Ron Schiller, YouTube Thespian

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Even a right-winger’s most crude stereotype of a National Public Radio executive isn’t nearly as bad as the caricature Ron Schiller portrayed.

The former NPR senior vice president stars in director James O’Keefe’s latest YouTube picture alongside newcomers Shaughn Adeleye, who plays Muslim philanthropist Ibrahim Kasaam, and Simon Templar, who plays his Muslim Education Action Center colleague Amir Malik. Set in a fancy Georgetown restaurant, the film features two Muslim benefactors seeking to unload a $5 million donation on NPR. Schiller’s tour-de-force stagecraft manipulates the viewer into thinking that greed for his lunch guests’ money or comfort with their ugly views moves him to say what he would never say if he were consciously on camera. And the grainy images those cameras catch give the movie a faux-amateurish Blair Witch Project look.

Schiller’s amazing performance has many believing it was something other than an act. A skilled thespian has that effect on his audience.

Here, Schiller expertly plays the urban snob disaffected from the rubes paying his salary, a personification of the organization he serves. His greatest disappointment in America, he explains, is that “the educated, so-called elite in this country is too small a percentage of the population, so that you have this very large uneducated part of the population” that harbors ignorant ideas.

There, Schiller exhibits theatrical dexterity by mouthing a line on tax support for public broadcasting that even conservatives rarely make: “It’s very clear that we [NPR] would be better off in the long run without federal funding.”

Here, Schiller plays with aplomb the arrogant, self-righteous liberal lacking in self-awareness. “In my personal opinion,” he explained to the ersatz Muslims, “liberals today might be more educated, fair and balanced than conservatives.”

There, Schiller demonstrates this fairness and balance by labeling the Tea Partiers “Islamophobic,” “xenophobic,” “scary,” “sort of white, middle-America gun-toting,” “seriously racist, racist people.” When he’s not diagnosing the phobias and pathologies of the Tea Party, he is exhibiting his own. He assures the double act, who identify their outfit as a Muslim Brotherhood front, that “Zionist or pro-Israel” views don’t exist at NPR, “even among funders. I mean it’s there in those who own newspapers, obviously, but no one who owns NPR.” When one of the philanthropists refers to NPR as “National Palestinian Radio,” Schiller nods approvingly.

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  • posse101

    NPR radio…your tax dollars at work. working both hypocritically and unwittingly to destroy America, Jews, and Western Civilization. and WE'RE the ones that are supposed to be uneducated.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    My brother – a proud liberal – once encapsulated for me in an email the myopia that so characteristically afflicts the leftist world-view. After a back-and-forth in which a meeting of minds was impossible, his riposte was that "your truth is not my truth."

    I subsequently tried to explain that while there may be many "truths" in interpreting art, when analyzing sociological or economic data, there is really only one truth…the trick is finding it. If you can't fit the square peg in the round hole, you don't rationalize away the incongruity, you go back to the drawing board. Instead, liberals choose to live in a nether, nether world of stunning contradictions.

    Thus, the most rabid exponents of sexual freedom, gender equality, gay rights, and artistic freedom…have become apologists and enablers for the most profoundly anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-intellectual religious ideology on planet earth (I am of course referring to Islam). The contradiction is STAGGERING!

    Islam is antithetical to human freedom and gender equality…this is an empirical truth based upon all available theological and historical evidence. For a Muslim, such a truth does not necessarily generate a conflicted world-view. For a liberal, it certainly must. But rather than sort it out, the typical liberal prefers to negate the truth. Otherwise, a paradigmatic shift in his/her world-view would be in order.

    • intrcptr2

      Maybe you might suggest your brother start using Confederate dollars instead of US greenbacks; after all, if you both can get along with different truths, different monies should be no problem, right?

      Or does he already stop at green lights and drive through red ones?

    • Bill

      Chez, Enjoyed your post. Allow me to add, the liberal left can align with Islam because they both have a common enemy – society based on traditional Judeao-Christian values.

  • Anthony

    I cancelled my my subscription to the Aspen Institute because of their hiring of him. As mentioned in the article, how could he make it past the interview process even at NPR

    Even though it has been announced that Aspen accepted his decision not to work there, it is clear he would be a good fit if he hadn’t gotten busted spewing sheer liberal madness on video tape.

    The Aspen institute touts itself as an international, non partisan policy think-tank. Clearly, Schiller’s type know their own. You know, the wink and nod types.

  • Pierce

    Many years ago I made out a will. In the will I bequeathed a large sum to VPR an little sister to NPR. At the time I thought what a great thing Public Radio was.
    In my later years I came to realize that NPR was not worthy of my donation (too liberal), so in keeping with my conservative roots I withdrew my pledge.
    It now would appear that I did the right thing, and I do not regret one iota my decision.

    • K-Bonds

      Smart move! NPR is not worthy of anything, except the classical music that they play…other than that they can disappear altogether and no one will notice. Make the donation instead to FOX news, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Monica Crowley, etc.

  • tagalog

    The remark of Schiller about Tea Partiers being racist, racist people is seared, seared into my brain. I still have the hat, the hat. The incident is nearly as bad as rape rape.

    • intrcptr2

      Does such rhetoric make him a dumb-dumb?

      Just wondering though, are we using French idiom here (Doubling is dimunitive) or Hebrew (King of Kings is the supreme)? It's not really like any English I know of…

      • Supreme_Galooty

        Is "fioux-fioux" a French diminutive?

  • BDD

    Not to mention, Mr. Shiller played the part perfectly…a man completely devoid of any masculinity.

    • k-bond

      And a man without a single shred of decency,

      • BDD

        Well said.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Mr. Flynn, my compliments on a wonderfully amusing article. Your take on this episode covers all the basic facts with excellent humour. Watching the sanctimonious hoisted with their own petard in an unguarded moment is precious. One KNOWS that they think/believe/feel the way they do, but one cannot prove it, and they will deny it if asked directly. Thanks again, Mr. Flynn. And kudos to Mr. O'Keefe. Again….

  • Moohammella

    Schiller is just another gutless-coward-whitie. Expecially so now that Obama says the same thing.

  • Yetwave

    It's no surprise that Schiller said what he did. Afterall, he is confirmed drinker from the NPR fire hose.
    What made his resignation at NPR a fait accompli and sealed his doom, even for a tin-eared idiot like himself , was his statment “It’s very clear that we [NPR] would be better off in the long run without federal funding.” Without the tax dollars sucked from the pockets of the rubes whom Schiller detests, NPR would be off the air.

  • Jim_C

    I'm having a hard time understanding the controversy–did Schiller make any statements that were factually incorrect?

    • Jasmine Davis


  • Lula Dilibero

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  • BS77

    Having ANY tax payer funded media feels wrong. Once you have a bureaucracy running the press or radio, tv or movies, you have the potential for "PC propaganda, spin, exaggeration and plain lies."

  • Shavon Amer

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