The Poison of Multiculturalism

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If you want a pretty good example of just why multiculturalism is so poisonous, here’s one for you.

I live in Norway.  Here, as elsewhere in Europe, there reside innumerable immigrants from the Muslim world who despise Western values, reject sexual equality, and affirm primitive patriarchal codes and concepts of “honor” that condemn people (mostly females) to death for infractions that neither you nor I would even recognize as infractions.  Nonetheless these individuals enjoy Norwegian residency, and in some cases Norwegian citizenship, which some of them were granted because they claimed asylum (most likely on specious grounds, as demonstrated by the fact that many, if not most, of them return regularly to the countries from which they supposedly “fled”), and which others were granted because they married Norwegian residents (usually their own cousins, whom they married for no other reason than to acquire Western residency).

Every now and then there come along people from the Muslim world who are legitimate asylum-seekers – people who really would be in danger if they returned to their homelands, people to whom Western countries should feel a moral obligation to grant residency, and people from whose presence those countries would actually benefit, precisely because they’re people who will appreciate freedom more than most of the rest of us do.  To put it another way, they’re the kind of immigrants who, generation by generation, have renewed the American spirit and the American dream by reminding those of us whose ancestors preceded them just how precious a thing freedom is.

Meet “Azad.”  He’s a gay Iraqi who, according to an article at the website of NRK, the Norwegian national broadcasting system, has been in a committed relationship since 2006 with somebody named Odd Arne Henriksen.  (I don’t know either of these guys, though my partner, after looking at the picture of the two of them that accompanies the article, says he’s seen Henriksen around town a number of times. Oslo is a pretty small city.)

For years, apparently, “Azad”  has lived in Norway without causing any problems or being a burden on the state.  But now an appellate court has ordered that he be deported to Iraq.  If he goes back there, he says, “my clan will kill me.” Indeed, the court recognizes that if it becomes known in Iraq that “Azad” is gay, he risks “exclusion, isolation, and physical punishment.” (In fact, he risks much worse.)  Nonetheless the court has ruled that “Azad,” in the words of NRK’s report, “must comply with his homeland’s sociocultural norms.”

Let me repeat that: he “must comply with his homeland’s sociocultural norms.”

Forget freedom.  Forget Norway’s sociocultural norms.  Forget the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  In making a decision that for “Azad” may mean the difference between life and death, what matters to an appellate court in Norway – a Western European country, a member of NATO – is “his homeland’s sociocultural norms”…however brutal and primitive those “norms” may be. NRK notes that “Azad” is far from alone.  In the past two years, Norway has turned down no fewer than forty of fifty-two gay asylum seekers.  The records of many other Western countries are not much better.

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  • waterwillows

    So now in the way of the 'improved mulit-culturalism' we are expected to not only accept muslims and their backward ways, but also take on their gay problems?

    Is a gay muslim less backward than a heterosexual one? I think not.

  • mrbean

    Multiculturalism is not really about choosing non-Western clothes if you like, or listening to World-beat music, or about rejecting racism. That is individualism. Multiculturalism is an anti-intellectual movement that promotes tribalism and a group-think to cure racism, denies truth to avoid facing facts, and rejects human rights and morality in the name of humanity.

  • Malcolm

    Of course, it needs to be pointed out that, if Azad goes home, he doesn't need to get involved in homosexual activity. He can simply practise the chastity expected of every unmarried person.

  • pennswoods

    I have absolutely no sympathy for this writer or anyone in Scandinavia these days. Especially when they whine about their new Muslim neighbors. They brought this cultural catastrophe upon themselves and it means the destruction of their societies, as they existed until recently, within the life time of chidlren living today. They just couldn't be happy with their once homogeneous countries and small populations along with their own traditions and way of life and high standard of living. They destroyed themsleves by cultural suicide and they did it with glee.

    • ziontruth

      "They brought this cultural catastrophe upon themselves…"

      So swift to this conclusion? So sure the leadership reflects the will of the people?

      What if the leadership, like the mainstream media, thinks differently from the people, and doesn't even ask the people what their opinion is?

      Far-fetched? It isn't at all. In my country, Israel, there's a mainstream media and quite a few politicians who still dare to call for concessions of land to the Arabs, even though that option has been out of favor with the majority of the Israeli Jewish public ever since the Gaza Debacle of August 2005 (expulsion of all the Jews of the Gaza region followed, not by peace but by intensified rocket fire).

