Greece’s Socialist Education

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Socialists rarely adopt their beliefs on the job. They usually inherit them from their parents or learn them in school. In the case of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, he came to socialism, or rather socialism came to him, through both routes. Greece suffers the consequences.

George Papandreou’s father and grandfather were both socialists and prime ministers of Greece. One who never questioned the ideas of his socialist parents or his socialist professors isn’t going to question why he’s attending an expensive college far from home when he could be attending a school on the state’s drachma in the original seat of Western learning.

Universities are free in socialist Greece. They have been since the year of Papandreou’s graduation from Amherst College in 1975. Despite the guarantee of free schooling in Greece’s 36-year-old Constitution, Papandreou received his master’s in sociology at the London School of Economics in 1977. Tuition alone there today costs about $17,000 a year. If socialism works so well, why pay abroad for what they are giving away at home?

In Greece, higher education that is not state subsidized is forbidden. Private colleges, like the one Greece’s prime minister attended in Amherst, Massachusetts, are illegal. Wealthy Greeks like the country’s socialist leader evade the law by studying abroad. But his subjects are stuck in the higher education monopoly run by the same government that has run Greece into the ground.

The leader of Greece’s Panhellenic Socialist Movement and the president of the Socialist International can’t renounce a society based on freebies and remain in good stead with his fellow socialists. So, instead of genuine austerity measures, he asks for money from neighboring states that will be never paid back. And the neighbors keep giving. The troika—the European Commission, International Monetary Fund, and European Central Bank—is expected to approve an $8 billion loan for November that will allow Greece to fend off default for now. And for when Greece inevitably bails on the bankers, European leaders have discussed a bailout for the bankers following their bailout of Greece. Who will bailout European taxpayers after the deadbeat debtors and discredited creditors get paid?

Greece is to the EU what its citizens are to it: dependents. Greece is addicted to borrowing the way the Greek people are addicted to government spending. One bad habit feeds the other. Despite melodramatic protests over “austerity” measures, government spending is up 7 percent this year. They just can’t give up the socialism, even in the face of the economy-killing debt it has created.

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  • maturin20

    23 uses of the words "socialism" and "socialist"! High five! Way to mark the terms!

  • steven l

    The "three families" controlling Greece descend to hell are self sufficient for 1000 of generations. Why change the system as long as the Grecque people do not hit the wall.

  • Ben

    Socialist ideology is so indistinct (the adherent called it "teaching" ) that it have to be provided by the teaching of the immense leader`s role (to clear the indistinct places).
    Papandreous dinasty is the usual habit of socialistic or semi-socialistic worlds,remember Azerbaijan Alievs and so on.Besides nationalism flourish in Greese too but it is in the course of Europe`s support of the Europe`s cradle.

  • Ben

    Dear Mr. Flynn, not opposing your rights, I can`t understand why the opinion of some anonym reader though not quite correct or politically correct makes harm. Authors willingly publish comment of the political enemies, but in the case of supporters with some deviations their "mistakes" make you feel responsible for them.It`s strange for me.(not for publishing)

  • StephenD

    I'd bet dollars to donuts (wait donuts are worth more than dollars now) that the Socialist economics training he received then is the same now. I’d love to see the professors respond to this. I picture something along the lines of the scene in the “Back to School” movie with Rodney Dangerfield telling the professor what the “Real” business world was like.

  • mlcblog

    Socialism, a cancer unto itself.

    This article is very interesting. I had not been able to see what was going on in Greece. Thank you, Mr. Flynn, as usual with your work.

    I am thinking this could explain in part why I see so many industrious business-oriented Greek families over here in the USA.

  • jasonz

    its not that hard to understand. socialists in power are not stupid. they KNOW socialism,(marxism whatever the new term for an old idea is now) simply cannot and dies not work. but its not about helping or fairness..never was. its about power and control. marxist figured out the simple rule. a person that takes power and weilds power by force is a dictator. the same person that does the same thing but fools people thinking his control is 'for their own good' is a socialist. only the useful idiot at the bottom like the OWS and in greece etc actually think they are going to be given everything. thats why they have to recruit kids to protest, cause only children unquestionably believe in fairy tales like socialism. thats why you cant reson with them. they do not have the brain power or experience to understand that they are signing their own death warrant. you just take over and force them to do the right thing cause thats all the understand

  • Ghostwriter

    Right now,Greek-Americans are weeping for what happened to their ancestral land.

  • mlcblog

    Socialism, a cancer unto itself.

    Thank you once again, Mr. Flynn, for an excellent and informative article.

    The situation in Greece may help explain why I am running into so many enterprising business-minded Greek families here in the USA who have left their mother country years ago.

  • tanstaafl

    Socialism, Socialism, Socialism, Socialism……..

    Still repulsive.

  • Ozzy

    Funny to blame the Greeks and not the Rich who robbed their country.

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    Its about power and control. marxist figured out the simple rule. a person that takes power and weilds power by force is a dictator. the same person that does the same thing but fools people thinking his control is 'for their own good' is a socialist. Greek-Americans are weeping for what happened to their ancestral land.

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