Mumia: 30 Years Later

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The inmate’s leftist politics overrode the evidence. Numerous eyewitnesses identified Mumia as the killer. He was found at the scene with a return round from Faulkner’s service weapon in his chest and a gun registered in his name by his side. The five spent shell casings in his gun were of the same unique variant as the “Plus P” bullets that killed the officer. Witnesses reported a hospital boast: “I shot the mother—er and I hope the mother—er dies.” In 1999, prison outreach activist Phillip Bloch recounted a 1991 conversation in which Abu-Jamal had acknowledged killing Faulkner. On the other hand, the commentator/killer compared George W. Bush to Hitler and eulogized Howard Zinn as a “brilliant” “master historian.” This surely made him innocent, or at least entitled him to a “get out of jail free” card. Right?

Abu-Jamal’s fortunes improved in the 1990s. Pacifica Radio aired Abu-Jamal’s commentaries after National Public Radio rethought an earlier decision to do so. Evergreen State College and Antioch College, among others, hosted the convicted murderer as a commencement speaker via audiotape. A Law & Order episode namedropped Abu-Jamal, with a character noting that the “Philadelphia journalist” was “framed for murder.” Rage Against the Machine played an infamous benefit concert for him. The subject of numerous cable documentaries, and the author of books, spoken-word CDs, and a periodic Internet column, Mumia became a cottage, nay, a prison-cell industry.

Never outside of the ranks of hit men had murder been so beneficial to one’s career. But then a federal judge had to ruin it by vacating Abu-Jamal’s death sentence in 2001. Although the rallying cry had been “Free Mumia,” the urgency of his followers stemmed from the threat that the state would “Fry Mumia.” But Pennsylvania, which employed lethal injection anyhow, had executed just three people in the last thirty-five years. Wednesday’s announcement by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams that he would forgo pursuing a reinstatement of the death sentence merely affirmed what all but the blindly passionate on both sides had already foreseen: Pennsylvania would never execute its most famous inmate.

A murderer facing life behind bars makes for a less compelling cause célèbre than one facing capital punishment. The throngs that had once shouted “Free Mumia” in Paris, Philadelphia, and San Francisco have long since reoriented their shouts toward other injustices.

The Mumiacs have moved on. Mumia remains in the same place.

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  • aspacia

    This story is reported on Al Jizz. You know, from the area the promotes beheadings, maimings, stoning, etc., in the name of Islam.

  • myohmy

    "other injustices"?? The only injustice regarding Mumia is that he's still alive. There should be no "Mumia, 30 years later".

    • johnnywoods

      Fry Mumia!

  • T_Trent

    I'm not so sure they have moved on, or ever will. He is a fixture in the Occupy movement and on certain college campuses. He is deferred to as a writer and important human rights activist. Major NGOs are gearing up for the next round of advocacy for him. And he remains a potent international symbol of America's "evil."

    The damage is done. It needs to be undone.

  • BLJ

    This piece of garbage should be used for target practice at a police firing range. Anyone who supports this lowlife is a lowlife themself.

    • fisher_king

      I think it would be better to replace his tetanus boosters with saline.

  • Guest

    The next step will be clemency

    • BS77

      NO WAY!!!

    • johnnywoods

      At the very least this pig should die in prison.

      • Martel64

        That's what I fear, being the cynic that I am; based on the last 45 years of TRUE injustice deliberately done to Whites, don't be surprised if this devil gets out before it dies.

        • johnnywoods

          Hey Martel, You may be right but he will die one day and he will find that there is no parole from Hell.

          • Martel64

            Not even that is consolation to Maureen Faulkner or her children,they're lives are always in danger from Leftist psychos of every race, who ,like the Pavlov's Dogs, automatically believe a black has been railroaded,every time their convicted of murdering a White person, just because.

          • johnnywoods

            You are "preaching to the choir" my friend but mumia will get his due from GOD when he dies even from natural causes. Be sure of that! In the mean time I will pray for comfort and safety of the Faulkner family. I have noticed that many black people are said to have been "railroaded" for killing white folks but are never considered to be simply guilty of any criminal activity.

  • BS77

    Mumia:..Perhaps it is fitting that you did not get the death penalty and a quick exit…this way you can spend every day of your rotten life fantasizing about getting out…something that will NEVER happen. RIP Officer Faulkner. Condolences to the family ….

  • StephenD

    How far we have come as a people over these last 30 years huh? We have this cop killer spewing the same vitriolic nonsense some of our elected officials would be comfortable saying. Think about it, take his name off some of the statements and put Obama or Hillary next to it and tell me you can tell a difference. He is a reflection of us. I am ashamed.

  • zsqpwxxeh

    Fry Mumia!