      If anything, in Scandinavia the situation must be far worse than Israel's—for Israeli Jews have just the stupidity of their own leaders and media to contend with, while the Scandinavians must additionally deal with unelected dictation from above, from the European Union.

      Scandinavia, Israel, America, India—all under the assault of Marxist treason. The enemy within is far more dangerous than the invader from the outside. A city can withstand years of siege if well-prepared, but not a single traitor who opens a wicket gate to the invading hosts.

      • myohmy

        you are right. If the people of Norway, or anywhere else want to preserve their culture, freedom and traditional values they better get off their asses and elect leaders who will reject this multiculturalism and liberal or progressive agenda which is destroying their culture and legal system, indeed destroying even common sense which has been banned by these traitors within.

    • American Thinker

      And Muslim women want to be beaten.

      And there are no disenters in these countries. Again, we CANNOT lump all people together just because its easy for your simple brain.

      All Jews are not liberal either.

      • Blaze Pascal

        Muslim women also like to get acid thrown in their face. You just have to look at it through the right prisim, that's all. Don't worry, the Far Left has it all worked out.

  • Alexander Gofen

    This article exemplifies grotesque in several respects.

    Everybody are aware of dhimmitude of the West.

    Yet what Norway has displayed with their justice system is a grotesque dhimmitude. Not only had Norway admitted the islamic piranhas into their home. Norway prostrated even to enforces the piranha laws for the admiited piranhas, readily doing for the piranhas their vice-police work! Even Orwell could not invent this.

    However it is also grotesque to present this issue as though open homosexuality belonged to "Western values"!

    No, homosexuality is a vice and a sin exemplifying a decay of the "Western values" (no matter how many times the author uses the euphemism "gay" instead of homosexual). The real "Western values" are the Judeo-Christian civilization with its Science and Art, Mozart and Einstein.

    Alas, in a paroxysm of self-cannibalization, the West completely lost its bearing mixing the highest culmination of the spirit with its fall into darkness.

    • randy

      You forgot to mention how the christians murdered and enslaved the natives as they stole north america.

      • ontherocks23

        randy, thank you for your brilliant insight.

        But in case you didn't read the article, your statement has nothing to do with the subject at hand. What is described in Norway is happening RIGHT NOW, not 100+ years ago.

      • ziontruth

        Marxist traitor here shows a graphic example of the reason why the Marxists support Islam: They serve as proxy warriors and avengers against the hated Bible-believing capitalists.

        Often I had asked myself if the Marxist Left would endorse American Indian suicide bombers as it does the Arab ones (the Phakestinians). I had thought it was a purely theoretical question, there being no takers on the American Indian side. But then I realized it's not theoretical at all: As far as the Marxists are concerned, the Muslims do the job of revenge that the American Indians are unwilling or unable to do.

        The Marxists cheered the death of the "little Eichmanns" on 9/11—they saw it as the beginning of comeuppance for the Wild West, much as they see Muslim suicide-murders in Israel as payback for "Zionist colonialism." They are and always have been on the other side.

        As Israeli Jewish Knesset member Ofir Akunis just said: McCarthy was right.

      • tarleton

        yes , and those beutiful natives were living peacful lives in harmony with nature until the white man showed up …you sound like you're about 15

      • Blaze Pascal

        Listen here, dandy, the Muslim Empire destroyed more lives and cultures than we ever did. and they're still at it. Why don't you start a campaign against Islamic Imperialism erinstead? Is it because you're an anti-Christian bigot?

      • aspacia

        LOL, what colonist did not do this? The Aztecs murdered and enslaved their neighbors too, as did the Sioux, Mohicans, etc.

        Whites are nor worse than any other group.

      • Western Canadian

        And you, ‘randy’ (mohamad), forgot to mention that you are an ignorant jerk, with no valid notions of history, morality, or anything else. Shove it.

