Deadly ‘Diversity’

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The neighborhood of Grønland in Oslo, Norway, is not terribly large.  It’s on the east side of town, adjacent to central Oslo, and has traditionally been a place of working-class flats and unpretentious pubs.  Ever since Norway began to be the destination of immigrants from the Muslim world, however, Grønland has been home to an increasing number of Muslim families and businesses.  In recent years, furthermore, it has become an attractive residential area for young Norwegian singles and families, for many of whom part of the lure of living in this part of town was that they wanted to be part of a “multicultural” community.  As a result of the influx of these these young people – including no small number of gays – a number of hip restaurants and cafes have sprung up in the area.

Of late, however, as the city’s Muslim population has boomed, Grønland has been undergoing a transition from a mixed neighborhood to an essentially Muslim one.

In an Aftenposten article in January 2010, Olga Stokke and Hilde Lundegaard cited one Grønland resident’s observation – which is consistent with my own and that of many of my friends and colleagues – that since 9/11 the neighborhood has taken a sharply negative turn.  More women are wearing hijab, if not burkas; and there has been a rise in what the Aftenposten article’s headline called “[m]oral control in Oslo’s immigrant streets.”  For example, a young social worker who was chowing down on a somosa one day on his way home from work through a Grønland street was confronted by two aggressive young men who demanded of him in a bullying tone: “Don’t you know it’s Ramadan?  You should know better!”

Once upon a time, gays in Oslo thought of “multicultural” Grønland as gay-friendly.  No more.  In the fall of 2009, a gay couple walking in Grønland were kicked and yelled at by a man who told them that they were in a Muslim neighborhood where their kind was unwelcome.

This was not an isolated incident: as Stokke and Lundegaard wrote, “many others…experience an at least equally strong sense of control” in Grønland by self-appointed moral police.  Muslim girls who would prefer not to wear hijab, for example, do so in Grønland simply to avoid being rebuked.  The Aftenposten article quoted Fatima Tetouani, who when she moved in 2000 from Morocco to Oslo to live with her Norwegian husband, “expected a Western, open society.”  “But Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco,” she told Aftenposten.  “I had never seen a burka before I came here.  And I had never experienced nasty looks if I ate or drank a cup of coffee during Ramadan.”

Tetouani’s son had been scheduled to attend a school where over 95 percent of the students were non-Norwegian speakers.  She said no.  “All the girls were covered.  I felt like I was in a mosque.  My son will not be bullied because he has a father who eats pork and is not circumcised.”  Tetouani had worked at a local day-care center, where she heard an Algerian mother chastize her son for playing with Norwegian children: “You know they eat pork and are going to hell!”  Tetouani’s verdict was blunt: “they are trying to take over this neighborhood.”

While Tetousani from Morocco was clear-eyed about what was going on in Grønland, Michael Hartmann from Bergen, after five years in the neighborhood, was still in something of a fog.  The self-described anti-racist, who “moved to Grønland precisely in order to experience the cultural diversity,” was now being regularly tormented by his neighbors for being gay.  This left him disillusioned; he feared being beat up.  “I was very naïve when I came here,” he admitted.  But somehow, it appeared, he still didn’t get it: “We can’t give up the diversity.  As minorities we really should be standing together and helping one another.”

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  • Gary Rumain

    I feel sorry for Michael Hartmann. The diversity will eventually kill him.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      As it will also the US federal government and the USA.

      • autores

        The King of Norway has protested against the U.S. Embassy and that 'in Norway, and Norwegian has protested against the police, giving them the guilt of bringing people in the Norwegian Liberal Americanism. And remember that the Arab Islamist women, unlike the U.S., France, England, Italy and many others, can 'wear their dress and live their Arab Islamist Islam.

    • No Dhimmi

      He's utterly lost his mind if he thinks that being gay is a "minority" that Muslims care to be associated with. No, Mr. Hartmann, you are NOT a minority. You are a non-Muslim, and there are more of us than Muslims worldwide. You are not aligned with Muslims against whomever you erroneously believe is a majority.

      Time to take back your dignity and stop the dangerous foolishness.

      Time for the Vikings to arise! Traditionally, Vikings were bigger and fiercer warriors than Muslims. Perhaps Muslims in Norway should be a bit more concerned about waking that sleeping dragon.

