Lies My President Told AIPAC

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This is reinforced by the other major promise—or lie—Obama spoon-fed to AIPAC in 2008: “[In] any agreement, the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state.” However, in Obama’s May 19th speech, he purposefully refused to denounce the absurd Palestinian claim to a “right of return,” but instead openly declared that the issue was still up for negotiation (although he did mention that said negotiations could only commence once Israel voluntarily yielded it’s lone bargaining chip: territory). Speaking out against the preposterous “right of return” would not have been revolutionary, nor even required a modicum of courage — Obama needed only to fall in line with his predecessor George W. Bush. In fact, he could have blamed Bush for adopting such a position, while nonetheless reiterating this as U.S. policy.

Returning to the issue of borders: that Obama believes that the Palestinians are entitled to a state based on the “1967 lines” further proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, his anti-Israel predisposition. It is widely understood in all military circles that these borders pose a grave risk to Israel, given that Israel would be 9 miles wide in certain areas and that the Judean Hills, overlooking Israel’s largest population centers, would fall outside of its jurisdiction. To quote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “These were not the boundaries of peace, they were the boundaries of repeated wars because the attack on Israel was so attractive.” This, coupled with Obama’s blatant declaration that no Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley would be permitted, undeniably exposes Obama’s complete indifference to Israel’s security.

But there is more. The creation of a “contiguous” Palestinian state with “permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt” implies that Obama believes that Israel should be bisected—literally cut in half—to accommodate a future “Palestine.” Less than ideal, it is a suicidal prospect for Israel.

Just as Obama’s comments to AIPAC in 2008 regarding Jerusalem’s indivisibility and the preservation of Israel’s Jewish character were a sham, so, too, was his most recent assurance to AIPAC that his commitment to Israel’s security is “iron clad.”

The Jewish people must acknowledge and vehemently reject president Obama’s falsities, as they jeopardize the ongoing existence of our lone place of refuge in the world: Israel.


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  • Jim_C

    That's a wild last name…Bybelezer.

  • Moshe

    I am so ashamed of our President, he insults me and my Jewish friends intelligent.
    When he tries to explain his mistakes he appears to me like the child with the cookie in his mouth saying how he didn't eat the cookie.
    But worse of all I fill like vomiting when I see some Jewish Voters & campaign donors from the far left who have no clue on what he is doing or saying to Israel.
    Please note I voted Democrat in the past 39 years (No more).

    • Asher

      Obama has been the most Anti-Israel President in History. I hope all Jewish voters will consider his attempts to Divide Judea and Samaria and stop the settlements from being built… along with going back to the 1967 borders….This serves the Palestinian cause by squeezing Israelis out of their own land. Land for peace will never work, the Arabs break treaty after treaty, and don't intend to be fair. Obama's strategy is the same as Hitler's. Never allow the public to cool off; never admit you made a mistake or accept blame for bad policies. People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. Hitler frequently used lying to brain-wash people. To vote for Obama is to vote for our Destroyer! He has lied about the economy, jobs, and the borders are not more secure than they have ever been, they are much much worse, talk to the Sheriffs Arpaio, and Paul Babeu in Arizona.

  • martha

    @Moshe: Welcome to the party pal. Where were you in 2008? I was 1 of the 22% who saw he was an anti-semite right from the start and did'nt vote for him

  • Zakah

    Moshe and I were suckered in with that "changey/hopey" thing that didn't work out. <grin> We have learned. I still have family and friends (Jews) that don't seem to get it. But will work hard to change minds.

  • JohnWV

    Disproportionate media, financial and political control by Jews of Wiemar Germany precipitated the Holocaust. Consider: current pro-Israel twisted news reporting, our Mideast wars all initiated with AIPAC urging, American Jews being central to and grossly enriched by the Wall Street obscenity, half of all American millionaires being Jewish, AIPAC and unquestioned legislative deference to Israel. Not surprising then, that Guest Bibi came and publicly scolded our president. Sure smells like disproportionate media, financial and political control. Onset, perhaps, of yet another persecution cycle?

    • crypticguise

      John states the obvious, of course: "…the Joooos did it…" So let's support Hamas and the Arabs and kill all the "Joooos" in Israel. They were responsible for the Holocaust and now they are responsible for the EVIL in the world. John, you're simply a Wile E Coyote Genius.

    • MixMChess

      Don't bother with JohnWV, he is an antisemitic racist and a Nazi-sympathizer. He was directed to wandered over here from stromfront to troll the boards with his garbage.

      Read my comments above about how the Saudis and the Arab lobby (and their hundreds of billions of dollars) really own the Media and the political control in this country.

  • Adam

    Hahahahah why don't they show what really happens in Israel? Jews spitting on Christians and not allowing Christians to practice their religion in land where Jesus rose. Majority of news corporations like CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are controlled by AIPAC Which is okay, but why brainwash people and why not tell the real truth, whats going on in Israel! I know there can be peace, I know thousands of Israelis are against occupation but no one sees that.. AIPAC owns AMERICA and will exploit Americans, and American tax dollars in their expense . Obama is the only president to say the truth..I support Obama. FInally a president with balls.. Israel wont fight Iran but America will…

    • stern23

      Adam, go away.

    • MixMChess

      "Jews spitting on Christians and not allowing Christians to practice their religion in land where Jesus rose."

      This is a LIE and Adam knows it… Christians are not discriminated against by Jews in Israel. In fact, Israel and its Jews guarantee Christians the freedom to practice their religion and access to all of their high-holy sites.