      • pennswoods

        This is 2011. If life was so wonderful before Columbus I don't see the Native Americans today giving up their myriad of government benefits, special privilidges, or their tax free billion dollar a year profits from the casinos built on their reservations and wanting to return to their post stone age cultures before 1492. The United States and Canada do their best to make up for past injustices against these native peoples. What I am waiting to hear from left wingers isa call for reparations and compensation for the few still alive of the tens of millions of victims of the mass murder and brutality of Communism in the last century and their descendants by Russia against it's own people and the peoples of the former slave states of the USSR in Eastern Europe.

  • Michael

    Australia is heading down the same UK/Scandinavia/ France path, the majority of illegal asylum /refugees are form Islamic Countries and many of them join the large Muslim community demonising Israel and Jews..

    Jake Lynch, Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at University of Sydney criticized his university for having any Forum based research discussions with Israelis. Lynch says’’ the forum is contrary to the University social inclusion policy , which requires it to reach out to students in western Sydney. He went on to say ‘’that most Muslim students live in the West and feel’a sense of resentment and alienation resulting from the predominance of Pro- Israel voices in Australia's political and media discourses’’

    [Jake Lynch is a member of the Sydney Peace Foundation that awarded peace prizes to Palestinian activists Hanan Ashrawi and left wing Anti- Zionist Chomsky ]


    The world's number 1 agenda today is the leveling and complete wipeout of Mecca and Medina and any other islamic city. Mecca and Medina are the 2 cities out of which nearly all the poison that is ruining our planet is oozing out from. Iran must be made to wipe out Saudi Arabia once and for all. A non-muslim is dangerous when he does NOT follow his faith._A Muslim is dangerous when he DOES follow his faith._ Islam is a non stop blood-bath invented by a pschopath and a pedophile and a mass murderer . Just because a death cult becomes too big does not mean it turns into a religion. It remains a death cult. Islam's death certificate is already signed and sealed. It just has to be delivered.

    • Ben Qurayzah

      Dr Music,

      Whilst I understand your perspective and can recognize the efficacy of your strategem, I wish to remind you that Yathrib (commonly known as Medina) remains Jewish property, and houses the remains of eight hundred members of my tribe beneath its market square.

      • davarino

        I think Mecca would suffice.


    It's either nuclear weapons or islam. We have to choose. Without nuclear weapons islam will never be wiped out …and by wiped out i mean WIPED OUT !!! Only AFTER islam is WIPED OUT can we even think of a nuclear weapon free world. Look around you at these monkeys … can't you see where they are taking us as a species ? islam is leading the planet to a non- stop blood bath …slowly and surely …and without nuclear weapons islam's march will never be stopped.
    Someone has to start bombing the monkeys sometime …. i have a feeling that China will be the first to bite back on islam's arse. …. then free for all….. we live in interesting times…. our generation will see the death of islam….but how it will happen will be worth watching. Intelligence has a way of waking up and crushing the moronic , however vicious and barbaric. The thing to actually wonder is how Mecca and Medina will be pulverised. How will we do it ? And which year? That will be the exact beginning of a new era of peace.

    • tarleton

      you must be some type of xian fundamentalist to write such things …you folks just creep me out


    i have a feeling somewhere around some table some people in high and right places are looking at this solution. And i have a feeling they compromise a lot of different people from all over the globe. Intelligence is Good. Intelligence is Cool. islam is neither. Hence islam will literally dissolve. Without mecca and medina there is no islam. Period.
    After islam is Irradicated we can think about nuclear disarmamment and all things peacefull and noble. Till then we have to wait . We have to. There is no option. Muslims want us all dead and we want to live…. got any brighter ideas?
    Cheers !!



    • aspacia

      And this includes Butterball!

  • meekee

    A non active homosexual can live quite peacefully in Islamic countries .. send the guy home to a chaste life! The article is yet another plea for gay orivileges!

    • Hamilton

      gay PRIVILEGES? WHAT privilieges? To exercise JUST LIKE YOU their sexuality? OR do you think GAYS and Lesbians should be forced to either MARRY A WOMAN/MAN to conform to your ideas of ´natural sexual behaviour´ and be miserable their whole life and making their wife unsatisfied for the remainder of her life and being told a lie? OR-second option: JUST BE CELIBATE! WHAT gives you the right even to think that is possible? GOD(if there is one), created me (a gay guy) just like you….AND NO, I was not molested, I have 2 sisters and one brother, my sister is also gay and the other two are heterosexual! NO one was treated differently nor I playeed with dolls or my sister played soccer! HOW about you become celibate? GFYourself

      • Malcolm

        What makes you think celibacy is impossible? Millions of people have practised it in the past – some because of a religious vow, others because of circumstances. I myself was not married until the age of 51, so I am not impressed by the contention that celibacy is impossible, or even difficult.