      • autores

        You would have the right, but only when the Arab trade and Islamist Muslim would contact you 'to me to enlarge in Norway. When and who? I have the availability 'of Flight and Hotel trade.

    • autores

      The King of Norway allows the Arabs to live freely its own Islamists Islam but unlike England and France, Italy. would be much better to expand Islam in Oslo, and that 'the considerable willingness' of the King of Norway expressed.

  • "gunner"

    you can't "share diversity" with barbarians, rome learned that the hard way. all they want is to share the loot and women of the conquered civilization, and there is no hope of other "minorities" in expecting these latter day barbarians to "stand with" anyone. they kill others of their own for not following their dictates, why would they show any mercy to "infidels".

  • tagalog

    Encouraging diversity in a given population invites disunity, discord, and, ultimately, anarchy. Anarchy is what some influential beneficiaries of Western civilization say they want; of course, when their practices insure that they get it, they won't want it. But by then it will be too late, and the alternatives will be submission or out-and-out war.

    The Norwegians, who have a history of facility in confrontation, should be ashamed of themselves for letting matters get so bad.

    By the way, what's a somosa and why would it make a Muslim mad?

    A visit to Wikipedia says it's spelled s-a-m-o-s-a, and it's a stuffed pastry, eaten in Middle Eastern countries as a snack. Evidently it's bad form to be eating one during Ramadan.

    • autores

      The Equality in Norway was established by the Policy and Religion. Do you know someone who does not have reason to demand the resignation of the King and the Regime? and all the people 'against and against the King and the regime. The King of Norway and 'a thief of others' work-The King of Norway decides who to put as judge, who will play as a Judicial Magistrate and much more. This incredible Mafia should end. People want their role and work 'is still occupied by the King and' thief. The people of Norway and 'American Liberal. Politics and religion and 'liberal. the U.S.A. and Americans are against and contrary to the King and regimes.

  • Sidney

    What can you say, large scale bloody civil war right across Europe is inevitable. Our "elected" Politicians dare not to admit there is a very serious problem, let alone deal with it. May God have mercy on us for inviting this aberration into our lands and allowing this evil to infiltrate every facet of our lives. The future is dark, very dark indeed. Thy Kingdom come Lord Jesus.

    • autores

      I followed this issue before in Norway. I returned from Norway and I realized the error of believing that politics has to do with believing the New's. The policy, before I went to Norway, and American Liberal was never mentioned in the name of the King through the Internet I have considered the public declaration of Norway in Federalism and counties in the police and more religious, and e 'for this I have commented considerably to promote the King of Norway, for which the policy has changed its views considered servants of the King of Norway. It was' my fault for comment. But when I went to Norway I saw for myself that the American liberal politics' to absolute power in Norway, and so that the reality 'and says that' the false public statement on the Internet that Norway and 'the Federalsimo and e' the county or the religious police. I've only seen in Norway freedom 'of a liberal American people! The Liberal Politics of Norway does not have American backing and should not be the servants' King's' cause the King of Norway and 'a fake American. The only real thing that the King would be too many steals and blocks considerably in Norway with their judicial power. You know who and tell me 'in Norway by the King? You would know to compare Norway to England? The people of Norway and 'American Liberal and obstructs the King at court! and 'even more centuries in the usual place of work waiting to rob others of their own work that he studied. Politics should not give any support to the King because 'and' American and Norway, and 'always America and the U.S. against the King and against the regimes. The Americans are liberal. The war is not 'utility', but in any event before the war you should still kill the kingdom and the regime. The blame for everything 'and' still king of the war would be to ward off the enemy but the alliance united and 'always kill the King, a name still to be taken into account. Yes, because 'the blame for everything and' more of the King and the Kingdom. Perhaps you want to compare Norway to 'England? crazy.

  • Ron

    Norway has ALWAYS been morally corrupt, and it's not simply the Muslims who have contributed to its despicable behavior. Its anti-Semitism began in the 13th century and continues until this very day. As collaborators with the nazis — does anyone remember Quisling? — these horn-helmeted scullions deserve every unspeakable crime foisted upon them by the followers of Allah. Perhaps, just perhaps, they'll toss out the barbarians and put a halt to their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions program against Israel.

    • PhillipGaley

      In coincidence with "Ron"'s post, leprosy is a disease of uncleanness, of filth, and Norway is a center for incidence of leprosy, . . . I wonder, . . .

