Why Peace Is Impossible

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“With this video, the Israeli government has left no doubt on its pro-conflict agenda. Now the international community knows the Israeli government is committed to denying the Palestinian people their inalienable right to self-determination and on continuing their illegal and colonial enterprise in the occupied Palestinian territory.”

These are the words of chief Palestinian “negotiator” Saeb Erakat, in response to an Israeli-made educational video (cartoon) featuring deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon, which provides an accurate account of Israel’s legal acquisition of territories in Judea and Samaria during its defensive war of 1967, and subsequent (ongoing) inability to graciously hand over to the Palestinians the vast majority of these lands, in accordance with UN resolution 242.

According to Erakat, however, the movie depicts “an official representing the State of Israel present[ing] a cynical and falsified account of history and international law.”

Needless to say, Erakat presents no alternative historical “narrative” (lie) to counter the film’s undeniable claims, but rather reflexively condemns Israeli “intransigence and illegal settlement activity in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.” In doing so he provides yet another baseless Arab “sound bite” to delegitimize the Jewish State in the eyes of people who will certainly not find the time to view the movie for themselves.

So exactly what are the falsities of which Erakat speaks?

Mr. Ayalon summarizes the 6-minute video as follows:

“Israel’s presence in the West Bank is the result of a war of self-defense. The West Bank should not be considered occupied because there was no legal sovereign in the area [when Israel captured the territories]. Therefore, the real definition should be disputed territory.… That is why the presence and construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank should not be considered illegal.”

Ironically, these are not uniquely Mr. Ayalon’s opinions: “They are based on the conclusions made by world-renowned jurists like Professor Eugene Rostow, Justice Arthur Goldberg, and Stephen Schwebel, who headed the International Court of Justice.”

Apparently, though, Erakat believes that these great legal figures were also part of the Zionist conspiracy to “steal” Palestinian land.

The point is that when truths are conveyed as falsities—as they are by the Palestinian leadership to the Palestinian populace and the world at large—there is no chance whatsoever of fostering the preconditions necessary to forge an Israeli-Palestinian “peace.”

Without truth, there is no reason, the inevitable outcome of which is lawlessness.

The Israeli-Palestinian saga is a consequence of this chaos, the product of “rational” (Israel) attempting to placate “irrational” (Palestinians). How on Earth is common ground to be found when confronted by a people that are fully comfortable with distorting history?

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  • palidin 911

    Peace will not come through negotiations. Ever. The Jews and Arabs are locked in a spiritual battle over the birthright given to Issac by Abraham and denied to Ishmael. It's something most people are unaware of. It's something foretold in the book of Genesis starting at chapter 12.

    Peace will come when one side destroys the other, and there's nothing the rest of mankind can do about it

    • elihew

      I agree! Of course there will be the 'false peace' that will be quite temporary, but true peace will only come when the Righteous One returns…(He'll be the One to destroy Israel's enemies).

      "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…" (Psalm 122.6.)

    • damon mccann

      Their Imam your silly Yahew , all are about as real as the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. Old Testament and maybee Quoran too (I never read it) are psychopathic garbage.. Have a true democracy share th land

      • MixMChess

        "Their Imam your silly Yahew , all are about as real as the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. Old Testament and maybee Quoran too (I never read it) are psychopathic garbage.. Have a true democracy share th land"

        Huh? Israel is a SECULAR state governed by a democratically elected parliament. Israel has no state religion, and all faiths enjoy freedom of worship. What about the Arab states that all have Islam as their official religion, are they legitimate?

      • palidin 911

        well Damon, read genesis as an historical document, leave religion out all together and see the parallels. It's a hell of a lot more accurate prediction than anything Nostradamus ever came up with.

        And you your last sentence: "true democracy…..share the land" convinces me that you know very little history about the Middle East, or are just one of those people who hate Israel. Probably both.

    • damon mccann

      Sorry to leave topic but how would your classify FP magazine. Harretz is lefty, JP is Righty, FP is EXTREME Righty. A Zionist Rush Limba but thinner- Dershy.