    • Hamilton

      I consider mysself a conservative, but with argument like yours NO WONDER liberals want to SHUT YOU UP and demonise you and call you a BIGOT!

    • Hamilton

      HOW dare you write on this blog with statements that I AM POSITIVE, Horowitz, Spencer, Glazov and many more would not endorse! I am not saying they FAVOR gay marriage, but that is a whole lot different then your position to someone with a same-sex orientation! OR DO you think I CHOSE to be gay, so that I could go through harassments like yours? Just like you DID not chose to be heterosexual I DID not chose to be homosexual! BUT I DID CHOSE to live my life just like you! I am a Brazilian married to a Canadian for 4 years and have a perfectly normal life just like evryone else. Fears, fights, financial distress, jealousy etc…all the ingredients that make the life of two people living together so wonderful are ALSO MINE!

      • aspacia

        Hamilton, I support gay rights, and fear Sharia Law. I also support the prochoice movement.

        I know you did not choose to be homosexual, who would considering the amount of vitriol and violence directed to gays.


        A Deist, feminist, goy, zionist:-)

  • davarino

    This world has been turned upside down. Its amazing what money can buy, like politicians. Our governments have gone mad.

  • Omar

    Gay commentors are always calling me Christian Taliban because I'm from Texas and I don't believe in gay marriage – but really, all I care about is whether the guy would be a transmitter and supporter of islam/shariah. If not, then let him come and may he live a full and peaceful life.

    • aspacia

      The problem is that even in a Domestic Contract, gays are denied the same benefits as those married. How do we fix this discrimination?

      I too share your fear/hostility to Sharia. Do not misunderstand, we have an arsenal, and I was slapped around by my liberal brother with nearly a decade on me. This stopped when I knocked him silly one night

      • Sath

        Too often all debate about this sort of thing is couched in words like "rights" and "discrimination". I think this is an issue that compounds the lack of communication in today's discourse.

        For example, with homosexuals, people talk about the "rights" of the people involved in the relationship. What about the rights of children to have both a mother and father? One hundred years ago, when parental mortality was high (especially for women during childbirth), losing a parent was considered something horrible, and fairy tales like Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel portrayed non-biological parents as a second-choice at best. As parental mortality decreased, people were happy that orphanages were being closed down in record numbers.

        Now people celebrate their rights to deliberately deny a child its parent. We celebrate the rights of single mothers, homosexual couples, and divorcees. Nobody mentions the rights of the child.

        The second disturbing thing to me is how much of western morality centers around thought crime of a sort. People who criticize homosexuality, zionism, or disparities between ethnicities are decried as "homophobes", "anti-semites", or "racists". This tactic is sometimes used to shut down legitimate criticism or debate, but is now being codified into official state opinion and public law/morality. Several countries now outlaw comments of an increasingly nebulous nature – beginning with holocaust denial/skepticism and becoming more generalized (ie. Mark Steyn in Canada, criticizing the Islamification of Europe). Nobody ever condemns actual action – frivolous lawsuits, whimsical divorce, using people and then discarding them, abusing welfare, single motherhood, bad lifestyles, etc… In fact, the overarching moral principle of the west is "Don't Judge". Thus opinions and thoughts that are in dissent with the state are reviled anathema, while immoral actions are permissible. Is it any surprise that society has become less moral?

        Now everything must take into account discrimination. We have the military worried about the so-called rights of gay soldiers, and nobody ever mentions military effectiveness. Same thing with female soldiers. Equality is now more important than combat ability. Honestly, which is worse for the nation's security and specifically a unit's morale: a soldier who cannot express his sexuality openly to his comrades, or having soldiers who are uncomfortable with others in their unit?

        We worry about all of the wrong things as our society goes down the tubes. Muslims enforce a strict code of behavior, and it is little wonder they will overtake the accepting, senile cultures of the world.

