Netherlands Sliding into the Abyss

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In a new interview in the Dutch magazine Panorama, Geert Wilders talks about a variety of things, including his forthcoming book about Islam, which will be published in the U.S. in April.  In it, he says, he’ll document the fact that “Islam is a dangerous ideology” and that “Muhammed really is one of the big bad guys” of history, whose negative influence continues to be felt today.  Yes, Wilders acknowledges, there are genuinely moderate people who call themselves Muslims, and if they want to call themselves Muslims that’s fine with him – but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

What, asks the interviewer, is his great fear?  Answer: that “if we don’t put an end to Islamization, it will slowly but surely insinuate itself into our society, at the cost of our freedom.  And bit by bit things will go the wrong way.  That’s why I’m extending this warning.  Otherwise someday our children and grandchildren won’t have freedom any more.”  To which the interviewer replies: “And if people say: come on, Geert, it’s not really so bad, is it?…What do you say then?”  “I say: it’s worse than you think.”

It’s hard to believe that in the year 2011 there exist Dutchmen – outside of the perennially clueless cultural elite, that is – who are still able to believe that things aren’t “really so bad.”  But, alas, there are.  There are.

To be sure, thanks largely to pressure from Wilders and his Freedom Party, the last few years have seen reforms in Dutch immigration and integration policies.  But has it been too little, too late?   For the unfortunate fact is that one set of indicators after another continues to head south.  Take a new report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and produced by Risbo, a research institute at Erasmus University.  It shows that of males in the Netherlands’ “Moroccan community” between the ages of 12 and 24, no fewer than 38.7 percent have come to the attention of the police at least once during the last five years in connection with some offense – mostly violent crimes and thefts.

The winner in this dubious sweepstakes is the historic city of Den Bosch, about fifty miles south of Amsterdam.  In Den Bosch, just under half of young Moroccan males between 12 and 24 – 47.7 percent, to be exact – have police records.  (That’s up from 45 percent last year.)  In a long list of other cities – Zeist, Gouda, Veenendaal, Amersfoort, Maassluis, Oosterhout, Schiedam, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Ede, Leiden, and The Hague – the figure also topped 40 percent.  In every municipality that was studied, incidentally, the scores for Moroccan youths far outstripped those for ethnic Dutch kids, among whom an average of 13 percent of boys in the same age cohort had come in for similar police attention during the same period.

One person who knows a good deal about the Dutch Moroccan youth milieu is filmmaker Roy Dames, who spent eight years – imagine! – working on Mocros, a documentary about young Moroccans in Rotterdam.  (The film opened on November 10 in Amsterdam and Nijmegen, and will be aired on Dutch TV early next year.)  In an interview with the Dutch edition of Metro, Dames, whose previous work includes documentaries about criminals, prostitutes, alcoholics, and homeless people, says that he “wanted to make a documentary about the Moroccan boys in the street, the street kids that you see everywhere.  In 2002, when I started Mocros, Moroccan boys had a poor image. They still do.  Many Moroccan boys are kicked out of school, cause trouble in the streets, and are in danger of leading a life of crime.”

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  • crackerjack

    Pim Fortyn was murderd by a deranged Dutch animal activist. Wilders was fully acquitted of all charges. Hirsi Ali was an illegal immigrant who lied to the Dutch authorities about her status.

    I fail to see how these cases support the notion of a cover up concerning the islamization of Holland.

    And compared to the violence and homocide in US ghettoes, Dames portrayal of Dutch immigrant ghettoes seem more like a kindergarten affair.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      And was Theo van Gogh murdered by a deranged animal activist? Why did you leave him out of your assertion?

    • Cynic

      In court at his trial, van der Graaf said he murdered Fortuyn to stop him from exploiting Muslims as “scapegoats” and targeting “the weak members of society” in seeking political power

    • Peter

      Many bloggers have been arrested, harassed and threatened by our own Dutch Government as well. Fraudulous scientific reports have been released claiming followers of Wilders are mentally deranged and it was even shown uncontested on Dutch media, Wilders party is constantly described as racist and Nazi, and the list goes on.

