Evan Sayet Goes Off On Bill Maher

This article is reprinted from Bookwormroom.com.

Frontpagemag.com offers three entertaining video interviews, posted by the always-interesting Jamie Glazov, that I highly recommend:

In Part I, Evan Sayet, a rare Hollywood conservative, discusses Bill Maher and the fundamental unhappiness that wallows in the heart of the Left. Like Mark Steyn, Evan Sayet exudes a rare combination of introspection and thoughtfulness while being simultaneously entertaining, if somewhat ADD at times (like moi).

In Part II, they discuss dating women of the Left, Tammy Bruce, Sarah Palin and why so many people of the Left absolutely hate her. A take-away from Part II: “The Right tries to make itself better, the Left tries to make the world accept them, no matter how bad they are”.

Part III below:

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  • Bill Fan

    Who cares what these garden variety dumb asses think?

    • Amy

      I'd hazard to guess you didn't even watch the three segments…typical leftist silliness…you only care what you or someone who agrees with you thinks. Everyone else should just sit there and shut up huh? Well not anymore pal. : )

    • Rande

      To Bill Fan: I care what they think. I think Jamie and Evan both are very intelligent men. I enjoyed the interviews. I would guess you are a non-thinking liberl, like the ones Evan was describing. Maybe you should try watching again, and this time pay attention.

    • Press For Truth

      Could be those with a brain may care.

  • Roach

    Bill Maher is a hack and you are a dumbass for being his fanboy.

  • JimFire

    Evan Sayet is not funny, he's just preachy, sanctimonious and annoying. Conservatives simply cannot do comedy. Reinforcing the status quo, as well as insulting women because of their looks, is not exactly a laugh riot. Comedy clubs won't have this kind of material because the vast majority of the audience simply won't laugh at it. They know better.

    His theses are utter crap. People don't hate Sarah Palin because she's beautiful or because she's happy being a woman and they're threatened. They hate her because she's a reactionary neanderthal backwoods idiot who doesn't know what the f*ck she's talking about, speaks only in bumper sticker cliches, makes everything about herself, constantly plays the victim, and makes you want to slap her every time she opens her stupid mouth. Palin merely plays the prettiest girl in town card, repeatedly getting her way and then turning rapacious and vengeful when she doesn't.

    And he plays the typical tired right wing Obama Hates America card, as if to criticize anything about the country makes one hate it. It was the same crap we got during Bush – any criticism of Bush, or the Iraq war, was met with, "Why do you hate America?" It's like calling someone a racist – it ends the conversation.

    Sayet's opinions are nothing new, just worn out cliches of conservative victimization, and nothing you wouldn't hear from any right wing talking head. The truth is far, far more complex than anything he presents. Conservatives seem to think they have the market cornered on virtue. They do not.

    • foogy

      I'm not necessarily a Palin fan, but if you think she is a neanderthal backwoods idiot you don't know what you're talking about. Far more qualified than the eloquent but incompetent Obama.

    • Press For Truth

      And who cares about your ad hominem opinions? Why don't you just give evidence for your opinions? They are just opinions from someone that doesn't like what Evan is saying because you may have to examine issues if you listened to what he said. And your source of eternal wisdom is?

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Bill Maher reminds me of some of those "sosh" types we had in school. Smug, glib, and stupid. I used to "handle" them with perpetual beligerence. It was not as effective a measure as many, but it was eminently satisfying. "HEY FOO FOO BOY! Here! Kiss my wrist!"

  • http://www.fxexchangerate.com/ fxgeorges

    Sounds like they are starting with exactly the same false premise that Fox News started with: traditional media has a liberal bias. Comedy isn't dominated by leftists. It's dominated by realists. And as we know 'reality has a strong liberal bias.' ;)

    • Harlan

      Common sense and truth has a conservative bias. That is why most leftists don't look good when they debate conservatives.

      Comedy is dominated by realists? If you think Bill Maher is just "telling it like it is," you have some growing up to do.

    • Press For Truth

      Don't be jealous of Fox News which most Americans watch. I am sure you can tell the truth better if you just try. If you don't realize that traditional media has a liberal bias, you are a liberal. And liberals think they are normal like most Americans.

      The fact that most Americans watch Fox News shows that your whole bias is incorrect. Your reality is not the reality of the average American.

  • Amy

    I had never seen Mr. Sayet before…I like him very much. I wish I would have been able to get more out of the interview however. While I'm sure the interviewer is a very nice man, he's not very good at interviewing people…at least definitely in this instance. Thanks though for posting this…Mr. Sayet gives a lot to consider and have hope about.

  • Michael Doane

    This is comedy? Does this Sayet guy ever get paid for this shtick?

    • Press For TRuth

      Maybe it's truth which sometimes is rather funny.

  • Amused

    Boy , what a psychology at work here ! One poster hit the nail on the head "conservative victimnization " ….and "the victims " name their threat , and the three most commonly used words on this thread , and on the whole blog for that matter are "leftist " -"liberal " and "hate " . And the pschosis plays on …Maher = Liberal= hate him =if you like him = we hate you .
    You people are sick .
    The only question I have is , did Sayet find Jaimie or did Jaimie find Sayet.

    • Press For TRuth

      Gee thanks for the enlightening ad hominem attacks. Do you hate these videos? If you do, then I guess Evan Sayet is right. If you don't welcome to normal America!!

  • Bill

    Thanks, Jamie, Evan.

    You spoke of the closing of the American mind in segment two and again in three, but I'm not sure you got to it. Just wondering what you had in mind. Segment four?

    Best wishes to both of you,

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  • Samaritan01

    Evan Sayet is Out-Freakin’-Standing. Totally Hilarious!!

    Thanks Evan.