obviously a raving lunitic socialist. Count your days brother, because the end of this is coming soon. Have a wonderful day.

    • wncchester

      "Did you notice the pass the neocons are giving to Michelle Bachmann for selling out on the birth certificate issue?"

      I'm a conservative, no 'neo' about it. At this point, other than hopefully being a lesson in reality to the left, it really doesn't matter about BO's place of birth, he is where he is and we need to deal with things as they are. NOTHING is gained by attacking our own for not agressively barking up a tree that may or may not have a possum in it.

    • Conservative Mark

      Yeah, I would like to bitch slap anybody that plays that race card. Fact of the matter is, Barry is half white so I can be just as upset with the blacks who defend a fraud for President. Being a TRUE American does not involve race or religion.

      • Racist Mark.

        I have never meet a true Conservative who isn't a racist. Oh, sure, you hide it pretty well and pretend to like Michael Steele or you one black co-worker. You are racists and this is proven on a daily basis. Did you guys publish any more photos of Obama posed with apes?

        • OILBAMA

          That's his family tree, according to you evolutionists.
          You don't believe in God, you believe we come from apes,
          so whats the problem, hypocrites?

          • Conservative Shucky

            Monkeys are fun…I throw bananas at them when they're waiting for their welfare checks. When God destroys the liberals, hopefully he takes the Blacks too, 'cause they keep stealing our women.

        • ENR

          If you have never met a true conservative who isn't racist, then you undoubtedly have not made a genuine effort to do so. If you desired to be honest, you would say the vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political stance, are not racist. And you, sir or madam, appear to be hopelessly biased against conservatives for no valid reason.

        • Chuckster

          - "this is proven on a daily basis" It is? Give one concrete example that is not a psychotic liberal fantasy or something you read in your porno book.

    • Thron

      Right on!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick

      You bring up a good point. It angers me how so many Republicans (especially the moderates and multi-term old guard lifers) have ducked on this issue. If asked (by liberal or conservative commentators) where they stand on this, they always say how they believe he was born in America, in Hawaii and just laugh it off even though they have no idea or proof themselves. Tea party Republicans pride themselves on the US Constitution. So being this is a Constitutional requirement, makes me wonder if it really matters to them. What they ought to do is say how odd it is that this single issue among all the others, were never vetted or questioned in any way by the mainstream media when he became a candidate. No medical records, no IRS returns, no voting records, incomplete educational records, no business experience, no affiliations covered w/all the other characters from the past and on and on. You know Damn well that if he’d been a Republican the media would’ve had a field day, every day till he bowed out! If Corsi’s book reveals and proves that he does not qualify, what will politicians and the media do, laugh if off again? Either way I can’t wait to see how they’ll spin it because you know they will. If they do nothing, I believe there will be an outcry towards the media and all politicians the likes of which we haven’t seen since the riots of the 60’s..

    • Gunning For Gunner

      Finally, Michelle Bachmann tells the truth and says something that makes sense. I guess she gave up on investigating who the true Americans are, right? You are a bunch of dangerous mob mentality simpletons who threaten this great democracy. See you at the ballot box in 2012.

    • martha washington

      i am a tea party girl who has been to washington 11 times since the movement began..michelle bachmann is no sellout…i have had the privilege of meeting her and jim demint, etc. several times..the lame stream media deliberately tried to make her make a statement that they would brand her with forever, to override all her hard work and positive message and she was too smart to fall into their trap..so don't be so quick to judge..she is a straight arrow and just like sarah, the media treats them like crap while the so called feminists stand by and do nothing.. stay strong..these women are taking the heat.. our tea party is constantly being derided, but we love our country and will continue to fight the forces that try to destroy it!

    • Gunner58

      Dood, that's so racist. Why do you hate white people so much?

    • Aaron Burr

      Gunner, Gunner, Gunner. Start with the truth. If he was born here – fine; if not, that's fine too. He is counter to traditional American culture in either event. Harping on the birther issue just helps him and the move-on.org-ers in 2012; it stains a faction of the right as subnormal IQ. Is that your goal. Does that make you a fifth column progressive? Who knows?

      But, he just needs to go in either event.

      Political sniping doesn't do anything but make you "feel good." Feelings are for liberals and women; thought is for conservatives and men – and possibly even hardened feminists as they certainly do not portray typical female attributes.

      The sides are drawn, the ditches dug, and the barricades erected. You just have to decide which side you are on.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    An April Fool's Day joke on the internet had Donald Trump offering a handsome reward of $5 million to anyone who could produce a copy of Obama's original long form birth certificate. This gave me the idea of Trump confronting Obama directly on the issue with a Five Million Dollar Challenge. What I mean is this:


    • Steve

      My viewpoint: the 2012 election will be a battle unlike any in the history of the Republic. The Left will more than likely bring down the Republic than accept Obama as a one term President. The GOP needs to go way outside the box to field a candidate who is passably conservative who will grow stronger in the face of personal attacks even worse than Sarah Palin and her family were/are subjected to (hard to imagine). Mr. Trump has demonstrated two things to me so far. He'll go after Obama with direct attacks, and he'll do the same with the MSM. No other GOP candidate has the personal qualities that Mr. Trump has that will be necessary to deal with the overwhelming MSM attacks against the GOP we all know are coming. And most of Mr. Trump's beliefs are quite conservative.

      • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

        Enter text right here!Good post, Steve. Agressive, confrontational and fearlessly ripping into Obama while taking no crap from the media Trump is Obama's polar opposite and shows the way to victory in 2012.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    If Obama is being truthful and has nothing to hide then Trump should test him with an offer he can't reasonably refuse. The offer will be the sum of $5 million (or more) as a donation to Obama's favorite charity* in exchange for going public with an authentic copy of his original birth certificate. If Obama ignores the offer and is willing to endure the bad publicity of depriving a humane and worthy charity of millions in needed funds (done over a paltry birth certificate) then we can be certain that he's hiding something far more damaging-the bad PR being the lesser of two evils. This I believe is the best way forward for nailing the president on this issue and vindicating or humiliating Trump and the birthers.

    Click my name and read more of this widely linked article on my top Townhall.com blog.

    • cautious

      Beware… Obama knows that this birth certificate issue will make a mockery of the republicans. Paying a paltry couple of million dollars to hide nothing – but divide the opposition the way it has – could be the most brilliant campaign strategy ever. There's something fishy about all of this. There's just enough to lure us in all the while taking our eye off the ball and the real issues.

      • Vaughan

        Cautious gives Obama too much credit. When handled properly in the way suggesed by Apollo, or some variation thereof, it can become a political liability for him, and an electoral plus for Republicans.

      • Vaughan

        You give Obama too much credit. When handled properly in the way Apollo suggests, or some variation thereof, it can become a political liability for him, and an electoral plus for Republicans.

    • Nobama

      Great idea! He might offer some sum for his academic records as well. The list goes on. It's time to expose this Imposter in Chief.

    • The Truth

      I like the idea. However, to make it even more enticing than $5 million, how about us stupid "birthers" set up a charity fund and seek donations. There are at least 5 million people out there who would be willing to donate at least $10 to the cause. That would be an additional $50 million!

      Offer $55 million to some UN Combat Children Hunger Fund or AIDS Awareness Fund. Do a marketing blitz with slogan "President Obama, please don't let the children die. Please show your BC. For the children."

    • ByteRider

      I have a better idea, Apollo [although I do like yours].

      Let Obama understand that once his B/C is released– and it will be– if he is hiding evidence that he is not a citizen, he, his management staff, and senior democrats will be investigated, put on trial, and the knowing parties be served with conspiracy to defaud as well as treason– and during a time of war, his treason will be met with execution.

      I'm serious. If the guy is guilty, he should be executed along with anyone else who knew… Dem and Rep alike.

      My method sounds harsh but think about this– he won't give you his B/C if he is guilty no matter how much money you offer because he knows HE and OTHERS could be charged with conspiracy to defraud which could mean up to life in prison.

    • Kathy

      I like your idea.


      You aren't Apollo, more like the village idiot. President Obama already has millions and he doesn't need to prove anything. Give up. You'll have your chance to turn back the clock and elect another simpleton like W, in 2012. You guys always ruin the US and hold us back from being the proud, progressive and prosperous country we can be. You're for the rich and corporations and your worship a bankrupt philanderer like Trump.

      • rick


      • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

        !I worship no man,sir! Progressivism impoverishes a nation. What can be more wrongheaded and simplistic than the Progressive/Obama notion that government can replace free market capitalism as the engine of economic growth, prosperity and beneficial change. As for Obama proving anything, he's already failed the test of competency, integrity and change we can believe in.

    • Albert Schumann

      Outstanding idea! When attacking BO's reelection campaign we need to fire all our guns great and small: heavy artillery and pistols. Your idea lies somewhere in-between.

    • ZeroOutObama

      Luv your idea. Another deadly arrow in the quiver of Donald Trump to shoot at Obama and kill his God awful presidency.

    • Vaughan

      Cautious (above) gives Obama too much credit. When handled properly in the way Apollo suggests, or some variation thereof, it can become a political liability for him, and an electoral plus for Republicans.

    • Jerry Peters

      Excellent idea, Apollo! Hopefully it will come to Trump's attention and he'll use it.

    • Calculated Risk

      This challenge could be the $5 Million solution for resolving the controversy and shaming Obama and the anti-Birthers.

    • Lou

      If I had Trump's bucks I'd do this in a heartbeat.

    • Right Wing Warrior

      If Trump doesn't do this then we need to find a patriot who will.

    • Doug Fox

      The problem with this is that Scumbama's favorite charity is himself!! He plays the Neo-black man when it is adventageous, and the poor oppressed mixed gender for sympathy, and values his white upbringing when courting the Hollywood celebrities to make some campaign cash.

    • nina

      But why should Trump do it if he wants to be president? It would be unseemly for someone who wants to be a candidate for high office to challange the president in such a way.

      • ZeroOutObama

        Nina.Is it any less unseemly than in questioning Obama's birth status and eligibility to be President? I believe that Trump putting this to a final test in the way Apollo suggests would be seen by millions of Americans as proper to do .

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    If anyone accuses me of not being born here but abroad?? there will be but one
    solution,show him or her my birth certificate.It is as simple as that. On the other hand,
    if I'm not willing to show you the certificate then there must be something fisshy
    going on. And I believe that mr Barack Hussein Obama smells fishy,old fish at that.
    I tought from the start that something did'nt smell right.
    The wrong man at the wrong time at the wrong place,that is our mr no brains.

    • amplitude jones

      yeah- those early speeches of absolutely hollow platitudes that a bunch of drugged up morons fall on their faces for…then the racists voting for him simply because he was black, and the media all reporting wonderful stories of how fabulous he is WITH NO HISTORY reported… it stank like EVIL, and it IS

    • billyforan

      I had to show my Birth Cirtificate when I went to High School, when I joined the Army, a couple times for jobs and when I applied for a Passport Card to visit Canada. I would be happy to show it to become the President of the U.S.A.

    • Edward Chandler

      i think the reason he won't show it is because he has a criminal past.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Obama was elected president due to a most unhappy confluence of circumstances, not the least of which was the sincere, yet uninformed, yearning on the part of many white Americans to elect a black president. They were aware of his shady past, his dubious status, his phenomenal lack of achievement, and they voted for him anyway, hoping against hope that things would work out well. Their motives were pure, their hearts untroubled, and they believed that sending a black man to the White House would magically erase some racial stigma or another. It is clear enough that even a blind man can see it that Obama was elected ONLY because he is half black. Any white person with his stunning lack of qualifications and experience would never get within a mile of the nomination, much less negotiate the rigors of the campaign, and finally get elected to the office.

    And whether he is legally an American or not, he is as un-American in spirit as any person could possibly be, and one would think Americans would have been perspicacious enough to see it. His presidency is grossly racial, affirmative action politics, retribution politics, disgusting at best, and exceedingly dangerous at worst.

    • donna_marie

      Well, I have to say it because someone else will-You must be a racist…… Actually, I must be one too because I agree wholeheartedly with everything that you said in your comment. Isnt' it crazy that there are so many people that do not see this-i.e. that the biggest reason Barack Obama was elected was his color and not his credentials.

      • nina

        This is so convoluted that it' is simly crazy. Saying what Galooty so cogently said, is racist? And yet you agree with this! I agree with Galooty's explanation without accepting the liberal/idiotic proclivity of shaming someone who disagrees with their point of view..

    • Afterheart

      So much for blacks as well as whites voting for the " content of a man's character vs the color of his skin" MLK quote

    • GSNP

      Irresponsible Democrat Party and Democrat National Committee who sponsored "O" without "requirements of U.S. Constitution [which was DELETED]" should be held responsible and made ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and disregard to our Constitution.
      Democrats wanted a 1/2 black person so they could obtain the black vote and call anyone against Obama a RACIST – knowing it is not about race — it's about getting black votes because he is black. AND the controlled TV Media EARNED their multi-million dollar salaries in supporting an ineligible candidate Obama.

    • carol_ruth

      Amen! All the hope that he would bridge the racial divide vanished quickly. He not only was elected BECAUSE he is half black, he has set race relations back decades. If he is re-elected we are doomed.

    • sodacrackers2

      Obama was elected president, because as usual it was a choice between the lesser of two evils. And people ignored all the signals saying that this man hates and wants to destroy America. Let's beg Allen West to run for President. Let's have an actual choice between good and evil this presidential election. For once, let's have an election of ideas. Obama is head is full of lies and we all know who the father of all lies is: satan/lucifer, who is also the father of community organizers. Blech!

      • ManORight

        The first community organizer in the world was Nimrod, a "mighty hunter before [in place of] the Lord" Gen 10:8-12. He began setting up cities so he might control people.

    • Owen

      Remember the look in O's eyes when he said, "in five days we transform America." Truly frightening. Also, remember that Obama started losing primary after primary to Hillary in April. She closed just a little too late. Buyer's remorse was already setting in before the nomination was his.

    • Byron

      As evidenced by the media's attack on a sitting Governor's lack of credentials, who was running for Vice President at the same time.

    • David

      I've said the very same many times…whites voted for Obama to prove they weren't really racist after all and hopefully, finally, we would be exonerated for all our past "sins" and forgiven by black society.

    • Bob Luckman

      You echo my thoughts exactly but have expressed them in possibly more cogent terms. Kudos.

    • Steve

      Right on target, and add to the total those who truly believe in the communal progressivism that is rampant in the Luddite enviros and others, saying they are doing it all for our own good! As C.S. Lewis said: “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    • JES

      Your comments are among the most thoughtful-realistic probabliliites that I have seen written by blogger – just facts! It is so scary to know that more than half of our country was so blind as to do this- I have no real idea how McCain would have handled this mess- if he had the Democratic congress to fight with- but The hole has been dug so deep, it's hard to tell how the next President , if Obama is actually defeated will be able to overcome this, but "we, the people" will have to be ready to fight the onslaught of the "other side" who will be coming after us with guns "ablazing"

      • Bob Roberts

        While the press and the propaganda pretty much ensured ANY Democrat would win, McCain would have no doubt been a train wreck of a president also.

        When will the two parties stop giving us "lesser of two evils" choices?

        Seriously, I almost sat the primaries out because there was NOBODY on EITHER SIDE I felt deserved my vote.

        At this point, with as much a mess as they've BOTH made of this country, in my own perfect world a law will soon be passed making Democrats and Republicans illegal by the year 2020 or so.

    • Repel The Right

      I always thought W was a false patriot. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, just like Trump. He was a drunken idiot, dodged service in Vietnam and somehow managed to make his arrests for DUI and cocaine possession go away. Thanks, Daddy.

      • Bob Roberts

        Nice talking points, tool.

        Also fraudulent.

        Talk to the hand.

    • Bob Roberts

      He's also not "black". A white mother makes him officially "mulatto".

      We still have not elected a "black" president though I believe the best chance we had to elect a good one was squandered when the Republicans failed to give one a chance some short time back.

      I don't know – maybe Alan Keyes was mixed race too – but I would much rather he earned the "first black president" title than Obama even so.

      As for the next presidential election – my slogan (for now) is ABO! ANYONE BUT OBAMA! I reserve the right to modify that when I see how things shake out, but while I cannot guarantee I will vote for anyone at this point, I can guarantee Obama will NEVER get my vote.

    • Bob Roberts

      Look on the bright side of it. If America survives 50-100 years of reverse discrimination, what with the way the demographics are going, whites will be able to argue THEY are a minority and have been the victims of institutionalized discrimination and then we'll see if the liberals really mean what they say.

      Of course we all know that discrimination is OK as long as it's a "person of color" discriminating against a white person.

      NEWSFLASH: Before I was in preschool I got my first set of CRAYOLA crayons and I distinctly remember WHITE IS A COLOR TOO!

      Ever notice it's always the racists who bring up the race card in order to stir things up?

    • Patriot

      Well said, but you had a media that failed to do even the most basic screening…in fact they worked desperately to avoid asking questions…and you had McCain, who (being the jackass that he is) told his supporters to shut up when they were challenging his communist opponent.

      Someone please tell me why any real American would support the NY Times by buying even a single copy of that rag. The same goes for any of the plethora of liberal, anti-American newspapers around the country.

    • Political Grandma

      You are exactly correct. God help us!

    • Supreme_Eggknocker

      Get it everyone? SHADY past! You're killin' me Supreme_Galooty!

    • uoykucf

      bush 2 got selected, i guess you were right .

    • http://www.vitreousfloaters.com gellero

      he was sold to the unread masses by a stooge-like compliant media who despised George Bush….

    • Len

      uh , speaking of presidential qualifications, think Mr. dubyuh Bush was well qualified? notaneocon.

    • doug fox

      Amen!! You have hit the nail right on the head. Did you also notice that the Att General declined to go after any voting issues like the new black panthers or acorn signing up mickey and minnie mouse?? The whole thing is a sham and we the taxpayers are floating the bill for all the fun he and his useless family are having!!!

    • MarkRich

      The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Teleologicus

    Much more than the original birth certificate has been kept hidden from Americans.

    The Obama records which have not been released include; Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

    • GSNP

      In order to get certified copy of long-form birth certificate the State of Hawaii legislates a person/persons must have a TANGIBLE INTEREST to obtain such certification.
      Yet "O's" records for the law of our Constitution remain SEALED.

      Trump and millions of Americans HAVE that "tangible interest".
      Where is congress on this and FEC and RNC and all states of USA?
      Congress, FEC, RNC 50 states have TANGIBLE INTEREST all documents be produced……… Do your job Congress FEC RNC and all 50 STATES.

    • allan

      exactly right. I'm not a birther, but I' sure as hell a "paper trailer."

    • Sadie

      Add to the list:: why did he and she forfeit their law license in Illinois?

    • Paul Bunyan, Jr.

      Also, he killed Paul Bunyan with his bare, black hands.

    • guest

      I must have fallen into a snakepit of idiots!

      • Chuckster

        This is the kind of cogent, inciteful, argument people have come to expect from liberals. That's why so many of us have been persuaded that liberalism is the answer. I mean the way you make me feel so ashamed of my errant ways. You're right. Your compelling treastise has made me re-think my world veiw. I am going to vote for Barak now. Hope and change is the future!
        You forgot to mention we're all racists too-see Paul Bunyan, Jr.'s brilliant essay on the same topic if you need a reference.

    • Arturo Robledo Jr.

      I'm glad you added all these other documents that Obama, to this day, refuses to be released to the public. What is he hiding?

  • Tomtom29

    Does he have a driver's license? Passport? Everybody has to show a B.C. to get these things.

    • GSNP

      Obama cannot get a Florida Driver's License – must have Certified Copy of Original Birth Certificate from State where born. FL would NOT accept my ORIGINAL BC from PA hospital where I was born NOR my Baptismal Certificate NOR my expired Passport just to RENEW my Florida Driver's License. They wanted my STATE of PA Certified Copy of BC or NO DRIVER'S LICENSE.

      PRES OF USA CAN SEAL all birth school SSN passport Financial-Aid-info for all private schools from age 10 when he started 5th grade private school in Hawaii?
      Obama [recorded] has paid millions to SEAL his records.
      If DNC FEC Hawaii had Long-Form Birth Certificate it would have been produced when he ran for Senate in Illinois. No such BC existed. Obama Democrats of Chicago Politicians "vouched" for him and SEALED his records.
      His ACORN group which he worked for got the VOTERS registered regardless of not being citizens or not — even with names of DEAD people.

    • RufusVonDufus

      Maybe for a passport, but not for a driver's license. In which state do you live, or are you just an Obama supporter?

      • Janadota

        I am originally from WA state. I moved here to CA in 2007 and COULD NOTget a DL WITHOUT my long form, certified birth certificate. NO other papers, forms or documents accepted – ONLY THE LONG FORM CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!

        • NotDeadYet

          You could if you just told them you are an illegal.

          • Farbar

            That always seems to work for them….

    • NCBookworm

      But they don't have to be natural born.

    • copper

      I have had many drivers licences in many states and even in foreign countries, and never ONCE have I been required to produce a B. C. to get one. An electric bill from your home, is actually sufficent.

      • Cogito ergo sum

        That's weird, because I have had to get my long form B.C. in California and Massachusetts to get a license or even just a state issued I.D. I'm not an Obama supporter, I think he could have EASILY obtained a driver's license and passport without presenting his B.C. because he's Obama and he doesn't have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. Obviously, if he could become president w/o a B.C. and seal all of his records, he could illegaly obtain his B.C. Personally, I think he's hiding something. I don't know what, but why would he spend millions of dollars trying to cover up his past. Fishy. All I am saying is that at least in MA and CA you have to present a long form B.C., but that doesn't mean Obama couldn't obtain a DL and passport illegaly. He breaks laws everyday. :)

        • Cogito ergo sum

          oops, I meant "he could illegaly obtain his D.L. and passport" not B.C.

      • Farbar

        You're getting some negative numbers there but you're actually right. Many states do not require a BC to get a driver's license. Actually, Florida DL's are easier to get than is shown here. How do you think all those Cuba refugees got theirs?

  • Scorpio51

    This topic does need to be settled once and for all. We, the people, don't like to made out as fools. When someone spends millions of dollars in legal fees just to keep something hidden, then that person has something to hide. Many things just do not add up yet the charade continues. Clearly, it seems that there is no one who has the stones to push forward and force the President to produce all the necessary papers. For someone who was President of the Law Review at Harvard should be proud of that and be forthright with those transcripts. Also , he doesn't seem to be the author of books he's written as documented by Jack Cashill. So, bottom line, it would seem we have a fraud in the White House that clearly needs to be gone!

    • deedee4him

      Barak Obama (or whoever you are) begone! His own grandmother (father's side) said he was born in Kenya…..he can head back in that direction right after he is proven to be ineligible to be the President of the United States of America.

      • Right is WRONG

        Keep dreaming, douche bag baby. He's going to be reelected and finish what he started. Dimwitted, mouth breathing, inbred Southern Confederates, go back to screwing your cousin and attempting to lynch blacks.

        • johnwolf166

          Typical Racist Liberal – can not understand the facts so you have to curse and bad mouth everyone.

          Too bad your mother did not have an abortion before you were born

          • ForConstitution

            I think his mother is sad too.

        • ForConstitution

          I hope Obama runs again. It's a historical fact that once a sitting president gets under 42% in approval ratings, he never recovers. Haven't you been paying attention? THE RIGHT WON HUGE LAST NOVEMBER AND WILL TAKE BACK THE SENATE AND WHITE HOUSE IN 2012.

          You are just a sore sore loser.

          Half of my neighbors are black and I have many black friends. I bet I have more black friends than you do Christian ones, care to compare….. bigot?

    • Republicans LIE

      I can't wait for Trump's "disclosures" and findings. I also await a big background check into Trump's finances, multiple bankruptcy filings and philandering, adulterous behavior. Anybody remember Guiliani?


      Yeah, it's too bad about that "Truth" thing. Why did Republican John Ensign resign prior to the Senate hearings on Tuesday? Republicans are hypocrites, liars, pedophiles, closeted homosexuals, and other assorted criminals and scumbag racists.

      • Rob

        At least if they know if there is an issue of credibility or standards, they get out instead of fighting it and looking stupid.

      • ForConstitution

        Jesus loves you!

    • Beatnik Carl

      Clearly. Like, real gone man – totally splitsville. Dig it. Dig it.

    • mac

      Why open your mouth (or keyboard) and prove it then?

  • GrouchoMarxist

    "Trust but verify" as to the birth certificate thing; so all those like Trump have a point. My greater concern is that Obama does not appear to think like an American. He does not seem to believe, as did Reagan, in the wonderful basic values of this country. That is more dangerous than is the birth certificate issue. (Personally, I have a hard time getting around the contemporaneous newspaper birth announcement in Honolulu- but I do not know how that all worked)

    • GSNP

      Newspaper – worked because Maternal grandmother and mother were pros at receiving Financial Aid for private schools and colleges. Grandmom signed/filed a form for COLB which required NO PROOF – it was a statement that a baby was born.
      Form was filed when Obama/Barry returned from Indonesia while his mother remained in Indonesia with his stepfather and 1/2 sister. So when Obama returned he started his private school [5h grade] with Foreign Aid money. And Life Went On.
      Till now when we Americans have The Great Impostor living in our White House.
      AND his lawyers, DNC, FEC keep his records SEALED.
      AND United States Supreme Court support Obama – while he elects "justices" to the U.S. Supreme Court. HOW HONEST COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF LAW FOR Natural Born Citizen?

    • JKM

      The contemporaneous birth announcement is fairly easy to explain. Birth annoucements are sometimes generated by hospitals, but sometimes they're generated by relatives. For instance, you could have been born in California, but your proud grandmother from Arkansas might announce your birth in the local paper in Little Rock. That doesn't mean you were born in Little Rock.

    • JKM

      If Obama's birth announcement had been generated by the hospital, it most likely would have contained the name of the hospital and place of birth. However, the birth announcement in question contains none of this information. Instead, it shows the "parents" address as: 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu. Based on what's been coming out, Obama's mother and father never lived together. The address in the birth announcement was actually the grandparents' address. Neighbors who lived across the street at the time were interviewed and said they never recalled a bi-racial couple living at that address. It seems the simple answer is that the grandparents sent the birth announcement to the local paper after learning of their grandson's birth, wherever that was…

    • JKM

      During the presidential campaign there were conflicting reports as to which hospital Obama was born in. The first official reports stated it was Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. Obama now states that Kapi'olani Medical Center was his hospital of birth. So far, no doctors or attendant nurses have come forward saying they witnessed Obama's birth. He is still a relatively young man, and some of those people would still be alive today in their '60s and '70s. Someone having witnessed such a historic birth would have surely come forward by now, if only to grab their 15 minutes of fame. But so far, no one has. And to my knowledge, neither of the two hospitals in question has erected a plaque in the lobby commemorating the historic birth.

      • http://frontpagemag.com Nico

        There are plenty of plaques in Kenya commemorating and celebrating their native son, and that's a fact.

      • Bob Roberts

        While you could be correct, who would think, back then, that some mulatto child was one day going to be President of the United States? He was no doubt just another kid born that day, in whatever place he was actually born, and it's not surprising to me that he is not remembered. Do this: Next time you go to your bank (assuming you don't do everything online as I generally do) or go shopping or go anywhere where there are lots of customers but a limited number of "clerks", do your best for a few times to always be served by the same person then, for a month, go to someone else always. Then after the month ask the first person if they know who you are. Chances are even after serving you several times they will not unless you act in some way to make yourself stand out from the crowd and in fact even that could fail if you give it a month or so.

        Wherever he was born, when he was born Obama was just one more kid. Nothing historic or special about him until he was fradulently elected President thanks to ACORN and crooked courts and such.

    • http://frontpagemag.com Nico

      Anbody can take out a newspaper announcement for any reason. In my local newspaper there are wedding announcements of weddings that don't happen here. Either the bride of groom used to live here, or family members live here and want to announce it etc. I used to live abroad. Many American women there chose to travel to Honolulu or the mainland to give birth, but the birth was still announced in the local paper. It proves nothing. The real issue is eligibility, which doesn't stop at being US born. It requires both parents to be American citizens who reside in the US. That alone disqualifies Obama, and should have disqualified McCain as well, seeing that he wasn't born on US soil either.

      • Annie66

        There is a provision for children born outside the United States who live in American-controlled areas of the world and whose parents are active duty military. This is the situation with McCain. I believe he was born in an American-operated facility in the Panama Canal Zone while his father was in the Navy. That is quite a different matter than an infant being born to a civilian in a foreign nation.

      • Henry D Ritscher

        You can still be a natural born citizen if your parents are diplomats or in the military on active duty. The embasy or military base are considered US soil. McCain's parents were both citizens and he was born on a military base while the parents were on active duty.

      • Bob Roberts

        Annie66 is right, you are wrong. My own son was born in a foreign capital while I was working there for the U.S. government. We had two options – do nothing and he would have had dual citizenship (both parents American citizens, only there because the U.S. government asked us to go) or file documents to give up his foreign citizenship and make him only an American citizen. I won't say which we chose but when he grew up enough to decide for himself he said we did the right thing.

    • Bob Roberts

      Actually it's a sad fact that Obama apparently acts and thinks like a significant number of Americans – those who believe the U.S. Constitution is essentially toilet paper except when they can use it for the opposite of it's intended purpose and by misinterpreting it expand government power, cost and meddling.

    • JSR

      Anyone can put a birth announcement in a newspaper – it is not an official documentation.

      Also, Obama's half sister, Maya, has the same Hawaii COLB, certificattion of live birth that Obama has….and she admits she was born in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Jeff

    The writer is an idiot. We question Obama’s origin simply because we don’t know where he came from or how he got to where he is and he is unwilling to explain and provide evidence. Our constitution is clear and not subject to debate or alteration by a single party.

  • Aunt_Bee

    The list goes on … it's more than culture.

    Obama's Original vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA: Not Released (1 version hidden in Hawaii, Original found in Kenya)

    Certificate of Live Birth — Released – Proven Counterfeit (www.Obamacrimes.com)

    Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released

    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

    Soetoro adoption records — Not released

    Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Released

    Punahou School records — Not released

    Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit

    Occidental College records — Not released

    Passport (Pakistan) — Not released

    Columbia College records — Not released

    Columbia thesis — Not released

    Harvard College records — Not released

    Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed)

    Baptism certificate — None

    Medical records — Not released

    Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view)

    Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators' records are intact)

    Law practice client list — Not released

    University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

    —— http://911essentials.com

    • David Allen

      Incredible and yet we have the architect, Carl Rove, jumping all over Trump for calling out the Great imposter. Carl Rove is not an architect, he is a demolition expert because it was under his guidance that gave us the hated Bush Administration that ushred in the Obama administration. So we really have Carl Rove and George Bush to thank for Obama, who should be impeached for not upholding his oath of office.

      • ByteRider

        I'm with you, David. I used to like Carl Rove until I started seeing through him [and his fat gut].

        Carl is telling us NO ONE is interesed in the Obama B/C yet this book goes #1 less than a week? Which side is Carl on?

      • Katepatate

        Karl Rove is a Republican establishment kind of guy. Don't rock the boat. Status quo. What the public doesn't know won't hurt them. I'm not so sure we should listen to what he says anymore. We have a true, conservative, America loving president to elect in 2012 and we must look at each candidate very carefully and not let the media pick our candidate for us.

    • http://frontpagemag.com Nico

      President Truth and Transparency for sure.

    • Annie66

      Is there a marriage license for Dunham and Obama? Obama senior was married before he came to the US, therefore he could not have legally married Dunham. There is something fishy about this entire Obama tale and this should have been thoroughly investigated prior to the name being placed on the ticket. Since the controversy has intensified, it seems to me that the Supreme Court should have looked into this matter. Since they have not it suggests to me that they fear unearthing the truth. I have heard blacks say that if any attempt is made to unseat Obama they will riot and destroy. This nation should not have allowed this situation to develop in the first place and it should not live in fear of thugs in the second. I believe this issue needs to be resolved just in case Obama is illegitimate.

      • ByteRider

        Let them riot, at this point I have every gun in my house locked and loaded waiting for bear. I'm sick of this @#$@#$ and I'm ready for a civil outbreak. Bring it on, let's do this thing. We all know it's coming any way.

      • Agent_of_Chaos

        But with Obama trying to pack the Supreme Court and his appointees not willing to recuse themselves (because if it's proven that he's ineligible they lose too) it's
        only going to get harder.

    • Henry D Ritscher

      There are even discrepencies in his signing up for the draft.

      • ByteRider

        Henry, there are records of Obama's parents coming to Hawaii THREE WEEKS AFTER HE WAS BORN. Explain that one.

        • tina

          explain where you got that information because trust and verify works both ways and I've followed this story for awhile and never heard that one

    • Bill

      The "Birth Certificate" is not the issue, it is what is on the birth cert. My guess is that who is listed as the father is the real issue. Cashill revealed it in print, while he was not the first, he is the most credible so far, until perhaps , Corsi

    • Thron

      Keep repeating these facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rhonda

      there is also the issue of the Retired Rear Admiral of the United States Navy who did his own investigation and saw Obama's social security number which comes from Conn. Have you noticed how the news reporters keep asking Trump if he found anything yet, the ones I watched on CNN seemed almost panicked.

      The American people have pretty important question of this president. Both parties and the president and the news media seem to want to call us stupid and racist BUT what if the birthers are right.?

    • BoAvCo

      May all be legitimate points, but missing the much more germane issue of Obama/Soetero attending Columbia/Harvard on foreign aid to an Indonesian citizen – NOT as a US citizen – which citizenship is necessary to be Prez. His birth certificate(if there is one) also no doubt labels him a Muslim, logically so as the father's religion adheres to the child.

      Bigger problem though -beyond his student aid fraud – is his VALUE ORIENTING in Indonesia while he was in the value orienting age 7-12 time frame. THAT is why he is so "un-American" in his viewpoints, viewpoints which were honed and polished by the likes of Bill Ayers and the good Rev Wright, and sugar daddy of sugar daddies, Geo Soros.

    • John West

      That list was on the obamacrimes site which is now taken down … what up wit dat?

    • Dispozovdaburka

      He doesn't have to show anything.
      The people behind him know exactly who he is.
      Nobel Peace Prize.
      For what?
      "Has no shadow, (records)
      "Speaks with a forked tongue. (6th degree of separation)
      "Blind in one eye." (Blind to everything except Islam)
      Can you guess who he really is?

    • beautress

      All those nondisclosures?

      So much for transparency.

  • Archy Cary

    And why did Obama relinquish his license to practice law BEFORE being elected?

    • aew

      I thought the wife of O-BOMB-A gave up her law license? Both of these Chicago street thugs and arms of A.C.O.R.N — michelle and obama gave us their law licenses to practice law?!!!!

    • GSNP

      "O" as well as Michelle claimed they didn't need them any more — why spend the money?
      When president all he has to do is sign his name.
      A few days after made president he signed "memo" that all his personal records were PRIVATE and lawyers had them SEALED.

      That is TRANSPARENCY Obama, YOUR president — not mine.
      N.B. When "O" taught at University of Chicago in Illinois [where he claimed to be a Professor but WAS NOT] he taught an ACORN class – how to handle the opposition with intimidation – "O" at the blackboard was on YouTube Video SINCE REMOVED.
      WHERE ARE THE HARVARD LAW STUDENTS who missed chance at being Pres of Harvard Law Review [due to pressures of NAACP on campus wanting black presidents in classes] — Obama of Foreign Students' Dorm made NO articles NOR Thesis [requirements] for the sought after prestigious title.
      Where are those students outraged statements – law students who WROTE the required articles/Thesis DID NOT COMPLAIN? Law Students of Harvard do not know how to write a COMPLAINT?

    • Belle Mundo

      Did he ever have a law license?? Did he ever practice law? Don't have to have a license to teach. Could he even pass a bar exam? He's obviously not as smart as he wants you to think.
      He is one humongus snow job.
      He does not want the birth certificate revealed because it would show his father was not American. Obama is a fraud. If not-why not release all the records? I guarantee you any other candidate would.

    • Tea Bag Repugs

      Is this Glenn Beck? You guys are such idiot and amateur conspiracy theorists. I know, I used a lot of erudite or pedantic language. Republicans "feel" things, but they can't "think" clearly.

      • Rob


  • Mark

    The discussion of why Obama is the way he is will go on for many years as will the discussion of how a large enough majority of Americans arrived at electing him. As interesting an illuminating as this discussion is it simply fails to resolve one thing. That is if this is a non issue as the Obama supporters claim why has Obama not simply released the full birth certificate and records and put this to rest forever. The fact that he hasn't immediately should make the entire U.S. population suspicious and move them to demand it. If he can't put it to rest, and those of us that are highly suspicious are right, then the greatest fraud in history has occured. Most importantly if this fraud has occurred that proof must be used to correct this fraud by removing him from office and reversing all his government actions since in that case he was not eligable to exercise presidential power in any way at all. Off course if that fraud has occured, those involved in pulling it off must be prosecuted to the full extent of U.S. law. It really is that simple. Everything else is deflection and avoidance.

    • Controse

      Very well and succinctly put. Any Republican candidate can beat Obama. I can beat Obama. All that is needed is for every dime of campaign money to be spent on repeating but one sentence: "Mr. President, show us your papers" until he does. but he won't. Once this command is on the tip of everyone's tongue he is gone. It is as simple as that.

      • Bob Roberts

        I think there are much better issues with which to ensure his defeat – GITMO is still open, we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy (despite his claims) is in the toilet, the national debt, the price of oil, the value of the dollar, the coming hyperinflation, etc.

    • You Lost '08

      Mark, we won. You'll have your chance to elect another empty headed, incompetent, hypocrite soon. God Help the US if you do.

      • Bob Roberts

        So Obama is an empty headed, incompetent hypocrite?

        You'll get no argument on any of those points from me!

    • Bob Roberts

      While I doubt it's the full answer, a simple answer is that Obama is having fun watching people make a huge issue of this and in doing so they're wasting attention, time and effort and not bringing up real issues he doesn't want brought up. Plus it's easy for him and others to make fun of those who do this.

      While I am in no way a "birther", at least not at this point, I too would like this to be settled once and for all and I believe Obama could and should just release the same document everyone else from that time and place has – a real certificate of live birth from the hospital where he was born.

      The fact he won't do that is troubling.

    • Bob Roberts

      Yeah, good luck getting anyone prosecuted. Government weenies know that they have to protect each other and they always do – with rare and usually insignificant exceptions.

    • Katepatate

      Obama thrives on chaos. He has shown that from the first. He loves to see we the people in turmoil over anything. We must stay calm and rational and run to the polls in 2012 and not let anything get in our way.

  • OLJingoist

    We have talked and talked and talked about the BC issue And it still boils down to how dare Obama show disrespect to his employers and spend almost two million to hide HIS history.
    More importantly how stupid are we for allowing it?