  • kafirman

    1. The purpose of legitimate government is to secure society's unalienable rights.
    2. Unalienable rights are given to all men, by God
    3. God's existance, as well as the existence of natural law, is self evident.
    4. Homosexuality is a conspicuous violation of natural law.
    5. Both America's founding (Christianity and Judeaism) and Islam, hold homosexual acts to be disordered.
    6. The legalization of homosexuality reflects governmental disrespect for "nature and nature's God," which is the basis for man's unalienable rights.
    7. Thus the legalization of homosexuality weakens the securing or the realization of unalienable rights for all and works to remove the only meaningful impediment to gangster (might-makes-right) government.
    8. Vis-a-vis homosexuality, many Muslims have a superior understanding of natural law and morality than "enlightened" multiculturalist Westerners.
    9. When the West defends homosexuality, It is increasingly difficult to assert the moral superiority of the West over Islam. It is uncompassionate to the Islamic masses, who believe Islam to be superior to the West, to taint the West with homosexuality.

    Thanks to multiculturalist marketing, the Islamic masses associate debauchery with the West and virtue with Islam. The homosexual association with the West aids in the justification of the labeling of the US as the "Great Satan."

    Were the West to adopt natural law and explicitly and fully renounce the pedophilia, cross-dressing, women dehumanization (e.g., Koran 4:34) and rape (e.g., Koran 4:3) associated with Islam, Islam could collapse quickly.

    But of course to shore up the Islamic defections, the Muslim Brotherhood will be showing power point presentations of San Francisco parades.

    Homosexuality makes it exceedingly difficult to defeat Islam ideologically. Especially if the Muslim is rooted in natural law.

    • randy

      America like canada was founded on land stolen from the natives. If your so called god is ok with that, then he or she must be a piece of crap.

      • grayman

        that is an ignorant comment
        the land wasn't stolan from the "natives" any more than the "natives" stole it from the people before them.
        If you understood human history you would understand all people migrate. There is not one piece of land ion the world that at one time was not owned by someone else.

      • kafirman

        Randy, you're sense of moral outrage is telling me that my God is still talking to you. By the way, even though you mock Him, He still loves you. Always has.

      • Western Canadian

        Again, this western christian bashing jerk shares his sickening ignorance and bigotry with all of us. The generosity of the canadian people to the first immigrants has been massive, but most of it has been squandered, by their own leaders. You pathetic, ignorant jerk.

        • kafirman

          love you too.

      • David

        Randy – The American "Natives" aren't even native. Their migrations were bested by 2000 years by European migrants during the last Ice Age.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Thank you! You put it exactly correct:

      "Thanks to multiculturalist marketing, the Islamic masses associate debauchery with the West and virtue with Islam.

      Were the West to adopt natural law and explicitly and fully renounce the pedophilia, cross-dressing, women dehumanization (e.g., Koran 4:34) and rape (e.g., Koran 4:3) associated with Islam, Islam could collapse quickly. "

    • aspacia

      kafirman, not true. Many cannot help being gay. Read the science.

      • kafirman

        aspacia, Either the above logically makes an argument, or it does not. If I failed somewhere, name the number where my claim is incorrect.

        Perhaps it is true that "many cannot help being [homosexual, covetuous, thieving…]," but with God, all things are possible.

        My God has given me a new life. He crucified my previous life. He gave me the new life of His Son. I no longer operate in a "rehabilitative mode." I operate from faith, from the new life of Jesus Christ. In fact, He is my life. I can also tell you that He is very wonderful. He can do for the homosexual what He did for me.

        • trickyblain

          Well, you just made up your own definition of "natural law" for starters…the political, bond-breaking form of natural law referenced by Jefferson et, al. has nothing to do with anything you wrote.

          Your argument is rooted in a "commandment" form of law in which specific orders and doctrines were directly revealed to someone (e.g., Jesus, Mohammed) by a god and now all of us should live accordingly. That's not natural law — it's theocratic law. Pass.

          I respect your right to worship as you wish, if you truly had respect for natural law, you'd afford others the same courtesy in terms of how they choose to live their lives.
          Great that

          • kafirman

            I did not make up my own definition of natural law. Natural law bombards us daily, but multiculturalism has made us too morally tone deaf to listen.

            For example, there was a recent child molestation case at Penn State. The accused is being accused of nearly a hundred instances of child sexual molestation.