      The hatred and xenophobia of immigrants is never debated or exposed, and the last 20 years, while it was clear crime was for over 70% in hands of foreigners, such information has been held from the public.

  • Abigail

    Having written an entire book on this subject and what it portends for America I would like to agree with Bawer, but he falls short on one crucial point: the dutch press is probably the most honest about the problems and undercurrents of radical Islam of all the Western media. While not perfect, it far outreports and outinvestigates the American press… Which is whyAmericans say "it's not a problem here." If there really is anyone in the Netherlands who says that, he has not picked up a newspaper or watched a news broadcast since2001 . (And the makeup of the current Dutch government reflects that.).

    As for "crackerjack" … You have conveniently rewritten history, but that's ok.

    Sorry for typos… On an ipad.

    • Peter

      Your completely wrong on the Dutch press, we only have far left wing media who attempt to dissinform the Dutch people on the nature of Islam. Denmark is the only lightbulb in Europe and probably the only nation with a somewhat diverse media.

      Open up a newspaper and you will see how Geert Wilders is ruining our country and attacking our innocent Muslims. We have the most stalinistic form of censorship in Europe. You got to be kidding me, if i watch Fox or the Sun in Canada, i have never in my life seen such honesty about Islam in the Netherlands, unless it accompanies the word racist or Islamophobe.

  • Amused

    The population of the US is 326 million / the Netherlands is 16.5 million with roughly 8% percent being muslims of various national origins .Hirsi Ali did not lie about threats to her life ,and Wilders acquittal came only after international outcry from te EU ,the bjudges were shamed into not pursuing their objective , which was to stifle free speech in regards to criticism of islam based on their own Q'uran .

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Before, and for a few years after, the 2nd World war, Europe, and in this case,
    the Netherlands there was a widespread unemployment.The socialists promised
    jobs – houses and better living conditions for the working class and an end
    to the excesses of capitalism. Also the comunist party gained much support.
    Everything what tended to rightwing ideas were merciless silenced by the Dutch
    socialist party. Very slowly the socialist gained monopolies in all levels of society.
    That is the situation in the Netherlands today. Radio – teevision networks all
    kinds of social organizations you name it is run by the left. They adore the islam
    and the palestinians in particular and are hatefull towards Israel. The freedom
    party of Geert Wilders is at the moment the second biggest political party
    in the Netherlands but is still withheld from political participation.The fear for the
    right is that deeply rooted that they use a cordon sanitair to keep them from
    active participation while a great part of the Dutch voters choose the freedom
    party. We have to free us first from the fear from right-wing ideology as being
    facist association. Only then can we face the Bat Yeor fear of Eurabia and do
    something about it before it is to late.It is five minutes to twelve I think.

    • Alpcns

      You are hitting the nail on the head, Sir. In many ways, it's even worse. Thanks for telling the truth. The Netherlands is almost completely lost. I know, I'm Dutch, and, thank God, no longer living in that country.

      • George Romero

        Do not fear Alpcns & ze-ev ben , England-Canada-Australia-New Zealand and the USA is waking up , the time is now Five Minutes and 30 seconds to twelve.

        • aspacia

          Yes, some very tolerant, liberal leaning are reevaluating their tolerance of the intolerant and understand where it will lead.

    • Reggie von Zugbach

      With regards to the left's domination of the media, the Netherlands is not alone. The same is true in the UK where our state TV and wireless are totally in the hands of the left.

  • Adrian

    I find it interesting that many people think America is somehow immune and only Europe is really afflicted by problems caused by Muslims.

    I'm glad that 9/11, Fort Hood and the hundreds of other failed plots were just figments of the imagination….

    I'm sure that the report "Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court Cases'' which found sharia law has been used in US courts was just made up….

    The numerous honor killings, forced marriages and acts of gender segregation like at Columbia recently committed by Muslims in America weren't so bad….

    Shows promoting proselytization such as All-American Muslim aren't really that bad….