    • aew

      The Democratically-controlled Congress helped Obama keep his b.c. hidden. Remember they put McCain through hell over his. McCain had to jump through lots of hoops to prove that McCain was a citizen. (He was born to a military family on base in the Panama Canal.) Also McCain had to have a Congressional resolution to certify that McCain was qualified to run for President of the USA!!!

    • GSNP

      HOW stupid are We The People for allowing it?
      We are NOT allowing it. TV News Media BLOCKED the information from the PEOPLE.
      U.S. Controlled TV News supports it [to retain their multi-millions in salaries].
      The TV News Media are SELLOUTS to the citizenry of America – SHAME on them.

      The DNC and Congress and FEC [federal election committee] are allowing it.
      THEY allowed "vouchers" to be signed for Obama INSTEAD OF CERTIFIED PROOF – THEY knew there was no proof and "vouchers" were the ONLY way to get MILLIONS in black votes/ hispanic [legal & illegal]/ and dead people votes/ while Black Panthers intimidated white voters at the poles to leave [in Philadelphia]/ and DOJ said to ignore it and bring NO CHARGES.
      "O" had great opportunity to bring races together – INSTEAD he brought "special interests" together with his promises: CHANGE HOPE TRANSPARENCY – all LIES.

      We The People want the U.S. Constitution RULE OF LAW for Natural Born Citizen Presidency TO BE RESPECTED – Obama did not even show PROOF for Senate of Illinois. So it's NOT the "people" it's the government.

      Proof of Contempt and Corruption of USG [united states government].

      • OLJingoist

        WOE UP THERE.
        Wow. Take my word for it (personal experience) slow down on the coffee and get outside a few hrs. a day.
        Okay now? You took a left when all that was meant was that we have allowed the poser to spend 1.8 million of taxpayer money to defend himself against that very same taxpayer.
        GSNP your rant was not wasted as most of us also feel your passion.
        So with that said March on Patriot.

    • Thron

      NO one does stupid better than a 21st Century progressive voter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      The birth issue only burns up tose who oppose Obama; however, I can't help but view this all as dirty pool. Obama's mother was American, and, had he been born four years later, this would be a non-issue seeing as he would have received auto-status. I'm guessing Obama's mother either had her son travelling under UK or Indo citizenship at some point but, as a minor, he certainly was in no way responsible.
      Obama is a young president, part of post-Christian western civilization. This is a bitter pill for many to swallow but by all means expect many more similiar leaders to follow.

  • John

    From the looks of the postings i am reading, I'd saoBAMM BAMM has a serious problem here. First since Arizona passed legislation requiring Presidential nominations to provide proof of eligibility, Obama needs to provide this proof forthe 2012 elections. I don't think being an icumbent eliviates him from this requirement. Lets see this drama unfold. This book is coming out in the nick of time and Trump knows someting we don't.

    • Michael

      That bill was vetoed by the Governor two days ago.

    • Afterheart

      Unfortunately, I believe Gov Brewer vetoed the Arizona legislation for reasons still not clear to me.

      • Lord Huckly

        I thought she would sign it however after reading the bill, she was right to veto it. It was a very poorly written bill,

    • owen

      AZ gov vetoed. Bill dead.

    • RufusVonDufus

      The Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, who was a strong Obama critic just recently vetoed that legislation. Hopefully, the state legislature will override that veto.

    • trickyblain

      The bill is failing and irrelevant b/c fed law supercedes state.

      • da verg

        which federal law is that?

        the one that allows states to qualify people on the ballot ?
        California threw off a number of people not eligible. Even
        Obama's own press secretary , Gibbs, said it was up to the state's
        SOS to qualify candidates. Many state's have such laws on the books.
        Furthermore, candidates don't all run on a "federal" level. Some
        only run in one state or another, not all candidates run in all states.
        States have the power per the Constitution to regulate and qualify
        who runs in their state ballots. They also "certify" the results. The
        states' SOS's certify, no one on the federal level does.

        try again trickblain, try to get it right next time.

    • Bob Roberts

      WIth all the activist and inappropriate judges the Democrats have been packing into the courts – as one part of their multi-pronged program to essentially destroy everything that makes this country what it is – it is unlikely any law that makes sense will last long. Just look what they did to AZ immigration laws.

      Trump knows nothing. He's just hyping himself and his show. If he runs all he'll do is help more Democrats get elected at best. He's a liberal anyway – the Republican party has too many RINOs already. They don't need him too.

    • DOOM161

      Governor Brewer vetoed that bill. The left was oddly silent about what a "radical" governor she is, unlike when she signed the bill calling for enforcement of US federal immigration law.

      • da verg

        yes she vetos it,
        she never read the bill

        the reason she veto'd it is because she was SOS and
        didn't do her own due diligence when Barry ran.
        So signing the bill would make her look bad. She's an airhead RINO
        and her action only will get BO elected again to further ruin this
        once great nation.

    • saoBAMM BAMM

      I have a serious problem here.

    • Katepatate

      The governor of Arizona vetoed the bill. Obama will not have to prove anything unfortunately.

    • Stewartsmall

      apparently Okllahoma has done the same thing, but with even sharper teeth in it.

  • DrJohn30

    Ben may be right but I do not share his conclusion. I think the resiliancy of the American people will allow them to recover after this shock. Already Obama has lost a large portion of his support, even that of the reflexive kind. He can be beat and if he is, rest assured the public will thank its lucky stars and not venture down this path again. It could be, to quote Obama himself, a learning opportunity.

    • RufusVonDufus

      You are not thinking straight. Obama won in '08 because of the corruption wreaked by Acorn upon our electoral system. Can you even imagine the corruption which will occur for '12 especially with Holder as AG. The Justice Dept. will do nothing about Acorn-style corruption because that is how Obama will hold onto the presidency. I can't believe how naive so many people are. After six more years of this impostor our country will be completely devastated and ripe for doing away with our Constitution. Go ahead, idiots, and reelect this monster.

    • John, Douche MD

      America is resilient–we're still recovering from the hellish 8 years that Bush plunged us into. Who is your great candidate? Republicans can run Newt–Adulterer, Bachman-Nutty, hateful bitch, intellectual heavyweight (LOL)–Palin, discredited "Conservative" Romney, or the lying, adulterous (business genius–filed bankruptcy multiple times) windbag, Trump.

    • Skeeter

      We had to survive Jimmy Carter, in order to get Ronald Reagan.

  • The truth

    Yes the stupidity of the American people is evident simply by the fact they elected Barry Soetoro ( or whatever the hell his name is) president. He is a marxist, foriegn born anti-american and is single handedly trying to destroy this country and turn it into some sort of progressive communist utopia. The next president will have to pick up the pieces. Yes history will look back and be unkind to the dopes that elected this traitor into our mitts.

    • harshreality

      First of all, not ALL Americans voted for this traitor, some of us have a brain and use it.

      Secondly, by the time the next president is elected, it will be too late. America is literally seconds away from the "point of no return".

      Hug your children and pray.

    • Stephen

      You are NUTS! Carter was, by far, more anti-American. Bam is just an average liberal. LBJ was more of a 'Marist'. Obama as given a whole lot of bailouts–started by Bush–but nada to the poor. Even Obama care helps rich docs stay rich. I'd actually go for healthcare reform if it deconstructed out silly insurance system that makes dope docs uber wealthy.

    • Thom

      I'm glad I happened upon this article and all of the FrontPage propaganda. Rather enlightening evidence of why we should never have closed down the insane asylums of the 1960s.

      • bdouglasaf1980

        Yes, you obviously were emancipated by their closure.

  • Paul

    The greatest majority of facts indicate the man is not a US citizen. No sane man with nothing to hide would fail to release most of the records he is hiding.

  • David

    "In a Democracy the people get the leader they deserve." -de Tocqueville

    • RICHARD Wiggler

      that's why the U.S. is a
      so vote next year…

      • Steve

        Absolutely right, Richard; we are a bicameral Republic, which sticks in the craw of the Dems, because in the truest sense of the word, we are ALL "republicans"!

      • MarkRich

        We still deserve this guy- we voted him in. And the dems and the RINOS. And you know why? Because we are a materialistic little outpost of "American Idol" watchers with the IQ of an ant when it comes to government and its functions and history and philosophy. We want pleasure before anything else. The "we" I speak of is the collective of Americans who gave up the school system to the administrators and gave there self centered little brats every damn thing they wanted.–Its not THEM that did it- its us. There is NO THEM.

        • RICHARD Wiggler

          speak for YOURSELF !
          i DIDN'T vote for this COMMIE BASTARD !

          • MarkRich

            Did I say you did? Hell no- I didnt either. The country did! You part of the country? Thats my point. –No YOU didnt -yippee! Want a medal? Man if I were saying YOU did your response would make sense. I depersonalized it to the whole friggin nation- its a common literary tool. -Next time I will say everybody but…. Give me a break.

          • RICHARD Wiggler

            -124 says it all !

    • Norma

      We are a Republic.

    • Bob Roberts

      Not necessarily – what if your political party engages in massive election fraud by having it's "community organizers" first engage in massive voter registration fraud, second by having it's lawyers arrange for some state courts to rule that all you have to do to vote is give a park bench as an address, third bus large amounts of people between enough key east coast and midwest states to ensure an electoral college victory?

      After falsely claiming fraud in Florida (there was fraud, proven statistically, but it was AGAINST Bush, not for him) the Democrats ensured, this time around, they would win at all costs, by any means. Why do you think they're so in favor of ignoring immigration laws and ensuring that you don't have to prove you are a resident or even a citizen before you vote?

      • RICHARD Wiggler

        ALL forms of government are co opted by
        KROOKS and KOOKS !

      • Chuckster

        You forgot to mention nullifying votes by the US military.

    • DOOM161

      That's true, but we don't live in a democracy. A two party system is only one party better than totalitarian rule.

    • http://magAzinISM.com kirk


    • Paul

      The US is NOT a Democracy you uninformed fool. Its is a Representative Republic!

    • Stewartsmall

      "the American republic shall endure until the day Congress realizes they can bribe the public with there own money". Also a notable Alexis De Tocqueville qoute that has turned out to be very accurate. FDR was actually the first Prez who realized how you can do it.

  • Drake Jones

    A very paranoid and bizarre narrative. Drudge’s more weak minded readers thrive on this kind of tripe. And, Israel thanks you for undermining America’s native son, President Obama.

  • Asylum Aleikum

    How come Obama has a Connecticut SSN?

    • billbob

      I suspect getting the CT social security number was done in haste by some underling whose supervisor wasn't diligent enough or smart enough to think it would ever be questioned in the future. Incompetence, hubris, laziness, criminality — we've all grown accustomed to it from government employees sleeping in control towers to going to war without Congressional involvement.

      • Uncle Reggie

        And just how does an underling of any stripe go about obtaining the SS# of a dead man when SS#'s are not recycled? I say it was purchased in the same manner as any other illegal immigrant gets one – on the street.

    • Lou

      I read it was because his father's residency was in CT at the time of his birth,

      • ByteRider

        He never lived with his father in CT, dude.

        Another "mystery" is the "Reissuance" B/C that Obama published from Hawaii. It lists his father as "Kenyan" for a race when back in those days they listed "Negro".

        Kenyan is NOT a race, it's a country. Duh.

        So… that one is fishy to me. My Dad was an OBGYN Dr. at Kapiolani Children's back in the day and verified this information– they never put the country down.

        What about other school records from Indonesia, etc? Also, why did he have two passports? It's illegal for a US citizen to have two passports; one from America, one from some other country. In fact, that's against international law.

        So.. citizen or not, there's a LOT OF FISHY STUFF GOING ON.

        • tina

          Oh lord if your father was a Dr. in Hawaii in the 1960's I am Queens of England.

          • Farbar

            All hail Queen Tina!!

      • RoBoTech

        Nope, Obama SR NEVER lived in CT.
        Even Bill O'Reily has recanted THAT canard.
        As far as HOW Obama got a dead person's SS, look at who's SS it was.
        The ONLY guy that had the authority to look at the SS archived records at the time Obama started using the number, the Head of SS.
        And guess why THAT is relevant?
        Because the SS# Obama uses now is THAT guy's dead mother.
        Now have you got where and why?

        • looksgoodonya

          Throw the Bum Out

          • Bob Roberts

            Yeah? I can give you a two word reason not to do so: President Biden.

            Seriously, I am not sure which is worse, having Obama serve out the rest of his term or giving it to the previous "dumbest man in the U.S. Senate" instead.

            What do you think?

          • bohemian

            When Ø is proven ineligible, my guess is that the ticket will be declared invalid (we vote for Pres + VP, assuming both are legitimately/legally on the ticket). We then go down the line of succession, and we know Pelosi fraudulently certified whatever documents were filed, etc. This probably goes deeper than the succession provisions provide for. So, there could very well be some type of government (possibly determined by the US Supreme Court) which consists of the House and Senate, purposely without an Executive Branch, until a special election could be held. Who knows? In light of the circumstances of a fraudulent election, with both parties complicit to the crime, to award the Presidency to one party or the other without another election would just invite civil war.

          • sifi

            Hopefully all the crap like obama care will get thrown out with him.

          • johnwolf166

            Actually – if Barry's presidency is fraudulent then the entire 2008 election is thrown out and the Republican candidate would be declared the winner

            So since Barry is not the president, McKein & Palen should be sworn in (no Biden)

        • alnga

          that needs to be shown as true and then published.

      • Stewartsmall

        His father was residing in Conneticut while he was born in Hawaii? Between 1962 and 1965? His father ABANDONED him at age 2-which would have been no later than 1963. Your "logic " is completely illogical.

    • Brian

      The most logical answer is that he got it while visiting his father who lived in Connecticut from 1962 to 1965.

      • The Truth

        Yeah, but as far as I know, there is no account that he ever visited his father after he left him. Let's assume he did visit him for a few days. So, you are on vacation to see your father for a few days and "Gee, hey dad, I know what we can do on my vacation, let's go hang at the SS office and get my number. That will be soooo cool."

      • RoBoTech

        Please show a link to this info.
        Obama SR NEVER lived in CT.
        Harvard is in Mass.
        And when Bill O'Relly started saying that was how it happened, he got called on it.
        And now, O'Reilly has scrubbed it from his website. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag
        and a follow up http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag
        So, until I see an OFFICIAL record that O SR lived in CT, I don't believe it.

      • Stewartsmall

        BS-his father would have had to be a US citizen then-he wasnt.


      When you become part of the FBI or CIA your original social security # is long gone…

      • ByteRider

        We can tell you his SSN, but we'll have to kill ALL of you.

    • Bob Roberts

      The SSN can tell both the year it was issued (to an approximate point) and where, correct? So where was Obama when his SSN was issued?

      I confess I've not read the Tax Reform Act of 1986 or the applicable other statues or regulations (internal revenue code, for instance) but you don't necessarily have to be assigned your SSN until either someone wants to claim you as a dependent or you want to seek employment, do you? Anyone out there know the most current laws? As I said, I do not, since it was no matter to me.

    • OUT FOX'ed!

      Where did you come up with that one, genius? Did you know Laura Bush killed her friend? Did you know that Bush was arrested for several DUI's during the 70's? Did you know that Bush's family paid for an abortion for one of his girlfriends? Did you know Dick Cheney received five deferments and avoided service in Vietnam, just like Bush did? The problem with your side is you say things, but you can't back them with facts. You're easy to manipulate into a froth. Turn off Fox News and read a book; not something written by Hannity (still needs to be waterboarded, tough guy).

      • WingCommmander

        So what you are saying is that it is Bush's fault that O'bama is guilty of identity theft? WOW! That is an amazing feat of intelligent, logical reasoning.

        Try to stay focused fool.

    • Asylum A is a Pedo

      Ah, here we go, a new Glen Beck in the making….. I heard George W Bush's great maternal grandfather supported the Nazi? I heard that Cheyney had five deferments in Vietnam, I heard Republican President Richard Nixon left office in disgrace, I hear G Gordon Liddy is a convicted felon, I hear that Rush Limbaugh was charged with doctor shopping. I hear that Newt Gingrich had an affair with his assistant while his wife was sick in the hospital. I hear John Ensign resigned to avoid a Senate Hearing. I hear that Mark Sanford, A K Street Republican, had an affair and was hiking the Appalachian Trail? Guess what the difference is Ashylum–Everything I wrote is TRUE. No conspiracy theories, here, jack, just FACTS.

      • Rob

        OK Asylum, look at the FACTS of our President not making his records available for us to know who he is, where he came from & how he did in school. For all we know, he flunked out of school making President Bush smarter than him?

      • johnwolf166

        Lets talk about Barry's family –

        His Grandfather was the head of Kenyon police department that massacred thousands between 1915 & 1920

        His great-grand father was a known slave trader between 1840 – 1870 sending thousands of Blacks to the middle east to work as slaves

    • Kevin

      I suspect the CIA knows the story.

    • JSR

      Everyone else wants to know, too…he never lived in Connecticut

    • Stewartsmall

      Im wondering if anyone might ask if George the Sore Ass might be a resident of Conneticut?

  • VotersOfNY

    You say he 'spent most of his educational career' right here in the United States. How do we know that? He won't show any documents to prove it.There's no one that remembers going to any school with him.

    He lied on his bar exam application when asked if he ever used any other name. It's a fact that he used the name Barry Soetoro for a long time. How could you forget something like that? You can't so why did he lie about it?

    Thye only proof of a birth certificate is from two Democraps in Hawaii who said they saw it. We know know Democraps don't lie, right. Yeah sure, and I saw a UFO.

  • Merrick

    It's an interesting article that probably explains much about the thinking of a certain fraction of the populace (Shapiro?). But what about the relatively large majority of those who are curious simply because, despite Shapiro's claim of "indisputable stupidity" for believing so, there has never been definitive proof (an actual birth certificate, as opposed to a certificate of live birth) that Obama was born in the US. Personally, I believe he was. But I also believe that if one wants to assume the office of President of the United States that releasing one's birth certificate for public scrutiny really isn't too much to expect. And it's certainly not a violation of personal privacy if one is publicly claiming they were born in Hawaii on a certain date to certain individuals to make public a document that shares little other information that that stated.

    • Steve

      I couldn't agree more; it seems to me that they protesteth over much when this issue can be cleared up with full dislosure from the "most transparent administration ever"! Unless, of course, the documents tell a different story…..

  • bronxmom

    With the collusion of a very far leftwing media President Obama has managed to circumvent all criticisms and real investigations into his past,near and far. I think Americans are buying this book to bring some much needed truth into Mr.Obama's real background.

  • Anon1943

    yada yada yada..
    Fact is Any Hawaiian can send $10 and get a copy of "CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH"
    which IS NOT what Obama' evidently doesn't know the difference released which was
    "CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH" which is shorter and has NO signatures.
    The "CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH" has signatures of attending physicians among others
    including parent(s)!!!

    • Steve Chavez

      Born prematurely in Kenya-mother immediately returns to Hawaii-goes immediately to hospital-"I just had this baby two days ago"-no doctors, no nurses, no hospital room stay, no maternity ward, birth announcement in newpaper with date mother revealed as a "home birth" with or without a midwife.

    • johnwolf166

      Read the facts – in Hawaii you did not have to be born to get a certificate of live birth. All the mother had to do was show-up at a registers off and swear an affidavit that she gave birth to a child (This was done typically for women that gave birth at home) . You did not need to present a doctors certificate (or even present the child)

    • Mauna

      I think you mean the Birth Certificate has signatures of attending physicians, etc. Good comments.

  • Barley Hopps

    Barack Obama is a sham and a fraud! Winston Churchill was one of the foremost heroes of the 20th Century, yet Obama sent his bust back to the UK because he despises Churchill's record of accomplishments and his memory. He bowed shamelessly to Saudi KIng Abdullah because he recognizes Abdullah as the "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques", and that is because he is a Muslim at heart, despite his claims to the contrary. I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade, so I know a bit more about islam than the average American citizen. One of the tenets of Islam is that it is permissible to lie in the defense of Islam. Obama IS a Muslim, plain and simple! Obama's mendacity is as plain as the ears on his head! The sluggard American electorate which put him in office is the great tragedy here! Why are there so few who haven't been hoodwinked by his audacious refusal to present a simple document when it would be so easy and simple to do so?

    • Patty

      Absolutely! I have said this from day one and I sounded like a kook but it seems as if more people are actually starting to wake up and take this seriously. I think he is a Muslim and it is stated on his birth certificate. He is a Trojan Horse or The Manchurian (Muslim) president who is trying to to destroy this country from within. Muslims hate America and always said to get us where it hurts most(the economy) and from within. Wow, notice the debt and gas prices. A movie couldn't get a plot this good.

    • Gregory8

      George Soros "vetted" the Democratic's choices for candidates.

  • Barley Hopps

    Even Bill O'Reilly is bamboozled on this issue. The undeniable fact is that he has yet to present the document as proof of his birthplace and citizenship! He hates all white institutions because he knows there were no black signatures at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence and that some of those signatures were of men who held slaves. He is sytematically and intentionally bent on destroying our nation, and he is not far from having completed his plan. We have $5/gallon gasoline because of his short-sighted policies against drilling for oil and the use of hydrocarbon fuels. Wake up, America! We have real rouble in River City because of this lying, traitorous imposter! He needs to be impeached, now, before he can do any more damage!

    • Steve Chavez

      Our American Communists like at the Communist Party USA loved the Soviet Union more than their own country and were extremely bitter when the Berlin Wall, the Iron Curtain, and their beloved Soviet Union fell! We cheered, they cried! When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered! They hoped the U.S. would fall as they saw Lady Liberty bend at her knees! Then the CPUSA started Bush, Israeli, CIA conspiracy theories. Here in Albuquerque, there was a protest by the Peace and Justice Center that had signs, "We Deserved It!" "Justice, not revenge!"

      In my other posts, I explained the mindset of these groups whose leaders were radical followers of the 80's KGB and CPUSA front groups. Obama too was one of these students! ALL HE, AND HIS "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS" ARE DOING, IS REVENGE AGAINST THE UNITED STATES FOR THE FALL OF THE COUNTRY THEY LOVED MORE THAN THEIR OWN!

    • Uncover

      Another post that is clearly pointing out the real issue here. Barack Obama is black and you have a problem with that. At least don't be afraid to admit that is your main issue with the guy.

      • hypervista

        @Uncover – you got us; it's all about race. We've don't mind that:
        1) he and his ilk in Congress have spent us into oblivion
        2) he and his ilk in Congress have devalued the dollar through their fiscal policies
        3) he and his ilk in Congress shoved down our throats Obamacare (67% opposed) while granting waivers from this program to his cronies
        4) he and his ilk in Congress and government agencies have stonewalled drilling for our own oil in the face of rising prices
        5) he appointed a plethora of czars outside the sancition of Congressional review and approval
        6) he apologies for America at every oppotunity
        7) he doesn't belive in American exceptionalism
        8) …..

        I could go on, but you get the point. No we don't mind any of these things. We don't like him because he's half black… You've nailed us Uncover. Good work.

  • Steve Chavez

    HERE'S MY THEORY: Mother goes to Kenya on one roundtrip ticket. Prematurely has Barry, as witnessed by Kenyan Grandmother. Mother panics. Gets first return flight with new baby. Lands in Hawaii and goes immediately to the hospital. "I just had this baby two days ago on my kitchen floor. (With or without a midwife in her story) I need a birth certificate. Birth announcement in newspaper. There are no doctors, nurses, hospital rooms, maternity wards, after birth checkups on mother and son!

    Where's the mother's passport? Check DNA of White grandmother, mother, and Kenyan family.

    • Joe

      I am sure she knew her son was going to be president hahah

      • poe


      • whereisthebc

        It wasn't about being Prez at that time. More to do with the obvious benefits of being an American rather than Kenyan citizen.

      • Political Grandma

        They were commies, good candidates to be financially rewarded to rear the real Manchurian candidate, who could be controlled by a group who want to bring down the USA and were patient enough to do it in a way some Americans would fall for.

    • Jane Larson Baer

      I had my kids at home and it was surprisingly easy ot get a birth certificate just by walking in to th ecounty recorder's office and stating the baby's name and birth date and on eadult signing as verification. I didn't get around to getting a birth certificate for one son because I wasn't sure which name I was going to name him…for a year. If Obama has a birth certificate "by verification" like my kids it doesn't mean legally he wasn't born in the US, but it would highlight how many babies who were foreign born have US birth certificates (their mother's lied to get benefits of citizenship) and this would fuel further questions…but why not jump to the next step anyway and try to find flight information on hte one hand and doctor and nurses statements on the other.

  • a journalist

    The book has jumped to #1 because Americans want FACTS, not a simplistic opinion consisting of nothing more than the absurd assertion that Obama must be a natural-born citizen because he ran for office and got elected. The mainstream media wants to disparage anyone who asks the question: Is Obama a natural-born citizen, as required by the Constitution? The MSM failed to investigate, and now wants to cover up for its own failure to do its job prior to the last election.

    • a rocket scientist

      Corsi and facts are like oil and water. Have you read this guy's other wacky conspiracies?

    • Journalist???

      Americans love crap and stupidity–bad music(American Idol), bad films (Tyler Perry), stupid politicians–(W). They love fake news–Fox, etc. I love how your side always thinks you're the majority. If you were, then McCain would be president. Corsi, just like Fox, makes things up and can't ever prove it. If Donald Trump has evidence, he'd have already released it. You are raving lunatics and gigantic sore losers.

  • Superpower

    This is what you get when you vote solely on a person's skin color, without taking a hard look at their actions or their past. A curious combination of naivety, white guilt and John McCain got this autocrat elected. I'm not so sure the hippies are through screwing America just yet.

    • Super Stupid

      There are still hippies, Superpower?

  • Thomas

    The answer is simple, he is just a gh@to ni@@er.

    • tanstaafl

      Are you attempting to make Frontpage look bad? The issue is not our Dear Leader's skin color – it is his past and why is he trying to conceal it. Your comment is uncalled for and offensive.

      • Uncover

        He is not attempting to make frontage look bad, he is just saying what you all know deep inside is your issue and why you think he is "un-american". You may not even know it about yourself, but I assure you – it is what you mean by un-american.

        • Rob

          It has NOTHING to do with skin color. It is SOLELY based on the facts that he has not produced his BIRTH CERTIFICATE & his policies are killing US. He has spent $2,000,000 to keep it and all of his other records secret. If there is no big deal, why is he making such an effort to hide everything? Skin Color is so irrelevant to the VAST MAJORITY of people. We all want a President who represents American ideals & makes our country prosperous. Our President is stifling us while investing in other countries like Colombia & Brazil for oil. @ Uncover, please take your blinders off & WAKE UP!

          • RR80

            I think you're being a little generous re "blinders". Racism has become the stock excuse used to avoid being held accountable for unexcusable and inappropriate behavior.

        • Texashorseman

          If I refuse to show school records and other info pertaining to my background my employer would have not hired me. Why is this any different. WE have to verify who a person is before we even interview them. Also he is also half white. So the country did not elect the first black president.

        • tanstaafl

          No, his comment is racist and rude. The issue is why President Obama won't provide a copy of his original Birth Certificate. I can and so can most Americans.

  • HostileLogic

    Shapiro hit the nail on the head!

    Further, it's of no lesser consequence and probably even greater nowadays the brainwashing taking place in K-12. This is where the war against Progressivism is being resolutely lost.

    Hasn't anyone noticed this nation's steady drift to the left? Does anyone notice that Obama is now on a National Youth Listening Tour?"

    We will lose this war precisely in the schools where we send our children. They will come to the ballot boxes and vote against us.

    Progressives don't need to change our minds. They have the minds of our children.

  • HostileLogic

    Shapiro hit the nail on the head!

    Further, it's of no lesser consequence and probably even greater nowadays the brainwashing taking place in K-12. This is where the war against Progressivism is being resolutely lost.

    Hasn't anyone noticed this nation's steady drift to the left? Does anyone notice that Obama is now on a "National Youth Listening Tour?"

    We will lose this war precisely in the schools where we send our children. They will come to the ballot boxes and vote against us.

    Progressives don't need to change our minds. They have the minds of our children.

    • Tom-NJ

      I was watching a documentary of the 'Weather Underground' (Bill Ayers/ B. Dohrn) and there was a quote I remember Dohrn said, "white youths must choose sides now, we must fight on the side of the oppressed, or be on the side of the oppressor."

    • Wendy

      Not my son…I homeschool!!!

  • Yeeeech

    "The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American?"

    Exactly. And don't forget Mrs. Obama……..

    • Joe

      So is American starting two wars, doubling the national debt and lieing about the reasons to go to war?

  • phil anderson

    Do you really think the president makes decisions?

    Do you really believe we elected this guy, or the last one?

    This whole BC is BS to keep discontent isolated in ambiguity.

    Meanwhile, the heist continues, the wars continue, the power brokers are squeezing us all and Obama is controversial enough to distract YOU ALL!!!!!!

  • mike b

    Even if Obama is was born in Hawaii, this should not make him a citizen, as neither of his parents were citizen. The 14th Amendment wasn't created to provide citizenship to babies whose mothers gave birth while here temporarily.

    In any event, I don't think middle America cares where Obama was born. If it were demonstrated tomorrow that he absolutely positively born in Upper Volta, and we agreed that he was born in Upper Volta, the middle American would not have the stomach to watch a judicial-political process to remove the President on the grounds of his birth place.

    As with every other issue, MSM coverage is key, and should be of much greater tactical focus. Middle America doesn't care about the birth certificate issue because the MSM doesn't care. In this case, those who value liberty should scream less directly at Obama and more directly at local news editors of radio, TV, and paper outlets who simply take wire feeds and push them onto their local outlets.

    Your local news editor must be ridiculed and humiliated for his lack of journalistic integrity, for not pursuing this obvious investigative story.

    • Christopher

      What are you talking about? His mother, a white chick btw, was an american citizen.

      • tina

        She was born in Kansas I thought, or have we not seen her birth certificate either?

  • phil anderson

    Does anyone here recall that George W. Bush had a new Texas license issued to hide his past? Number 0000000000006. As he was the 6th person in Texas history to have a new license issued.

    Move towards solutions, not conflicts.

    • texashorseman

      Good point but we know he was issued that number. we know nothing of Mr. Obama.

    • Guest

      Texas' DL don't have that many numbers. Nice try.

    • John C.

      George Bush is yesterday's news.

  • Jason

    This precisely reveals the whole merit of the issue. Like the old saying goes, "What walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, Call it a duck". Obama is the elitists' fantasy progressive liberal, who promotes the world over and above America. How DID he get elected?

    After decades of brainwashing that all African-Americans needed was a good role model, affirmative action, welfare and guilt ridden White people to support a minority class person for the highest office in the land, Obama rode that tide of propaganda to rule America. And yes he truly thinks he RULES. Good luck in getting rid of him. He may just decide to stay put even when he's voted out, for who would be racist enough to vote against him!

  • Tim

    The writer is another Obama servant
    Has nothing to do with Obama being un-American
    Has to Do with the fact that if he is not hiding anything just end the controversy
    Don’t fuel the fire

  • Guest

    It's not just where was he born? It could be who is his father? It could be anything. It's SOMETHING worth spending millions to hide. Something important. Is he legally Barack Hussein Obama? Why do so few remember him from the past? How does someone come by various social security numbers with a multitude of name variances? How does he evade the scrutiny every other high profile person receives? I am so tired of those who demean and dismiss when a basic constitutional requirement has never been validated. Is this still America? I'd like to think Corsi's book will answer some questions but if he has discovered anything amazing I'd think it would be disclosed earlier than publication. It will stir up more demand for answers and that's a good thing.

    • mickeymat

      He was not "memorable" because he is so ordinary. He's not smart. He is lazy and self centered. His entire essence is a concocted fantasy. Of course no one remembered him. Now we are stuck with a loser-an affirmative action creation of incredible mediocrity.

  • Uncover

    Wow. This comments section is a little out of control. It actually reminds me of people that want to believe Dr. Wakefield regarding the link of MMR to autism when all proof is to the opposite. Obama has shown what is a birth certificate in Hawaii (a certificate of live birth). What more do you want? We even have people that were around when his parents had him in Hawaii that talked about seeing the baby Obama. All evidence points to him being born here and there is no evidence that he was born anywhere else, yet you are clinging to this bizarre theory.

    • Izzy

      Your just forgetting to mention one thing in your post, THE ACTUAL RECORDS. You see, anybody can attest to anything. People lie. That is a fact. There are records kept to serve as arbiters of truth to keep people from lying. You state "We even have people that were around when his parents had him in Hawaii that talked about seeing the baby Obama." yet you completely discount the fact that his own grandmother saw him being born in Kenya. So obviously one of these "witnesses" is lying. That is why we have records. Let's see the records, all the records, and then we will know the truth.

    • JKM

      Obama's half sister, who was born in Indonesia, also has a COLB from Hawaii similar to Obama's. What he has shown online is not a birth certificate, but a certificate simply indicating that he was born. Obama's COLB appears to have been generated relatively recently. The typeface that appears on the COLB is of a type that didn't exist back in the '60s. The race of Obama's father was listed on the COLB as "African", which is not a "race". In those days, people of color were described as being "negro". Two twins (Nordyke twins) were born in Honolulu the day after Obama. One of them recently showed her long-form BC online, as well as her COLB. The serial number on Obama's COLB is higher than hers, despite his being born a day earlier.

    • JKM

      The evidence is growing that Obama's parents never lived together. Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's mother) was enrolled at the University of Washington a mere three weeks after the baby was born, and a woman in Seattle was interviewed and remembers Mrs. Dunham living next door with the infant Obama. School records in Hawaii show that while Ms. Dunham was on the US mainland getting her education, Obama Sr. remained in Hawaii for another two years before going off to Harvard. These school records contradict the official Obama narrative from "Dreams", which stated Obama Sr. left mother and child.

      It's interesting to note that no medical personnel in Hawaii have come forward claiming to have witnessed Obama's birth.

    • Michael

      Uncover, couldn't agree more. There is also a glaring lack of understanding of process. As in, we had an election. That's the process. There is no process for going back and looking at everything a President did or didn't do prior to the election, and then remedying it. Look at how the Supreme Court struggled with the Bush-Gore election in Florida. They didn't want to touch that thing. As a co-equal branch, how interested does anyone think they would be if a flawed birth certificate was actually discovered for Obama POST-ELECTION? Not much I suspect. Their biggest fear? The President tells them to go pound sand. What could they do in the face of that? It was their same fear in dealing with Nixon. Want to lose all credibility as a court? Pick on someone who can tell you to go hump yourself and make it stick. So that only leaves congress. Seriously? A democrat controlled Senate is going to convict and oust the democrat President? Seriously? And I also submit, there would not be unanimous interest on the Republican side either given the ass-whooping America put on them for the Clinton impeachment process, especially with another election just around the corner. BTW – I can't stand Obama….but he's still better than that bombastic-boob Donald Trump would ever be.

      • Political Grandma

        Better, seriously!? What has he done that was better than what Trump or anyone else could do? At least, at the very least, Trump loves America. Obama does not.

    • sharon

      I have a little different slant on this birther issue. I feel that Obama could have been born Kenya, but I don't see how that doesn't make him natural born citizen. His mother was clearly a white American native born citizen. I know the rules about the mother having to be 19 years old…what was she 18 and 3/4 years old? So if she was in Kenya and Barak was born prematurely so what? She was an American born woman who unfortunately popped out lil' Bama early in Kenya…that must have SUCKED seriously….so here in Ca we have Jose and Juana clearly Mexican illegals who have a baby and that baby is an American but Barak isn't? Doesn't make sense…nor does spending a fortune on keeping ones records sealed….

  • Concerned Citizen

    I don't believe the question is where he was born, but WHEN. If his official birth records show him to be born before August 21, 1959, he was not born in the USA. That's why it would be very helpful to see the original birth documents. If his people reinvented his DOB when he was a child, to assure him the benefits of natural citizenship, he might not even be aware of the disparity. Regardless, the American people should at least be privy to the actual date of birth of our President, as documented on his/her official, original birth certificate. Can anyone come up with a valid argument for that?

    • Donna

      SOMEWHERE I found a copy of a KENYAN birth certificate…..It had parents signatures, and Dr's signatures..I SAVED a copy on my computer, but would have to see if I can find the site again. It was a REPORTER that got the copy from a Hospital in Kenya….was on his website…

  • RightStuff

    What the Americans should worry about is how a supossedly intelligent country could elect a self-admitted drug abuser to be its president. BHO suffers from irreparable brain damage which manifests itself in arrested maturity. It is an arrested maturity that will never understand that the Utopia of socialism will never work. See NIH studies on youthful drug abuse.

  • Michael

    David – Yours is the best comment so far. Obama is indeed who our people picked to be President. The problem with the "where is the birth certificate?" crowd is that what they want – Obama to come clean on all of his background – will never happen. He simply doesn't need to do it. This would have been an interesting and relevant point to raise vigorously during the TWO YEAR campaign leading up to his election – and any of a dozen democrat and republican candidates – including Hillary Clinton, one known to be somewhat adept at adversary research – had ample opportunity to do so and didn't in any serious way. The simple fact is that as we sit here today, Obama was voted in by the electoral college, and the sworn in as President of the United States. I can't stand the guy or his policies. I can't wait to cast my vote against him next year. But all this conspiracy stuff, playing down this false road that he would ever be impeached over something the American voters had every opportunity to consider and factor into their voting decision two years ago, is pointless and counter-productive. The mainstream media is only too happy to push this issue now; not because they are looking for answers, but only to show how clueless 20% or so of the Republican Party are fro running down this rabbit hole. You want to ask questions, fine, knock yourself out. But those who just keep pushing and harping at this weak, and now irrelevant point, just continue come off sounding like the loony "Bush stole the election" crowd did post-2000. This is not an attractive position to the VAST majority of the electorate, especially the crucial independents. Bottom line, you want to win elections and get your country going in a better direction? Or do you want to play the naive idealist and die politically alone, but feeling like you're right? Unfortunately, I suspect there are far too many in the latter group.

    • Teleologicus

      It is neither loony nor conspiracy theory for Americans to demand more information about their sitting president. It is true that this information should have been made available before, but this fact does not render it unimportant now. We have no way of knowing its importance until we know what it is.

      Many who comment on the birth certificate controversy and who sneer at skeptics appear not to realize how much of Mr. Obama's entire life has been kept secret from Americans. There is far, far more than the original birth certificate that Americans have not been permitted to see and evaluate for themselves.

      There is every reason in the world to think that Mr. Obama has been hiding something from Americans. The only way to find out is for him to release his records. Not simply the original birth certificate but ALL of the records and documents hitherto withheld from public scrutiny. If he is telling the truth he will be vindicated and his critics will be confounded. If he is telling the truth, he and his supporters have nothing whatever to fear from full disclosure.