            In the absence of any other information, what would you say is the probability of said accused molester being homosexual?

            Likewise, a certain Private First Class troop punched a female officer in the face and released hundreds of thousands of documents to wikileaks. What would you say the probability of said individual being homosexual?

            Now given that less than 4% of the population is homosexual, do you see the moral nature of homosexuality?

            The sad thing is to see the government blindness and hatred for natural law, it's only legitimate foundation. Even though Bradley Manning is a homosexual, the political establishment went ahead with the repeal of DADT.

            But rest assured, they're all sworn to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States from all enemies: foreign and domestic.

          • trickyblain

            Natural law is philosophically a vague political construct, in terms of defining what our creator specifically intends. While it rightly acknowledges the existence of a god, it stops short of telling us what "nature's god" thinks about sexuality. You seem to be incorporating your religious beliefs and making it theological.

            Heterosexuals commit equally horrendous acts — lots of 'em. Is Sandusky gay? It's completely irrelevant. He's a monster. IS it relevant that Mansion, Bundy, Hitler and Stalin were heterosexuals? No. Does their heterosexuality make them morally superior to your average homosexual? No.

            I'm not gay, nor do I understand how one could be attracted to men. But I've known and do know plenty. And they are no threat to me, my sense of goodness, or you and your sense of goodness. Gay or straight — individuals, not groups, are ultimately accountable for their deeds.

          • kafirman

            Your fealty to multiculturalism has jaded your sexual understanding of history. For example Hitler was a homosexual. Further, your fealty to multiculturalism has jaded your logic. How is it that it is “irrelevant” that homosexual monsters are homosexual, but phantom heterosexuals monsters are heterosexual? Your reply is an unfortunate tautologous rant. Pathological demographics of homosexuality are noted at . Philosophical evidence is argued by Ryan Sorba A short survey contemporaneous politicians’ view juxtaposed with those of our Founding fathers, can be found at Renew America <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>(

          • aspacia

            LOL, you really must read the facts and stop making invalid allusions. Most child molesters are heterosexual. Most serial murders are white males.

            kafirman, try to read the facts because your posts impinge on other posters intelligence.

          • kafirman

            It may be true that "most child molesters are heterosexual" but given that heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by more than 40:1, I think you will find that there is a far greater propensity of homosexuals to child molestation than for heterosexuals. Further among the prolific child molesters, I wouldn't be surprised if the likelihood of the perp being a homosexual was greater than the likelihood of the perp being a heterosexual.

        • aspacia


          Read the science and remember your audience! I am a Deist for walked away from formal faith more than 40 years ago. Your words ring hollow to me.

          • kafirman

            screaming ignorance while evincing no knowledge does not substantiate anything.

  • Cheradenine Zakalwe

    There is a very important difference between an oppressive government and an oppressive culture. The asylum-seeking system, which I believe is a scam and should be discontinued completely, is based on the idea of offering protection from oppressive governments. If you extend that principle to apply to oppressive conditions generally, that would just open the floodgates even more. What about cultures where women are treated harshly by their husbands, ordered around, given the occasional slap? Should we offer all of them asylum too?

    The idea of offering asylum because of homosexuality is particularly problematical because the number of cultures in the world where homosexuals face some form of persecution is vast (perhaps it is even a majority of countries in the world) and there is no easy way to prove or disprove that a person is homosexual.

    The asylum-seeking system is a scam and should be discontinued completely. It is and always will be a convenient conduit for the Muslim infiltration of the west. The ideology of Islam inevitably generates conflict and tensions wherever it spreads so there will always be a steady and disproportionate stream of refugees from those cultures.

    It's also important to recognise that countries do not improve when their people run away from problems instead of confronting them. If all of Europe's dissidents had had an easy opt-out option throughout European history, then the conditions of modern civilised life would never have developed or developed only much more slowly. Change requires confrontation, sometimes painful and lethal confrontation. The asylum seekers, the tiny minority of them that are genuine, need to return to their own countries and get back in the fight.

  • Blaze Pascal

    Allah Schmallah bo-balla hallah

  • tagalog

    We should support the rights of the gay Muslim not because he's gay but because he has certain basic human rights. I don't care about his gayness or his Muslim-ness (actually the truth is I don't like them much), I care about his rights, the rights of all people, and the obligation of all right-thinking people to respect those rights.