    Or that tens of thousands of Americans, particularly Latinas are now converting to Islam each year aren't something to be concerned about…

    The only reason the Muslim problem isn't as bad in the US is because of the smaller Muslim population.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    If Europe falls, America will be in dire straights. Our Immigration policies open the door for Muslims of all sorts. Maybe there are a few Muslims who dream of changes in Muslim teachings but they are few and far between. Most Muslims follow exactly the Koran and whether taken out of context or not, the Koran teaches world domination. Most Muslims are hard at work, having children and financing Islamists that are busy trying to destroy freedom loving countries everywhere. Just read, the news or the Koran it all points to one thing. Kill the non-Muslims, intimidate them and subject them to third class status. Steal their wealth and subject their women to prostitution status. Anyone who will not stand up to them and proclaim the truth is a traitor.

    • abigail

      That's actually not true. The majority of American Muslims are not extremist. But the problem is that this is the aspect that the American media and pundits focus on, ignoring the fact that the minority who are pose a very real and significant danger. That minority is growing, but even were it not, even were it one percent (and it's more) of the entire American Muslim population, it represents literally thousands of people. That Americans continue to ignore this fact is frightening. Look what only one man did in Fort Hood. Look what only 19 men did in New York City.

      And the "moderate" Muslims — with the courageous exception of Zuhdi Jasser — stay silent.

    • aspacia

      This site revolves around illegal and legal immigration and is actively promoting e-verify and the hardening of our borders for economic and health reasons. TB is making a comeback in my land.

  • Dispozadaburka

    New World Order needs a New World Religion.

  • bobmaram

    I am an American Jew living in The Hague in The Netherlands. I have conservative views concerning many cultural and political issues among them a belief in a strong Jewish Israel and I do get angry when kind and intelligent muslims do not speak loudly against the excesses espoused by extreme Islamists. But I do not believe that the inflamatory rhetoric and positions of Geert Wilders would lead us to a healthier society but rather I believe that it would lead to a xenophobic know nothing mentality heading towards a chaotic abyss where there is no hope. We should remember the 1930s in Germany when conservatives thought they could control the new leader but they were so wrong. Utterances of Wilders, LePen and the BNP in England can have dire consequences!_The tragedy in Norway caused by a murderous lunatic obviously should not be considered the direct responsibility of Geert Wilders but let us not forget that it was the words and views of Mr Wilders that lead this deranged maniac to view this member of the Dutch government as a sort of fascist folk hero._Furthermore, in regards to Islam I have an affinity and an affection for the Islam practised by the Ahmadiyya muslims and I continue to believe that there must be hope for without hope there can only be chaos._Bob Maram

    • StephenD

      I don't believe you. I think you are a liar. To suggest you are a Jew and yet you hold an "affinity and affection" for a certain sect of Islam is incongruent within itself. Islam sees Jews as the offspring of Apes and Pigs and you have an affinity for it? You are either a liar or a fool. But you are articulate so I tend toward your being a liar.

      "Utterances of Wilders, LePen and the BNP in England can have dire consequences!"

      Here it is, the call for self censorship. If the cost of security is to give up your freedoms you will find (as Ben Franklin has said) that you end up with neither.

      Since when can an Utterance be the CAUSE of any action? Those that respond violently to something they hear are responsible NOT the person making the utterance.

      I take it back, you're not just a liar you really are also a fool.

      • Bill

        Well spoken!

        • bobmaram

          thank you bill. bob maram

      • Al Dente

        That's the first thing that I thought, too….the whole entry is totally bogus.

    • Cynic

      Why get angry when “kind and intelligent Muslims” don’t endanger their lives by speaking out against the extremists.
      They are all residents in the same community so are under scrutiny all the time as the extremists are policing their society for political and religious wavering.

    • Soylent Green

      So, have you already picked out your 'ghetto' apartment? If you haven't, you might want to consider one with an insulated crawl space in the attic.