      The Obama records which have not been released include; Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

      • Michael

        Three points – one, it is irrelevant now. He's in office. He's been duly elected. He went through a two year vetting process and the majority of American's voted for him. The Supreme Court has repeatedly shot down challenges to his election that were based on the birth certificate issues. Get over it already. I'm telling you, if you find a Super 8 film of him being born in the Kremlin, it won't change the fact that he is the President.

        Second, it is not surprising at all that he doesn't want his school writings released, especially his law school writings. In that very intense academic environment, students are encouraged to push the envelope in exploring the limits of the law, it's applicability to contemporary issues, and to delve into the hypothetical. He likely wrote strong positions in defense of things he didn't believe in at all (it's what lawyers are paid by their clients to do). It's an academic environment, and the students are still working though their place in the world, and how the academic relates to the real world and experimenting with deep thought. Given the reaction to supposedly inadequate Hawaiian paperwork, you can imagine how a paper written by a 22 year-old arguing for say, the case for parole for Charles Manson, might be used to beat him up politically now.

        Third, there is so much of more consequence to be involved in concerning the President. While irate people sit around screaming about the birth certificate into their own echo-chamber and work themselves into a lather, there are real policy disputes going on that actually matter. Debt ceiling increase, competing budget plans, response to Libya…et al. Suggest we put our energy where it might actually matter.

        • Teleologicus

          If the issue were irrelevant we would not be discussing it. A growing number of Americans think it is relevant. Relevance, it seems, is relative. Calling something irrelevant does not magically make it so to those who think otherwise. It is more likely to encourage than to discourage them in their fight.

          Not everyone who thinks Mr. Obama is hiding something believes he can or should be impeached. There is simply no way to know whether he is hiding something, or if he is, how important it is, unless we have the records he has refused to share. He may not be hiding anything. If he is not, the truth will set him free. He should release ALL of his records and documents so that Americans can see and judge for themselves.

          I can indeed think of many reasons someone in Mr. Obama's position might not want his records released. I can think of no reason that justifies the president of the United States in keeping anything, anything whatever, from Americans who desire to know about it. It seems extraordinarily unwise to permit this kind of secrecy on the part of the president or any other important elected official. How would Americans ever know what was being hidden? Your scenario envisions what might be called misdemeanor secrets or even less than that, innocent and outdated items that could be misconstrued for political purposes. No doubt that happens. But what about the equivalent of felony secrets, matters of extreme, even vital importance? How would we know whether what was being kept secret was minor or major if we could not see for ourselves? Surely you would not wish the person with the secret to be the sole arbiter? Or would you?

          Of course the records Mr. Obama refuses to release cover a great deal more than his school writings. He has essentially kept the documentation of his entire life secret from Americans. He has asked Americans to take almost all of his story on faith and trust. Only the barest of bare bones of the skeleton of his narrative have been independently verified. There are a great many gaps, blank spaces, controversial points, etc. He seems to be hiding something.

          It is a false choice fallacy to argue that other things are more important than whether or not Mr. Obama has told Americans the truth. Since we do not yet know if he has told the truth, nor if he has not, how important his deceptions may be, we are in no position to make a comparative judgment at this point. Nor is there is reason to do so. We are not obliged to pick only one or two things that we deem most important while neglecting the rest. There is world and time enough to put them all on the table and sort them out. What seems more or less important at the time often turns out in retrospect to have been otherwise.

          The truth is important. Facts are important. Whether or not Mr. Obama has been telling the truth about his life is important. Americans need to have more facts about Mr. Obama. He should release ALL of his records and documents. If he is not hiding something, he has nothing to worry about. People will not hold him accountable for minor misdeeds or even little fibs, not that the doubts about him have swollen to such gigantic proportions. It would even be a relief to learn that the only things he was hiding were a padded C.V. or some small fudge to enhance himself. For he is now, thanks to his own inexplicable secrecy, suspected of far graver things.

        • tanya

          You are wrong. If a person claims he is a doctor and you later find out that it is fraud, you don't just say, " Well he is doing a good job and he has not killed anybody and besides, the hospital committee hired him, so what. Likewise if you clim to have other accomplishments, military rank, etc. If you gave wrong information on your naturalization application as some former Nazis did, the govenment does not just jawn and say so what. I am naturalized American, who was born and raised until 11 yrs of age, in a Communist country and I am appalled that some Americans think that not following laws is of no consequence. My parents who risked their lives to bring me to this country would turn in their graves.

    • Controse

      You must be a recovering Democrat liberal. Here is why. It is not legal to stand for election to the presidency if you are not a natural born U.S. citizen. He presented himself to be just that consequently he was allowed to campaign. He was elected. If he was not eligible to run in the first place he can't legally be our President. The election was a sham because he was not eligible to run in the first place. It is very likely the highest of "high crimes and misdemeanors" has been committed. You see Democrat liberal the rule of law applies to all or it doesn't apply to any. If there are not enough men of character and courage to apply the rule of law then the Constitution is not relevant. If the Constitution is not relevant then of course whether he is a natural born citizen is not relevant. Then and only then.

      • tina

        You actually believe this vast conspiracy created to become President? It just all seems to Hollywood Movie to actually be real.

        • Controse

          Tina to me a conspiracy means several parties acting together to execute an illegal plan. There is no conspiracy. There is only Obama refusing to release ANY documentation about his past so we will know who he is and where he came from. Go to YouTube and search "Obama born in Kenya". There are several videos in the first ten that come up where he is telling his audience that he was born in Kenya. If so what the hell is the Hawaiian COLB. Or more to the point what the hell is such a stone cold liar doing in the White House. No conspiracy, just him.

    • John C.

      Given the fact that 0bama has never said the birth document posted online by someone else in 2008 is his, or is accurate, or vouch for it in any way, why do you believe it?
      If we take 0bama at his word, that document does not exist

    • Jay

      "This would have been an interesting and relevant point to raise vigorously during the TWO YEAR campaign leading up to his election"

      —-WHERE WERE YOU? This came up on several fronts in 2007-8. — 10+ states attempted to get him off the ballot. Did you not here of BERG v. Obama? come on…everything in this book (except the SS# revelation ) CAME OUT IN 2008 !!! The media simply gave him a pass.

    • Bob Brown

      you are so wrong. The fact that the left has to continually defend themselves is a big plus. this is exactly what the left does to the right all the time. Make up ridiculous allegations against the right (starving old folks)leaving the right having to deny all the time making them look weak. Turnaround is fair play. Besides Corsi makes some good points not related to birth certificate. I think Michael is a plant.

  • Steve Chavez

    Obama was a result of the Frankfurt School? This author left out the 1980's when the Soviet KGB, with the help of the Communist Party USA, set up front groups to aid in the takeover of Central America. In 1983, Obama wrote an article for the Columbia Sundial (Google Obama Sundial 1983) on these very KGB/CPUSA fronts. Obama admitted he sought out "Marxist professors" and this article proves he also sought out Marxist students, with direct ties to the CPUSA, also based in New York City, and their INDOCTRINATION ultimately by the Soviet KGB! There was the CPUSA front, the U.S. Peace Council started by Michael Myerson, with the World Peace Council run by the KGB! There were Peace Council's in every state and here in New Mexico, it was headed by the NM Communist Party and whose leader was also directing the NM Marxist Educators for Socialist Action!

    THE STUDENTS OF THE 80'S SOVIET KGB ARE THE LEADERS OF TODAY! Look into Obama circle of friends, advisors, czars, and most will be products of the 80's Soviet KGB. Haven't you noticed that the media is now putting out propaganda showing Putin without a shirt, horseback riding, judo sessions, playing the piano, Larry King, and now showing its President Medvedev dancing? It's all in attempt to show that Communists are that bad after all! In the 80's, these groups followed the Soviet party line and they loved the Soviet Union, and its system, more than their own country!

  • TJJackson

    Typical elitist/liberal lawyer gibberish. we are smarter than you and you (conservatives) should believe everything that we say and not question any of it because we are smarter than you. Thank god for the second amendment. Power to the people.

    • trickyblain

      Yes, thanks god for the second amendment!

      It allows stupid people to expose themselves as stupid to the "elitist/liberal lawyer" types (which, in reality, comprise the majority of the US population, thank god).

    • Henry D Ritscher

      You forgot "Workers of the World Unite." When dealing with Communists and Marxists, the second group to face the firing squad are the ones who over through the old regime.

  • Steve_Pa

    barry soetoro has been idiot when it comes to running the Government in my eyes. Why is he using a false SS#. Why is his Selective Service card fraudulent? Why are three people on the deed to his house and paying taxes on it? When did he legally change his name to obama? Now, I have come across stories stating that he was delivered at home, of course the record of this was only signed by the grandparents and no midwife, hence no long form birth certificate. Who knows what else he is hiding. I could go on. But it's his job to clear these issues up to the people he represents. And like everything else, he just sits there doing nothing.

    • Steve's an Idiot

      Steve, you are an idiot? Do you hear voices, believe in the Easter Bunny and think W deliberately took down the Twin Towers? You guys are insane and you need to be medicated.

  • Superpower

    If we're blaming someone, don't forget the mainstream media that ran cover for the boy prince. I'm not sure what's worse; a nefarious media complex, or the dolts that believed the nefarious media complex?

  • amc

    Let's not forget when Obama was running for IL Senate, he had several debates with republican candidate Alan Keyes. In one of the PBS debates, Keyes calls Obama out for not being a natural born citizen. Obama replies "it's not like I'm running for president of the United States." Keyes knows Obama is not a natural born citizen. Perhaps he wanted to put it on record. Senators do not have the same requirement. I personally watched this. It has since been scrubbed from the Internet. Wish I had downloaded/saved it back in 2007.

    • Guest

      Thanks for posting. That's a very interesting comment. Nothing disappears forever anymore. Search for it because it's got to be posted somewhere.

      • tina

        yeah I dare ya to try to find an actual record of that comment.

  • Teleologicus

    Americans got drunk on the self-congratulatory fantasy of having their First Black President and picked up a smooth talking stranger in the bar and took him home and went to bed with him. Now they are waking up and beginning to realize what they have done. Many are still in denial – but others have begun to realize what a serious mistake they made.

    Racism with a smiley face is still racism. Indeed, it is the worst kind of racism, for smiley faced racists do not even know that they, and not the imaginary bogeymen they are always pointing their fingers at, are the real racists. They are the ones hung up on race, always conscious of race, who think race is a big deal, who are always finding or inventing a racial angle to every dispute, who think race matters, who think everybody else is as obsessed with race as they are, and who go about making slanderous and malicious accusations of racism in people they know nothing whatever about merely because they disagree with them about politics.

    The ugly truth is that Barack Obama is an affirmative action hire. Smiley faced racist Americans refused to evaluate him by normal and traditional measures because they wanted to have America's First Black President. They made a big deal about his race and downplayed or ignored everything else about him. They insisted that his skin color was the main thing, that his experience, ability, accomplishment, associations, even his politics did not matter all that much compared to his race. They judged him not as an individual but as a member of a race. They thought it would be a feather in their cap to anoint their First Black President.

    Many Americans tried to point out Mr. Obama's comprehensive lack of qualifications for the presidency and his nearly perfect mediocrity in everything he had done or tried to do before campaigning for the presidency. We tried to sound the alarm about his suspicious background, the people he hung out with, the obvious signs of anti-Americanism, his sophomoric campus Marxism. For our efforts we were denounced as racists. Some journalists, intoxicated with the thought of America's First Black President, actually wrote that the only reason someone would not vote for Mr. Obama was racism.

    The smiley faced racists responsible for the election of an utterly undistinguished, unqualified, and un-American non-entity like Barack Obama are no longer smiling quite as much – but they are as busy as ever slandering the rest of us, those who tried to warn them about Mr. Obama, as racists.

    The presidency of Barack Obama is the reductio ad absurdum of affirmative action. Good intentions do not necessarily lead to good results. In the case of Mr. Obama, they have caused a train wreck that is still in progress. We do not yet know the total amount of harm that will have been caused by appointing this unqualified man to the highest office in the land so that smiley faced racists could bask in the joy of knowing they helped elect America's First Black President.

    • Ellie

      Wonderfully and articulately put.

    • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

      "Barack Obama is the reductio ad absurdum of affirmative action. "

      Brilliantly said! Yet the reality is uglier. It is an absurdum, yet very faulty absurdum solution for the engineers of this "project". They could find plenty of "immaculate Natural Born American" 100% black Commies from the University system for such a critical project. The choice of such a sloppy agent for the project of that importance is just inexplicable, because it looks like a huge mistake of the handlers.

  • JJinCO

    That Americans were so insecure causing them to be desperate to elect a black president to prove they were not racist that they were, and are, willing to overlook his Constitutional eligibility, or lack thereof, is the problem, not the Community-Agitator-In-Chief.

    A people ruled by emotion, not intellect or logic, cannot survive. We "birthers" are hoping that a dose of reality might, just might, alert Americans to the danger of ignoring reality in favor of what they wish reality was.

    "If wishes were wings, then beggars could fly. If BS were biscuits we could eat 'til we die."

  • Bumbaclaat

    The birthers are nothing but racist. I am as white as a person can possibly be, by the way. Blond hair, blue eyes. Obama released his birth certificate in 2008 and the Republican Governor of Hawaii verified it is real. There is no justification for these grassy knoll conspiracy theories other than seething angry white man syndrome. <yawn>

    • Guest

      Think of something new to say before you post. Yawn……….

    • squeekyfromm

      No, this did not happen. Lingle NEVER said she saw the records. Somebody who worked for her said it was real, and Lingle just repeated it. Aka—HEARSAY.

      I wonder why Lingle didn't just look for herself??? Maybe afraid of what she would find???

      Squeeky Fromm,
      Girl Reporter

    • Rob

      You are an idiot. If the media & the population were seekers of the truth, which I thought noble journalists were, they would do their job & we wouldn't have any questions about our President. The racist line is getting really old & is quite short-sided. The American people want results. We don't care what color someone's skin is, Most Americans care about the color green or the results & so far BHO has been an abject failure as President.

    • sharon

      I am as white as a person can be as well…blond hair and blue eyes….I absolutely believe Barak a natural born citizen and constitutionally eligible for POTUS. I don't think its all racism though…for me I just want to know why he would spend millions to keep his records concealed? Not the Birth Certificate, but everything else. Something is seriously up with that…you know it and I know it. At first I thought it all about him being black….but its not. White people voted Barak in office…if it wasn't for the white vote he would not have made it. I think Mr Obama is not the man we wished him to be and I am sorry that I put so much faith in one human being…it wasn't fair to Obama or me…

    • Henry D Ritscher

      Race has nothing to do with it. The constitution has everything to do with it. Because somebody notified the newspapers and may have even filled out a form does not prove that he was born when and where he claimed to be. The current governor said that he would look into this matter and tell us the truth. So far, I have heard only silence.

    • Jack Kennedy

      BombaLust ….. another liberal admitting your lack of argument against the facts by issuing your racism rant. ……. typical for the obama mob of America haters

    • Agent_of_Chaos

      So you are in fact calling everyone that doesn't believe Obama is natural born citizen a racist. What about Americans of African descent? Are the one's that don't believe Obama racist too? What about me? You have no idea what the color of my skin is or my political beliefs, yet you call me a racist. That's a bit presumptuous of you, don't you think? Maybe we're not racist, but you're overcome with "white guilt", ever think about that?
      And we are not "birthers" more like "truthers"

    • greyfox

      Another glass of kool aid please.

    • gotcha

      White guilt speaketh.

  • AnObserver

    So if there is nothing to be concerned about regarding the birth certificate, why is there so much obfuscation?

    Other aspects of this man’s life are also shrouded excessively. What happened during his year in Pakistan for instance.

    Something is wrong when there is so much effort being put forth to obscure these facts. Obama release all this and the issue will go away.

    Unless there is a reason he doesn’t want to.

  • Anonymous

    Where the body is born is far less important where the mind was born and where the spirit was nourished.

    The essence of America, as embedded in her founding documents, is one of individual liberty in a context of a democratic rule of law. I have met purported "Americans", born on this soil, tho whom this concept is utterly alien. I have also met people who have never set foot within our borders who embody those ideals.

    The rot is most definitely internal: Obama's intrinsic nature *was* adequately disclosed during the campaign, and he was elected nonetheless.

  • Vortex

    As I see it, there are two serious issues:

    1) The media did not fully vet the President’s background, and they are painfully aware of this fact; therefore, they have to vociferously defame anyone who would question their prior actions. This would include “birthers” and “tea-partiers.” They realize that this book would expose them as the liberals that they truly are, and history has shown when the media is exposed as such, then the public tosses them out like yesterday’s news i.e. Connie Chung and Dan Rather. It will also further place more nails in the loss of readers in newsprint and followers of the mainstream media.

    2) This book could potentially create a constitutional crisis. If it were true that the President were not a natural-born citizen, then would Congress (or the American public) have the stomach to remove him? If not, as some of the comments above have pointed-out, then why bother having a constitution? Why bother having a nation, if “We the People” cannot even follow a basic requirement of our nation’s foundation?

    In my opinion, the author of this article glossed over these two very serious issues with nothing more than elitist gobbledygook.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

    Obama is our non-American born un-American President. The two are unrelated, but one is emblematic of the other.

    • Apollo Drools

      Apollo, he's your president, just like "W" was mine. You want to talk about a tainted election. The Republican, Conservative Supreme Court handed that one to W and I had to live through 8 years of stupidity, tax breaks for the wealthy, giveaways to the pharmaceutical industries, the mortgage crisis (started on Bush's watch), bank bailouts, and the lies that got us into two wars….

    • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks

      No lie led America into two wars except in he mind of Bush derangement imbeciles. But a BIG LIE, a very BIG LIE, is driving America into epic indebtedness and national bankruptcy: the BIG LIE that government can replace free market capitalism as the engine of prosperity and economic growth. In short, THE BIG LIE OF OBAMUNISM.

  • Worried American

    It does not matter where he was born. He could have been born in the White House. It doesn't matter. When soetoro was born, he alleged father was British. Therefore, at best soetoro is a US citizen when he needs to be a natural born US citizen to be eligible for POTUS under the Constitution.

    • Rich

      Would Colin Powell have been a "natural born citizen"? He was born in Harlem to Jamaican immigrant parents. Unclear whether they were naturalized citizens at the time, but they had been in the USA 14 and 17 years.

  • Paul B.

    The immediate question is why the FEC did not Constitutionally verify all candidates for our highest offices. And then, why they didn't investigate Obama's online finance scheme, whereby all fraud preventions were removed, opening his coffers wide to foreign and overlimit money.

    • Rob

      Current FEC regulation allows for the party, i.e. DNC or RNC to "vouch" for it. Maybe it should be amended to, "Trust but Verify"-Ronald Reagan about verifying nuclear arsenals of USSR.



    • tina

      wow, now it's 100 million dollars to hide his records?
      This game of internet telephone just keeps getting weirder and weirder

  • Joe

    Obama is hiding his birth certificate, not because he wasnt born in Hawaii, but to hide who his real father is: Frank Marshall Davis.

    See below

  • Givemheaven

    Stupidity of the American people!!!

    It's simple, we question why someone would spend $2M to avoid producing something that cost $10.

    That's the talk at the lunch counter…he's hiding something.

  • Daniel

    In many of the boards related to the birth certificate issue the definition of "natural born citizen" always comes up. The US Supreme Court has weighed in on this issue in a 6-2 decision.

    I would ask anyone who feels that Obama is not a natural born citizen to explain how the Wong Kim Ark decision does not apply.

    Thank You.

    • Worried American

      Are you really this dense or are you being intellectually dishonest? This decision gave Wong citizenship… not natural born citizenship.

      • Daniel

        I was genuinely curious as to what the arugements were, so I suppose from your perspective that makes me "dense."

        Lynch v. Clarke, New Work (1844)
        And the constitution itself contains a direct recognition of the subsisting common law principle, in the section which defines the qualification of the President. "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President," &c . The only standard which then existed, of a natural born citizen, was the rule of the common law, and no different standard has been adopted since. Suppose a person should be elected President who was native born, but of alien parents, could there be any reasonable doubt that he was eligible under the constitution? I think not. The position would be decisive in his favor that by the rule of the common law, in force when the constitution was adopted, he is a citizen.


        • Henry D Ritscher

          People who were in the state at the time of the adoption of this constitution were assumed citizens of the United States. If this was not true, no one could be elected President for at least 55 years. Citizenship came with the ratification of the constitution. However, in 1963, very few people could claim this loophole.

      • Daniel

        Moreover, the absence of any avowal or expression in the constitution, of a design to affect the existing law of the country on this subject, is conclusive against the existence of such design. It is inconceivable that the representatives of the thirteen sovereign states, assembled in convention for the purpose of framing a confederation and union for national purposes, should have intended to subvert the long established rule of law governing their constituents on a question of such great moment to them all, without solemnly providing for the change in the constitution; still more that they should have come to that conclusion without even once declaring their object. And what is true of the delegates in the convention, is equally applicable to the designs of the states, and of the people of the states, in ratifying and adopting the results of their labors.


      • Daniel

        US v. Wong Kim Ark (1898)
        It thus clearly appears that by the law of England for the last three centuries, beginning before the settlement of this country, and continuing to the present day, aliens, while residing in the dominions possessed by the crown of England, were within the allegiance, the obedience, the faith or loyalty, the protection, the power, and the jurisdiction of the English sovereign; and therefore every child born in England of alien parents was a natural-born subject, unless the child of an ambassador or other diplomatic agent of a foreign state, or of an alien enemy in hostile occupation of the place where the child was born. III. The same rule was in force in all the English colonies upon this continent down to the time of the Declaration of Independence, and in the United States afterwards, and continued to prevail under the constitution as originally established.

    • Agent_of_Chaos

      What makes this funny is that the Wong Kim Ark case is one of the first things brought up by pro-illegal alien groups in defense of the children of illegal aliens citizenship.

  • 2Sun

    Obama is an "Artful Dodger", hiding his disqualification in plain sight:

    1 by acknowledging his British citizenship by birth to an alien Kenyan who was never a US citizen, which irreparably disqualified him from being a "natural born citizen";

    2 by refusing as president elect to provide any prima facie evidence that he qualified to any federal agent, even though this further disqualified him by breaching Amendment XX sect 3;

    3 by spending millions of dollars to focus attention on the red herring of hiding his birth certificate and all his other papers.

    And almost everyone fell for it!

    Corsi's book exposing Obama hit #1 on Amazon – still a month before publication!

    See http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&paghttp://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/

  • RPhillips111

    As proof this articl is on to something, after Arnold S. became Governor of California, a stupid Republican decidedi Arnold should run for President, even though he was born in Austria. Polls showed a lot of people thought it was "a good idea", which revealed a lot of people either don't care what the Constitution states and want it igored, or changed.

    The Constitution requires Presidents to be "natural born" Americans. But , no state or federal statute has been enacted to require proof of it. Laws should be enacted at the State level this year to require candidates for President and Vice President to show their birth certificates and prove they are "natural born" US citizens when they qualify.

    It is understandable for Obama and the Democrats to fight this only if they have something to hide. But RINOs—-led by Karl Rove (who wants Jeb Bush to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President)–are fighting to prevent such laws being enacted. Even here in Georgia. Why?

  • Growltiger

    Obama is not the problem; he's the result of the problem. The problem is a majority media that functions as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. It began with the press coup instigated by Woodward and Bernstein which brought down Nixon. That showed how much power they really have. (Read Horowitz's "Radical Son". He went to commie camp with Carl Bernstein. Interesting coincidence that Bernstein was the one who brought down the anti-communist Nixon?)

    • Fox Propaganda

      Oh, you mean like Fox "News?" Biased. Talk radio–biased and almost completely right wing. You have plenty of propaganda tools and disinformation. The average Fox viewer doesn't travel much, know much about anything, and enjoys hearing their own echo chamber.

      • Growltiger

        How much have YOU traveled? Have you been to Alaska? I have you traveled in Europe? Do you know what pheochromocytoma means? I do. Can you explain the Unified Field Theory? Do you know what's at the bottom of a black hole? Where do you get your information about the "average Fox viewer"? Where do you get YOUR information? Do you watch Fox and CBS, then check out which one told you the truth? Or do you take NPR's word for it? Are you aware that in order to present the Lefty viewpoint, Fox usually has Mara Liasson (NPR) and Juan Williams (former NPR but fired for not being politically correct)? Do you even know Juan Williams (the only black man on NPR) was fired because of something he said? What about the 12 marines killed in Afghanistan this week? Has CBS or any of your "information" stations informed you of that. When Bush was president, you can bet you'd have been told and seen photos of the body bags being brought home. What about gas prices? Remember when Bush was president. The media were in high dudgeon over the $4.00/gallon gas prices. Now they barely mention them. Don't give me your useful idiot bs about the average Fox news viewer. You don't know any average Fox news viewers.

  • London General

    I didn't vote for President Obama, but as with others who had been elected without my vote, I saw him as my president and wished him the best . . . because it would be best for my country.
    My hopes were dashed two weeks into office when he PUBLICLY demanded that Winston Churchill's bust be given back to Great Britain. That was the same Great Britain that gave us English common law, their blood in time of war, and . . . Winston Churchill: the greatest man of the 20th Century.

    • tina

      publicly demanded? Got a link to that?


    ALINFL. Jesus said that everything that is hidden, shall be revealed. Just wait! The idiots who are trying to transform this country, does not know Americans. We are not Europe! There has never been a nation like this one. God has a covenant of peace with America. I am afraid that Obama, Soros, and all the rest will find themselves fighting against God! Take heart Americans! We have a heavenly warrior at the front of the lines!

    • John

      Only if we are a righteous people as well. I am afraid a large portion are not right now.

  • B Goldstein

    One correction about the members of the Frankfurt School. They did not just travel to the United States to spread their Marxist ideology, even if that's what they did. As Jews they fled for their lives from Nazi persecution. For whatever it's worth, I migh point out that some of the School's most prominent luminaries — Horkheimer, Adorno — returned to Germany as soon as the coast was clear.

  • Mark

    Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Read and enforce it. IF we don't or won't then why do we even have a Constitution. Besides name the hospital he was born in. Nobody can.

  • RobertG

    President Obama could make this go away: Release the Birth Certificate

  • John Smith

    The Constitution does not tell us what a natural born Citizen is. But, it tells us what a natural born Citizen is not. The Constitution linked the expiration of the grandfather clause to a then-uncertain future date: the time of the adoption of the Constitution. If the only purpose of the grandfather clause was to exempt people who were born before the United States existed, they would have expired the grandfather clause at the earliest possible moment in history when the Untied States began to exist. But the Constitution tell us that the United States had existed for at least twelve years at the time of its approval by the Federal Convention in Philadelphia on Sept 11, 1787, or Sep 11, 1775, five monthsafter the first shots of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord.

  • Elenin

    "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" – Justice Lewis Brandeis

    If you have nothing to hide open all your records including medical records and be "transparent" like you said you would be.

    If I wanted to live under a Marxist government I'd move to Beijing.

    • Elenin, Move!

      Please move to Bejing…

  • John Smith

    So, if not place of birth alone, what flaw of birth did the authors of the Constitution recognize in US-born people before the time of the adoption of the Constitution. Answer: people born US citizens in the United States to two US-citizen parents before the adoption of the Constitution were born in the jurisdiction of alien governments: in the alien government of the Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union, and in the alien government of their pre-Constitutional ratification State governments

  • John Smith

    When the Constitution tests a person's standing, it does so to the exclusion of all other governments, not simply to all other countries. This is why the Article II Oath of office is to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," not simply to preserve, protect and defend the Untied States under any 'ole government.

    So, it is possible to be born a US citizen, in the United States, to two US citizen parents, and still NOT be a natural born Citizen, if by birth you are born in the jurisdiction of an alien government.

  • RealityBroker

    "…the problem of un-Americanism is now internal rather than external." Right on! Another book which gets high marks for explanatory power is THE SECULAR REVOLUTION: Power, Interests, and Conflict in the Secularization of American Public Life, Christian Smith-Editor, 2003, http://goo.gl/xIKOY Fact: Government-funded public education has been THE tool for secularizing America.

  • Stephen

    I can only stand and applaud the entire comments section, whatever the viewpoint.
    THIS is discourse; THIS is debate; THIS is speech,
    THIS is America.

  • Teleologicus

    The remarkable thing is the near unanimity of our American intelligentsia and bien pensant of all political perspectives that the facts and thus the truth about Mr. Obama either do not matter or should not matter as much as ordinary Americans think they do.

    It is extremely surprising and discouraging to hear people like Karl Rove and others trying to shush the growing popular doubts about Mr. Obama's veracity. Mr. Shapiro's column gives us an excellent psychological explanation for the doubts more and more Americans are beginning to have about the truthfulness of Mr. Obama's personal narrative upon which he campaigned for and won the presidency. He is quite right on all points. But the mundane matter of literal, factual truth seems to have eluded him or slipped through his grasp in the midst of his pontifications from the deck of the Floating Island of Laputa.

    Facts matter. The truth matters. Not just the higher, nobler, symbolic, transcendental truth, but the old fashioned, plain vanilla, hum drum literal and verifiable truth. So while it is well and good to psychoanalyze vox populi for its legitimate and growing concerns about Mr. Obama, let us not in our haste to reach the sublimer spheres forget the necessity of getting the foundational facts themselves right.

    The facts matter – and it matters, indeed it matters a great deal whether or not Mr. Obama has told Americans the truth about himself. He presented a personal narrative upon which Americans were persuaded to entrust him with the greatest responsibility in the world. Now doubts have arisen as to the truthfulness of this narrative. Nothing definite is known because Mr. Obama has refused to make public the documents and records needed to verify the story he has told Americans about himself. This is worrisome. He is behaving like someone who is hiding something.

    The Obama records which have not been released include;

    Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • http://imho-usa.blogspot.com Vince in TX

    Obama takes his own party for utter idiots. First, a "Certificate of Live Birth" is created when parents or close family members report a birth to the state in Hawaii. Second, ALL birth announcements are submitted to the local papers by family or interested parties, not by the hospitals or government. Third, Obama has shelled out TWO MILLION DOLLARS to PREVENT the disclosure of his birth certificate. WHO WOULD DO THAT??? His past is a closed door. His documentation is hidden from the eyes of the little people. Yes, he is absolutely an American citizen, Matt Lauer! That does NOT mean he is a "natural born citizen", which is the CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT for being elected President of the United States.

    A time may come when Obama is a liability to the Democrat party, or his invisible contributors. If that happens, his real birth certificate might suddenly appear the way a box of subpoenaed papers suddenly appeared in the White House two years into the Whitewater investigation. When that happens, ABC's ace investigative reporter, Matt Lauer, will be sooooo outraged. He will weep bitter tears at having been lied to. He will conveniently forget that he said the issue was "settled". Obama takes his voting base for total idiots.

  • squeekyfromm

    Well, the main reason why people are curious is that Obama either can't or won't resolve this issue. WHY is the REAL Birther Question, which I analyze the possible answers thru the KISS Matrix:

    1. KENYA. He is born in Kenya, or there is something embarrassing on the Long Form Birth Certifcate.
    2. IGNORANT. Obama is too ignorant to think of the simple answer.
    3. SNOBBY. Obama thinks Americans are too stupid to believe the REAL THING!
    4. SLIMY. Obama thinks it is OK to make some Americans look crazy if it gets him votes.

    What is funny, is that being from Kenya is the nicest of the possibilities.

    Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

  • http://frontpagemag.com Nico

    The 2008 elections consisted of two constitutionally ineligible candidates, Obama and McCain. Obama, regardless of his birth certificate, shouldn't have been eligible because one of his parents was not a US citizen, plus he has Indonesian citizenship as well as perhaps Kenyan and/or British citizenship. Even if it turns out he was born in Hawaii, he was still ineligible. Same goes for McCain. He was born abroad, and while the two cases are worlds apart, seeing that McCain was born on a military base while his father was serving the country, the Constitution doesn't make that distinction. The huge difference is that McCain never tried to hide his place of birth, where as Obama has put everything concerning his past under lock and key. There was an abysmal failure on the part of the media to properly vet Obama, heck, he wasn't vetted at all, zip zero nada. Now we're reaping the consequences. We shouldn't invite strangers in our homes, they might turn out to be nefarious. We should remember that next year at the polls.

    • Rob


    • The Wolf

      The only question I can think of, is why has congress not suspended Obama from office until he complies with an order from congress or the Supreme Court to show all documents that are in question. I really question what his real name is, as I do not even think he knows. He was a drug user and should not be president. His brain may be fried from drugs. For all we know, he may still be using them.

      The Wolf

  • TVB

    Where there's smoke…

  • http://frontpagemag.com Nico

    That doesn't make sense. He should have had a SSN already, and you can't go changing your SSN like you can a driver's license. Plus, the SSN doesn't determine how much in tax you pay, rather where you reside.

    • PDenoli

      There are a number of circumstances in which you can request and be granted a new social security number. One of them is identity theft… an unlikely explanation for the timeframe of Obama's new number, but not unheard-of. It's possible that relatives co-opted or misused his prior identification information.

      To me, the issue isn't that he has a Connecticut SSN, it's that nobody is explaining why and that they are bashing other people for asking why. It's a reflection of the political climate that sanitizing a person's history is deemed more acceptable than openness.

    • hypervista

      Think about it Nico. Where you live DOES determine how much tax you pay. Not Federal tax, but state and local taxes. I don't know about where you live, but where I live state taxes are predicated and depend on my Federal 1040 form. I have to provide a copy of my 1040 and any pertinent Federal schedules to my state when I file.
      If Obama (Soetoro, whatever) falsely claimed the state of Connecticut on his Federal tax filing in order to avoid paying NY state and NYC taxes, thats a federal offense that has no statute of limitations.

    • joe momma

      where you reside when you applied for a ss card, dopes and liers

      • Bob Roberts

        If you're going to call other people "dopes" I'd advise you might want to learn to spell "liars" first.

  • http://frontpagemag.com Henry Julius

    Do not suffer fools gladly, those drowning in their own bile that must continue to scream "where's the proof he's really an American citizen?"

    • greyfox

      "Do not suffer fools gladly, those drowning in their own bile that must continue to scream "where's the proof he's really an American citizen?""

      Wow this is intelligence in it's highest form, Henry Julius you are an idiot.

  • Guest

    I truly hope the people in america have realized the absolute unforgivable
    act of thrusting this kenyan born fraud on to this great nation. This imbecile has done more to damage to this country and economy than people will realize. 2012 can't come soon enough and i hope that the american people will see what incompetence we had in the white house.

  • saulsaul

    Can any liberal explain why BO will not give the hospital permission to release to any one his birth certificate? What is the big freaking deal? Even the tingle up his leg Chris Mathews asks the same question. After all he is the most transparent president or is that just another lie by the master of deception?

  • Guest

    Obama is an American citizen because both of his parents are/were American citizens! What is difficult to understand about this fact? Regardless of the great efforts that he has taken to hide his true lineage, he knows that he is eligible to be President, so he fears no attempt to discover the truth. If his true lineage were to be fully acknowledged he could simply shrug and dismiss it, it wouldn't change anything except the fact that he knowingly lied to the entire world. And the only reasons that the Clinton political machine didn't reveal what they knew prior to the election were that Obama had backers more powerful then they, that they were also beholden to, and the Obama camp had all the dirt on them as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

    • Uncle Reggie

      You're bright aren't you? His father was not a US citizen. That is all the reply your comment is worth.

    • JKM

      "Obama is an American citizen because both of his parents are/were American citizens! What is difficult to understand about this fact?"

      The only way both of his parents could have been U.S. citizens is if by some bizarre circumstance it came out that Frank Marshall Davis was actually the father.

      Obama's father (Barack Sr.) was never a citizen of the United States, and therefore Obama Jr. is not a "natural born citizen" as spelled out in the Constitution. Even if Obama was born in Hawaii, that would make him merely "native born" and not natural-born, disqualifying him from seeking the presidency. On those grounds alone, he is an illegal president.

      Complicating matters is his adoption by Lolo Soetoro after his mother took him to Indonesia. Indonesia didn't permit dual citizenship in those days. Obama would have lost his U.S. citizenship as a result of the adoption, requiring him to reapply for citizenship once he reached the age of majority. Naturalized U.S. citizens are barred from being president by the Constitution. A big question is whether Barry Soetoro traveled or attended college as a foreign student.

  • Ferd

    I am not very smart or intellectual like Mr. Shapiro or many of those commenting on his article. I just want to know why Mr. Obama is resisting the revelation, which I believe leads to another question relating to what he is possibly hiding?

    The speculation could be easily ended by Mr. Obama

  • Dr. Glock

    This blog is an amazing display of ignorance and extremist conspiracy theory based not in fact but hyperbole. Someone should let the uninformed idiot John know that Arizona's self-described conservative Governor vetoed the "birther" bill because she was rightfully concerned that it would make the whole state look foolish, like the idiots who post here. Your ridiculous implication that anyone who doesn't agree with your outlandish views is not a patriot, but a communist or worse is the demagoguery one would expect from the ignorant. Obama is still cleaning up the mess left by Bush and the criminal corporations who own the Republican Party, hard to believe you fools have such short memories

    • DRIVER 379

      That's right jackass everybody posting articles on this story is a loon right? This country knew nothing about this clod except that he could speak well with the teleprompter and had a nice looking family. It is the fools like you who fell for the crap this idiot was selling and now thanks to your un-informed vote we are going down the tubes financially as a nation, paying over 4 dollars a gallon fof fuel ( Damn that bush
      rite?) Oh he is'nt president anymore? What has improved in this nation under this man's watch? NOTHING!! DO THE COUNTRY A FAVOR AND SIT OUT THE NEXT ELECTION IDIOT!

    • Lord Huckly

      Then why does he not show the long form birth certificate? Call us what you like, apologize for Obama , as your tired narrative has been for 3 1/2 year, it's Bush's fault! Since we are all idiots at best or outlandish conspirators at worse, to question, Obama's lock-box past, please do us a favor and clearly explain, why? Since you have all the intelligence and insight in the room, Dr. Glock!

    • Tom Bentley

      Glock, I just messed-up and voted a thumbs up for you. NOT deserved. You are a racist, leftest, follower. T Bentley

  • DrBobNM

    I have my Amazon prepaid order in for Dr Corsi's book. Should be fascinating. His Obamanation book was a real eye-opener. Too bad the 53% who voted for him did not read it before the election. Would have saved us alot of grief.

  • KGW

    If a person (president) is not a natural born citizen when a parent has other or dual citizenship, then wouldn’t Donald Trump be ineligible as well? (I believe his mother was from Switzerland or something – can’t recall for sure where he said.) “Natural Born Citizen” needs to be defined. I have heard so many different definitions on what it means!

    Whatever the case: Obama, the anti/un-American PINO (President in Name Only) MUST go – and sooner rather than later. Look at the damage 2 years has done! And the GOP needs to step it up and start speaking out. Thank you Col. West!!!!

