Cynthia McKinney: Gaddafi’s Useful Idiot

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With his two “fact-finding” trips to the U.S.S.R., Baldwin sought to uncover a “common core of truth” about the totalitarian state.  In his 1928 work, Liberty Under the Soviets, he asserted that the American people were “uninformed” about the “great nation,” misled by a narrative of “prejudice, misinformation, and propaganda.”  Naturally, in stark contrast to his portrait of the U.S., Baldwin offered demonstrative praise for Soviet methods.

In the tradition of Baldwin and like fellow travelers before her, Cynthia McKinney has also proclaimed that the purpose of her Libyan visit was to “understand the truth” of the reality in Libya. But even as she spoke those words, it became clear that the Gaddafi regime had a clear design for her visit.  Indeed, as McKinney railed against American “policies of war” and “propaganda,” Libyan state TV ran her tripe – while showing split screen footage of pro-government supporters rallying.

During this “coverage” of McKinney, the Libyan station also claimed it was airing “live” footage of air-strikes by NATO warplanes against Gaddafi’s compound.  The congresswoman, not surprisingly, played right along, peppering her disapproval with words like “shocked” and “appalled” in reference to her disposition toward U.S. actions.

McKinney went on to disparage our governmental system, slander our military men and women as “killers” and claimed that President Obama’s Libyan policy caused Americans to be “ashamed” of him.  She also went out of her way to — once again — criticize Israel.

If that was not enough, McKinney praised the promises about Libyan “direct democracy” that are found in the infamous “Green Book” — a deranged manifesto written decades ago by Gaddafi himself.  She made known (and not for the first time) that she favors Gaddafi’s democratic philosophy.  Worse still, McKinney suggested that other Americans ought to do the same.

Yet, the people of Libya have never enjoyed any semblance of democracy supposedly afforded them by the “Green Book.”

Instead, they have been subject to the sadistic and vicious whim of one man for 42 years, who remains in power by the butt of a gun — now aided readily by mercenary thugs and the willfully malicious words of Cynthia McKinney.

Did I mention she intends to run for Congress again?

Brendon S. Peck holds a Master of Arts in history and political science from the College of Saint Rose and has completed graduate work at Columbia University.  He is a freelance writer.  Reach him at

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  • mah29001

    Cynthia McKinney is a traitor who should be qualified to be tried for treason.

    • common man

      This woman is mentally ill and needs a real dose of reality.

  • Kristina

    I am no supporter of our involvement anywhere in the Middle East. The concept of any free and democratic state in the ME will not happen when the real power and organizational skills in that region is held by the Islamic Brotherhood and the mullahs wanting an Islamic state.

    Arabs will continue to kill each other as they have for centuries. We, by our presence and support for these uprisings against rulers who have held Islam at bay, I believe, are hastening to birth new Islamic states and closing the gap on the dawn of the next Islamic Caliphate. This is not the "Arab spring" we have been hearing about in the news, it's the "Islamic spring".

    McKinney lacks credibility within our country and would not amount to a footnote of our history. However, she has managed to transform herself into a black version of the traitorous Jane Fonda of the Viet Nam era, but without the cachet of Hollywood to make her "smell better". She is, nonetheless, one of Libya's and the Left's useful idiots.

  • asdf

    Ghaddafi is a creep and McKinney is an idiot, but that does not mean we should be in Libya. So far as we know, the rebels are just as bad or worse.

    • Paul Bagne

      How far did you go to know. Try following the war online. Listen to the people fighting for their freedom. With Twitter use hash mark Lybia. Go to the website for the National Transitional Council and see the draft of their proposed constitution based on democracy and the form of government based of the U.S. constution. Google for images of the American flag flying in Benghazi and held in the hands of Libyan children. Read accounts officials of countries who have met with and praised the Transitional Council members and recognized it as the legitimate government. Then you will have an informed opinion.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    McKinney is in this for something, probably one of Ghaddafi's hats, crazy
    begets and attracts crazy, they have so much in common…………William

  • BS77

    The relentless attacks by NATO upon Libya are terrible. Most people do not realize how much suffering is being inflicted upon the average men, women and children, and the elderly by this sickening assault. Get rid of Kaddafi…fine….but stop the destruction of LIbya's towns, water supplies, services, roads etc etc. It is madness to keep this up.

  • Dispozadaburka

    She must use the same hairdresser as Ghaddafi.

    Like attracts Like.

  • Drew

    Ironic that you couldn't post such idiotic statements in Libya without being thrown in jail and tortured. You're free and you spit in the face of that gift.