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      You are a flaming fool! It will only gain you a few paces back in the beheading line.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      You have an 'affinity and an affection for the Islam practised by the Ahmadiyya muslims?" You are truly insane. The Ahmadiyya muslims recently tried to buy some land in a very small town(about 5000 population), not too far from this locality, They wanted to build a huge mosque with parking spaces for 10000 cars. They would have done so, but for the fact that a local zoning ordinance blocked their efforts. During the hearing, the local Imam spent 45 minutes singing the praises of Islam and the mosque.
      The town council president then asked him, "What's in it for the townspeople?" The Imam was suddenly silent–he had no answer for about 30 seconds. He then stammered, "Diversity." Thankfully the project was defeated; as this mosque would have torn this town apart. And I believe this was the Ahmadiyya Muslims' intent.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I do get angry when kind and intelligent muslims do not speak loudly against the excesses espoused by extreme Islamists.

      That's because in Islam ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS are jihadists. A few of them are violent jihadists, while most of them are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists, and the ones that are not jihadists are not Muslims at all but blasphemous apostates instead that per the dictates of Islam should be executed.

      In reality there is no such thing as Islamist, extremist, radical, and moderate Muslims, as that is a false dichotomy and a false PC multicultural myth. Indeed, just because a Muslim is non-violent it doesn't mean that Muslim is a moderate, as non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad relative to violent jihad takes place astronomically far more prevalently. However, because violent jihad is always conflated and morally equated with terrorism, which as its name implies is always violent, the many varieties of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad takes place today totally unacknowledged and unopposed.

      But I do not believe that the inflamatory rhetoric and positions of Geert Wilders would lead us to a healthier society but rather I believe that it would lead to a xenophobic know nothing mentality heading towards a chaotic abyss where there is no hope.

      And the reason you believe such nonsense is because you have been rendered blind, delusional, mentally incompetent, and a useful idiot via the ravages of PC multiculturalism. Geert Wilders rhetoric is not inflammatory; it's the truth. Irrefutably proving at the same time that you are more than a just little unhinged and delusional.

    • waterwillows

      If you are a Jew, which I doubt; then you are a very weird one.

      What part of the Lord telling us that HE can not wash these people clean, do you not understand?
      If the Almighty can not wash these people clean, tell me; what makes you think that you can? Do you think yourself superior to the Most High?

    • teq

      You may or may not be an American Jew living in the Hague but you are sure not a conservative. The reason I know that is because you've said things that no true modern conservative would say. You have linked Hitler with conservatives when it has been firmly established by Jonathan Goldberg that Hitler was a liberal who was supported by liberals and leftists. You've lumped Geert Wilders in with groups suspected of racism like the BNP. You plainly don't see the world from a conservative perspective. This makes you an enemy.

    • effemall

      Your naivete brings tears to my eyes. You are a replica of the Jews of Germany who ignored Hitler and his henchmen until he marched them to the gas ovens. I knew an Englishman who worked for a company in London which was owned by Jews. In the late thirties when sensible Jews wouldn't dare visit Germany, my friend's employers sent him to Germany to bring out their relatives. To his shock they refused to go. "But we are Germans," they said. And eventually they perished.

    • garretso

      I have an affinity for the Bahá'í Faith – People who broke from islam in 1844 (and are mercilessly persecuted in muslim countries to this day).

    • poetcomic1

      You are an Ahmadiyya Muslim and a fool to try your cheap whore's tricks on this savvy bunch!

    • aspacia

      Similar to the Nazis, who are socialists, many Muslims will and are targeting all nonMuslims, and have a special place of hatred for Jews. You are right, this is similar to the 1930s again, and I fear that there will be another attempted Holocaust/Shoah against Jews. Frankly, I am surprised at your naivete. Do you read ME media and the continued calls and justifications to murder Jews? Jews have been driven from most ME lands. Most ME governments call for annihilation of Israel and all Jews claiming that they want all Jews to gather in Israel to better murder all of them and win a place in Allah's paradise.

      You live in the Hague, an ivory tower bubble; how often do you mix with the general population and walk into Muslim ghettos wearing a yarmulke? I bet you would not dare.

