How Liberalism Will Kill Google and Facebook

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On April 5, President Obama kicked off his newly-minted presidential campaign by announcing that he would be conducting a “Facebook town hall” event streaming live via the website and via the White House website on April 20.  Just to ensure that the Facebook audience recognizes that this isn’t merely another media appearance but an endorsement of Obama by the Facebook executives, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg quizzed Obama before an audience of over 1,000 Facebook employees and other internet mavens.

The recorded result will be chopped up and distributed via Facebook and the White House website over the coming months.  “We’re honored that President Obama will be visiting headquarters later this month and will be using the Facebook platform to communicate with an international audience,” Andrew Noyes, Facebook spokesman, gushed.

Obama isn’t the first politician to use Facebook as a fundraising platform.  But he is the first politician to be granted the privileged insider status of visiting HQ to do so.  Facebook has been one of Obama’s most important supporters over the past several years.  And Facebook is  hardly the only Silicon Valley organization backing Obama.  Apple and Google have also become vocal supporters of the administration.  Steve Jobs dined with Zuckerberg and Obama in February to discuss job creation; Google CEO Eric Schmidt was one of Obama’s earliest backers for the presidency; Chris Hughes, one of Facebook’s founders, became Obama’s internet czar in 2007.  In fact, prior to the election of 2008, Schmidt toured the United States with Obama’s soon-to-be FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski to stump for Obama’s net neutrality policies.

On the surface, this makes little sense.  Obama’s policies have targeted businesses with remorseless cruelty, setting them up as villains in the class conflict Obama wishes to precipitate.  Facebook, Apple, and Google are three of the most successful businesses of the 21st century.  Yet all three seem to be mobilizing in favor of the Obama Administration.

That’s because all three must dance for their political master.

Because the federal government is so large and so powerful, and because President Obama is obviously willing and able to use government weight to press forward his agenda, major businesses in the United States must look to appease him.  Obama has no problem wielding the heavy club of regulation to hurt his political enemies, or to help his political friends.  Major businesses like Facebook, Google, and Apple have all felt the sour stings and warm embraces of big government.  And all of them prefer the warm embraces.

President Obama has already promoted Facebook and Google openly: in his State of the Union address, for example, Obama stated, “We are the nation that put cars in driveways and computers in offices; the nation of Edison and the Wright brothers; of Google and Facebook.”  Obama’s net neutrality policy, which may or may not be backed by Google, would lock Google into place as the leading search engine on the internet – other search engines would not be able to pay internet service providers (ISPs) to make their websites run faster.  Obama has promoted Apple publicly too, particularly Jobs.

By the same token, Obama has also targeted each and every one of these businesses, making it clear that they had better get in line.  Obama’s Justice Department has cracked down on Google Books, covertly threatening antitrust lawsuits.  The DOJ has also pledged to shut down Google’s acquisition of ITA, a flight data and software company.  Michelle Obama has said that Facebook is no place for children, and President Obama has stated that iPads and iPods threaten the republic, making “information … a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment … it is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy.”

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  • kafir4life

    I'm praying that in 650 days, 11 hours, and an odd number of minutes that we'll be putting this national nightmare behind us.

    One thing I never understood that libs would say in 2008, but now I get it. "Nobody could be worse than what's in there now.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Yep. That was a refrain I kept hearing myself: "it couldn't possibly get any worse."

      I kept telling them how naive they were…how, even amidst recession and war, we were still so far from bottom we couldn't conceptualize it, much less see it. After two years of Barry, it's much easier to conceptualize.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Big business and big government have always shared a bed. The American electorate loves it, demands it and votes out anyone who objects to it.

    Barry Goldwater denounced it and lost in a landslide. Richard Nixon endorsed it, expanded it and turned the economy into a shambles but to this day no Republican will damn Nixon for it. Ronald Reagan never even saw it. George HW Bush expanded it, his son blew it up to incredible proportions saying that he had to violate free market principles in order to save the free market.

    All of these men are what made Barack Obama possible. Yet despite the economic carnage committed by the Obama administration the Republican leading the polls is Mitt Romney, the godfather of ObamaCare and the only man alive who would be a worse president than Obama. When Mitt Romney gets the nomination the best thing that could happen to America would be a meteor strike in DC.

    The Tea Party? Don't make me laugh. They want spending cuts but not for defense, social security or medicare. So where will you get a trillion dollars in cuts? Planned Parenthood? National Public Radio? The National Endowment for the Arts?

    The Democrats succeeded in getting the social conservatives to concentrate their energies on symbolic cuts. That split the Tea Parties in half. The libertarians were demoralized and the social conservatives were defeated as there were no cuts in the programs they opposed. The Democrats just dealt a death blow to the Tea Parties and no one even noticed it.

    Americans love to hate big business. They vote for anyone who says they'll "make big business pay" even if their campaigns are funded by Goldman Sachs executives. This is the way of the Third World kleptocracies. Americans are about to learn what life is like in those places as the US becomes the People's Republic of America.

    • Jim

      Big business pays for the campaigns of the Republican politicians all the way from the embryonic stage ,through primaries and general elections. Business pays for the lobbyists that write the bills that congressmen must sign. Big business finances the think tanks that create rationalizations that enable Big business to convince the public and others..
      Through their power they engineered Meg Whitman into place as candidate for California's governor. She ran on the open border platform that business advocates and lost. The polls showed her opponent, a closed border advocate, in the primary would win the general election but Big Business barged Meg Whitman through any way. Result a small percentage that had voted for Arnold stayed home.
      He who has the gold makes the rules…….but not always unless they wanted Brown for governor.

  • wingwiper

    To: Reason For Life, author Charles Murray is in the process of documenting a number of demographics which, to me, frighteningly bolster the viewpoint which Leftist strategists in cold windowless rooms (or on junkets to Rio) have apparently seen come to fruition among the "working class."

  • sedoanman

    Anyone catch John Stossel's program, "Freeloaders"? He relates the story of Microsoft which made a $100 million profit one year but spent nothing for lobbying. The following year, the government hit it with an antitrust lawsuit. Though it loves to demonize big business, it's a cash cow government loves to milk.

    • Rifleman

      I missed the show but I remember the Microsoft shakedown when it happened. When MS started donating lots of money to the dp every year, the suit was just dropped. It was as blatant as wild bill's use of the IRS to go after people and organizations critical of him and his administration.

  • waterwillows

    It would be wise for these people to remember the right swing in the country and not get all caught up in empty threats. All muslims love to grandstand, right to the end.

  • Phillip Galey

    Yeah but, I think rather, that, it's the individual private citizen, who prefers to waste his leisure, who is at fault—of course, he can't keep ahead of the governmental bloc, . . .

  • RICK T

    someone will start a conservitive type fb

  • Jim_C

    We NEED big business. We NEED corporations. They are integral for our financial health. They are integral for growth and innovation. But we NEED to expect them to pay taxes for the privilege–yes, privilege–of operating in the United States.

    We don't NEED them to essentially rewrite laws for themselves. This requires yet more laws to undo. We don't NEED them exercising undue influence on foreign policy–this gets us tangled up in extremely expensive overseas boondoggles. We don't NEED them funding our elections. We don't NEED them to be treated legally as individuals (this would technically make them sociopaths). Instead of contributing to our financial health, they are actually siphoning wealth to themselves. And since they own all the major media outlets, they have us squabbling over scraps.

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