Iran Will Be Stopped

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“Today Zionists are completely surrounded by the Mujahedin of Islam and we advise them [Zionists] to return to the countries of their origin soon to save their lives.…”

These are the words of the commander of Iran’s Basij forces, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi — he is effectively declaring war on the Jewish State.

So what do world powers and purported purveyors of peace and freedom have to say about this incitement to genocide against the Jewish people?

The US is “deeply concerned” by Israel’s decision this week to approve construction of 930 apartments in the city of Har Homa in east Jerusalem.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is “profoundly disappointed by [the] approval of a project that has triggered fierce criticism from the Palestinians,” adding that the new settlements damage the prospects for peace.

The Russian foreign ministry reiterated the country’s “position condemning Israel’s building activities on the occupied Arab territories.”

It is a mystery why UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon failed to directly weigh in on the matter, given his historical propensity to denounce Israel’s attempt to provide shelter for its citizens. (Although, a spokesman for Ki-moon did confirm the Secretary General was “deeply disappointed.”)

Perhaps Ki-moon is too busy preparing his despotic servitude for next month’s vote on Palestinian statehood.

No rational thinker could be faulted for assuming that an Iranian nuke poses a greater threat to “peace” than the construction of a few hundred houses in the Jewish people’s capital city. Yet we live in a world that defies reason and logic.

As such, no mention was made by any foreign “leader” of the protests currently taking place throughout the Jewish State over a severe shortage of available housing, a situation largely stemming from the government’s ongoing refusal to approve new housing projects following the 10-month construction moratorium implemented in Jewish “settlements” last year.

Better not to draw attention, however, to this monumental concession by Israel to the same “international community” presently attacking the Jewish State; doing so might otherwise somewhat tip the prevailing pro-Palestinian narrative in Israel’s favor, or at the very least, “excuse” Israel’s “aggression.” Nor would anyone be expected to point out that the Israeli Interior Ministry’s Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee first initiated the Har Homa project two years ago.

The silence is deafening.

And in our deafness, we fail to hear the warnings of our foes.

Iran is our enemy. Not only Israel’s enemy, but also the greater Western world’s. Yet Iran marches on, towards the bomb, virtually unabated.

But not for long…

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  • mcrobbins

    If the Catalyst of Chaos gets attacked, they certainly had it coming. The mullahcracy has done so much to fund terrorism and kill American troops. If Iran gets attacked, the world must prepare for the opening of Pandora's box. One can expect the Revolutionary Guard and Iran's proxies to unleash havoc around the world.

  • alanmirs

    To emigrate one seeks for a better standard of life and safer environments and yet the most settlers in Israel come from the western countries with the opportunity for a better standard of life and safer environment Which exists in their society, there for it seems that most settlers are either castoffs from their community seeking satisfaction of their aggression or ambitious politicians aiming for position by deception
    The settlers; are not the natives The natives are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, who were Jews or Christians before becoming Muslims
    Israel is not a Jewish state, and not because they are or not Jews but because they don't belong to the environment and while the circumstances is not like the new world, they don't understand the heritage, culture, and the history of the land
    For centauries through out the history the natives lived together dominated by majority rule in harmony, and they respected each others heritage, related to one another through intercourse, association, socializing and being part of it, as one family

  • alanmirs

    Iranians are intelligent nations they know one or two warhead is no competition for… and waste of time, funds, and effort especially when it could never be used! There for they have no such plan
    Having the peaceful nuclear energy hence having the knowledge of building the bomb takes away the importance of possession and helps the destruction of such weapons
    The reason Iran’s nuclear program has become so controversial, has nothing to do with nuclear nonproliferation, any more than the war on Iraq had anything to do with weapons of mass destruction or terrorism. The problem with Iran is that it is too independent, too willing to defy orders from Washington, D. C. The U.S. used to support Iran’s nuclear program, when the country was under the Shah’s regime. The U.S. installed the Shah in 1953 after the CIA coup that overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq for nationalizing Iran’s oil industry, for standing up to the West and saying that Iran’s oil belonged to the Iranian people.

  • Jemaho makkaka

    Just take the advice and go back to your country of origin and save peace. Be reasonable, you can not have a STATE in other people's land. Be good to youself and to others. Go back to your country of origin where you belong and shut up. No more talk from you, enough is enough. In Palestine you don't belong. You can't build housing for your people in other people's land. What is the matter with you, JEWS. you are making it look like Hitler was right

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Be reasonable, you can not have a STATE in other people's land.

      Excuse me loon, but those other people lost it by virtue of defeat in WWI. Hence, go fly a kite you anti-Semitic bigot and clueless idiot!

      Go back to your country of origin where you belong and shut up.