    • damon mccann

      Oh and the gravest damage to civilization beoing wroght by this screed (FP) is that it attempts to portray itself as the MODEERATE majority of Israel and trick America into thinking FP represents more than nuitcase fringe. If I am wrong then to hell with the whole state.

  • LindaRivera

    It is impossible to have peace with Islam just as it is impossible to have peace wherever global jihad rages. It is impossible because jihad is an OBLIGATION in the Koran. The Koran commands that all nations and peoples are conquered and subjugated under excessively cruel Islamic sharia law where defenseless non-Muslims have no human rights.

    It is a huge crime against the Jewish people that the nations demand Israel surrender to global jihad and give up half of her tiny land to barbaric, implacable enemies bent on Jewish genocide.

    Not one inch of sacred Jewish Holy Land to the enemy!

    • damon mccann

      Isn't that pretty close to what Avigado is saying but against non-jews in Palestine??

      • MixMChess

        No, its obvious you just made that up. Nice try though…

  • LindaRivera

    The filthy lies of the Palestinian Authority/PLO/Hamas, et al, never stop. Israel was NEVER an Islamic holy land.

    There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.

    For 4,000 years, famous BIBLICAL Israel has been highly cherished by Jews, and highly cherished by Christians for 2,000 years, as the Jewish Biblical Holy Land. It is where the Jewish prophets walked.

    • damon mccann

      Excuse me and forgive me for my impetulance, but do you have any scientific evidence to back up the Bible, Torah, Koran —– all very very popular FICTION.

      I proclaim Yahew bethroved me Lada Gaga and Holly wood !! lol

  • LindaRivera

    To even think of giving one inch of Holy Israel to Islam is to massively insult the One Great, Glorious, Awesome Mighty G-D of the Universe. Who would treat our most Wonderful G-D in such a wicked manner?

    • damon mccann

      See my other comment, you might as well be referring to the Easter Bunny. Go and get another consult with your Astrologist.

  • http://frontpagemag.com Michael

    damon; sit, relax and learn…there is great truth here.
    Open your eyes and heart and allow the truth to come

  • GreySky

    If it is ever reached, the current and any other artificial “peace agreement” will be illegitimate before it is ever signed because (1) all people living in Palestine regardless of religion, race, origin, etc. (hereinafter “All People of Palestine”) were never given a choice on how they want their land to be governed, and (2) all contracts signed under duress are null and void.
    The biggest problem in Palestine is that the Zionist regime never offered a choice to All People of Palestine on how they want to govern their land because the Zionist regime cannot exist as a democratic entity. If there was ever any democratic process in Palestine, Zionists would have been outvoted and the Zionist regime would have never existed. That is why the Zionist regime is the occupier because it does not offer choice (i.e. democracy), but instead imposes its regime (i.e. occupies). Imagine if Russians would simply occupy a town in the U.S. where they are in significant numbers and attempt to create a Russian state there without giving the rest of the Americans living there a choice. Imagine then if they would try to institute a “peace agreement” that would attempt to legitimize their occupation. The “peace agreement” would logically and legally be illegitimate because the Americans were not given a choice.

    Under all countries’ laws, any contract is null and void if it is signed under duress. The current Palestine “peace agreement” process reminds me of The Godfather movie where the mafia boss (i.e. the Zionist regime) made a guy “an offer he could not refuse” by placing a gun (i.e. Zionist conventional and nuclear arsenal) to his head and making him sign the contract. Like the mafia boss’ offer, any “peace agreement” other than the choice for All People of Palestine is a crime, and the contract is legally null and void.