    • Ralph

      That's all you care about, their stance towards Israel. You ignore the suffering of real people (who are all too young to have collaborated with Nazis) and from the comfort of your computer say they have it coming? You are myopic, solipsistic and morally bankrupt. You have no human empathy.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        That's all you care about, their stance towards Israel. You ignore the suffering of real people (who are all too young to have collaborated with Nazis) and from the comfort of your computer say they have it coming? You are myopic, solipsistic and morally bankrupt. You have no human empathy.

        Speaking of empathy and being morally bankrupt and myopic, there are 56 Islamic countries in the world, please point to all of them that do not violently oppress and systematically persecute, when not outright slaughtering altogether, Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers that happen to live in those Islamic countries as second-class dhimmi citizens.

        In addition, in country after country and anywhere and everywhere mass Muslim immigration is occurring in the world today, just like clockwork the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants flat out refuse to assimilate and integrate and instead form segregated Muslim enclaves that in time eventually morph into Muslim no-go zones ruled by Sharia as fifth columns and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Thus, please point to all the countries in the world where the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants actually assimilated and integrated and then matriculated into becoming contributing and productive citizens of their new adoptive countries.

        Furthermore, please point to all the countries in the world today that have so for avoided mass Muslim immigration that have also been the victim of jihad attacks.

        Moreover, please point to all the non-Islamic countries in the world that border Islamic countries, such as Israel, for instance, that are currently not under assault by their Islamic neighbors.

        • Ralph

          ObamaYoMama, What are you babbling about? Since you copied my post I assume this is directed towards me. Where in my post do I express support for Islam at all? On the contrary. I was pointing out that Ron is a knee-jerk fool who doesn't care about the Norwegian victims of Islam only because of some perceived anti-semitism. So what's your reasoning? Ralph spoke against one (1) person, Ron, presumably a Jew. So by extension and your super-duper anti-semite radar Ralph is against all Jews. Again, if he is against all Jews he must logically be for Muslims. The fact that he didn't mention Muslim Jihad in his post is proof of this. You're a real rocket scientist.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Where in my post do I express support for Islam at all?

            You didn't have to; it's implied. Indeed, all moronic Jew hating anti-Semitic bigots like you not only sympathize with the Islamic world's permanent jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel, but like gullible useful idiots they also are all oblivious to the reality that the Islamic world they sympathize with and lend aid and support to are also at the same time targeting them as well. Hey…it's not my fault you are more than a little unhinged, hate Jews, and sympathize with Muslim jihadists, and if you don't like my response then too bad.

            Not to mention as well that I have very little sympathy for gullible useful idiot moonbats who vilify and demonize the democratic state of Israel on the one hand and sympathize with the Islamic jihadists waging jihad against Israel on the other hand, when they themselves inevitably get bitten by the Islamic bug as well. Indeed, whether right or wrong, it is nevertheless fitting poetic justice to watch their shocked reactions when the Islamic bug starts biting them as well.

            Indeed, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to have seen all the delusional leftist's faces in Iran in 1979 shortly before they were executed by the new Ayatollah regime when they first realized that they had been the useful idiot dupes for the Ayatollahs all along. Not that I agreed with executing them, but nevertheless I would still liked to have seen their shocked faces and reactions nonetheless when they realized how stupid and gullible they had been.

          • Ralph

            Just as I thought, you really are an idiot. I am against any large-scale presence of muslims or any other third worlder in White countries. I don't sympathize with any jihadist (what an utterly stupid assumption on your part). I don't care about Palestinians and never did. I don't care what Israel does in their own country and never did. I am neither for or against. It is their business. What happens in the U.S. is my business and I do not want foreign involvement here as well, whether it be Israel or Mexico trying to jam more of its miscreants into the U.S.

            Guys like you do nothing but shadowbox. From one word or phrase written you project massive belief structures onto the author. One could say 'cumquat' or 'orange' and you would be labeling them an anti-semite. Which is why anything you say is completely without value. You are delusional and narcissistic.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            And you are an intellectually dishonest anti-Semitic Jew hating bigot trying to camouflage your bigotry. You don't fool me or anyone else.

          • Obamasfathers

            You are exactly like the islam apologiste lefties, it never occured to you that those you praise only feel disguste and contempt for you for your ass kissing.