      The Ahmadiyya are often butchered in the ME and targeted in the West as heretical Muslims.

    • Carax

      Ahmadiyya Isalm? Like all other religious sects they claim to have the ultimate truth. If you are that Naive, I wish you luck.

  • jacob

    As to the Second Ammendment of the Constitution :

    I just learned that a corporation owned by GEORGE SOROS has been quietly
    buying out gun manufacturing companies and if so, then he will be able to
    control sales of new guns and the DEMOCRAPS and OBAMA will achieve their
    goal of somehow disarming as much as possibl, the American people….

    • aspacia

      What is/are your souce/s?

  • Cynic

    Given this,

    ” he laments, because “the Dutch press is politically correct” ”

    I hope you know that Duke University chose as the most appropriate definition for Political Correctness


    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of s**t by the clean end.”

    • StephenD

      LOL This is perfect! I'm going to share this as often as I can. Thanks for posting it.

  • mrbean

    Warch this video on Muslim Demogrphics:

  • waterwillows

    PC is a doctrine, fostered by the gospel according to the secualr left.

    The MSM follows this doctrine faithfully. Victory through deceit is the motto. Now couple that with victory through terror and we can see a belief recipe for disaster.

  • mo

    Bob thank-you for your support! We great Muslims will destroy every piece of art in your museums of evil. We will rape and kill all who are not devout Muslim, we will rule the world and destroy all technology you fools have created. Hahaha!

    • 13Sisters76

      Is this post a joke? If not, then allow me to introduce you to a couple of facts…We here, in America, are watching you more closely than you think. We are an accepting and patient culture, and very slow to rile. However, if you DO awaken this great, big, American giant, you will have your hands full. "Rape and kill"? Have you heard of our Second Amendment? You may well intimidate the fools who imagine themselves our "cultural leaders", but the majority of us care very little what they think and should you wander too far afield of their "protections" it gets ugly. Here's a clue: you learned nothing about Americans from the passengers of flight 93, which is really too bad for you. Given the right information, we Americans will take your little plane to the GROUND. Get it? It's called "American exceptionalism".

      • effemall

        Of course he was joking but I was happy to read your comment because it reassures me that someone does think as I do. Americans have lost much of the gumption of their forefathers. But people are people and once pushed too far they will react. I hope I'll still be around when that happens..

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Yes, Wilders acknowledges, there are genuinely moderate people who call themselves Muslims, and if they want to call themselves Muslims that’s fine with him – but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

    No matter what those moderate people may call themselves, in the eyes of ALL DEVOUT MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS they are blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam should be executed. Of course, he is right about Islam, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

  • Anti-muslim

    You should've realized by now that people like Geert Wilders are strong supporters of Israel and of the jewish people and NOT their enemies. The "antifascist" left-wingers on the other hand are those who hate jews and Israel because they are "offending" their muslim masters. They are those who support a 2 state solution in favour of Palestine. Think about it!

  • LindaRivera

    In response to comment by mrbean,

    Muslim demographics (Europe, USA, Scandinavia)

    Would all you Europeans, Americans, Brits, Israelis, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.
    be patriotic. PROTECT Western civilization, protect future non-Muslims. Please
    get busy and HAVE LOTS OF CHILDREN. We must prevent terrible suffering and hell on earth for future generations. We cannot let them down!

  • LindaRivera

    Please see comment by mrbean. Watch the video!

    My comment got eliminated when I gave the video link. I don't know why!

    To Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians, etc, PROTECT WESTERN CIVILIZATION! Protect, justice, freedom and human rights! Protect future generations from terrible suffering and hell on earth:


  • Grenadier

    Orwell was an optimist. We decadent, PC westerners seem destined to loose our freedom to
    to Islam. If the 12th or 13th (whatever) Imam, crawls out of the the well, will he establish an Islamic new world order? Will he become an Islamic Big Brother? Like Winston Smith will we all learn to love Big Brother?

  • Flipside

    Bruce Bawer fled the United States in search of a gay utopia. Now Holland isn’t good enough either. Is there a nation anywhere that is good enough to host this modern day Kasparov?

