Keeping Up with Van Jones

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Back in 2009, the public knew little about Van Jones.  Perhaps, if anything, we knew only that he was one czar among many in the Obama administration.  Like most czars, he did not need to be confirmed by Congress.

However, as more was learned about his radical background, Van Jones was exposed.  Americans were repulsed by what they heard.

With his hateful statements and Communist views revealed, a personal history of radicalism emerged.  A left-wing goody bag assorted with an affinity for anarchism, anti-capitalism, Communism, trutherism and, as Jones put it, “rowdy” Black Nationalism.

As the pressure grew, Van Jones was forced to resign as “green jobs” czar in the fall of 2009.  But he wasn’t finished.

Today, nearly two years removed from the White House, he continues to delight “progressives” with his brand of Robin Hood-style “justice.”

In a manner one would expect from a class warfare peddler and propagandist, Van Jones recently asserted that America was “robbed” and that “somebody has our money” (emphasis added).  Just who are the villains in this worn-out narrative?  Why, Wall Street and the wealthy.  This serves only to fuel class envy and the culture of entitlement.

Such rhetoric may seem little more than red meat for “Rebuild the Dream” conference goers—the event at which Mr. Jones spoke this month—but his calculated and oft-repeated charge is designed to influence the ill-informed.  For the left-minded, excoriating the rich or, more generally, capitalism, has long been in vogue.  It is sadly effective.

While class warfare will undoubtedly remain part of the narrative, radicals like Van Jones are not blind to the current political climate.  In fact, their adaption to it, whilst advancing their agenda, provides them with a much desired platform.  In the mold of Saul Alinsky, they know their true motives must be masked.  Until they achieve power, that is.

Jones himself employed this thinly veiled tactic, no doubt useful during his stint as Obama’s green jobs czar.  After all, it was a convenient front in his pursuit of Communist-inspired redistributive wealth policies and worse.  Just listen to his words:

On the “green economy”:  It would be “pushed” until it became “the engine that transforms the whole society,” and the entire capitalist system.  Capitalism, in his warped worldview, is an economic framework that advances “exploitation and oppression.”

To achieve a new system of “eco-capitalism,” the steps taken to achieve the “complete revolution” of the 1960s would be followed.  Not surprisingly, a key component centers upon the redistribution of wealth.

Note: One ought not forget that wealth redistribution has long been embraced by President Obama. ObamaCare, for instance, is a redistributive instrument. Indeed, so comfortable is he with an economic framework that “spreads the wealth around,” Obama once underscored the need for a constitutional re-interpretation to achieve this end.

Indeed, despite the fact that some on the left have expressed displeasure with the President’s actions, they know his is a solid ally.

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  • Angel

    These maggots know full well that their political agenda don't work. The point is to destroy our economic system not to create jobs. These traitors know full well what they are doing. It is up to us, –the American people– to stop them.

  • palidin 911

    Van Jones: the 2.0 version of Malcolm X.

  • Asher

    Jones, A Staunch Committed Radical-Progressive-Communist. Like George Bernard Shaw…We must create a Humane gas to kill people.

  • emoney

    very well written piece!



  • Pathena

    By what authority does President Obama appoint "czars," heads of governmental units, without the approval of Congress?

  • Dctrwh

    Good piece, but your close is all wrong. The "fairness" in fairness doctrine (i.e. redistributive policies) is sardonic – intended not to be fair, but favorable to those liberals, so dissatisfied with reality that they invert morality to extol those who don't want to produce, but still want to eat.

  • guest

    They are not interested in 'fairness'-at least not the Van Joneses. He's looter, never held a real job, never produced anything,, never owned or worked for a business. Has gone from non-profit to non-profit to NGO to government largesse-an affirmative action Marxist like Obama and Michelle.

    Check out some AA blogs, they rip on him for his interracial marriage while playing at Malcolm X talk of black power and oppression.

  • gommygoomy

    He's no different than Hitler, in a Beer Hall. And, neither is Obama. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Castro, Chavez.
    Take your pick.
    Jones was CHOSEN by Obama, specifically, for his COMMUNIST views. His Mother was a Communist. His Grandparents were Communists. His 1st Mentor – Frank Marshall Davis – was a Communist. And HE is a Communist, and a Marxist, and a Socialist, and a Maoist, and a Jew Hater. Just like all his friends,
    "Men shall know you by the company you keep."

  • ISAIAH5417

    ENOUGH!!! of ne'er-do-well's like Van Jones spouting their hateful, confusing, condescending, smarmy, prevaricated rationale; expecting that I will sit quietly and accept another helping of their stinking lies. The only 2 things remaining in Washington D.C. for which I have respect are The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. As far as I'm concerned all the rest of it can blow away in the next big wind. The Government of We The People has been swamped by trash and low-life hustlers such as Van Jones, Christopher Dodd, Tom Harkin, Richard Shelby, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Trent Lott; etc. The entire "political class" is a collection of slick, expensively dressed trashy people who have no interest but their own at heart. The present government has become The Enemy of We The People. Like Dylan said a long time ago, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."

  • vonnise

    Since Van Jones was a czar, abet ousted, does he now get any kind of pension or health care complements of the american taxpayer?

  • Ann


  • CisscoKidd

    This article mentions the time Van Jones talked about "rowdy Black Nationalism" (among other things). The phrase "rowdy Black Nationalism" seems to indicate Van Jones is a bit of a hater. Not only that, the phrase "rowdy Black Nationalism" seems to indicate that Van Jones especially hates "White America" and anything and everything related to White America. With this in mind, it really looks like Van Jones is very much like (the so-called) Reverend Jeremiah Wright with regard to his hatred for White America.

    Isn't it interesting Obama has close ties to both Van Jones and Jeremiah Wright, two people who hate White America to its core? I wonder if this is just a coincidence.

  • CisscoKidd

    Speaking again of "rowdy Black Nationalism", how about those flash mobs of blacks in Chicago? Are these flash mobs of blacks in Chicago "on the attack" or what? Yes, we are talking some big-time attacking going on in Chicago by flash mobs of blacks. But, I wonder why the police (police Superintendent) in Chicago are making excuses for these attacks–they appear to be scared of something. If so, what? And, if so, why? I wonder if its possible the police (the police Superintendent) in Chicago have been scared of "political correctness" somewhere along the line. At any rate, I think it is safe to say that Van Jones and Jeremiah Wright could be promoting this type of violence in their very own special ways–one from his conferences and gatherings and the other from his (so-called) church. I don't know, but it surely does seem that both Van Jones and Jeremiah Wright are just downright dangerous to America–much like the Muslims are.

  • Paul in Ohio

    Hey, where is the hat tip to Glenn Beck for the 'outing' of Van Jones? Jones is an evil man, very very smart, but evil.

  • wilford

    van jones is another EDUCATED IMBECILIC MORON! IGNORANCE IS BLISS? He is one happy a$$wipe!

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