The ‘Angry Arab’ Goes Mad

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As’ad AbuKahlil—a political science professor at California State University, Stanislaus—spoke last month at a day-long “teach-in” at the University of California, Berkeley titled, “Building Solidarity with the Arab Spring.” It consisted of a number of “workshop sessions” at the Valley Life Sciences Building, followed by a “plenary session” at the Multicultural Center, and was co-sponsored by the Arab Resource Organizing Committee, the Berkeley Muslim Students Association PAC, the International Socialist Organization, and the Syrian American Council.

AbuKhalil’s workshop on “The U.S. and the Arab Uprising” was held in a tiny, hot, windowless room filled with students wearing hijabs and keffiyehs. Immediately visible to all who entered was a sign leaning against the black board that set the anti-American atmosphere:

  • Victory to the Arab Revolutions!
  • U.S. Out of the Middle East!

AbuKhalil, author of the “Angry Arab” blog, was introduced as “the most influential Arab blogger in English and Arabic.” Wasting no time living up to his self-caricature, he presented the demise of Israel as his life’s work, referred repeatedly to the “usurping Zionist entity,” and characterized the U.S. as the source of all that ails the Arab world. For instance:

Obama and Hillary always pat themselves on the back and say they are on the side of the Arab people. . . . They are on the side of counter-revolution. . . . There is a tyrannical order in the Arab world . . . in place since 1979 . . . the year Egypt was forced by the United States to sign a peace treaty with Israel. A dictator Anwar Sadat was conveniently armed, an unrepentant anti-Semite and Nazi.

He did not elaborate on Sadat and no one questioned him.

AbuKhalil was exultant over the latest bombing of the gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel, a signal to him that the U.S. is no longer “all-powerful”:

The United States wants to take our agency from us, they want to convince us, as Israel has tried to do all these decades, that we are incapable of changing the situation, the enemy is too strong . . . invincible.

Displaying a lust for violence, AbuKhalil boasted:

I am in favor of chaos because I’m really enjoying what’s happening in Egypt, especially what’s happening against Israel [the attack on the Israeli embassy]. I’ve played these scenes on YouTube more times than I’ve played songs.

The audience laughed in agreement as he spoke.

AbuKhalil made his hatred of Israel clear in his description of hearing Israeli soldiers screaming—so he claimed—as they retreated from Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon in 2006. “It shows you if Arabs are allowed freedom to fight Israel, this is the kind of Palestine you will see,” he bragged.

More shocking was his blithe dismissal of Hamas’s constant barrage of rockets into southern Israel, which he called, “those firecrackers from Hamas [fired] at a town in occupied Palestine.” He then belittled the suffering the bombardment has caused:

You will notice there were like ten injured and sometimes they had shocks . . . they actually list the injured; they [listed] those whose feelings were hurt; those who were startled. This war crimes thing is for victimhood reputation.

Again, the audience laughed heartily.

Later, a member of the audience challenged him by asking about the recently released International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) report showing that Iran’s nuclear program has military dimensions. AbuKhalil dodged the question by raising Israel’s alleged nuclear program and what he called the “racist content of the notion that nuclear weapons are dangerous in the hands of Muslims, but safe in the hands of Christians and Jews.” He apparently has no worries about the Iranian regime’s threat to wipe Israel off the map, its constant threat to its neighbors, or the apocalyptic nature of the mullah’s theology; only Israel can threaten peace in the region.

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  • Northanhymbre Heathen

    I can't help thinking of all the US servicemen who died fighting Nazism in WW2 – surely they would turn in their graves to see Nazi idiots such as this being entertained in a US university! The world has indeed gone mad and I only hope that it gains some clarity soon before its too late. Thankfully mags such as this are keeping up the good work in trying to inject some much-needed realism!

  • Dispozadaburka

    The reason why their modus operandi is "hate" is because Islam is

    Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

    Saying the religion is a peaceful one, is like putting lipstick on a pig.


    islam never was – isnt now – nor ever will be peaceful…DAMN islam.


    why do we allow GARBAGE like this Gene Simmons wannabe in our universities????we have nothing better to teach than this excrement?

  • salty

    Is it not against the law in the United States of America to make these kind of hate speeches?????? How does this coward bastard get into our country to start with????

    • salty

      Islam is the evil religion for an evil people.

      • DUH

        Good grief. The guy isn't even a Muslim.

    • jacob

      Quite easy :
      What does OBAMA's ban on calling terrorists by their right name, TERRORISTS,
      tells you ???
      What does his sidekick HOLDER brainstorm of judging terrorists in civil court
      court tells you ???

      Two years ago, a miltary Muslim headshrinker killed 13 GI's in FORT HOOD and
      to this day, he is still to be brought to court and sentenced..??????.
      Asides from whatever allowed this to happen, is there any valid reason for
      dragging this issue that long ????

      Then there is your answer but if you think that's all, how about HILLARY's
      shop issuing visas for them like going out of style ????
      ARE ARABS ????

      How about all of this, ladies and gentlemen of CONGRESS ?????

  • jacob

    If there was a government worth being called "GOVERNMENT", all teaching
    institutions allowing these things to happen should be deprived of government financial assistance and let the Saudis or the UAE support them financially.
    But while rotten "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" keeps on calling the shots, rest
    assured it wil never, ever happen.

    I have been waiting for the pendulum to swing back but I'm affraid I will go to my
    grave expecting it and it will never happen….

    At least not with the governments we have been suffering for the last 20 years…

    Will We the People ever make ourselves heard loud and clear ???
    NO WAY, JOSE….
    We are too damned bussy watching AMERICAN IDOL and the likes

  • tanstaafl

    I am surprised that AbuKalil doesn't object to the movie "Natural Born Killers". Just the title would make you think that it was about Islam.

