A Wrong Turn in East Jerusalem

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Prior to 1967, the year Israel liberated Jerusalem from Jordanian apartheid-rule, Jews were not permitted to enter into their illegally occupied biblical capital. Jordan’s “No Jews Allowed” policy meant that no Jew had prayed at Judaism’s holiest site, the Western Wall — the last standing remnant of King Solomon’s temple — during the previous twenty years.

Today, in East Jerusalem, controlled by Arab Palestinians and determined to be, according to Western powers, the capital of “Palestine,” the situation is worse. Under Jordanian authority, Jews were banned from Jerusalem; under Palestinian rule, Jews are welcome, so that they may be summarily executed upon arrival.

This was again made overt last week when Nir Nachshon, a 28-year-old Israeli, was led astray by his faulty GPS navigational device and accidentally ended up in the east Jerusalem Palestinian village of Issawiya.

The realization that Nir had inadvertently entered hostile territory came, in his words, “just as I made the turn.… But I didn’t realize how big the issue was. This is Jerusalem. This is home.”

According to Nir, once he was identified as a Yahood, “immediately a 12-year-old boy started screaming ‘Jew, Jew’. Each time [the boy] called out, dozens more people arrived.… They started throwing rocks and cement blocks right into the car. I realized I was going to die and started thinking this isn’t the way to die.”

Thankfully, Nir’s life was saved by one of the village’s Muhtars (civil servant): “Someone came out of nowhere and tried to rescue me from the people; there was screaming but [I] managed to get to his house.… The people in the house said they needed to get me out of the village or they would also come under attack.”

Accordingly, not only did saving the life of a Jew jeopardize the ongoing security of Darwish Darwish—the heroic Muhtar who resuced Nir—but also undoubtedly destroyed his political career, as the likelihood of Darwish, a “traitor,” being reelected by his constituency is slim to none.

Lying in his hospital bed in Ein Kerem Medical Center, Nir recalled how during the assault he searched among his assailants for “children or young people, to look them in the eyes and find an ounce of humanity in them, but all I could see was murder.”

These are the murderous stares that will one day, if the West has its way with Israel, emanate from the official capital of “Palestine.” These are the stares that, contrary to Nir’s assertion, confirm that parts of Jerusalem are no longer “home” for the Jewish people.

And the West is to blame.

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  • Bert

    Keeping Jerusalem will be impossible as long as it is 1/3 Arab and America supports Arab schools that teach murderous hatred against Jews and as long as the Jewish leadership is afraid to made proper claim to ALL of Jerusalem and ALL of Judea-Samaria.
    Having failed all these many years to make the public claim to the land of Israel there are now many Jews who believe the Arab version and who are committed to the so-called two state solution with a divided Jerusalem.

    • mlcblog

      God is all powerful and has miraculously saved Israel many times before, against all odds, so I wouldn't be counting things up just yet.

    • ziontruth

      "Keeping Jerusalem will be impossible as long as it is 1/3 Arab…"

      Well said, sir. I like it when someone lays out the problem in such a way that it contains the solution.

    • http://frontpagemag.com Yechiel Shlipshon

      NO! I do not like this story!!!
      I do not like hatred!
      I do not like murder!
      I do not like not being able to even go through any public area of Jerusalem because I am a Jew!
      I do not like facing a death sentence for being a Jew in my home land!
      I do not like our leaders not putting a stop to this Yeudenfrei policy of the enemy, in our own home land!
      I do not like that is is even accepted, without punishment, for those who commit these crimes!
      What is there to like?!?
      I like it that we are home.
      I like it that only the Jew can make this area bloom.
      I like that we are builders.
      I like it that we can tell the world to respect us or shove it.
      I like it that we are reporting these crimes; now, I would like it if we did something about them.

  • Kobi

    Wow, youre just as dangerous and insane as any terrorist. Youre a different breed of terrorist, but still a terrorist. Hopefully one day you will realize what you are doing by writing things like this .

    • SpiritOf1683

      So lets pray someone superglues a kippot to your head, then you fall into the hands of Al Qaeda. That will be quite an education for an uneducated Jew-hating dolt like yourself.

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      Kobi, you just read the article and you call Mr. Spencer a terrorist? How many Arabs has he killed? How many has he stoned? His weapons are words and his sword is the Truth. I fear you are the one who is dangerous and Insane. I would suggest that you read the article "The Moral Glory of Jesus Christ" (which you can pull up online w/o charge). Then compare Jesus Christ with Mohammed and see how he compares. You are supporting the wrong side my friend.

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      Sorry Kobi, I meant to say Charles as well as others like Mr.Spencer. But you get the idea.

  • Magdalena


    Arabism & Islamism = twin fascisms!

    Arabism = racism ! Arab-Apartheid
    Against: Persian, Assyrian, Maronite, Copt, Kurd (in Iraq, Syria), Berber, On Caucasians, on "al-akhdam", anti-Jewish (not just on Israelis…), anti-Asians, Anti-Africans (not just in Arabs' genocide in Sudan…)

    Islamism = bigotry! [Islamic-apartheid]
    Radical ISLAM has been waging a vicious bloody global WAR on non-Muslims or on those "not Muslim enough…" As in:
    Thailand, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, E. Timor, Moluccas islands, Nigeria, UK, US, France, Israel, Germany, Russia, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt…

    Anti-Israelism's intolerance is only PART of the above "twin-fascism"!

    • palidin 911

      Nazism would make an appropriate trio.

  • xexon

    Well, this website is just a hotbed of hasbara activity, isn't it?

    Good thing I'm here to help take out the trash.

    See you soon, hasbara.


    • MixMChess

      "Good thing I'm here to help take out the trash."

      Great! So you'll see yourself to the door?

  • SueDinNY

    We see so much hatred from Arabs but Israelis simply want to be left alone to live their lives. They have been attacked, provoked, killed by the Arabs who's only wish is to kill all Jews. PM Netanyahu is absolutely right to put Obama in his place. The "peace" flotilla held people with weapons, who attacked police upon invading and refusing to leave upon request. We have the TRUTH. The real culprits are the Arabs who want ALL of the middle east. They can't stand that a tiny country the size of New Jersey is not theirs too. Greed, hatred, murder. This is the side our President, Code Pink, the Muslim Brotherhood is on.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    The Bible tells us that the Devil came to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). If you look at what muslims do you can see whose work they do. You can also see whose work Mohammed did. I'm sorry for this man's injuries and hope he recovers quickly. It is also true that East Jerusalem is the territory of the Devil with whom Israel cannot compromise. They must stand their ground and insist that all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel by right of possession,by right of history, and by right of the Bible. To give it back would be foolish and a very serious mistake.

  • http://frontpagemag.com Yechiel Shlipshon

    Dear Readers;
    Give Jerusalem to the Arabs. next, your country.
    Thee is no Salaam;

  • Yechiel Shlipshon

    Dear Readers;
    I just read; >>>The Left Doesn’t Get Palin’s ‘No Apologies’ Tour in Israel<<<
    I challenge the left to come back to America, or learn Arabic!