  • Parker

    It's simply amazing…all Obama has to do is show his birth certificate and this whole issue is done. It's really that simple…but…for some reason he hasn't come forward with it. Why??? And the media can't understand why the American people are starting to question this? This doesn't seem that difficult to understand.

    • Teleologicus

      It's easy to understand. Obama defenders, including the media, do not want to understand it, for they too think Mr. Obama is hiding something. They don't know what he is hiding, but they figure he has his reasons for hiding it, so they don't want any more questions asked. They don't want more facts about Mr. Obama to come to light because they are pretty sure they will be damaging to him.

      If Obama supporters really believed he was telling Americans the truth and had nothing to hide, they would be asking him to release ALL of his records to vindicate himself and prove how wrong and foolish his skeptics are. But they never, ever, ask Mr. Obama to supply more factual information to settle the doubts. They simply deny there is any valid basis for doubt, make excuses for his secrecy, call Americans who want more information crazy, stupid, racist &etc., and do their best to suppress further inquiry by ridiculing skeptics and practicing character assassination against them. This is not the behavior of people who think the truth is on their side.

      Like Mr. Obama himself, his defenders behave like people with something to hide – people who are afraid of the truth and who do not want it to be disclosed.

      All Mr, Obama needs to do is release his records. He has brought this on himself by his inexplicable and pervasive secrecy. He looks like he is hiding something.

  • PDenoli

    As for the birth certificate, I remain convinced the reason we've only seen certificate copies is that the original form has something embarrassing on it. And I mean quite simply and personally embarrassing – not the sort of thing that invalidates a candidacy.

    On this article, I find it an intriguing theory. While much of it resonates as truthful or likely to be truthful, it is also quite simplistic. I think the social dynamics are far more complex, as are the aspects of the Obama presidency. Those who dismiss legitimate dissatisfaction with this administration as "racists" are also offering a simplistic theory – although theirs is demonstrably targeting the rare exception rather than the rule for most of the disaffected and disillusioned by Obama.

  • ross

    The point that is being missed is that regardless where Obama whas born or assimilated his views the end result is he is still an ahole. As the 2008 Madison Avenue packaging has been slowly unwrapped, voters are now seeing the real Obama, arrogant, petty, and thin skinned. Top this with his extreme leftist ideology and he is beginng to make Jimmy Carter look like a lottery win by comparison. I think that most polls are skewed and if the elections were held today Obama would lose against “fill in the blank” by a landslide.

  • winstonsmith

    "The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American?"

    There's that and – of course – the fact he hasn't produced a birth certicificate.

  • Lednah

    "He sees… religion as dangerous and oppressive"
    Nah. He sees only the christian religion is this way. Unlike the peacefull islam and the "holy koran".

  • 1689

    "the indisputable stupidity of the American people" Oh really Ben?

    The American instinctively know the President is hiding some damaging information, even if they can't articulate why or be specific. If Big Tobacco spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys (like Obama has) to suppress some run-of-the-mill internal document in litigation brought by cancer victim survivors in a wrongful death lawsuit, you would KNOW immediately the document contains damaging information that would hurt Big Tobacco's chances of defeating the lawsuit.

    Same priciple applies here, smart guy. Obama is hiding something. Don't know what. We can't have that. It's a matter of trust. So the American people are right, and you're wrong, Ben.

  • Stan

    Wow, you people out-crazy the Blaze. The only downside is this freak show will continue for 5 more years.

    • RobbyS

      Yeah, his life is an open book. That is if we take on faith that his memoir is factually accurate.

  • Retrocon

    Actually, whether born on the shores of the US or not, the bigger question is his citizenship as declared by his father. The US does not recognize dual citizenship, and if his father declared him a subject of the realm, or whatever, well, toobadsosad, he's not a US citizen. That aside, this is still a distraction. If we get the right conservative candidate, one with smarts and speaking ability (the former is a given if they are conservative, but the latter is often lacking), then Obama will lose by a landslide.

  • linda

    This is the best writtern article I have read in about two years

    • Dee Merk

      You obviously are a very, very shallow and not well-read reader.

  • Marxfreesociety

    Is this whole thing a trap by liberals and Obama? Whip people into frenzy, then produce the BC – real or otherwise to make said people look stupid and crazy, then gain going forward credibility because "he really had one after all"? Personally, I hope there is no BC and he is impeached.

  • JD

    It’s highly improbable that Obama was born in Kenya, which in terms of health care really is oogaboogaland. An article in this week’s Telegraph advised expats facing a medical emergency in Kenya to evacuate to South Africa, at a cost of approximately UKP 50,000.

    It’s much more likely that Obama was born in Canada for the following reasons:

    1. The first documented sighting of his mother after the birth of her son was in Washington state.

    2. She hated America so much that she may not have wanted her child to be born in the land of the evil capitalist imperialists.

    3. She could have received free medical services in Canada.

  • Smith9000

    Many of us bought the book because we are offended that the Democrats and their media think we are going to accept them at their word because of name calling! We are not in kindergarten, name calling does not persuade us!

    We need proof because the Presidents word has no creditability! Everyone has to earn respect, even the President of the United States, before people will begin to give the benefit of doubt based on ones word.

  • Michael

    Just show us the source document with the actual signatures on it to end all of this carp. In New Mexico the DMV would not accept a Memorandum of Title from Ohio when I moved here despite Ohio “certifying” that it was a legal document that could be used for the same. The State of Ohio had to sent the actual original title before NM would allow the car to be tranderred. New Mexico’s reasoning? They said that any goverment agency can produce a piece of papermcertifying there was a real title, but they wanted to see the original source document. If a state can insist on a source document for a stupid car, what is so unreasonable about requiring one to run for President?

  • davoter

    Oh give me a break!!! It's NOT because he's black, it's NOT because he's UN-American…IT'S THE CONSTITUTION, BEN!!!

    That and the fact that the COLB he's released (and the newspaper announcements) do not PROVE he was born in Hawaii. THOUSANDS of foreign-born children received COLBs from Hawaii, including Maya Sotoero, Obama's sister, who was born in Indonesia, and even Dr. Sun Yat Sen, father of "modern" China, who was born in China. but has a COLB from Hawaii… and why is the Certificate Number out of sequence with births that happened AFTER Obama's? Does that raise any questions about that document? I would think.

    And WHY no hospital records, or doctors or nurses who remember being there?

    Has this REALLY been put to rest, Ben?? Not by a long-shot!!

    Of course it would be… if he would just release the long-form….IF there is one… and no, not just a "registration" of his birth in some book as the governor has seen!

  • The Truth

    Just based upon what is currently KNOWN, even without a birth certificate we can PROVE he is not eligible.

    Fact Number One
    Congress is REQUIRED to ensure that the President elect is eligible for the office or they must name a replacement if the Vice President elect is also ineligible. (Twentieth Amendment, section three)

    ”3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.”

    Fact Number Two
    The burden of proof is on the President elect to prove eligibility. The sequence of words from section three stating “if the President elect shall have failed” is describing an action by the “President elect” that he failed at.

    Fact Number Three
    The eligibility requirements in Article Two, section one clearly state that NO PERSON who fails to meet the eligibility requirements can serve as President. “No Person” leaves absolutely no wiggle room for anyone who might possibly fool his way into being sworn in through fraudulent representation or Congressional neglect in enforcing section three of the Twentieth amendment.

    ” No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    Fact Number Four
    Since Congress must act if the President elect fails to qualify, Congress must be made aware of whether they must act or not. This means that a legal “qualification” is fully known by Congress and that there is no mystery whether someone was eligible to serve or not. That is, if that “qualification” was made.

    Fact Number Five
    We have mystery about the eligibility of the person currently calling himself “President”. Nothing but mystery.

    Fact Number Six
    Since we have “mystery” this means that a “qualification” was NOT made and thus the President elect has “failed to qualify” and cannot be serving legally as President.

    Fact Number Seven
    “We have no birth certificate” EQUALS “We have a usurper”.

    Fact Number Eight
    It is the duty of Congress to immediately address this issue as per section three of the Twentieth amendment or they are breaking their oath of office from Article Six to “support this Constitution”.

    Add up the facts and we have usurpation along with a Congress unwilling to address it.

  • cojonius maximu

    The real answer of course is that he is a Kommie Keyan Klown intent on the Kreation of the People's Republic of Amerika….

  • Joe

    I have never seen so many right wing wackos. Do you know that Obamas birth was pubished in two Hawaii newspapers. So is this some type of grand consipacy hahah.

    Hey did you all know that John McCain was not born in the US. Where are your investigations of him.

    • Rob

      I love it. Don't like what someone has to say & they are "WACKOS". Wouldn't you like all doubts about our President's past to be erased? Why is he hiding all of his records? Yes, we know John McCain was born on a military base to 2 American citizens while his father was serving our country. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify McCain's eligibility.

    • Joe

      McCain lost the election. If he had won the leftist loonies would be after him for the same reason.

    • doback

      You are so out of touch with the facts, you dolt….now go sit down.

    • Jack Kennedy

      Obviously, sucks to be part of obama’s mob of America haters

    • D Dobbs

      My daughter’s birth was announced in another state, submitted by her grandparents. The newspaper does not require any evidence whatsoever. The sighting of the newspaper announcement as evidence of US birth is just ignorant, stupid and silly.

  • Donald

    The phrase itself is of 19th century American origin. The earliest example that I can find of it in print is from the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel And Gazette, October 1839:

    "And we ask one question that they dare not firmly answer, whether they are not now making a tolerable attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the people."

  • cottonkyle

    I think people are missing the point when it comes to the reason the birth certificate matters…
    Obama wants to lead our country, but can't follow the rules of the very country he is trying to lead… and right there, right from the start, he is breaking a law. While it is obvious he is against the very principals that made this country great, hates capitalism, and is anti-American at his core, this is not the most important part of the birth certificate issue…

  • cottonkyle

    What is MOST important is that Mr Obama is thumbing his nose at our Constitution. By spending so much money to keep his long-form birth certificate (and ALL of his collegiate, medical, law, etc. records), he is proving that he thinks he is above the law. Show the long-form birth certificate and get it over with. If he simply produces this document, he proves to the so-called "birthers" that they have been wrong from the start. Imagine how much weight that would carry going into the next election…! But until he produces the birth certificate, he perpetuates the controversy… Isn't this just like his "promises for change"…? Say one thing and do another. All that "openness" he promised to America during his campaign… Where is that now?

  • cottonkyle

    Can anyone tell me how keeping this, and ALL of the records, private is beneficial… ?
    I have a sneeking suspicion that he is keeping all of the records private to cover up the one thing that matters the most (the birth certificate). He is spending all of the money to keep the records private in an attempt to make it look like he protects all of his records, when in fact, he is only doing it to keep THAT one specific record from being made public and thuis proving to whole country that he is not eligible to be president… In the eyes of the world, we are all fools, right?

  • Media Hacks the Cult of OilBama

    It’s amazing to see the news hacks being more interested in investigating anyone who doubts their false God than they have ever been in investigating the inept dunce himself. The media flunkies couldn’t wait to carry forward anything that might damage Bush no matter how preposterous, yet downplay every question that arises about their hero. Tony Rezko? Who? Bill Ayers? Who? BP record contributions? What contributions? GE connections? No big deal. George Soros’s big money ? Who’s George Soros? The media couldn’t care less. The media is more than happy to take Barry at his word because they gave such a crush on him. These media vermin wouldn’t care if Barry WAS born in Kenya, or Russia , or China.

  • West

    Pull the wool over your eyes.

    The phrase itself is of 19th century American origin. The earliest example that I can find of it in print is from the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel And Gazette, October 1839:

    "And we ask one question that they dare not firmly answer, whether they are not now making a tolerable attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the people."

    It would certainly make a great suspenseful movie..hummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hollyweird might buy it, or its already in the making

  • WhiteRose

    It just never gets good with Obama. Great article!!

  • one mad

    Let me get this straight: APPLE can spy on us with no limits, but we can't even get basic information about OBAMA! That is what explains the rise of the CORSI book to #!. It is basic common sense. You don't need to be a philosophical historian to figure it out.

    Us "citizen spies" would like to know simply the basics about our president. We don't care about tracking Obama's every move, like Apple does to us. We don't care about reading his emails, like Google does to us. Just (1) the birth certificate, (2) his passport/travel history to Indonesia in college years while purportedly an American citizen, and (3) the other basics (all college, law school, state senate, law practice records and transcripts). And an APOLOGY from the media for thier role in the coverup.

  • peter smith

    jamie foxx does a great oj simpson walk on one of the standup cd's. thats obama, tiptoeing around like he stole something.

  • American

    Its amusing to see how clueless democrats and republicans are.
    Obama and Bush have almost identical foreign and domestic policies, yet the partisans are pretending one or the other represents some kind of radical change in US policy

    As for the book…I find that when partisan tabloids like the drudge report or huffington post have a headline with a question mark at the end such as this one which was "Book to reveal Obama birthplace" the answer to the question is almost always no. The book isn't going to reveal that. LOL

    • Rob

      As far as the policy statement, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? I can't even begin to layout the differences or I would go on for days.

  • Ameriapp

    Hi ya'll

  • http://www.crowdedonavelvetcushion.com Lavengro

    His mom told the SS clerk "Kenya." The SS clerk figured she must have a speech impediment and wrote "Connecticut."

  • Amused

    HA HA …BIRTHER NATION ! Now it's " natural born " after the undeniable fact that Obama DOES have a birth certificate , certified by the State of Hawaii .And once "natural born " is established , birthers argue over it's precise meaning .So when that avenue is closed by REALITY , what do you get ? Books by moronsclaiming , discarded drivers licenses , and list's of B.S. which are the trademark of scared paranoid minds . Face it Birthers , you got a black man as president , the reasonable people of this country look upon you as ignorant fools , and the more you contrive 'conspiracies " over this , the more the enuch Republican party panders to your vote , displaying their cowardice on this issue , the more likely it will be that your whipping boy OIbama will get re-elected . So carry on Birthers .

    • Zerep11

      I am indeed "Amused" by your galactic, 'off-the-charts' blind-stupidity.

      So carry on Drone.

  • herman

    B.O. stinks. Kenya smell it?

  • Tom Bentley

    You are putting some faith in the 9th curcuit court, for truth or proper analysis????? WOW T Bentley

    • Ameriapp

      It is just one more step out of the way in order to get to the supreme court where the last two justices installed will have to recuse themselves from delivering opinions.

  • Nic

    why would anyone have a certificate of live birth if they have a long form original? Umm

  • Camillus

    You are all wasting your time. If proof positive was produced that Obama was born on Mars it would not make one bit of difference; Democrats will vote for him anyway. At this point only our enemies can save us and it will take near annihilation to bring the USA back from extinction as we have known Her. Once turned loose Democracies always destroy themselves…you are witnessing 'death by suicide,' as Lincoln warned…

    • Amused

      No Camillus , all you are witnessing is abunch paranoid whitemen . And Democrats WILL vote for him , because the alternative is people like you .

      • http://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFN2212275020110422 TastyLeadPaintChips™

        Libunatics always play the race card when they have nothing else to say.

  • The Evil Bender

    Obama was almost certainly born in Hawaii. I assume the
    reason he has not released the original birth certificate
    is because there is something embarassing on the document.
    Perhaps his mother (a self described communist) renounced
    her citizenship? Perhaps Barrack's father, being a proud man,
    insisted that the child's nationality be listed as a Kenyan.
    None of these things would be disqualifying to hold the office
    of the presidency, but they would be politically embarassing,
    especially for the upcoming election.

    • Looking4Sanity

      "Almost" doesn't cut it, Flexo. You grossly underestimate the seriousness of this issue.

      • Amused

        If you're "" serious " , go to politifact.com, and find out how lazy you've been for not fact-checking before you embarrassed yourself and embraced a lie .

  • Joe

    I will take anybody over George Bush and the Republicans. In a short 8 years they started two wars, doubled the national debt and caused the greatest financial collapse in 75 years

    • Looking4Sanity

      And in 2-1/2 years Obama and your Democrats have continued EVERY ONE of his policies PLUS quadrupled the debt! Do you honestly believe we should listen to anyone with an "argument" THAT weak? Thank you for validating the theory that liberalism is a mental disorder!

      • Kernal Panic

        In 2-1/2 years…Obama has waged a war against America!

    • BaRockBottom


      Intellectually lazy and ignorant much, Joe?

    • NoxBlow

      President Obama Started one war, did not end the other two, tripled our debt, and is continuing to keep our private finance markets from growing. So if this is the reason you'd take anyone but President George Bush logically you won't be voting for President Obama. How about voting a nice green party or communist party for a change. Have a nice day.

  • Kernal Panic

    I don't give a crap why he is like he is and I could care less what some retarded liberal columnist thinks….I just want him GONE!

    I have a bumper sticker on my car that sums it up nicely: HONK IF YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA SO I CAN GIVE YOU THE FINGER

  • ReaderRedux

    In Illinois, the sealed divorce records of then Senator Ryan were exposed — leading to his ouster. Obama replaced him.
    His very springboard to the presidency was made possible through the opening of someone else's sealed documents.

  • Temujin

    Incalculable damage has been done to the U.S. by this Neo-Marxist, and his minions in the "Ivy League Mafia", the MSM (Marxist-Sponsored Media), and the International Gang-Banksters.

    The demoncrats have clearly been totally taken over by the RULING CASTE of the Neo-Marxist NWO group; but the Boosh Dynasty Members and many other "progressive" RINOS are also purveyors of the NWO.

    It now appears that there is a good chance that we can send Barry Soetoro back to Chicago in 2012, will it require a RINO-churian candidate to accomplish that?

    • synonamus

      Yes, but please remember that Obama's wife will run for Senator of New York.

  • http://constitutionallibertarian.co.cc ConsLibertarian

    Common sense folks, Occum's Razor states that Obama DOES NOT have a birth certificate. The latest governor of Hawaii has stated FLAT OUT that it does NOT exist.

    • Amused

      That's a Lie , which makes YOU a LIAR . Want me to prove it ? OR -dont take anything I say , go to Politifact.com a totally non poartisan website which enumerates Repo-Con and Democrat Lies and Liar . It will prove that you are either a LIAR , or ignorant victim oif a LIE >

  • Nurse Snow

    Bottom line, Barry Obama is a creep and a liar. This charade of "Who Am I?" is part of his divide-America philosphy. My 1st question/concern is about his adoption and how he took his US citizenship back (if he did)…he would then be naturalized and ineligible for POTUS.

    2ndly, I also have no faith in his Certif of Live Birth. Hasn't anyone noticed? His father's race is listed as "AFRICAN" instead of Negro. If his mother is listed as a Caucasian, then who in 1961 would have been politically correct and declared his father's race as African? Continents were not races (until Asian is used.)

    PS He's both anti-American and un-American…we need to do anything and everything to send him back to Chicago in 2012.

  • Zerep11

    Those who think Obama is a "Natural Born American Citizen" are completely wrong for three reasons –

    1. There is too much evidence to the contrary;
    2. A totally proven-forged COLB cannot be used as proof, even if it was 'real'; and…
    3. Obama has only offered words in his defense, besides spending more than $2M USD so far in keeping all of this and much more under wraps.

    Either Google or Bing the following article for more – "Eye-popper: Is Nancy Pelosi in on eligibility cover-up?"

    The absolutely factual information in this article alone is more than enough to remove Obama from office, along with prosecuting those involved via their signatures (Pelosi) on this American "Con of the Century".

  • rare_smart_voter

    Obama represents all of the ideals that made this country great but have been co-opted by business interests and profiteers. What's un-American is letting the corporations run the country and suck us all dry.

    Historically, we have taken care of our poor and elderly and the upper class has paid their part. Now we have massive disinformation flowing through he media saying that the wealthy pay the bulk of the cost for so-called "entitlement" programs but that argument considers only income taxes and is a subterfuge. Payroll-related taxes are what support the "entitlement" programs that are on the chopping block and the bottom 50% of earners pay the lion's share of that. The effort to characterize the drive to cut these programs as an honest effort to save taxpayers' money is a confabulation. It's a bull rush to give more tax breaks to the rich. I have heard no talk of lowering payroll-related taxes or taxes on the bottom 50% of earners. The elite want to cut the programs and still take our money so that the bottom 50% will be paying the lion's share for everything they don't cut. Our medical system is broken and costs are far too high. Instead of addressing this, the Republicans just want to cut services. Then, only the wealthy will have access to quality health care.

    This is what the fight between Obama and the republicans is all about. All the rest of this claptrap is sleight-of hand obfuscation – Wake up!

    • Truth Hurts Repubs

      Rare Smart Voter,

      Don't waste your truth, facts, logic or statistics on the Republicans. They are impervious to the truth and offer nothing but blind hatred of all that's good. The majority of them vote against their own interest, because they're not bright enough to understand the truth.

  • Amused

    I suggest all you nimrod Repo-Con teabaggers visit a non-partisan website , where the LIES and LIARS of Both political Parties , and individuals who are their sycophants , are enumerated .
    C'mon , dont stay stupid , and continue to make intellectual fools f yourselves .You all say you're big on truth right ? Well do some earnest investigation and find it . Hint -it wont be found here ..on this subject

    • Jack Kennedy

      another liberal homophobe

    • Teleologicus

      A better way to vindicate Mr Obama and justify the faith reposed in him would be for supporters who think he is telling the truth and not hiding anything to urge him to make all of his records and documents available for the American public to inspect and judge for themselves.

      Simply insulting skeptics, telling them they are wrong, calling them names, will not settle this matter. It is a dispute about facts, and more facts are required to resolve it.

      If Mr. Obama's supporters really believed he was not hiding anything they would not be wasting their time slandering and smear skeptics who merely want more information to see for themselves if he is telling the truth. They would not be trying to suppress or obstruct further inquiry and to prevent more facts from emerging. They would welcome the facts and the truth to prove their case and refute their critics.

      Alas, though, Mr. Obama's own loyal supporters act like people who think he is hiding something from Americans. They do not ask him to provide more documents. They merely try to shout down, slander, and intimidate Americans who want to see more facts about Mr. Obama. This is not the behavior of people who think the truth is on their side.

      Neither is Mr. Obama's behavior that of someone who thinks the truth is on his side. He looks for all the world like he is hiding something. That, and that alone, is what has made Americans suspicious. He has only himself to blame. If he had simply been forthcoming at the outset and supplied routine documentation to satisfy skeptics, the crisis that is now upon him would have been nipped in the bud.

      The above assumes that he is telling the truth and not hiding anything. Since he refuses to make records and documents available, sensible Americans have no option but to assume that he is hiding something from them. They want to know what it is – if it is anything at all. It is time for him to come clean and release his records – all of them. Nothing else will suffice at this point.

  • kernal Panic

    I just want him GONE! Vote him out or impeach him….I don't care just so long as I don't have to see his face anymore.

    Does anyone remember during the presidential campaigns how he WENT TO GERMANY and campaigned there!? That was my first AHA moment! Obama has been a cluster F**k from day one!

  • Guest

    I'm laughing at all the birther nonsense. The ridiculous claim that he's spent 2 million just on these records, when that number is actually the total for the entire campaign's legal billing. The silly arguments about the birth certificate not existing, when the actual people who can look at it have done so and said it is there. Governor Lingle never denied it exists, her own director of the Department of Health said it does. But some idiot flat-out claims otherwise? Nor was the certificate released faked, oh sure, some sites claimed it was, but others completely contradict them. Who are you going to believe? The denial of people who can testify to it, and the rest of his life, when they have gone on record about it.

    I swear, I wonder if some of you are trying to discredit the conservative side, to set up some kind of failure with these obvious phony claims and lies about records and whatnot.

    BTW, don't ever expect to get my records, they're mine, not yours. I ain't marrying you.

  • Lucas

    C'mon Drudge. Please link me to quality writing. This is almost as bad as a content farm. I stopped with poor journalism such as "The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion)"

    I usually like the articles you link me to, but this one was a waste.

  • joe momma

    idiots & fools

  • GWAR

    I think he is hiding the fact that his birth certificate says hes white. I think he looks like his mom and typical old white lady grandmom. And to top it off ,have you ever seen him dance? Serious case of white mans disease.

  • Amused

    Trump , the new birther for a purpose [ Rep.Nomination ] has already spouted atleast THREE bald faced LIES regarding Obama's birth certificate and related issues .And after being confronted with the Facts , a.k.a. TRUTH , you still hold your "birther views " then you are either a dope or , yes , that word you'll always deny – A RACIST .

    • amplitude jones

      so, what three lies mr amused? The oath of office is one lie the joker told! see, you cannot protect that which you attack- but crazy evil freak hysterical slime democrats try to!

  • trickyblain

    I'm kinda of thinking the piece of filth that started this thread is pulling the race card by calling the President a "gh@to ni@@er."

    • Jack Kennedy

      another one of obama’s mob of America hater admitting your lack of argument against the facts, by using the racism rant

  • Helen

    There is more than the birth certificate. He is not an African-American under the Civil Rights Act of 1968. (He may have received financial benefits under the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and that could account for closing down his college records.) He has no roots to American slavery. His white mother's ancestors were actual Kansas slave owners. His father was a resident of Kenya (with no connection to American Slavery) and a bigamist who left a family behind in Kenya. He went to Hawaii and started up another family with a very young white girl whose white ancestors were white slave owners in Kansas before the American Civil War.

  • chiavareladonna

    To all Democrats with the ethical and moral values of FDR; HST; JFK; RFK:

    If any of you, on a daily basis were to be ragged on by a national Talk Radio Show Host with over 20,000,000 listeners; and if this Radio Host were to, on a daily basis, impugn your love of country; your authenticity; your birth right; your truthfulness, what would you do?

    You would, most probably do what I would do: Take a copy of your Long Form Birth Certificate, scoot down to EIB Headquarters in NYC, and stuff the thing in Rush Limbaugh's ample face. You would also tell him to "…Stick it where the Sun don't shine."

    What delicious revenge. In one fell swoop, make him look like a "buffoon" and also diminish his vast influence which he has been using against you.

    So, why doesn't Obama do what you, I or any other American would do? Could it possibly–just possible be because, "..What is not–cannot ever be?"

    • Guest

      I'd ignore him, and laugh at such a piece of trash getting so much attention.

  • Amused

    I'll take you up on that bet , and dont be embarrassed for the American people , be embarrassed for your own ignorant self .Barack Obama is the Most Christian President in American History and Other Thoughts on His Easter Prayer Breakfast
    Anyone who does not believe that Barack Obama is a Christian should listen to Tuesday's Easter Prayer Breakfast speech. (Unless of course he was lying about everything he said in the speech in a subtle attempt to the disguise the fact that he is either a Muslim or the anti-Christ).

    • Amused

      I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple reason -– because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, during this season, we are reminded that there’s something about the resurrection — something about the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts everything else in perspective.

      We all live in the hustle and bustle of our work. And everybody in this room has weighty responsibilities, from leading churches and denominations, to helping to administer important government programs, to shaping our culture in various ways. And I admit that my plate has been full as well. (Laughter.) The inbox keeps on accumulating. (Laughter.)

      But then comes Holy Week. The triumph of Palm Sunday. The humility of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. His slow march up that hill, and the pain and the scorn and the shame of the cross.- cont'd

      • Amused

        .And we’re reminded that in that moment, he took on the sins of the world — past, present and future — and he extended to us that unfathomable gift of grace and salvation through his death and resurrection.In the words of the book Isaiah: “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”This magnificent grace, this expansive grace, this “Amazing Grace” calls me to reflect. And it calls me to pray. It calls me to ask God for forgiveness for the times that I’ve not shown grace to others, those times that I’ve fallen short. It calls me to praise God for the gift of our son — his Son and our Savior.And that’s why we have this breakfast. Because in the middle of critical national debates, in the middle of our busy lives, we must always make sure that we are keeping things in perspective. Children help do that. (Laughter.) A strong spouse helps do that.

        • Amused

          . But nothing beats scripture and the reminder of the eternal.So I’m honored that all of you have come here this Holy Week to join me in a spirit of prayer, and I pray that our time here this morning will strengthen us, both individually as believers and as Americans. And with that, let me introduce my good friend, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, for our opening prayer. (Applause.)END8:45 A.M. EDT

          No muslim anywhere , anytime would make such a speech , in fact neither would a Mormon , nor a Jew ,for the heart of Cristianity centers on the propitiation of our sins on the cross that day , a notion most alleged christians dont understand , and one virtually unknown to muslims , inbelieved by jew and mormons . No President has been so precise ,so if you still think this man is a muslim , then you're brain-dead .

          • Amused

            So , how much you wanna bet Frank lala ? I'll be glad gto e-mail you my address where you can send the check .

    • Jack Kennedy

      Sucks to be you

    • http://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFN2212275020110422 TastyLeadPaintChips™

      "Barack Obama is the Most Christian President in American History"

      If that were true, why hasn't he joined a church in the DC area?

      Furthermore, if that were true, why did he sit through 20 years of racist sermons by the non-Christian Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

    • BaRockBottom

      "Barack Obama is the Most Christian President in American History"

      All the capitalizations in the world don't confer verity to your statement. Bad try for an adult but probably sensible as can be in the world of the intellectually stunted.

      Jimmy Cawtuh tried to blur the distinction between wealth redistribution and Christian charity, too. Apparently the market for fools is a big one, judging by your post.

  • OLJingoist

    This may help to lay out the situation. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38983826/Obama-Eligibil

  • AC7880

    2nd on:
    Much more than the original birth certificate has been kept hidden from Americans.

    The Obama records which have not been released include; Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

    • Debbies21

      Not only the above but why would someone go through the time and expense of going to law school, take the exam, pass the exam and the turn their license in yet that is what both mr and mrs o have done.

  • MikeInSyracuse

    I want to know if we have been scammed. Pure and simple.

    • amplitude jones


    • Ohmaar

      Yes, Mike in Syracuse. We HAVE been scammed. But as this article points out, the scam goes much, MUCH further than Barak Obama, and started long before our pretender in chief was even born.

  • Bob

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866, to a peasant family in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan county , Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province (26 km or 16 miles north of Macau). Born in China, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen has a Certificate of Hawaiian/Live Birth aka; COLB, just the same as Obama. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s background is no less than the Father of ‘Modern’ China, a great hero. Remember, Hawaii issues COLBs for those who have lived one year in Hawaii prior to their foreign birth and issue Birth Certificates, to those who were actually born in Hawaii.
    Sun Yat-sen was born in 1866 in China and applied for a Hawaiian Certificate in 1904 with a price on his head from China

  • dean bartlett

    just because ins has become a joke doesn't make it legal or right.

  • CptKendrick

    Wow. Now Teddy Roosevelt is responsible for ushering in Marxism and ripping apart the Constitution. This is breaking news….something must be done….

    To the Tea Cave!

  • amplitude jones

    the thing that is bothering me- all the fuss about certificates and all are moot, when you consider the fact that the Joker voted for gun control in the illinois senate and the US senate. For that (victim disarment being Treason!) HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HANGED LONG BEFORE HIS ELECTION AS PRESIDENT (AND SO SHOULD ALL TRAITOR PIGS WHO EVER VOTED TO DISARM AMERICANS!!!!!)

  • Amused

    nimrods ! go to politifact.com , to find out what lies you've been swallowing . It's non -partisan, and enumerates the lies by Republican and Democrats , and yes even Obama .

  • p3orion

    Typo, my bad, it was his paternal grandMOTHER who is on record as saying she was there at his birth in Kenya.)

    • tina

      further correction, it was Step Grandmother, not a blood relative

  • http://constitutionallibertarian.co.cc ConsLibertarian


    Abercrombie admitted there is NO birth certificate. The short form is NOT a birth certificate.

  • tom kinney

    Good stuff. This is the right thinking. It's not that Obama wasn't born in America, it's that he has lived an exotic life that has never touched down in even a proximity of Main Street America. He doesn't get Main Street America and MSA doesn't get him. One suspects that to Obama, Main Street America is more of a conceptual thing, like an exhibit in a museum diorama, than a place, much less a reality. The very notion of Main Stream America must seem odd and vaguely threatening to The Big Zero.

    Common sense has migrated so far away from the left that they now tend to see it as radical extremism when someone on the right says something as sensible, not to mention obvious, as we can't spend money we don't have. Or if you don't have money you should get a job and earn some.

  • Shawn

    The conclusion in this article is incorrect. People don't care about whether there is a birth certificate in order to answer their fears of his unamericanism, they want to know because it is shocking. Much like how people wanted to see Charlie Sheen shockingly fall apart on TV and apparently on stage. American culture these days is all about shock value. The potentially damaging results, if it were to be found that he was not born here, would ripple through not only our time but the many many generations to come, and most people in the back of their minds are thinking, I would really love a front row seat.

  • Anne Olivier

    Jerome Corsi has proven to be a liar in his previous works..how come a publishing company would encourage him to publish any of his works.

    • Milton Waddams

      Please provide your evidence to this statement.

      (In short, you can't…..)

  • barry1817

    Have already bought the book and looking forward to an interesting read.

    But Trump is really wonderful on this issue, because he doesn't back down, and when people show the Certifiicate of Live Birth, he blasts them because the COLB is not the long form.

    Then people say that they have seen the original, which is puzzling since the hospital claims a confidentiality and privilege about who can have access.

    Then those that don't like this topic, claim it has been settled, when it hasn't.

    But forgetting all else, what is there that makes one spend millions in legal bills to prevent the document from being shown. That makes no sense, and raises a red flag.

    And as another poster cited, if his father was British, and confirmed British citizenship on his son, then a person with dual citizenship, I believe doesn't meet the Constitutional requirement.

    • Zerep11

      It is common knowledge throughout the powers to be in the Hawaiian government that there is no birth certificate for Obama.

      What's worse, neither hospital claims Obama either.

      Go figure…

      Yet there are the deniers who wouldn't recognize the truth and/or obvious is they were iron skillets smacking them full-force in the face on a consistent basis.

  • josh

    Just show the American public the "official birth certificate" What is so hard about that?

  • http://www.moronpolitics.com moronpolitics

    The only thing that matters is not where Obama was born, but whether he went to an Ivy League school. Remember the HORROR of each and every talking head when Bush tried to put someone on the SCOTUS who went to —GASP—- SMU and UT? Scalia appeared on Ingraham's show and laughed in her face, but she couldn't even figure out he was laughing at her. It was beyond her comprehension.

  • Milton Waddams

    I'm not a birther, I'm a "colleger"….

    I believe the truth is inside his FERPA sealed college records. He probably registered as a foreign student (Indonesia….) and applied for federal aid as a foreign student. Therefore, if he really was an American citizen, then he has defrauded the American people with his false student aid information.

    However, if he was a foreign student and filed for aid as a foreign student, then he has broken federal law by willfully and with malice, assuming the duties of the President of the United States under false pretenses.

    I have an other theory: Most of these radicals (both on the right and left), when pushed to the extreme mode….will denounce their citizenship. This will often result in the extremist also asking to be removed from the Social Security system.

    Could it be that Obama rescinded his citizenship because he hated America so much? And later decided to become a U.S. citizen once again and therefore reapply for a SS #????

  • http://www.secondstrikethenovel.com ron

    Actually, its simplier than all that. As American citizens, we are required to show our birth certificates to get a drivers license, passport, etc. So, if he has his birth certificate, why the reluctance to just show it and be done with it. He could easily do this at the end of any press conference. Since he hasn't, it begs the question….why?

  • matt2717

    Obama has himself to blame for this. Whether there's any truth to the birthers' case or not, Obama has given it life by paying millions to keep his BC hidden, not releasing a simple document and not facing this controversy. And when his own grandmother comes forward and swears he was born in Kenya, and he doesn't dispute it, voila, more fuel on the fire. For a man who reputedly has nothing to hide, his behavior is odd. The author of this article is just another out-of-touch elite who can't fathom why people wonder about a president who incessantly gives them reason to wonder. I submit that the truth is the opposite of the liberals' thesis; that it is precisely because the people aren't stupid that, rightly or wrongly, we have this controversy.

  • Milton Waddams

    BTW, I believe this is why Beck has lost a ton of viewers and listeners. He ridicules the people who are interested in this birth certificate issue.

    Very similar to Limbaugh and his "black helicopter" insults of decades ago.

    (Turned out the "black helicopter" crowd was right….)

  • Greg, Calif.

    Let's look at a little history to see whether Mr. Obama would be impeached over a "birth certificate". POTUS Clinton was caught lying about a sexual encounter and the senate was afraid to impeach him. President Regan was "almost" caught trading aircraft parts to Iran to fund the contra's, they were afraid to impeach him. Carter was caught giving taxpayer cash to religious groups, no impeachment. Most presidents do things that should get them impeached, Nixon's robberyimpeachment was definitely payback for embarrassing the leftists by getting America out of Vietnam without a French exit. The "sting" Obama is doing on his records may have impeachable content but unless the economy collapses no one will have the courage to call his bluff, even if they do it will be a win win for the left as he has raised a lot of money and put a lot of bureaucrats to work, and thats what its all about anyway. We EXPEECT our politicians to be crooks!!!

  • Ken B

    An interesting tie with the european philisophical origin. I fully agree that the decline of our once great Universities stems from this importation of intelligensia think. Or should I say misthink since the ideals have never worked anywhere but in novels. But Mr. Shapiro needs to check the historical record. It was Franklin Roosevelt not Teddy that was the progressive in the family.

  • Sister_Mary

    From 2008 – It's all been there but no one cared including the FBI – http://www.aim.org/aim-column/who-vetted-obama/

  • cassie

    How dare you shift focus by accusing us of being RACISTS? Play the race card if you have to. But as Americans we LEARNED in the Sixth damn grade that you must be born here to hold that esteemed office! So it’s a matter of perjury not race.

  • Jose

    Thank you Dr. Corsi, for however this ends up, we know we can trust you due to all your 30+ years in government, being Doctor, and an award winning jounalist.

    Finally, either way, the truth will be set free about President Obama, etc..

  • Dee

    Why does the certificate of live birth,which is very different from the long form, say, race: African??? That is a country not a race. They used black or negro in 1961.They did not use a country. My race isn’t American it’s my country. Couldn’t be the modern PC term?? Just asking.

  • http://www.tracesofevil.com Keir

    Any author who feels the need to put "PhD" after his name in the title shows the paucity of intelligence and integrity found within the covers.

  • welovetheUSA

    Obama is going to answer allot of questions this time around………he will not be re-elected this we know for sure.

  • Karen Russell

    What Is George Dubya hiding?

    By Linda L. Starr and Bev Conover

    June 4, 1999 | There have been so many revelations regarding the past scandals of the Bush family that this almost seems irrelevant. However, since George Dubya is apparently a presidential candidate, it is almost certain we should examine every aspect of his past to see if he is morally fit to become president.