      You are right…the West needs to ban and reverse all Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP because Muslims never ever migrate to the West or anywhere else, for that matter, to assimilate and integrate, but instead only to eventually subjugate and dominate to make Islam supreme via demographic conquest.

      • jemaho makkaka

        The non-stop lies and arrogance make almost the entire world despise the lying liae jews: " the land of israel possesses is theirs", statements like that make decent people want to puke and make you lok like human scums that you are. and most of all make people want to believe that HITLER was right. you are a problem to humanity. If you have a beef it should be with the PALESTIANS, it should be with Europeans that dont want to live next to you. You are fighting the wrong people. go back to your countries of origin and fight Europeans that hate you. Palestinians never chamber gased you. Europeas did. I'm not anti-semitic. i'm for peace and love. i'm for all human kind. i love my fellows human brothers and sisters. your criminal behaviour make people think maybe HITLER should have finish you up. Muslims didnt come to the west to create stupid state. Jews went to Palestine to create a state, where they are not welcomed. do the right thing follow Mr Amhadinejad, go back to your countries of origin and save the world your crap and stupid lies.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Never before in history was there ever a country called Palestine and before the creation of Israel the backward assed Arabs that migrated to the region did so because of the progress and prosperity created by the returning Zionist Jews with their advanced western technology and know how.

          In addition, the so-called Palestinian people never existed before until they were cooked up out of whole cloth in Moscow in 1964 by the Soviet KGB as a disinformation campaign to camouflage the Islamic world’s permanent and perpetual genocidal jihad of conquest they are waging against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel under a cloak of inalienable national rights. The reality is no one has inalienable national rights to specifically target and slaughter in cold blood innocent civilian non-combatants! Before that there never was a country ever in history called Palestine and there never were a so-called Palestinian people.

          Furthermore, Israel didn’t conquer Judea and Samaria from a country called Palestine, but instead from a country called Jordan, and when Israel concluded a peace deal with Jordan in 1994, Jordan relinquished all claims to Judea and Samaria to Israel.

          Now I’m not saying the so-called Palestinian people today doesn’t exist because obviously, for all intents and purposes, they do. As a matter of fact, the Soviet KGB invented them out of whole cloth in Moscow in 1964 as a disinformation campaign to dupe gullible useful idiots into believing that they were the indigenous people and to camouflage the permanent and perpetual genocidal jihad of conquest the Islamic world is waging against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel under a cloak of nationalism.

          However, since when have Muslims ever believed in nationalism? As Muslims the world over only believe in a world Caliphate and fighting jihad in the cause of Allah against unbelievers to make Islam supreme throughout the world. Hence, you’d have to be an enormous ignoramus to believe the fight is over nationalism.

          Not only that, but with respect to all the many other permanent jihads of conquest the Islamic world is also waging perpetually around the world against many other unbelievers such as the jihads being waged against the Hindu unbelievers in Kashmir, Jammu, and India, the Buddhist unbelievers in Thailand, the Christian unbelievers in the Philippines, the atheist and Orthodox Christian unbelievers in Chechnya and Russia, the animist and Christian unbelievers in Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, the Orthodox Christian Serb unbelievers in Bosnia and Kosovo, and on and on ad nauseum, including the stealth jihads in the West mainly through mass Muslim immigration for the purpose of demographic conquest, why should anyone who isn’t incredibly narrow-minded and extremely mentally handicapped single out Israel and only Israel for vilification and demonization, when it couldn’t be any clearer that the Islamic world is waging jihad against any and all unbelievers around the world including me? Indeed, Israel is really the canary in the coal mine if you ask me.

          Hence, why don’t you take that lame ass taqiyya you are trying to sell and stick it up where the sun doesn’t shine you anti-Semitic moron!

    • Tim Bifaro

      there is no such country…"Palestine" Buy a map.

      • lamaho makkaka

        because the jews stole their land

  • ObamaYoMoma

    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is “profoundly disappointed by [the] approval of a project that has triggered fierce criticism from the Palestinians,” adding that the new settlements damage the prospects for peace.

    Prospects for peace? Listen lady…you need to lay off the crack! The jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel is permanent, just like the jihad of conquest being waged perpetually against all unbelievers around the world including you and me is also permanent!

    Accordingly, the U.S. must begin to unconditionally support Israel in the existential fight against a radical Islamic Iranian regime bent on the West’s destruction.

    Actually, it is not radical Islam, that’s a political correct myth. It is MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX ISLAM and the global jihad consist of far more than only an Iranian regime bent on the West’s destruction, and if the West stupidly doesn’t prevent an extremely backwards Islamic world from acquiring and proliferating nukes, then frankly the West deserves everything it will inevitably get.