    If we don't support him, we're carving out exceptions to human rights, and that's very dangerous. It plays into the hands of our enemies.

    • aspacia

      Thank you tagalong:-)

  • LindaRivera

    It is immoral and EVIL to send any law-abiding person, whether they are gay or straight, back to a country where it is KNOWN they will be abused, attacked and very possibly put to death. People who would send this man back are monsters.

  • LindaRivera

    Immoral, Norwegian leaders are terrifying in that they gave asylum to Muslim predator monster, terrorist leader, Krekar. In granting asylum, and financially subsidizing this monster from hell, the Norwegian government are APPROVING and REWARDING Muslim monster, Krekar's terrible crimes against innocent defenseless children.

  • DockScience

    Where's Quisling when you need him?

  • Amused

    I agree in total with your statements tagalog and Linda .I dont know what in the hell has happened to the Norwegian mindset . This goes beyond multi-cultural pc , this is groveling .Not to mention inhumane behavior .

  • g_jochnowitz

    Norway's leaders are just like Sarah Schulman, who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times because Israel dared to advertise its pro-gay policies. Leftists always let anti-Zionism triumph over all other issues.
    Here is a relevant quote:
    Andrei S. Markovits, writing in the relatively progressive magazine Dissent, said in the Winter 2005 issue, “A new European (and American) commonality for all lefts—a new litmus test of progressive politics—seems to have developed: anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism (though not anti-Semitism, at least not yet).”

  • Oleg

    I myself have some Norwegian ancestry, indeed my great grandmother was an immigrant from that area of scandinavia. The more I find out about the state of Norway and it's government the less I like but this cinches it, the government of Norway is not only morally bankrupt it is immoral. Many of you may know about Norway's socialist cradle to grave welfare state, what many of you may not know is it one of the world's largest oil and gas producers. Norway rakes in billions in revenue every year through a state owned oil industry, so what do they do with this money? They put it in in a trust fund to finance the future of the welfare state, in otherwords to keep goldbricks and pampered civil servants on easy street. To make matters worse all the while they have some of the highest tax rates on Earth, a 25% VAT or sales tax and income tax rates well over 50%.

  • Oleg

    In part because of the tax rates and because of the amount of government intervention in the economy all of the major industries are either state owned like the oil industry or partnered with the Norwegian government. There is very litle in the way of private capital or enterprise, and an almost non existant culture of entrepreneurship, the welfare state, much like Greece, has all but cannibalized the private economy in favor of a state run economy. So the highest calling in life in a place like Norway now is to become a civil servant. I don't find the situation involving the deportation of refugees, gay or otherwise, the least bit surprising, in a statist society the individual always comes last and the human rights of the individual are trumped by counterfeit group rights. What was once motivation by a genuine concern for the down and out has morphed into a cynical exercise of going through the motions of an election every few years where professional politicians buy off the electorate with government handouts and politically correct platititudes, it's shameful.

  • David

    The author is absolutely wrong in saying that patriarchy is undesirable. In fact, it is the emasculation and over feminization of society that has led to this poison of multicultural. No offense, but the once-mighty Viking Norsemen that the whole world fear have become total feminized sissies. No one is willing to stand up for anything, let alone possibly offend a Muslim or African.

  • StephenD

    "The more we indulge them, the more contemptuous they become. " 

    We should no longer indulge ANYONE that refuses to assimilate. Dessert Garb is for…the desert. Not for paved sidewalks and roller skates. You want to "practice your religion" go ahead. But practicing your Political, Ethical, and Moral convictions, originated with a 7th century trade route bandit doesn’t cut it. Every other culture has and is expected to assimilate into the host country. Otherwise, you should not have immigrated to it. So, either CHANGE your ways and CONFORM to ours or…leave.

  • tarleton

    I agree …homosexuals have became our spokesmen and it's hardly surprising that the brothers from islam hate us …we're kinda like the effete and decadent Greeks before the macadonian invasion

  • pagegl

    "…we've reached a point that gender, skin color and sexual preference are the criteria that establish the legitimacy of opinion in our culture…as opposed to the content of the opinion itself." It's a lot easier to follow the party line than it is to think.

  • trickyblain

    Yeah. Because there were no homosexuals in the Macadonian army.