    "What's good for the goose is good for the gander"

  • RotalSnart

    Barak Hussein Sotero could simply release his birth certificate (IF he actually had one). The Democrat Governor of Hawaii says there's no copy of it, but some other Democrat official SAYS she once saw it. Even Michelle says Bak Soetero's "home country" is Kenya.

    I mean how could those "birthers" like Michelle be so stupid?

  • Shocked

    I am amazed at how many people actually believe that Obama is NOT a Christian and then they scream about his association with the Rev Wright. Do not believe he is an American and say no birth certificate: See factcheck.org for not only his birth certificate, the number, the raised embossed seal, the certification by the state, the announcement in the local newspaper, etc. ..

    I am shocked and yet.. I should not be. Just please question yourself as to why you would believe such lies in the face of continued truth. Why should someone defend the obvious. If someone came to me and said Obama is secretly a homo sexual and I state hes married and has 2 children who do look like him.. then they state it could be just a marriage of convenience.. then the DNA reports show.. they state it was invitro… pictures then show them kissing.. again for show.

    STOP with the ignorance! Lets focus on stopping the spending out of control, taking the hundreds of thousands of dollars in my taxes being wasted.

  • JackHammer

    Part 1:
    Of the four ways to register a live birth in HI in 1961, only one way was by a hospital. Another way was merely from a mailed, signed affidavit asserting that a birth has occurred. A Certificate of Live Birth is the form completed by the hospital. A Certification of Live Birth, which Obama has released, can be generated from all four methods of registration. Obama’s half sister, born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Sun Yat Sen, a Chinese leader born in China, also have a Certification. Hawaii does not accept a Certification as proof of aboriginal status.

    The signed, sworn affidavit of Tim Clark, a senior elections clerk supervising over 50 employees, has not. Mr. Clark swears that he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&paghttp://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag

  • JackHammer

    Part 2:
    The matter was heard before the Supreme Court Justices on Friday, January 7th, 2011. By Feb. 17 they scheduled another conference on the issue. There are many rumors as to why conclusions have not been announced. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pag

    There is more than one you tube video of Obama stating in front of groups that he was born in Kenya. There is even one of Michelle stating it. He admitted on page 26 of his autobiography, "Dreams of my Father" that he was born a British citizen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zsQ-v7kD5Q

    THE LAW: (In 1961 the requirement was 5 years, not 2.) http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/8/1401.html

  • Charles

    The issue of the elected president's naturality is crucial to our maintaining the American philosophy and constitutional founding. No other country respects a constitution as much as the US.

    But the REAL ISSUE of the birth of Obama is that the document produced for public viewing int he internet was produced AFTER November 2001. Less than ten years ago. And too many questions have been raised about his legitimacy to simply let it all die.

    For example, his own family members in Kenya claim to have been there at his birth – IN KENYA. No one believes that though, yet everyone WANTS TO BELIEVE the new governor of Hawaii who claims to have BEEN THERE at Obama's birth in Hawaii. AND yet his statements and claims lack credibility because of his mistake claiming the original birth certificate existed and that he would produce it to put the matter to rest.

    So, the document produced by the white house is NOT his birth certificate (regardless of their claims to the contrary since he was NOT born less than ten years ago.)

    And that NATURALLY begs the question "What document did he use to get his drivers license, which requires a Birth Certificate.?

    "What document did he use to procure his passport, one of which MUST be a birth certificate??"

    What document did he use to register to vote? Which would be in the chain of required documents beginning with the Birth Certificate.

    What about applying for social security card?

    SO now that the document that the white house produced in the Internet is debunked by these and other questions, why doesn't he produce the document that he used to acquire those documents listed above?? It must exist somewhere accessible.

    So why does he instead spend millions of dollars trying to keep THAT DOCUMENT secreted from the public eye???

    No one will answer that question…

  • Shredderofmass

    He doesn't release the original birth certificate because it was signed by a veterinarian. You see, he was born of a jackal.

  • jeffers 47

    AlGore said the debate on global warming is over and it is over. So Oblunder says the
    debate on where he was born is over so it is over. That is how libs deal with you realist.
    Ben Frankllin said as soon as the voters realize they can vote themselves money the democracy is over and they found with oblunder they can vote themselves money, so i guess it is over. $15 trillion ended it!

  • Cogito ergo sum

    All I know is, that in CA and MA you MUST present a long form B.C. to get your license. It's a serious pain in the butt if you're from CA and live in MA, I had to have my mom go down to the hall of records and pay $12 to get an original copy (you can't have a photocopy, it has to be from the town) and then overnight it to me. They won't except anything else. I think that's all irrelevant though because hypothetically, if Obama could become president w/o a B.C., I'm sure his people would be able to illegaly obtain a D.L. and passport for him. I'm not sure if this story is true, but supposedly he has a CT SSN that doesn't belong to him. So, I'd put nothing past any politician. They play dirty.

  • ShoeFits Change it

    Wow. When people cannot figure out out to attack a man on his policies they resort to attacking him in many other ways. If OBAMA was WHITE and had a WHITE name like JOHN SMITH ask yourself… would YOU actually even consider that he was not born in the USA?

    Remember that TRUMP is born at the JAMAICAN HOSPITAL. If you didnt know that it was in NYC then you would think the Country Jamaica.. but would you ever even CARED if he didnt bring up the obama birth certificate? Instead people would have overlooked it… even though TRUMP does not marry American women… he stays away from Good old Red Blooded American Women. What is wrong with Amercian Women TRUMP?

    Now, will people stop Amercian Idol the President and let them do the job. If you wanted a great president you should have voted for Ross Perot, the last one who told it straight… even used graphs. instead people vote on looks and not content of information.

    This means YOU!

  • Amused

    That's a lie Rotal …go look it up . And to MR.or MRS. "welovetheUSA" , I can tell you what I know for sure – Trump lied no less than three times in his interview with Katy Couric , and they are PROVABLE LIES . Also I know for sure Trump is smarter than that , and is playing the birther suckers for the Rep.Nomination. Everyone knows almost 80% of Repo-con/teabaggers believe , or atleast like to say Obama's not a citizen , and ultimately will accomplish nothing more than to prove tyo the electorate in 2012 how utterly out of touch with reality , that the republican party has become .Keep it up and republicans will guarantree another Dem.Admin. Have Republicans done anything to create jobs? -NO Have they done anything to improve healthcare ? NO Have they done anything to improve the economy ? NO .What have they done ? Kicked lower income and the middle class in the teeth .Gave tax breaks to big corporations , which are shouldered by that lost revenue on those in the middle and lower class .

  • Fritz Lang

    “He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative.” You got to be kidding. Obama is a butt-boy for Wall Street, has continued Bush totalitarian ‘Patriot Act’ and continues the Bush Middle East war for oil. Bush lovers should love Obama. As American as GE, Goldman Sachs and AIG.

  • Cogito ergo sum

    First off, I'm neither a Democrat or Republican. I have to say that the Democrats' typical response to the "birther issue" is "why didn't you require George W. Bush to show his B.C?" To that I say, I can't STAND G.W. but there is no doubt in my mind that that idiot is an American, unfortunately. lol. His family has been involved in politics in this country for about a century. He hasn't sealed all of his school records like Obama. Bush is a liar, but he IS an American. We can find out all about his childhood if we want. Obama has deliberately hidden his past from the American people. His origins have been in question since the beginning of his road to the WH. If there is nothing to hide, why doesn't he unseal all of his records. There is OBVIOUSLY something that he is hiding. I don't know how liberals can be that blinded by his Obama-ness that they don't see that there is something seriously fishy going on with this guy. I don't know how liberals support him period, since they hated Bush so much. The new boss is the same as the old boss. Wake up!

  • john

    One hides everyday records such as school and medical records for only one reason: there is something in them the owner does not want anyone to see. It really is that damn simple. The media, especially people such as Chris Matthews, are the ones who look really stupid to me, not the so called "birthers". Sooner or later, the truth will out and the prison doors will open. john

  • saul

    ben shapiro has clearly been watching to much glen beck

  • dlb

    My children could not sign up for T-ball without proper documentation. They were required
    to bring their original birth certificate . That's all I'm asking of President Obama. If you have nothing to hide, then reveal your birth certificate.
    I'm am starting think it says he is Muslim and wherefore prefers it to be kept from the public.

    • Milton Waddams

      Isn't that hilarious? (But sad….)

      Barrack Hussein Obama couldn't even play T-ball in the U.S.!

  • saul

    obama was elected because he is black…and…he said everything the left wanted to hear…go through the fed. budget line by line eliminating wasteful spending…lie…end the war in iraq…lie…close guantanamo..lie…transparent gov…lie…and many more…but we cannot let the neocons of the hook…without the complete 100% total failure of bush II…obama would never have been elected…ron paul 2012

    • Milton Waddams

      Excuse me. Barrack Hussein Obama is BI-RACIAL. He was born of a white American mother and a black Kenyan father.

      Yes, he is America's first "African-American" President because his father was from Africa and his mother from America. However, he is NOT America's first "black" president.

      As Al Sharpton said; "He ain't ghetto black."

  • Zerep11

    It is common knowledge throughout the powers to be in the Hawaiian government that there is no birth certificate for Obama.

    And it gets better – Neither Kapi'olani Hospital nor Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu claim Obama either.

    Yet in light of the above, the Obama-Drones still insist on denying and/or discrediting factual information concerning Obama, and are totally incapable of recognizing any forms of truth and/or the obvious even if they were iron skillets smacking them full-force in the face on a consistent basis.

    Therefore, I am totally convinced liberalism is a mental disease, as in the ultimate, irreversible form of mental derangement.

    • Guest

      Really? Then why did the director of the Department of Health say she saw the birth certificate??

      • Zerep11

        Simple, it's called "LYING".

  • Guns & Jesus

    Read through the second paragraph in which every statement was false. Every statement there about Barack Obama was the opposite of the truth.

    • davidl

      Are you nuts? The author is 100% correct. But since you challenged the author, then please put up or shut up. What Obama policies have proven that the author is incorrect? How as any aspect of the US improved under Obama? Even people are demanding recall of his Nobel prize.

  • Mike

    What I find very bizzare is, when Obama speaks using a teleprompter, he does a pretty good job. When he goes off the cuff, he makes a lot of mistakes. Bitter clingers, police actted stupidly and so on.

    He has almost no paper trail since his days in the Illinois state legislature and there is only one known radio interview. Whenever George Bush exhaled, we knew there was one fewer breath of air in the world for a child.

    So who and where was he prior to his debut in Chicago? He says he got scholarships. Really? How? Didn't he have to apply in writing? If this guy is so God-like he must have really wowwed those scholarship committes.

  • Twinspeedr

    The man is a Postmodern, Secular humanist, Globalist, Marxist. (Basically he and his ilk are self ascribed demi-gods by virtue of their "superior intellect" alone). His entire ideology is anathema to the very Constitution that he so clumsily swore to uphold. His Presidency is a farce an so many levels.

    So, WHY do we need to stoop to debating something that will NEVER EVER BE PROVEN OR DISPROVED to an extent that will have any effect on his candidacy? There are plenty of reasons to disagree with, and even dislike this man. (and none of them has to do with his race or skin color, BTW!!!) We lose every shred of credibility we have when we only want to debate the birth certificate question in public. It reduces the Tea Party and the rest of the core of America to an ignorant rabble only capable of understanding something so simplistic as the birth certificate issue.

    Do the hard work, learn your history, economics, and philosophy and hit these Progressive zombies in the heart, with the TRUTH!!! Their policies cannot stand the light of day, but they know how to make people look foolish if they wade in without knowing fully what it is that they are talking about.

    • Teleologicus

      If we are interested in the truth and not merely appearances we must be willing to follow the trail until we get to the truth. Those who say Americans should forget about the whole thing because of how it supposedly makes them look to others are mistaken on several points, the first one being in regard to the importance of the truth itself. It is important to find out what Mr. Obama has been hiding and whether he is eligible for the office he occupies. The only way to find out is to demand that all records and documents be released. Pressure is now rapidly building on this demand since the whole controversy has broken out of its media quarantine into the public space. Mr. Obama's media supporters can no longer protect him as they have been doing for several years. More and more Americans are becoming aware of his strange secrecy and his refusal to provide standard documentation of his life to the public. They think he is hiding something. They smell a rat – and the smell is getting stronger every day. This matter can no longer be denied, ignored, ridiculed, or laughed away. It is going to have to be dealt with – and soon.

      Which is the next point, the familiar talking point that Americans who want more information about Mr. Obama are or appear to be crazy, stupid, ignorant, racist, etc. and that this will hurt political prospects for voting him out of office at the next election. There is and never has been anything stupid or crazy about asking for more information. Even from the beginning of the controversy the truly stupid and credulous people were the defenders of Mr. Obama who claimed to know for a certainty matters which they could not possibly know for certain. They propounded their dogmatic faith in him as though their faith were a fact and their opinions were incontrovertible truths. They did not realize, and many still do not appear to realize, that they simply lack the necessary facts upon which to draw such certain conclusions. Skeptics and doubters who want more data are more rational than defenders of Mr. Obama who claim to know things they cannot possibly know, and who confuse their opinions with objective truths.

      It is time for Mr. Obama to come clean and release ALL of the records and documents he has been hiding from Americans so that we can see and judge for ourselves if he has been telling us the truth. There is no possible objection to such an obvious and now urgently necessary step – unless, as many are beginning to think, he has not been telling the truth and is indeed hiding something about himself.

      The Obama records which have not been released include;

      Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.


    It just seems odd to me that we have all of these questions that have not been answered. I would love to know his life's time line from the day of his birth to his settlement in Illinois.

    • Guest

      You can't answer questions for people who refuse to accept them.

    • Sammy

      The wrong questions are being ask.
      I have never made an issue of the birth certificate (although it should have been vetted @ the time of his nomination).
      The issue is his college records (starting with Occidental through Harvard). We want to see the passport records especially the dates and places in Pakistan during his time @ Columbia. We want to see the writings of his lecture series from his Illinois professorship. We want to see financial records of who paid for his college and who paid his and Michelle outstanding student loans.
      We already know many of the answers but we must have the proof in writing. Then we will know who these people are and what they really believe.
      Then we all can be proud of our country again!

  • http://www.niseinyc.com Grandmaster Ro

    This country was built on the backs of immigrants(legal or not)> I say let them stay. As far as President Obama. its our time now. We voted for him and that the whole country!!God Bless America!!!

  • Embarrased GOP voter

    So Obama had this secret agenda to inflitrate USA politics and once gaining the top position would continue the previous presidents agenda? As a conservative voter I view you birthers as complete idiots.

    • Zerep11

      No conservative would make such a remark as yours.

      Now, a derangend libturd who "thinks" they're a conservative? Yes…

      • Teleologicus

        The transparent and preposterous habit Leftists have of pretending to be someone they are not in such debates is an example of the Left's regard for the truth. No wonder they do not want the facts about Mr. Obama to be disclosed! Who has not come across dozens of Former Republicans, Ex-Conservatives, concentration camp survivors, octo- and nonagenarians, Viet Nam vets, World War II vets, combat vets, decorated vets, and heaven knows what else, all of whom are here to tell people how evil, greedy, unscrupulous and fascist GWB or the current Republican politicians are. The people who leave such stuff must actually think they are fooling somebody, though I can't imagine why they could think that unless it is the weed they smoke.)

  • daniel boone

    Africa is a continent. It is neither a race nor a country.

  • Lance

    The American people aren't allowing this fraud to continue in office. We are biding our time, waiting for election day to throw the sack of s*** out on his face. How else can you get rid of the communist scum in DC?
    Obama- outta there
    RINOs- outta there
    Democrat-communists- outta there

  • pheweyhuey

    I would definitely not want to be in the shoes of those who are part of this cover-up! If I were, I would start emigration plans just about now.


    Do you not question bush because he's white?

  • celador2

    Obama is a standard leftist Democrat who can flip on a dime on war and deficits. But he is not a radical as some would claim. He has been the darling of WS, for example and got more contributions than McCain 2008. WS does not back socialist although some like GE do back 'green tech' for profits.

    American has many regions and time periods, we are not one monolithic mold. White settlers moved west and carried out genocide against Indians pretty much from the start of British North America. Some natives survived to be marmginalized onreservations. And enslaved black Africans were the labor of the west expading slavery class from Jefferson to Buchanan. it took a Civil war to stop it and establish free labor once and for all.

    There is a residue of racism that hangs across the nation that leads to the Other in us calling President Obama foreign born and a fraud. He is not really one of our ideal cut outs.
    He is just different , thats all.


  • LibsAreCommies

    They promised long ago to bring us down from within without firing a single shot. Obama and the 111 Congress are as close as they have ever come. All of these America-hating Radical Leftists should be dragged from office, today. They hold no regard for the Constitution so it should not protect them. They want new rules?… let them feel the other edge of that sword first.

  • zaanga

    What about the freedom of information act? we should be able to access records

  • Mark

    Why does the Prez have multiple social security numbers? Why has he NEVER owned a car, a house, etc (could he pass a financial background check)? Why won’t he release his transcripts? What is he hiding?

  • merry

    25% of Americans think soetero is not qualified to be POTUS, according to recent polls. One quarter of Americans governed by this Indonesian is quite a lot. One quarter of 300 million citizens is only 12 million souls and may not be worthy of enough respect to be allowed answers to our wondering. No answers will come to us. We don't have "standing."

  • daVE

    Have you heard the latest? Now, its coming out that Obama is not even a person, but an actual goat, dressed like a person. This is an outrage, maybe the biggest fraud ever. How can we go on with an actual farm raised goat dressed as a black man as our president?

    Obama should be forced to immediately prove he is a black human, and not a farm raised goat.

    In fact,. Obama should have to prove his side of any old ridiculous story the tea party comes up with. It is Obama's job to cater to the whacked out requests of the whacked out tea partiers.


    • Uncle Reggie

      Really? So if the Constitution of the US requires him to meet certain standards to hold his office, he is somehow magically exempt if complying is bothersome? Where do you people come from?

  • Cowboy

    "The turning of America’s institutions of higher education took place decades ago; it is too little too late to focus on such infiltration now."

    Not really. It is like oil. If we don't focus on it now, it will be no better, if not worse, 4 years from now.

  • Teleologicus

    daVE · 6 minutes ago
    Have you heard the latest? Now, its coming out that Obama is not even a person, but an actual goat, dressed like a person. This is an outrage, maybe the biggest fraud ever. How can we go on with an actual farm raised goat dressed as a black man as our president?

    Obama should be forced to immediately prove he is a black human, and not a farm raised goat.

    In fact,. Obama should have to prove his side of any old ridiculous story the tea party comes up with. It is Obama's job to cater to the whacked out requests of the whacked out tea partiers.


    A good example of the mental maturity of many Obama supporters, to whom their own puerile snickering and sneering seems the epitome of sophisticated wit. It is also an illustrative example of the critical reasoning skills of such supporters, many of whom are completely adrift and at a loss so far as the issues themselves are concerned. In fact, a surprising number do not even understand the issues before proclaiming their opinions as incontrovertible truth. I have encountered more than one who has no idea of the difference between the original birth certificate and the COLB – and on top of that, has no desire to learn. It makes absolutely no difference to such people that they do not know what they are talking about. The remarkable thing is that they really do think they are smarter and better informed than the rest of us. One wonders where on earth they got such an idea. Most cannot even compose a reasonably coherent post that addresses the issues, but merely bark, grunt, hiss, growl, yipe, hoot their sophomoric insults at those with whom they disagree. It is said that American education is failing – and Obama supporters seldom disprove that claim by their posts.

    The controversy concerning Mr. Obama's background, beginning but by no means ending with his birth, is a controversy about facts. To settle a controversy about facts, more facts are required. Insults, sneers, ridicule, character assassination, accusations of racism &etc. cannot take the place of the needed facts. More facts are available – but Mr. Obama refuses to release them to the public or to explain why he refuses to do so. He seems to be hiding something. It is time for him to come clean and release EVERYTHING Americans want and need to know about him so they can make up their own minds. He is a public servant. He works for the American people. He has no business whatsoever keeping ANYTHING about himself secret from them.

    The Obama records which have not been released include:

    Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    In fact the opposite is true: a significant part of the "world" (meaning American people) does agree with me (as the recent polls show).

    Disregarding how many agree or disagree, the veracity of statements are determined by vetting: not by voting!.. Try to disprove the statements you disagree with (like others did prior to you) instead resorting to insults:

    • ByteRider


      Listen to yourself. Seriously. Stop. Reread your comment. You contradict yourself twice.

      First– I call you an idiot and you admonish me for it– yet you called the entire population of the US idiots. A little hypocritical, don't you think?

      Second– I note that the readers have thumbed you down so much as to pretty much send you a message. They have VETTED your opinion. You, on the other hand, admonish me for doing that but you refer back to polls when it comes to people's feelings on Obama, A little contradictive, don't you think?

      Dr. B

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        You are wrong. I have not ever called American people idiots. I said that the author's statement makes idiots of Americans.

        I referred to polls proving that "not entire world" ignores the illegitimacy of Obama and is happy to be fooled, as you presume.

        And finally, vetting is supposed to be done by reasoning rather by thumbing down.

  • voted against carter

    That Donald Trump Is Pretty Shrewd
    By Kyle-Anne Shiver

    Every time Donald Trump attacks a piece of the Obama narrative to a dumbfounded interviewer,

    he knows exactly what he is doing. 

    He has considered the risk beforehand and calculated its rewards. 

    He knows the media is most vulnerable because early on in 2008, the collective media

    declared these Obama truth-searches out of bounds for respectable people,

    who were obliged (in the media elitists' minds) to give Obama's blackness

    all benefit of doubt in every instance. 

    For nearly three full years now, the media has held its locked grip on every tidbit of missing

    or discordant information regarding the Obama narrative and are now shocked — shocked,

    I tell you — that anyone would dare to broach these media-deemed taboo subjects.

    John McCain accepted these media-imposed, stacked-deck rules and the rest is history.

    americanthinker dot com

  • voted against carter

    Let's look at your leftwing hero barry shall we;

    Somethings to consider;

    Besides Obama's actual birth documentation,…

    the still-concealed documentation for him includes kindergarten records,…

    Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records,…

    Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles,…

    scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records,…

    his files from his years as an Illinois state senator,…

    his Illinois State Bar Association records,…

    any baptism records, and his adoption records.


    Barry has spent close to two million dollars so far,… to keep them that way.


    Barack Obama, he will not pass VETTING for a 2012 run.

    He's got Social Security number and passport discrepancies.

    There is a possibility that one of his colleges listed him as a Foreign Student.

    His law license has been forfited, as has Michele his wife. Why is that?

    His courses in College were very Radical,…

    and I think that Trump will uncover all of it.

    Oh, and you CAN get ALL of this info about Bush or ANY OTHER ex-president.

    NO PROBLEM. OR even Al Gore.

  • voted against carter

    OBAMA's Social Security Numbers – curiouser and curiouser????

    This is what we know so far.

    We get more info on Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890,

    had CT SSN obtained in 1976 and died in HI around 1981.

    There are 2 SS numbers for him and records show him dying in
    2 different states: CA and HI around 1981.

    The reason this is important, is because there is a similar fact pattern to Obama.

    Barack Obama is residing today in the White House,

    using CT SS number 042-68-4425, issued in CT in and around March 1977

    to an elderly individual named John Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890,

    who is presumed dead and whose death was either never reported to the SS

    administration or reported and deleted from the database by someone.

    Obama’s maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham, worked as a part-timer

    or volunteer in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse.

    Thus she would have access to the estate files of anyone who died there.

    Thus if the elderly man originally from CT died intestate in Hawaii with

    no known relatives, Grandma Dunham would have known this person

    is a prime candidate to steal the SSN of since there would be no

    known surviving family worrying about the death benefit from SSN

    and that the benefit was not likely applied for and thus SSA did not know he died.

    Thus the SSN remained active for the deceased person and

    Obama could “adopt” it as his own.

    This is a clear case of identity theft at the federal level.

    This is what we know about Ludwig:

    In 1924, Jean Paul Ludwig worked for Senator Reed of PA, in Washington DC.

    On the ship manifest of ‘Leviathan’, he listed Senator Reed in Washington,

    DC as his empl., in answer to where he intended to live in the US.

  • voted against carter

    Let's look at the leftwing hero barry shall we;

    During the presidential campaign, Obama released
    just one brief document detailing his personal health,

    while GOP opponent John McCain released what he said
    was his complete medical file totaling more than 1,500 pages.

    The Obama campaign eventually released some routine
    lab-test results and electrocardiograms for Obama.

    Obama refused to offer his official papers as a state legislator in Illinois
    and did not produce correspondence, such as letters from lobbyists
    and other information, from his days in the Illinois Senate.

    (whats up with that??)

    Obama did not release his client list as an attorney or his billing records.

    Obama declined to release his college records from
    Occidental College, where he studied for two years before
    transferring to Columbia University.

    (whats up with that??)

    Obama’s campaign refused to give Columbia University,
    where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science,
    permission to release his transcripts.

    Such transcripts would list the courses Obama took, and his grades.

    (whats up with that??) Barry is "the smartest guy in the room" right???NOT.

    Obama’s college dissertation, reportedly titled “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament,” has disappeared from Columbia’s archives.

    (whats up with that??)

    Obama did not agree to the release of his application to
    the Illinois state bar, which would clear up intermittent allegations
    that his application to the bar may have been inaccurate.

    (whats up with that??)

    Obama has not released records from his time at Harvard Law School.

    (whats up with that??)

    During his campaign for president,
    Obama promised he would make his White House

    “the most open and transparent administration in history.”


  • voted against carter

    Ok. Here we go. Just REMEMBER,.. the TRUTH HURTS,.. Occam's Razor logic.

    1) Originally NO ONE on the DumbocRATs side thought Barry would beat Hillary.

    2) Because of the above, Barry WAS NOT COMPLETELY vetted.

    3) It was also ASSUMED he would NOT have any major problems.

    4) When it WAS realized there really WAS a problem,
    it was too LATE to do any thing OTHER than COVER it up.

    5) The Lame-stream media KNOW this.(Only the top people know)

    6) IF,..or WHEN the cat finally does get out of the bag,…

    a) No one will believe this, so there will not be a problem,…
    (this is the Birther strategy – Ridicule, Rule 5 Alinsky and IT IS WORKING)

    b) OR,..The B O M B DROPS,…

    Indisputable proof arises that Barry IS in fact NOT legally ELIGIBLE.

    7) There are 3 possible out come to this,…

    A) So what?? He has All-Ready been the President for 2-3 years,
    whats the BIG DEAL??? Will be the first response from the Media AND the LEFT.

    B) 90% of the b la c k population WILL NOT believe ANY indisputable proof and will cry
    R A C I S T from the roof tops. (along with the HARD CORE LEFT)

    C) The RIGHT will ALSO go NUTS and demand Barry be IMPEACHED and ALL of his
    programs be NULL and void. There will also be a witch hunt for ANYONE they
    can find that knew about Barry being ineligible. Jail time for those implicated
    will be the LEAST of their worries

    8) They(the powers that be and are aware of the truth)are afraid (sort of) of a
    REAL C I V I L W A R breaking out over this. The longer Barry goes WITHOUT
    getting caught the LESS this worries them.

    9) This was the line being told to the media to keep them complicit in the
    beginning. It also explains WHY the media IS and HAS been in the bag
    for Barry since the beginning.

    If you have committed a crime, you cannot confess unless you know you will not go to jail. Hence continuing media support.

    Back to Obama. He will not pass VETTING for a 2012 run!

    He's got SS number and passport discrepancies.

    There is a possibility that one of his colleges listed him as a Foreign Student.

    His law license has been forfeited, as has Michele his wifes. Why is that?

    His courses in College were very Radical,…

    In Illinois, the sealed divorce records of then Senator Ryan were exposed

    — leading to his ouster.

    Obama replaced him.

    His very springboard to the presidency was made possible

    through the opening of someone else's sealed documents.

    and I think that Trump will uncover all of it.

    So you can take off your tin foil hats now. Or put them on. Your choice.

    Do you want the RED pill? Or the Blue pill?


    I'm in Reagan camp,.. Trust but VERIFY!

    As in,.. Can we see your LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE PLEASE Mr. President??

    I have to show mine when I APPLY FOR A JOB,.. why is Barry ANY different?

  • Tommy

    Do you really think the republican leadership has balls enough to take action? I don't believe they do. The ones that show Leadership and common sense are be-rated by the old establishment and the media. Just follow the money. Fellow Americans we are sinking
    fast. 2012 can't come soon enough, however I have doubts that O'Bama will be beat.

  • voted against carter

    Obama's 10 Steps To Destroying American Society

    1.Rewrite the Constitution and break down its firewalls through Judicial and Bureaucratic fiat.

    2.Concentrate all meaningful power in the Federal Government.

    3.Suppress and Repress the Individual by attacking his Unalienable Rights through laws and constant torment.

    4.Eliminate Private Property through Confiscatory Taxation and Regulation and wage constant war against Business Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

    5.Control Institutions of Education at all levels and turn them into Indoctrination Centers for the State.

    6.Change the Citizenry by opening National Borders to virtually all comers and changing the qualifications for Citizenship to include mostly poor, uneducated illegal aliens.

    7.Destroy the Private Financial Institutions that have funded the Greatest Production and Accumulation of Wealth for the Most People the World has ever known.

    8.Destroy Capitalism and replace it with Redistributive Policies by Destroying the currency and Replacing it with a new currency or Revaluing the old currency.

    9.Eliminate American Sovereignty through arrangements and agreements with Foreign Countries and International Bureaucracies.

    10.Use American Foreign Policy not to improve American Economic and National Security, but to advance the Notion of One Government Globalism.

  • voted against carter

    Joe Biden is barry's "NO kennedy, Dallas Texas, Repeat INSURANCE POLICY".

    The DemocRATs learned NEVER put a competent VP in place,…

    as some NUT from the FAR, FAR LEFT might get REALLY mad and do some thing crazy about it.

    Can you say OSWALD?

  • voted against carter

    Obama's made up stuff:

    Most of the ra cial slights Obama recounts seem equally false and even more trivial. 

    On one occasion a tennis coach touches Obama's skin to see if the color rubs off —
    and this in Hawaii, mind you. 

    On another mystifying occasion, Obama barely refrains from pun ching out a white school chum because the kid makes a sympathetic allusion to Obama's outsider status. 

    On a few occasions, he scolds his mother for romanticizing the bla ck experience,
    and then, of course, he chastises his grandmother, first in the book,
    and later before the world, for daring to let a bla ck panhandler intimidate her.

    Once in New York, Obama goes to work for "a consulting house to multinational corporations."

    He observes, "As far as I could tell I was the only bla ck man in the company."
    He does not boast of his ra cial uniqueness. Rather, he considers it "a source of shame."

    As early as July 2005, however, a former co-worker revealed Obama's whole account to be a

    "serious exaggeration." 

    Obama did not work at a multinational corporation, but a "small company that published newsletters."

    He was not the only bla ck person who worked there. 

    He did not, as claimed, have his own office, wear a jacket and tie, interview
    international businessmen or write articles. 

    He mostly just copy-edited business items and slipped them into a three-ring binder for the company's customers.

  • voted against carter

    THE END IS NEAR,.. oh sh*t!!! hold on to your A**!!!!

    1. An Incompetent President – The President is inexperienced and incompetent.  He is likely a fraud, as evidenced by his guarded and unknown past.  He is incapable of leadership, honesty, or management.  Virtually every one of his policy initiatives has been harmful to the economy and country.  His intentions are clear; the degree to which he will be able to drive us further down the Road to Serfdom is not.

  • voted against carter

    BARRY SOETORO aka Barack Obama,… Pleased to meet you,… Can you GUESS my name,… Been around for a long, long TIME,…

    This is an article written by an ex IRS investigator….very interesting.

    Trump is correct,

    Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad…

    and it may not be his citizenship.

    (Trump would not say this if he did not know something and he has the money to get the dirt…)

    As an IRS tax examiner,one of many former federal jobs,

    I have seen what it appears Barry Soetoro has done, mostly by illegal aliens

    attempting to acquire a new identity in the U.S and/or criminals looking to acquire a new ID.

    Barry, AKA Obama, was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro,

    and Barry’s name was legally changed to “Barry Soetoro”.

    (Barry’s own admission)

    Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen.

    (again Barry’s own admission)

    The adoption would be noted in Barry’s vital statistics record in Hawaii,…

    on his original birth certificate.

OR Lolo Soetoro may have always been Barry’s legal birth farther.

    The public does not know for sure at this point who Barry’s father really was,..

    and Barry himself may not know.

    Barry was raised as a M uslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school

    that permitted all faiths to attend.

  • voted against carter

    There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name “Barrack Hussein Obama”. I’m willing to bet the name “Barrack Hussein Obama” is not present on the real birth certificate as Barry’s birth name or as Barry’s birth father. I have pictures of me with my mother and Jimmy Buffet… that doesn’t make him my father even if I start using the name Jimmy Buffet.
    The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.
    Ask any law enforcement officer in a large city or detective and they will tell you homeless young men on drugs in large cities usually end up as male prostitutes. Barry ended up as a world traveler with a degree… (Not likely)
    Barry Soetoro returned to New York from Pakistan and began using the fictitious name “Obama” for some reason. (again Barry Soetoro’s own admission) One could only suspect that a person addicted to drugs returning from Pakistan to New York , the main route for Afghan heroin into the U.S. , maybe Barry had a reason to start using a new name. There are literally over 1 million open warrants on file in New York … maybe Barry is one of them?….

  • voted against carter

    After spending some time in New York allegedly working under the name “Obama”, It appears Barry used the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” for the first time to file his federal taxes in Connecticut at a Post Office Box for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. (This is a felony with no statute of limitation.)
    When the IRS received Barry Soetoro’s federal tax filing, the IRS could not attach the name Barrack Hussein Obama to the SSI number provided or the address provided. So the IRS assigned the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” a tax ID number for a person from Connecticut (Where Barry unlawfully filed a federal tax form using a false name). Barry Soetoro began using the tax ID number as his SSI number when using the fictitious name Barrack Obama. This is why Barry Soetoro has a Connecticut SSI number. When I worked for the IRS, I saw this occur more than once and yes, it is a felony to knowingly file a fraudulent federal tax forms. Most of the politicians that cheat on their taxes claim it was an accident. That is how they get away with their tax cheat crimes. Using a fake name is no accident.
    It appears Barry fled New York to Chicago using his new identity to get a job . He likely ordered a fake diploma to bolster his new identity as “Obama”. Fake Diploma’s were very big in the 80′s and diploma mills were even being used by federal workers to get promotions. There is evidence his alleged attendance at Columbia was faked (Barry never attended Columbia) and Barry lied his way into Harvard (he had no transcripts to get in)… Including telling the Saudi royal family he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Muslim Jihad against the Russians, so they would help him get into a law school.
    The Saudi’s apparently loved Barry’s story of Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan and paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”. The Saudi family has admitted to paying for Obama to attend Harvard and gave Harvard a gift of $20 million dollars. Harvard in turn made their special attendee President of the law review, a person that never wrote a single law review…. I guess that is what $20 million buys at Harvard.

  • voted against carter

    It is unlikely Barry was a Jihadist and was most likely a drug mule if anything, maybe even a CIA street hire to haul Afghan heroin back to New York, so the Afghans could buy U.S. made stinger missiles with U.S. dollars to shoot down Russian helicopters?… I hired people over seas to do work below my pay grade all the time, even foreign nationals… I think this is the story Barry told the Saudi’s, but he was most likely really just a drug mule/dealer and probably still wanted on an outstanding warrant in New York .
    Barry’s selective service registration is not normal either&hellip ;http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/…t-commander-in&hellip;
    After I looked at Barry’s selective service filing I noticed it was most likely fraudulent too based on the name he used. Barry did not start using the name “Obama” until he returned from Pakistan (long after he flunked out of school in California). His selective service record (maintained in Chicago coincidentally) shows he registered at a Hawaiian post office as “Obama” in Sept 1980. Problem, Barry was getting high in California at Occidental in Sept 1980 (Barry’s own admission) and was not using the fictitious name “Obama” at that time. Barry began using the fictitious name “Obama” only after he returned from Pakistan . The selective service filing is fraudulent.

  • voted against carter

    NEW NOTE – On the Selective Service Registration, Barry did not have the Connecticut Tax ID number he used on the Registration until after he began using the name “Obama” in New York . More evidence his Selective Service filing is fraudulent.
    Barry returned to Chicago and attend a semi-christian radical black church with his first female love Michelle. Barry admits keeping in touch with Phil Boener, who traveled to New York from Occidental to be with Barry and was most likely Barry’s first love.
    Barry still could not get a real job, because he was still a fraud, even with his Harvard degree in hand he could lie and take the Bar exam, but he could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without a back ground investigation and he would never pass one. So, Michelle got Barry a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion. He wrote lots of memos according to the law firm where Barry worked. (I think they know Barry is a fraud and don’t want to be sued by previous clients) Barry rescinded his law licenses, so as not to be disbarred for fraud. The Bar knows Barry lied on his application. Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayors office.

    • Teddy Ruled Senate

      I have no doubt you're telling the truth. I've been in law enforcement for over 20 years now and I know a FRAUD when I hear one. An old sergeant told me that if a person will lie, they will cheat, if they cheat they will steal, if they steal ……well you see the progression. The White House WAS the ultimate victory for MUSLIM's, looks like they won. But looks can be deceiving.

  • John C

    One things for sure, the only way to prove Obama's birthplace is for him to release the original birth cerificate – filled out in hand by the attending doctor and stamped with the baby's foot print. Instead Obama's reportedly spend over a million dollars to block release of the information. The reasonable question is why?

  • Don

    Obama bin Lying

  • voted against carter

    With time on his hands Barry, a well spoken black man, was able to get elected to a state office, oddly because he looked for fraud in his opponents voter registrations and got his opponent disqualified from running. Barry a well versed liar was a natural in state politics. He used his political influence to get himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school.

  • voted against carter

    Barry embellished this position as a “professor of law” which everyone knows is completely false.

  • http://barkleypontree.blogspot.com Barkley Pontree

    Here is the problem, as I see it. Obama came on the scene quickly, sounded good, and people liked him, liked the idea of a black man being elected, and many voted for him without really knowing anything about him.

    As time went on, discontent set in from several angles; first – despite the press and WH claiming the econ is improving – we all know it's not and getting worse; secondly, we didn't like the way health care was slammed down our throats. Then came the stuff that makes the average person's eyebrows raise, things like the efforts to keep his past hidden; no one does that w/o having something to hide and it became obvious that the massive bailout and cash payouts are going to really powerful and wealthy companies, not Joe America.