  • AntiSharia

    It doesn't speak well for American higher education when simpletons like this can pass themselves off as intellectuals.

  • Durutti

    “AbuKhalil’s workshop on “The U.S. and the Arab Uprising” was held in a tiny, hot, windowless room filled with students wearing hijabs and keffiyehs.”

    Is the writer trying to imply that if someone is wearing a Hijab or a Keffiyeh they’re of less significance to someone with blond hair and blue eyes because I dont understand what this reference is meant to imply.

    “Immediately visible to all who entered was a sign leaning against the black board that set the anti-American atmosphere:

    Victory to the Arab Revolutions!

    U.S. Out of the Middle East!”

    Can anyone please explain to me how is wanting America out of your homeland and domestic affairs Anti-American?

    “More shocking was his blithe dismissal of Hamas’s constant barrage of rockets into southern Israel, which he called, “those firecrackers from Hamas [fired] at a town in occupied Palestine.””

    Is the writing denying the weakness of Hamas’s arsenal or is he trying to persuade us that Hamas has 300 Nuclear war-heads? Oh wait, my bad, its Israel with the Nukes — lets focus on them next time, yeah?

    • NotaBene

      Duh – the reference to hijabs and khefiyehs is a sign to readers of FPM that the people wearing them are ze enemy.

    • RonCarnine

      Sure let's talk about Israel with nukes. Israel is in an impossible situation. Surrounded by Arab nations that have attacked you more than once and terrorists right on your border that have sworn to wipe you out is surely grounds for nuclear weapons. Especially when your military is outnumbered 3, 4, 5 times to 1. Israel has shown remarkable restraint in the use of her superior weapons ( as demonstrated in the first Gulf War when Iraq is lobbing scuds into your territory). As far as those who took this class, the ref. to clothing allows us to see who was laughing at his insane statements, moderate, Muslim Americans. Why is the US there? Have you forgotten how Iraqi solders invaded Kuwait and how they raped and brutalized Kuwaiti women (and other women who happen to get caught there) and executed Kuwaiti men (fellow Muslims) Why did America stay there? They were asked to stay by the new Gov't who couldn't stand before former Iraqi soldiers and invading Muslim terrorist sent there to "throw out the Infidel". The statements you made are not in accordance to the facts, Israel has had her nukes for a long time and hasn't used them, again, Israel's remarkable restraint. Will Iran show such restraint if the world allows it to become "nuclear"? Doubtful, I guess time will tell.

  • Durutti

    And you ought to know that Asad is an atheist. Morons. lol

    Btw, everything that was said about Islam and Muslims is extremely anti-Semitic.

    Racism is on the up and up.

    • Silent_rider

      "And you ought to know that Asad is an atheist."
      Al-Assad is Alawi not an atheist you moron. Where did you get that he's an atheist from?

      "…everything that was said about Islam and Muslims is extremely anti-Semitic."
      What do Islam and Muslims have to do with anti-semitism? Most Muslims aren't even semites.

      Your ignorance is overwhelming, are you a college graduate by any chance?

  • BS77

    another pile of garbage posing as a "teacher", a "professor", a "scholar" hahhhahhaaaaa

  • mo195

    Its honestly sad that this article did not post what abu khalil's real views are. If you follow him more directly, and try to understand his views, he's a leftist and completely against the Iranian regime, he's also completely against Israel. This is why you hear of this chaos, maybe to establish a new order

  • Amy

    Thank you Durutti. At last, someone who knows how to make up his own opinion about things. All of those who posted comments, you posted exactly what the writer of the article wanted you to think and post. Good for you! Brainwashed idiots. By the way, hating on arabs is anti-Semitic as well. Much more than hating on an Ashkenaze Russian blue-eyed jew. lol

  • Ken

    The Angry Arab should be named Adolph because his goals are the same….the destruction of Jews(Israel.) Pity him.

  • mind lumayag

    Well what can you expect they are all Mafi muk.

  • mind lumayag

    Arabs are just self serving hypocrites.

  • mind lumayag

    Egypt was forced by the U.S. to sign a peace treaty with Israel? So pathetic… Egypt lost to Israel during the 6 days war in Sinai. To save Egypt's face of surrendering, the U.S. offered a deal of making them signing the treaty. Hahahaha. you people are always a pain in the arss.

  • mind lumayag

    U.S out of the middle east? why not Arabs out of the U.S. :))

    • DUH

      Mmmm….Bigotry :)

    • Free Paleastine

      Why not jews out of paleastine?

  • mukenecca

    The angry Arab goes mad.
    The mad Arab goes stupid.
    The stupid Arab goes angry.
    The angry Arab…and so on.

    He can't help it. He is a muzzlum.

    • DUH

      He's an atheist, you moron.

  • Sabra

    Freedom of speech is one thing and I know nothing can be done under the freedom that banner implies, but deliberate lies and propaganda passing off as education is another… surely there's a law against this somewhere, or if not, one should be passed… preventing the perversion of the education of the future of America's best young minds?

  • judy Shenk

    Those "firecrackers" would really look good if they were shoved up AbuKahil's posterior orifice!

  • haissam zaina

    one should count all the crimes of muslims like the conquest of two americas 100 millions victims ,
    vietnam 3 millions ,iraq 2 millions , the destuction of palastine the theft of their land and their semtism " most jews are
    not semetic", john perkins estimated that the victim of US are higher than ginkes khan , salin ,hitler combined .