  • mrbean

    All this uninfomed idiots that say he is not guilty requires the jury believing that as he ran over to the policeman rousting his brother, someone else (whom no witness could see because apparently someone else was invisible) took Mumia's revolver from his cab, then walked over and shot the cop. The cop then turned around and shot not the invisible man firing the revolver at him, but by an inexplicable coincidence the man who owned the gun, apparently for no reason other than he was black. The invisible man then executed the cop, dropped the revolver, and strolled off whilst Mumia lay there bleeding. That's far beyond wild and the mysterious dude defense. That's even arguably beyond a mysterious alien landed from Mars defense. And for this rope haired dreadlocked chimpout Mumia still breathes.

  • mrbean

    The article is incorrect. The prosecuter asked the Supreme Court to overrule the Appellate Court (these courts are abti death penalty advocates and should be abolished) and reinstate Mumis's death penalty. The justices on Tuesday refused to get involved in the racially charged case. A federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing hearing for Abu-Jamal after finding that the death-penalty instructions given to the jury at Abu-Jamal’s 1982 trial were potentially misleading. Obscure legal babblespeak. This chimpout should have been worm food 25 tears ago,

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Mumia lives a lie and this is how the left justifies it's excessive falsity, make
    up your own truth daily. The Clintons are prime examples of false lives. I have
    heard it repeated throughout my life that those who reject the truth are apt to
    and happy to accept a lie in a heartbeat if it floats their boat and gains them
    closeness to what they desire, no matter how petty or selfish or grandiose
    and evil. The trajedy of Officer Fuller's plight is that he put the bullet in Mumia's
    rotten chest and not between his eyes…….After thirty years of not repenting
    it seems he will remain a hero of the left and reside permanently in the
    halls of the damned practicing the rant he will have for company, filling the
    eons of eternity as his song in hell, all alone……………………….William

  • Flipside

    Why shouldn’t the whole Frank Rizzo police force have been shot down?

    • pagegl

      Why shouldn't all the Black Panthers and Weather Underground have been shot down?

      • Flipside

        That would only make more.

        • mrbean

          Maybe we can get Flipside in the crossfire as collateral damage! heh heh heh heh

          • Flipside

            heh heh heh

  • myohmy

    I hope Mumia never gets out. But if he does I sure hope justice will finally find him.

  • pagegl

    Mumia was, and probably still is, a coward. He didn't have the cojones to attempt his crime by coming at the cop from the front. He had to shoot the man in the back. He was just a wannabe terrorist.

  • vlad

    In all the years he's been incarcerated, the sob never once said he didn't do it. He's as guilty as sin and deserves to rot or be shot.

    • johnnywoods

      If they shoot him they should use a bullet impregnated with pork fat.

  • UCSPanther

    If there was justice, this backstabbing, bigotted excuse for a human being would have been swinging at the end of a rope a long time ago.

  • mlcblog

    I like this particular brand of justice. Mumia is left to rot in jail rather than becoming an international martyr with a hugely increased following. This way, he's just another punk full of hot air.

    I do send condolences to the officer's family in that they never had closure on this creep.

  • John_Kelly

    The Mainstream Press conveniently forgets to connect "Black Panthers" with the "Nation of Islam" which gets back to the root of the vitriolic, anti-American hatred of Mumia.

    This cowardly piece of trash Mumia Abu-Jamal​ shot Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner​ in the BACK and then shot the wounded cop in the face and NOW HAS THE "AUDACITY OF HOPE" to seek clemency.

    This is the kind of trash that invariably becomes a cause celebre for the cowardly liberals.

  • RonCarnine

    It is not unusual for attorneys and leftists to demonize the officer or the law enforcement agency during a trial. It is not unusual for newspapers to do the same thing. There is no doubt in this case that the guilty man is really guilty. The officer gets the death penalty and the murderer gets a bed, three squares a day and free medical care. Sure he is in jail, but he hasn't lost his freedom of speech but the officer sure has. So its up to us to speak for him and his family. As a cop who was injured in the line of duty and who saw his whole world turned upside down, who lives below the poverty line with his pension, experiences pain every day and has no health insurance, I feel for the officer and his family. Our society glorifies the guilty and demonizes the one who holds the line. What's next, Mumia day at Disney Land?

  • stanley Levy

    Isn't this the same murderer that Ed Asner and Susan Sarandon held a Concert for in New Jersey?

  • NN

    Why is that shitbag not fried yet?

    • Paige42986

      because his death sentence was over turned and they gave him life with out parole!

  • BS77

    That's because the left is famous for doing the "twist": It turns a murderer like Mumia into the victim and the victim into the "the responsible and guilty party ". Thus Mumia becomes a "hero" in the eyes of the Che T shirt wearing morons…and Officer Faulkner becomes the "villain". The left idolizes the vermin of the earth. Nothing new here.