    So the discontent has nothing to do with race, a little with policy, and a lot to do with common sense. He is not new, he is not fresh, he is paying off cronies like GE, Goldman Sacs, etc and lying to the American people about inflation. We can't find work, our grocery bills and gas bills are going thru the roof, our homes have continued to lose value, and he is still blaming Bush while mocking those who question his background.

    There is enough data available now that many Americans who voted for him are having serious buyers remorse and don't appreciate being called racists for asking questions. I'm with many of you, I've reached a point where I don't care what the constitutional crisis will be, I don't care what the civil unrest will be, I want the truth.


  • voted against carter

    Jerome Corsi’s book, Obama Nation:
    There IS a reason Obama is hiding so very much. I for one have always believed that his father may not be listed on his birth certificate. His father was known to be married to several women at the same time without being divorced from any of them. Is it possible that hismother was not legally married to him and did not list him as the father? I also do not believe, based on what had been hidden, at great cost to Obama, that he was born in Hawaii. If either parent was a citizen and lived in Hawaii one year prior to his birth, he can be claimed as a citizen. That was the law and I believe still is.
Obama spent millions on his attorneys both in Hawaii and here to obscure and hide all his information. There has to be a reason for that.
Call me nuts. I really don‘t care but common sense tells me that you don’t go to all this trouble for nothing. Also he has always had Soros and middle eastern money behind him. Since his college days. Being groomed? Plenty of time to buy and hide…years
Also, it was said on the news several years ago that Obama applied for Harvard as an Indonesian student and claimed he was born there. Harvard was only accepting foreign students at the time. So what is the truth there? It is true that he has two citizenships. Which is it? Africa, Indonesia or the United States? Why a Conneticut social security number? He says in his own book that he only seen his father once, at age 12, in Hawaii. Who was in CT.?
He also has at least 8 half brothers and sisters at last count. Corsi states in his other book that they stopped counting siblings and wives, there were so many. It is all documented in his book.
All I know for sure is this: If we do not know, without a doubt, who our President is and where he is from and what he is about, we have a serious problem. That is not what this country is about and not how it’s done here.

  • voted against carter

    The election got all kinds of press because there was no blacks in the U.S. Senate and one of these black men was going to be a Senator. Alan Keys did his best to warn everyone Barry was not who he claimed to be, but the public saw him as a carpet bagger. Barry kept the lie going and presented himself as a clean black man that talked like a white man… Illinois elected Barry to U.S. Senate. The Democrats had already began scrubbing Barry’s back ground when Ryan dropped out.

  • voted against carter

    Phil , Barry’s boy friend from Occidental, was found working in California as a receptionist for a dental hygienist school and given a diploma from Columbia and cover story. The rest of Barry’s drug friends were all given jobs or money by the Democrat machine to keep quiet.

  • voted against carter

    Because Barry was such a news maker as the only Black in the Senate, and he could speak like a white man he was made key speaker for the Democrat convention. Barry then decided to run for President to keep the lie going. No one thought to question Barry’s back ground in the Democrat party… They helped cover up the ugly background. The only person jumping up and down warning Barry was not who he claimed to be was Alan Keys and he was discarded as just an angry loser.
    Now we have a complete fraud sitting in the Office of the President. Clearly the most corrupt, inexperienced, and ignorant President in the history of the United States who’s only quality is that he can lie with a straight face.
    Barry Soetoro is as much of a fraud as Bernie Madoff and his house of cards will soon fall down.

  • HDThoreau

    I wish I could get a background check based on hope and change. My TS/SCI would be alot easier.

  • David

    I think Jerome Corsi’s next book ought to be entitled, “Where is the Moon?” Because it really has not been fully established where the moon is, or even whether there is a moon. No one has proved it. All those photos we’ve seen? Fake! Photoshopped! It’s a conspiracy. Mr. Corsi, please investigate! Onward!

  • davarino

    This issue isnt important to the American people at all hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      It is more important than you think. People have learned not to listedn to the left wing media and idiots like you will regret it.

  • Michael Snell

    Birth Certificate? That the best you can do? He must be doing a pretty good job if there is nothing else as important to focus on.

    • MAJ

      We can focus on Obama's successes:
      – gas prices, weell maybe not
      – winning "Not War I" in Libya, pending I guess
      – closing GTMO, sooner or later I guess
      – campaign promise to cut the deficit in half, get back to ya later on that one
      – putting people to work, weell that whole 20% underemployment thing don't count
      He doing a "pretty good job" of spending us into the poor house

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      That is huge. EVERYHTING he has signed into law will be NULL AND VOID. I can hardly wait for the civil war to begin.

  • Trajan Long

    Ignoring the pompous arrogance of the despicably amoral liberal media (represented by the article's author), who descend quickly into race baiting liars when the question of Obama's birth is even brought up, the fact is, there is only one logical reason that no ACTUAL LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE has not been shown: It does not exist. It's virtually impossible to fake because the doctors and nurses in attendance sign this document. This will ultimately prove to be the greatest political scandal in US history.

  • Waterloo

    Very good read, and to the point. Shapiro nailed this one out of the park. The book is on pre-order, cannot wait to receive it.

  • Les Bondy

    Was his mother ever married to his father? She sounded like a real prize. This country did something by electing this man of showing the world we are ignorant, weak, and can be fooled. Shame on us. We can't let something like this ever happen again. Please God people do some research on a person next time before you vote for him- especially if you have all this proof in advance they hate America.

  • Teddy Ruled Senate

    Barack SOETORO is afraid people will see this true name and the fact his race is claimed as WHITE/CAUCASIAN and is embarrassed by this fact. Who is the racist now?

  • grumpyolguy

    This just goes to show what happens when any bastard can be elected President. He likely has no clue who his father actually is. His mother was obviously a flake with a thing for foreign guys. We must be more discriminating about for whom we vote. I don't mean discriminating based on race. The person's world view is much more important. God knows there are plenty of white people who are slaves to the same dogma which informs Obama.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      A thing for black guys. We used to call those women "Mudsharks" when I was in the Army. Funny thing is, he is a bastard.



    If you really want to destroy these beautiful United States of America,
    please do vote for Mr. TRUMP CARD. It surely will expedite the process.

    Before you do that, please check the following so-called RUMORS about
    the TRUMP CARD:

    1. He was not born in the United States either (Birth Certificate?)
    2. He is a Jew but claims to be a Christian (Bar Mitzvah or Baptization?)
    3. He is promoting Gambling (Casinos), womanizing (adultery) and admitted
    SCREWING Qaddafi on TV (committing acts of cheating and fraud)
    4. Ask him where did he get all the money from? PROOF OF THE PRODUCT?
    5. He could not manage three wives, admitted his failure and divorced them.
    6. One of his daughter is having or had a child out of wedlock (Family values?)
    7. And many more to come.

    Please ask him to rebut these so called rumors by providing documentary evidences from the local, the state and/or the federal authorities before OFFICIALLY announcing his candidacy for the highest elected office in
    the United States of America.

    A man, who cannot manage his own personal affairs, has repeatedly failed in business VENTURES, divorced his wives and has no moral values to speak of, how can he manage the affairs of more that 300 million people
    of the United States of America? THINK and Think again!

    He's an inexperienced dude with NO real plan for the country, (he's like a snake oil charmer, selling hope in a bottle to the masses). He will tell you that he can get rid of trillions of dollars of debt in the first year of his presidency, "Yes, he can."

    That‘s what he has done all his life. He will put the United States on the BLOCK and sell it to highest bidder, including China, get rid of the debt
    and everything will be fine and dandy. Your children and grandchildren
    will not have to pay anything to any one .

    United States of America, the greatest nation on this earth will be
    FREE at last from all those hypocrites, who are bickering about the debt
    and cannot balance the budget. FREE at last, free at last, once for all,

    May God bless America and save us all from the evil intentions of
    Mr. TRUMP CARD, Amen.

  • Birthersarestupidfools.com

    Let’s see Hawaii only gives out COLB.Bush administrator approved it..Birthers have xenophobia..it’s a 50 year old conspiracy. I need all the prior president BC all of the theIr long form..Last but not least Trump, Orly taitz, Fox news, conservative bloggers, Hilary Climton, etc all came up with nothing. And the fools gold is working on the ignorant and weak minded your birthers surely are stupid..Obama already showed proof of his birth if you don’t like call Hawaii and ask them to change their policy

  • Sue

    Are you kidding me? Let's put this under an intellectual microscope and hand the thesis in to our professor. What a joke. This is equivalent to In Touch, National Enquirer or Stars magazine. Everyone's dying to see if he's really an alien (from outer space). I can't wait.

  • John C

    In June of '08 a document appeared on the internet. It appeared to be a birth document of candidate 0bama. It did not appear on the candidate's website, but a link to the document was. Candidate 0bama has yet to claim that document in any way. he has never once said it was his or accurate and in fact if you just go by his words that document does not exist.
    The reason it is still being questioned is because the question has never been answered. Rather than answer the question he sent a decorated Officer to prison. That officer is Lt.Col. Lakin M.D.
    Imagine if a Republican or "white" candidate had been so secretive as to refuse to answer the most basic questions such as the name of the hospital he was born in. 0bama has been running from the questions from the start, calling anyone who asked them a racist, no matter what their ethnic background.
    We have all seen the TV "reporters" waving around a document but what they did not do is ask 0bama what he knows about it.

    • John C.

      Factcheck does not employ any document examiners and did not ask 0bama if that document was his or was accurate. The same goes for snopes.
      After 0bama was installed in the White House a letter which appeared to be written on White House stationary was presented to the board of a charity hospital in Hawai'i. It was presented by then Congressman Neil Abercrombie. It appeared on a fundraising letter, then was scrubbed from any fundraiser and is not available for public view at that hospital.
      The reason?
      They have no record of his birth.
      In fact now Governor Neil Abercrombie promised to shut the "birthers" up as soon as he was elected. It appears he could not do that and it appears that just as Tim Adams had stated there is no hospital generated long form birth certificate on file in the archioves of the State of Hawai'i even though the Nordyke twins who were born one day after the date 0bama alleges is his birthday were able to get a long form hospital generated birth certificate copy by paying a small fee.
      Now, either 0bama was not born in any hospital in Hawai'i, or it is a secret hospital which does not file information about births to the State gov't.

      • John C.

        So, here we are, years after that document was posted on the internet by someone other than 0bama and we still have yet to hear him say anything about it. He hasn't written anything about it. He has not explained anything about it at all.
        That is why the questions persist, not because of the color of his skin or the Party he belongs to or his name.
        Every reporter who states that they know 0bama was born American because of that document should hang their heads in shame. They have been duped. They forgot to ask the most important question about that document and they forgot to ask the person named on that document.

  • Who Knows

    Tonight Beck raised a "conspiracy theory" that there is a plan those in power will take over the United States. In order to do this without the American people knowing. There will be some progressives sacrificed who will have to step down. Here's my take: Maybe it will go down as follows: Obama is found to be an imposter or not qualified to hold office, maybe he "confesses" and he steps down. Revolutionaries take down Biden, Boehner and Inouye in one fell swoop during some political get together. This causes the government to collapse in disorder and leaves the ultimate progressive, Hillary Clinton, to move in as President. Welcome to a new world order. (Hillary is great friends with Soros.)

    • dr know

      don't forget about the presidents parkinsons diagnosis. my prediction is that information will be made public next year or later this year.

      peeps will feel so sorry that he can not run because of the parkinsons condition becoming advanced. gear up for hillary clinton's to save the day and become the nominee. this really would be devastating because she could win. this is the big thing.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Those who would attempt such a thing should remember the civil war which would inevitably follow … a war which would make THE Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic, by comparison. I, for one, would not live under such a government without a fight.

      Don't tread on me …

  • Josephus T Plumber

    I need a new doorstop. I can hardly wait until Corsi’s book is on the $1.99 shelf at Kroger’s.

  • Bob Roberts

    QUOTE: "The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people."

    Actually the media has shown it's own stupidity. It's less about "where was Obama born" than it is "Why won't he, after promising to be the most transparent administration in history" (yes, maybe not in those exact words), hiding so much, not only about himself but about the events and actions of his administration.

    Simple answer: He knows that to be open and honest about what he is up to will ensure that he and Democrats in general will lose big at the polls for a significant time.

    Hopefully we'll see that anyway – not that I think electing Republicans is all that good an idea either.

  • Termn8r

    A certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate, so I have not seen any proof of Baraq Saebarkah having been born in Hiwaii.
    MISSING PASSPORT: Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department has released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother – but records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

  • EEPerdue57

    Everyone keeps using the updated definition of Natural Born Citizen. At the time of the signing of the Constitution, that term meant that your father was a US Citizen when you were born. It had nothing to do with WHERE you were born.

    So the question is, when definitions change, does that change the law that uses those definitions? That can only be legally answered by the Supreme Court and it refuses to hear the case. History, however, paints the answer as NO. Thats why we needed an ammendment to give Women the vote even though we started using the term MEN as inclusive of both Men and Women. Thats why we needed a civil rights ammendment to ensure that race wasnt exclusive even though the original rules only mentioned Men, not just one kind of man.

  • freesuzyUSA

    Mark Levine was right tonight on his show when he said we are a post Constitutional America.

    Obama was selected and groomed by soros et. al. Remember the Dem Convention in ’04, when he appeared out of nowhere to be the Keynote Speaker? That is when the drooling began and I believe when he was “selected”. The media has been complicit.

    But MILLIONS OF AMERICANS were NOT fooled but rather appalled.

    The only one laughing is the international world gov. types: If this Obama charade could be pulled on America at this time, it would be the sure sign America was at the tipping point. But they will have a fight on their hands. Two thirds of this country never bought this Joke for a minute and we are waiting, just waiting…..

  • SharpShtik

    In summary, there are tens of millions of traitorous socialists and communists d/b/a Democrats with no loyalty to America as it is constituted and who hate America so much they are forever trying to "fundamentally transform" it. If it weren't Obama it would be another Democrat traitor doing the same thing. Democrats running government is nothing but organized crime syndicate that steals, redistributes and skims wealth by one scheme or another. Democrats are Americans' # 1 enemy.

  • bohemian

    When Ø is proven ineligible, my guess is that the ticket will be declared invalid (we vote for Pres + VP, assuming both are legitimately/legally on the ticket). We then go down the line of succession, and we know Pelosi fraudulently certified whatever documents were filed, etc. This probably goes deeper than the succession provisions provide for. So, there could very well be some type of government (possibly determined by the US Supreme Court) which consists of the House and Senate, purposely without an Executive Branch, until a special election could be held. Who knows? In light of the circumstances of a fraudulent election, with both parties complicit to the crime, to award the Presidency to one party or the other without another election would just invite civil war, IMHO.

  • obamablows

    his father never was a US citizen,,,,,,,,,,,,bho can NEVER be a Natural Born Citizen………..what justice to see the secret service march him to the gallows

  • DOOM161

    i have no doubt that the President was born in Hawaii. He won't furnish a birth certificate because that would prove his birthplace. Then no one would question it. And if he didn't have a fall back (like the "birther" debate, he might have to stand behind his record, and he certainly doesn't want that.

    Think about it: Every time things get tough for the President, he pulls out the birthers, or tries to blame something on Bush.

  • Stephen_Brady

    There have been quite a few theories on why Obama was elected, in this thread, and I thank Mr. Shapiro for his article.

    However, from the standpoint of someone who worked desperately to keep the man out of our nation's highest office … and yes, I worked inside the McCain Campaign (which was a complete disaster, including the candidate) … I know one of the main reasons Obama won.

    My assignment was to reach out to social conservatives, especially, the religious conservatives. It was a losing battle. I knew this from Day One and I told McCain's people this. Social conservatives were given nothing to vote for.

    Why did Obama win? Because millions of conservatives didn't vote. I sincerely hope there's not a repeat of this experience, next year.

  • Gardentoolnumber5

    The American people have been dumbed down by collectivist teachers. They are teaching "social studies."

    My parents and many, many others were almost up in arms when the school district said they were going to teach social studies. "We don't want our children learning Socialism!" they shouted. "Oh, you misunderstand," they said, "This is just so the kids learn about other cultures around the world and see how good we have it." It has nothing to do with Socialism."

    "What's wrong with the Founding Fathers and the 3 Rs?" the parents wanted to know.
    A: "Those will still be taught. We are not taking anything away, we are just going to teach how good it is to be here in America compared to others around the world."

    Look what we have. A self hating, dumbed down society who seems intent on weakening and breaking what our ancestors fought for… Liberty from oppressive government.

    Social studies… no, no way are they going to teach socialism…

  • Chad Woodburn


    A birther is someone who questions whether Obama was born in Hawaii. A birther might personally believe that Obama was probably born in Hawaii, but still has questions about it. Here are two reasons why everyone should be a birther.

    1. Is it possible for someone to have an official and authentic Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth (the kind Obama has posted online) without having been born in Hawaii? Yes; absolutely. Even the State of Hawaii acknowledges that.

    2. If a 17-year old American girl from Hawaii was married to a foreigner and had a baby outside the USA, would she have any reason to fraudulently register the birth as having occurred in Hawaii and get a Certification of Live Birth? Yes; definitely. Because under those circumstances he wouldn't have been an American citizen. That's the way the law was when Obama was born.

    Until the long form birth certificate is released, the rumors and suspicions that Obama was born in Kenya will persist. It's only reasonable that they would.

    • Thomas Ash

      I looked into point 1. Hawaii will issue the certificate if someone is born not in Hawaii, but they will name the actual place of birth. Obama’s is listed as Honolulu, not Kenya.

      Point 2 is probably true: even if his mom had no idea he’d run for president, she’d probably want her kid to be a natural-born US citizen.

  • wnelson13

    now that was a good article!

  • Thomas Ash

    I think there are two competing explanations:

    1-Obama hasn’t mentioned the birth certificate because there’s no need. The certificate provided is verified by the state of Hawaii and is further substantiated by birth announcements in major Hawaiian newspapers, by public records stating his mother’s home address was in Hawaii, and by Hawaiian witnesses who knew his mother at the time. In other words, if it’s just a fact, why say more about it.

    2-Obama hasn’t mentioned the birth certificate because there was a conspiracy at the time of his birth (and again more recently) to make it appear that he was born in Hawaii when he was not. This would have involved deceiving or bribing the agency that creates birth records, the agency that maintains the public records of addresses, and the newspapers.

    People will believe whichever explanation they prefer, will cite evidence to back it up, and won’t be swayed by evidence for the competing explanation.

  • Stan

    You people are sick………..get help. Being hateful, stupid and fearful is no way to go through life

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      When the Bastard-in-Chief mulled sending more troops for 8 months to Afghanistan, I saw peoople die while he was twittling his thumbs. The military has no respect for that jack-ass. Hey Stan, go perform sexual acts on yourself.

  • Northlander

    My dog has more papers proving who he is than this illegal allien Marxist fraud.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjhkHTcU2ug Thalightguy

    Obama is what you describe not because he was born in another Country but because his father was Kenyan a Subject of Great Britain, he never became a U.S. citizen.

    At birth Obama was a Dual National.

    The U.S. State Dept. defines a Dual National as a person who has Divided Loyalties.

    The Framers of the U.S. Constitution feared people and did not want such a person to become President hence the natural born citizen clause.

  • Rob

    @Roughly–You seem to forget that Dodd & Frank had a lot to do with the financial meltdown. President Bush pushed congress at least 10 if not 12 times to regulate the sub-prime mortgage/ derivatives market & was stonewalled by Frank because his lover was the head of Fannie Mae. Bush may not have been as fiscally conservative as most would like to see, but the House which introduces all spending bills was democratically controlled for the last 2 years of his time in office. Also, President Obama & the Democrat controlled congress is spending 3 times faster than President Bush. What is a disgrace, is the blind allegiance to this man in the white house.

  • Marshall Jones

    Perhaps Americans believe Obama wasn't born in the United States because he has spent a few million dollars to keep his birth certificate hidden. Nope…too logical! It truly must be racism.

    • Rob

      Marshall–To be fair, a total of $2.6M has been spent since the presidential campaign was over & a relatively small portion was / is being spent on the President's records secret. (Factcheck.org) That said, we need to be able to see his records.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      Tht's the best you can do crap-for-brains?

  • al stew

    Obama, as a new senator was required to undergo a security clearance prior to any access to top secret material. This requires he provide a certified copy of his birth certificate. There is no exception to this rule. Additionally, his background was investigated by the justice department shortly after his election to the senate. Any discrepancy would have invalidated his top secret security clearance request. To the best of my knowledge his clearance paperwork should be avaliable via FOIA. The agents who investigated him know for sure. And if they are keeping quiet. they are violating their oath and covering up a crime.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      Yeah, people will do anythng for money. Oath? No one gives a crap about oath when the price is right.

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  • gurn

    I get the author's point. He's saying that anti-Americanism has become as American as apple pie. Alas, he's correct.

    Obama is Exhibit 'A' of that phenomenon.

  • Grundoon

    Thanks for the history lesson but, no, Mr. Shapiro, we're not naive enough to think that Obama's ideology is a function of where his mother lay when her labor pains culminated in the unfortunate event of his birth–and we don't care. We just want him out if he rose to the throne fraudulently. Period!

  • 2tonkas

    @josephus: If you need a doorstop, I suggest the celestine prophecy. Been using that turd for a door-stop for fifteen years.

  • Jason

    This article accurately points out the infiltration of the infiltration of our educational system, and the news media by the international left. It lefts out the entertainment (movie and tv) industry, which are equally infiltrated.
    The big fight of the teacher unions has nothing to do with pay, benefits, or anything of the sort. It’s all about power. It’s about the power to control our children from the time the start in school, so they can brain-wash then with all their nefarious progressive/liberal indoctrination. Those who graduate from HS within the public education system are functional illiterate: they may not know how to add or multiply, how to spell, or where to find Kansas in a map of the USA, but they have all the “right” ideas about racial, sexual, environmental, and other political issues used by the left to destroy our culture and way of life.


  • Jason

    The question at this point in America is: Has the number of people who have suffered this indoctrination reached critical mass, making it impossible to reverse the process? If the answer to this question is “yes” then America’s best days are behind us and we are in a terminal stage of our descent into oblivion.
    If the answer is “no”, then it is urgent to rebuild American institutions and culture and this begins with reclaiming our educational system first, then the news media, the entertainment industry, etc. The problem is, we are at the “point-of-no-return” right at this moment, and any effort to save America would have to start right away.
    I am an old man, so I probably won’t live to see the demise of America, but my children will. We are a generation away from turning into a Third World nation, in more ways than one.

  • Fred Dawes

    We may as well just start to think third world, Obama was alway our enemy and if he has a Birth Certificate, It means nothing unless the people act against evil like Obama.

  • Tyrant

    What it comes down to is Obama is just another racist White hating Black man who lacks the balls to get up and move back to Africa away from all the evil white people.

  • Founding_Dad

    In the 200 years from 1800 to 2000, the United States and our CAPITALISM lead to a bigger increase in health and wealth improvement worldwide, than all of the previous centuries of mankind added together. Every single country on earth has been lifted from the benefits of our CAPITALISM. Make no mistake, CAPITALISM is what fueled the tremendous growth and improvement in people's lives. CAPITALISM is the ONLY WAY we can survive as a Country, and once again become the masters of our own destiny. And the only way we can assure that is to revert to the tenets of our Constitution, of a limited federal government, and of a people who are free to determine their own individual destinies. The US Constitution is the treasure map and the sole key to our survival. Despite what Obama, Wilson, Roosevelt, etc., say, it is not obsolete, it is just as appropriate today as it was when it was created. We only need the courage to once again live the principles of it's creation.

  • RickDC

    Its simple that NAZI collaborator George Sorrs Bought the election for his fascists friend BHO.

    • Fred Dawes

      not only nazi collaborator but killer of kids.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      Hey Rick. Why bring the Nazis into this? The nazis did a lot of good things. Jet airplanes, the autobahn.

  • A Texas fighter

    In any fight – I watch for the sucker punch. If I am being distracted by constant jabs from the left – I watch for the hay-maker from the right.
    While we are distracted by the birther issue (a perfect setup for distraction) the hay-maker is building.
    The only problem for the left (democrats) on this – is there is always a reaction for every action and it usually is larger that anticipated (remember the hay-maker).

  • markcarlton

    There is really a much simpler explanation. Here are the undisputed facts. 1. The president had refused to produce his long form birth certificate. 2. He has spent a lot of money fighting legal challenges that would require him to do so. 3. He clearly does not want to release his long form birth certificate. These facts lead to a very simply question, why. The most reasonable explanations are, 1. The president does't have a long form birth certificate; 2. The president has a long form birth certificate but there is something on it he doesn't want us to see.

  • Chuck

    Shapiro is the racist. In a democracy people should care about corruption and criminality of its leadership. The birth certificate issue is about possible criminal activities including fraud on the part of Obama. To bring in even a suggestion of race is racist.

    There is sufficient cause to investigate whether Obama is an impostor. However every effort to do so has been blocked by the powers that be, including the Supreme Court for reasons yet to be clarified. Obama should be fully investigated by an independent commission for possible conspiracy in various crimes including document forgery and fraud.

  • No Obot

    Obama has waited too long to show his birth certificate.The American people do not like being played with.If he does show he has one the people will feel he played them and that is not good.Either way he will never get re-elected.He appears to be too un-American in his actions.The only people who will vote for him now are the truly stupid.

  • sistaelle

    Yet another egghead trying to convince the masses that they are wrong. The scoreboard doesn't lie.

  • Amused

    Get over it , a blackman 's your president . The FBI vetted his citizenship from the time he announced his candidacy . The majority of YOU people on this thread will , and have desperately embraced any LIE that comes down the road . All you have proven is , that there are alot of dumb people in this country . The birth certificate WAS shown , yet morons scream "just show the birth certificate " , it already has been shown , then the morons screamed "it's fraudulent " , after that had been proven false and the certificate validated , then the moronss screamed " conspiracy " . Sorry folks that's RACISM .

    • OLJingoist

      One statement invalidates all you have said.
      A CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH is not a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH. HI refused to validate his CERTIFICATE of live birth and make it a CERTIFICATION of live birth (two different documents)
      And neither a long form vault copy BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
      I actually should not even have bothered to answer you as you ID"D who and what you are when you started your statement with "Get over it , a blackman 's your president" and finished with "Sorry folks that's RACISM "
      Now take your little commie butt down the road.

      • Amused

        You don't even know what you're talking about , you're just another parrot repeating whayt's been heard , and a willing "gullable dupe " for a lie . Check your phony "facts " racist . Everything you enumerated is a lie . BUT – you can't fix stupid .And some [like yourself ] are just born to be that way . And YEA yopu shouldn't have bothered .BTW , your parents did a terrible job .

        • OLJingoist

          It's funny how a brain dead moron such as yourself spews a whole post of gibberish and then thinks I told them.
          RACIST ! boy have you got the wrong man.
          Those tactics are old and no longer work. Run along now.
          And for God's sake get a decent education as you are as dumb as a bag of rocks.

    • Fred Dawes

      if he ( Obama ) is the best of blacks people maybe the south in 1861 was right. if blacks love obama it would be the reason why no black nation is worth nothing and can only be ran by murderous despots like south africa

      • Amused

        Dawes , you';re a racist , and you try to cover it wth a phony politivcal argument , and quoting lies which you willingly swallow whole . Well kick yourself to sleep for the next two years [ and possibly 4 more after that ] LOL….your gut will eat a hole in itself , that's the fate of racists and bigots , it eats you alive .

        • Carlos Ezpinoza

          Amused, I hate Obama. I hate his policies, his face, his wife. They trot all over the world on my tax payer dollar and tell me to sacrifice my vacation. I cannot be a racist because i am not a gringo. Quit crying about racism and go back to suckling on the Obama teet.

        • OLJingoist

          Amused ……….Well you got part of it right. Old Fred he's definatly a racist. But then you lost me.
          Political Lies ……… he never said that
          Quoting Lies………; nor did he quote anyone
          You need to calm down and not rant and rave so much it makes you look uncivil.

  • Dale

    Do you idiots take any responsibility for being the biggest supporters of the bush regime? for supporting the leadership who did just what osama bin laden wanted in response to 9-11? for making it possible to bankrupt our economy with two wars and tax cuts?

    Or do you just blame the black guy for all the stuff YOU supported that killed our economy?

    You people will be the end of America- and you are too stupid to realize it.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      That is what your momma told me when I a was banging her last night, dale. She also told me that her son was a moron. This is not about that idiot, Bush. This is about the current ass-clown in the white house. He is running this country into the ditch and you are too much in love with his ugly ass to realize it. Do everyone a favor and commit suicide. Quit sucking up my air.

  • deedee4him

    To Right is Wrong: My previous posting was the very first time I ever posted anything on the internet so to receive a reply back from you calling me "a douche bag baby, dimwitted, mouth breathing inbred southern confederate, screwing my cousin and attempting to lynch blacks" was very shocking and even hurtful! I am not dimwitted having received a degree in economics from San Jose State, I am not an inbred confederate having been born in Orange County, California. I have never screwed a cousin and surly never attempted to lynch any blacks! I am praying that God will have mercy on your soul as there is a soul sickness in you in grave need of your immediate attention…to spew really hateful things to another unknown human being is very sad to me so I am returning good for your evil. Get spiritual help…may I suggest you try looking into the newly released book "Evidence for the Resurrection" it will introduce you to the fact thal ALL humans are precious to God. deedee4him

    • OLJingoist

      Well said deedee and I might add …AMEN

  • deedee4him

    To DEE DEE DUMB: Please see my reply to WRIGHT IS WRONG as you too are a suffering soul. Did your parents ever teach you how to be polite to others? I do not live in a basement and graduated from high school on the honor list. DeeDee4him

  • majorx

    These issues have been percolating since before the 2008 election and this gives credit to the massive effort to suppress this issue by a large number of elites on both the Republican and Democrat sides and the media. The implication is that many heads would have to roll, if this issue were completely exposed. The most damning fact that the media ignores is that BO has spent millions to prevent exposure of any of his records, not just the birth certificate. Why would anyone in their right mind spend this kind of money if they had nothing to hide?? HE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE, THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS….

  • http://quintatesorodelasierramadre.com David C. Newton

    When George Romney, Governor of Michigan, began to draw into a lead as a favoured candidate for the Republican nomination for President, the elitist intelligentsia, the anti-Americans, and their lackeys in the press all trundled out the obvious fact:
    Barry Goldwater….Jew, a practicing Episcopalian, who spoke Spanish and Navajo, who ordered the integration of the Arizona National Guard when he was its commander, member of the NAACP (when it was worth more than a bucket of spit), declared that the pro-communist, anti-American Democrats (nothing changes by much) were "full of Bu.." Oddly, Goldwater led the Republican field in the polls at the time….and also led John F. Kennedy….who was one of the last anti-communist, more or less normal Democrats. This was in 1963.

  • Concerned

    So what are the american people waiting for?The proof is there.He needs to be gone.I never could understand why american's are letting this happen to our country.He's taking away our rights. Such as now all american's have to have health insurance.We know that won't work. The man is a DICTATOR.We all need to stand up and get him out.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      It's all about politics. If they tried to expose it now, the media would never stand for it and it would get ignored. Wait until Barry spends his billion dollars and then the hammer will drop. That;s politics for you.

  • deedee4him

    To OLJingoist. You have surely helped to restored my faith today in humankind by your kind comment; but alas our faith only resides in the ONE who conquered death. I see a huge mission field out here in the "cloud". Phil 3:12-14 "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on." All believers lets press on and share why and what we believe right here in black and white with courage? "Be still and know that I am God" deedee4him

  • Sane Person

    Lunatics. All of you.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      Kool Aid drinker and "Obama"-lover you are sane person.

  • MacDaddyWatch

    We know far less about this president than any prior president. He was never vetted by the MSM and too frequently takes positions that are at odds against big business, wealth accumulation, productive members of society and American values.

    Why should we simply take his word for it? Why not be curious and ask? This is a constitutional question, not a political question. America deserves better.

  • pamlinson

    He lies with a straight face to the public every time he opens his mouth. Why would we believe his birth certificate as well…..just because he said so? He has zero credibility.
    His snide smurky comments and his sour puss tell the story all too well. He hates America, and his plan is to knock it down to what he thinks we deserve.


  • Len Hobbs

    Barack Obama IS a fraud, he IS a socialist, he IS a muslim, he is a deceiver and he IS guilty of malfeasence.

    I couldn't care less where he was born – I just want this corrupt bastard out of office!

  • Bildad

    My wife worked in retail for several years. Many times she was accused of being racist when she wouldn't accept returns from people of color trying to fraudulently return merchandise purchased from thrift stores with the store tag attached to it in some way. It often brought her to tears. If you resort to this disgusting practice because we raise serious questions about the presidents veracity, we have nothing but contempt for your shameless and deceitful practice. We killed hundreds of thousands of our fellow white US citizens in the 1860's to liberate African-Americans. NEVER, NEVER have I seen one instance of gratitude for the sacrifice we made for your freedom. If you have a just a sliver of intelligence, then respond to the allegations factually.

    • http://seeabove allan juiffre

      Well said, although my family was not here in the 1860’s I feel a certain affinity with the writer. How easily some of the oppressed lose track of who the oppressor truely is.

  • Thomas Ash

    After reading up on it, I’ve found that all the birther arguments are easily disproven.

    -The state of Hawaii has verified that Obama was born there.
    -Hawaii issues only certificates of live birth: there is no long-form.
    -Hawaii will issue one for children not born in Hawaii, but will list the actual birthplace, as they did by listing Honolulu (not Kenya) for Obama.
    -Public records prove Obama’s parents were living in Hawaii at the time.
    -Birth announcements were printed in two major Hawaiian newspapers.
    -Statements by Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother when heard in full state that he was born in Hawaii.
    -All non-Hawaiian birth certificates were proven to be fakes.
    -If Obama had dual citizenship at birth (due to his father’s nationality), he was solely an American citizen at age 23 because he did not renounce any non-Kenyan citizenships.
    -The lawyers paid millions to “hide the birth certificate” were actually doing all manner of other work.
    -Although there’s argument about the meaning of natural-born, it’s generally agreed that being born to one American citizen covers it, especially if you’re born on American soil.
    -His mother meets the citizenship criteria for being born an American and living in the states for enough years of her life before the time of his birth.

    Where’s the birth certificate? We’ve all already seen it. The people not convinced will never be convinced — but they’re wasting their time.

    • Chris

      “-Hawaii issues only certificates of live birth: there is no long-form.”

      I must be a stupid American because the “certificate” that was released is clearly stamped “Jun – 6 2007″, but you’re list doesn’t mention what they issue the year you’re actually born in Hawaii. So, Obama is born Aug 1961 but the birth certificate stamped Jun 2007. Like I said–I must be a stupid American–but my math indicates that’s a gap of about 46 years. The problem is that the 2007 copy is being touted all over the internet as the “Original,” even some reputable and well respected authors are calling this 2007 facsimile an Original. It’s total double speak! This massive discrepancy is the issue that’s confusing people, and that’s what Corsi investigates. Down with Trump, up with Corsi!

      • Thomas Ash

        Oh, I see what you mean. From what I read, the Hawaiian official went to the files where they keep the original birth records (whatever they’re called) and verified that Obama’s was there and that it confirmed his birth in Hawaii. The original can be looked at only by the official, the person in question, or someone in his family. Maybe this 2007 document was to show the result of that search.

        Just so you know, I wasn’t calling anyone stupid. Just saying there’s a substantial paper trail, and unless the official was bought off, the 1961 original is there in the files. I think the people who question the birth certificate simply don’t like Obama and don’t want him as president, which is their right as Americans. I just think their time would be better spent backing a candidate to defeat Obama, because this birth certificate stuff won’t get him out of office.

  • Melvin

    However you believe how man came about to walk the earth, we were all created different. South Africans, are from South Africa, Germans from Germany, And Americans from the United States.
    We were all put upon this Earth different, we cannot put South Africans in Ireland and demand the the Irish must adapt in being South African.
    Americans have always been an independent volatile lot. We don't want to adapt to no one, and are willing to go to the mat in maintaining that individualism.
    Americans are now awaking to the fact, that there is a globalist agenda being perpetrated by the Progressives. Progressives have for many, many years brainwashed those in academia, that there is no such thing as being an American, being and Englishman, or an Arab. There is only one thing, and that is Progressive. All other national identities will be cleansed from the world's souls, and we will become a world of Progressives, and anyone who says any different will be descended by the war hounds of Progressiveness, and destroyed.
    And this is what we see happening now. Who knows maybe we are fighting the wrong enemy overseas? Maybe the enemy is right beneath our noses.

  • http://swamphermit.wordpress.com/ Karmi

    Good article. Then there are the Rev. Wrights who teach and promote hatred and black racism (though "blacks cannot be racists") and the black churches filled with hatred for "White AmeriKKKa." An entire Democratic Party who condones and supports black racists and black racism. Obama's parents and maternal grandparents were communists, his childhood mentor was the infamous communist, Frank Marshall Davis. Still, he was elected…

  • FrankoFreedom

    Playing into Stinky B.O.'s plans? Bet the worst POTUS ever will release it just before the election next year – real or a perfect fake.

  • DOC

    I hate Marxists and Obummer. Why is he still around? Him, Harry, Nancy and all the rest of the Demorats need to be disposed of. 2012 or sooner.
    NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amused

      Yes you do HATE . Suck it up BIGOT , you got'em for 2 more years and if you nimrods don't smarten up , you'll have'm for another 4 .

      • BigDemKate

        you’re correct, of course, but after those 2 years we are higly unlikely to have another black president for a very long time.

  • GSNP

    I am very happy to see that Corsi's book is a best seller.
    BUT what will that do as far as Congress upholding out U.S. Constitution?
    The rule of LAW is what governs and NOT public votes for an ineligible candidate.
    U.S. Constitution is supposed to DICTATE LAW for requirements of candidates who govern our country. Obama still does NOT have to give PROOF. Obama does NOT have proof that he is eligible. YET DNC FEC CONGRESS defies the rule of Constitutional Law.
    Obama CLAIMED to be a Constitutional Lawyer.
    Possibly – who knows – it is certainly not proven by his actions.
    WHERE are his school records? His school tuitions were gotten with Foreign Aid.
    Obama lived in Foreigners' Dorm.
    Obama received "aid" as Indonesian citizen.
    His father is Kenya Africa [British Subject].
    His stepfather Indonesian and adopted him as Indonesian Citizen.
    His mother lived in Indonesia – returned to live in Hawaii 1994 when learned of her cancer, and died November 1995 in Hawaii.
    His 1/2 sister was born in Indonesia and lived there with his mother when he entered school in Hawaii at age 10 and lived with his maternal grandparents.
    His grandmother filed paper of his COLB [certificate of live birth] which required no proof as to where/when – it merely is a signed statement that a baby was born.

    OUR government ignores our Constitution.
    Obama should NOT be on 2012 ballot for president.