    • Vivi Andersen


      Why are You so ugly-speaking ?

      • Flipside

        I’m not the serial expatriate that’s out to abolish various world religions.

  • LindaRivera

    Sweden is being destroyed. A low intensity civil war has already started.

    When you click on the above link, the following is from the heartbreaking caption underneath:

    Sweden has imploded and there is nothing we can do about it until the next election. The crime and violence is out of control braking European records and the police resources are being cut back.

    There is a low level civil war ongoing that is affecting hundreds of communities. All of them have a large number of recent immigrants that came from north africa, arab and muslim countries. Most of them them have no understanding or tolerance for western cultures.

    Most of them have no basic understanding of local rules, traditions or culture cannot read or write, have never seen or used a bicycle, elevator, or thrashshute. In addition to this they have paid a large sum of money to be smuggled into sweden and be able to live on the social welfare system.

    The social system is collapsing under the pressures from the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that like a tsunami flooded our country in only 20 years. The effect is noticed in every part of the country, crime and the fear of violent crime is present everywhere. Social services are reduced and slipping away as asylumseekers get the best service before the swedes. The welfare offices are delaying all payments for weeks and months since they run out of cash.

    Swedes are no longer tolerating the disaster that our politicians have forced upon us. The fastest growing political parties are those who want to end the insane policies of radical extremist massimmigration that ultimately in the very near future will result in swedes becoming a minority.

    An example of the disaster is Trollhättan, Kronogården. Klockaregården is a carehome for elderly. Its surrounded by armed violent immigrant gangs, they shoot at the home, caregivers and elderly fear for their life but nobody will help them.

    Read political bloggers writing about the crisis:

    • pennswoods

      Europeans begged for their cultural and ethnic suicide. I remember an era not that long ago when Europeans sneered at America for the high crime rates in our ciites. Now they face the same problems as well as their eventual surrender to Islam by massive immigration and I say GOOD FOR YOU. When Islamic Law of Sharia dominates your countries don't look to the USA as a place to find refuge as you did in the past. Europe can go to hell as far as i am concerned.

  • tekow

    In the olden times, openly Nazi were secretly homosexual. These days, it has become fashionable for openly gay to be crypto fascists.

  • BS77

    amazing to watch the European nations just shrug and give up sovereignty, security and their own national culture in exchange for the liberal PC agenda….open immigration, polyglot linguistic chaos, cultural anarchy and a "what can you do?" hopelessness in regard to violence. Very sad situation. Why is this happening?

    • pennswoods

      No, it's what HAS happened. Europeans, because of some sort of weird concept of "self loathing" over their colonial past, the Nazi era, and prosperity since WW II they have welcomed their cultural and ethnic suicide by inviting the 3rd world into their nations. They imagine that if they become truly multi-cultural societies they can teach the world (especially those racist Americans) the true meaning of "tolerance". What they have created is the foundation for the ending of Western Civilization in it's own home: Europe.

  • joy52

    Other issues inAmerican politics over the last fifty years that change (there are lots) for example, have included making possession of marijuana a misdemeaner, Roe v. Wade, and the anti-war mvt. of the 60s. All three came about when young people, children of members of Congress and the media were affected, personally impacting mambers and media.
    There has to be some impact. Terrorist acts have had an impact. ME going backwards, O dithering on Iran, N. Korean, and China, and trying to delude the American people about islam are having an impact. Europe will have an impact on us. CAIR is misunderstanding the civil rights mvt. Americans will not submit.

  • Freedomrider

    MO, you and your ilk moslems are not even worthy enough to tie the shoe of a Jew.

  • bobmaram

    i believe that in a civil society there is room and an essential need for healthy debate. this debate should not descend to the level of personal attacks. calling me a liar, a fool, blind, enemy and naive goes beyond the pale of civil discourse. fellow conservatives such as george w. bush, colin powell, condelessa rice, rudy guliani and john mccain who i suspectmany associated with front page magazine would not consider real conservatives wouldnever stoop to such a level of personal hate and vindictiveness. i doubt that i will ever contribute another comment to front page magazine. this will probably please most of you but it saddens me. bob maram

    • waterwillows

      You will find none to prop up your viewpoint, except the delusional. Those who are too afraid of reality to even speak the truth.