            "you bad hating bigot"

            Hell, you even use the same words as them, lol!

            What about Serbians, Chinese, Russians and Hindus? Nope, they simply doesn´t exist.

          • Anonymous

            Well said.

    • ziontruth

      You fool! The allied Marxist-Islamist enemies bringing Norway down are just as bullish, if not more so, on bringing Israel down. What you wish for is vacuous revenge. If your head were screwed on right, you wouldn't rejoice at Norway's fall to the selfsame enemy that wants the Jewish State gone and its Jewish population subjugated (at best) or exterminated (God forbid).

      May Norway, like Israel, like the U.S. of A., like India and indeed all the free world, muster the power and courage to root out its Marxist traitors and deport all its Islamic invaders. Stand for the good.

    • ATBOTL

      It's good to know what Zionists and neocons really think about white people: that we deserve to be raped and killed for not putting Jewish interests ahead of our own interests.

      • Ralph

        That's right. Not only do the jews ask "Is it good for the jews?" they want us goyim to ask that of ourselves before we make any move. Then if we do right they will pat us on the head and give us the much coveted title of Righteous Gentile, because of course nothing is more valuable to us bovine than the approval of a Jew.

        You see, Ron and ObamaYoMama? I am an anti-semite. Or maybe you are just all anti-goy from the get-go and are shocked that any such sub-human would object. Can't have uppity cattle now can we?

        • UCSPanther

          Did you stray off of stormfront?

    • Philosopher

      Right on, Brother! Couldn't have said it better myself.

    • autores

      but perhaps the Norwegians will be able to agree to them to abolish the regime of the Kingdom and King of Norway sent him to live away for their safety, with each district will be Arab or foreign 'friend willing to go and live in their own country or in the other State of which he 'with the value as' high that has got the Nok. The only reason social unit can 'even find the further consideration, but without having to deal with the civil war.

  • StephenD

    Is this the view we have of our future here in America? It appears to be. It is almost illegal to speak negatively about Islam even though this is the entire problem. In a society that prides itself on its diversity and openness, we should draw a line when what is promoted is anathema to our way of life. What I see is all other "cultures" that emigrate seek to assimilate into and become part of their host culture. This does not happen with Islam. Instead, they expect the host to accommodate and change to their ways (Ramadan fasting, Hajib in certain neighborhoods, etc.). The longer we let this drag on the more difficult it will be to correct it. We should take corrective measures now beginning with the immediate cessation of immigration from Islamic countries.

    • autores

      Totally wrong 'cause you have not seen that America and all Americans are against and contrary to the King, and the United regimes first.

  • g_jochnowitz

    The Left licks Islamic a$$.

  • BS77

    I used to feel despair over the welcome Britain, Norway, HOlland etc gave to the Trojan Horse of PC multicult invasion, after reading Melanie Phillips, Brigitte Gabrielle etc etc….Now I realize the liberal idiots in these countries have brought this on themselves…and they will have to figure out what to do. It ain't going to be easy. They have invited a monster into their home and now are moaning in regret. TOO BAD.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    “We can’t give up the diversity. Unfortunately for them, the “diversity” to which they are so devoted involves seeking a modus vivendi with a brutal, inflexible ideology that has marked their own society, culture, and moral code for annihilation.

    After the Fort Hood Massacre that was the exact same reaction to that jihad attack expressed by the Pentagon. Indeed, thanks to the Left hijacking and co-opting our federal government, our federal government including our Pentagon has been transformed from being a formerly merit based organization to now being a diversity based organization. Thus, the focus now is not on promoting the most qualified people to positions of leadership based on merit. Instead, the focus now is on ensuring that we have a diverse base of leadership without regard to merit or qualifications.

    Hence, the result today is we declare a totally misguided “War on Terror,” even when terror which as it name implies is always violent, is a manifestation of Western civilization only. While, on the other hand, at the same time we ignore jihad, which is holy fighting in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme that in stark contrast to terrorism can be both violent and non-violent.

    Then on top of it all we conflate and morally equate what is really jihad with terrorism, even though they are mutually exclusive and two entirely different things altogether, and the direct result is because terrorism as it name implies always involves violence, the many varieties of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad, which relative to the violent varieties of jihad takes place astronomically far more prevalently, are allowed to take place completely under the radar unopposed, undetected, unacknowledged, and totally ignored.