  • Mark

    It’s really very, very simple. The Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen. No hospital records of any kind can be located proving that Obama was born in Honolulu. Hawaii is a democrat blue state which refuses to show the long form birth certificate. All we hear from partisan democrats is “shut up and take our word for it dummy”. Considering that Democrats are known for their smoke and mirrors and corruption (can you say Acorn?), I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.

  • mr Franklin

    congratulations, you hit the nail on the head. the perception of trust and freedom needs to become a reality once again…JOIN OR FORM A JEFFERSONIAN REPUBLIC CELL, AND BE READY FOR THE REVOLUTION – COMING ALSO TO BRITAIN… oh and notice that the Hawaiian flag as a British union jack on it. heres a little eyeopener….
    SEPTEMBER 11 1776
    SEPTEMBER 11 1812
    SEPTEMBER 11 1864
    SEPTEMBER 11 2001
    guess how was at the bottom of each?
    yeah, that 1000th member of the royal order of the garter (william of orange for god sake – its a banking name!) will never rule england…they will be brought down.

  • dallasdan

    Obama is a fraud and the consensus of his masquerade is growing. His ability to succeed tus far is an indictment of the massive political fraud that pervades this country.

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      I agree dallasdan.

  • Steve

    I never cared about this. It amazes me the outrage now by the media but when it was Hillary Clinton's people questioning where is Obama's birth certificate they didn't call those people "racist". Anyway, it is not a question of whether I believe he was born here. Let's all just take it as fact he was born here…..then my question at this point is simply "Why will Obama not release his birth certificate?". Is he milking it politically or is there something he doesn't want us to see? If I was President and 35% of Americans wanted to see my birth certificate I would show it to them.

  • Viper1

    Isn't it odd that "Birthers" are considered ignorant for entertaining skepticism about Obama's birth certificate because it has been attested to by a Hawaiian doctor but those on the left–Andrew Sullivan comes to mind–refuse to believe the testimony of one of Alaska's preeminent obstetricians who affirmed the facts of Trig's birth.

    It's an interesting paradox: if one believes the word of the Hawaiian authorities, he or she is rational. On the other hand, If one believes in the credibility of Palin's OBS/GYN who claims Palin bore Trig, that person is a moron.


    This uncredentialed Mystery Man obviously made it a point to pick a fight with the American public. He is obstinate, arrogant, non transparent, a procrastinator, a prognosticator, ulterior, devious, and seems to be rather paranoid when disputed or confronted. His penchant for disobeying law is annoying and diconcerting, were anyone else in a elevated position to pick and choose which laws they would obey, use and ignore the way he has demonstrated they would be looking at legal remonstration but with a AG sewn to his skin the Mystery Man seems to think he is invunerable. This assumption will be revealed as most foolish in a short time.

    Like his disregard for law, he has made communist, tax cheats and frauds a part of his cabinet, advisory and unapproved czars, he skirts the congress and avoids decision calling himself pragmatic when in reality he seems inept and incapable of leadership to the point of frustration. He is the most frustrated marxist, islamic, civil disobediance freak ever to illegally grace the Oval Office.

  • BS77

    what I like about Mr. Trump. Number ONE: he's not a politician. He's not another phony hot air bureaucrat.

    he has actually worked and is successful as a businessman with an extensive career in real estate and building.
    He tells it like he sees it….no hemming and hawing like all the double talking candidates. He is looking out for American business, manufacturing and our economy like no other candidate. He is tough. Get organized for the 2012 election campaign.

  • Mauna

    It has been proven that Obama was adopted by his step?Father and became an Indonesian citizen. He flew to Palestine on his Indonesian passport. He has spent millions of dollars fighting lawsuits to keep from showing his Birth Certificate. The Certificate of Live Birth is not a Birth Certificate. I could register my dog with a Certificate of Live Birth. I could not do that on a Birth Certificate. The AP claims the Certificate of Live birth is enough. Why does the media think they have any credibility left after the way they have sucked up to Obama, always defended him, covered up for him (as deleting videos of his private speeches where he says derogatory things about Americans such as calling Americans "slugs"? The media is one reason Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama aka Fake American was elected.

  • da verg

    does anyone think for one minute that the framers of our constitution (washington, john jay, ben franklin, jefferson, adams, etc.) risked life, limb, liberty, family, fortune to have a british subject be president ? If so, you liberals are way past anything resembling common sense. And , yes, Obama was borne a british subject, remains a British subject, and never lost it. (unless , of course, he's father is real not Obama, but that is a whole other issue). Who next will the Democrats nominate for president? Offspring of Qaddafi ? Saddam Hussein? Park of Korea? Castro? Chavez?
    The stupidity of their justification for obama bends the mind.

    remember in 2012, vote these clowns out
    get a real American in White HOUSE !!

  • http://doubtfulcompetency.blogspot.com/ Mark

    Shocking truth about Obama birth is finally revealed…New controversy emerges.. http://doubtfulcompetency.blogspot.com/2011/04/tr

  • Fred

    In 2012 President Obama will need the vote of everyone to stay in elected office including the stupid. President Obama put this issue to rest so the stupid constituency will vote for you again.

  • http://tnolpp.ning.com/ batazoid

    Obama's formative years are all subject to verification due to the sketchy record Obama has seen fit to create. But according to the published record he was in Indonesia from the age of 6 to 10 year old. These are probably the most formative years in ones life.

    ex animo

  • FreedomCrew76

    The Soetero Presidency will go down as the largest scam in history.

    • http://af.reuters.com/article/energyOilNews/idAFN2212275020110422 TastyLeadPaintChips™

      Back in 2008, too few Americans had ever seen a typical Chicago-style hustler, so they fell for Barry's scam. I think that people now are wising up to that type of con artist and won't vote for him again. Those of us in the Chicago area know full-well what Barry the communist activist is doing.

  • BaRockBottom

    Well put, Friend, the ones at the top are already irretrievably lost.

  • Barry

    Barry came out of nowhere, HOW? As a state senator he did nothing. As a U.S. senator he accomplished nothing. He never ran a business, was responsible for a budget or ever sponsored 1 piece of legislation.

    We have been hood-winked by a secular progressive thug, completely backed by George Soros.This man is shaken us down along with our kids and grandkids and we stand around and do absolutely nothing!

  • Brian

    The posters here have said it well. The article carries with it ridiculous assumptions about the "American people," however, at the same time there ARE good insights.

    In my opinion, by and large the majority of those who question where Obama was born, simply do so because they smell something not quite right. They ask why NOT release a birth certificate? The refusal to release so many documents leads people to question if there is something they are trying to hide. It's just natural suspicion that's all.

  • wri7913

    Then there is articles on the internet like this that really make you wonder


  • http://tnolpp.ning.com/ batazoid

    However, the most important date to examine is Obama's 1981 trip to Pakistan and Kenya.

    If he traveled to Pakistan and Kenya using as Indonesian passport as an adult, in terms of US Laws, this would be an affirmation of majority (adult) consent to citizenship, and would make Obama, in the eyes of the USA an Indonesian citizen.

    Thus far there has been one murder associated with the files kept by the State Department as they relate to Obama pass port history.

    ex animo

  • Vince

    The author of this article has it all wrong, and he's not even being logical. It has NOTHING to do with his perceived un-American behavior. There are plenty of un-American citizens who were born right here in the USA. So, the REAL issue is that Obama has been extremely secretive and has bent over backwards to hide most of his personal records including his birth certificate and college grades. He has spent MILLIONS to keep these documents under wraps. Tha begs the question WHY! Something doesn't smell right. It has nothing to do with race or political affiliation. It has to do with HONESTY. Let's see his ORIGINAL SIGNED BC naming the DOCTOR and HOSPITAL. Why can't Hawaii at least take a picture of it??? Nothing. Something is wrong.

  • former hawaiian dr

    OK all, I will try to explain the REAL issue behind the birth certificate so that anyone can understand why there is an issue, even the media who think there is nothing there.

    I am a physician who delivered babies in Hawaii in the past. I know how the system works.

    BO must have a birth certificate, it is the only way he can get a certification of live birth, which he has presented. However, a certification doesn't tell the whole story. If a baby is born in a hospital, the doctor or his staff prepares a birth certificate for signature which is then sent to the health department for registration. Birth certificates and certifications are issued by the health department.

    Now, not all births occur in a hospital. We have all heard about babies being born on planes, at prom, at home, etc. When this happens, someone goes to the health department to make a statement about the birth and signs an affidavit. Then an affidavit birth certificate is issued.

    It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that Stanley Ann was outside of Hawaii, possibly visiting her new in-laws in Africa during summer vacation when she went into labor and delivered. All she or her mother had to do is go to the health department with the child and say that he was born at home, give the parent's address, and an affidavit birth certificate would be issued stating he was born in Honolulu.

    The health department issues statistics to the local newspapers which then print all the new births. Ever notice that the birth announcements don't say WHERE the birth occurred? They are only announcing all the births that have been registered during that timeframe.

    All that we know from the certification and the birth announcements is that Barack Obama's birth was registered in Hawaii. There is no big conspiracy here, only a couple of people would even know the truth.

    The reason he doesn't produce the birth certificate is that it probably is an affidavit certificate and he doesn't want to have to answer why, given that his own narrative is that he was born in a hospital in Hawaii.

    There is nothing racist here. It just a logical analysis of the evidence at hand. All Barack has to do to prove it wrong is release the original birth certificate. And we all know he has one, he tells us on page 25 in his book 'Dreams from my Father'. Since that was published back in the 90's, it was well before the need for the 2007 Certification of Love Birth.

    Furthermore, the above scenario would also allow for the publication in the index that the AP is trying to pass off as proof of his Hawaiian birth. Again, its all registration, not evidence of a hospital birth.

    • Vince

      Excellent analysis! It answers all the open questions. Great work. You really should notify some media outlets to present your compelling hypothesis. So far, you are the only person I have heard or read that has adequately and logically addressed this issue. Congratulations!

    • http://tnolpp.ning.com/ batazoid

      What is a Certification of Love Birth?

      In any event, I agree with your assessment….the reason why Obama doesn't want to expose his Hawaiian natal records is because he knows they can legally be called into question. The man is hiding a fraud. The man is a fraud and has not proven he has met the requirements of the Art. II of the U.S. Constitution.

      But the biggest question I have is why hasn't the Republican lead House of Representatives called for hearings into this matter? If they really think the whole birther question is untrue and only a distraction, why haven't they subpoenaed all of Obama's hidden records, including any and all Hawaiian original natal records, all State Department records, et cetera, and mount an open investigative hearing into the matter — kind of like the Warren Commission in the Kennedy assassination?

      Irrespective of its outcome, it would finally established the legitimacy of the Obama presidency and remove the issue from interfering in the upcoming 2012 elections.

      ex animo

  • notamediapuppet






  • Truthteller

    More birther garbage. Give the 'Un-American' crap a break. Obama handed out billions to American corporations. So let's sum up the TRUTH: Bush virtually destroyed capitalism, and Obama has virtually saved it. Not sure how that translates into 'Obama is Un-American'…

    • Carlos Ezpinoza

      Truthteller, you are an idiot. Everything Obama does serves to destroy capitalism. He evan said that capitalism is bad and we should share the wealth. People are investigating his birth and Ibelieve this will blow up in your and all other Obama-Lovers faces before the next election. This is not about Bush, Clinton, Carter, FDR…those guys are yesterday's news. This is about Obama. The only thing Obama has done is line the pockets of his buddies in Wall Street and foreign banks.

    • BaRockBottom

      "So let's sum up the TRUTH: Bush virtually destroyed capitalism, and Obama has virtually saved it."

      Uh, no, LieTeller.

      Please don't operate heavy machinery, vote, reproduce, or seek positions of authority–you're qualified for none of them. You, like many other Barry-worshippers, are an economic moron or just another commie shill–either way, not worth life support.

  • http://joedoakes101.blogspot.com/2010/12/blog-post.html JoeDoakes101

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    I read this morning that you are going to go on the “America would have been worse without me” tour to boost your parties poll numbers, with 99 days to go until election day. Being a natural born and bred capitalist I find this fascinating. Think of it this way; if I invented a new car with square wheels and then did a tour around the country trying to convince people, that those round wheels are just to darn efficient and useful – how many people could I convince? Not many. Unless they are attendees of the “Nut Roots” convention, you could probably sell a whole bunch of my square wheeled cars to those people!

    See, Mr Obama, in my world I’ve got to do or create something that others find enough value in to part with their money, that they could use for an infinite number of purposes. To illustrate this; take Al Gore for instance. Does Al buy another massage at the happy ending saloon, or, does he buy more earth polluting energy efficient light bulbs? Tough call. If he was real careful he could have as much fun with the light bulb I guess, but even Mr. Gore would have to realize it was not worth the risk. In your world, Mr. Obama, you have to create words on a page that will either use force or coercion to get my fellow citizens to do the federal governments bidding. Do you see the difference? One is based on a voluntary association the other being foisted upon a citizen through threat of death or financial coercion.

    So you, and other liberals, must go on tour and tell us how we can be best managed by those of your ilk rather then on our own. Now, Mr. Obama, it would be one thing if liberal progressive democrats had a record worth aspiring to. But no sane citizen can make that claim, every program that you and those of your ilk have pushed has placed this nation in bankruptcy – morally as well as fiscally. In essence the United States of America has had its perfectly round wheels converted into square ones and now you, Mr. Obama, must explain to us why we must abandon the round ones and drive our lives on the square ones.

    To borrow a phrase from you, “Make no mistake,” if there is one person that can convince America to commit suicide your election is proof that you have that ability. Maybe while you are touring you can link up with Dr. Kevorkian and discuss the death panels? After all you always claim that you are seeking the most experienced minds on any given topic – until you decide only to use them as cover all the while spouting the liberal line, and ignoring their advice anyway. Senator Judd Greg is darn near clairvoyant on this reality. Have a good week Mr. President and please remember that every dollar you will be spending on your travel and entertainment my kids are paying for, so take it easy on the Jet A and the Kobe Beef. Maybe you should figure out which President bought his own postage stamps, and tear a page out of his code of conduct and follow it?


    Joe Doakes

  • rbblum

    NOW I’m really confused. A March 23 AP article by Mark Niesse indicates that anyone can reference the state records of Hawaii to verify the Obama birth certificate information (http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html). HOWEVER, the reference lists the birth name of Barack Hussein Obama II . . . YET, MY UNDERSTANDING is that, upon birth, Obama was given the name of Barry Soetoro . . .So, once again, more questions are being raised than answered.

    • Thomas Ash

      Obama’s mom divorced his dad, then married a guy named Soetoro. So that name came later.

  • HiPlainsDrifter

    Good article, however I would go the extra mile and say that Barrack Hussein Obama is anti-American. He is a radical socialist concerned only with growing government, he cares not a whit about our freedoms

  • Jezzika


    CHECK IT OUT… SOMEBODY IS 'LYING'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.loudcitizen.org Paul Klenk

    The book is now at #4, not at # 1.

    But Obama is still #2.

  • Jezzika






  • Raymond

    Watch the raw footage video. Night vision equipment filmed it in our orbit. Of course living in the matrix since you were born in the USA and not REALLY knowing anything that is real outside of your house, you will watch this video and still not figure it out. It’s not your fault of course. We really don’t need the CIA.


  • Bob

    If he has nothing to hid, Why is he hiding everything the people he is ruling want to know?

  • E'nuff

    It is most amusing to see George Stephanopolous(?) waving the phony Certificate of Live Birth in everybody's faces. It is NOT amusing to see Rep. Bachmann fail to catch that said certificate is in the name of Barrack Obama, when he was born Barry Soetero! I could use clarification on one thing – at what age did the young Mr Soetero change his name to Barrack Obama? That would seem an important bit of info, since ANY documents with that name on them, issued before he changed his name, would be obvious phonies. I'm sure we'll see a few of those in the months to come.

  • Michael

    For such a simple request by the American people, it's incredibly baffling that an official, verifiable birth record has yet to be produced. In all reality, why? It's mystifying how long this debate has dragged on and how easily it can be squelched if Obama just produced the document.

    There is quite literally NO reason to avoid the inquiry as the president of the United States. Demanding authentication of a seemingly unfulfilled prerequisite is a hardly unreasonable request.

    Obama needs to produce an ORIGINAL COPY of his birth certificate immediately.

  • Amused

    Oh you are sooooooooo dumb . You suck that stuff up and swallow it whole .

  • ScottHB

    Don’t like Obama? Blame the Republicans. Obama would be a footnote if the Republicans could field a half-ass alternative. McCain? Really? Best you can do? What happened to the Republican brand? If they field Palin, Obamas 2nd term is a sure thing. Expect more from your parties, people.

  • Doug

    You don't spend $2,000,000 to hide something if you have nothing to hide.

  • Amused

    Man preety soon you're gonna need a bigger shovel to haul off the B.S. thrown around here .
    The FACTS are there , and always have been regarding Obama's birth certificate . You nimrods would rather throw your money away on a book by a moron , and then suck it up . Man are you people duimb or what . The long and the short of it is , you can call Obama what you would like to ….N—– , so you resort to marxist , commie , socialist ,ANTi-Christ , nazi , and "the birth certificate ". In reality you're racists ,and although you try to suppress it in other arguments ,just as p[honytas this one , birthers just can't resist . Just keep in mind , although you think you are a majority , you're not , and the more you lie and embrace lies over the certificate , the more you expose yourself as racists . In 2012 you'll get smacked down again . The electorate will not give a nod to a half-wit .

  • roxanne

    If reporters were serious, they would investigate. Go to Passport records and see where Obama's mother was on the date of Obama's birth. Is her passport stamped "Indonesia?" It is easy to forge or lose documents here in the good ole USA. Also investigate how if he came to the US to study on a "foreign student" visa. I am tired of people saying "case closed." It is closed because they say so? No, it is not closed until we see an actual bona fide Birth Certificate, not a Certificate of Birth issued from a hospital. Journalists (are there any real ones left) are a disgrace today.

  • Steve

    A lot of stupid people R birthers. So what R the rest of U called? He's still if office & U doing nothing & u call us stupid?He has committed acts of Tyranny many times,has defied our Constitution many times And has skipped Congress many times for his Rule? He's Not Qualified to hold office just for his Tyranny alone! The Constitution is the Law of the land,you communists,marxist muslims Islamists will have to get over it!

  • G. Benter

    Nice try Mr.Shapiro. "How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace?" Now, we're told his birthplace is not what we're questioning, but rather his "un-Americanism." Mr. Shapiro then tells us that stems from our political and intellectual classes having been infiltrated long ago by Hegelian utopianist and Marxist classist ideologies that evolved into the classical progressive movement that metastasized in the 60's into progressive liberalism and, volia, "…we got Obama as a result.". While I agree fully with Mr. Shapiro's analysis of the roots and symptoms of "un-Americanism" in American society, concluding our unease with his un-Americanism explains why so many Americans question Obama's birthplace is intellectually dishonest.

    The reasons why are much more simple. Let's not obscure them with complex answers.

    First, unlike most presidential candidates who typically have long records of public service in their home states, Mr. Obama did not. His rise from total obscurity to an incomplete term in the Senate, then the presidency is a historical anomaly. Americans actually do understand their history and they know that Obama's path to the White House and the time it took are flukes. Given that it is perfectly reasonable for many Americans right, left and center to ask, "where did he come from?"

    That leads to the second question about his life and family. The simple fact is that his family history is unclear, complicated by the simple fact he has two names and lived extensively abroad as did his parents. Intellectuals on all sides of this question miss the simple point that most Americans can explain very clearly and in great detail their family backgrounds through several generations. Most politicians and especially those competing on the national stage wrap that narrative around themselves to connect with voters and the facts underlying the narrative are probed by the media and political opponents. The combination of the question, "where did he come from" and the natural probing of Mr. Obama's background led to another set of anomalies. His birth record has not and apparently cannot be made public and the media and public have been barred from access to documentation of his educational history and working history in the state of Illinois and elsewhere. Obama/Soetro's failure to release these records is the second simple fact that has led Americans to question not just his birthplace, but the whole host of secondary questions concerning his authenticity and loyalty. Again, Americans are smart enough to know that something is being intentionally hidden from them and, whatever the reason, it's not how politicians and public figures typically behave.

    So, when Americans ask the question, "where did he come from" and find that they cannot get the answer because Obama/Soetro is intentionally withholding his records, they first turned to that most natural of institutions, the press, to get the answers. However, the mainstream press did not want to ask. Many seemed to be too busy cheerleading for Obama/Soetro to even contemplate asking. Many busied themselves with explanations of why the question was unreasonable. Mr. Shapiro goes a step further and tries to convince us that there really isn't any question at all. He says we "…have and ideological problem in our midst…" and that "Obama-esque un-Americanism is now endemic to American culture herself."

    While that all may in fact be true, denying that there's a question will only serve to prolong the debate and create more doubt and confusion. We don't have a problem with "Obama-esque un-Americanism" anymore than we do with un-Americanism of the Pelosi-esque, Nixon-esque or any other-esque variety. We go to the ballot box to resolve those issues. In the case of Obama, when we go into that ballot box in 2012 we want to know whether or not he is actually eligible. We just want to know where the man was born, what he's hiding about himself and why. If there is nothing to hide, then why are the records being hidden? If he is eligible, release the records and immediately silence the critics. So be it. If he is not eligible, whether knowingly or otherwise, then a man sits in the White House who should be removed from office. This is not about politics, policy, ideology or race. It's about our system of government and preserving its integrity.

    One side of this argument would have us believe that doesn't matter. Another side understands that it does, but doesn't trust the American public enough to believe such a mistake could be overcome without damaging the people's trust in our institutions of government. Yet another is seeking to convince the public the Constitutional eligibility rule is outdated in the global community we now all live in; a transparent effort on their part to chip away at the Constitution itself.

    Most Americans see this as something much simpler Mr. Shapiro. We salute Mr. Corsi for his efforts to investigate and answer the simple question we all have about Obama, "…where did he come from?"

    • Teleologicus

      Excellent analysis.

      This is a simple, direct, uncomplicated controversy about the facts of Mr. Obama's life, beginning with his birth. Has he been telling the truth about himself? His inexplicable secrecy about his entire life and his refusal to provide ordinary documents pertaining to his life strongly suggest that he has not been telling the truth and that he is hiding something from Americans, who want to see the records and judge for themselves. Nothing could be simpler. A child could easily comprehend this.

      It is simple – but one would never know it from the responses of our intelligentsia, whose tortuous analyses and explanations and deductive proofs put the Scholastics to shame. How many millions of words have been written trying to make sense out of something that nothing but more facts can resolve!

      Mr. Shapiro puts himself and his readers through exquisitely detailed and sophisticated intellectual dance moves to dance around the perfectly obvious and glaring central problem: Americans do not trust Mr. Obama because they are not sure who he is or whether he has been telling the truth about his life. They want to see the records to be sure about him. Were his political leanings less radical, the pressure to find out more about him would not be as great – but the problem of documentation and veracity would be precisely the same.

      The media rushed Mr. Obama to the head of the line and carried him in triumph to the presidency in order for America to boast its First Black President. His background was not adequately investigated and reported. Inconvenient facts and loose ends were ignored or actively suppressed. Criticism and skepticism was shouted down by slanderous cries of racism. Much of the electorate was whipped into a low grade hysteria and caught the frenzy to elect the First Black President.

      Normal Americans with good sense have all along been skeptical of Barack Obama. Anyone can see that he lacks the experience, demonstrated ability, and documented accomplishments to be president. He has never really done anything of consequence in his entire life. Objectively regarded, he is a perfect mediocrity with a fantastically, indeed almost an insane overvaluation of his own worth. Naive and idealistic Americans elected him because he gave good speeches and they thought it would be swell and prove something to have America's First Black President. The press covered for him and cleared his path in every way possible.

      Now here we are. It is just like the story of the drunk who picked up someone in a bar late last night and wakes up the next morning with a stranger in bed. Who is this person? What have I done?

      Normal Americans want the facts about Mr. Obama he should have been obliged to supply long before now – and that the media and the political establishment refused to demand that he provide. He was given a free pass because people wanted to have The First Black President. He is the reductio ad absurdum of affirmative action, an unqualified, unaccomplished, unknown, un-American, possibly disloyal, even possibly illegal man about whom very little that is documented is actually known, and who has been entrusted with the most important job in the world.

      Americans need more facts about Barack Obama. They do not need insults, abuse, ridicule, slander, or sneering. Nor do they need theories, lectures, explanations, chastisements, or exhortations to be quiet and stop asking questions and demanding more facts.

      As Sergeant Joe Friday always said, just the facts, ma'm.

      It is time for Mr. Obama to come clean. It is time for him to release ALL of his records. If he has been telling Americans the truth about himself, there is no reason whatsoever not to do this.

      The Obama records which have not been released include:

      Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • Tina Ferrer

    President Obama? I'm done with this pea under the cup you’re playing here. Why the games? Why are you toying with us on such a matter only to defer us as crazy insane to even be questioning this? No, I wasn't concerned about this when I cast my vote for you but this is no longer the case. A very wide swath of fellow sane democrats that did vote for you in 2008 will need this matter cleared up before they even think of voting for you again. This is nothing short of a huge socio-political game being played by Obama perpetrated by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX against the American people and I’m past sick of it. President Obama, you work for us or didn’t you get the memo and we now demand your complete biography and CV. Now, the American people basically retain the MSM to vet our leaders which never happened with you.  

  • Tina Ferrer

    Now, if you produce your certified live birth document and all is in order, excellent and let’s move forward. If not and something comes up that should have been vetted by MSM will destroy what’s left of the MSM which is precisely why the MSM doesn’t want this document produced and is why they continue to call a substantial portion of the electorate right wing whackos. Well, guess what MSM, I’m not the only Democrat now demanding this. You are trying to defer the inevitable. If there is no substance to this brouhaha, the American people, the customer will feel if not already being made a sick and twisted mark. Either way there is no good outcome. In the alternative MSM, IMO the hunt for Obama’s bona fides will be found and will summate in some very interesting results. Especially on material as easy as to vet as this document but the information will be found and once found there will be none declared a winner.

  • Carlos Ezpinoza

    When Obama's heroes appear to be Socialist/Marxist figures and refuses to show the public his actual birth certificate, of course people will be suspicious. I voted for the man , thinking he would be a good president. I never imagined that he would allow gas prices, food to rise. I hope and pray that he does not get re-elected. I will vote for ANYONE who will make America prosper the next time around. Obama has done nothing to help the economy. He just lets his buddies at GE as well as foreign banks suck up American tax dollars. World leaders do not respect this rank amateur.

  • Amused

    Hey Doug , you bought an urban legend , the Obama for America -Campaign Fund spent 2 million in legal fees to lawyers , McCains Campaign fund spent 1.3 million on legal fees to lawyers . You dont know , nor do I what those fees entailed and in what proportions ,in addition there is not a shred of evidence that you or anyone else has, that Obama spent 2 million to conceal or hide ANYTHING .

    • ForConstitution

      Did you vote for Obama?

      • BaRockBottom

        Happy Easter, FC.

    • Teleologicus

      To know what the legal fees went for we would need to see the records. Perhaps you and others who believe Mr. Obama is telling the truth might prevail upon him to make these and other records available to the public so the many doubts about him can be put to rest.

      The Obama records which have not been released include;

      Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.
      (To which can be added: detailed breakdown of campaign legal expenses)



  • PCole

    Obuma's birth cerificatee topic, reminds me of, "where's the beef?"… old Wendy's commecial and how about the latest from Taco Bell? Since we have Tinker Bell in the White House, appears the left is in fantasy land….. Who said Americans are "stoopid?"

  • ForConstitution

    Hey, all of you dumb ass Obama voters on here…….

    HOW ARE YOU LIKING THOSE HIGH GAS PRICES!? Is "change" all you have left in your pocket even after you fill up your wussy electric cars? I think so!

  • Betamale

    Bravo, Sir. One hell of well written article.

  • Guest

    Of course he was born in Hawaii. The real question is what is so damning about the original birth certificate that he won't disclose it.

  • Amused

    There just fine , and I hope they go to $ 10 a gallon ….then maybe someone will hold the oil companies accountable . We go through this every Administration , so what else is new , and why is it Obama's fault ? The gas you're paying $4 a gallon for , was already been purchased at lower prices , so talk to your Wall Street boys and Oil CEO's .Then go talk to "our freinds " at OPEC , several of whom we give military and food aid to . I didn't vote for Obama , but from what I see of you nimrods , I certainly WILL vote for him in 2012 .

  • JWMich

    This isn't complicated. President Obama appears un-American because that's what he is. He is a blended product of third-world anti-colonial early upbringing with elite university liberalism finishing. He is exactly what we should expect when we let the Ivy League profs loose with influence in the real world. No one should have expected different – and no one would have if the elite media had reported on him instead of covering up and actively campaigning for his election.

    On the other hand, we should expect nothing different from the media, either – it's populated by the same breed, and they are convinced they are the smart ones who should be running things their way.

  • Amused

    Besides , I dont hear ANY of the newly elected Repo-Con-teabaggers jumping up and down screaming about the price of gas , DO YOU ? Maybe their already in the back pockets of the oil companies .

    • Stephen_Brady

      If you don't hear them, you're not listening.

      Obama could announce, today, that he is going to approve ten new refineries in the US, and the price of gas would drop a dollar per gallon, overnight, simply on the weight of the announcement. There is a glut of oil on the world markets, but a severe deficit in refinery capacity in this country (much of it caused by the EPA).

      You clearly don't understand how the markets work, as is typical of America's NEOCOMs …

      • Amused

        Yea , and if Obama told the iol companies to build more refineries , you'd be scr eaming about socialism . You're all wet Brady . Besdides that you're wrong , it's NOT up to the President to approve refineries , but to the people of those states where they are to be built …..go talk to those Governors ….I think they're Repo-Cons .

    • http://www.vitreousfloaters.com gellero


  • treadingwatr

    It seems to me the American people are more concerned with receiving the truth than they have ever been, hence the intense interest in the President's birth certificate and proof that his election adhered to Constitutional requirements. Not that his predecessor's Supreme Court appointment was any more constitutional… In a constitutional republic praised for its democratic principles which have been self-lauded hypocritically worldwide, it's a painful irony to its people that the country has been living a lie. The truth will set you free; the process of cutting away a cancer is never easy or pleasant and good things oftentimes go with it, but if the prospect of having a free nation is at all possible, then America (the people) should do what it can within the established Constitutional framework to preserve its freedoms and institutions and remove the despots from power as it does around the world. It's doubly ironic that Administrations have no problem removing foreign dictators who do not ally with its objectives, and yet hinder their own democracy when it fails to serve their personal and political interests. It's politics as usual in Washington — do as we say, not as we do. The American people calling for truth should be praised for no longer turning a blind eye, not labeled as racists or radicals. Is it radical to demand leaders be held accountable to their constituents? Then Benjamin Franklin advocated radicalism.

  • george

    THe only two possible reasons Oboma is not willing to produce the long form birth certificate are 1) it does not esist. or…2) there is some information such as date, actual father or mother, attending physician, actual place of birth something that is embarrassing to him. He really needs to produce it. I am not a birther and believe that he was propably born in Hawaii but something else is wrong, What is it????

    • Lee

      One theory I’ve heard is not that Obama’s certificate shows a foreign birth, buth rather that it has the word ‘Caucasian’ on it, identifying his race through his mother.

      Because he himself — let alone his wingnut and white-guilt followers — has invested so much emotional stock in his being ‘black’ (and in fact has built his whole political career around it, with the helpf of the aforementioned dupes), it’s simply too much for him to even see such a thing, so officially tied to his existence.

      Just one theory.

  • Zipperhead

    It's not that Obama's presidency is unconstitutional that bothers me so much, it's the morons in America that don't care that it's unconstitutional, just as long as he has the right agenda. That is what really concerns me.

  • BS77

    Dummy liberals would vote for a rotten log if it ran as a Democrat

  • Ron h

    The Republic is gone. The simple fact that Obama is occupying the White House is all the proof you need. It really doesn’t matter WHERE he was born. His father was a foreigner and his mother a minor. Therefor, incapable of conveying “natural born” citizen status. Read the constitution. He’s ineligible and the Democrat party is a criminal organization guilty of fraud (among other things). Everyone should be asking the military to take Washington. What exactly are you waiting for? Another meaningless election where the Republicans promise deficit reduction and then cave to the illegitimate usurper?

    When you admit to yourself it’s over. Everything becomes far more clear. Start emailing your favorite General.

  • http://www.vitreousfloaters.com gellero

    How do Americans elect a guy like this?…..Because Democracy is the game of fools…….the man who spends the most on advertising wins………no different than selling beer or soap….

  • http://www.examiner.com/republican-in-orlando/catherine-forester catherine


    he took the maniac murdering terrorist fight TO THEIR HOMELAND AFTER 9.11 and no one even reported the FACTS, LET ALONE DID ANY PERSONAL ANALYSIS ON BUSH

    nope the liberals JUST CARRIED KILL BUSH SIGNS……………

    hey media, IN THE 3rd year no analysis is necessary, IT ISN'T WHETHER BARRY IS UN AMERICAN


    SOCIAL EXPERIMENT OVER, someone who HATES America was elected by having VATS AND VATS of hate Bush kool-aid poured on them for 5 years……….THAT GOT BARRY IN, now he is destroying us from the inside out…….


  • jakecatt

    The distortions of selective, out-of-context quotations. Teddy Roosevelt continued, "Our aim is to secure the real … rule of the people. … we propose to do away with whatever in our government tends to secure to privilege, and to the great sinister special interest … [which] frustrate the will of the people."

    So, the implication in Benjamin Shapiro's commentary would be that a Teddy Roosevelt's aspirations for a 'real rule of the people" is is really a "perverse ideology" (in Shapiro's words) and that what we should really prefer is being governed by "sinister special interests" and "privilege" — two things which Roosevelt opposed.

  • Barry O

    No criticism can be leveled at Barry lest one be labeled a racist. This has prevented many Americans from publicly commenting on the rapid decay of our country over the last two years. Oddly, it is the low income and black Americans who will suffer the most as the result of BO's tenure. Upon their realization of this, we will once again hear "it's George Bush's fault".

  • Katepatate

    The truth will be revealed and Obama will be shown to be the fraud he has always been. There is no truth in him. He is an enemy of us all although the leftist, progressives are too blind to see it. I cannot wait to see him go, if he will in 2012. I am not so sure the left will allow us to vote in a new president. Everytime the Democrats lose they find a way to cheat their way into office.

  • JohnSvengali

    I've suffered through nearly seven years of post-high school education listening to several eastern establishment, leftist professors in Boston. I saw the indoctrination of young fools to adopt this drivel, the liberal dogma. And I've always seen, borrowing from Dr. Samuel Johnson, that the last refuge of a liberal elitist is condescension. Reading the Associated Press article today about how "some" of Obama's birth records have been readily available for years, I was struck by the condescension based upon a conclusion of utter sophistry asserting that there is ample proof of Obama having been born in Hawaii. Once again, the media is "circling the wagons" to protect Obama, even in the face of objectively reasonable doubt.

    The fact remains that Obama's grandparents could have simply submitted the information in the US, a birth announcement and registering the birth. Relatives in Kenya assert he was born there. There is no dispute he had globe-trotting parents and that he did in fact live abroad much of his life. His citizenship must have changed on multiple occasions. Without making the entire case, which Jerome Corsi has, it is reasonable to take a skeptical position. The presumption is based upon the inconsistencies, the ease of which to defraud, and the press phalanx or cordon around any doubting this president. Ostensibly "intelligent" people buy this line of dung. I am not stupid; I want the truth.

    This author's premise is also correct in so far as Obama is the most non-American acting president in history. His world view was correctly cited. Simply put, Obama is much closer in ideology to Castro than Reagan. He is a Marxist. There are many, many – too many – Marxists in academia. But at the very least, having two Muslim fathers (biological father and later Indonesian step-father), and living in the most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, had to influence and affect his internationalist world view.

    Obama is non-American in outlook. He has spent over two million dollars trying to suppress information about his birth origin and past. He has demonstrated an indifference to the Constitution and a clear level of unacceptable incompetence. It takes more than being a black Democrat who can speak in whole sentences and read well off of teleprompters to be president. If he was not born here, he should be removed from office post haste and prosecuted. John McCain should be installed as president and all Obama presidential appointments and orders need to be legally treated de novo by President McCain. Far-fetched? Not if the law is followed and the logical conclusion is made.

    Birther sounds so much like "flat-earther," a snappy, jingle-like convenience to critics of Obama skeptics. I do not take what Obama says as the indisputable truth. But then, I don't like to be wrong, especially about the Constitution.

  • fbm

    Wow can everyone who would vote for Palin or trump just state that up front so I don't have to read your post?

    Republicans are probably on their way to another Barry Goldwater year unfortunately…

    vote for Mitch Daniels, John Huntsman, or Mitt Romney in the primary so we actually have a chance this year. We seem determined to be the party of old angry white people.

    • Lee

      What’s with the reference to being ‘white?’

      If you, sir/madam, are actually a Repub (unlike me), then you’ve apparently bought the blatantly RACIST talk of the hypocrite left wing hook, line, and sinker. You’re thinking on THEIR terms, and letting THEM write the rules and set the debate.


      I don’t.

  • http://Vitaminsandsupplementsource.com ProxyG

    Has everyone lost their ability of common sense reasoning?

    Fact 1 – A short form birth certificate was not acceptable enough to even get me in public elementary school even in 1956.

    Fact 2 – He could solve this with a simple letter and about $10 bucks but instead does not.

    Fact 3- He has spent a small fortune to keep this and most of his records secret.

    Even those who do not want it released, if they are honest, have to at least wonder, WHY?

  • Katepatate

    Look, an indesputably stupid journalist calling we the people indesputably stupid.

  • vade

    the constitution says you must be born to a father that does not owe allegiance to a foreign country. obama's father apparently owed allegiance to kenya since he never gave up citizenship and moved back a couple years after he was born.
    the people who are ignorant or stupid or racist are the people who voted for obama.

    • Lee

      Agreed — since they voted for Obama simply BECAUSE he (or, his dad, really) was black.

      That is naked, blatant racism.

  • szatyor2693

    One matter this piece needs to discuss is just how many foreigners have come to America reminding us of the basic principles of the country. Ayn Rand, Leo Strauss, Tibor Machan, Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, et al. At least mention this to make the analysis more credible instead of seemingly paranoid.

  • jongalt1776

    No doubt that Obama has been influenced by the current thinking and teaching in our Universities.

    However, the author totally ignores these facts.

    1. Obama's mother was a communist
    2. Obama supposed father and his step-father were both devout Muslms
    3. Frank Marshall Davis his tutor in Hawaii during Obama's teenage years was an admitted Communist, Black Liberatonist, Pedofile and bisexual.