    • jemaho makkaka

      Obama Yomama, There is no radical islamic Iranian. Iran belongs in that region. you are the ones out of place. criticizing every body but yourself. excuses after excuses. people are sick of you lying jews. Just go away. the world needs to live in peace and you are the trouble makers. just go back to your countries of origin. ones cant help but feel bad for those lying jews. it's kind of desperate they would spend so much time lying, fighting, killing innocent people for a smal piece of land. Amahdinejed told you:
      "E.T GO HOME"! this is desperate and sad.
      if you are so crazy about crating your own state. go to the ocean and try to find a shalow spot and fill it with sand compact it and call it your land. that would resolve everything, because you are crazy if you the palestinians are going to let you stay in their land. i'm not anti-jews i was simply responding to what Amadinejad said. go fight the Europeans that hate you and lets have peace.

      • potb

        You're not ant-Jewish but you keep calling Jews liars? Wow. In Nazi-Germany Nazi's held signs with: Juden nach Palestina (Jews to Palestine). And now the world says: Jews out of Palestine. I guess the world suffers from memory loss. You also probably 'forget' that about 80% of the Israeli Jews hasn't got a European background, but I guess that doesn't really matter to you. You say don't hate Jews. I guess you're right, but you only like dead Jews.

        • jemaho makkaka

          You are a bunch of freaking liars. What do you want people to call you? I dont hate jews. I love all humans we are all brothers and sisters. the world desparately needs peace. and you seem (The Jews) the ones obstructing it. i'm not pro Palestians either. i'm a black dude that worries more about the french children that eat every morning the bread that belongs to the Haitian children, because of slave labor the hatemonger french imposed on Haiti. I cry every day know that the queen of England wears proudly her crown made of gold and diamond, gold and diamond stolen from Africa. You jews i think are not the worst scums of this earth.

        • jemaho makkaka

          Do you know AMY Goodman (from DEMOCRACY NOW) she is a jew. gess what? she is the most admired woman in the world. because she tells the truth. her own jewish folks hate her. but all decent human beings love her. and i love, ADMIRE her. ever heard about NOAM CHOUMSKI? He is jew, another no-nonsense guy. admired around the world. had HITLER killed all the jews, the world would terribly miss those folks.
          i dont think jews are the worst human scums on earth. the FRENCH and THE BRITISH are. did you know that Robert Mugabbe from Zimbawe said the FRENCH the BRITISH would be hungry and poor like every body else, if they didnt know how to steal, grab land and slave other innocent humans. right at the moment, he is kicking them out of Zimbawe like animals that they are.

  • Flipside

    The US “must” begin to “unconditionally” support Israel in order to save “the West?” Unconvincing. A better sentence would be: “Israel, which does not share in the Enlightenment values of the West, should stop asking America to fund and fight it’s battles for conquest of the Middle East.”

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      Dear Mr. Flipside, When has America ever fought Israel's battles? The truth is we were not there in 1948, and we were not there in 1967 and we were not there in….. Israel fought her own battles and won them. By human history when a country was attacked by another country (or countries in Israel's case) she is under no responsibility to give back any land. The land that Israel possesses is her's but in the cause of peace she gives acre after acre back in the hope that peace will be made (to no avail) but she hopes in vain. The land is her's because in WW11 The Arab nations (and Islamic middle east) supported the Axis powers and along with Adolf Hitler went down in flames. As soon as Israel's statehood became a reality in 1948 she was attacked and fought for her life, winning an impossible war. The same is true in 1967 and beyond, The Islamic nations were the aggressors and got their butts kicked. Still, Israel gives back land in the interest of peace. Many acres of land were sold to Israelis for much more than it was worth. Israel, with her blood, sweat and money, took this worthless land and turned it into a garden and a forest. If America were only half the friend that Israel has been maybe we wouldn't have the mess we now have. There is a lot more to this story than you know and the moral in the story is squarely in Israel's corner. Thanks for the discussion.

      • Flipside

        We had WWII because in WWI the sore winners adopted the Morganthau Plan whose moralizations sought to gild the organized looting of Germany. Germany came back and kicked the crap out of everybody until it was crushed by the US teaming up with the USSR. There wouldn’t even be a USSR unless Benjamin Disraeli hadn’t thwarted Pan-Slavism and made the Ukraine a hotbed of Slavic Terrorism. There would be no Afghanistan, no Yugoslavia, no British Emperess if India, and no Balfour Agreement later. SO WHAT? How absurd to assign a moral winner and a moral loser to war. If we kept count, then Israel would be losers for letting the Hyksos into Egypt, sending Paul into Rome, letting the Muslims into Spain. The bottom line is that Israel is a banana republic with .28 cents to the dollar, that lives large off US foreign aid. They oppress their neighbors and keep them in Bantustans. That is the facts of now. No need to go way back to WWII which happened because Jewish socialists made Germany lose WWI with a general strike.