      Actually Bob, you are better off here on FrontPage. We deal in the facts and that is the tried and true method for achieving.

    • aspacia

      Now for Flipped, cracked and Little Cain to leave FP too.

  • Amused

    I will call you misguided bobmaram .Your view is idealistic , but in face of the reality of muslim behavior in the Netherlands , you are the one who is irrational . Did Wilders speak a lie ? Was his estimations wrong ?
    What should "sadden " you , is to witness one of the freest societies in Europe , become so stifled that an accurate description of behavior towards women and non-muslims in general , becomes a government sponsored taboo , even to the point of judicial prosecution . Forgewt Bush Rice et al . this hasn't got a thing to do with them , but everything to do with oservations of a group , a cult in fact , that is anti-thetical to human rights , considers itself immune tob he laws of their host country , and will in the end kill those who violate their "moral rules " .
    I've been to Amsterdam , Rotterdam several times , and I think you've been spending too much time in the " cafes " .

  • Lightning Jack

    You do not improve the condition of the Arab (Third) World by importing its poverty, illiteracy, or its unchanging cultural/ tribal radicalism. Observe the numerous cultural-demographic problems now surfacing in many European states between immigrant Muslim and host populations over non-assimilation/ cultural issues.

    Why should Third World autocratic tyrants care about improving even the basic human conditions of their people when they can export the illiterate, the impoverished, the radical extremists and common criminals to the gullible, nonjudgmental West?


    It's either nuclear weapons or islam. We have to choose. Without nuclear weapons islam will never be wiped out …and by wiped out i mean WIPED OUT !!! Only AFTER islam is WIPED OUT can we even think of a nuclear weapon free world. Look around you at these monkeys … can't you see where they are taking us as a species ? islam is leading the planet to a non- stop blood bath …slowly and surely …and without nuclear weapons islam's march will never be stopped.


    Someone has to start bombing the monkeys sometime …. i have a feeling that China will be the first to bite back on islam's arse. …. then free for all….. we live in interesting times…. our generation will see the death of islam….but how it will happen will be worth watching. Intelligence has a way of waking up and crushing the moronic , however vicious and barbaric. The thing to actually wonder is how Mecca and Medina will be pulverised. How will we do it ? And which year? That will be the exact beginning of a new era of peace.
    i have a feeling somewhere around some table some people in high and right places are looking at this solution. And i have a feeling they compromise a lot of different people from all over the globe. Intelligence is Good. Intelligence is Cool. islam is neither. Hence islam will literally dissolve. Without mecca and medina there is no islam. Period.
    After islam is Irradicated we can think about nuclear disarmamment and all things peacefull and noble. Till then we have to wait . We have to. There is no option. Muslims want us all dead and we want to live…. got any brighter ideas?
    Cheers !!

  • Alexander Gofen

    Frankly, I do not understand why you assume as though the islamization of Eurabia has gone much farther than here in the US. With more space and liberties, we have also more islamic "features": From shooting ranges and paramilitary camps to islamic cities like Dearborn, to thousands of mosques, to Islamized universities, to Islamized military, to dhimmitude at all levels of the government, to Islamic resident in the White House…

    Yet I would never make any claims as to who is a goner when the war is still in progress.

    While we still have people ready to fight against Islam (here or in Eurabia) we believe in our victory, period. To make the victory nearer, burn and shred korans now… Routinely… No Moslem must feel comfortable in America.

  • Adrian

    I think you are basing that assumption that 'Europe's a goner' off the belief that once the Muslim population reaches 10%, it becomes irreversible. That's not necessarily true. Israel's Muslim population is 16%, yet there is no prospect of a Muslim takeover there. The will of the host society to resist Muslims is critical. Even in the UK, the Muslim population is still only 5% of the total population. Europe could still easily reverse the situation, IF they had the will to do so. I think that is what is lacking. So I think Western Europe is a goner, if they let themselves be a goner.