    • ronpaulcheers

      most of your college PHD types are gay, marijuana users, social/communists, and so forth. i believe the reason the libs are more educated is actually that they are more brainwashed. my learning is common since.

  • Roger

    Obama this, Obama that… more important is the combine around him (or perhaps we should say, OVER) and their strings attached to the most powerful (well, once anyway) man in the world.
    Besides his own obvious shortcomings and inabilities he is not his own man and anyone who thinks he is will never comprehend the election process. More than any recent President this one is a puppet and his strings are manipulated by "real" America haters and most of them are proud to say they are "not American born."
    An 'uneducated' electorate where "all of the people can be fooled all of the time" is a catastrophe for America and her future. Your kids and grandchildren will pay in tithes of slavery both fiscally and morally for the blindness evident in the 2008 election. I am of the opinion we will not have a 2012 election so his citizenship might not even be an issue. Buy silver? Buy gold? Hmmm, better buy lead me thinks!

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    I was working in the hospital at that time…We have no record of Obama's birth there…The newspaper announcements are fraudulent…

  • http://www.burgertime.com Jack in the Box

    My take is simple, he's not a natural born citizen. He's hiding something until he no longer hides the long form birth certificate. Could be complicated by HI policy, or maybe Obama was getting aid as a college student, or other far fetched ideas/paranoia. What bothers me is the arrogance, the lack of leadership, the smooth-talking con man that is the president of the US. There have been others, and until Americans stop being ignorant of issues and deal with problems intelligently, there will be a long line of con men that vie for the table of dollars left before complete valuation collapse. Its a money grab folks, and this guy is just another player.

  • Will_Smith

    I think there is more to it than something embarrassing on the birth certificate. You wouldn't spend $2 million for something you had no control over like – listing your religion as Muslim or your skin color as white. These could easily be smoozed to the American people by a slick talker like Obama.

    I would bet there is no long form birth certificate at all in the state of Hawaii. And that so contradicts the first book that he supposedly wrote (he didn't Bill Ayers did – see Jack Cashill's "Deconstructing Obama") that there is no way he can talk his way out of it without revealing he is a complete fraud. He launched his career into the national spotlight based on the content of that fraudulent story. So he has to keep it going.

  • Wii_Smith

    It would be like George Washington basing his whole career on the cherry tree story…
    then revealing it was all a lie. He would be done.

    I would bet she got pregnant by someone other than Obama Sr…making that story a lie – the lie that would contradict Dreams of My Father. That she went elsewhere to have the kid…but not Kenya.Who would go there? Perhaps Canada. She tells her parents what's she's done – they concoct the story of Obama Sr. and get him to say he is the father…and they take care of the rest. I would hope Corsi or someone has checked the finances of Obama Sr…see if he made a large payoff in 1961.

  • rockman2257

    Anyone with an open mind and cynical of the US sycophant media KNEW what
    obaMA, Barak hUSsein was, all the evidence was there, yet many eyes were blinded, their ears were closed, because barracks time was at hand. We have been painted into a corner in the US, be prepared.

  • Old Redneck

    If lunatics could fly, this collection of opinions would be the world's busiest airport.

  • jleinf

    Glad to see there are some Americans out there that still have a spine. There is nothing wrong with calling it like it is unless your a lawyer,union member or work of the government. Go real people!

  • reelman1946

    I want some media to determine either by direct question or research…

    Has Obama spent any amount of $$$ on this issue? That will answer the BC question.
    If he has spent over a $10 phone call on this issue…any thinking human knows this means its a very serious thing in or connected strongly to the BC that is being protected and we the people should know that that is…we keeping hearing he has spent tens of thousands or even more…this rumor must be addressed to get to the truth.

  • dack

    Why all the secrecy over his birth certificate AND college transcripts. The government tells me its ok to hear everything I say on telephone calls, follows computer usage, bank transactions, traffic cameras everywhere tied into fusion centers, reads all E-mail sent and received, reviews library records for book usage, and the list goes on.

    What is he hiding?

  • macdaddy31

    The fact is that this should have been dealt with BEFORE he became President. I, like most responding to this article, believe that where he was born is an important issue, but not soo important that it should be dredged up now with so much vigor. It should have been dredged up before he was elected with vigor, but the press was and is on his side and most voters unfortunately only cared about the fact that he was not-Bush, perhaps not White and was a good looking, good talker who said what they wanted to hear. The important issue now is his un-Americanism. Whether he was born in the U.S. or not, I find that moot at this point. There are, after all, many born outside the U.S. that are much more pro-America than those born here (Obama, for instance – birth certificate results pending). But it is something the citizenry has a right to have verified beforehand – no doubt.

  • Ernst H

    kindergarten records? Really?

    • Teleologicus


      No kidding. Kindergarten records.

      Hand 'em over. Cough 'em up. Let's take a look at them.

      Of course, the list of undisclosed documents comprises much more than the kindergarten records. But the kindergarten records are indeed on the list.

      Some people think it risible that anyone would wish to review, of all things, Mr. Obama's secret kindergarten records. It strikes them as funny. They think it is ridiculous – and they also think that anyone asking to see such documents must also be ridiculous. Of all things!! Now they want to see his KINDERGARTEN records! How silly!

      Perhaps they have not paused to reflect long enough to consider what sort of information is usually contained in kindergarten records. Had they done so, they would not find the matter as funny as they do. They might understand why such documents could be extremely relevant to unanswered questions about Mr. Obama's birth and life.

      In any case, Mr. Obama seems to think they could be important, for they are among the many other documents and records he is keeping secret from the American people.

      The Obama records which have not been released include;

      Passport records, Obama kindergarten records(YUK YUK YUK!), Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • ronpaulcheers

    I found this video on You Tube too that I believe the public needs to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNZa9zbbILY

  • LydiaLydia

    “My name is Barack Obama and my Social Security Number is… 042-68-4425. It is a number reserved for CONNECTICUT applicants only, but I NEVER lived in CT. and th Soocial Security has NO RECORD of that number ever being in exsistance! It is a made up number by a man that has something to hide!

  • john smith

    Please, at what time and place have you ever, in these past tewo years, heard Barrack Obama tell the truth ? And if the truth was there a hedge that it could be so close to a lie that it was a lie by proclaimation. (know what I mean)
    If Obama claims this is the Relased Birth Certificate He has has a really good copy made.
    This is a Red Herring. An item to shut us up on the real Issues, his schoo; Record, His college records, how he got two Social Security Numnbers from places he has never lilived. and why he is not in jail for this crime.
    Likwe I suspected…. Red Herring……. or …….. what we see is the resuly=t of 2 long years of making it.
    No, I'm not so easily pleased by this guy. Now it's a matter of Truth agaoinst Red Herring.

  • http://magAzinISM.com kirk

    fabUlous , great commentary. few TIMES ever MORE impression w/ an opinion THAT validates MY view OF the issue THX & kudos


  • Warren Wilson

    Mr. Shapiro is a Jew, very likely a Zionist Marxist who is in favor of destroying America as we have known it, and replacing it with a totalitarian police state rule by Zionist dictators.

  • whit

    Actually, it's far more simple. We just want to see his Long Form Birth Certificate. Yes, he is as un-American as they come, but that's actually not the point. The point is, where is the certificate? A Certificate of Live Birth doesn't count. Hawaii was still issuing Long Forms when he was born. So……. Where is his?

  • aber

    The big question…why didn't Hillary take care of this three years ago? You can't say she made a deal, because, if so, why such a poor one and in obama's favor?

    • Maxie

      "…why didn't Hillary take care of this three years ago?"

      a) Because she never thought he'd get elected and b) because she didn't want to open a can of worms that would embarrass the Dem Party.

      Now the whole political establishment D's & R's and the MSM enablers have their dirty fingerprints all over this scam. The whole systm stinks to high heaven its so corrupt and they're all running scared over this issue. The public's waking up.

  • Danae

    How can a man born under the British Nationality Act be a Natural Born Citizen of the United States?


    That is the issue people. It does NOT MATTER where the cretin was born. He was never for an instant a Natural Born Citizen. The man should be in prison orange and dragged out of the White House in chains.

    • Tom


  • Steve

    Obama has now served more than two years. My thought is the Clinton's would have surfaced a birth certificate problem if there had been one. My viewpoint: the 2012 election will be a battle unlike any in the history of the Republic. The Left will more than likely bring down the Republic than accept Obama as a one term President. The GOP needs to go way outside the box to field a candidate who is passably conservative who will grow stronger in the face of personal attacks even worse than Sarah Palin and her family were/are subjected to (hard to imagine). Mr. Trump has demonstrated two things to me so far. He'll go after Obama with direct attacks, and he'll do the same with the MSM. No other GOP candidate has the personal qualities that Mr. Trump has that will be necessary to deal with the overwhelming MSM attacks against the GOP we all know are coming. And most of Mr. Trump's beliefs are quite conservative.

  • Amused

    He's also demonstrated that he is not above LIEING ……but we already knew that . Yea Trump for Pres.

  • ThePittsburghSteeler

    I agree that the problem of un-Americanism can't be solved completely; its been here
    since the 1886 Haymarket riot in Chicago, and the 1905 murder of the Governor of
    Idaho, by means of an anarchist bomb. However, it can be reduced, but only if we
    have to poltical will to do so; by impeaching Obama and/or prosecuting the thugs
    that run the government and the labor unions. How is it that Obama can make a
    huge loan to the President of Brazil(a marxist thug, by the way), to develop PETROBRAS., but won't allow U.S. companies to drill for our OWN oil? That's OUR
    tax dollars going to PETROBRAS. There's something illegal going on here, don't
    you think? We can regain a measure of our freedom, perhaps to the point of what we had 20 years ago. But I doubt if we can ever regain the freedom Americans enjoyed
    in the 1960's and 1970's.


  • DraimanYj

    Obama Birth Certificate and School records

    Why is President Obama not disclosing his Birth Certificate and other Educational documents requested by the public and alleviate all talks about his eligibility to be the President of The United States of America?
    Unless President Obama has something to hide, and providing the documents could be detrimental to Obama holding the office of the President of the United States of America.
    Many employers require these types of documents in order to qualify for a job.
    Why is President Obama who holds the highest office of the land in the United States of America should be exempt from providing such documents.

    Is Obama a natural-born American citizen and thus qualified under the Constitution to be president? That means both parents, father and mother must be American citizens. Was any proof submitted?

  • rockman2257

    This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

    The day after the 2008 election, Illinois lottery pick 3, the winner was 666.

    Just saying, find it amazing. Always figured he would be a charming fellow that can mesmerize the masses. I believe the US Presidency to be a stepping stone for President of the United Nations General Assembly.

  • Amused

    Oh what bunk .Look , there is and always has been a birth certificate , validated by the State of Hawaii , with that birth announcement listed in the hawaiian newspapers.All the "stuff " brought up on this thread is unsustantiated , debunked , Birthers -grow up….you people have CHOSEN to disregard the Facts ,and embrace the lies .

  • Amused

    And since all of thes lies you've swallowed whole ,are found primarily on the internet , well , that's also where you can find the certificate of birth , but you'll call THAT a fraud ,yet suck up anything else that agrees with your position . Intellectual dishonesty at it's best .

  • Amused

    This will be an issue in the 2012 election , for even Boener for fear of loosing supporet of Tea Party loons , cannot bring himself to state categorically that Obama is in fact a legal citizen . Trump has played this card for the sake of any run he may make for the Republican nomination , and for the same reasons 80% of Republicans hold to this lie , one way or another .A point that I have no doubts ,that the press will be relentless in exposing . Will Republicans expose themselves as morons in that election , and stick to their bogus theory , lol…you bet they will , and the electorate will take note , and it's gonna backfire on Trump or whoever Republicans put up as their candidate for none will get their without sticking tothis phony credo . LOL….good luck in 2012 . For this sells well amongst Repo-Con-Teabaggers , but not among the majority who will vote ,and those will not vote for anyone presenting themselves as irrational . To deny Fact in the face of fact is irrational .

  • Teleologicus

    And since all of thes lies you've swallowed whole ,are found primarily on the internet , well , that's also where you can find the certificate of birth , but you'll call THAT a fraud ,yet suck up anything else that agrees with your position . Intellectual dishonesty at it's best .

    An example of someone who does not understand the issues – or who prefers to avoid them. This poster does not understand the difference between the original birth certificate and the COLB, therefore does not know what the fuss is all about.

    A surprising number of Obama defenders are unacquainted with the basic facts of the controversy. They are in such a rush to ridicule and dismiss the matter that they have not bothered to learn what it is actually about!

    The poster also persists in restricting the documentation and credibility crisis facing Mr. Obama to the question of citizenship and eligibility. Skeptics and doubters are referred to as 'birthers.' But we have seen that the questions about Mr. Obama's life and the story he has told Americans about it go far beyond his birth. Because of his inexplicable secrecy about his original birth certificate, Americans have begun to pay attention and to realize how much else Barack Obama has been keeping secret from them. Almost all of the records and documents of his whole life have been withheld from the public for no known reason.

    It is neither loony nor a conspiracy theory for concerned Americans to demand to see the records that Mr. Obama has been keeping secret from them. He gives every appearance of a man who is hiding something. Americans want to know what, if anything, it is.

    Calling skeptics names and trying to ridicule them for wanting more facts about Mr. Obama is not the behavior of people who truly trust Mr. Obama and who think the truth is on his side.

    If they believed him and did not think he was hiding something, they, too, would want more information about him to be made available in order to vindicate him and justify their trust in him. They would be asking him to provide such information, not attempting to shut down questioning and to prevent more data from being made public.

    The Obama records which have not been released include:

    Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

    [Obama defenders have begun to challenge the widely circulated claim that millions of dollars in campaign legal expenses went to suppressing documents about Mr. Obama's past. They claim that these legal fees were for other and less incriminating purposes. In order to verify the truth of this claim Mr. Obama would need to authorize the release of a detailed statement of such legal expenses indicating specifically what legal work was performed. Since Mr. Obama is keeping everything else about himself secret, it is likely that he will continue to keep this information secret as well.]

    • Amused

      As I stated before the Obama for America campaign spent approx2.1 million in legal expenses for vthe campaign . McCains campaign paid approx 1.3 million in legal expenses . So although neither of thes expenses have been broken down as to how much specifically was spent to do what , where do birthers like yourself get to assume AND make the claim Obama spent 2 million in legal fees to cover up his birth certificate ? WHERE is your proof that 2 million was spent on this , when you dont know anymore than anyone else .And WHY should any such breakdown be provided ? Especially since therte is in fact a birth certificate which is just as valid as the ones MILLIONS of Americans possess . Oh but BIRTHERS want bto see a SPECIFIC type of B.C. and it must contain and be formed in the SPECIFIC way BIRTHERS want it to be , when birth certificatesa vary from state to state and also have changed in form since you or I have been born. .You also conveniently overlook the fact that Obama was a previously elected official , what no vetting there of his citizenship? And of course there is the fact that there is enough proof for any reasonable mind that he is infact a US citizen , that is reasonable except for birthers .The existing B.C.is not good enough .

      • Teleologicus

        Everything comes down to documentation.

        I do not know whether Mr. Obama was born where and to whom he claims to have been born. I do not know what is on the original birth certificate. I do not know what is contained in any of the numerous records of his entire life that he has kept secret from the American people. I do not know what his campaign legal expenses were for.

        I have no specific theory about any of this except that he seems to be hiding something. Like other Americans, I want to see his records, ALL of them, to determine whether or not he has told the truth. If he has been telling the truth and not hiding anything, there should be no reason not to release the records – ALL of them.

        If Mr. Obama's defenders trusted and believed him, they would be urging him to prove the skeptics and doubters wrong by the obvious and easy step of providing the documentation needed to do so.

        They never do this. Instead of asking him to settle the matter by providing more facts, they make excuses for his secrecy, deny that there is a problem, abuse and insult those who are merely wanting more information, and do everything in their power to silence questions and obstruct further inquiry into Mr. Obama's life.

        This is not the behavior of people who think the truth is on their side and who want the truth to be made manifest. Mr. Obama's behavior is not that of a man who knows that the facts he is withholding would verify the story he has told Americans about himself. By keeping so much of his life secret and failing to explain the reason for this, he has incurred suspicion.

        It is Mr. Obama's own fault that he has come under such suspicion. He has kept far too much secret from the American people by refusing to make his records and documents available for public inspection. He is a public employee. He works for the public. He has no business keeping anything that Americans want to know about him secret.

  • bdouglasaf1980

    Most people are missing the point of the whole birth certificate issue. The real issue should be that Obama should be treated the same as everyone else. If I have to show my birth certificate just to get a license, he should show the birth certificate to be president. The real issue is he is acting as though he is above the law. If people would state this when asked by reporters the reporters' questions would quickly stop.

  • Sid Finkel

    Obama can put everything to rest, regarding the legitamacy of his birth certificate.

    All he has to do is get a copy from the Hawaiin authorities, as the only legitimate person who can do so, and publish it.

    Rather, he insists on prolonging the situation and spend millions of dollars fighting releasing the information.

    How come he doesn't publish the document?

  • Greg the Electrician


    The Birth Certificate Issue is going to Court!

    WHERE: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (CA)
    WHEN: May 2nd, 2011….a week from tomorrow!
    CASE NAME: “Drake Vs Obama”

    Drake’s Legal Team: The United States Justice Foundation, a non-profit 501(3)(c) group. They need contributers of course.

    The USJF said that they have a Preponderance of evidence(s) that disqualify Obama from being a Presidential Candidate.

    Their Website: http://www.usjf.net See video and other info

  • Amused

    Hawaii , has already done that , so where have you been ? And you have not a shred of evidence that 2 million in the campaigns legal fees if any have gone towards what you claim. Besides you know as well as I, that whatever is done in that regards won't be good enough ., because so far it hasn't been good enough ,after news article from that time announcing the birth and the actual BC itself ,have been produced .So the argument transgresses from release of the BC , [WHICH HAS BEEN DONE ] to now release of the legal expenses , and then what ? IF I were Obama I'd tell you all to go pound salt .And rightly so,As for alleged "secrets " ? There are none , only what birthers contrive , repeat enough times then make into mantras .

  • Amused

    Trump got up there and LIED , and you believed it .He said Obama was a foreign exchange student from Indonesia – A PROVEN LIE / Trump said no one remembers him from school -A PROVEN LIE / Trump said there is a different name on his BC -A PROVEN LIE ..
    So my conclusion since birthers have available ,all the information they claim they want to see , their demands are irrational , and because they are irrational , their argument is nt based in anything other than racism .

  • Amused

    And even if Obama were to instruct his attorneys to release that information , you birthers would claim they were lieing or paid off . But please tell me since everyone has become such legal experts, especially the "birthers " , what can attornies do , what legal action or instrument could be exercised ,to hide or alter a birth certificate already in the public record ? Bribe everyone in Hawaii ? And what about the existing news announcement in Hawaii that was printed and a matter of public record announcing his birth , the names of his parents and his given name which is exactly what it is ? Gee , was there a conspiracy back in 1960 or so that this child would bve elected president in 2008 , so lets make a phony birth anjnouncement ? As I said birthers are irrational ….and in this case just racists disguising themselves as patriots

  • Amused

    Birthers , as far as I'm concerned are just as stupid and irrational as 9/11 Truthers who claim "something other " than Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon , when EYEWITNESSES identified a passenger liner with the Airline's markings , when Architects ,Engineers , Physicists , Aeronautical Engineers , all are in agreement that it was indeed Flight 77 , a passenger liner that hit the Pentagon and gave detailed explanation for the Damage witnessed , when freelance photos minutes afterthe crash , clearly show landing gear and aircraft parts , clearly with markings , rescuers stating that they found the body parts even parts of the pilots uniforms , yet STILL they insist , it was "something else " ….this is a classic example of irrational people , unwilling to yield to FACTS and REALITY . The mentality is no different , only the agendas .

  • Amused

    And finally ….NO , he is not spending millions on hiding anything , for all references to monies spent are related to the 2 million or so that the Obama for America campaign fund spent for legal services in the election . You guys make this stuff up as you go along . "Say it enough times , and people will believe it " Gee , where have I heard those words before ?
    Shame on all of you birthers for putting your brains up on the shelf .

  • Dave Adams

    Fine. While we're at it, I want to see Abraham Lincoln's birth cetificate too.

  • Stewartsmall

    Ive always used the term LAMP to describe the Antonio Gramsci inspired infiltration of Marxism in America. Law(ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center) Academia(law schools,journalism schools, in particular) media(self-explanatory) and politics(the entire D party is now Marxist, and 1/2 the R party) . Its only been since 2008 America has started to realize(due to Oscumbag and Piglosi, largely) that our institutions are largely unamerican.

  • Vermont Yid

    As I see it, it's not just a question of his birth certificate, but other papers and records as well.

    There are two questions I'd just love to have answered.
    1: If, in fact, Obama could make this all just go away by presenting his birth certificate, (not the "certificate of live birth") college records and other papers, why has he not done so?
    2: If Obama has nothing to hide, why has he spent so much $ in legal fees to keep these things from view?

  • Teleologicus


    And finally ….NO , he is not spending millions on hiding anything , for all references to monies spent are related to the 2 million or so that the Obama for America campaign fund spent for legal services in the election . You guys make this stuff up as you go along . "Say it enough times , and people will believe it " Gee , where have I heard those words before ?
    Shame on all of you birthers for putting your brains up on the shelf .

    Mr. Obama could easily refute growing doubts and suspicious about his veracity by providing the documents needed to do so. If it is not true that he has spent millions to suppress documents, and that campaign legal expenses did not include this work, all he needs to do is to release an authentic itemized list of what his attorneys were paid to do for him. Nothing could be simpler. The same applies to all of the other suspicions about him, from the original birth certificate to the innumerable other records and documents of his life he has kept secret. All that is necessary to disprove every false claim, suspicion, rumor, allegation and innuendo is to provide the documents that will do so. We know, of course, that he refuses to do so – that he is determined to keep the actual documentation of a major part of his life hidden from public view. He refuses to give a reason for this inexplicable secrecy. This makes all sensible people suspect that he is hiding something. That is what all the fuss is about. It is no one's fault but his own. If Mr. Obama is not hiding something from Americans, he is doing the best imitation of such behavior one can imagine.

    Mr. Obama is acting like a man who is afraid of the truth and who does not want the truth to be disclosed. His supporters are acting the same way. So is the MSM. If the latter really believed and trusted Mr. Obama and did not think he was hiding something, they would be urging him to release all documents necessary to vindicate himself and put an end to the controversy. Instead, they deny the problem, make excuses for his inexplicable secrecy, try to shout down, intimidate, and ridicule skeptics asking for more facts, and do everything they can to suppress further inquiry into the truth of the matter.

    • Becky

      Really, you are saying that people are making up the stories about the legal fees involved in the Administration fighting the Birth Certificate lawsuits? There have been at least 15 lawsuits filed with respect to Obama's birth certificate. Many of those have been dismissed, but attorneys still have to do research and file motions for dismissal. Many of those dismissed cases have gone to the Appellate Court, and many to the Supreme Court…all those cases have to be briefed before they are subsequently dismissed by a court. I work in law…have for 30 years. That is a lot of of hours of research and briefing and appearances. Many the legal expenses may not in the millions, but the lawsuits are not over, and as the controversy picks up steam, so will the legal fees. Again, why can't he just produce a long form birth certificate? Again, I will ask you. What is he hiding? I was born in Cuba 51 years, and I my parents still managed to take my birth certificate out of a communist country. You mean to tell me Obama can't get his from Hawaii? Really, and turkeys have lips!

      • Amused

        Please produce evidence that ANY of the 2 million dollars the Obama Campaign fund paid to its legal representatives had anything to do with defending lawsuits which btw were turned down as frivolous by judges , since even they knew the certificate was already in the public domain . The legal fees will not as you contend ,"pick up steam " because there is no lawsuits that will get by a judge . I will predict this though , it will pick up steam , birther accusations that is , to the point where it will become a campaign issue , and that is due to Republican pandering to the loon vote , thus it will become inseperable from their platform . And that will only lessen any chance for such a party to be elected . And all because irrational people now stear the Republican party , one of which is YOU , and people like you . I suggest you get the facts .

        • Teleologicus

          Please ask Mr. Obama to provide an itemized accounting of his legal fees to the American people so we can determine whether the rumor is true that he has spent large sums to suppress documents about his past.

          Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

          And I am afraid that Mr. Obama suffers from a lack of credibility such that Americans cannot simply take his word about the legal fees. We need to see the proof.

          If the truth were on his side he would already have released such information, just as if the truth were on his side he would long since have provided documentation to settle the birth controversy and to clear up the rumors about his school and university years.

          Mr. Obama refuses to provide information because he knows that the information will not be to his credit. He is hiding something from the American people. He may be hiding several things. We won't know until we have access to the records he doesn't want us to see.

          Anyone who really believes he is telling the truth should ask him to release the documents to prove it. Insulting skeptics, denying that there are any grounds for suspicion, demanding that those who want more information about Mr. Obama prove that there is a need for such information, and all other such foolishness does him not the least bit of good. It makes his defenders look as guilty as he does by their attempts to silence questions and obstruct the production of more factual information.

  • Rich

    The one thing that has always puzzled me is where are all the girls that Barry dated? You'd think they would be on Oprah EVERY AFTERNOON exchanging war stories…..but nothing but SILENCE. Makes you wonder.

  • Samuel af Ugglas

    Why is The Obama trying to make fool of 309 million Americans?

    • Amused

      You got that wrong , it is a matter of why birthers , whatever their number are making fools of themselves . And you loons do not comprise anything close to 309 million Americans , most of which are sane , and not racists like you and your birther freinds .

  • Becky

    Whether our Potus was born here, at this point, is academic. What is troubling about him is that I find him to be so un-American. He seems to reject everything that this country stand for. I also question why one of Obama's first executive orders, signed within a few days of his oath of office, ordered that all his records be sealed? In order to get any information about his records, people have have to jump through hoops, and at the end, the White House would ultimately decide whether the records may be release or not. What is he or his cronies hiding? Let's face it…there have been many lawsuits challenging Obama's birth country, and the White House has spent millions defending them. Why not show the #@$@#$ thing? I don't trust this man, not as far as I can throw him.

  • Barbara

    Maybe his birth certificate says he is a Muslim and he does not want to admit that. Who really knows? I Do Know One Thing……… he is hiding something!!!! When ever this guy opens his mouth, it is usuall y a madeup lie unless he has his teleprompter with him….then someone else has made up a lie. Anytime this president mentions the word GREEN, or INVESTMENT, he is stealing money out of your pocket to give to the have nots!!!!! REDISTIBUTION!!!

  • jleinf

    Nothing short of the 1961 form that looks just like the Nordykes with a hospital of birth and doctors signature will due. Now release the form and end this.

  • Glennd1

    So here we go, another article calling Obama un-American, and that because perhaps he was actually born someplace else as an infant, that would explain his polices. Here's a factoid for you – John McCain wasn't born in the U.S, but rather in Panama – does that make him un-American? I am interested in seeing Obama's birth certificate, but not for the reasons cited by this Obama hating "writer". It's because Obama only produced a Certificate of Live Birth in response to these questions, and has then refused to produce an original birth certificate – something that most states require to get a drivers license or the state department requires to get a passport. I mean, why would he do that? And if there is some problem, well he should leave office. But it has nothing to do with wanting to understand why he's un-American. Newsflash – Progressives aren't un-American – they just disagree with you. The author clearly knows some of the history of the political philosophy of the left, why does he not recognize that there is much valid academic work done that supports their theories? They aren't stupid, and the reason they have take over the academy is because the conservatives left the argument, ceding the intellectual ground to them. Wake up – calling Obama un-American is the worst kind of political speech. Have some class, please!

  • Amused

    Obama has been vetted by the FBI ' just like everyone else " .The State of Hawaii has posted his birth certificate on the internet for all to see . So TELEOLOGICUS , you have no logic , Sid and bdouglasf , you have no case nor argument .You're all playing a game of semantics for if you want tosee Obamna's birth certificate just as it appears in the State of Hawaii public records ,. all you gotta do is google it . So stop insulting your own intelligence .

  • Fred Dawes

    My god look at all the people who want to understand who The pig onama is, this makes me feel great that Americans and other people want the truth over the BS And want some real Answers from this guy Barry Soetoro aka obama.

  • dfrank

    Perhaps Obama could have gotten by with only saying he couldn't locate the dang thing. At least he might have been telling the truth. But, I've heard on numerous occasions that Pelosi verified that he was a natural born citizen. Why not just go to her and demand that she produce whatever evidence she used to make that call? If she lied about that, it might not be considered so simple a matter as the usual lies we hear from politicians. If no one is going to be able to break through the firewall (media and Justice Department) protecting Obama, perhaps Pelosi's scalp would be a worthwhile consolation prize.

  • Teleologicus

    Amused ·
    Obama has been vetted by the FBI ' just like everyone else " .The State of Hawaii has posted his birth certificate on the internet for all to see . So TELEOLOGICUS , you have no logic , Sid and bdouglasf , you have no case nor argument .You're all playing a game of semantics for if you want tosee Obamna's birth certificate just as it appears in the State of Hawaii public records ,. all you gotta do is google it . So stop insulting your own intelligence .

    This poster does not understand the basic controversy because he/she does not know the difference between the original birth certificate and the COLB!

    That is the crux of the whole dispute – and the poster does not even know this. It is almost unbelievable – but it is true.

    Amazingly, this lack of comprehension of the issues is not uncommon among Obama defenders, who are so certain they are right that they don't seem to feel a need to understand the issues.

    These are the kind of people who voted for Mr. Obama and who continue to support him. They don't understand the issues – and all they do is repeat their misunderstandings and call the rest of us stupid!

    The birth certificate is but one item among many that Mr. Obama has kept secret from the American people. His entire life is under wraps. He refuses to release any of the records from any of his schools, colleges, and universities. Numerous other standard documents have been quarantined. No reasonable person can doubt that he is hiding something from Americans. We cannot be sure what he is hiding – but that he is hiding something is obvious.

    Is it true that his campaign spent millions of dollars on lawyers to suppress release of such documents? We cannot tell for sure, because among the many other things Mr. Obama refuses to make public is an itemized list of campaign legal expenses.

    Obama defenders have taken to claiming there is no proof the fees went to suppress the documents. They are correct – but the reason there is no proof is that Mr. Obama refuses to provide it. One can assume that if the information were exculpatory he would have already released it to refute what his defenders claim are false allegations.

    Friends of Mr. Obama who believe he is telling the truth should urge him to release all documents and clear his name. Defenders like "Amused," who do not even understand what the fuss is all about, do him and their cause no good by ill-informed and insulting posts such as the above.

    America has a very mysterious president. He seems to think he is above the law, that he owes the American people no explanations and no proof of his veracity. He doesn't appear to have a high regard for the truth. It is hard to know what part, if any, of the personal narrative upon which he campaigned for president upon is the truth.

    The Obama records which have not been released include:

    Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • Amused

    Dawes , you are a racist , and the more hysterical the epithets you blurt out , the more you make the case for it …that you are infact a racist . You're anger is rising in your posts dawes , your teeth are showing .Your charade is up . It aint about the birth certificate dawes , not with you nor any of your fellow phony patriots .

  • MarkRich

    Its been this way for decades. Mr. Shapiro is only stating what we all know to be true who have any sense of the old America. The fact is I saw Obama coming a mile away. In 2000 it became obvious to me that the public was not only divided but that a significant segment had become willing to assault the process itself to meet its ends. In '04 we saw the hate Bush sloganeering against a man not even close to being conservative. In 07-08 we saw a man with NO executive experience and an unknown past (though much was known of his beliefs) take the highest office in the world. No this is old news- the miniscule history of it is interesting but the facts are its over. The American people are toast- the genie is out of the bottle. Socialism is our life and will be progressively so for decades to come. 14.3 trillion and counting- the dye is cast.

  • Sam Deakins

    Obama's un-Americanism and anti-Americanism is not too hard to understand. Firstly, he spent several of his early formative years (age 6-10) in muslim dominated Indonesia. Look at your own life .. do you as most folks feel that those were your foundational years they were being laid? When you think of home those are the years that stir your heart.
    Secondly, Obama, has inserted and married himself into the little reported but widely spread subculture of hate and antagonism the black community harbors for America. This is especcially prevalent in cities like Chicago. He has wholeheartedly adopted the racial aspect that exists in the city he now calls home. Been there, seen that.

  • Teleologicus

    Dawes , you are a racist , and the more hysterical the epithets you blurt out , the more you make the case for it …that you are infact a racist . You're anger is rising in your posts dawes , your teeth are showing .Your charade is up . It aint about the birth certificate dawes , not with you nor any of your fellow phony patriots .

    The unfortunate habit Mr. Obama's defenders have of smearing those with whom they disagree as "racists" is objectionable on at least three points:

    1. It is rude and ill-mannered;
    2. It is never supported by facts or argument, merely asserted;
    3. It is an example of the ad hominem logical fallacy. Whether or not skeptics and critics of Mr. Obama are racists or anything else has absolutely nothing to do with the truth about Mr. Obama as contained in his secret documents.

    #3 is a serious problem for Obama defenders, almost all of whom seem to believe that by attacking and slandering anybody who wants more information about him, they are somehow standing up for the truth. Nothing could be more mistaken. By trying to prevent inquiry and by slandering those seeking the truth, such people make themselves into enemies and opponents of the truth.

    If Mr. Obama's defenders really believed him and did not think he was hiding something from the American people they would long since have urged him to come clean, release any and all documents to prove his bona fides and to refute his critics so that the doubts and suspicions about him would be laid to rest.

    But they never, ever ask him to do the obvious thing and supply more documentation to settle the controversy. Instead they deny there is a problem, make excuses for his secrecy, misrepresent the issues, insult, abuse, and ridicule skeptics, and do everything they can to discredit the search for the truth about Barack Obama. They do not believe him either. They also think he is hiding something.

  • amused at amused

    why, amused doesnt really seem all that “amused”!
    quoting from the 12/12/10 “Parade”: “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead” said President Barack Obama…hmm – did i miss seeing something here? did he have the ACTUAL Birth Certificate plastered on his forehead? when? where? i do recollect seeing a news reporter at the DNC in Chicago being told to LEAVE the public sidewalk by one of the Liberalist thugs prior to election. i guess amused either didnt see it or prefers to forget. the biggest problem i see about getting Obama thrown out can be said in 2 words: Joe Biden

  • paul

    We don’t need a birth certificate.

    Obama had ‘divided’ loyalties at birth for the simple fact that his father wasn’t a US citizen at birth. You cannot be considered a Natural Born Citizen ‘if’ you have divide loyalties at birth by definition. Birth location is irrelevant; it could be on the Moon for all it matters. This is why McCain was eligible for POTUS even though he was born outside the US because both his parents were US citizens.

    The only way Obama can legally be POTUS is ‘if’ his father wasn’t Obama Sr. but a US citizen (Frank Davis is a likely candidate). This could be the ‘embarrassment’ he is attempting to hide and explain why otherwise strong Constitutionalist on the inside council to let sleeping dogs lie.

    And for all you “it’s irrelevant we have more important issues” types. Would you mind telling me the parts of the Constitution that should be (insert bad word here) upon and which are sacred? I hold the Natural Born Clause as co-equal to all the other provisions until such time it is removed via the process within the Constitution.

  • Federale

    Of course, there is also his desparate action to keep that birth certificate secret.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    You are correct in your particular observations.

    Indeed, any sweeping statement about the American people (and about any people for that matter) is an in accurate generalization. Here exist various kinds of American peoples. Not going into specific proportions of which of every kind, it is however more polite if a sweeping statement is flattering than vice versa…

  • Pete Kivlen

    Obama does not have an American Birth Certificate. That's been proven. He's spent a million or so to try to hide it. Jerry Corsi will explain everything on May 17, 2011. It's gonna be devastating.

  • Joe Son

    Funny seeing all you birther idiots proved wrong today. Better luck with your next tin hat conspiracy.

  • Thomas Ash

    The original has been released. Are people satisfied or thinking it’s a fake?

  • Liz

    the legal document $7 certificate of birth was shown 2 1/2 yrs ago.
    Now the Long form was released too….which is not used as a legal document as the short form birth certificate is. So our President isnt hiding anything. Why should he have to supply the long form when he already supplied the certificate? He is a Christian by the way. People need to get over it…He is the President of the USA and he is black. Get over it. Trump is out of his mind. I will vote for Obama again, cause Palin an Trump along with the fringe lunies are nuts!

  • Thomas Ash

    Trump says he’s a self-made man, but his dad was a wealthy real-estate developer. I demand to see his bank balance from ages 1 to 18. We really need to put this issue to rest.

  • Keith

    What planet did all these paranoid, conspiracy theory idiots come from?

  • davidnwatermeyer

    The article is full of hate. The replies are full of hate. Hate, hate hate. Is that what's encouraged? If we are honest we will see that we are by and large the same. Most of us want to love, to feel we belong somewhere and are important to others. Unfortunately almost without exception we fail to see these need in those who look different from us; who speak a different tongue; who call the highest power by another name. And on the subject of immigration if one considers that homo-sapiens are +/- 100 000 years old the fact that ALL Americans, (well with the exception of the .000001% natives) were immigrants if we go back a mere 500 years, it makes this whole notion of being some kind of pure American (one shudders at this notion – American genes?) highly problematic. And as regards capitalism being some kind of divine unproblematic gift from God well I think the jury is still out on that one. Or would Shapiro rather have all those who question that Holy Ideology thrown into prison? I beg of you Mr Shapiro, to feel the pain of uncertainty once again. To not judge others who you have no experience of. As a White South African I grew up in white South Africa oblivious to the horrors perpetuated by my group. In apartheid South Africa, whose Bantustans (homelands conjured up by the white government for ALL black) were recognized only by Israel (who by the why had a nice little nuclear secret sharing project going on the side with that Evil government), it was so Bloody easy to negate the experience of blacks. It is so easy likewise to negate the experience of gays; of women etc. etc. That is why : – "Traditional history courses were torn down in favor of “queer” studies, black studies, Asian studies, women’s studies; language was deconstructed in order to remove its capitalistic foundations; traditional sexual mores were torn asunder in the name of “tolerance.”" By God Mr. Shapiro would you have favored that all such things never came to the fore at that such evils as apartheid were alive and well? Be humble and cry, You must learn to see that others too – have an "I".

  • http://www.teapartypowerhour.com Mark Gillar

    Jerome Corsi discusses his latest New York Times Best-Seller with Conservative Radio talk show host Mark Gillar.

  • kansascountry

    And he had to have a BC to get a passport. Not the certification issued in 2007, but the original. Where is it?



    BUSH = WAR!!!!

    BUSH + many soldiers dead = FAIL
    Obombya + many soldiers dead = SUCCESS!

  • http://www.vitreousfloaters.com gellero

    All the democrats voted for war….and they had access to intelligence reports