    For instance, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage for the purpose of demographic conquest is a variety of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad that takes place under the radar completely unopposed, undetected, unacknowledged, and totally ignored.

    In addition, instead of targeting and eliminating our enemies as we previously did before, in the spirit of PC multiculturalism and diversity we instead pursue silly asinine fantasy based nation-building missions to lift, prop, and build them up, at the same time we also provide billions of dollars in foreign aid to our Islamic enemies like Pakistan, while our Presidents kiss and bow down to Saudi kings in submission.

    Therefore, instead of eliminating threats such as the Saudi funded Pakistani nuclear weapons arsenal, we instead claim that we must pay Jizya to prevent those Pakistani nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of radical and extremist Islamists, and never mind the fact that the existence of radical Muslims, extremist Muslims, Islamists, and moderate Muslims are all a false PC multicultural myth.

    In other words, the USA as we once knew it is totally blind and literally being destroyed via insane PC multiculturalism and diversity, which in themselves are both forms of suicidal Cultural Communism.

    • autores

      Obama and 'very often said in public about it and saying' as long as the part of armed terrorism 'is Liberal. He added that America and the U.S.A. and 'against and against any and all forms that would impede the Freedom' any kind of moral. Obama said he prefers the armed terrorism against both the Liberal King and Kingdoms or schemes. That 'public statement.

  • Arius

    "We can't give up on diversity". The West continues on its death march.

    • John of Chaldea

      Good news! Arius & herman caintonette are moving to Oslo! Insh'allah!!!

    • autores

      The guilt and 'the King of Norway. Before going to Norway informed. Then go to Norway expecting to find the maximum of Federalism and the truth 'and' not there 'but in all of Norway and' the American people opposed to the Liberal and King 'to the judiciary to steal other people's work for centuries , the Mafia and to lawfully and legally in public.

    • autores

      I must correct because 'and' the people of Norway in Norway Norwegian American Liberal.'but in all of Norway and' the American people to the Liberal and King 'to the judiciary to steal other people's work for centuries , the Mafia and to lawfully and legally in public.

  • sod

    Diversity should mean various things work together to make something better and greater, not worse. Therefore, something that make existing ones worse is not diversity, it's poisoning.

    Why diversity, peacefully coexist and some other politically correct propaganda are never found in the Islam world? Is it a conspiracy by the lefts and Islam? Or are infidels just too naive and stupid such that they believe whatever Islam want them to believe?

    • autores

      This site and 'the King of Norway?

  • Anti-muslim

    First of all the West needs to get rid of those liberal idiots. Islam and multiculturalism has to be forbidden by law in the West. Western people from one western country should be allowed to live in another western country because we all have the same culture in the end. But all people who have a totally different cultural background than the western people should not be allowed to live in western countries. All muslims have to be expelled from the West immediately and should never be allowed to enter a western country because THEY have chosen to be our enemies, let's tread them like that!

    • autores

      In the West and 'prohibited. but not in Norway. Norway is not 'the policy which the judiciary. In Norway, the king has the absolute power of judiciary, even the judges and magistrates. The King of Norway has absolute power in the first Judicial ie 'everything and not only of what' I told you.

  • InRussetShadows

    It's sad, but folks, Islam always attacks the weak first. That's why they decided to move into wimpy countries (EU) first. Of course, the great welfare benefits of EU countries were an incentive, as well. There's only the problem of guns in America that keeps them from moving en masse to America, and curiously, gun ownership has been on the rise all across the fruited plain. So maybe us "stupid Americans" gut-level realize something here.

    • autores

      You're wrong so huge. if you were able to do these things you would find them for sure that happens by the will 'of who and' the power of the State where the Arabic will go 'live.

  • lepanto

    delenda est islam

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Norway to save itself as a nation must expell the Islamists and recognize
    that Islam and a future for Norwegians are incompatable and impossible
    in the extreme…………………………..William

    • autores

      the important 'that the money for their return.

  • Marti

    I presume most people immigrate to live a different life.
    If you immigrate assimilate is my motto.
    My parents immigrated to America to become AMERICANS!!!!!
    One flag, one country to pledge to!!!!

    • autores

      and the king in power, where there 'has' hidden in your ass?

