A Beatable Obama

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62% believe that the spending cuts agreed upon will be insufficient.  Their cynicism, of course, is warranted.  The profligate spending continues apace, while Democrats blame President Bush for the current debt crisis.  But does anyone think the voters will buy the left’s deflection of responsibility using Bush as a scapegoat, a bogeyman?

Our national debt is up 35% since Obama took office and Democrats have been the loudest cheerleaders for deficit spending.  And this, the public knows.

Congressman Clyburn, you may recall, once remarked that America had to spend its way out of recession—Keynesian hogwash that fiscally conscious Americans reject. The rising debt accumulated under this misguided scheme has weighed down what our economy needs most:  job growth.

It’s not surprising, then, that for those whom job creation is a key concern, Bloomberg found Republicans with a sizable 12 point advantage in “voter intensity.”  As the jobs picture grows evermore perilous and our economic outlook, grim, the “intensity” gap should widen further, and with it, calls for a new direction.

Note: 86% of voters are very concerned about unemployment, a level not seen since before the November 2010 elections.

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that administration loyalists will read these polls as mere snapshots, with the presidential race still more than a year away.  This is wishful thinking. Voters have roundly rendered their dissatisfaction…consistently, and for some time.  The White House has no one to blame but itself.

The president does not have a cogent message on the economy, if he ever did, and our position abroad erodes further without a definable foreign policy.  As one of his advisers famously put it, Obama is right at home “leading from behind.”

With unpopular policies and few results, even his signature “accomplishment,” ObamaCare, is loathed.  Most Americans want to be rid of it.  The most recent poll shows that 55% of Americans favor repeal of this monstrosity.  Only 17% believe that it will improve the “quality of care” in the U.S.—a new low.

For the left-minded, our nation’s sick economic condition is cause for deep political unease. They ought to be worried.  As Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) recently conceded, liberals know that Obama’s economic policies “will be held accountable” by voters.

Convincing the public that conditions are improving—when most know they are not—will be a steep challenge.  Make ready the teleprompter.

Brendon S. Peck holds a Master of Arts in History and Political science from the College of Saint Rose and has completed graduate work at Columbia University.  He is a freelance writer.  Reach him at bshawnp@gmail.com.

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  • http://americanpatriotcouncil.com/ Mike in VA

    Obama is toast. The economic recovery that he's praying for won't come around in time to pull his Alinskyite fat out of the fire.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    Eminently beatable…as long as the GOP does not run a "compromiser" against him. In fact the defeat of Obama is not sufficient any more. The left as a whole has to be thoroughly repudiated, or else they will just play defense until the new Republican administration starts screwing up. Repudiation requires that the Democrats must be defeated and their propaganda arm (the mainstream media) shown up and humiliated; in other words, they have to KNOW that they are defeated. The goal is the White House in a landslide and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

    Palin with 57% popular and 375 electoral votes. Coming to a theater near you in November 2012.