  • Vivi Andersen

    Oh no, Sir, the people of Europe WILL FIGHT !

  • Carax

    Yup, Europe's a goner. Just like the U.S.

  • Whiteside

    1) NUMBERS: The US Muslim population is estimated to be between 1 and 2 percent of the population. In France, it is 9%. In much of the rest of Western Europe, it is 4 to 5%.

    The demographic stated are the results of the 1 – 2 child policy being inforced by Society. By the proper use of our resources we can overcome the threat. We must stop being selfish and stop hording. What good is it to save and lose your life?

  • KarshiKhanabad

    You may need to add:

    5) America has a Second Amendment and an armed citizenry whereas in Europe firearms possession is restricted to the point of nonexistence. Militant or criminal Islam is not widely practiced here, especially in the South where muslims see a gunwielding Christian fanatic behind the wheel of every pickup truck.

  • Loupdegarre

    I have noticed that the History and Discovery Channels are airing shows that will give the Ialamist second thoughts about messin' with the South:
    1. Son o Guns, Louisianna gun shop owner builds machine guns and cannons.
    2. Swamp People, people live deep in the swamp and hunt gators for a living.
    3. Moon Shiners, shiners mixing up shine that also could be used for fuel.
    There are some others but the message is pretty clear, "Come down here and try that sh#t and you're gator bait".

  • Bubba Gump

    and thankfully we can own guns…

  • jacob


    Who were the authors of the mayhem happening in several FRENCH cities,
    PARIS included, with GOD only knows how many cars were burned, homes
    attacked, business sacked, etc,. and the "authorities" dared not stop it by
    force ???

    Weren't they French Jews ???

  • Peter

    Abigail seems to not have a clue about Dutch media. Our entire Dutch media including newspapers can be compared to the American MSNBC. There is no diversity and newspapers spend entire pages demonizing Islam critics & appease Islam on every page.

  • abigail

    I think the whole premise that it's not getting any attention is, frankly, silly. Bawer specifically states that it opened to the public (hello? Public. Opened. Is being seen.) less than a week before Bawer actually even wrote this piece, and that it will be aired on TV. To make these statements and then say in the same breath that it's not getting attention makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • jacob

    ADRIAN :

    Wait until the next war looming in the horizon starts and then you will see
    in action the FIFTH COLUMN these 16% ARAB ISRAELIS constitute….

    Their Parliament representatives have the audacity of backing personally
    the "flotillas" and the stupid Israelis are still trying to decide whether to
    kick them out….

  • Questions

    Perhaps Wilders should take a cue from the BNP and get racial. Islamic radicalism — which is to say virtually all of Islam — is very much connected to racial identity. The Dutch, by the way, are very attractive people. Arabs generally aren't.

    As for "young Moroccans," they already have a country of their own. It's called Morocco.

  • abigail

    Peter, I have plenty of clues about the Dutch media. That is simply wrong. I don't know what you read, but the Volkskrant, for instance, has been particularly strong in exposing the "women of the hofstadgroep," as they called it, through the investigative work of Janny Groen and others. Elsevier – and Afshin Ellian in particular — has been loudly supportive of people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her time, and denounced every effort on the part of Muslims to Islamize the country. When Murat shot and killed his teacher, every newspaper in the country pointed to his background. As a journalist who specifically covers this issue and — again — has written an entire book about it, I read more newspapers per day than most normal people (!), and I assure you I am well aware of the Dutch media. Try spending a week reading Trouw, or Elsevier, or the AD. And then notice, in turn, the lack of any coverage of any of these issues in America.

  • abigail

    What do the French Muslim riots have to do with the Dutch press? And you are aware, aren't you, that the American press specifically did NOT refer to the rioters as Muslim, that even Fox, which is largely owned by Alwaleed, retracted its reference to Muslims in its coverage of the events? So I'm not sure what your point is.