      Christians have always been (and continue to be) welcome in Israel, whereas they are unwelcome in nearly all Arab/Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia and, and most have been driven out of their longtime homes in Lebanon and Egypt. Did you know that Israel is the only Middle East country where the Christian population has GROWN in the last 60+ years (from 34,000 in 1948 to approximately 145,000 today)? Israel is also the only Middle East country that guarantees Christians freedom of religion, civil rights and equal protection under the law.

    • MixMChess

      "Majority of news corporations like CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS are controlled by AIPAC Which is okay, but why brainwash people and why not tell the real truth, whats going on in Israel!"

      This is utter nonsense and just a rehashing of old antisemitic libel that "Jews control the media." The TRUTH is the media is owned by the Saudis and the Arabs. Did you know Saudi Arabian princes own large shares of media outlets throughout the world and hold a virtual monopoly on media in the Middle East?

      For example, a Saudi Arabian Prince, Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud, owns $2.05 billion of AOL stock (parent company of time Warner and CNN). He also holds large portions of Disney (parent of ABC) and the News Corporation (Parent of the New York Post, Fox News, and the London Times). In fact, the Prince admitted to the London times that he lodges protests of these publications' reporting directly to the chairmen and chief executives of the papers. This is blatant control of the media by the Saudis.

      Case in point… Said Aburish chronicles Saudi Arabia's manipulation of the media in his book "The Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud." According to Said, "the ruling family of Saudi Arabia has purchased large shares of the Western Media including the whole of United Press International." He also chronicles the "physical brutalization of reporters that differ from the Saudi stance on Israel" among other issues.

      You can wander back to stormfront now…

  • jerome

    his mouth moves he orates he opines he goes back on his word he reneges on previous agreements made with presidents and secretaries of state he egregiously insults the israeli
    prime minister he supports the arabs bows and scrapes before them and never ever even mildly rebukes the palestinians for their utter intransigence or their insistence on destroying israel and jews as per the charter of hamas, he overlooks jewish children murdered in their beds by crazed monstrous sub human terrorists he supports the views of farrakahn his teacher and mentor, he was born a muslim and is at heart still one who tacitly supports them and their genocidal plans for jews and israel he opposes the jewish state denies the capital of israel is ever going to be jerusalem and he still thinks construction in this city by jews are settlements, he is devoid of any in depth understanding of the events leading up to the establishment of the jewish state or its successful defense of various unprovoked wars against it he says israel is an ally and the only democracy in the middle east,his mouth moves……

  • jerome

    secretary of state hiliary clinton high fiving the turkish ambassador epitomizes the depths to which the moguls of the white house have sunk.
    as they sink the dollar sinks with them and they seem blissfully unaware of the disasterous
    path they are on.
    the saudis are not taken in by the bowing and scraping obama …..they are turning to china as a bulwark against the vertically challenged genocidal megalomaniac in iran …
    now the saudi billions will be sponsoring terror with a chinese flavor……

  • JohnWV

    You're welcome Stern. My complaint is with disproportionate control of my country by those who sanction all things Jewish (Israeli) be they true or false, right or wrong. Dick Goldstone recently, and apparently unwillingly, joined their ranks. Yes, Hitler was certainly the instrument. The “or something” is more fear than dislike; fear for you, me and everyone else.

  • stern23

    So tell me, John, does it bother you that the Saudis have huge clout by virtue of their oil sales to the US? Do you care that they are buying their way into university after university and promoting the most vicious, rabid form of Islam? Or are you only worried about Jewish "control"? And why do you say Goldstone was "unwilling"? Just because he finally saw the light and you don't like that fact? No matter how you disguise it, John, you are exhibiting a very strong strain of very blatant Jew-phobia.

  • JohnWV

    Hello again Stern, By “saw the light” you seem to mean the Judge responded to ostracization by adding a Jews /Israel first override to his ethics. That is a tribal thing and increasingly rampant. Israel's cruel abuse of their occupied goyim inferiors, particularly in Gaza, is on display before the whole world. I'm goyim. For me, fervent Jew-phobia may be circumstance reasonable, not a phobia at all.

  • stern23

    Of course, it was the Israel lobby that "forced" Goldstone to recant. Nothing to do with the fact that he prejudged and misjudged the whole business to begin with. But tell me John, aren't you afraid? Do you really think it's safe to post your anti-Semitic comments here? After all, this site is run by Jews (just like America, I guess you would say), what if WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE? What if we control you? Will you have sweet dreams tonight, johnno? Or will you lie awake dreading the appearance of a hook-nosed, payered (that's side-curls to you) Joo coming to steal your blood for matzah? After poisoning a few wells first, of course. It is Shabbos, you know, the time when those dreaded Jews hide in their synagogues and get up to who know's what. (Oh, and just an fyi – goyim is plural. You cannot be "goyim". You are a goy.

    And now John, please see my advice to Adam below. Go away.

  • Democracy First

    Only the willfully anti-Semitic can overlook that Israel left Gaza and no longer occupies it; that the term Goyim belongs to 2 and 3 generations past of Yiddish speaking Jews fleeing centuries of wicked persecution in Europe (that's the best they come up with after pogroms, mass murders, genocide and rapes!!!? – what pansies), And that contrary to being tribal, jews are seriously opinion split about everything, including Obama, socialism and capitalism, and Israel's proper course of action itself. And Jews intermarry at a greater percentage than any other minority. Tribal people simply would not. (As if facts and truth are what you seek.)

    If it's tribal you're concerned about, then it's the Arab world that should concern your sensibilties. Precisely because it's so tribal, where first cousin marriage is therefore the norm, that it is so backward, so violent, so irrational, so obsessed with killing Israel that peace based on live and let live is entirely off their rader. Although a manipulative words, in English only, to so easily fool the naifs (stand up and take a bow John) are par for the course. You are, to put it bluntly, "a useful idiot."