  • mirdad

    But she isn't killing anyone, or destroying their homes, infrastructure and country with bombs. She isn't throwing money at a gang of criminals and former regime loyalists who are busy rounding up dissenters and dissappearing them. She isn't violating any US laws or any other nation's sovereignty and, unlike our president, she isn't a war criminal.

    Presenting alternate points of view and questioning official stories is undermining America? That America was over 50 years ago. People aren't buying this cold war nonsense anymore.

    How about secretly meeting at the White House with the tyrant king of Bahrain who is busy killing and toturing his own people, while condemning another tyrant and claiming to protect his people with airstrikes? Don't rank hypocrisy and double-standards undermine America?

    • mah29001

      You feel you want to stick your neck out for Gaddafi, why not go and join pro-Gaddafi forces then? Or are you just going to be the typical arm chair coward?

  • Jimmy Lad

    Go and do your homework and when you have, you can choose another photograph since you've obviously taken time to find one which is the least flattering, much like the nature of the writing and it's equally biased title. In truth she is one of the few American politicians who has the tools and the courage to lead and isn't going to be bought or silenced. Hats off and power to this big hitter. If all positions of power were held by people of this calibre, then we wouldnt find ourselves so badly misled, lied to, let down or in the mess we are in. Your piece on her here is lacking fact, makes no reference to any of the many admirable things she has worked on or gives her time to and your article is quite frankly the propaganda here. What is disturbing is your failure to report on the background of this latest illegal and murderous invasion or destruction of another country and it's effect on it's innocent civilians, AGAIN! Why? America, like the UK and others ARE spending on death and destruction again. Your article suggests this is not the case! You've conveniantly omitted any facts relating to the truth regarding why this has happened, what's behind it and from where I'm standing, it seems more like your publication is a mouthpiece for the official line. You refer to the Libyan leader as a mass murderer and fail to make any mention of other murder related so obviously to this topic. With reference to 9/11, Pan Am flight 103, Iran and mention of The Soviet Union and use of 'anti-semitic', it's all too obvious what type of journalism this is. I'm not even going to go there. It's all too obvious and this site is another place I wont be going to again either.

    • mah29001

      It is called treason. That's what you endorse.

      • jimmy lad

        There seems to be a lot of it about these days particularily in high places. Can I ask which country you're from mah29001?

        • intrcptr

          Since you're new here, I'll suggest you take a look at the other pages that do in fact condemn this little war Obama's got himself.

          I will also ask why it matters where mah29001 lives? Would you respect his opinions more if he were French, or Libyan?

          • Jimmy Lad

            Thanks for the advice. I'll do that. It only mattered where he lived in as much as I preferred to know if I was corresponding with an American or I wasn't (I AM new here). It wouldn't matter at all to me. Sometimes I'm wary of identifying with my own nationality because I see nationality in general being abused or used for reasons other than for the benefit of the country's citizens. All over! Particularily when it seems that the 'enemy' citizens are being subjected to the same avoidable suffering as the 'good' ones and the people who made it happen or 'failed to prevent it' on both sides appear to have much more in common than we'd expect or if theres much wealth to be made from it (as there always is) for already rich individuals who dont pay much heed to nationalities themselves!! In short, no, what nationality wouldnt make any difference to me respect wise.

          • mah29001

            You really don't give a damn that Cynthia McKinney's deeds are treason?

          • Jimmy Lad

            I certainly would if I saw it that way but if I did she would still be a good way behind others who should be dealt with first for their acts of treason or sedition.

          • mah29001

            Excuse me, where did I say I endorsed the war? The other side of the Libyan rebels includes a combination of Iranian-backed rebel Shiites and al-Qaeda backed Salafists. They're going to be no different from Gaddafi.

    • GKC

      Go and do your homework and when you have, you can choose another photograph since you've obviously taken time to find one which is the least flattering,….

      I suggest Wonkette for you. You will meet other "hairdressers" there.

      • Jimmy Lad

        This was originally a reply to the relevant site the discussion originated from. Had you read it all properly it would have been too obvious by half and had you done that you would, of course, have then realised it's relevance and had no confusion over it's context. However you didnt, hence your contribution. So I'll pass on the insulting stuff even though it's always tempting, particularily when it involves someone's faux pas which is down to a failure to grasp what theyre already commenting on. Haven't a clue what a Wonkette is anyway. Hairdressers are alright though. They only need to see whats in front of them when it comes to getting the picture and the job done.

  • BLJ

    McKinney is a fool as well as a hater of the U.S. I am sure she has been on the payroll of our enemies for some time.

