Running Scared on Same-Sex Marriage

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This week, David Frum – who had been holding on to his self-proclaimed conservative label by his fingernails – dropped into the abyss of moral relativism, embracing same-sex marriage.  “I find myself strangely untroubled by New York state’s vote to authorize same-sex marriage,” he wrote for  “I don’t think I’m alone in my reaction either.  Most conservatives have reacted with calm – if not outright approval – to New York’s dramatic decision.”

What was Frum’s justification for his shift from traditional marriage advocate to same-sex marriage friend?  “The short answer is that the case against same-sex marriage has been tested against reality.  The case has not passed its test.”  Where, you ask, has the case against same-sex marriage been tested?  Frum doesn’t give statistics, other than broad national statistics, pointing out that “the 2000s were the least bad decade for American family stability since the fabled 1950s.”

This, of course, is supremely idiotic.  Same-sex marriage has not been tested nationwide.  It is sanctioned by the government in precisely six states now: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  California is on the fence.  Not much of a sample size.

Beyond that, the argument against same-sex marriage is not that it will undermine traditional marriages already in existence.  It is that same-sex marriage contributes to the general decline of traditional marriage by granting the same benefits to people who live together under virtually any circumstances.  More importantly, the argument runs, children need a stable mother-father household, and any measures that make such households less common are negative.

Frum finishes his column by totally missing that point.  “By coincidence, I am writing these words on the morning of my own 23rd wedding anniversary. Of all the blessings life has to offer, none equals a happy marriage. If proportionally fewer Americans enjoy that blessing today than did 40 years ago, we’re going to have to look for the explanation somewhere other than the Legislature in Albany.”

Again, nobody is accusing same-sex marriage of being the sole determinant of marital decline.  But it is a symptom of a broader devaluation of marriage.  The same people who push for same-sex marriage push for registered partnerships, for civil unions – for governmental benefits for non-traditional marriage.  As those legal situations become more available, more people will take advantage of them, and less people will buy into traditional marriage.  We’ve already seen it in the Netherlands, where the number of marriages has declined consistently since the legalization of gay marriage; it’s down 10 percent since 1999.  Meanwhile, registered partnerships have exploded 500 percent over the last ten years.  According to William C. Duncan of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, “Nine in ten couples plan to live together before marrying and two-thirds of cohabiting couples plan to marry ‘but keep postponing marriage.’”

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  • waterwillows

    Hosea 11: 3

    It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, though he knew it not.

    The Lord has been teaching mankind all along how to walk rightly, justly and in goodness. Some, the discontented, may wish to view all good advice as 'merely religious' but they noticeably fail to see the plain common sense of it.
    At each step of our development, the Lord has met us at the place and understanding of where we were and are.
    There are wondrous things on the other side. Things that are not spoken about because we could not yet comprehend them. We still have a long way to go in advancement. We are still very young in the scheme of things.
    It is not a question of 'going all religious'. It is a question of……where does this path lead? Study history, have the vision to look ahead. It is a path of evil and desolation.
    In fact, it is an abomination of desolation.

  • voted against carter

    homosexuals make up LESS than 2% of the population.

    So WHY are we catering to sexual deviants that make up less than 2% of the population???

    Homosexuals just want special privileges.

    Sorry all of you sexual deviants,… NOT happening.

    • Christian G. Lover

      Careful, voted against carter,

      Statistics also tell us that Jews make up less than 2 percent of the American population. By your reasoning, we should not give Jews any rights. But it is only Jesus who can condemn Jews, not you or I. We may rejoice in Jesus's wisdom, but only Jesus may render judgment against those who forsake Him.

      • waterwillows

        As Jesus was a very observant Jew, who would only do as the Father wished and directed, I think the Jews are more or less in the same observant pattern.
        The facts are, that things being as Jesus told us, then His wisdom was the Father's wisdom.
        The Gentiles have the Way given to them and the Jews have Torah.

  • KuhnKat

    you need to explain to yourself how getting the government out of our lives so that we can again depend on ourselves and our neighbors instead of corrupt, ineffecient bureaucracies is denying ANYTHING to ANYONE!!! How getting gubmint even MORE involved in our lives will give ANYONE what they need.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Frum is a jerk, suppposititious marriage is a joke and brings ridicule on to the
    prancing ponys of deviation. Silly little girlboys squeling "look at me, look at me"………duds.

  • Aaron

    Wow… such 'Christian' comments… I'm sure Jesus would be proud of how well you follow his teachings to love and accept your fellow human souls.. :-/

  • Aaron

    Here are some scriptures on which those Christians who find it so easy to hate and condemn others,can dwell upon instead to truly follow Christ's message:
    Isaiah 56. God's welcome of foreigners and eunuchs into God's 'house of prayer for all peoples.'
    Book of Ruth and 1 Samuel 18 through 2 Samuel 1. A modeling for same-gender couples in the love relationship heralded in scripture in the stories of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth) and Jonathan and David (Samuel).
    Micah 6:8. The emphasis of justice in the prophets: "God has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

  • Aaron

    John 9. Jesus dissociates a human condition from a sinful cause when he declares a man was not born blind because of his sin or that of his parents, but so that the glory of God may be made manifest.
    John 4. Jesus reveals his messianic identity to the outcast Samaritan woman at the well who had had five husbands and was living with a man unmarried. She becomes

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