The Livni Fallacy

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Sadly, Ms. Livni did not learn her lesson from Gaza, but pursued a carbon-copy policy the very next year: the Israeli military withdrawal from Lebanon. Ms. Livni also boasted of this accomplishment to Ha’aretz: “I created the idea of a diplomatic exit [from Lebanon]…I formulated [UN Security Council] Resolution 1701.” In short, the resolution called for the immediate removal of all Israeli troops from Lebanon, leaving the task of overseeing a then-ailing Hezbollah to an ill-equipped Lebanese army and international peace-keeping force.

The result: Hezbollah is presently the most heavily armed terrorist organization in the world, and has amassed so much popular support that it now controls the Lebanese government, constituting a major threat to the country’s future sovereignty (if said sovereignty can still be claimed to exist), and to stability in the Middle East, in general. This reality, coupled with Hezbollah’s unwavering loyalty to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has effectively created a second Iranian proxy bordering Israel; which “see[s] in Israel…the hated enemy that must be fought until the hated ones get what they deserve.”

The greatest travesty is that we continue to support Ms. Livni even though she has still not learned her lesson. Ms. Livni continues to state that, if given the opportunity (again), her intent is to advance the same failed agenda by handing over the West Bank to the Palestinians.

Tzipi Livni rightfully shares many of our admirable “humanistic” principles. However, to Israel’s detriment, she also suffers from a common affliction: the delusion that these values apply to, and will be internalized by, fundamentalists devoted to Israel’s destruction. This “phenomenon,” ironically, manifests in its own form of radicalism: the steadfast commitment to “staying the course”—each time anticipating a different outcome—despite decades of concrete evidence confirming that such an approach is misguided.

Not surprisingly, this procedure—endlessly repeating the same dangerous, failed actions—constitutes the very definition of insanity.

Charles Bybelezer is Publications Chairman at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research. He can be reached at


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  • zsqpwxxeh

    She's not insane. She is simply foolish, that's all. But when you elect a fool to high office you can end up in a World of Hurt.

  • Asher

    Appeasement never makes things better, it only aggrevates the problem. Land for peace has not worked, and will not work in the future….If Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria are divided watch out!

  • Guest

    I don't think Livni is foolish…I think she is delusional. Every time I read her comments I am just amazed. She assumes that individuals on both sides of the issue will conduct themselves with honor and no deception. How could she possibly assume this after looking at the history she helped write? Land for peace did not and will never work…until everyone really wants peace.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Tzipi Livni brags about being responsible for two of the biggest strategic blunders in Israel’s history as major achievements.

    That’s sort of like Jimmy Carter bragging about pulling the Persian rug out from under the Shah of Iran because he was too brutal so that the country could be taken over by Islamic strongmen, and never mind the fact that the reason for the Shah’s brutality was because he was forced to defend himself and his government from a very violent and extremely brutal jihad being waged against the Shah exactly because he was trying to lift his country out of 7th century Islamic barbarianism and into 20th century modernism.

    It’s also like George Bush bragging that he wasted trillions of taxpayers dollars, sacrificed American's rights and freedoms, and needlessly caused the casualties and deaths of thousands of Americans in response to 9/11 by doubling the size of the federal government ostensibly to protect the homeland from Islamic terrorist attacks, but really to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage while also at the same time tying up America’s military pursuing too silly and asinine fantasy based nation-building mission to win the hearts and minds of Muslims by lifting them up out of poverty via the imposition of democracy, and never mind the fact that winning the hearts and minds of Muslim who are obligated to hate our unbeliever guts no matter what is absolutely impossible, the fact that poverty, despair, and hopelessness has exactly nothing whatsoever to do with the reason why Muslims wage jihad against unbelievers, and the fact that in the Islamic world democracy is always used as a vehicle for Islamic strongmen to cease power.

    Meanwhile, at the same time Iran has continued its pursuit of nuclear weapons with impunity while also making a mockery of America as a weak horse in the Islamic world, that Pakistan has used America’s billions of dollars in foreign aid to not only finance the jihad it has been waging against us, but also to expand its nuclear arsenal in anticipation of becoming the nuclear supermarket of the Sunni Islamic world when Iran inevitably acquires nukes and at the same time renders the NPT treaty not worth the paper it is signed on, and Saudi Arabia continues to proliferate the jihad ideology with impunity throughout the world.

    Indeed, at the rate we are going, it will be sooner rather than later before we have all been reduced to violently oppressed and systematically persecuted dhimmis and the world enters a new era of darkness that it may never be able to escape.