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Islam is like flesh eating bacteria. Once it is introduced to a host, it consumes and kills the host. If you don't get to a doctor and take powerful antibiotics you have no chance, and even then your survival is not guaranteed. Muslims, by in large, are not willing to become part of their host country. The Koran says that they are to "kill, steal and destroy" all non-Muslims. Non-Muslim women are fair game for rape. That's what is happening. It's not that there was not crime before Muslims came, but the overall increase in rape and robbery can be traced to Muslim individuals. That is because they are taught that non-Muslims are less than human. There is no teaching that says all people are made in the image of God and therefore they do not believe that they guaranteed "certain unalienable rights". They can not honestly swear allegiance to the United States. This is a horrible mess but the US gov't isn't willing to touch or even to admit Muslim world views are incompatible with American world views. Check out early American history, our first foreign military action was because our world view was in direct conflict with Islam's. Unfortunately it is going to take force to overcome this threat. I'm not sure the Gov't has the guts to address it.

    • autores

      I think it would also come the right time for the people of Norway to take into account that the alliance can 'willingness to have with Islam' of the same King of Norway and to make their own decisions as a team helping.

  • Jaladhi

    Muslims can't be part of any diversity – it is as simple as that. All they want is to impose their cult on everybody when they are allowed to get in other countries and cultures. Just see how well the diversity works in any Islamic country – we should learn from them and throw them out of here!!!

    • autores

      They are anti-democratic, even if outside of his State, and issue the order of equality and brotherhood in other states. order and the 'death drive. It 'understand their reason for death.

  • Mr Balk

    This is all a conspiracy orchestrated by the left. They control the media, academia and their goal is to overthrow western civilization which is actually Euro-Christian civilization. Remember, the left hates Europeans and in particular they hate Christian-European. So the plan is obvious, bring as many muslims(jihadist) into the west and hope they will engage jihad against the native populations. Once this happens most will prefer to fight with the left rather than join Islam, and before you know it, a communist New World Order comes into power, complete with no borders, one nation and one culture, marxist .

    • autores

      the only one who has absolute power and justice and 'the King of Norway! Without the choice of the King you can not accomplish. and 'the King of Norway who choose to put.

  • Diversityforwhat?

    A torchlight rally? Yeah, that is going to make everything alright.

    The leftistes should move to China and Korea, protest racial prejudice against the Japanese back in 37-45.
    They should travel to India and tell the Hindus that Ghandi was a redneck, bigots and a racist to reject British rule.
    They should go to Vietnam and tell the Vietnamese the fight against the US occupiers was hatefull.
    They should go to Russia and tell the Russian veterans of WW2 that violence wasn´t the answer to operation Barbarossa and German immigration.
    They should tell Serbians that Kosovo belongs to everyone and go to Cuba, announce that every decisions taken by their governement should be decided in Washington, because globalism makes national soveregnity outdated.
    Tell the american natives they would never have been treated bad if they had only embraced the colonists and should have simply given up their old way of life for alcohol and jobs cleansing latrines.

    • autores

      in the U.S.A. (America) turn their weapons.

  • curmudgeon

    a message to norwegians. expel your muslims while you still can, which wont be much longer. fail, and you die. and no, i dont mean islamists, or violent jihadis, or muslim rapists, or muslim extremists. muslims. all of them. expel them, or you die. expel them, and you will be attacked by liberal windbags and muslims in other countries, but you will live.

    • autores

      I think that after the Norwegian Kingdom of Norway and the regime will be 'expelled from Norway, thanks to the significant unit' of the Norwegian people with Islamists, the Islamists will be very happy to leave Norway but considering 'that the money will give them' just the King of Norway who will return to the Islamists in his own state, however.

  • autores

    not 'too large but then it is assumed that the person will respond to my proposal to expand Islam in Norway, Norwegian, and of which' the will 'of the King respond?

  • autores

    With regard to Norway and do not blame 'policy, but the King of Norway. And 'the judicial power of the King but not policy your account. I love incidentally also be remembered that there is a difference 'from England to Norway and for which' England in Norway to send the Arabs who have not converted, and it 'the King of Norway to accept the non-conversion.

  • autores

    I think that after the Norwegian Kingdom of Norway and the regime will be 'expelled from Norway, thanks to the significant unit' of the Norwegian people with Islamists, the Islamists will be very happy to leave Norway but considering 'that the money will give them' just the King of Norway who will return to the Islamists in his own state, however.

    • curmudgeon

      are you writing in code?