  • mah29001

    If you believe Libya is freer under Gaddafi why the hell are you calling yourself American then? Why not ACTUALLY LIVE THERE imbecile.

  • mah29001

    Guess who are the rebels that will replace Gaddafi….they're Iran and al-Qaeda…..but I am sure the minute they turn their backs on their former NATO allies you'd be more than happy enough to kowtow to them.

  • mah29001

    Look at all the Cynthia McKinney zombies trying to defend her treasonous act, it's called treason what she's committing. The Workers' World Party recently came out to support her as well, they're well known apologists for various tyrants and terrorists alike.

  • Ghostwriter

    I grew up during the 1980's and my memories of Qaddafi aren't exactly warm and fuzzy. We have the guy bombing a disco full of American solders not to mention Pan Am Flight 103. This man is a monster and deserves to be overthrown. In my opinion,handing him over to his people and letting them finish him off would be good for the world. As for Cynthia McKinney,I'll never understand people like her. Why is she supporting this animal?

    • mah29001

      They're zombie drone supporters of her's.

      • Jimmy Lad

        Im not. Im an impartial observer from another country and therefor can't be a treasonist either. However this could be the main reason behind our difference of opinions here. However I do care about the US and it pains me to see it in its present shape. The American people deserve so much better. The fact that you call it a war in Libya tells me that you may have faith in your mainstream media (Dont know where you sourced the story on the Nigerian immigrants from). I guess theres no point in bringing the reasons why Gaddaffi could be this or that into it here. It could be down to who's version of events you trust and who's you certainly dont. On every point or occasion possibly. Dont think I dont want whats best for the people of the US because I do. Its in this area that what Ive already said about them deserving so much better is very much on my mind and is my reason for saying it! Peace be with you.

  • intrcptr

    If Libya is so great, why are they fighting a civil war to toss him out on his ear?

  • Gman213

    McKinney is symptomatic of what is wrong with a great deal of America. She can say these outrageous treasonous things and the idiots in her district continue to vote for her soley based on the color of her skin.

  • mamanjoki

    I thought the US was a democracy with freedom of speech, untill I saw your president go to war and break the simplest of US laws, WPA. The president is disrespecting your own constitution, and you a busy writing bad things about a woman who is trying to get to the core of the truth. If all the supporters of Gaddafi Are his usefull idiots, than surely all of Obama supporters Are his usefull idiots. The US must stop dictating other countries, start running their own. Long live the rightous people of The US!

  • malusi mncube

    lets be mature to eschew name calling and venomous labelling, rather differences of opionion in intellectual interplay are an inherent component of the human discourse.
    no one is perfect, no country is….whether one disagrees with cynthia mckinney,obama, mugabe,mandela,bush,zuma,malcolmx..whoever , there is no reason to stifle what could be gained if one marketed and exchanged their ideas in a free enterprise spirit of engagement,done with no vitriol. please share ideas, name calling does not stimulate the grey matter. Malusi Mncube from south africa in SOWETO

    • Jimmy Lad

      Great point and thanks for this timely reminder Malusi. I'm in agreement with all your points here. Good call indeed. Best to you, J

  • Jimmy Lad

    I wouldn't waste your time or mine by doing such a pointless thing and it would make no sense to participate either. Don't you think?

  • GKC

    A big thank you to the trolls "sharing their ideas". So when does CMs next campaign begin?

    • ball crusher


      "Trolls are really visable aren't they"

  • DaveIn84

    Monkeys on tour


    Don't waste any pearls of wisdom here. These are the empty headed "zombies" that Lady Gaga sings to. You know the ones who flooded the streets when CIA asset Tim Osman was eliminated. The ones who sit in front of their boob tubes watching their latest idol or watching girls barely in double digits flap eagle on the stage in imitation of their idol. Yep, anything they actually do read no doubt comes from the Examiner or Star at the local checkout stand. These ones serve the Master and wouldn't recognize a Freemason symbol if it hit them upside the head – oops what head? If one of the walking dead ever had an original thought well, lets just hope they don't – or maybe things have already been explained – check out One-Evil. Sheep follow the herd right over the cliff and the Ravens feast, sheeeee. I suggest any would be readers move on and find a more productive source this one barely has a pulse. Try Mathaba, RT, and Pravda to breathe some life back in ya'll. Hey – don't even think about calling me a Liberal I am a card carrying Republican – old school style! Oh and by the way Cynthia McKinney is a bona fide Georgia Peach – you don't get anymore "real".

  • crusher

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