    The bottom line is that All People of Palestine never wanted to divide their land into artificial two states the way the occupation and this “peace agreement” attempt to divide it. From the beginning of the Zionist regime to its unavoidable end, All People of Palestine and the region never wanted the Zionist regime and they do not want it even more after all the atrocities the Zionist regime committed. I just cannot believe how the Zionist regime can be so ignorant to think that this or any other “peace agreement” that does not allow people to choose how they want to be governed will last and ensure its people’s survival. The Zionist regime fails to realize that no matter if it succeeds in muscling this “peace agreement” by unspeakable historic coercion tens of millions of moral people around the world will oppose it until it is corrected, and until justice and free choice prevail. Also, ever increasing number of Jewish people are realizing that Zionism is becoming a destructive force for them and are leading the global resistance to it.

    Feel free to copy this comment, email it to other bloggers, and repost it on other blogs, newspaper websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites, and include it in any correspondence/lobbying with senators, state representatives and any other public officials so the public learns the truth

  • 1000roses

    The only solution for a lasting peace is absolute democratic process (that we Americans cherish so passionately) for the entire territory in question, otherwise, the peace will not last. All people who lived there without regard to religion, race, etc. should vote on how they would like their one country to be run. I favor one state solution because two states would only attempt to “legalize” Zionist occupation that will be remembered in history until it is corrected by future large scale conflicts, so no lasting peace will result. The only issue with the fair democratic process is what to do with all manipulated Jewish people who the Zionist regime imported for decades to increase the Jewish population from around 100,000 to over 5 Million since the start of the occupation. This is obviously an attempt to unjustly manipulate any future democratic process by forcefully increasing the occupier’s population at the expense of others. Any compromise other than the absolute fair democratic process with no manipulated population will be temporary with terrible conflicts looming to correct it in the future.

    The truth is that the Zionist regime will not accept any democratic process even if the manipulated Jewish population is included because it cannot exist as a democratic country as Zionists will be outvoted by all others who live there (Zionists were in an infinite minority before the occupation). The Zionist regime can only temporarily exist through the force of its arms as a one people country where only select ones can vote and where different laws apply to different people.
    The world must stand up against the Zionist regime by cutting all diplomatic and economic relations with it. Many countries have already stopped all relations with the Zionist regime and others are in the process of doing the same. We Americans need to completely distance ourselves from this oppressive regime through urging our state representatives and senators to do what the rest of the world is doing

  • GoodEnemy

    It appears that sharing and reposting others’ comments is becoming a trend. You can definitely copy, repost, or email mine to anyone including lobbying senators, state representatives and any other public officials who shape our country’s foreign policies.

    The main Zionist claim is that they have a supreme right to some of Palestinian territory because they lived there thousands of years ago. Let’s examine the core and real nature of this claim.

    Firstly, this claim is mistaken and selfish in its core concept because Zionists fail to recognize that history is a continuum and that there were other people living in majority in Palestine before the Jews and also after the Jews. Zionists simply cut history at a convenient point for them and claim ancestral ties to the land as of that convenient point.

    Secondly, whatever the claim, it is beyond absurd to try to shape modern world based on thousands of years old maps. Imagine if the rest of the world would be reshaped by who was on the land thousands of years ago. It would cause horrific wars, countless refugees, and unimaginable human suffering, exactly what is happening in Palestine.

    Thirdly and most disturbing, Zionist goal was to establish a Jewish state wherever possible. Palestine may have been a preference, but Palestine was not the only location that Zionists planned as their state in modern times. Another location was Argentina where Jews have been migrating for hundreds of years for the purpose of establishing a state. Also, locations in Europe were on the list and that’s why the Catholic Church was killing/expelling Jews since Roman times (read the history of the Holly Inquisition). Whatever the location, Zionist plan was to simply occupy the people living on the land even if that would mean imposing a regime worst than Nazi Germany’s from which they escaped. And Zionists would just use a different ideological coloring than the one used in Palestine in the attempt to rationalize the occupation.

    In conclusion, the main claim on which the Zionist regime is built in Palestine is erroneous, selfish, and a lie. I am categorically against generalizing, and recognize that many Jews are against the crimes the Zionist regime is committing and that many Jews are leading the global resistance to it. They should be proud